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Ideal Standard
Creating the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of…
Planning a new bathroom can be a bit like completing a jigsaw – sometimes
the pieces just don’t fit together in the way you’d like. Create solves this
puzzle and leaves you free to make the creative decisions. Designed by
Robin Levien, this new concept provides three distinctive basin shapes
which can be combined with a range of core pieces to offer you a unique
breadth of choice. There’s a beautiful, affordable, tailor-made bathroom
just waiting for your inspiration.
Ideal Standard is about a complete bathing experience. Through design,
innovation and style we can transform your bathroom into a place where
you can relax, free your senses and connect with your body and mind.
The collection
Core pieces
Create furniture
Edge suite
Drift suite
Square suite
Fine lines
The Create collection is all about
clean lines and elegant styling.
For a chic contemporary look,
our bath panels are tailored to
sit flush with the rim of the bath
so that contours and curves
are emphasized. Not only does
it look beautiful, you’ll find this
streamlined design is great for
low-maintenance cleaning.
If you prefer the feel of a shower
cubicle we have developed the
Create ‘bath enclosure’. This
practical over-bath shower
system is made up of two hinged
screens which fasten together
with a magnetic strip. Both
screens fold out of the way so
you can still enjoy a comfortable
bath whenever you want one.
The enclosure is available with
all Create baths.
So many bathrooms look great in the brochure but
recreating that look in real homes is another matter.
Create rethinks every component to make your
bathroom easier to plan and install. Thinking creatively
is at the heart of this collection so whether it’s hiding
ugly plumbing or perfecting over-bath showering you
can rest assured we’ve given it some thought…
Bath screen technology
At Ideal Standard we put a great
deal of thought into each one of
our products and bath screens
are no exception. To help keep
your bathroom dry, we’ve
designed an innovative doubleflap seal which ‘deflects’ water
into the bath and prevents it
from splashing out.
Room for two
If you want a bit of luxury you
don’t need to have a king-size
bathroom. Create’s 160cm
offset corner bath is cleverly
designed to provide a generous
amount of bathing space and is
specially contoured for a high
degree of comfort. A screen is
available for an over-bath
shower and the bath comes in
a left- or right-handed version.
Over bath showering
You decide
When you need a bath and a
shower but don’t have space
for both an over-bath shower is
the obvious solution. The Create
range of baths are shaped for
comfortable bathing. And all
(except the 170 x 70cm) have
extra space at the ‘foot’ end
to allow plenty of room for
showering. To give you the
flexibility you want, all Create
baths are available with their
own bath screen. Smart and
minimal, all screens fold back
for bathing and cleaning.
Create lets you plan your
bathroom just the way you want
it, even when it comes to
positioning your bath taps. So if
you love luxurious bathing and
like to top up the hot water
without stretching forwards, you
can position the taps within easy
reach on the side of the bath
(excluding 170 x 70cm bath).
Making connections
Pipe ducting makes unsightly
plumbing a thing of the past.
It can be costly and inconvenient
to set pipework into the
bathroom wall, but ugly and
impractical to leave it exposed.
With the Pendock ducting
system, pipes are hidden within
a smart curved shell which
connects seamlessly with items
in the Create range. These are
specially designed to sit neatly
on top of it, resulting in a stylish
unified appearance. Ducting is
easy to install, which means you
can get the contemporary look
you’ve always wanted without
the expense of building work.
It is available in oak and walnut
laminates to match the Create
bathroom furniture or you can
paint it any colour you choose.
A neat link-up
Keeping clutter to
a minimum
Another piece of the jigsaw,
the new Create duct pedestal
conceals water supply and
waste pipes like a conventional
pedestal, but in this case sits on
top of the ducting rather than
standing on the floor. It comes
in two sizes, one for washbasins
and one for handrinse basins.
Like the ducting, it can be
painted any colour to match
your bathroom decor.
As far as bathroom clutter is
concerned, ‘less is more’ is
definitely the best approach.
