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Energy Environment Solutions
for Sustainable Growth
A partnership for profitable
Sustainable solutions in energy and
In an integrated global market, how can business be managed competitively
and sustainably? How can energy costs be optimised to maximise profits,
and at the same time minimise the impact of business operations on the
Everywhere, enterprises face this challenge of delivering high quality
products and services while ensuring margins and, as a corporate citizen,
contributing to the efforts of protecting the air we breathe and the water
we drink.
Thermax’s energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies offer reliable
business-to-business partnerships to respond to this critical challenge.
They provide the competitive edge to your enterprise to make its mark
with superior offerings and community goodwill.
and responsible business
Our Vision
To be a globally respected high performance organization
offering sustainable solutions in energy and environment.
We heat, cool, power and we clean
More power for developmental initiatives
Welcome to Thermax - an engineering company providing
sustainable solutions in energy and environment. The
company’s vision for the future is firmly anchored in the belief
that to stay competitive, companies need to adopt sustainable
development practices.
An established player in captive power plants, Thermax
also builds utility power plants. It is one of the few Indian
companies that has sourced supercritical technology to build
boilers for mega power plants. Thermax also harnesses solar
energy to support its clients in their heating, cooling and
power generation requirements.
The systems, products and services developed by Thermax
help industry achieve better resource productivity and improve
bottom lines, while maintaining a cleaner environment. Even as
we convert costs to profits, we help to protect the environment
in our own limited ways. A win-win for industry and the society
at large.
Thermax’s business portfolio includes products for heating,
cooling, water and waste management, and specialty
chemicals. The company also designs, builds and commissions
large boilers for steam and power generation, turnkey power
plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants,
waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects.
Systems to match wide-spectrum fuels
Operating on a wide range of fuels, including biomass and
waste from industrial processes, Thermax heating systems
help customers achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. Its
eco-friendly vapour absorption chillers work on heat from
any source and replace power guzzling cooling equipment.
Thermax also integrates its expertise in diverse areas to create
combined heating, power and cooling solutions.
Harnessing wealth from waste
Through its water and waste management solutions, the
company supports industries and civic bodies to reduce
pollution, recycle resources and to generate revenue from
waste. Also on offer are value added services for retrofits and
rebuilds, design and implementation of optimal energy use in
processes, and for managing utilities.
Through its business of energy rental services, Thermax helps
industry to receive uninterrupted supply of heat, steam and
chilled water and pay for them at per unit cost without having
to own and operate equipment at their premises.
The Thermax presence
Thermax’s solutions reach clients in 75 countries across Asia
Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, CIS countries, USA and
South America. Its business operations are supported by 19
international offices, sales and service teams, a network of
Thermax Channel Associates, a robust and innovative R&D
setup, and 11 world class facilities – seven of which are in
India, two in Denmark, one each in China and Germany – that
manufacture to stringent international codes.
The Thermax Group
Domestic Subsidiaries
Overseas Subsidiaries (Wholly Owned)
Joint Ventures
Wholly Owned
Thermax Inc., USA
Thermax Babcock
& Wilcox Energy
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Thermax Engineering
Construction Co. Ltd.
Thermax Europe Ltd., UK
Thermax SPX Energy
Technologies Ltd.
Thermax Instrumentation Ltd.
Thermax Sustainable Energy
Solutions Ltd.
Thermax Onsite Energy
Solutions Ltd.
Thermax (Zhejiang) Cooling & Heating Engineering Co. Ltd., China
Danstoker A/S, Denmark
RIFOX – Hans Richter GmbH Spezialarmaturen, Germany
PT Thermax International, Indonesia
Thermax Senegal Sarl
For reliable support
Finished products
Raw material
Waste Management
Energy efficient and
World over Thermax installations provide
innovative support to industrial and
commercial establishments. Some of the
solutions that Thermax provide in the critical
areas of energy and environment include
Eco-friendly cooling
Trigeneration − steam, power
and chilling - from waste and
unconventional fuels
Turnkey power plants on a
wide variety of fuels
Dairy waste management
Product and metal recovery
from processes
Water recycle and effluent
Productivity boosting
specialty chemicals
Power generation from waste heat
FM boiler for international markets
Specialised services − Energy
Rentals, O&M of water and
power installations, steam
Large Boilers and Fired Heaters
Thermax provides steam generation solutions for process and power needs.
On offer are a range of options covering combustion of various solid, liquid
and gaseous fuels, heat recovery from gas turbine/ engine exhaust, waste heat
recovery and fired heaters for various industrial processes and applications.
For power utilities, the company offers pulverised coal-fired boilers based on
subcritical and supercritical parameters.
Thermax serves industrial segments spanning steel, refineries, petrochemicals,
power, cement, sugar, fertilisers, paper, chemicals, non-ferrous metals and
textiles across the globe. It has developed in house expertise and self-reliance
in manufacturing these boilers The company is in technical collaboration
agreement with Babcock & Wilcox, USA for selected range of boilers.
Thermax HRSGs for Indonesian
power plant
The heat recovery steam generators
supplied by Thermax are now an integral
part of the 130 MW combined cycle power
plant set up by PT Bekasi Power, Jakarta.
The supplementary fired HRSGs (each of 85
TPH) installed behind two gas turbines and
a steam generator converts the waste heat
into steam which in turn generates power.
