tx™ series twisted pair - AV-iQ

tx™ series twisted pair - AV-iQ
Model TX-TPR3A
Format-A Three-Pair Receiver
Three -10 dBV Unbalanced or +4 dBu Balanced Outputs
Phono Jack and Detachable Terminal Block Outputs
Audio Outputs for All Three Pairs (A, B and C)
Utilizes All Three Format-A Pairs
Powered Locally or Remotely through RJ45 Jack
Local Power Feeds all Modules Connected to INPUT
Wiring Fault Protection by Automatic Resetting Fuse
Local Power Input on Terminal Block or dc Power Jack
Blue LED Indicates Module is Powered
Studio-Quality Precision Active Balanced Circuitry
The TX-TPR3A is a three-pair audio receiving module compatible with RDL Format-A twisted pair
products. It is built in the versatile Max-TX series enclosure. The durable adhesives provided with the
TX-TPR3A permit permanent or removable mounting. The TX-TPR3A may be rack or surface mounted
with optional TX™ series accessories.
APPLICATION: The TX-TPR3A is a three-pair audio receiving module compatible with RDL Format-A
twisted pair products. Three outputs are provided corresponding to the three signal pairs A, B and C. The
audio signal received on each pair of the RJ45 INPUT jack feeds the corresponding -10 dBV unbalanced
RCA phono jack output and the +4 dBu balanced detachable terminal block output. A studio-quality buffer
amplifier feeds the outputs at the correct operating level.
The TX-TPR3A features bridging inputs, allowing it to be connected to the LOOP OUT jack of other
receivers. The bridging input circuits used in all FORMAT-A twisted pair receivers allow connection of up
to 10 receiver outputs for each cable pair. The possibility of multiple receiver locations adds enormous
flexibility in the design of audio routing systems using RDL FORMAT-A products. The TX-TPR3A may be
powered directly from a 24 Vdc power supply using either the power jack or the detachable terminal block.
Local power connected to the module is also fed to all modules connected to the INPUT RJ45 jack.
The TX-TPR3A may be remotely powered through the twisted pair cable from any other module, signal
distributor or RDL power inserter connected to the same twisted pair cable. Module power is indicated by
a front-panel LED.
RDL FORMAT-A features superior audio performance that rivals or exceeds shielded wiring. Design
simplicity, ease of installation, unsurpassed flexibility, automatic fused power, exceptional hum rejection,
low noise, and low distortion provide designers and installers the optimum choice in economical twisted
pair products.
RDL • 659 N. 6th St. • Prescott, AZ., USA 86301 • (928) 443-9391 • FAX (928) 443-9392 • www.rdlnet.com
Model TX-TPR3A
Format-A Three-Pair Receiver
EN55103-1 E1-E5; EN55103-2 E1-E4
Typical Performance reflects product at publication time
exclusive of EMC data, if any, supplied with product.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
STEP 1: Connect 24 Vdc to the POWER input (terminals or jack) if this module is not being powered through the twisted pair cable from
another module, or if this module is located an excessive distance from the next powered module on the cable. Note: The front-panel power
LED will be illuminated if this module is powered. If this module is powering other modules through the cable and if there is a wiring short,
the short must be cleared then power must be turned off to this module for 10 seconds to reset the internal protection circuit.
STEP 2: Connect the UNBAL OUT jacks to -10 dBV equipment inputs, and/or connect the BAL OUT terminals to +4 dBu equipment inputs.
STEP 3: Connect the INPUT twisted pair cable coming from Format-A senders or distributors and mount the module.
RJ45 Standard wiring
Pair A: Audio +4 dBu
Pair B: Audio +4 dBu
Pair C: Audio +4 dBu
Pair D: Power +24 Vdc
+ White / Green
– Green
+ White / Orange
– Blue
+ White / Blue
– Orange
+ White / Brown
– Brown
Tab on bottom of connector
RJ45 conductor colors shown are for 568A standard. The 568B standard may be used if the connectors at both ends of the cable are wired identically.
Input Connection:
Format-A Signal Pairs Used (3):
Outputs (6):
Output Connection:
Output Level:
Frequency Response:
Noise below +4 dBu:
RDL TP Format-A
A, B, C
150 Ω Balanced (3); 1 kΩ Unbalanced (3)
Detachable Terminal Block (Bal); RCA (Unbal)
+4 dBu Bal., +22 dBu Max; -10 dBV Unbal.
10 Hz to 50 kHz (+/- 0.1 dB)
< 0.005%
< 90 dB
Headroom above +4 dBu:
Power Connections (3):
Power Requirement:
Maximum Load Current:
< 90 dB (1 kHz); < 75 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
> 18 dB
> 80 dB (50 Hz to 150 Hz)
Power In
Power Jack; Detachable Terminal Block; RJ45
24 Vdc @ 65 mA plus connected loads
135 mA
3.0" (7.6 cm) W; 1.6" (4.08 cm) H; 2.09" (5.3 cm) D
Radio Design Labs Technical Support Centers
U.S.A. (800) 933-1780, (928) 778-3554; Fax: (928) 778-3506
Europe [NH Amsterdam] (++31) 20-6238 983; Fax: (++31) 20-6225-287
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