Innovative Interactive Technologies

Innovative Interactive Technologies
Innovative Interactive Technologies
Comprehensive solutions for Education and Business
About us
SmartMedia is an Italian company established in 2003 as a Manufacturer and
Distributor of Interactive Technologies and Advanced Solutions for Education and
SmartMedia soon became the market
leader in Interactive Whiteboards for
Educational and Corporate applications
while also making strides in the
development and sale of Classroom
and Multimedia Content Management
Software for use in various devices.
SmartMedia began its expansion
overseas in 2013 with the opening of
a number of affiliated offices to offer
more widespread coverage across the
• BrasilMedia in Fortaleza (Brazil) for
distribution in South America – March
• SmartMedia USA in Miami (Florida)
to serve the North and Central American
markets and Canada – January 2014
• SmartMedia Europe in Brussels for
distribution in England, Germany, France,
Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland
(to be extended to the remaining
European countries) – February 2015
SmartMedia will inaugurate the new
offices in Dubai in 2016 and new
openings are planned in Romania and
SmartTouch - Software
SmartTouch is the software that lets you manage multimedia content and
presentation files more effectively and in a more visually engaging way on any
touch-based device.
The Experience with SmartTouch is
much like the one you have with your
smartphone or tablet, and if used on
multi-touch devices, more users can
interact with the content at the same
The software is designed for Touch
Monitors, Kiosks and Interactive Tables
and can be used for presentations and
entertainment in public establishments
or private locations.
Great at info points, trade shows,
museums, retail locations, shopping
malls, television news studios, meeting
rooms, airports, hotels, universities,
schools, training centers, and libraries.
Prepare your projects wherever you are
with the configurator, then import them
into SmartTouch with a USB drive!
Minimum Requirements:
7” Tablet with Windows 8.1,10
Desktop with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
• Photo, video and audio viewer
• Integrated web browser to navigate
the Internet
• Jigsaw Puzzle: fun activity to entertain
visitors, who can recompose an existing
• Create and manage custom quizzes for
educational or entertainment purposes
• PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint file viewer
• Form: collect information and email
documents and images.
Interactive Monitors
Multi-Touch Monitors represent the next generation in presentation
technology, allowing from 4 to 32 touch interaction and available with Full
HD, UHD, and 4K resolution.
A complete solution in a single device, multi-touch
monitors can substitute the various different devices
now used in classrooms and meeting rooms (IWBs,
projectors, DVD players, audio systems).
or SMA
It is also excellent for Digital Signage applications.
The size range goes from 42” to 98”.
All Monitors offer very high resolution to deliver
excellent quality images and large formats, bringing you
an exceptional viewing experience.
Full HD
Monitor Accessories
Wall mounts, stands, and trolleys to ease the user experience and ensure
accessibility to all.
Wall mount for 32” to 90” Interactive
Monitors. Electrically-powered height
adjust via remote control. Safety switch.
Electric Stand for 32” to 90” Interactive
Monitors - Adjust height via remote
control with safety switch. Mod. TR-DIM
With 4 casters, two of
which lock, the stand
can be moved easily
and offers excellent
Multi-Touch Monitor
The NEXT generation in
communication technology
Sizes: 42”, 55”, 65”, 70”, 75”,
84”, 90”, 98” - FULL HD, UHD, 4K
Monitor CAM Series
Modern design with silver frame,
rounded corners, front USB input. The
new line of CAM Series Monitors will
include: FULL HD Camera, Integrated
microphone and Android player.
in the classroom or training room.
Infrared technology for responsive,
accurate and reliable touch.
Designed to permit on-site maintenance
of the IR modules.
Included Software:
Optional Built-in PC, available with i3, i5
SmartTouch, SmartMedia IWB
complete with video-conference plugin, or i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD,
and the powerful SmartMedia Pro
Software for the management of devices
Mounts, Stands, Trolleys
Trolley for Interactive Tables and
Monitors ranging from 42” to 84”
Adjust tilt and height via remote control.
Can be used with surfaces made of any
material and with 42” to 84” monitors Mod. TR-TTI
Interactive Multi-Touch Tables
SmartMedia Multi-Touch Tables are amazing interactive surfaces featuring
FULL HD LED monitors ranging in size from 32” to 84” embedded in the console.
Initially designed with children in mind to make their learning experience more
engaging and collaborative, these tables promote interaction with educational
content, multimedia resources, games and much more.
