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The “Flintstones” is shown on television for the first time and movies this year include “The
Magnificent Seven” and “Psycho”. Notable technical achievements include the invention of
the Laser and a Heart Pacemaker. The Summer Olympics are held in Rome, Italy. The United
States announces that 3,500 American soldiers are going to be sent to Vietnam
Cost of Living 1960
Average Cost of new house $12,700.00
Average Monthly Rent $98.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 25 cents
23 inch Television $219.95
Average Cost of a new car $2,600.00
Can of Beef Ravioli 30 cents
Loaf of Bread 20 cents
Mens Electric Shaver $20.30
Room Furniture $350.00
Judging Chairman’s Message Summer 2017
This 2017 Corvette season I have been fortunate
to attend many events such as the Heartland
Regional in Newton Iowa, the Western New York
Chapter Meet and the Michigan Chapter Meet and
the common thread between all of these events is
the inconsistency of the judging of paint on restored
Corvettes. There is confusion about how the deduct
table works and how much to deduct. This judging
chairman’s message is going to address this issue.
If you have finished this article and still don’t
understand the process then attend a judging
school and it will be explained to you. This is a
critical component of judging a car and the chapters
need to get it right and be consistent to be fair to
the car owners. Dave Brigham the National Judging
Chairman is trying to instill the new process into a
consistent and less subjective judging standard.
My opinion on the new paint process was
skepticism at first, but working through it
eventually made is a simpler process. When
judging a cars paint, all the doors, hood and trunk,
ISE are closed. Prior to the new rule, cars that had
a mirror like DOI, (distinctness of image) would lose
50% of their points because the factory finish did
not have the clarity of today’s
material. With the
new rule, as long
as there is
evidence of
texture in the
paint, no clear
coat build up on
the edges and
some what
resembles the
factory finish,
deduct only 30% of the points. Most restored cars
will fall into this category. The new paint judging
process may seem very different at first but as you
work through the flow cart you will see it makes a
lot of sense,
So now we go from a 30% deduction to a 70%
deduction, here is where the doors jambs, hood
ledge and trunk gutters are checked. This is the
only time an exterior judge may open the doors to
check the inner finish. If an effort has been made to
dull down the jambs, gutters, ledges, etc. and not
have the clear coat dripping off the car, then that is
a 70% deduction. Anything else is a 100%
If you are attending the Chapter meet this will be
reviewed prior to the Chapter meet. We will be
going through this process again prior to the
chapter meet, similar to our January event at
Rocco’s garage. Everyone loves a beautiful painted
Corvette, but in Flight Judging beautiful paint has it
consequences. I’ve seen cars with 70% deductions
and still Top Flight, so don’t be discouraged about
the new rule. Remember, it’s your Corvette and if
you want that great paint, that is your choice.
Chapter Meet June 10, 2017
On June 9-10, 2017 the Ontario Chapter held the annual Chapter meet
at Wilson Niblett. There were 9 flight cars requiring judging and
6 Sportsman cars which were on display only. All of these cars received
a ribbon depending on either the point total it received while being judged
or the Sportsman class which is a participation ribbon. The chapter had
a long distance judge from California participate in the event as well as
our friends (and now members) from the Western New York Chapter.
The event had fantastic weather on Saturday! It was an exceptional day
as it was abnormally hot and this fact could be verified by the 100 bottles
of water and other soft drinks that were consumed over the eight hour
time period. Judging proceed and owners patiently waited through the
event anxiously awaiting the outcome. Three lucky owners received Top
Flight and six owners received second flight.
Everyone who participated in the event is to be congratulated for their
efforts and their wonderful cars! Special thanks goes out to the judges,
tabulation group and our sponsor Wilson Niblett for a great event.
Tom Spence 1957-Top Flight
Kurt Neiman 1967- Top Flight
Ron Froman 1967-Top Flight
Mike Youssef 1965- Second Flight
Doug McClure 1967-Second Flight
Paul Quattrociocchi-1968 Second Flight
Helen Tyson 1969- Second Flight
Lorne Callum 1971 – Second Flight
Larry Moffatt 1978- Second Flight
Congratulations to all
Chairmans Message - Summer 2017
I hope everyone is enjoying the long daylight hours and
their Corvettes.