Create bathroom furniture really
helps to keep things tidy by
providing a generous amount of
drawer space to stash away all
your bits and pieces. And with
smooth-action, full-extension
runners, you can pull each
drawer right out to access your
stored items.
Finding extra space
You can never have enough
storage so we’ve squeezed it in
wherever we can. A clever
alternative to a ceramic basin
pedestal, the furniture pedestal
hides all plumbing and creates
storage in an otherwise unused
space. Constructed to work with
or without ducting, it comes in a
three-quarter or full-length
version. The three-quarter duct
pedestal unit has a slow-closing
pull-down door and the full
pedestal unit door can be hung in
a left- or right-handed position.
Made to measure
A perfect combination
Essential storage
Space-saving solution
To give your bathroom a flawless
finish we’ve taken care of every
last detail. So where ducting
needs to be capped off – on one
side of a wc, for example – we’ve
provided a panel that fits tidily
on to the end.
The combined washbasin
and wc unit is both elegant and
practical. Cistern and waste
pipes are hidden behind a
streamlined façade and there is
storage beneath the basin for
loo rolls and toiletries. The basin
unit is designed so that it can
be used above ducting and it
accommodates Edge, Drift and
Square semi-countertop basins.
If you prefer, either unit can
be installed on its own as an
individual element.
Whether you’re part of a busy
family or a working couple, all
households need as much
storage space as they can get.
In this respect the 600mm and
750mm Create vanity chests
are a real bonus. The top
drawer has a handy U-shaped
compartment for organising
accessories and toiletries, and
the two deep drawers beneath
are large enough to store towels
as well as other all-important
bathroom kit.
If you have a small bathroom,
Create’s Drift basin can be a
useful option. Symmetrical in
outline but gently orientated
to one side internally, it can
be used from the front or
approached at an angle. This
means you can position your
basin closer to the wall to free
up space if you need to. The
Drift pedestal, handrinse and
semi-countertop basins are all
available in left- or righthanded versions.
The collection
All dimensions are in millimetres and are nominal.
Measurements: W = width, L = length, D = depth, H = height. Scale 1:20
Create wall-hung wc suite
shown with edge seat
W.360mm D.540mm
H.400mm (mounted)
Create 170 x 70cm Idealform bath
L.1700mm W.695mm H.540mm
Create 170 x 75cm Idealform bath
L.1700mm W.745mm H.540mm
left handed
right handed
Edge close-coupled
wc suite
W.360mm D.600mm
Edge 60cm pedestal basin
W.650mm D.485mm
H.815mm (floor to rim)
Edge 55cm pedestal basin
W.550mm D.450mm
H.805mm (floor to rim)
Edge 45cm handrinse
W.450mm D.365mm
Edge 56cm semi-countertop
W.560mm D.450mm
Edge 50cm countertop
W.500mm D.435mm
Edge 42cm vessel basin
W.420mm D.420mm
Drift 56cm pedestal basin
Right Handed
W.560mm D.460mm
H.815mm (floor to rim)
Drift 56cm pedestal basin
Left Handed
W.560mm D.460mm
H.815mm (floor to rim)
Drift 45cm handrinse basin
Right Handed
W.450mm D.385mm
Drift 45cm handrinse basin
Left Handed
W.450mm D.385mm
Drift 55cm semi-countertop
Right Handed
W.550mm D.460mm
Drift 55cm semi-countertop
Left Handed
W.550mm D.460mm
Square 50cm pedestal basin/
countertop basin
W.500mm D.455mm
H.795mm (floor to rim)
Square 40cm handrinse
basin/countertop basin
W.400mm D.365mm
Square 50cm
semi-countertop basin
W.500mm D.455mm
Create back-to-wall wc suite
shown with edge seat
W.360mm D.500mm
Drift close-coupled
wc suite
W.360mm D.600mm
Create 170cm Idealcast shower-bath
L.1700mm W.700mm (850mm at widest point) H.540mm
left handed
right handed
Create 160cm Idealform offset corner bath
L.1600mm W.1050mm H.550mm
Create bidet
W.360mm D.600mm
Drift 50cm countertop
W.500mm D.435mm
Drift vessel basin
W.440mm D.365mm
Square close-coupled
wc suite
W.360mm D.600mm
Core pieces
page 12
Create full pedestal E3015
Create semi-pedestal
For 60, 56, 55 & 50cm basins E3017
Create is about giving you
the tools to plan your
dream bathroom – we
provide the framework, you
provide the inspiration.