Thanks to the Multi-Touch function, several users can interact with the surface
at the same time, with either their fingers or any opaque object, allowing total
control of the applications installed on the device. Available from 2 to 32 touch
The tables can also provide interaction with content at banks, stores, agencies,
waiting rooms, showrooms, info points, exhibits and museums or can be used as
an attention grabber in trade shows and events.
Infrared – from 2 to 32 touch points - Optional integrated PC: Intel Core i3, i5, i7 - HDD
500 GB - RAM 4GB - 3 x USB 2.0, LAN, VGA, headphone output, Wi-Fi – Operating
System not included
Mod. SMT-70
Mod. SMT-55
Full HD
Interactive Kiosks
SmartMedia KIO is an interactive kiosk designed to attract immediate
attention with its sharp, high-resolution images.
Equipped with multi-touch software, it responds intuitively to all the new Digital
Signage applications and to the solutions designed to expand the management of
Elegantly designed, the sleek black and
silver structure blends easily into a wide
range of spaces and decors.
Can be connected to the network in
a remotely managed Digital Signage
Included Software: SmartTouch
Available in Indoor, Half-Outdoor and
Outdoor versions. FULL HD resolution.
Indoor : 32”- 42” - 46” - 55” - 65”
Semi-Outdoor: 32”- 42” - 46” - 55” - 65” IP55
Outdoor : 32”- 42” - 46” - 55” - 65”
IP65 Certified - IP56 Certified
All models are also available in double-side screen version.
LFDs, Video Walls, LED Panels
SmartMedia is now offering the world of Business and Entertainment nextgeneration Large Format Displays (LFDs), Video Walls and LED Panels that
can meet customers’ specific needs for vibrant, high-resolution display of
large-format visuals.
LFDs - Large Format Displays
These are high-performance monitors designed for 24/7 operation, perfect for
Digital Signage applications. They can be used in portrait or landscape orientation
Images are sharper and colors more vibrant thanks to the TFT-LCD LED panel and
FULL HD or 4K resolution. Integrated Android player.
Available Models: from 22” to 98”, choice of indoor or outdoor.
Outdoor models IP65 certified
High-resolution Video Wall Systems, for amazing installations.
Designed to deliver near-seamless display thanks to the ultra-narrow bezel (from
0.3 to 0.5 cm). Extremely high definition for stunning, visually impacting image
quality. Perfect for Trade Shows, Events, Large Halls, Shopping Malls.
Also available in touch screen version and designed for 24/7 operation.
Available sizes: from 32” to 60”
Business and Entertainment Products
LED Panels specifically designed for use in stadiums, sport arenas, car race
tracks, horse race tracks, roadside, stores, food establishments, nightclubs,
cinemas, theaters, television studios, shopping malls, pharmacies,
amusement parks and any other business.
Large LED panels deliver brilliant images that capture viewers’ attention,
creating unforgettable moments.
Modular in nature, the LED panels can be assembled into any shape and size
Available in Indoor and Outdoor versions
IWBs – Interactive Whiteboards
We offer three different types of Interactive Whiteboards: Electromagnetic
technology IWBs with two pens; the more functional CCD optical technology
IWBs, available from 2 to 4 touch points; and Infrared technology IWBs,
available from 6 to 16 touch points. Your fingers or a pen can be used to
write on the latter two IWBs.
Electromagnetic 83” - IWB-EL
Comes with 2 rechargeable
electromagnetic pens, pen support,
USB cable, and wall mounting kit.
Software and driver for whiteboard
management and use.
Driver compatibility:
IWB Accessories
SmartMedia offers a vast range of IWB accessories for an improved user
experience and added versatility: from height-adjustable wall mounts and
mobile stands to speakers and notebook storage cabinets.
Wall Mounts for IWBs
Mod. SPRE: adjustable height, electric motor, remote
control and safety switch.
Mod. SPRP: adjustable height, manual gas spring system.
Both versions come with extension arm for a short-throw
projector or a support bracket for an ultra-short throw
Mod. IWB-40W integrated speakers, 20Watt +
20Watt for CCD, Infrared and Electromagnetic
technology IWBs.
Education Products
CCD sensor Optical Technology – CCD series IWB
from 78” to 100”, with 2 or 4 CCD cameras, 2 or 4 touch
points, writing with finger and/or a pen. Available with
78 ¾” or 96.8” erasable anti-glare steel surface.
Supply includes, pens, pen tray, wall mounting kit, USB
cable, SmartMedia IWB software with video-conference
plugin, and driver for whiteboard management and use.
Multi-language. Driver compatibility:
Infrared Technology - IWB-IR06/IWB-IR10/IWB-IR16:
78” to 83”, 6, 10 or 16 touch points, allows writing
with your fingers and/or a pen. High resolution and
precision. Erasable, anti-glare surface.