This past weekend I was part of a five man crew that
participated at Bloomington Gold .
It was great to see everyone at Val & Steve Sanderson’s
place where they hosted a wonderful evening as they
shared their very special RHD Corvette with the chapter.
Please see the attached article. Extreme would best
summarize the event. That goes for Corvettes , heat and
rain. Again a very strong presence of our chapter was felt
outside our home.
Our annual judging meet held on the 9th & 10th was
enjoyed by all who attended. Our heartfelt appreciation
goes out to Pat Heimrath for his seemingly endless efforts.
We truly owe him for the endless amount of time and
energy he gives. In addition Brian Hay ( our former Chapter
Chairman and active Quebec Chapter member) recently
announced his retirement from day to day management at
Wilson Niblett . He will continue on as a consultant and
will continue to be involved with the dealership and our
chapter. We wish him the very best.
Thank you to Gord Wilson and his staff at Wilson Niblett.
The dealership’s facility once again provided a wonderful
and cool environment on a hot June day. I’m sure the
Vettes felt right at home in the original showroom .
Congratulations to three of our members who received
Bloomington Gold Certification.
As Kay and Scott Sinclair get ready to depart and direct
the National Road Tour , we wish them and all participants
a very safe, trouble free but mostly an enjoyable road trip.
I look forward to seeing many of you in San Antonio.
Andy Goodman
Ontario Chairman NCRS#9562
1965 Corvette Window Sash Article
By Tom Dingman
In 2014, I acquired a well used 1965 Corvette racer from
a fellow NCRS chapter member.
Looking back at the various snapshots provided by the
early owners/racers, it became clear that the vent windows
and the side window glass had been removed prior to 1972.
Since my objective is to restore this car for both on and off
road enjoyment, I feel working side windows will be
By the way, the car came to me with a simple sheet metal
block off plate where the heater fits the firewall. Other
evidence indicates the car had a heater, so I have added
that to take the car back to the 1968-1969 time in it’s history.
Even if I only race this car, I think a defroster might be
important too.
Getting back to the side windows, I went to Carlisle and
visited E-bay in my effort to find replacement parts. I think
what I learned about the sash that holds the bottom edge of
the side windows is worth sharing. I also learned that it is
hard to distinguish between the right and left side window
regulators, if you don’t focus on the “guide hole” that must
be lined up before you start making comparisons. Before
learning this, I installed a left hand regulator in the right
side door, and then wondered why those little nylon wheels
were not going high enough to “roll” the window fully up.
The bottoms of each side window are held (usually) by a
metal sash like the ones pictured here. The part is made
from two formed metal “shoes” attached to the bottom of a
slightly curved stainless steel channel. The glass is held
in the channel only if a correctly sized rubber strip is
wrapped around the bottom edge of the glass. (For
example, see Paragon number 3496, “mounting material”.
While looking for side windows, I noted more than one
application of “friction tape” on the bottom edge of the
glass, to replace the stuff GM used in production.)
At a local shop, I was told that a simple cut to the front
end of a convertible window sash would convert the part
into a sash for a coupe. What I did not discover until after
this modification: This statement is true only if you are
going to install glass and the modified sash in a 1963 coupe.
The 1964-1967 coupe sashes have a different rear shoe, or
metal bracket. Such a sash is unlike all the 1963 versions
and C2 convertible versions. It is NOT designed to slide in
the “inside the door” rear window channel. Just the glass
slides down, inside the later coupe channels.
The sashes for all 1963s and the 1964-1967 convertibles
can be identified by the larger rear shoe designed to glide
inside the lower rear channel. These cars had no “fuzzy”
insert in the lower (inside the door) rear channel. Instead
the lower (inside the door) channels were lined with a thin
black fabric.
