MT700C - Kelly Tractor Co.

MT700C - Kelly Tractor Co.
245 to 265 PTO HP
Strong Legacy...
Strong Future
For more than two decades, Cat®-powered Challenger tractors
have been hard at work in some of the world’s most demanding
and challenging conditions. Whether it’s involved hauling supplies
over the ice in Antarctica, building American roads and interstate
highways or pulling a chisel plow or air seeder on North America’s
most productive farms, Challenger tractors have been providing
power and productivity at new levels of efficiency.
important, Challenger partnered with Caterpillar and the Cat®
dealer organization to develop the highest level of customer
satisfaction in the world. Nobody commands more respect for
their integrity, in-field service and parts support than the Cat
dealer network.
No wonder Challenger is the fastest-growing equipment brand
in North America. Quality products backed by impeccable dealer
support. That’s what it’s all about in today’s farming environment.
Now, Challenger is raising the bar even higher with the
introduction of the MT700C Series track tractors. The all new
MT700C Series are loaded with new features and improvements
designed to make you even more productive and efficient.
Built In America
• New digital dash display that’s easier to read and now indicates
selected gear, ground speed and service hours.
• Redesigned Tractor Management Center console that provides
simpler, more intuitive operation.
• New hydraulics system with a higher degree of control, higher
flow and greater adaptability.
• An integrated ISOBUS control system that helps optimize
productivity and performance of the tractor and any attached
ISOBUS compliant implements.
• Best of all, they’re still sold, serviced and backed by the
legendary network of Caterpillar dealers.
The Challenger Difference
There are currently more than 20,000 Challenger track tractors
in use worldwide in all types of crops and environments,
providing clear evidence of their strength and durability.
Gross Engine HP
301 (224 kW)
245 (183 kW)
320 (239 kW)
265 (198 kW)
Moving Forward Toward A Bright Future
For more than 20 years, the Challenger name and logo have been
synonymous with track tractor performance. However, today’s
Challenger equipment line goes far beyond track tractors and
reduced compaction. These days, your Challenger dealer also
carries a rugged line of wheel tractors from 45 to 585 engine
horsepower; a high-quality family of hay equipment and a full line
of Challenger combines.
It all started in March 2002, when AGCO Corporation acquired the
highly respected Challenger line of track tractors from Caterpillar
and began expanding it into a full line of farm machinery. Equally
Challenger track tractors are manufactured with careful attention
to detail in the small town of Jackson, Minnesota. It’s a community
with strong agricultural ties and a place where employees
understand that quality can’t be inspected in...but rather has to be
Raw power
For more than 20 years, Challenger track tractors have all had one thing
in common …. rugged, reliable Cat® power. Featuring ACERT® technology,
the Caterpillar® C9 engine used in the MT700C Series meets all mandated
Tier III engine emissions requirement without sacrificing performance,
durability or reliability. It’s also the same engine that has proven reliability
in thousands of on- and off-highway Caterpillar machines over the past
few years. The principle behind ACERT technology is actually quite simple. By
offering better control of the combustion process, emissions are minimized
and performance improved without the need for extra filters or exhaust
gas recirculation (EGR) technology. ®
With 537 cubic inches (8.8 L) of displacement and 52% PTO torque rise,
the Cat® C9 ACERT engine delivers exceptional pulling power in all
conditions. Engine power growth up to 8% will have you downshifting
a lot less frequently, too.
Engine Control
The ADEMTM 4 electronics
control system enables smooth
power delivery by coordinating
communication between the engine and
transmission electronic control modules, taking
diesel engine performance even further.
• A more efficient fuel system allows for multiple injections
during each combustion cycle. Small amounts of fuel are injected at precise
times to achieve the combined goals of fuel economy and lower emissions.
• T he patented Hydraulic Electric Unit Injector (HEUI) fuel delivery system tailors fuel injection
rates to operating conditions, reduces noise and emission levels, and improves fuel economy.
• M
id-support of the cylinder liners decreases vibration, which, in turn, reduces engine noise
and wear on the cylinders and cylinder liners.
Engine Speed Memory
New to the “C” Series is an engine speed switch that allows the operator to select two memory
settings for consistent engine speed during field operations and/or headland turns.
MT765C Torque
MT755C Torque
Engine RPM
Unmatched torque rise gives the MT700C Series tractors more available power than any tractor in
its class. With 52% PTO torque rise, 42% engine torque rise, and 8% engine power growth, the
The Challenger Difference
The real test of an engine is in its ability to maintain power while lugging through tough
spots and encountering heavy PTO loads. With peak torque reached at 1,400 RPM,
MT700C Series models have the built-in reserve that today’s farmers demand.
MT700C series tractor can handle any application from seeding and tillage to pulling a grain cart.
Shift to Greater Productivity
The Challenger Difference
Cat reliability, matched with new ISOBUS electronic
controls provide the smoothest shifting, most reliable
transmission in the industry.
Built For The Field
Eight gears in the popular 4 to 9.3 mph (6.5 to 14.9 kph)
operating range provide the responsiveness and productivity your
applications need. Closely spaced gear splits, concentrated in the
primary working range, were designed with the engine torque
rise and operating rpm in mind to deliver the most usable power.
Still, nothing is left to chance. So every powertrain is retested
at the factory to ensure it meets Challenger specifications before
going into an MT700C Series tractor.
Electronic Communication
Hundreds of times per second, the transmission and the
Cat ACERT engine are in communication to provide optimum
productivity and performance. 6
Before the transmission executes a shift, it senses how much
load the engine is experiencing to deliver smoother shifts and
longer life for all components.