Customer benefits
¡ Equipment designed and engineered by experts in thermal
and combustion engineering
¡ Experienced project management and in-house
construction teams
¡ Versatile technologies for converting waste to energy
Thermax HRSGs have also been installed
in projects in several other countries
including India, Algeria and the
Steam for process and power needs of industry
Technology Options
Range/ Fuel
Solid fuel, agro waste, biomass fired boiler
Ranging in capacities up to 1000 TPH, 200 Kg/cm2(g), 560°C
Circulating fluidized bed
combustion (CFBC)
Coal, lignite, petcoke, sludge, oil, pitches,
Atmospheric fluidized
biomass, washery rejects, char, agro
bed combustion (AFBC) wastes, flyash, roasted chaffs, DOB, paper
sludge, spent coffee grounds, bagasse,
Traveling grate/
Dumping grate/ Pinhole wood chips, rice husk, etc.
grate/Vibrating grate
Technology Options
package/Site erected
Single drum radiant
Heat recovery steam
Municipal Solid Waste
(MSW)/ Refuse Derived
Fuel (RDF)
Agro-wastes, spent-wash, sludge,
industrial wastes, a variety of biomass
All liquid & gaseous fuels like natural gas,
purge gas, heavy fuel oil, residue oil, HSD,
naphtha, hydrogen gas, biogas, waste gas,
tar, refinery gas, #2 oil, #6 oil, etc.
¡ Used in sponge iron, coke oven, refinery
& petrochemical, cement, chemical,
glass, coke calcinations & gasification.
Waste to Energy
Ranging in capacities up to 500 TPH, 120 Kg/cm2(g), 560°C
Spentwash/ Vinesse fired
Range/ Fuel
Oil & Gas fired boiler
Ranging in capacities upto 500 TPH, 160 Kg/cm2(g), 560°C
Waste heat recovery
¡ Sulphur recovery - WHRB downstream
of reaction furnace & tail gas incinerator
¡ Exhaust gas boiler up to 50 MW. Engines
fired on light oil, heavy oil & gas.
Carbon burnout unit
Custom built unit to reduce carbon in
¡ Process gas boiler for hydrogen &
ammonia plants
BFG/Lean gas fired boiler
Blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, corex
gas, LD gas & other lean gases
¡ Waste heat recovery units (WHRU)Absorbed heat duty up to 100 MW
Waste gas fired
Waste gas/ tail gas from processes like
carbon black, ferro alloys & caustic soda
Vertical, cylindrical or box type heaters up
to100 MM Kcal/hr capacity for refinery,
petrochemical & special applications on
oil, gas, heavy oil, refinery off gas, coal, etc.
Fired heater
Packaged Heating Systems
As leaders in heating solutions over the last four decades, Thermax has been
pioneering innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial
heating applications. The company has scripted several innovations to support
its clients. Fuel shift for example, allows businesses to switch to available low
cost fuel - fossil (oil, gas, coal, lignite, etc.) or biomass (agriculture waste, process
waste, etc.) Today, with over 35,000 installations across the world, Thermax helps
small and medium firms to Fortune 500 companies to reduce energy costs.
On offer are packaged heating systems for process heating, incidental and
cogeneration power requirements. Modular in construction, these are available
in standard packaged configurations, custom designed for specific requirements
and also offered as a turnkey solution with accessories and Balance of Plant.
In select markets, Thermax offers hybrid systems that integrate solar and thermal
technologies, promoting green energy.
Heating systems in the Middle East
Thermax has installed heating systems
at over 100 storage tanks for petroleum
derivatives like bitumen, lube and heavy
furnace oil. These products need to
be heated for easy flow and reduced
pumping costs. Heat is also required for
product modifications for use in various
Customer benefits
¡ High thermal efficiency heating solutions
¡ Innovative, compact and low installation costs
¡ Multi fuel fired heating solution for process and cogeneration
¡ Recovery of waste heat from engine, sponge iron plants
¡ Consultative application engineering to maximise energy
utilisation and slash fuel cost
¡ Assured product quality through state of the art
manufacturing facilities
VOPAK's Horizon terminal uses Thermax
heaters for its requirement of 8 million kcal
of heat per hour. Shell, Sharjah Oil refining,
Fal Energy, Emirates Lube Oil Co. and British
Petroleum are also among our esteemed
Heating applications for wide ranging industries
¡ Steam Boilers up to 40 TPH capacity, up to 66 ata/ bar
pressure and 485°C temperature. Fired on oil, gas, solid fuel
(over 150 types of fossil and biomass)
¡ Thermal Oil Heaters and Vapourisers up to 25 Gcal/h
capacity, up to 380°C temperature, for indirect heating with
thermal oil in liquid and vapour phase as heating medium.
Fired on oil, gas, solid fuel (fossil and biomass)
¡ Hot Water Generators up to 17 Gcal/h Capacity and 200°C
temperature, with fuel as oil, gas, solid fuel (fossil and
¡ Hot Air Generators of up to 3 Gcal/h capacity and 200°C
temperature on coal and biomass. Combustor for fixed,
traveling and reciprocating grates
¡ Thermosyphon of up to 6 Gcal/h capacity and 302°C
temperature with water as heating medium and using oil,
gas, coal and biomass
¡ High pressure Boilers for process industry, delivering 98%
dry steam upto 4 TPH capacity, pressure up to 75 bar on oil
and gas firing. Higher pressures available on demand in coil
¡ Heat Recovery System on gas/ oil engine,
capacity upto 5 MW
¡ Waste Heat Recovery Boilers on sponge iron exhaust flue
¡ Energy Plants providing combined steam, hot water,
thermal oil through common source using biomass/ fossil
¡ Solar Thermal heating that can be integrated with existing
heating system for temperature up to 210°C, with hot water
or steam as heating medium
Absorption Systems
Absorption cooling has emerged as a viable alternative to conventional cooling
systems as it uses steam, hot water, exhaust gases and other fuels for cooling
instead of electricity. A pioneer of this technology in India, today absorption
chillers and heaters from Thermax help clients in over 70 countries with ecofriendly air conditioning and process cooling to reduce their carbon footprints.
