Setting up TV and “PC on a Stick”
Setting up TV and
“PC on a Stick”
How To, Tips, and Lessons Learned
BLUF (Bottom Line Upfront)
HDMI-Capable TV (and Sound Bar)
‘Stick PC’ etc Plugged Into TV
Wireless Keyboard
and Mouse on ‘Lapboard’
on Chair in front of TV
What I’ll Talk About:
You have a TV With an open HDMI Port.
You have an Electric Outlet Near the TV.
You have at least some Knowledge of
Windows 10 (or are willing to give it a try).
You want to do Computer Work while sitting
in front of your HDMI-capable TV, and using
your TV as a Large Smart Monitor.
Optional: You have a Wireless Internet
Modem and an Internet Connection
Assembly – What To Get
 Intel ® Compute Stick - Comes With:
 Computer (including Windows 10 and Wireless Transceivers for WiFi and Wireless Dongles)
 Short HDMI Extender Cable
 AC Adapter
 Wireless Keyboard With Built-In Touchpad
 Low-end Compute Stick only has 1 USB 2.0 slot
 Micro SD Card (Optional)
 All Compute Sticks accommodate 8GB to 128GB Micro SD Cards
 USB 2.0/USB 3.0 Hub (2, 4, 6, etc. slots) (Optional)
 Plug into Compute Stick USB slot to use more USB Devices/Dongles
 Separate Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse (Optional)
 USB Hub would allow for Keyboard and Mouse vs Keyboard/Touchpad
 USB WebCam (Optional)
 USB Hub would accommodate
 Lap Desk (Optional)
 One that will accommodate Wireless Keyboard/Touchpad or separate Keyboard and
HDMI-Capable TV (and Sound Bar)
‘Stick PC’ etc Plugged Into TV
Wireless Keyboard
and Mouse on ‘Lapboard’
on Chair in front of TV
Activities (Not a Complete List)
Surf the Internet with Any HDMI TV (not just a
Smart TV).
Stream From the Internet from any HDMI TV.
Even with a Smart TV, surf the Internet—without
having to use your Remote to Search and Surf.
Share any Application, File, or Internet Site in a
Living Room Big Screen TV manner.
Skype, Facetime, etc. with plenty of room for
 A Pretty good “Fix It Up and Forget It” set-up
for Loved Ones.
Analysis (Lessons Learned)
 The low-end Compute Stick models will let you surf
the Internet—but don’t stream content worth a darn.
The higher end models handle streaming no problem.
 Nice to find a ‘Plug and Play’ Windows 10 computer
But, it’s still Windows 10…
March through all the set-ups, settings, and
preferences—before turning it over to Loved Ones!
It might not keep you from becoming the Help Desk.
But, the set-up is easy enough to maybe postpone it.
 Have Fun!
Like me, I think you’ll always discover new uses.
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