Android Mobile App
Android Mobile App
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Android Mobile App
Installing the app
1. In the Play Store, search for “hellospoke mobile” and install on your phone.
2. Y
ou will be asked if you would like to import your contact list from your phone. If you do not agree to import
the contacts, you will only be able to add contacts manually.
3. A
fter the installation has completed, open the app on your device. You will be asked to provide the following information:
User Name: [see admin]
Password: [see admin]
Once this information is entered and confirmed, the hellospoke app is ready to use.
NOTE: Please review the 911 Notification that appears on your screen when you login for the first time.
Basic call handling
To place a call
Enter the number using the keypad, then tap the green handset
button at the bottom of the home screen.
F or incoming calls
Your phone will ring audibly with your default ring tone. You will
also be notified of an incoming call by a vibration if your phone
has a vibrating alert and you have enabled this option in your
phone settings. Slide the green button to the right to answer the
call. Slide the red button to the left to reject the call (this will
send the call directly to voicemail).
To access the voicemail system
To listen to voicemail and manage your voicemail options, tap
the VM button (a *98 will appear in the digit field) then tap the
green handset button.
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Android Mobile App
Basic call handling
Active call screen
This will mute the microphone on your phone. You will
continue to hear the call.
This will display the dial pad on the screen.
This activates the phone’s speaker.
This will place the call on hold. The caller will hear
on-hold music.
hen you tap this, you will have the ability to dial
another number (internal extension or external number).
This allows you to add a call (merge) to the existing call.
nce the second call is active, the button will
change to Merge. Tap this button to bring the two
calls together.
hen the calls are merged, the button will change
to Split. By tapping this, it will return to the last call
dialed and place the first call on hold. To toggle
between the two calls, tap the Swap Calls button.
NOTE: In contrast to the hellospoke desk phones,
this type of conference call can only add one additional
This button will display the following option:
Transfer – Tap this button to bring up the dial pad
and initiate a transfer.
• W hen the dial pad is displayed, enter the number
to which you want to transfer (internal extension
or external number) and then tap the green Xfer
NOTE: This process will initiate an unannounced
transfer. Once you tap the Xfer button, the call will
be released from your phone and be transferred
to the destination phone. You will not be able to
retrieve the call once it has transferred.
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Android Mobile App
Options and settings
Menu bar options
Manage your contacts, and setup up “Buddies.”
View (and dial from) call history list.
This function is still in development.
Manage preferences for your hellospoke app.
• The settings that are available are device-dependent.
e sure to review your mobile data settings. Calls placed and received on your hellospoke phone use your
data (wifi or mobile data). hellospoke calls do not use your voice plan.
• I n your settings, you are able to set how the hellospoke app alerts you (rings and vibrations) when you receive a hellospoke call.
In order to not receive call on your Spoke app, you will need to exit the app. This will only disable calls
coming in to your hellospoke app (and send the call directly to voicemail). If you also have a hellospoke desk
phone, your desk phone will continue to ring.
A note about other Android settings: As with other apps on an Android device, some of the settings are controlled from your Settings app. From Settings, choose the hellospoke app. Here you may be able to view data,
cache, and permission information – depending on your device.
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Android Mobile App
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