Thermax’s absorption technology solutions are based on:
§ Heat recovery
§ Live energy
§ Specialised application
Cooling systems from Thermax are at work for clients in the pharmaceutical,
chemical, fertiliser, textile and automobile industries, as well as in hotels, cinema
halls, shopping complexes and office buildings. Specialised applications such as
inlet air-cooling with Thermax chillers are improving output and productivity
in the petrochemical and power industries. Also on offer are CHPC (Combined
Heating Power and Cooling) solutions for greater energy efficiency.
Thermax chillers help customers shrink their carbon footprints, reduce green
house emissions and contribute to prevent ozone depletion.
Eco-friendly chillers in Europe
Customer benefits
Thermax vapour absorption chiller installed
by the Swiss company, IWB (Industrielle
Werke Basel), air conditions shopping malls
and office buildings. The 995 TR (3.6 MW)
double effect chiller works on waste heat
harnessed from an incineration plant and a
wastewater treatment plant.
¡ Efficient and optimal use of heat energy from boilers/
engines/turbines or processes
¡ In-depth process and application knowledge of heat
recovery systems
¡ Zero Ozone depletion potential
¡ Minimal carbon footprint
¡ Significant reduction in operational cost
The initiative won for IWP, Switzerland’s
prestigious Watt d’Or Award, as one of the
country’s top sustainable energy projects.
Clients in over 70 countries have installed
Thermax systems for air conditioning and
process cooling.
Eco-friendly Cooling and Heating Solutions
Steam Fired
: 50 - 3,500 NTR
Steam pressure : 0 - 30 Kg/cm2g
Hot Water Fired
: 100 - 3,500 NTR
Hot water temperature : 70 - 200°C
Also available in the 10-80 NTR range for microturbines and
diesel generators.
Direct Fired
: 40 - 1,500 NTR
: HFO, Natural Gas, SKO, Biogas and other
liquid or gaseous fuels
The above systems are ideal for any process and comfort
Heat source
: 40 - 3,500 NTR
: Steam, hot water, exhaust or direct firing of
liquid/ gaseous fuels or a combination
: Ideal for waste heat recovery from
engine/ turbine exhaust and coolant-cogeneration and tri-generation
Heat Pump
Heat source
: 500 KW - 40 MW
: Steam/ hot water/ exhaust/ fuels/
geo-thermal or a combination
: District heating, process heating and feed
water application for boilers
Hybrid Chillers
: 25 to 500 NTR
Heat Source
: Electricity + heat in any form
: Negative chilling below zero degree
upto – 40°C
Chiller Heater
: Cooling (100 to 350 TR),
heating (250 KW to 9 MW)
Heat Source
: Steam/hot water/ fuel and exhaust
: Simultaneous/ Either for cooling & heating
Solar Chiller
Heat Source
: 20 TR to 200 TR
: Solar energy
: Air conditioning/ process cooling
Power Generation
Turnkey Power Plants
Power Division of Thermax Limited is a leading EPC solutions provider, with over
a hundred power and co-generation projects contracted in several countries.
With extensive experience in building and commissioning turnkey captive
power plants as well as independent power plants in the utility space, Thermax
guarantees performance, overall completion schedule and fixed cost.
Thermax Power operates across a wide spectrum of industries. It has expertise
in the area of combustion of over 100 different fuels and waste heat recovery
solutions especially for cement and steel sectors. The company has a distinctive
edge in designing, engineering and executing complete power plants with
assured performance standards and fuel flexibility.
Besides its EPC capability, Thermax offers complete plant operation and
maintenance services with guarantees on uptime.
The Power Division works in synergy with other Thermax divisions to offer a
wide range of power plant systems and equipment - boilers and auxiliaries,
ventilation and air pollution control systems, water management systems,
speciality chemicals and air conditioning systems to name some. It also offers
in-house construction expertise through a subsidiary company.
Captive power from biomass in the
Customer benefits
Bataan 20:20, near Manila, is the first
South East Asian power facility built
and commissioned by Thermax. The cogeneration plant completed on EPC basis
generates 12.5 MW of power and 30TPH of
process steam. It runs on biomass (rice husk)
with the option of also using coal as fuel.
With the boiler, Thermax also supplied the
air pollution control system, the water and
wastewater treatment plants and complete
balance of plant.
¡ Effective solutions for co-generation and power generation
¡ Single point responsibility for time, cost and quality
¡ Least lifetime cost option for decentralised power and
co-generation solutions
The captive power plant, which won the
Asian Power Award, is one of the several
installations that showcases Thermax’s
versatility with diverse fuels including
Power for captive and utility requirements
Turnkey Power plants with single unit size up to 300 MW
¡ Based on solid fuel like coal/ lignite/ petroleum coke/
washery rejects/ biomass
Waste heat recovery based power in cement and iron &
steel industries
¡ O&M services
¡ 4 /5 /6 stage pre-heater design for generation of power
from waste heat in cement manufacturing process. The first
Cement waste heat plant in India at JK Cement Nimbahera
of 13.2 MW is operational since May, 2007
Complete BOP for power plants up to 1200 MW
¡ Multiple power plants generating power from the waste
heat of sponge iron kilns
¡ Mechanical installation and civil works for large capacity
utility power plants
¡ Blast furnace (BFG)/ Corex gas/ coke oven gas fired power
Extensive experience in providing turnkey solutions for
gas fired power plants
Integrated Sustainable Solutions for Green Power
¡ Guaranteed availability and plant performance
¡ Engineering combined cycle power plants of 150 MW
¡ Setting up Bottoming cycle plants to convert open cycle to
combined cycle operations
¡ Setting up gas based tri-generation/ co-generation power
plants for large petro-chemical complexes and textile
industries, among others
¡ Supplying HRSG downstream of upto Frame 9FA and
equivalent machines, and associated auxiliaries
¡ Possible equity participation and arrangement of finance.