Supply includes pens, USB cable, software, and wall
mounting kit.
Driver compatibility:
Mobile Stands for IWBs
Mod. SRE - adjustable height with electric motor, remote control,
safety switch.
Mod. SRP - adjustable height with manual gas spring system.
Both versions come with extension arm for a short-throw projector
or a support bracket for an ultra-short throw projector.
Safety cabinet (ASN/ASN-B/ASN-P/
ASN-SRE) for 10- to 19-inch display
Mod. IWB-PT Intelligent Pen Tray, holds
pens and eraser, 8 buttons for additional
Classroom Management – Language Lab
SmartMedia Pro: Classroom
Management Software
SmartMedia Pro is a powerful classroom
management software developed to
share multimedia over the local network
in a teaching/learning environment.
It is our best-seller!
The software is stable and allows you to
easily transfer and share files as well as to monitor and control devices.
Thanks to SmartMedia Pro software, teachers can easily interact, transfer and
share files with students directly from the PC or Tablet.
You can communicate with students
through voice and text messages, share
applications, broadcast videos and
movies via network, check students’
devices and control or block them, share
an exercise created by a student with the
rest of the class, monitor the screens of
students or groups of students, create
quizzes or surveys and obtain instant
results and statistics, and more.
More than 17 languages and in various versions to meet specific needs:
With module
for the
broadcast of
movies and
test and quiz
Pro Linguistic:
Professional +
Language Lab
Pro for
Pro iOS:
Pro for iOS
Pro Linux:
Pro for Linux
Stands for Tablets and iPads
SmartMedia stands for Tablets and iPads: easy to handle, strong, stable
and elegant. It tilts from + 120 ° to -60 ° and can be rotated up to 360 °
(except SMH0238) - with lock kit included. White color.
Compatible with Tablet, iPad, eBook readers and devices from 9.7“ to 13”, are
available in different versions to meet any requirement.
Mod. SM1807 Stand and
mount sits on tabletop.
attached to
floor stand.
Mod. SMH0238 Stand sits
on tabletop or attaches to
Mount attaches to
edge of the tabletop
Stands for Monitors
SmartMedia Stands for Monitors: stationary and mobile models for monitors ranging from
17” up to 42”.
Mod. SM-STMR for monitors 17“ to 32“, included wheels
allow easy movement.
Adjustable in height (15”) through the pedal and gas
spring system.
Use it vertically or tilt it with an angle up to 90 degrees,
converts multi-touch monitors into interactive tables.
Dimensions: 18.5” x 20.9” x 31.5” (to 46.5”)
Stand Weight: 24.3 lbs.
Maximum weight supported: 35.3 lbs
Mod. SM-STM for monitors 17“
to 42“: included stationary base
provides stability.
Use vertically or at an angle from
1 ° to 25 ° converts multi-touch
monitors into interactive lecterns.
Dimensions: 19” x 19” x 51.6”
Stand Weight: 44 lbs.
Maximum Weight Supported: 66 lbs.
Notebook and Tablet Trolley
Smartbus is the perfect product for managing and charging notebooks or
tablets/netbooks, to build a mobile lab in a complete safety.
Use Smartbus with self-locking wheels to transport and distribute fully charged
devices to students in the classrooms.
It is ideal to create a mobile lab, does not require maintenance and ensures secure
storage. It includes safety key, built-in multi-outlet power strip, and convenient
external handle for transport.
Features high-quality materials, steel structure, theft-proof security, and slotting on
each individual shelf for adequate ventilation.
Available in :
- 16, 24, and 32 notebook versions
- 32, 48, 64 and 96 tablet/netbook versions.
Easy to handle, with locking casters.
Our Offices
SmartMedia Srl Italia
RENDE, Cosenza
SmartMedia Srl Italia
SmartMedia USA, Inc.
SmartMedia Europe sprl
Distribution Partners
Upcoming Openings
Dubai, UAE
Costanza, Romania
Shanghai, China
SmartMedia srl
Via Clitunno, 51
00198 Rome
Phone number: +39(0)6-85301860
USA, Canada and Latin America
SmartMedia USA, Inc
7400 NW 7th Street Suit 105
Miami, FL 33126
Phone number: +1(786)615-7952
EMEA, Europe
SmartMedia Europe sprl
Avenue de Bale 8 - 1140 Brussels, Belgium
Phone number: +32(0)2-7057285
*The full range of products shown may not be available in all countries
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