Sabrina Brochure Brochure for the Sabrina

Sabrina Brochure Brochure for the Sabrina
Video links
Announcing Sabrina
The original teaser video announcing the imminent release of Sabrina
The Measure of Sabrina
This video reveals the continuity between Sabrina and rest of the Wilson
loudspeaker line, including the flagship Alexandria XLF.
Why Does Dave Wilson Want to Own Sabrinas?
He has a music room with Alexandria XLFs and Thor’s Hammers. Yet
he wants to find a place to listen to Sabrinas as well. In this video, Dave
and the rest of the engineering team reflect on what makes Wilson Audio’s smallest floorstanding loudspeaker such a beguiling instrument.
The inspiration
for Sabrina arose from two distinct and seemingly disparate
sources: the original WATT/Puppy, and the Alexandria XLF. The WATT/Puppy was the result of Dave Wilson’s belief that
a well-designed compact loudspeaker could outperform many of the much larger state-of-the-art systems of its day.
Sabrina is nearly the same size as its 1980s progenitor. The XLF, on the other hand, represents the current pinnacle
of Wilson’s three decades-long quest to bridge the gulf between live, unamplified music and its reproduction. The XLF
platform offers the world’s most precise time-alignment capability, custom-designed drivers, and cabinet modules constructed from Wilson’s proprietary materials, reducing cabinet resonance and coloration to inaudible levels.
The objective
for Sabrina was to take the
wealth of knowledge and experience contained in the XLF and distill it down
to its essence. To create a loudspeaker that, like the first WATT/Puppy, could
stand alongside much larger systems, and, like its flagship sibling, offer the kind
of dynamic contrast and harmonic expression that is the defining character of
Wilson Audio loudspeakers.
Sabrina’s cabinet
is hand-assembled, glued with proprietary adhesives, hand-sanded, gel coated, painted with 4 layers of automotive grade paint, inspected, then polished and buffed to the same exacting standard as every other Wilson loudspeaker, We conducted extensive laser-vibrometry measurements to develop the internal bracing scheme, and Wilson’s proprietary X material was chosen for the front baffle and bottom, ensuring a cabinet design with minimal coloration and resonance-induced distortion.
When the drivers in a loudspeaker array are aligned so that the
leading edge of transients from each driver arrive at the listener’s ear at precisely the same time, the result is a profound improvement in dynamics, harmonic detail, transparency—to name
just a few. In short, all the things that characterize what the brain
interprets as “real” in music reproduction.
The Wilson Convergent Synergy Tweeter, introduced in Alexandria
XLF, is a unique soft-dome design renowned for its uncanny balance of wide bandwidth and effortless musicality. Sabrina features
a simplified version of this tweeter, which is crossed over considerably higher than in other Wilson designs, allowing it to perform
with even greater power-handling capacity and low distortion.
The adjustable driver modules in Wilson’s larger loudspeakers
exist to provide unprecedented control over time-alignment in
a large variety of listening environments. But in a single cabinet
speaker such as Sabrina, the concept is still valid. Sabrina’s driver array has been time optimized for the typical listening room
(hence the sloping front baffle of the loudspeaker).
The 5.75 inch midrange driver is remarkably smooth throughout
its bandwidth (which extends flat to 3.5 kHz, facilitating the
elevated crossover point to the tweeter). Midrange beauty and
alacrity are well-known hallmarks of Wilson designs, and Sabrina’s midrange is no exception. The crossover points allow the
driver to perform optimally within the “sweet spot” of its range.
The clarity and lack of distortion achieved by precision in the
time domain is also a function of a well-designed crossover.
Each hand-built Sabrina crossover is mandated to match the
reference crossover specifications to within +/- 0.2% —a value much lower than the industry standard. Wilson believes the
owners of its products should hear precisely what Dave and the
engineers heard when they signed off on the final prototype.
Sabrina’s woofer is derived from the 8 inch driver in Alexia. In
typical small cabinet loudspeakers, the bass will either sound
lean, or, in an effort to compensate for the lack of cabinet volume, it will sound “fat” and ill-defined.
Fitting a reference quality crossover into a compact cabinet without severely restricting internal volume required a clean-slate approach to circuit design and topology. And Sabrina’s remarkable
bass performance, is due, in part, to some innovative work on
the low-pass portion of Sabrina’s crossover.
The bass performance Wilson owners have come to expect is
neither of those; rather it is fast, with huge dynamic contrast,
and no “smearing” or overhang. Sabrina’s bass exhibits all of
those qualities in spades. And even though it can’t go as low as
our larger loudspeakers (because the laws of physics are, after
all, laws), its articulation and speed and optimized extension will
demolish any preconceptions about how much powerful bass
can come from such a small loudspeaker.
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms / 2.53 ohms minimum @ 139 Hz
Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1W @ 1m @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response: 31 Hz – 21 kHz: +/- 3 dB:
Room Average Response [RAR]
Height: 38 inches (96.46 cm) *without spikes
Height: 39 5/16 inches (99.80 cm) *with spikes
Width: 12 inches (30.48 cm)
Depth: 15 3/16 inches (38.55 cm)
Minimum Amplification Power Recommended: 50 watts/channel
Enclosure Type
Tweeter: 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm) Material: Doped Silk Fabric
Mid-Range: 5 3/4 inches (14.61 cm) Material: Doped Paper Pulp
Woofer: 8 inches (20.32 cm) Material: Paper Pulp
Single Enclosure Design
Tweeter: (Sealed) Material: Enclosure HDF / Baffle-Bottom X-Material
Mid-Woofer: (Rear ported) Material: Enclosure HDF /
Baffle-Bottom X-Material
Woofer: (Rear ported) Material: Enclosure HDF /
Baffle-Bottom X-Material
Product Weight
Weight Per Channel Uncrated: 94 lbs (42.64 kg)
Total Approximate System Shipping Weight (box): 222 lbs
(100.70 kg)
Total Approximate System Shipping Weight (crate): 270 lbs
(122.47 kg)
Obsidian Black
Desert Silver
Galaxy Gray
Sabrina is available in a choice of three standard colors
Biarritz White
Titan Red
And two additional upgrade colors
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