Electrical/Shipping Certification Form for Destroyit model 4605/4107

Electrical/Shipping Certification Form for Destroyit model 4605/4107
Rev. 8/15/11
Electrical/Shipping Certification Form for Destroyit® model 4605/4107 Shredders
Please note that we cannot ship the equipment until this form is completed and returned to MBM.
(Fax to: 843-552-2974, attn: Customer service department).
1. 208/230 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 3-Phase STABLE VOLTAGE
2. 20 Amp circuit breaker with outlet for a type L15/20-220V plug
Please indicate the measured no-load voltage at the electrical connection intended for the shredder:
A-B _______ A-C _______ B-C _______ A-ground _______ B-ground _______ C-ground _______
Machines may be hard-wired to a circuit breaker. The power cord is 12 AWG (3 conductors and 1 ground).
All elevators/doors must accommodate the following weights and dimensions:
4605. Shipping weight: 715 lbs. Dimensions (D x W x H): 35˝ x 37˝ x 75˝ (crated) / 30˝ x 29˝ x 67˝
4107. Shipping weight: 994 lbs. Dimensions (D x W x H): 74 1/2˝ x 39˝ x 65˝ (crated) / 67˝ x 30˝ x 56 3/4˝
(uncrated / without side tables installed). Oiler may be detached to reduce width to 27˝.
Please indicate door openings the shredder will pass through (W x H): _____________________________
Shipping address:
Company name: ____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City: __________________ State: _____ Zip: ___________
Special requirements: _____________________________________________________________
I understand the electrical and shipping requirements for this paper shredder and hereby certify that our
facility meets these requirements.
Customer name: __________________________________ Title __________________________
Signature: ___________________________________ Date ___________________
The 4605/4107 shredders are engineered to shred only the types of material listed in the product descriptions
contained in MBM Corporate communications. The shredding of unapproved material will void warranty. They are
not designed to be used in any type of mobile shredding activities and doing so will also void warranty.
Proper oiling of the cutting shafts is imperative for the correct operation of the machine. It is the customer’s
responsibility to ensure that the machine is properly oiled (if equipped with an oiler, MBM recommends 10 pulls on
the oiling lever for every bag filled). _______customer initials.
I have checked the requirements for this paper shredder and confirm that the facility listed above meets
these requirements. I have also requested the customer to check the TIP & TELL indicator upon receipt.
Dealer name: ____________________________________
Sales/service person name: _______________________________ Title __________________________
Signature: ___________________________________ Date ___________________
MBM Corporation is not responsible for any charges incurred as a result of incorrect electrical or
shipping information. Additional charges may apply for special handling.
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