“Ascent Capture provided powerful information capture capabilities

“Ascent Capture provided powerful information capture capabilities
A Single Solution for Information Capture
Ascent® Capture® is the most popular information capture application worldwide. It accelerates
business processes by collecting paper documents, forms and e-documents, transforming them into
accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it all into your business applications and databases.
Ascent Capture is the centerpiece of the Ascent® product family – it’s a modular application that can
be used right out of the box to meet the information capture needs of a specific department, and
expanded with Ascent modules to meet the complex requirements of a high-volume enterprise.
The open Ascent architecture makes it easy to extend the basic application to handle complex,
high-volume forms processing, as well as to capture information directly from remote offices.
Ascent Capture offers unmatched compatibility with scanners and other capture devices,
plus content and document management systems, workflow applications and databases.
No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose now or in the future, you
can count on Ascent Capture to ensure consistent capture, indexing and validation of your
important information.
Capture Documents, Data, and More
Ascent Capture delivers powerful, production-level document and data capture. For
document capture, it boasts the fastest, most flexible scanning and indexing solution
around. For data capture, Ascent Capture can extract important information such as
handprinted words, machine-printed text, bar codes and even checked boxes.
“Ascent Capture
provided powerful
information capture
capabilities that no
other product offered.
We now have more
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What’s more, Ascent Capture can use the same powerful indexing and validation process to
capture information that doesn’t start on paper, such as electronic documents, multimedia files
and even XML feeds from other systems. That means your workflow or content-management
system gets consistently indexed content – no matter what the source – and your enterprise
gets reliable, easy and fast retrieval of all your information. If your business is moving from
paper-based to digital systems, Ascent Capture can help smooth the way.
-- Lisa Whitbeck,
Children’s Hospital
of The King’s Daughters
Customizable to Meet Your Needs
Ascent Capture can be easily customized to create a highly integrated content solution that meets your
specific needs:
Remote Capture. Before Ascent, most organizations with remote offices were forced to either ship their paper
documents to a central site for scanning or send low-quality faxes. Now your remote offices can scan documents
– and even index and validate them – directly into the central Ascent Capture process for release into your
back-end enterprise system. You save the costs of shipping and photocopying, benefit from better security
and document quality, get faster access to your content, and accelerate your business processes. Ascent is
the undisputed leader in remote capture. Choose the Ascent Capture Internet Server® to capture batches of
documents, or Ascent Ricochet™ to capture transactions quickly and easily, without any knowledge of production capture.
Custom Modules.. Tailor Ascent to support your precise business processes with any of dozens of plug-andplay custom modules. From powerful forms-processing modules that can extract information from even the
most difficult documents, to postal mail scanning, to microfilm archiving for long-term records retention, Ascent
custom modules give you powerful, off-the-shelf alternatives. Or you or your consultant can write your own. Ascent’s
flexible architecture makes it possible.
Import Controller. Create front-end scripts to feed Ascent Capture from enterprise applications such as financials,
human resources, manufacturing, and management decision support.
Customizable User Interface. Modify the Ascent Capture user interface via Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any
language that supports COM.
Database Lookup Interface. Set up sophisticated database lookups without scripting.
Flexible Information Delivery. Deliver information into workflow and content management systems via
release modules written in Visual Basic. Choose from our unrivaled library of release modules,or use
our source code to write your own. And Ascent Capture lets you deliver information into multiple
systems at the same time.
Easy to Use, Easy to Install
Ascent Capture is recognized for its ease of use and fast, simple installation. Many
applications can be up and running in hours, rather than days or weeks of expensive
installation and configuration. And when the job changes, Ascent Capture’s test mode and
point-and-click batch editing make setup a breeze.
Scalable to Grow With Your Enterprise
Scanning a few hundred pages a day? No problem. We have low-cost, stand-alone
configurations that provide all the functionality you need. Scanning a million pages a day? Still
not a problem. A networked installation of Ascent Capture can be expanded easily by adding
more scanning, recognition, validation, or release stations. And with the Ascent Capture
Internet Server and Ascent Ricochet you can expand even further by installing remote scanning
and indexing stations anywhere around the world, all linked to your central site via the Internet
or your corporate network.
of Capture
Supports Color Scanning
Ascent Capture has color image processing and advanced thresholding to improve image
quality and OCR accuracy for color documents. It uses advanced algorithms developed by
Kofax® to handle full-color deskew, and state-of-the-art color-to-bitonal thresholding. Ascent
Capture can now automatically recognize color images, extract data from them and deliver
them into your business systems.
Designed for Any Industry
We’ve sold over 50,000 Ascent Capture licenses into industries as diverse as state and local
government, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, insurance, healthcare, accounting,
and legal. No matter what industry you’re in, Ascent Capture speaks your language.
Integrates with Workflow and Content Management Applications
Ascent Capture uses standard release scripts to connect seamlessly to business systems from
IBM, FileNet, Microsoft, Gauss, Legato, Documentum, Open Text, Hyland, eiStream, Hummingbird
and many others. Ascent Capture can also export to any ODBC-compatible database or to a
delimited ASCII file. This flexibility makes Ascent Capture the perfect front end for any system.
For more information
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