Data Centers, Computer Rooms, IT Facilities

Data Centers, Computer Rooms, IT Facilities
Data Centers,
IT Facilities,
Hubs and
Remote Sites
Minimize Downtime... avoid Shutdown
Data rooms, server rooms, IT facilities and remote hubs are prime examples of where very early warning smoke
detection is essential. When it comes to protecting mission critical equipment, high value assets and life safety,
FireNET Vapor ® is the preferred solution!
• Strategic facilities
• Server down time
• Business shutdown
• Wiring
• Accessibility
• Maintenance access
• Repair
• Periodic testing
• Contamination
• Equipment corrosion
Wide Product Range
The FireNET Vapor ® range offers products for all types of applications, with solutions ranging from an aspirating
conventional spot (point) type detector system through to a 15-sector Very High Sensitivity Aspirating Detector.
Let sensitivity and addressability determine your ideal choice.
The time line below shows the evolution of a fire on an overheating printed circuit board. The event progresses
from releasing small invisible particles into a raging fire over a substantial period of time. The more time you
have to react to an event decreases the likelihood of loss and maintenance costs of your business.
The extra response time created by early detection is a critical component in managing any fire event.
invisible smoke
Smoke density %/m
Typical time to fire
visible smoke
Up to 0.02
0.01 - 0.1
45 min
0.06 - 0.9
20 min
1.0 - 4.0
10 min
Flame Sensor Extinguishant
10 - 20
0 min
Reliable Very Early Warning Solutions
Some modern Internet data centers use smoke detection
systems that are often unable to identify the precise source
of the event without shutting down a facility for manual
investigation and causing unacceptable loss of business
The FireNet Vapor® range provides solutions that can
pinpoint the source of an incipient smoke incident therefore
minimizing downtime and the time to locate the event. The
ability to localize a fire event in up to 4, 6 or 15 sectors within
a zone, enables the individual identification of alarms in
areas such as underfloor and ceiling voids, cabinet banks
and air handling units. By providing up to four alarm levels
per channel, a wide sensitivity range of 0.001% to 20%
obscuration/m (0.0003% to 6.1% obs/ft), and the ability to
compensate for ambient contamination from outside air,
FireNet Vapor® is the preferred choice of air-sampling system
with its flexibility and functionality.
The alarm output can be used to automatically shut down a
particular server cabinet at fault or drive a localized
suppression system.
Remote base stations are as mission critical as larger server
rooms. These are the heart of today’s communications and
down-time will not only result in financial loss but also the
disruption of vital business communication. For these
business critical sites, the FireNet Vapor® range provides a
perfect and economic solution in the VPR-SD1 or VPR-SD2
air-sampling smoke systems.
VPR-SD2 systems contain 1 or 2
conventional spot (point) type
smoke detectors and can be set up
for double knock detection to
minimize the risk of false alarms
without compromising on
sensitivity. However, when higher
sensitivity or additional response
time is essential, VPR-SD1
systems can provide the solution
with a smoke detection sensitivity
ranging from 0.06% obscuration/m
(0.02% obs/ft).
FireNet Vapor® Explorer has the system at your fingertips…
FireNet Vapor® Explorer management software provides full and comprehensive
integration of your fire protection systems. FireNet Vapor®Explorer configures,
monitors and troubleshoots your fire systems. It is easy-to-use and has been
designed to provide you, the operator, with complete control. The user-friendly
interface allows you to quickly assess and respond to system events - all from
one convenient location. FireNet Vapor® Explorer is a total solution for integrated
control and monitoring of your Very Early Warning smoke detection system.
Other Industries
Unmanned Sites
IT Rooms
Fully self-contained
Additional environmental
parameters monitored
Web access
Pipes can be placed within the
Minimize maintenance costs
Access difficult to reach areas
which cannot be monitored by
normal detection
Facilities and
Detention Centers
Tamper proof air sampling
Central Maintenance facilities
Apartments, Hotels,
Shops and Offices
No heated detector bases
Very Early Warning
Unaffected by high airflows
Simple installation
Individual protection of highvoltage switchgear cabinets
HV cabinets are bolted and
cannot be opened easily
PLC and control rooms
Electrical substations
Discrete monitoring
Rapid response
Monitoring valuable assets
Large area coverage
2,000 sqm (20,000 sq ft)
Ideally suited to long
Concealed detection
Automatic air pollution
Multiple sectors for carriage
sets with integral cabs
Significant Religious
Unobtrusive detection
Earliest detection
Wind Turbines
Historic Buildings/
Aesthetic, invisible
Remote web monitoring
Utility Providers
Cold Stores
Extremely high sensitivity
Individual cabinet identification
Unaffected by high air speeds
Smoke detection control
during braking both
Emergency and Operational
Unaffected by arcing, lightning
and static electricity
Unaffected by air speeds
within the generator
Insensitive to environmental
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