ADSL Guide - Unlimited Internet

ADSL Guide - Unlimited Internet
Your new modem supports:
• Two VOIP phones
• 4x 1 Gbps LAN Ports
• 2x USB ports
• 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
• 2.4GHz & 5GHz
• Naked ASDL2
• Naked VDSL2
• 1x Gbps WAN Port
Getting Started
This quick start setup guide is to help you get up and running on
your new Unlimited Internet connection.
Before you start please check you have the following items:
1x BT to RJ11 cable
1x Power Adapter
1x RJ11 Cable
(grey cable)
1x Ethernet Cable
(yellow cable)
1x Unlimited Internet HDRNZ007 Modem
Installing your new wireless
Unlimited Internet HDRNZ007 Modem
Step 1: Open your box and pull out your modem. Make sure you
have your username and password that we sent to you via email
handy, as you will need this when you reach Step 17.
Step 2: Connect the power adapter to an unused socket on your
wall, with the other end going into the port on your modem labeled
Step 3: Next take the BT to RJ11 cable and plug the BT end into
your phone jack and then plug the RJ11 end into the port labelled
“DSL” on your modem.
Modem Ports
Step 4: Power the modem on by pressing the power button, labeled
‘ON/OFF’ on the modem.
Note: The front of the modem will light up with the following lights: Power,
DSL, 2.4G, 5G.
Logging Into Your Modem
Step 5: Take the Ethernet cable and plug one end into the port
labelled LAN1 at the rear of your modem with the other end going
into your laptop or desktop computer’s Ethernet port. Wait for a
minute while your computer connects to your modem.
Step 6: Once the connection is made, open a web browser
(Chrome, Firefox etc.) & enter into the address
bar as shown below. Once done press enter, you will immediately
be prompted for a username and password.
Username: admin
Password: adslroot
The username and password is case-sensitive; they must be
entered in lowercase with no spaces as shown above.
Configuring Your Modem
Log into your modem following the “Logging into your Modem”
Step 7: On the first page once you log in, please select “Go to
Advanced Setup“ and then click Apply.
Step 8: In the panel to the left of the screen click on “Advanced
Step 9: Then under “Advanced Setup”, on the left of the screen,
click on “Layer2 Interface”.
Step 10: On the left of the screen under “Layer2 Interface” click on
“ATM Interface”. This will now display the “DSL ATM Interface
Configuration” page.
Step 11: On the “DSL ATM Interface Configuration” page click on
the “Add” button.
Step 12: On the next screen ensure your settings are as below:
Leave all other settings on this page as they are, scroll down and
then click on the “Apply/Save” button.
Step 13: Next under “Advanced Setup”, on the left of the screen,
click on “WAN Service”.
Step 14: Now click on “Add”.
Step 15: Then from the drop-down menu select “atm0” and click
Step 16: Click “Next” once again.
Step 17: In “PPP Username” and “PPP Password” enter the
Unlimited Internet Username & Password supplied via email by us.
Leave all other settings on this page as they are, scroll down and
click “Next”.
Step 18: Click “Next” again.
Step 19: You will be prompted to click next for a 3rd time, then
click “Apply/Save”.
Step 20: Congratulations! You are successfully connected to the
Please Note: It is extremely advisable to add a password for your wifi to
avoid the possibility of network hijacking and Internet theft. By default
Wifi is enabled on the router but there is no password set. Please follow
steps from the next page for this.
Configuring Your WiFi
Network Name & Password
Once you have successfully logged into the modem lets set up your
Network name (SSID) & Password. Due to this being an advanced
Dual Band Wireless Router you would need to set this up for both
5Ghz as well as 2.4Ghz bands.
Step 1: Click on “Wireless” then “Wireless 5GHz” in the panel to the
left of the screen. Enter your desired SSID into the SSID field, then
click “Apply/Save”.
Step 2: To setup the password, under “Wireless 5GHz”, go to
“Security” in the panel to the left.
Step 3: Under Network Authentication select “Mixed WPA2-PSK”.
Change the “WPA/WAPI passphrase” (password) to a secure
password unique to you. This is the password you will be prompted
for when using your wireless devices (laptops, iPads, iPhones, and
so on).
Leave all other settings unless you are an advanced user.
Step 4: Click Apply/Save once you have set a new pass phrase
Step 5: Next repeat Step 1 to 5 for 2.4Ghz band under “Wireless”
then “Wireless 2.4GHz”.
Step 6: Congratulations you have now completed your setup and
your Wifi is now secured. You can now connect to your WiFi
devices using the details you have just configured.
Contact Information
Toll Free: 0800 300 036
From Mobile : 09 973 0546
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm Saturday: 9am - 5pm
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