Leeds Castle - Pentair Thermal
Leeds Castle
Project Details
The Leeds Castle Foundation
Kent, England, UK
Completion Date:
February 2012
Contract Scope:
Design, Supply, Installation
Roof and gutter de-icing
Raychem IceStop GM-2X cable with SBS EV-10 control panels
Key Challenges
Dating back to the early 9th century, Leeds Castle has been developed and extended over hundreds
of years and now occupies a number of interlinked buildings on three islands surrounded by an
artificial lake. During a ‘winter audit’, to identify current and potential problems associated with
specific weather conditions, damage caused by the melting and re-freezing of ice and snow to the
historic castle’s extensive roofs were highlighted. Once aware of the potential on-going problem,
the castle’s facilities management team sought an energy-efficient, long-term solution that could
prevent ice build-up and provide drain paths for the roofs, gutters and downpipes.
The solution is being provided by Thermal Building Solutions with the phased installation of its
IceStop GM-2X self-regulating heating system to the gutters and downpipes on each of the castle’s
substantial plain tile-clad roof areas. The core of the IceStop GM-2X heating cable protects the roof
and gutter materials by automatically increasing its heat output in ice and snow and decreasing its
output in dry air to maintain water flow.
Several kilometres of the self-regulating cables are being installed. They are controlled by two
smart heat management, multi-circuit control systems which trigger the heating process only
when it is necessary, resulting in additional energy saving benefits. Whereas a traditional ambient
sensing thermostat would start the heating process based on the surrounding temperature alone,
the SBS EV-10 intelligent control panel will activate the heaters only after the detection of both low
temperature and either ice or snow. The heating cable is then deactivated when the air temperature
rises above the set value ensuring that it is only in use for the minimum period, enabling power
savings of up to 80% to be achieved.
Raychem IceStop GM-2X is a self-regulating heating cable specifically engineered for roof and gutter
de-icing. Its heating element consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between
two copper bus wires. As current flows through the core, the heating cable regulates its own heat
output in response to ambient conditions. This self-regulating effect saves energy by automatically
increasing its heat output in icy water and decreasing its output in dry air. Simple to install, the cable
can be closely spaced in gutters without the risk for overheating or burn-outs.
The SBS-EV-10 is an integrated, electrically-protected multi-circuit control panel that is purpose
built for the control and monitoring of GM-2X self-regulating heating cables. It incorporates the
energy-efficient Raychem EMDR-10 control and monitoring device and has multi-sensory input for
both moisture and temperature control.
• Long-term protection against snow and ice formation
• Fast and economical to install
• Highly energy efficient
• Reduced capital, maintenance and energy costs
Described as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’ the ‘modern’ Leeds Castle was built by a Norman
baron during the reign of William the Conqueror’s son Henry I, on an island in the River Len.
Today it is one of the most visited historic buildings in Britain. The products were supplied and
installed by Thermal Building Solutions’ distribution partner Jointing Technologies.
The intelligent control panel will activate the heaters only after the detection of both low
temperature and either ice or snow, enabling power savings of up to 80%.
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