Our core pieces are a range
of wcs, pedestals, baths
and furniture which work
with all three of our basin
designs. You simply decide
which style you like and
then choose the core pieces
you need. It’s that easy.
Create small semi-pedestal
For 40 and 45cm basins E3016
Create duct pedestal
Plywood, for use with ducting and
60, 56, 55 & 50cm basins E3018
Create small duct pedestal
Plywood, for use with ducting and
40 and 45cm basins E3032
Create wall-hung wc E3014
Create back-to-wall wc E3013
page 16
Edge/Square seat and cover E3034
Drift seat and cover E3035
Create bidet One taphole E3023
Create 160cm Idealform offset
corner bath
Left handed E3176, Right handed E3177
Offset corner bath panel E3182
Offset corner bath screen L9125
Offset corner over-bath enclosure door L1927
Create 170cm Idealcast shower-bath
Left handed E3171, Right handed E3172
Shower-bath front panel E3168
Shower-bath Unilux end panel E3169
Shower-bath screen L9120
Shower-bath over-bath enclosure door L9123
Create WCs
Once you have chosen your basin design
– Edge, Drift or Square – you can decide
which type of wc will best suit your
bathroom: close-coupled, back-to-wall
or wall-hung. If you choose Edge or
Square, the wc seat and cistern will have
contemporary geometric lines, whereas
Drift styling is rounder and more organic.
Both the back-to-wall and wall-hung
wcs have concealed cisterns and the
back-to-wall wc can be used with the
wc unit from the Create furniture range.
The close-coupled wc can be used with
Pendock ducting.
Create 170 x 70cm Idealform
bath E3294
170cm Unilux bath front panel E3194
70cm Unilux bath end panel E3169
Bath screen for 170cm bath L9122
70cm over-bath enclosure door L9128
Create 170 x 75cm Idealform
bath E3191
170cm Unilux bath front panel E3194
75cm Unilux bath end panel E3195
Bath screen for 170cm bath L9122
75cm over-bath enclosure door L9123
page 20
Create pedestals
Create baths
The Create range of basin pedestals
is uniquely versatile, so however you
plan your bathroom, you'll find one
to suit your configuration. If you
want a more spacious feel to a
small bathroom, the wall-mounted
semi-pedestal leaves the floor
beneath the basin visible, creating
the illusion of space. The classic full
pedestal stands as a separate
element. And the duct pedestal fits
on to the Pendock ducting system.
Both the semi-pedestal and duct
pedestal are available in two sizes to
fit a washbasin or handrinse basin.
Defined by geometric lines and
sinuous curves, each one of our
Create baths is a perfect combination
of form and function. To give you all
the options you need, there are four
different bath types: rectangular
baths in two widths, a shower-bath
and an offset corner bath. All have
generous capacities and their widerthan-usual outside rims allow you to
install your bath taps in more than
one position (excluding 170 x 70cm).
The Create shower-bath is
produced in Idealcast – a composite
of resins and minerals, which is
cast onto the reverse of a vacuum
formed acrylic shell. This creates a
very rigid product comparable with
the solid feel most people associate
with cast iron. The shower-bath and
offset corner bath come in a leftor right-handed version. Bath
screens and over-bath enclosures
are available for all four baths.
Create furniture
The Create furniture collection features simple, easy pieces which work beautifully with
our basins and wcs. Designed for contemporary living, our furniture conceals pipes behind
seamless surfaces and provides much-needed storage for bathroom essentials.
