Mid/bass: 1 off 15” cone driver HF: 1 off 1.4” compression driver

Mid/bass: 1 off 15” cone driver HF: 1 off 1.4” compression driver
Architectural Specification
The mFlex MF15 is a compact full range
trapezoid loudspeaker enclosure suitable
for a wide range of applications within
auditoriums, church, live sound, theatre or
installation. Dependent on coverage
requirements a single cabinet or a multi
cabinet array can be deployed.
Arrays can be flown or stacked and used
in vertical or horizontal modes. The cabinet
houses a 15” mid bass unit that shares a
common neodymium magnet structure
with a 1.4” exit coaxially mounted HF
compression driver. The HF benefits from a
structural polyurethane horn mounted
forward of the mid/bass cone offering
60° conical directivity control. The cabinet
can either be run from a low insertion pad
free passive network working in hybrid
mode with a system amplifier from the
eFlex range or externally switched into the
recommended bi-amp mode.
The enclosure is manufactured from 15mm
birch plywood and coated in a heavy
duty polyurea finish. The cabinet front has
a protective steel grill coated in a water
resistant powder coat finish which has an
acoustically transparent filter medium
bonded to its back surface. The enclosure
incorporates a top hat mount for pole or
stand mounting, a rear panel bracket
point to aid installation and twelve M10
insert points. Each cabinet also has a pair
of side handles and a top panel pocket
handle while to aid protection in transit
there is the option of a padded transit
Electrical connection to the cabinet is via
two parallel linked Neutrik NL4 MP
connectors. All Inspired Audio products
are designed as an integrated solution
complete with system amplifier options
from the eFlex range. The eFlex units
provide DSP preset functions, networked
software control of operating parameters
and output drive power. An eFlex Q5 will
drive two MF15 enclosures per channel in
passive mode or two per channel pair in
active mode while the eFlex Q20 will drive
four MF15 enclosures per channel in
passive mode or four per channel pair in
active mode.
The reFlex speaker range includes
complimentary bass options which can be
combined with the mFlex MF15 to form a
fully integrated system solution.
Frequency response:
Sensitivity: 1w/1m (Peak):
1 off 15” cone driver
1 off 1.4” compression driver
55 Hz - 20 kHz
Mid/bass - 101 dB (133 dB)
HF - 110 dB (136 dB)
Power (RMS/Peak):
Mid/bass - 400 w/1600 w
HF - 90 w/360 w
Mid/bass - 8 ohms
HF - 8 ohms
60° conical (above 1 kHz)
Operation mode:
Active/passive switchable
2 off Neutrik NL4 MP linked
Wiring protocol (Passive):
1+/1- = Mid/bass (Input)
2+/2- = HF (N/C)
Weight (Packaged):
Dimensions (mm):
Packaged (mm):
21.7 kg (24.1 kg)
420 w x 625 h x 440 d
465 w x 655 h x 470 d
Padded transit cover
(Peak SPL measurements are taken with a crest factor x4)
Inspired Audio products are designed and manufactured in
England. For technical support:
E: chris.scott@inspired-audio.co.uk
or visit the website
W: www.inspired-audio.co.uk
Revision: 10 - (09/02/2016)
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