OLC 15
ePOS to match
your store decor
OLC 15
point of s a le to uchscreen
Elegant, stylish
designed especially
for the world
of retail
Fully in keeping with the POSLIGNE®
spirit, the OLC 15 is the first point-of-sale
touchscreen to feature interchangeable
colour schemes. The unique modular ‘‘Clip’n
Color’’ system, with clips in different hues,
enables the device to be matched to any
sales environment and maintain its visual
Its refined, elegant lines, strikingly original
profile and overall appearance make this
OLC 15
touchscreen one of a kind in the POS IT
market. Retail users and staff will love its
state-of-the-art design - equally attractive
when viewed from in front, behind, and in
profile - and so will customers paying for
their purchases.
All POSLIGNE® peripherals are compatible
with other POS systems available on the
olc 15: co m pac t a nd st ylish
Clip’n Color
Add a touch of colour to your
OLC 15 with our clever clip
OLC 15 - key advantages:
These modular, interchangeable,
clip-on, clip-off parts made from
polycarbonate are easy to fit and
remove on the front, sides and
customer display, so the OLC 15
can blend into its environment,
changing its colour as the mood
takes you!
Slimline design and compact footprint free up plenty
of room on the sales counter.
Power supply unit incorporated into the base
Tilting customer display
Front-facing USB port
Base supplied in 2 colours
(pearl and graphite),
PS 50
plus 8 interchangeable colour clips
The OLC15 is the natural companion
ODP 200
to the Poséo Retail PC
colours of the system base
OLC 15
colours of the clips
tonic orange
M o d e l OLC 1 5
carmine red
pure white
Touchscreen type
15’’ resistive touchscreen pad (USB interface)
LCD technology
TFT (liquid crystal display) LCD panel / display
spice yellow
up to 250cd/sqm
soft blue
1024 x 768
400 : 1
Tilt angle
0 – 70°
indigo blue
metal grey
racing green
S creen
OSD buttons
1 off/on button, 1 menu button, 4 screen setting buttons
On/off LED
1 on front face
C onnections
2 x PS2 (system input + keyboard output)
Serial/Com Port
1 RJ 45
1 touchscreen / customer display
1 input / output
DC Jack
1 (12V)
Integrated power supply
30W (12V / 2.5A)
Specifications are subject to change without notice
E nviron m ent
Safety / EMC
FCC Class A, CE, LVD
Operating temperature +5° / +35°C
Storage temperature
-10° / +60°C
Humidity rating (in operation)
20% ~ 85% (RH without condensation)
Humidity rating (in storage)
5% ~ 90% (RH without condensation)
Customer display
VFD Display (USB interface) 2 lines x 20 characters
Dimensions (W x D x H) 419 x 310 x 253 (up to 332)mm
Optional card/Dallas reader
or RFID reader
O ptions
Magnetic card reader
3-track (RS 232 or keyboard interface)
Optional internal loudspeakers
2 x 2W
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Tel: +44 (0) 1928 591 222 - Fax: +44 (0) 1928 591 333 - salesuk@aures.com
Integrated power supply adapter
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