600mm washbasin unit E3306
600mm wc unit E3307
Vessel drawer unit E3308
Furniture pedestal unit E3309
Furniture 3/4 duct pedestal
unit (for use with ducting) E3310
Furniture 3/4 pedestal unit
(for use without ducting) E3311
600mm vanity chest
750mm vanity chest
Mirror cabinet E3314
Bar handle
250mm E3332
385mm E3333
550mm E3334
Oak worktops
1200mm washbasin + wc unit E3316GA
600mm washbasin or wc unit E3317GA
500mm vessel E3318GA
365mm furniture pedestal E3319GA
600mm vanity chest E3320GA
750mm vanity chest E3321GA
Walnut worktops
1200mm washbasin + wc unit E3316RY
600mm washbasin or wc unit E3317RY
500mm vessel E3318RY
365mm furniture pedestal E3319RY
600mm vanity chest E3320RY
750mm vanity chest E3321RY
Solid-surface worktops
1200mm washbasin + wc unit E3316RZ
600mm washbasin or wc unit E3317RZ
500mm vessel E3318RZ
365mm furniture pedestal E3319RZ
600mm vanity chest E3320RZ
750mm vanity chest E3321RZ
Chrome basin collar
For pedestal basins E3336AA
For cloakroom basins E3338AA
Vessel drawer unit
W.500 D.450
600 Washbasin unit
W.600 D.305 H.555mm*
600 WC unit
W.600 D.305 H.865mm*
Mirror cabinet
W.500 D.170 H.655m
Furniture pedestal
W.365 D.400
Furniture 3/4 duct
and 3/4 pedestal
W.365 D.400
600 Vanity chest
W.600 D.500
750 Vanity chest
W.750 D.500
*Height includes worktop
Practical and built to last, our furniture
has a semi-fitted look which combines
minimalist chic with the classic style
of individual units. It comes in an oak
or walnut finish and is complemented
by a choice of worktops in oak and
walnut laminate, or a sophisticated
solid-surface option.
It’s the fine details and special
touches which make Create furniture
really exceptional:
• Pull-down doors are fitted with
dampened stay with slow release, to
prevent slamming.
• Drawers run out smoothly to their
full extent and have ‘soft-close’ fitted
as standard.
• Contemporary stainless-steel bar
handles are available separately.
• Chrome basin collars for furniture
pedestals are available separately.
• The deep drawers of the vanity
chest provide truly generous storage.
• The mirror cabinet has a doublesided mirror and adjustable shelving.
• Furniture comes fully assembled
for easy installation.
Create 600mm washbasin and wc units
with mirror cabinet in oak finish. Create
back-to-wall wc with Drift seat. Drift
56cm semi-countertop basin (right
handed). Waterways Quattro basin mixer.
The ultimate in fine-lined simplicity, Edge is a
modern classic which will look good for years
to come. It offers you a wide range of basins to
give you real breadth of choice when designing
your bathroom and includes the Edge vessel
basin, a stunning example of designer style
for an everyday bathroom.
42cm Vessel basin
60cm basin
One taphole E3027
Two taphole E3028
55cm basin
One taphole E3041
Two taphole E3042
45cm handrinse basin
One taphole E3045
56cm semi-countertop basin
One taphole E3047
Two taphole E3048
50cm countertop basin
One taphole E3072
Two taphole E3073
Close-coupled WC
Close-coupled bowl E3012
Close-coupled cistern E3029
Seat and cover E3034
Edge 42cm vessel basin, Create vessel
drawer unit in oak finish with solidsurface worktop. Create wall-hung wc
with Edge seat. Create shower-bath
(left handed) with bath screen and overbath enclosure door. Silver monoblock
single lever vessel basin mixer and 2 hole
deck mounted bath filler, TT Ascari
built-in thermostatic shower valve,
Moonshadow standard shower kit.
Edge 45cm handrinse basin with Create
small semi-pedestal. Create back-to-wall
wc with Edge seat. Ceramix Alto single
lever basin mixer. Cone accessories.