Ensures growth of client organisations through reduced
fixed cost of operations and de-risking of business from
price fluctuations and fuel availability
¡ Optimum configuration for power plants based on
renewable energy – biomass, industrial waste, heat and
solar energy
Air Pollution Control
Systems for Environment Protection
Thermax set up its air pollution control business (Enviro Division) with the
conviction that pollutants are inevitable but pollution is not. Today, Thermax
Enviro is a key player in abating gaseous and particulate emission. The company
offers broad based, single source expertise and flange-to-flange solutions in all
areas of environment protection – from products and systems for air pollution
control to retrofit and rebuild services.
Extensive work with diverse industry sectors and tie-ups with technology majors
enable Thermax to take up turnkey projects from concept to commissioning.
Industries are aided by clean technologies that recover pollutants, thus reducing
their hazardous impact on the environment and, in many cases, enabling
resource recovery from processes.
The division’s operations are supported by well-trained field engineering
personnel. It has a full-fledged in-house R&D set up including testing,
equipments, prototypes, pilot plants and shop floor plant installation to validate
product performance.
Controlling industrial emissions in
Thermax designed and installed five
electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for
Vale Pellatisation Company LLC, in the
Sultanate of Oman. The ESPs meet
international emission norms and the
stringent requirements of accuracy and
Customer benefits
¡ A wide range of particulate or gaseous emission abatement
¡ Experienced application engineering base
¡ Cost effective solutions
¡ Support from concept to commissioning phases
The project involved over 3,500 tons of
steel supplied through 350 containers
and over 3000 cubic metres of break bulk
cargo. This project is part of the supply
of 10 ESPs to the 2 x 4.5 million tons per
annum (MTPA) pelletisation plant in Sohar.
Clearing the air for better returns
Thermax products and turnkey solutions are helping to
improve the quality of air in power generation, cement, steel,
sugar, refinery & petrochemicals, paper, chemical, food, textiles,
and fertiliser industries. Worldwide, it has an installation base
of over 12000 bag filters, 1500 electrostatic precipitators, 150
scrubbers and 160 turnkey projects, handling over 100 types
of dust.
¡ Electrostatic precipitators – dry & wet
¡ Dedusting and fume extraction systems
¡ Bagfilters – Pulse jet bagfilters & reverse air bag houses
¡ Flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) Systems
¡ Particulate scrubbers – cyclonic, venturi type, impingement
¡ Gas cleaning plants for metallurgical applications
¡ Gaseous scrubbers – Packed bed, spray/tray towers
¡ Coal injection and cast house de-dusting
¡ Combofilter
¡ Systems for blast furnaces/ smelters
¡ Thermax modular gas cooler
¡ Pushing emission control systems for coke ovens
¡ Handle gases in the range of 1000 m3/hr to 35,00,000 m3/hr
¡ Performance guarantee for outlet emission <5mg/m3
¡ Special focus on retrofit and revamp jobs.
¡ Coal and pet coke preparation plants
Specialty Chemicals
Thermax’s specialty chemicals enable customers across a spectrum of industries
to improve efficiency and performance, conserve energy and preserve the
As one of Asia’s leading manufacturers and exporter of Ion exchange resins
and a pioneer in chemicals for fuel and water treatment, Thermax also supplies
pulp and paper chemicals, oil field chemicals and construction chemicals.
Backed by technological expertise and capabilities honed over more than four
decades, the chemical business supports the spectrum of Thermax’s energy
and environment businesses.
Thermax Chemicals manufactures its world class products in facilities equipped
with automated process and instrumentation controls and with ISO 9001: 2008
and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.
Backed by a strong distribution network, Thermax Chemical Division serves its
customers in US, Europe, South East Asia and SAARC, the Middle East and the
Far East.
Ion Exchange Resins for a global
petrochemical complex
Customer benefits
Thermax has developed a range of specialty
ion exchange resins for deionization of
Mono ethylene Glycol (MEG) cycle water in
association with a leading process licensor.
During MEG production, large amount of
cycle water containing various types of
ionic and organic impurities gets generated.
Tulsion resin based treatment resulted in
increased throughput of system as well as
recycle and eventual saving of considerable
amount of process water. These specially
developed resins are successfully established
at various customer locations in India, Middle
East, South East Asia and Latin America.
¡ Customised and cost effective solutions
¡ Consistent quality
¡ Products developed with technical expertise and
industrial application knowledge
¡ Prevention of plant shutdown and reduction in
production losses
Chemicals for boosting performance
Ion Exchange Resins
Pulp and Paper Chemicals
Tulsion brand of Ion exchange resins with product basket
of more than 400 products, offers solutions in applications
ranging from water and waste water treatment to highly
specialized applications in the food, biotech, metal recovery,
high purity water, heavy metal removal, catalysts and chemical
processing and the nuclear industry segments.
Thermax in licensing agreement with Georgia Pacific LLC,
offers a spectrum of paper chemicals to enhance performance,
productivity, quality and profitability in the pulp and paper
industry. These products are coagulants and flocculants,
sizing chemicals, strength chemicals, microbiocides and
deposit control chemcials, defoamers and antifoamers, deinking, refining and bleaching additives, paper dyes, coating
Water and Fuel Treatment Chemicals
Thermax’s comprehensive fuel and water treatment products
and services encompass polyelectrolytes, and chemicals to
treat reverse osmosis membrane, boiler water and cooling
water. It also offers sugar process chemicals, fireside and fuel
additives and innovative monitoring techniques for industrial
and infrastructure segment.
Oil Field Chemicals
Pour point depressants, primary recovery chemicals–
demulsifiers, de-oilers, on line gas line corrosion and scale
inhibitors, secondary/ water injection chemicals – coagulants,
flocculants, biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors are the
speciality upstream oil field chemicals for smooth crude oil
production and transportation.
