Large Power Service

Large Power Service
Page 21.1
Effective Date: October 1, 2015
Filed Date: August 31, 2015
Supersedes: LPS Revision 5 effective 9/28/05
Schedule Consists of: Four Pages
Revision 0
This Rate is available to Customers of Entergy Louisiana, LLC (“ELL” or the “Company”),
for which the point of interconnection with ELL is located within the Legacy EGSL Service
Area, or any qualifying Customers of ELL for which the point of interconnection is located
outside of the Legacy EGSL Service Area. For a Customer having a point of
interconnection outside of the Legacy EGSL Service Area to qualify to take Service under
this schedule, the Customer must (1) have a minimum new firm load (or increase in firm
load) of 500 kW; (2) execute a new Electric Service Agreement, or execute an
amendment to an existing Electric Service Agreement to reflect the increase in firm load
for billing purposes; and (3) in the case of an existing Customer increasing firm load
under (1), above, that does not receive the Economic Development Rider incentive in
conjunction with the increased firm load, that existing Customer must provide the
Company with a notarized affidavit in conjunction with executing its new (or amended)
Electric Service Agreement that contains (i) a statement that the existing Customer is
adding at least 500 kW of new firm load, and (ii) a brief written description of the
project(s) or process(es) causing that increase in firm load.
This Rate is available where facilities of adequate capacity and suitable phase and
voltage are adjacent to the premises to be served, and Service is taken according to the
Legacy EGSL Terms and Conditions (or, otherwise agreed, the ELL Terms and
Conditions) and Service Standards of the Company. Where facilities of adequate
capacity and suitable phase and voltage are not adjacent to the premises to be served,
Company may, at its option, require a contribution, higher minimum bill, facilities charge,
or other compensation to make Service available.
Note: Generally, unless otherwise specified herein, capitalized terms used throughout
this document are as defined in the Company’s Terms and Conditions and Legacy EGSL
Terms and Conditions, as applicable.
This Rate is applicable under the Terms and Conditions and Service Standards of the
Company to Customers who contract for not less than 2,500 kW of Electric Service at
Company's available line voltage.
Billing Months of
Billing Load Charge
All kW per Month
$6.49 per kW
$5.67 per kW
Energy Charge
All kWh Used
$0.01034 per kWh
$0.01034 per kWh
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Page 21.2
Fuel Adjustment
The fuel adjustment will be calculated based upon the total kWh included in the
monthly bill times the adjustment per kWh for the current Month calculated in
accordance with Rate Schedule FA.
Delivery Voltage Adjustment
Delivery Voltage
Less than 69KV
69 KV
138 KV
230 KV
Adjustment Charge (Credit)
$0.13 per kW of Billing Load
---------($0.17) per kW of Billing Load
($0.35) per kW of Billing Load
Tax Adjustment
To the rates specified above will be added the proportionate part of any new tax,
or increased rate of tax, or governmental imposition or charge, (except state,
parish, city, and specific district ad valorem taxes and any taxes on net income)
levied or assessed against Company's electric business as a result of any new or
amended laws or ordinances after January 1, 1979 except as the power and
energy sold under this schedule may be exempt from the effects of any such tax
or taxes.
Minimum Charge
The Minimum Charge will be the sum of the Billing Load Charge, Tax
Adjustment, and Delivery Voltage Adjustment.
Where the installation of
excessive new facilities is required or where there are special conditions affecting
the Service, Company may require in the Contract a higher minimum charge
and/or facilities charge in accordance with Schedule AFC-G and Schedule AFC
to compensate for the additional Costs.
Where the available line voltage is 69 kV or higher, metering will be at such transmission
voltage or at Company's option, metering will be on the low side of the transformer and in
such case the metered quantities of maximum load and energy will each be increased
1.5% for billing purposes to compensate for transformer losses. In such cases, Customer
will receive a voltage adjustment applicable as though metering were at the transmission
Where Service is delivered from lines of voltage less than 69 kV, the metered quantities
of maximum load and energy will each be increased by 1.5% if metered at the line
voltage or by 3% if such Service is transformed and metered on low side.
Where Service is taken at multiple voltage levels and Customer requests totalizing
arrangements for billing purposes, the Delivery Voltage Adjustment will be computed
based upon Demand, but weighted by kWh consumption, at each voltage level.
Where Service is of extremely fluctuating or intermittent type, Company may specify
shorter intervals of load measurement than 30-minute intervals.
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Page 21.3
Where Customer's power factor of total Service supplied by Company is such that 90% of
measured monthly maximum kVA used during any 30-minute interval exceeds
corresponding measured kW, Company will use 90% of such measured maximum kVA
as the number of kW for all purposes that measured maximum kW load is specified
herein. However, where Customer's power factor is regularly 0.9 or higher Company
may at its option omit kVA metering equipment or remove same if previously installed.
In case the monthly maximum kW load occurs during an off-peak period and is also
greater than Contract Power, such monthly maximum kW load will be reduced by 331/3% but will not be thereby reduced to a smaller number of kW than Contract Power, nor
less than stipulated in § VII.C or D. Where the maximum kW load during off-peak periods
does not exceed Contract Power, no reduction in off-peak maximum load will be made for
billing purposes.
Off-peak hours, for purposes of this schedule, are all hours of the Year not specified as
on-peak hours.
On-peak hours, for purposes of this schedule, are designated as 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday beginning on May 15 and continuing through October 15 of each
Year except that Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day (July 4 or the nearest
weekday if July 4 is on a weekend) are not on-peak.
The kW of Billing Load will be the greatest of the following:
The Customer's maximum measured 30-minute Demand during any 30-minute
interval of the current billing Month, subject to § IV, V and VI above; or
75% of Contract Power as defined in § VIII; or
60% of the Highest Contract Power as defined in § VIII; or
2,500 kW.
Unless Company gives Customer written notice to the contrary, Highest Contract Power
and Contract Power will be as defined below:
Highest Contract Power - the greater of (i) the highest Billing Load established
under the currently effective Contract, or (ii) the contracted kW specified in the
currently effective Contract.
Contract Power - the highest load established under § VII.A above during the 12
Months ending with the current Month. For the initial 12 Months of Customer's
Service under the currently effective Contract the Contract Power shall be the kW
specified in the currently effective Contract unless exceeded in any Month during
the initial 12 Month period.
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Page 21.4
At the option of the Company, Service will be delivered at the Customer's utilization
voltage or at available transmission line voltage (69 kV or higher). Service will be
metered at or corrected to the transmission line voltage at the Point of Delivery, or at
Company's option, at the nearest transmission station supplying Customer's load.
Electric Service furnished under this Rate shall not be used by Customer as an auxiliary
or supplementary Service to engines or other prime movers, or to any other source of
power except in conjunction with Rider for Auxiliary or Standby Service. Customer shall
not resell or share any energy purchased under this Rate.
The gross monthly bill for Service furnished for which payment is not made within twenty
days of the billing date shall be the Net Monthly Bill, including all adjustments under the
Rate Schedule and applicable Riders, plus 5% of the first $50.00 and 2% of any
additional amount of such gross monthly bill above $50.00. If the monthly bill is paid prior
to such dates, the Net Monthly Bill, including all adjustments under the Rate Schedule
and applicable Riders, shall apply.
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