I have photographed a pair of 1964-1967 COUPE ONLY
window sashes. Note the smaller and thinner rear shoes in
photo 2a. The other photo shows the front end of the pair.
Photos 2a and 2b – 1964-1967 Corvette Coupe Window Sash Pair.
At this point, you might be wondering what the C2, or
midyear, convertible window sashes look like. They have
“bump stops” attached at each end, rusty in this photo. I do
not know if the unique 1963 Coupe versions used the bump
stop bracket on the rear shoe. I think not.
Note the longer length of the square front shoe (laying
flat) in this photo. This provides room for the bump stop
and attaching bolt. (Photo credit for this last image to e-bay
seller rmw69.)
Photo 1 – 1963 Corvette Coupe Window Sash. Note the
rectangle shape of the front shoe in the right side of this
photo. Remember it when we get to the convertible sash.
Photo 3 – 1963-1967 Corvette Convertible Window Sash Ends
C-1 Generators
By Pat Heimrath
After viewing many generators on the judging field, this
article will focus on the differences between a genuine
one a made up one passenger car unit. Typically, most
early C-1’s, 1956 thru 1961 use a 1102043 30 Amp
generator. Some of the high output engines use different
ones and also have different mountings to the exhaust
manifold. 1956 through mid 1958 were located on the
driver’s side and later moved to the passenger side
around January 1958.
The first item on the judging sheet is “generator
assembly, ID tag, warning label”. When we examine an
original one, (photos in 61-62 TMJIG), there is a comma
between Anderson, IN rather than a period that is with
replacement tags.
Also, note that the
rivet in this photo
are a rounded
head (Photo # 1).
They are a
different type of
material than
aluminum ones.
These should be mushroomed, almost flattened to the ID
tag. Original tags have a slight contour that fit flush to
the casing as opposed to current replacements are
almost flat.
The next thing to check are the end plates. Except for
early 1956 all end plates are 3 ¼” from the center of the
armature to the mounting rubber cushions (Photo # 4).
Some exceptions are noted for 1102059 and 1102173, 35
Amp generators without a tach drive are drilled and
tapped. A heat shield is present on most generators
except as noted. Original heat shields have a “V” stamp
and is not very
readable when
installed. An easy
way to detect a
passenger car
generator from a
Corvette one is to
see if you can
slide your fingers,
not Hulk Hogan
fingers, between
the mount and the
generator casing.
rids were not
used until 1962 on
Corvettes and had
a 3 ½”
from the armature to the center of the mounting
(Photo #5-7). Since
tach drive
generators were
also used on
passenger cars with
power steering, the
orientation of the
backing plate may
not be typical of the
one used on a
Corvette). These
were used as
passenger cars with
power steering and
had different
orientations based
on the vehicle it was
used on (Photo # 8,
8 A).
Here is where
many deductions
are taken due to the
used of improper
fasteners. This is
an original “T” bolt
that measures 1”
from the tip of the
head. Other head marking are “UR”,”TR”,” L” or plain
(Photo # 3). Photo# 9 shows what is available from the
Corvette dealers that are too long and have incorrect flat
washers. Typically,
an original bolt
protrudes approx. 1
to 1 ½ threads
beyond the front
mounting plate.
Most pulleys have
an offset of ¼”
between the fan and
the pulley itself and
measures 3/ 5/8” in
diameter except for
Fuel injection cars
which is 4 1/8” with
no offset (Photo #
2). Also check for
belt alignment, an
incorrect pulley will
case a belt
misalignment or a
missing spacer on the crankshaft pulley.
continued on next page
C-1 Generators
By Pat Heimrath
1/8” with no offset (Photo # 2). Also check for belt alignment, an incorrect pulley will case a belt misalignment or
a missing spacer on the crankshaft pulley.
