Rack Mount DistroBoxes
Product Bulletin No.: RMF-201B
Rack Mount
UL Listed
Standard 19” EIA dimensions / mounting hole spacing
Steel construction
Powder cost finish.
Variety of connectors to choose from:
Pin Connectors 20 - 100A.
NEMA 15 - 50A.
Pin & Sleeve - 20 - 100A.
Cam 150 - 400A.
Sequential Interlock - 200 - 400A.
Connector ratings vary from 1Ø125V., thru 3Ø 277/480V.
Branch-rated circuit breakers.
Indicator lights
Color coding of wiring devices by Phase
Custom-built to customer requirements
Analog- Iron Vane Ammeters; Voltmeters; Phase swithes
Digital - Multimeter ( Ammeter/Voltmeter )
• Special labelling
• Standard 19” EIA dimensions / mounting hole spacing
• Audio / Data connectors - with integral voltage barrier
between Power and Data sections
1. Units are UL Listed.
2. Enclosures are code gauge steel, finished with polyurethane paint.
3. Boxes have dimensions that conform to EIA Standards. Units shall have mounting brackets punched
for standard EIA mounting hole patterns.
4. All wiring devices are UL Listed Grounding type. Where single conductor devices are used, a
Grounded device shall be provided.
5. All branch circuits are provided with a UL Listed branch rated over-current protection device. .
6. All pilot lights, meters, and terminal blocks used in these boxes are UL Recognized.
Jacksonville, FL
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