2017 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship

2017 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship
2017 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship
Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark: May 26, 2017
No. 4 West Virginia 12, No. 1 TTU 7 (10 inn.)
TTU Head Coach Tim Tadlock
Opening statement…
“Well congratulations to West Virginia and Coach Mazey. They really hung in there and competed all the
way to the last out. They probably earned the right to win that game more so than we did. Every time we
take the field we want to play the game the right way. We will take the results any way they fall. Today I
think we were in position to win the game late and I’m not really sure we really earned the right to be
there based on how we played and that’s really in all phases. At the same time we’ll get to head back to
Lubbock tomorrow, most fun time of the year starts next week. These guys will go prepare for next week
and embrace the opportunity to go try to compete next weekend.”
On Long’s error …
“Well, that’s one of those deals where it’s baseball. The ball went under his glove. Two teammates had
the opportunity to pick him up on that play. I mean I think if we catch it…I mean I’m not sure he’s out
but I’d like to see it with the replay—you really don’t know if he’s out unless you get to go replay it. It
looked like to me the ball beam him. I mean Ryan will show up, he’ll be ready to go next time at
practice. He’s got to keep his head up. I mean he had some opportunities in the game and he cashed in
on some of them, some of them he didn’t. And that’s the game of baseball. He’ll be fine. He’s a really
resilient guy and I know he wanted to field the ground ball obviously which you’re talking about. I think
there’s a number of things like that, that you could talk about…It’s just one of those things that happens.
We’ll pick him up and move forward.”
Hunter Hargrove, Sr., INF/OF
On what happened at the end of the game…
“I’m not sure. I think we just wanted to play the game the right way like coach said. We had some
opportunities to do it and it just didn’t fall our way towards the end. Just got to be better next time and
we will. Just, we’re a great ball team and we just got to be ready for next week. “
On this recharging the team for next week…
“I think so. I think all of the guys are upset about what just happened. Just like coach said, we’re going to
have to flush it and just be ready to go tomorrow. That’s when we need to start putting work in for next
week. That’s when the fun starts so we have to be ready to go next weekend.”
2017 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship
Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark: May 26, 2017
No. 4 West Virginia 12, No. 1 Texas Tech 7 (10 inn.)
West Virginia Head Coach Randy Mazey
Opening statement…
“That one is tough to put into words. What a grind. Before the game, we talked about this being the
toughest game in any conference tournament, regional. The first loser’s bracket game when you’re
coming off a loss, playing a team coming off a win, this is the game where you find out what your team
is made of. For us to go out there and do what we did tonight against that type of competition, you just
can’t even put into words how proud I am of this team. Same story, though. We out-hit the other team in
all three games down here. You look up again in the third or fourth inning and we’re out-hitting the heck
out of people and they’re outscoring us. But we got the bats going. We got some big hits. (Jackson)
Cramer just came up so big at the end of the game. He’s earned it. He’ deserved it. He’s worked at it. If I
had to do it over again, I never would have sent you to the plate on that inside-the-park’er. We played
great defense. You want to play your best baseball at the end of the season. This three-game stretch is
the best that we’ve played this whole year. That’s a testament to our team, and the fact that our slogan
going into the season was ‘we’re on a mission to make the postseason.’ Goal number one I think has
been achieved, so we’re going to have to re-focus and set another, maybe.”
On Braden Zarbnisky’s versatility…
“How many people in the nation are doing what this guy is doing, as far as a guy hit .350 and six wins
and six saves, that’s factoring 12 wins out of what is it 34. That’s a major contributor on both sides of
the baseball. He’ll be the first to tell you that he made that decision. He was fluttering around last year
that he was really talented, but he had to make a commitment to be an elite player. If you want to be
elite at anything, you have to act that way. He sure did make that commitment earlier this spring to be
one of the best players in college baseball. Again, it’s effort, and now the results are falling.”
Jackson Cramer, Sr., 1B
On the importance of Isaiah Kearns’ home run…
“That was the biggest play of the game, in my opinion. He’s coming off the bench, wasn’t in the lineup
and doesn’t have any at-bats on the year. He just pitched well earlier in the tournament and for him to
hit a home run like that, probably the farthest ball I’ve ever seen hit, especially in this ballpark. That
definitely gave us some life. That kept us in the ball game and gave us the chance to come back in the
tenth and win it.”
On his inside-the-park home run…
“That was a first for me. I’ve never done an inside the park or anything. It happened pretty fast, but all I
have to say is I was pretty tired afterwards. It was a pretty cool moment for me because I tied it up in a
way that I had never done before. It was cool to have that moment and share it with these guys.”
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