The radio condenser and bracket, (Photo# 10, 10A and 10 C), mounts on top of the generator is a plain head bolt,
(Photo #10 B) not a screw as used on passenger car. (Photo # 10 and 10C) is an original 1911095 capacitor. Photo 10 D
is an incorrect bracket. Note the flat end where the wire exits vs the current replacements have a rubber like
material at the wired end that has a bulge. The part number on the original is not very crisp vs the current
reproductions are laser engraving that is very defined.
If you every need a generator for your C-1, Try NAPA or Car Quest and ask for a generator for a power steering unit.
They are similar, but may not have the correct configuration for most C-1, however they will function properly.
Hopefully this will give you some insight into the detail associated when searching for a correct generator.
Right Hand Drive Tech Session
In January 2009, General Motors was faced with a
financial crisis. They decided to sell off 200 of their
heritage vehicles (proto-types and show display models).
GM consigned these vehicles to Barrett Jackson and they
were sold at the Scottsdale Auction.
Tech sessions are always well attended by our Chapter
and we all seem to come away with something, including
points which go towards our Judges’ Point system. Keep
an eye on the Calendar of Events for future tech sessions.
One of the vehicles sold at auction was a right hand
drive 1990 Corvette, the only one that GM ever
manufactured; an experiment for the export market in
Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. This car was
purchased privately. The owner recently passed away
and the vehicle came back on the market in April of 2017.
This vehicle was then purchased by NCRS member Steve
A tech session was hosted by Steve in May and was well
attended with over 40 members. C4 experts Gary Meyer
and Dave Woollings were on hand to assist in pointing out
the differences between left hand and right hand drive.
The power booster, master brake cylinder, air conditioner
unit, steering wheel, shift and components, brake pedals,
gas pedal, emergency brake, fuse box, and hood opening
handle, to name just a few items, were all reversed to
opposite sides.
NCRS Ontario 2017 Calendar of Events
Jan 11- 14
Florida Regional
Sun N Fun Airport
Lakeland, Florida
Jan 29th
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
Judging School
Rocco' Garage 18
Melanie Dr Unit 2
RSVP on-line
March 5th
8:00 AM
-12:00 Noon
NCRS Ontario Swap Meet-Vendors must
Wilson Niblett
Richmond Hill, ON
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
NCRS Ontario Tech Session and Judging
RSVP on-line
May 4-6
Heartland Regional Meet
Iowa Speedway,
Newton, IA
May 6
NCRS WNY Chapter Judging Meet
Judging Meet 4646
Lake Rd, williamson,
NY 14589
May 19, 20
Michigan Chapter Meet
Les Stanford Annex
13350 Routunda Dr
Dearborn, MI
June 9-10
NCRS Ontario Chapter Judging Meet
Wilson Niblett
Richmond Hill, ON
June 25th
Road Tour Cruise to Andy Goodman's
Crystal Lake
Info & RSVP
July 1st
Canadian Road Tour Begins
Bolton, ON
July 9- 14
NCRS National Convention
San Antonio Texas
Cruise Night
Boston Pizza, Oakville
Aug 10-12
Pittsburg Regional
Altoona, PA
Aug 20th
Vettes in the Valley Pig roast, Dogs and
Burgers Eats at 2pm Plenty of off street
parking for specialty cars, BYOB & BYO
chairs please call Scott or Kay 905-8571463 or 416-721-4946 cell
Scott & Kay Sinclair's
Home 153 Old King Rd
Bolton, ON
Corvettes at Carlisle
Carlisle Fairgrounds
Carlisle, PA
NCRS Ontario Fall Road Tour joining
Corvettes for Kids Road Tour)
NCRS Fall Road Tour
Niagara Wine Country
Aug 1 Rain Date
Aug 8
5:00 PM
8:00 PM
5:00 PM
Aug 24-27
Sept. 10
Sept 30th
Oct 22nd
NCRS Ontario Tech session/ Judging school
Barrie Schram's
Brantford, Ontario
Oct 29
NCRS Ontario Executive Planning Meeting
Rocco' Garage 16
Melanie Dr Suite 200
NCRS Ontario Annual General Meeting
Note: Please check website and Linked-in for updates and changes
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