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M5000 High Voltage Linear Amplifier
Electro-op c modulators are voltage driven
devices and in general high voltages are required.
Pockels cells also almost always present a
capaci ve load to the driver which can cause
stability problems when used with amplifiers not
designed specifically for the purpose.
One of the most common applica ons for this
amplifier is to drive a longitudinal field KD*P
Pockels cell for analogue modula on. The Pockels
cell is then typically op cally biased to the quarter
wave opera ng condi on with a wave-plate so
that the cell is opera ng at its most linear point in
its transfer characteris c. The amplifier is then
able to apply a differen al voltage across the load
which swings by 2500V peak to peak and in
opposite phase on each of the terminals across
which the load is connected. This then produces a
field change in the device equal to that from a
5000V single ended amplifier which is sufficient for
full modula on with a single crystal KD*P cell such
as our EM500 range for wavelengths up to around
850nm. With a more sensi ve double crystal
Pockels cell, opera on is extended to over 1µm.
2500V peak to peak
differen al output voltage
equivalent to 5000V single
ended amplifier
Suitable for most KD*P
Full power –3dB bandwidth
of ~14kHz and small signal
bandwidth 100kHz.
Internal signal generator
Of course, with such high voltages present safety is
of paramount importance and the amplifier output
terminals are fi1ed with SHV safe high voltage BNC
type connectors (conven onal BNC are used on
the external input and monitor output).
Product Specifications
Specifica on
Output voltage range
400-3000V (each side)
Full amplitude frequency response
Small signal frequency response (10% of full amplitude)
Rise and fall me
Amplifier gain (differen al output swing divided by input
Internal oscillator frequency range
Internal oscillator amplitude
1000 (±2%)
1Hz to 10kHz in 4 ranges
Con nuously adjustable to approximately ±2.5V pk-pk
Func ons
Sine, square, triangle
Signal to noise ra o
Input voltage for full output
-2.5 to +2.5V
Input impedance
1000 ohm
Cabinet form
Case dimensions (mm)
Mains input voltage
19” x 3U height rack
220 (height) x 530 (width)
340 depth
Specifica ons for guidance only, subject to modifica on without no ce.
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