Edge 55cm pedestal basin with Create duct
pedestal. Edge close-coupled wc. Ceramix
Alto single lever basin mixer. Cone toilet
roll holder.
Edge 50cm countertop basin. Create
750mm vanity chest in oak finish with
solid-surface worktop. Ceramix Alto single
lever basin mixer.
Edge 56cm semi-countertop basin. Create
washbasin and wc units in oak finish with
solid-surface worktop. Create back-to-wall
wc with Edge seat. Ceramix Alto single
lever basin mixer.
Edge 60cm pedestal basin, Edge closecoupled wc. Create shower-bath (left
handed) with bath screen. Ceramix Alto
single lever basin mixer and roll mounted
bath filler, TT Ascari built-in thermostatic
shower valve, Moonshadow standard
shower kit. Cone accessories.
Drift 56cm pedestal basin (left handed)
with Create semi-pedestal. Create offset
corner bath (left handed) with offset
corner bath screen. Academy basin mixer
and one tap hole bath filler, TT Kurve
built-in thermostatic shower valve,
Moonshadow base bracket connection
shower kit.
The gentle organic curves of Drift invoke
a tranquil mood of relaxation. If you want a
bathroom which feels like your own private
sanctuary, Drift will let you achieve it. The
beautifully contoured basin can also solve the
problem of small spaces. Its ‘shape within a shape’
design means it can be used from either the
front or the side, allowing you to place it close
to a wall without cramping your style.
44cm Vessel basin
56cm basin
Right handed, one taphole E3082
Left handed, one taphole E3087
Right handed, no taphole E3093
Left handed, no taphole E3094
45cm handrinse basin
Right handed, one taphole E3083
Left handed, one taphole E3088
55cm semi-countertop basin
Right handed, one taphole E3084
Left handed, one taphole E3089
50cm countertop basin
Right handed, one taphole E3085
Close-coupled WC
Close-coupled bowl E3012
Close-coupled cistern E3086
Seat and cover E3035
Drift 56cm pedestal basin (left handed).
Drift close-coupled wc. Create offset
corner bath (left handed). Academy basin
mixer and one tap hole bath filler. Cone
Drift 45cm handrinse basin (right handed)
with Create small duct pedestal. Drift
close-coupled wc. Academy basin mixer.
Cone accessories. Pendock ducting.
Create wall-hung wc with Drift seat.
Drift vessel basin with Create vessel drawer
unit in oak finish. Silver wall-mounted basin
mixer with 150mm spout. Cone towel rail.
Drift 50cm countertop basin. Create
600mm vanity chest in oak finish. Academy
basin mixer.
Square 50cm pedestal basins. Create
furniture pedestal units in walnut finish.
Create 170 x 75cm bath. Silver monoblock
single lever basin mixers. Cone towel rail.
The subtle geometric outline of Square feels both
timeless and contemporary. Ideal for today's lifestyle, the
basin has a generous capacity within a compact form
and features a useful deck space for soap and toiletries.
If you're after a smart, simple look, Square will make a
quiet statement in any type of bathroom.
50cm pedestal basin/
countertop basin
One taphole E3100
40cm handrinse basin/
countertop basin
One taphole E3101
50cm semi-countertop basin
One taphole E3102
Close-coupled WC
Close-coupled bowl E3012
Close-coupled cistern E3029
Seat and cover E3034
Square 50cm pedestal basin, closecoupled wc. Create 170 x 75cm bath with
bath screen. Cone single lever basin
mixer and one tap hole bath filler,
Silver built-in thermostatic shower valve,
Trevi Outline shower kit.
Square 40cm countertop basin with Create
vessel drawer unit in walnut finish. Cone
single lever basin mixer.
Square 50cm semi-pedestal basin with
Create semi-pedestal. Cone single lever
basin mixer.
Square 50cm semi-countertop basin. Create
back-to-wall wc with Square seat. Create
washbasin and wc units in walnut finish
with walnut finish Pendock ducting. Cone
single lever basin mixer. Cone towel rail.
