Utilities Insights and Rugged Feature Checklist

Utilities Insights and Rugged Feature Checklist
The Future Is Now:
How to Mobilize Utility Workflows from Start to Finish to Boost Productivity
Rugged tablet PC platforms are the central enabler of all your mobile workflows. But smart utilization of the rugged tablet’s extensive feature
set is the key to maximizing future ROI of today’s investments and lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your entire mobility solution.
Insights from Xplore’s Utility Industry Experts
Tips for smarter mobile solution design and implementation:
Invest in a rugged tablet platform that is both adaptable and expandable. Though
you don’t need to utilize every available rugged tablet feature from day one, you do
need to anticipate how every feature might be utilized in the future.
Find a feature combination that’s ideal for every one of your
workflows, and that aligns with the daily flow of your individual field
service teams. Not all mobile PC form factors align with the data
demands or physical demands of Utilities’ field service environments.
Embrace constant feedback from the field. Your end-users will tell
you if mobile solutions are really performing to your standards – and theirs.
Adapt to drive adoption. What works for one Utility may not work for
yours. Don’t be afraid to “turn on” additional rugged tablet features
sooner than later – or delay certain phases of implementation.
Fine-tuning your mobility strategy along the
way is the key to long-term success.
Key Mobile Computing Requirements for Utilities
Though no two mobility strategies, and no two mobile solutions, are exactly the same,
there are some common criteria that all Utilities should look for during their rugged tablet
A rugged mobile PC: Mobile workers and the devices they rely on are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, rain, snow and heights. Only
rugged tablets are built to thrive in the harshest Utility conditions without fail.
A fully mobile – not just portable – device: Any rugged device intended for the field should be easy to carry – by hand, on foot – out
of the vehicle using either a handle, carrying case, or a combination of the two. A lightweight rugged tablet is ideal for data input while
walking and working, as it eliminates the need to set the device on a flat surface.
A true mobile computer: Mobile rugged tablets offer processing power, storage capacity, real-time communications, and overall
performance on par with traditional computing systems.
Connectivity without compromise: Find a mobile PC that offers every I/O ports you need. 4G LTE, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and satellite
GPS are also critical for constant data connectivity.
Full day battery life – Utility work happens around the clock. Hot-swappable batteries let you recharge without taking a break.
Large, outdoor-viewable displays – Don’t let productivity stall because the screen is too small or the sun is shining too bright.
To view the full list of rugged tablet features recommended for your Utility environments and workflows,
visit www.xploretech.com/utilitychecklist
Why Xplore is the Right Mobility Partner for You
We Know Utilities and Field Service.
Xplore rugged tablets help Utilities power more workflows in the field, generate new
efficiency gains across their operations, and distribute more real-time data between
teams, customers, and assets. With Xplore rugged tablets, you will have everything
you need to get the right electric, gas or water utility service field technician sent to
the right location, right now – and with the right tools to get the job done right the
first time. That’s why we are the number one provider of rugged tablets to utilities
(VDC), and the primary rugged tablet partner for electric, water, and gas utilities
We Know Rugged Mobility.
All I/O ports, all the time (RJ45, True Serial, HDMI-in)
Easy data capture (digital pen, capacitive Touch, keyboard options)
Constant connectivity (4G XLTE/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite GPS)
Powerful processors, expansive storage capacity and memory
20 hour hot swappable batteries
Windows and Android OS
Barcode scanners, RFID readers
We Build Rugged Tablets Well-Suited for Utilities’ Workflows
Our lightweight, highly mobile and supremely rugged tablets expedite both planned and
unplanned fieldwork.
Asset Lifecycle Management
GIS Mapping
Inventory Management
Real-Time Asset Monitoring
Work Orders
Customer Service
Maintenance and Repair Scheduling and Completion
Safety Audits and Compliance Reporting
We Respond to Utilities’ Evolving Business Models, Expanding Mobility Demands
For nearly 20 years, Xplore has been working closely with Utility customers to understand operational needs, identify daily
challenges, and define a product roadmap that supports the specialized mobile computing requirements of Utilities. As a
result, we now have the most complete lineup of rugged, fully rugged and ultra-rugged tablets on Earth, and several solutions
for Utilities’ unique mobile applications and environments:
Motion F5m by Xplore – Our Rugged All Star & Utilities’ Preferred Tablet
Xplore XSLATE B10 – Supremely Rugged & Your Hardest Utility Worker Yet
Xplore XSLATE D10 – The New Fully Rugged Android™ Champion
Motion R12 by Xplore – Ruggedly Handsome, Extremely Connected
Xplore XC6 Series – Ultra-Rugged & Ready for Extremes
We Help Utilities’ Implement Smart Mobility Strategies
We know that rugged tablets are essential to your mobile solution, but not the only solution. Leveraging 150+ years of
combined leadership experience, Xplore provides assistance with:
• Long-term mobility strategy development
• Technology implementation across your entire mobility system
• Training to ensure maximum investment utilization
Ready to see how we can partner with you? Visit www.xploretech.com/utilities to take the first step towards smarter
mobility with Xplore rugged tablet technology.
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