Construction Chemicals
In technical collaboration with Tecnochem Italiana S.p.A, a
leading European construction chemical company, Thermax
provides an array of chemicals including concrete admixtures,
grouts and anchors, surface treatments, protective coatings,
repair and rehabilitation, industrial flooring, water proofing,
sealants, adhesives, and cement grinding aids.
Water and Waste Water
Turnkey Installations and Standard Products
Thermax provides end-to-end solutions in water treatment, wastewater
treatment, effluent recycle and zero liquid discharge solutions to global
customers, consultants and OEMs. Its innovative solutions benefit industry,
commercial, defence and hospitality establishments; municipal corporations,
and the urban sector. The company’s Water and Waste Solutions (WWS)
business helps customers with turnkey solutions for large capacities and in the
standardised product range.
WWS provides solutions as per international standards in water treatment,
wastewater treatment, effluent treatment, effluent recycle and zero liquid
discharge solutions to global customers, consultants and OEMs.
Over 400 large, and 20,000 standard plants have been designed, engineered,
built and commissioned in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and SAARC
including India.
Recycling sewage and conserving
water in India
Customer benefits
Thermax commissioned a 22.5 million litre
per day sewage treatment and recycle
plant for a special Economic Zone at
Mangalore in India. Here, Moving Bed
Bio Reactor (MBBR) technology along
with ultra filtration membrane is used to
produce high quality treated water suitable
for reuse in industrial application. Thermax
has commissioned such installations for
several industrial clients.
¡ Adherence to stringent pollution norms
¡ Space saving with low lifetime cost
¡ Simple & low cost of operation
¡ Save capital Cost by enhancing of augmenting existing water
and waste water
With the domain expertise gained over
the last four decades, Thermax’s Water
business provides customized solutions to
customers to recycle treated wastewater to
achieve zero liquid discharge.
Water Treatment Solutions
¡ Fluidized aerobic bio reactor (FAB) for wastewater treatment
¡ Water softeners and de-mineralisers for removal of
dissolved ions
¡ Electro dialysis reversal system (EDR)
¡ Tube settler/ Klari-tube settler technology to pre-treat water
¡ Treatment of high COD and coke oven effluent, and
reduction of heavy metals, Cyanide, Fluoride
¡ High rate solid contact clarifier to reduce silica
¡ Colour removal system for textile industry effluents
¡ Sea water desalination and reverse osmosis plants for
brackish water
Standard Plants/ Products
¡ High pressure condensate polishing units using ion
exchange techniques
¡ Containerised water and wastewater treatment and recycle
Wastewater Treatment Solutions
¡ Compact modular and standard industrial Reverse Osmosis
¡ Industrial effluent treatment, recycle & Zero Liquid
Discharge for industry
¡ Biofilter: Low-flow sewage treatment plant (STP)
¡ Membrane separation systems for recycling
¡ BioCask: low height waste water treatment
¡ Klariturbotube settler (High Rate Clarifier) to reduce silica
and to recycle
¡ Bioenergen: Biodegradable waste to energy plant
¡ Sequential batch reactors (SBR) for sewage/ effluent
¡ USP grade water treatment
¡ Up flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor, anaerobic
filters, anaerobic digester
¡ Terminator: Colour removal system
¡ Rural water treatment plants
¡ Incinerator to dispose solid waste
Solar Energy
Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems
The Solar business of Thermax handles projects in power generation, heating and
cooling using photovoltaic and hybrid solar-thermal applications. Leveraging
its core strengths in cooling and process heating, Thermax offers optimised,
turnkey, single point, solar power based solutions. The company makes use
of its extensive and varied experience with industrial processes, expertise in
application R&D, and its experienced manpower.
The business has in-house expertise for analysis, system design and engineering
to meet stringent time lines in executing their products..
Thermax is also pioneering the indigenous development of cost competitive
solar thermal power plants using solar concentrators.
In India, Thermax is one of the solar manufacturers with the highest rating of SP 1A
for both concentrated solar thermal and solar photovoltaic. The rating indicates
‘highest financial strength’ and ‘highest performance capability’. Thermax is the
accredited Channel Partner of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for
off-grid and decentralised solar installations.
Bringing the solar edge to auto
manufacturer’s energy project
Indian auto major Mahindra Automobiles
required cold water at 7°C and hot water at
105°C for different processes at two of its
paint shops. The challenge was to integrate
renewable energy and conventional systems
and to reduce overall energy intensity of
fossil fuel.
Customer benefits
¡ Reliable, eco-friendly technology to reduce carbon footprints
and establish green credentials. Easy integration with
existing systems
¡ High returns with attractive payback in 3-5 year
¡ Operating cost savings with ensured free electricity for up to
25 years
Thermax provided an innovative solar energycum- waste heat recovery based green energy
system. The combined heating and cooling
system integrates 70 solar dishes and an array
of equipment – waste heat recovery units,
vapour absorption chiller and heat pump,
heat exchanger and hot water generator. The
system will help the client save 1476 tons of
fossil fuel (LPG) and 184 MWhr of electrical
energy annually at its paint booth.
Harnessing the power of the sun
Solar thermal hybrid systems for cooling and heating
Some application areas
More than 40% of the world’s energy is consumed for heating
(hot water, process steam, space heating), cooling (air
conditioning, cold storage) and lighting (artificial, ambient) in
¡ Boiler feed water preheating
Thermax uses parabolic concentrators integrated with
thermally driven double effect absorption chillers for cooling,
which reduce power consumption significantly as compared
to conventional electrically powered systems.
Use of parabolic solar concentrating technology is also used
for generating steam using solar energy. The system generates
hot water at temperatures as high as 140°C and saturated
steam at pressures of 3 to 4 bar.