Square 40cm semi-pedestal handrinse
basin with Create small semi-pedestal.
Square close-coupled wc. Cone single lever
basin mixer. Cone accessories.
Ducting system
Tel: 01952 580590
Our confidence in the quality and reliability
of Ideal Standard products enables us to
guarantee all ceramic products for a
lifetime and Idealcast and Idealform
acrylic baths for twenty five years from
date of purchase.
Ideal Standard would like to thank the
following for their help and co-operation: Tel: 01225 478500
Radiator and towel warmer.
Tel: 08457 585252
Towels, shown throughout.
Tel: 020 7351 5775
Square bathroom: Adra Cocoa wallpaper. Tel: 0771 853 7280
Drift bathroom: mosaic marble border.
Tel: 01782 575575
Edge bathroom: Aqualite border,
Formations Basalt and Tundra wall tiles,
Aspects Cambia floor tiles.
Tel: 01989 740380
Blind, Drift bathroom.
Tel: 020 8948 1818
Woven baskets, soapstone items.
Edge 42cm vessel basin. Create vessel
drawer unit in oak finish with solidsurface worktop. Silver monoblock single
lever vessel basin mixer.
Tel: 020 7819 2100
Drift bathroom: Fontainblea Sattinato wall
and floor tiles. Square bathroom:
Winklemans grey mosaic wall tiles,
Esencia Enebro floor tiles.
Design Broadbase
Photography Alex Wilson, Innes
Styling Amanda Birkley
Copy Bridget Hopkinson
Whirlpool and Airspa baths, furniture, Trevi
showers, shower enclosures and trays,
bath panels, mixers and taps, wc suite and
cistern fittings are guaranteed for five
years from date of purchase.
Parts (including push button flush valves
and blower power packs on Whirlpool
baths) are guaranteed for five years and
will be replaced if found to be faulty. The
guarantee does not cover general wear
and tear.
Our guarantee is offered on all products
that have been used in the manner they
were intended, and does not apply to any
products that have been misused or
abused in any way. Products must be
installed and cared for in line with our
fixing instructions and local water byelaws.
The guarantee covers products in domestic
use by the consumer and not commercial
or business use.
In the unlikely event the product fails
within the guarantee period, we offer a
free replacement or replacement part (or
nearest equivalent). Liability is limited to
individual products and does not cover
consequential loss or damage on
Important installation
A key element in the performance of a
bathroom is the quality of the installation.
We recommend you use a plumber from a
registered association (see below) and
consult them from the start. Your local
Ideal Standard stockist may offer a
plumbing service or, if not, will be able to
recommend a qualified plumber. Local
showroom information and advice about
installation and planning is available from
the Bathroom and Shower Information
Service: www.the
Recognised plumbing associations
Association of Plumbing and Heating
Contractors (APHC)
14/15 Ensign Business Centre
Westwood Business Park
Westwood Way
Coventry CV4 8JA
The Institute of Plumbing
64 Station Lane
Essex RM12 6NB
Scottish and Northern Ireland
Plumbing Employers Federation
2 Walker Street
Edinburgh EH3 7LB
When your bathroom has been
satisfactorily installed and is working well,
please ensure you register your guarantee.
The guarantee is transferable – it applies
to the product not the purchaser provided
guarantee registration details are passed
on to the new owner. You can register for
guarantees on a bathroom bought on your
behalf by a plumber or builder.
Applies to UK and Republic of Ireland only.
This guarantee does not affect your
statutory rights.
Ideal Standard pursues a policy of
continuing improvements in design and
performance of its products. The right is
therefore reserved to vary specifications
without notice.
Colour reproduction is as accurate as
possible within the limitations of the
printing process.
Ideal Standard (UK) Ltd. P771 (1) 07/05
Drift 50cm countertop basin. Create
750mm vanity chest in walnut finish with
solid-surface worktop. Silver monoblock
single lever basin mixer.
Ideal Standard
The Bathroom Works
National Avenue
Kingston Upon Hull
T 01482 346461
F 01482 445886
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