Ibiza One Series
IBIZA Series is the ultimate
reference for all kind
of venue environments
where high-end audio,
sound quality, stunning
aesthetics, extreme
sound pressure level and
reliability are required.
IBIZA series can be sold
in passive version as
well as self-powered
DSP control ones. Active
“A” version includes a
factory preset setting of
the speaker that assures
a perfect sound. Active
“PCC” version adds to
factory preset setting the
possibility of networking
loudspeaker system
control via software.
PCC Technology
transforms a standard
powered speaker into an
active device, namely a
PCC speaker, controlled
with a small laptop via
software. A standard PCC
speaker houses one or
more module amps and a
DSP processor. All these
PCC speakers are linked
by a network through
a USB interface to the
laptop. Once connected,
we can control in real time
the parameters of each
speaker such as volume,
graphic equalisation,
parametric equalisation,
crossover, internal delays,
compressor-limiters, check
test, save and recall of
presets, mute, transfer
spectrum analysis, r.t.a.
spectrum control,phase
check, and more!.
IBIZA Series offers
unbeatable audio
performance for dance
environments, where highoutput, low-distortion,
and the highest quality
sound are required.
IBZA series are
synonymous with
exceptional sound quality
and reliability, designed for
the most discerning DJ and
audio systems contractor.
The IBZA12 is a trapezoidal full range loudspeaker high
performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact
and efficient package. Extended frequency response
is provided by a bass reflex tuned 12 inch LF driver
and a 1” inch exit compression driver mounted on an
asymmetric rotatable (50°-100°) x 60° HF horn.
This two-way system is designed for applications
where very high output is required from a compact
enclosure. It has been designed for use as standalone full-range speaker or together with a passive
sub woofer (E.G. the SW118M or SW115).
The box houses multiple internal rigging points
for ground-support, truss and wall mounting, pole
mount socket, and Speakon NL4 connectors.
The enclosure has been made with the latest
techniques ensuring a perfect and rigid construction.
Weatherized finish is provided, as the cabinet
is coated with rugged Polyurea texture finish
and protected with specially grills. The system’s
choice can be passive (IBZA12), and selfpowered without networking (IBZA12A) or with
networking remote PC control (IBZA12 PCC).
IBZA12 PCC is self-powered with two way amplification
and controlled with a DSP built inside.With the mouse
of a small laptop, the sound engineer can vary, in real
time, any of the parameters on each of the speakers.
After starting TECNARE software, the system will
identify the speakers connected to the net, showing
them in the network window of the program. It is only
necessary to choose the speaker to be managed for
the sound engineer to control everything. The program
allows the storage of as many presets as desired, which
can be loaded at any time. In this way the operation’s
sound systems become much more flexible. A lot of
patching is avoided reducing rack controls drastically.
Frequency Response:
Nominal Dispersion:
56 Hz – 19 kHz ±4dB, measured on axys.
Asymmetric rotatable (50°-100°)
x60° HF horn. @-6db points.
8 Ohm.
SPL Maximum:
133 dB
Power Handling:
Dimensions (HxWxD):
Net Weight:
#480 W nominal. *900 W continuos.
600 x 360 x 380 mm.
19 kg passive, 22 kg active “A”version,
25 kg active PCC version.
1x12” LF driver, 1x1’’ HF driver on an
asymmetric rotatable horn.
“A” active version features a two way module (800
w/8 ohms or 1200 w/ 4 ohms) + 100 w/ 8 ohms.
16mm birch plywood. Finished in black
semi-matt textured Polyurea weatherized
coating. Two recessed carrying handle.
Powder coated perforated steel with
acoustically transparent reticulated foam.
Flying Hardware:
M8 rigging points.
# 2 hours test made with continuous pink noise signal
(6 dB crest factor).
* Power calculated on rated minimum impedance.
* Power on Continuous Program is defined as
3 dB greater than the nominal rating.
C/ Encinar 282
Pol. Ind. Monte Boyal
45950 Casarrubios del Monte
(Toledo) SPAIN
34 918 183 053
34 918 170 110
34 918 171 001
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