Serial I/O(RS-232C) CF Card
Serial I/O(RS-232C) CF Card
Add Hi-Speed COM port
to your PDA, Palmtop PC
Works as a standard COM port
Add Hi-Speed COM port to your PDA, Palmtop PC.
Works on Compaq iPAQ, Dell Axim, Toshiba Pocket PC, Fujitsu Pocket-LOOX, Casio and HP PDAs.
(One free CF TypeII slot required.)
Attach bar code scanners, magnetic stripe card readers, GPS receivers or other RS-232C devices.
Supports modems, ISDN adaptors, instruments devices and biometric sensors.
Easy to use, just Plug & Play. Works as a standard COM port on WindowsXP, Windows2000,
WindowsMe, Windows98, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 and Handheld PC 2000.
Bundled VB,VC sample source code and libraries allow you to make your own communication software.
Ultra low power consumption allows a long battery life.
Optional (not included) TypeII PC Card adapter allows to fit CF60U into a standard PC Card slots and
use with Laptop PC.
System Requirements
One free CF TypeII compatible slot.
- WindowsXP, Windows2000, WindowsMe and Windows98/98SE.
Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Handheld PC 2000, WindowsCE 2.0 or later.
Certified PDA and USB devices
Compaq : iPAQ with CF Jacket, PC Card Jacket.
Toshiba : Pocket PC e740
Dell : Axim
Casio : Casiopea
Fujitsu : Pocket Loox
RS-232C device
Analogue Modems, ISDN modems,
Bar code scanners, Magnetic stripe card readers, RF-ID tag readers,
Biometric sensors, Instrumental devices
Product name
Serial I/O(RS-232C) CF Card
Product Number
Bus Interface
CF+ and Compact Flash Specification Rev.1.4 compliant
Serial port interface
EIA/TIA-574 compliant
Serial port Input/Output EIA/TIA-232 compatible (Output +/-5V, Input +/-15V to +/-5V)
Serial Controller
16650 compatible UART
Maximum Baud Rate
115,200 bps.
Data format
Start bit 1, Data bit 7/8, Parity bit Even/Odd/None, Stop bit 1/1.5/2.
Serial Port Connector
9 pin D Shell male
Physical Dimensions
42.8(W) x 36.4(L) x 4.9(H) mm
1.69(W) x 1.43(L) x 0.13(H) inch
Cable length
500mm (20 inch)
CF Card : 10g. 0.35oz.
Cable : 55g. 1.93oz.
Power Consumption
Standby Typical
5V Vcc
1.2mA 11.8mA
3.3V Vcc 2.2mA 8mA
OS Support
WindowsXP/2000/Me/98, WindowsCE,
Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Handheld PC 2000.
VCCI/FCC Part 15, Class B.
Removable Cable 90 days, Card 5 years.
Package includes
CF60U Serial I/O CF card
Removable cable.
Software CD-ROM
< Software CD-ROM contents >
-INF file for WindowsMe/98
-[Visual Basic/Visual C]
Communication program sample source code.
For Windows98/Me/2000/XP, WindowsCE, Pocket PC 2000,Pocket PC 2002,
Handheld PC 2000.
User's Guide
* Covered and licensed by U.S.Patents 4,603,320 4,686,506 4,972.470.
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