¡ Washing in laundries
¡ Space heating
¡ Oil preheating
¡ Metal pretreatment in paint shops
¡ Milk pasteurisation
¡ Steam cooking
Solar Photovoltaic systems
¡ Minimum civil work for fast engineering and construction
¡ Low maintenance and corrosion free supports
Solar concentrators - Product features
¡ Fixed focus with auto focus, defocus and refocus controls
¡ PLC based daily tracking system
¡ Designed for safe and easy operation & maintenance
¡ Concentration ratio of more than 70
¡ Improved reliability: Operations continue even if a part of
the solar system falters.
¡ Remote performance monitoring for system output and
¡ Stringent quality tests and high quality material
Specialised Services
Reliable Support for Maximum Value
Thermax has dedicated service units attached to its core energy and
environment businesses to take care of spares, parts, preventive and
breakdown maintenance services. Thermax also supports its clients with
specialized services.
The array of specialised services from Thermax offers support on critical
areas–audits of energy and water followed by suitable modifications to
optimise the use of resources; energy rentals of equipment and O&M of
power and water installations that help clients focus on their core businesses;
system retrofits and upgrades that don’t need capital investments; steam
engineering for improvement of plant efficiency.
Thermax service teams are at work improving efficiencies and extending
longevity of critical equipment at industries from South East Asia and
Middle East to Eastern Europe.
Operation & Maintenance support for
an Indian cement major
Madras Cements Limited (MCL), at its captive
power plant in Jayanthipuram in Andhra Pradesh
enjoys higher efficiency with a little help from
Thermax’s Operation and Maintenance team.
Thermax provided turnkey power solutions to
the 60 MW project including consumables and
chemical support, helping it with better plant
availability, output, and extended plant life,
preventive maintenance and periodic.
For MCL, Thermax has built and commissioned
a cumulative 157 MW of captive power at three
more locations in India. At all four locations,
Thermax undertakes O&M of multi-utility process
plants like boilers, chillers, water and wastewater
treatment. Its customised services include annual
maintenance contract, water audit and survey,
training of staff, plant performance study and
energy and water conservation.
Specialised Products and Solutions
Operation and Maintenance
¡ Energy and water audits
¡ Power plants
¡ O&M of power plants, water and wastewater treatment
¡ Multi-utilities including boilers, chillers, water and
wastewater treatment plants
¡ Turnkey project execution including balance of plant
¡ Annual maintenance contract and training of staff
¡ Retrofit and revamp- boilers, heaters, water treatment
plants, air pollution control equipment
Energy Audit services
¡ Upgrade solutions–capacity, design, efficiency
improvement, fuel conversions, firing system, pressure parts
In response to industry needs for cutting down wastages in
energy utilization, Thermax –
¡ System Improvement through automation, technology
upgrades & combustion engineering solutions
¡ Offers energy audit services in the areas of steam, electrical
and air systems
¡ Waste heat recovery and emission control
¡ Delivers energy savings solutions including partnering in
the implementation program.
¡ Condition assessment and remaining life analysis and
engineering studies
¡ HAZOP study for equipment operation
¡ Steam Engineering - complete solutions in steam
generation, distribution, utilisation and condensate
recovery through integrated service. Includes all types of
steam line accessories, etc.
¡ Replacement in Kind (RIK)
¡ Supports clients with piping design and utility consultancy
for efficient and cost effective design of the plant utilities
and distribution
High quality spares to enhance equipment uptime.
On-site Energy Rental Services
Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL), a wholly owned subsidiary,
offers customers the option of outsourced utilities through the energy rental
TOESL provides turnkey installations through project management, fuel supply
chain management, residue management, emission control as per norms,
comprehensive operation and maintenance besides managing manpower and
Utilities supplied under the business models include steam, process heat
(as hot water or thermic fluid), chilled water, water treatment and recycling, and
combined heat and power/ cogeneration.
Thermax invests in utility equipment to ensure customers only pay for energy
without additional capital investment, uncertainties related to biomass/ green
fuel supply, and operation and maintenance of the plant.
Indian FMCG major opts for
Thermax’s energy rental service
ITC, Indian FMCG major, has been
outsourcing its steam generation to TOESL
at its various facilities.
After signing the first ‘green steam supply’
with ITC for its food division in Pune, TOESL
installed a biomass briquette fired boiler
of capacity 14 tons/hr @ 32 kg/cm2(g)
pressure. The contract helps ITC to avoid
capital investments in their noncore area,
thus paying only for the per unit cost of
steam generated. TOESL ensures steady
supply of fuel and system upgrades.
Hassle free, emission free and capex free
Customer Benefits
Key Highlights
¡ Saves cost by harnessing green fuel and waste energy.
¡ Reduces carbon foot print
¡ No capital expenditure since TOESL selects appropriate
technology and invests in utility delivery equipment and
allied accessories.
¡ Online remote monitoring and high automation
¡ Manages biomass fuel by establishing long term contracts
with farmers and vendors to ensure uninterrupted supply of
fuel to the plant
¡ Focus on safety
¡ Standard O& M practices and operating procedures
Client Profile
¡ Responsible for facilitating and gaining relevant statutory
clearances for boiler operations and emission control..
TOESL supplied steam and heat under long term contracts to
¡ Guaranteed uptime by operating and maintaining
equipment as per standard engineering practices
¡ Multinational companies
¡ Installation of a state-of-the-art multi fuel boiler systems
with fully automated combustors and PLC based control
systems for fuel handing, bed ash handling and chemical
¡ Leading corporates
¡ Food, pharma, paint, chemicals, textile, tobacco, dairy
Manufacturing Excellence
Thermax products are backed by 11 state-ofthe-art manufacturing facilities, 7 of which are
in India and the rest in Germany, Denmark and
The facilities in India are at Pune, Shirval,
Paudh, Solapur (Maharashtra); Savli, Jhagadia,
and Mundra, (Gujarat).
