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Database Tools
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Do More with the Data
The dynamic, object-oriented nature of Lisp makes it an ideal development language to handle disparate
data types in today’s applications. The Allegro Common Lisp 7.0 family of products provides reliable, highperformance and scalable connections to most popular databases.
Allegro Oracle Direct Connect:
Provides direct, high-performance access to Oracle databases (version 8 or higher) using the Oracle C
Interface (OCI) libraries from Oracle, without needing ODBC.
• Allows many connections to the same or different databases
• Connections can be made in blocking or non-blocking modes
• Requires Oracle Client Libraries be installed (free from Oracle)
Allegro MySQL Direct Connect:
Provides direct, high-performance access to MySQL databases without needing ODBC.
• Speaks the same client protocol used in all other languages that work with the MySQL server
• Access to the network data buffers, when data is returned by the MySQL server
• No need to allocate space for intermediate forms of data (as needed in a multi-level interface)
• Has a set of macros to make it easy to create queries at runtime
Allegro ODBC:
Provides a universal interface between Lisp applications and relational databases such as SQL Server,
Access and Sybase.
• Ensures portability of database applications with Microsoft’s ODBC protocol
• Concurrently accesses multiple, heterogeneous databases
• Allows Lisp code in the middle of a query to better customize requests
• Minimizes allocation of Lisp objects needed to hold database results
• Parameterized inserts in cached SQL for faster processing
• Supports SQL transactions.
• Requires ODBC drivers that support either the V2.0 or the V3.0 ODBC definition
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AllegroStore :
A production-ready, persistent object-oriented database management system based on ObjectStore 6.1,
service pack 2.
• Changes database schema on the fly without locking out users
• Supports dynamic class definitions and modifications, lazy instance update, multiple inheritance,
method combination, incremental compilation and automatic memory management
• Maintains referential integrity.
• Allows client and server processes to run on different types of computers
• Provides transaction-based access to persistent objects
• Provides cross-platform homogeneity among 32-bit HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms
NDBM Database Interface:
An interface to the simple collection of dabatase tools provided by Unix and similar operating systems.
• Provides an interface to the Unix ndbm library
• Not recommended for complex database requirements
• Not available on Microsoft Windows
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