Avantel Mexico Selects SmartNode VoIP

Avantel Mexico Selects SmartNode VoIP
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Chris Christner
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October 28, 2004
Avantel Mexico Selects SmartNode VoIP Gateway Routers
Mexico’s Premier IP Carrier Deploys Patton SmartNode™ as Their
Chosen Voice-over-IP Gateway for Bundled Voice and Data Services
SmartNode™ Telephony-over-IP — Delivering the Promise of VoIP
OCTOBER 28, 2004: GAITHERSBURG, Maryland - Patton Electronics—an industry
leader in access, connectivity and VoIP—announces today that Avantel has selected
Patton’s SmartNode™ as the customer-premise VoIP solution for their PYME Plus IPbased telephone services targeting small and mid-sized enterprises.
Avantel, “The IP Company” (La Compañía IP), is Mexico’s premier communications
service and second-largest long-distance carrier, as well as providing local phone
service. Avantel’s new PYME Plus service package offers dedicated Internet access
bundled with local, long distance, and mobile-cellular minutes plus 800 phone
numbers—all for about 40% less than those combined services would typically cost.
Patton’s SmartNode™ Modular VoIP Access Router combines a Voice-over-IP
gateway and a secure QoS router in a single low-cost modular device. The powerful
combination enables Avantel to reduce operating costs while delivering the highquality integrated voice and data services their business customers need most—at a
price they can afford.
“Patton offered Avantel the key value proposition of SmartNode™—namely, the
ability to deploy services with a fully-integrated CPE solution that includes both the
Router and the VoIP Gateway” said Armando Morillo, Patton’s Sales Director for
Latin America.
“Patton plays well with others,” said Antonio Torre, Product Marketing Manager for
Avantel. “Avantel was looking for a reliable and responsive VoIP vendor. Patton’s
SmartNode is flexible and reasonably priced. It connects seamlessly with Avantel’s
network platforms and protocols. Plus, the support Patton has provided is one of the
best in the market—before, during and after the sale. Patton has proved to be a true
business partner, ready and able to adapt, quick to customize...making sure their
solutions work well in our network and for our customers.”
Patton Electronics Company
7622 Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879, USA
Phone: +1 301.975.1000
Fax: +1 301.869.9293
Avantel has deployed hundreds of Patton’s SmartNode Model 2300 VoIP Gateway
Routers at customer sites during the initial roll-out of their IP-based SOHO services.
“IP has become the new foundation for all communications. It’s not just for web
surfing anymore,” said Scott Whittle, Patton’s Director of Product Management.
“Avantel is an industry innovator with the right focus on all IP-based services. We
count it a privilege to launch this long-term partnership with such a quality-focused
service provider.”
“Patton is pleased,” Mr. Whittle continued, “to combine our advanced Voice-over-IP
technology with Avantel’s high-value services to deliver integrated voice and data
communications for businesses throughout Mexico.”
About the SmartNode™ family of VoIP Gateway Routers
The SmartNode™ family of VoIP gateways and routers offer compact-desktop and
modular voice/data IAD solutions for service providers and enterprises. The
SmartNode 1000 and 4520 series SOHO and branch office IADs support one or two
ISDN BRI So ports or 2-8 analog ports as well as a full-featured QoS VPN Router.
The modular 19" SmartNode 2300 series are designed for medium and large
enterprise applications featuring on-board LAN and WAN interfaces and a range of
PMC based voice interface cards/expansion modules. Interface cards provide flexible
port configurations for ISDN, T1, E1, PRI, BRI and FXS. The SmartNode 2400 series
supports up to 96/120 Voice-over-IP connections in a single 1U 19” chassis.
About Avantel
Avantel “The IP Company” solutions in Mexico, offers a wide portfolio of
telecommunications services especially tailored to meet the diverse needs of
companies of all sizes and sectors, from intelligent voice and data transmission to
virtual private networks (VPNs), integrated telecommunications packages and
managed services. Avantel’s network, the country’s second largest, is the best
positioned to provide IP-based solutions. Its Data Centers, directly connected to its
backbone, allow it to provide robust, reliable Internet access and server hosting as
well as network design and management.
About Patton
Patton Electronics Company is a US manufacturer and marketer of data
communications products, including VoIP/ToIP gateways & routers, Remote Access
(V.92, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, and ISDN dial-in), Last Mile/Local Loop Access (T1,
E1, and xDSL modems, NTUs and CSU/DSUs), Multi-Service Access (voice, intranet,
extranet, and Frame Relay access), and Connectivity (interface converters, short
range modems, multiplexers, and surge protectors).
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For more information or to request a free datacom catalog, please contact
Patton Electronics Company
7622 Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
Tel: +1 301.975.1000
Fax: +1 301.869.9293
Email: marketing@patton.com
Web: http://www.patton.com/
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