Our manufacturing plants are certified to
adhere to rigorous standards:
§ ISO 9001: 2000 for quality management for
all business operations
§ ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental
§ OHSAS 18001:1999 for occupational health
and safety for manufacturing operations
§ Thermax manufactures to international
standards - ASME, BS, DIN, GOST, API and
CE, besides the IBR code in India and
AQSIQ in China.
The facilities are inspected by Lloyds, Bureau
Veritas, SGS and TUV.
Quality Policy
Our Quality Policy start and ends with the
customer as a focal point: understanding
the customer’s requirements, designing
optimal solutions to meet those
requirements, building systems and
processes in place to ensure quality
at every stage, and achieving our
commitments on delivery and service
before and after sales.
It is our endeavour to create a culture
of total quality where continuous
improvement of our people, our processes
and our products becomes a way of life.
Meher Pudumjee
Proposed facility in Indonesia
Chairperson, Thermax Limited
Market-driven R&D
Nurturing an Innovation Ecosystem
Thermax has, over the years, introduced several products that have redefined
industrial process efficiency. Its market driven R&D effort in the product
development process led to the success of Thermopac, a high temperature
liquid phase heater that replaces electricity with oil or coal as the heating
medium; triple effect absorption chillers that are 20% more efficient than
earlier generation systems; fluid bed scrubbing for gaseous as well as
particulate emission; compact biomass fired boilers and heating systems
with high efficiency combustion systems, new fuels and with reduced levels
of pollutants like sulphur dioxide.
Thermax’s focus on application oriented R&D led to the creation of Research,
Technology, Innovation Centre (RTIC). The Centre supports business research
teams and houses its own centres of excellence dedicated to material
science, biotechnology, solar, advanced computation and combustion &
heat transfer.
RTIC collaborates with leading scientific and academic institutions to bridge
the gap between industry requirements and academic curriculum.
Thermax has institutionalised the N. D. Joshi Innovation awards through
which it recognises and celebrates technological innovations of its employees
that have resulted in significant business gains for the company.
Technology Partnerships
Tie-ups with technology champions
To make its offerings relevant for client businesses, Thermax upgrades
its technology portfolio in the energy and environment space through
tie-ups with global technology majors. Some of the recent partnerships:
Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation
Group, Inc., USA
To engineer, manufacture and sell supercritical utility
boilers up to 800 MW in thermal power plants
SPX Corporation, USA
For power plant accessories, balance of plant
equipment, air pollution control systems and energy
efficiency equipment above the 300 MW range for
large power plants.
Georgia Pacific Corporation, USA
For performance paper chemicals and speciality
products to improve productivity, reduce raw material
and production costs and to minimise plant downtime
while enhancing quality and safety for customers.
Lambion Energy Solutions, Germany
For eco-friendly and high efficiency combustion
systems to generate energy from waste (4 MW to 30
A Celebration of Diversity
Nurturing a human
Thermax relies on its committed teams to
make things happen. To innovate. To change
things. To change themselves. To grow.
It has nurtured a human organisation that
values diversity across geography, embracing
a variety of profiles in education and skills.
It’s vibrant work place is a reflection of the
investment the company makes in learning
and development opportunities for its
employees all over the world. From hardcore
technical subjects to softer life skills, the
training calendar of Thermax is designed to
upgrade knowledge and skills. Teams share
their expertise with vendors and customers to
offer insights into new technologies.
Built on humane values, Thermax encourages
its people to speak up, to give voice to what
they think and feel. Open Forum, a unique
annual event brings together its employees
for a focused and informal conversation about
the policies and practices of the company.
So are Technology Day and the N. D. Joshi
Innovation awards that foster and showcase
the exciting new work done by its people.
Employees make time for the community. They
volunteer for CSR work in education in the
Thermax Foundation-run schools and mentor
students after work hours. They also spend
time at old age homes and enthusiastically
participate in marathons and other fund
raising programmes for its NGO partners.
Thermax has won multiple awards for
innovation and strategy, product design,
IPR, safety and environment management,
operational excellence and its human resource
Partnering in Growth
Oil & Gas
¡ ELF Petroleum/ Petrofac,
¡ JGC, Turkmenisthan
¡ ONGC, India
¡ Oil India, India
¡ MRPL, India
¡ Total Group
¡ IOCL, India
¡ Reliance Industries Ltd.
¡ Kuwait Oil Company
¡ PDO, Oman
¡ Cairn Energy
¡ Abu Dhabi Gas Industries
Limited (GASCO)
¡ Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction
Company (ADGAS)
¡ Takreer, UAE
¡ Qatar Petroleum
¡ J. W. Marriot, India
¡ Le-Meridien, India
¡ ITC Group, India
¡ Taj Group, India
¡ Apollo Group of Hospitals,
India & Sri Lanka
¡ Sun ‘n’ Sand, India & Kenya
¡ Bali Nirwana Resort,
¡ Marriot, USA
¡ Arabian Petrochemicals,
Saudi Arabia
¡ Reliance Industries Ltd.
¡ IPCL, India
¡ Hitachi Zosen, Vietnam
¡ Castrol, Dubai
¡ Caltex, Dubai
¡ SABIC, Saudi Arabia
¡ KNPC, Kuwait
¡ Gujarat Heavy Chemicals
Ltd., India
¡ Tata Fertilizers, India
¡ SPIC, India
¡ Colgate Palmolive, India
¡ Dupont, UK
¡ Unilever Group
¡ Bharat Shell, India
¡ Kansai Nerolac
¡ Al Baha Company, Jordan
¡ Indian Rayon, India
¡ Chemplast, India
¡ Ford, India
¡ Toyota Motors, India
¡ Hyundai Motors, India
¡ Bajaj Auto, India
¡ Honda Cars & Scooters, India
¡ Maruti Suzuki, India
¡ Hero Motor Corp, India
¡ Ranbaxy, India
¡ Pfizer, India
¡ Glaxo Smithkline, India
¡ Wockhardt, India
¡ Square Pharma, Bangladesh
¡ Global Capsules, Bangladesh
¡ German Remedies, India
¡ Cheminor, India
¡ Cipla, India
¡ Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories,
¡ Orchid Ltd., India
¡ Lupin Ltd., India
¡ SAIL, India
¡ Vikram Ispat, India
¡ Bhushan Steels & Strips Ltd.,
¡ Tata Steel Limited, India
¡ Welspun, India
¡ Essar Steel, India
¡ Surabhaya Steel, Indonesia
¡ JSW group
¡ Jindal Steel and Power
Limited (JSPL)
¡ Vizag Steel Plant
¡ Nava Bharat Ferro Alloys Ltd.
