N-15 IDi - Armasight International

N-15 IDi - Armasight International
N-15 IDi
Night Vision Goggles
The Armasight N-15 is a dual-channel night vision goggle system. The N-15 uses optics that
are equal to or better than current Military night vision units, built into a tough, compact,
and ergonomic composite housing. The Armasight N-15 can withstand saltwater, rain, high
humidity, and temperature extremes, and still provide unsurpassed levels of performance.
For hands-free use, it can be worn on the included flip-up head mount or optional universal
helmet mount, both of which have a built-in mechanism that will automatically turn the unit
off when it is flipped up. The N-15 goggle is equipped with automatic brightness control,
bright light shut-off circuitry, and a spot/flood built-in IR illuminator. The N-15 is equipped
with LED indicators that are displayed on the screen of the eyepiece to alert the user of a low
battery, or to indicate that the IR is turned on. The dismounted goggle can also be utilized as
an excellent long-range viewer with an optional 3x afocal lens.
The Armasight N-15 utilizes two image intensifier tubes. This dual tube design provides
increased depth perception and outstanding clarity.
The Armasight N-15 is a high-standard night vision device that will meet the requirements of
the most demanding law enforcement officer, military professional, or casual civilian user.
Redundant dual-tube design
True stereoscopic vision
Lightweight & compact
Head or helmet mountable for hands-free operation
Automatic brightness control
Bright light cut-off
Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate controls
Built-in Infrared illuminator and flood lens
Weather Resistant
Utilizes single CR123A lithium or AA battery
Adaptable for use with cameras
Limited two-year warranty
Image tube
Lens system
Field of view (°)
Focus range (m)
Diopter adjustment (dpt)
Power Supply
Battery life (hour)
Automatic Brightness Control
Bright Light Cut-off
Automatic Shut-off System
Infrared Illuminator
IR Indicator
Low Battery Indicator
Environmental Rating
Operating temperature (°C)
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm/in)
Weight (kg/lbs)
Gen 2+ IDi - “Improved Definition”
F1.2, 27 mm
0.25 to infinity
-6 to +2
CR123 Lithium 3V (1) or AA Alkaline 1.5V (1) or any AA or CR123
type rechargeable batteries with voltage from 1.2V to 3.2V (1)
up to 40
Yes (with built-in flood lens)
Yes (in FOV)
Yes (in FOV)
Weather Resistant
-40 to +50
140 x 114 x 69 / 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.7
0.68 / 1.5
This item is subject to export control under the U.S. Department of Commerce. Contact Armasight, Inc.
for export information and regulations.
Copyright 2014 - Armasight Inc.
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