March 2015 New Products

March 2015 New Products
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Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit
Plumbers Third Hand Tool
Simplifies installing garbage
disposers, saving time, aggravation
and money!
The unique composition stretches and recovers
absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair
products to tear off.
• For use on canvas, rubber, neoprene, nylon, most fabrics,
plastics, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane,
fiberglass, aluminum and more
• Made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion
resistant, elastomer that resists puncture and tearing
• It is combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated
for high bond strength
• Durable, flexible, airtight and watertight
• This industrial-strength patch protects against moisture,
saltwater, UV sunlight and extreme temperatures
• See-Thru, works with all colors
• Conforms to irregular surfaces
• Easy to cut and apply, no messy adhesives needed
Phone: 800-448-6710
Fax: 800-700-2378
• One person operation
• Universal fit
• Holds disposer and parts
leaving two hands for
• Made in the USA!
Installation Video:
3M Blue Painters Tape for Corners
Simplifies masking tricky areas to paint clean, crisp corners!
• Used for masking corners, glass panels, windows
and doors, or interior corners on trim (such as a door
frame or baseboard)
• Comes pre-cut and ready to apply, 60 corners per roll
• Can be used on cured paint (over 30 days old)
• Recommended for: lightly textured walls, unfinished
wood and trim, painted surfaces, glass, metal
hardware and fixtures
• Wait 14 days for clean removal
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Made in the USA!
3M ¾ In x 60 Yds Masking Tape
#41003 (Blue)
Safe release painters tape is designed to release
cleanly and easily from previously painted surfaces.
best featured ITEMS
Did You Know Best Carries?
Ergonomic Knee & Back Pad
Best Fin Tool
Protect and comfort your knees and back with this super soft commercial
grade kneeling pad. Indentations cradle and comfort the knees.
• Ergonomically designed for total knee support
• 18" x 13.5" x 2"
• Multi-functional design provides both back and side
support when flipped over and used against the
edge of a cabinet toe-kick
• Cleans easily with mild soap and water
• Ribbed anti-slip surfacing on bottom provides
stability while working
• Made in the USA
Flexible stainless steel outer shell
surrounds special EPDM inner
hose creating strong shower hose
that stretches for greater tub area
coverage. Standard 59” length stretches to 80”.
p. 7-57
buy 5
Boxes of Disposable Gloves
Latex Gloves, Powder
Free (100/Box)
Black Nitrile Gloves
Orange Nitrile Gloves
Wear-A-Day HD
Disposable Gloves
p. 10-54
receive a
Glove Dispenser
#10305 at
no charge
The convenient and safe
way to straighten and clean
condenser and evaporator fins.
Comes with 5 different fin heads.
p. 10-62
59" S/S Stretch Shower Hose
p. 10-64
Latex Gloves,
Powdered (100/Box)
Re-Peel Solvent
#98643 Quart (12/case)
A natural citrus solvent, cleaner, degreaser,
declogger, deodorant, descaler.
• Great for grease traps!
• Odor Control
• Use in or around dumpsters and
waste areas
• A must use for water fountains
• Cleans and deodorizes
• Great for removing graffiti!
p. 6-120
Quick Drop Slip Resistant
Drop Cloth, 3.5' x 4'
• Tiny Traction Dots Hold Cloth
in Place
• Use on Any Surface Including,
Tile, Wood, Marble, and Granite
• Great for Stairs and Places with
High Foot Traffic
• Prevents Injuries
• Save Time by Not Having to Re-Adjust
• Cover Tools, Machinery, Bikes, etc.
Stain Sealing Ceiling Paint
#97920 (12 oz)
A stain killing primer, sealer and finish all
in one.
• Vertical aerosol for overhead projects
• Quick cure for water stains
• Flat white finish matches most ceiling tiles
• Low odor
• Use under/over latex and oil base paints
• One can covers approximately 15 sq. ft.
p. 6-72
Phone: 800-448-6710 | Fax: 800-700-2378 | Web:
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