¡ Suryadev Alloys & Power Pvt.
¡ Super Smelter Ltd.
¡ Topworth group
¡ Vina Sugar, Vietnam
¡ PT Bermeese Madhusejati,
¡ Oswal Sugar Mills, India
¡ Sakthi Sugars, India
¡ Mitr Phol Bio Power Co. Ltd.
¡ Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd
¡ Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.
¡ Universal Robina Corp Sugar,
¡ Indian Cane Power Ltd.
¡ Sarvaraya Sugars Ltd.
¡ P. T. South Pacific Viscose,
¡ P. T. Texmaco, Indonesia
¡ Printex Enpee, Nigeria
¡ Apex Spinning, Bangladesh
¡ Reliance Industries, India
¡ Vinphu Textile, Vietnam
¡ Raymonds, India
¡ Beximco Textile, Bangladesh
¡ Arvind Mills, India
¡ Welspun, India
¡ Brandix Tectile, Sri Lanka
¡ MRF, India
¡ Load Star, Sri Lanka
¡ Ceat, India
¡ Apollo, India
¡ Goodyear, India
¡ Bridgestone
Thermax adopts a partnering relationship with clients
to address their energy and environmental challenges
and enhance their performance and profits. It has
the expertise to support clients at any phase of their
business cycles - planning and setting up manufacturing
facilities, upgrading technologies,revamping existing
facilities, trouble shooting and problem solving,
training technical staff on new technologies.
With integrated energy-environment expertise and
a proven track record in global markets, Thermax is
the preferred partner of enterprises across industrial
Space Heating
¡ Indian Army, India
¡ Dakshingangotri (Indian
Expedition), Antartica
¡ Gaz Prom, Russia
¡ Heating Networks,
Archangelsk & Semenov,
¡ City Administration,
Krasnayaminsk, Russia
¡ Thisted, Denmark
¡ Karstad, Sweden
Tank Farm Heating
¡ Sharjah Oil, UAE
¡ Warm Seas/ Oil Serve, UAE
¡ IOCL, India
¡ BPCL, India
¡ HPCL, India
¡ Nestle Oil, Singapore
¡ KPCL, India
¡ Reliance Infrastructure, India
¡ BHEL, India
¡ K C Energy, South Africa
¡ Neyveli Lignite, India
¡ NTPC, India
¡ Essar Power Ltd., India
¡ Tata Power Co. Ltd., India
¡ Bhushan Power & Steel, India
¡ Cargill, Philippines
¡ McDonald’s, India
¡ Coke, India
¡ Pepsi, India
¡ Nestle, India
¡ Kuiburi Fruit Canning,
¡ Dole, Philippines
¡ Kenya Tea Development
Authority, Kenya
¡ Southdown Holdings,
¡ JFT Rice Mills, Vietnam
¡ Cadbury’s, India
¡ Delmonte, Philippines
¡ Goodrick Tea, India
¡ EDFU Papers, Egypt
¡ Phoenix Pulp & Paper,
¡ Union Paper, Dubai
¡ South India Paper Mills, India
¡ Indo-Afrique Paper, India
¡ Ballarpur Industries, India
¡ TNPL, India
¡ Basundhara Paper,
¡ ITC, India
¡ West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.
¡ J. K. Cements, India
¡ Ramco
¡ Madras Cement, India
¡ Ultratech Cements Ltd., India
¡ ABG Cement Ltd., India
¡ NCC, Yemen
¡ Grasim Cement, India
¡ Holcim
¡ Lafarge (Arsmeta)
¡ Saurashtra Cement
Edible Oil
¡ Golden Oil, Nigeria
¡ Kewalram Oils, Malaysia
¡ Patun Vegetable Oil, Thailand
¡ Oswal Agro, India
¡ Sulzer India, Saudi Arabia
¡ Desmet, India
¡ Agrotech, India
¡ Bidco, Kenya
¡ Adani, India
¡ Cargill, India
EPC Majors
¡ JGC, Japan
¡ Technip
¡ Bechtel, UK
¡ Samsung, Korea
¡ Mitsubishi, Japan
¡ BW Offshore
¡ Hyundai Engineering
Co. Ltd.
¡ Essar Projects (India)
¡ Engineers India Ltd.
¡ Jacobs
¡ Bechtel, USA
¡ UHDE, India
¡ Chemtex Engineering, India
¡ Aker Kvaerner
¡ Mecon, India
¡ TCL, India
¡ EIL, India
¡ Fichtner
¡ Toyo Engineering
Global Network
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
Head Office
Manufacturing Units
Sales & Service
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
Sustainable Solutions in
Energy & Environment
Thermax Business Portfolio
Registered Office
Power Generation
D-13, MIDC Industrial Area,
R D Aga Road, Chinchwad,
Pune 411019, India
Air Pollution Control
Tel. : +91 20 66122999 / 66155000
Fax : +91 20 27472049
Water and Wastewater Solutions
[email protected]
Specialised Services
In view of our constant endeavour to improve the quality of our products, we reserve the
right to alter or change specifications without prior notice. All photographs shown in this
publication are representative in purpose, and to be used for reference only.
© Thermax Limited, 2015
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