9 MPH (14.4 kph)
Ground Speed, MPH
It takes a special transmission for a track tractor. The Catbuilt 16F X 4R electronically controlled powershift used in the
MT700C Series was extensively tested in tough, real-world
situations like yours before it was ever released to production.
Since then, it’s been proven reliable in hundreds of thousands of
hours of field use.
4 MPH (6.4 kph)
Pre-select any starting gear up to 10th gear forward; then shift
sequentially, using the buttons on the transmission lever, to
change gear settings. You can also program any forward gear
between one and seven as the default starting gear. Once set,
it remains in the memory, even after power down.
Power Management Made Easy
Designed to get the job done faster and more efficiently, Power
Management is a control strategy that coordinates engine speed
with transmission and hitch settings in a choice of two modes.
A rocker switch on the TMC console lets you select or change
modes to quickly match operating conditions. Once selected,
the Power Management mode is retained even after tractor
Maximum Power Output
Heavy draft loads demand maximum power to keep the tool at the proper working depth
and keep you moving. Maximum Output mode assists by automatically shifting to keep the
engine in the peak power range where horsepower and torque are maximized. Productivity
and efficiency will be optimized by letting the tractor do the work for you which will let you
get home sooner at the end of the day.
Constant Ground Speed
Medium and light applications are effortless using the Constant Ground Speed mode.
Like the cruise control on your automobile, it achieves a preset ground speed by varying
the engine speed and transmission gear. However, Constant Ground Speed will also make
automatic downshifts under high load conditions to prevent engine stall. Once the load
reduces, the system automatically up-shifts and throttles back to return to the desired
ground speed, assuring you of maximum efficiency.
Featuring the highest transport speed of any track tractor, Challenger MT700C Series tractors travel up to 24.6 mph (39.6
kph) for quicker moves between fields and more productivity per day.
Speed-Sensitive Steering
The MT700C Series features true speed-sensitive steering that is infinitely adaptable within
the speed range. At slower field speeds, the steering is more sensitive with minimal inputs
required to make corrections. At higher transport speeds, the steering is less sensitive, so
corrections are always controlled and predictable. smooth
The Industry Leader In Track Technology
A Advanced Marsh Mellow springs, constructed of rubber and fabric,
C The large diameter driver allows for more belt contact, which
minimize shocks to the operator by isolating the hardbar from the
chassis of the tractor.
translates into more power to the ground, longer belt life and
lower rolling resistance.
B The robust stabilizer bar enables the left and the right undercarriages
D The in-line reaction arms, which are isolated from the tractor drive
to pivot up and down independently, allowing the hardbar
to tilt to an 8-degree angle and smoothly
walk over obstacles in the field.
axles and frame, absorb shock loads minimizing the transfer of
stresses and vibrations to the operator.
F Mounting holes for chemical tanks and other attachments are
built-in to ensure maximum versatility and tractor balance.
The long footprint and low rolling resistance also
transfers more power to the ground for greater pulling
ability. All the while, you’re assured of the speed and
mobility benefits that owners have come to expect
from Challenger track tractors.
The Softest Ride In the Industry
Superior traction is just one of the benefits of the
Challenger Mobil-trac system. One ride in the MT700C
and you’ll discover that unsurpassed comfort is another.
E Challenger’s unique Mobil-trac system has no grease
zerks and requires no daily or routine maintenance or adjustment.
If you think all track systems are pretty much the same,
think again. There’s a reason Challenger’s Mobil-trac™
system is the most comfortable and most productive
system in the world. At 96 inches (2,438 mm),
Challenger’s Mobil-trac™ system wheelbase is the
longest in its power class. That means tractor weight
is distributed over a greater area, reducing the deep
compaction that restricts plant root growth.
G Suspended midwheels contribute to a smooth ride by molding the track to the surface of the ground for constant traction over uneven terrain.
H N ew, optional polyurethane midwheels provide longer life in abrasive
environments and in operations with above average transport
Fatigue and distraction are only a couple of the effects
of long days and rough fields. The Challenger Mobiltrac system helps combat both issues. Thanks to our
exclusive Opti-Ride™ suspension and five-axle design,
which literally molds the track to every ridge, bump and
rut the tractor encounters, the operator experiences
a softer ride.
The Challenger Difference
The Mobile-trac’s longer wheel base remains
in constant contact with the ground for better
traction, more pulling ability, greater efficiency and
a smoother ride, which means you get more
work done in a day.
Undercarriage Options
For Every Application
Nobody offers more undercarriage options than Challenger®… period. Pick the
appropriate gauge option, then select the belt width and treadbar type to match
your operation and applications. Belts are available in five widths and two types,
while idler, midwheels and driver are available in up to three widths to improve
belt life and belt-to-driver performance.
General Ag Belt
• Wide gauge varies from 80 to 120 inches (2,032 - 3,048 mm).
• Ultra-wide gauge ranges from 120 to 160 inches (3,048 - 4,064 mm). This tough belt is an excellent choice for
applications that involve a large amount of road
travel, steep side slopes or abrasive underfoot
conditions. The five widths of extreme application
belts are equipped with longer, 5.3-inch (135 mm)
guide blocks, taller, 3-inch (76 mm) treadbars, an
additional layer of steel cables and an extra layer of
rubber. The narrow 14-inch (356 mm) and 16-inch
(406 mm) belts also use a diagonal treadbar pattern to further extend belt life
and self-cleaning capability. Wider belts use the chevron treadbar pattern.
Rubber compounds specially formulated for treadbar, belt carcass and guide blocks are used in the belt
manufacturing process. A patented arrangement of four or more layers of steel cable provides precise
tracking and durability for longer belt life.
STANDARD (60 to 88 in.)
• Standard gauge ranges from 60 to 88 inches (1,524 - 2,235 mm).
Extreme Application Belt
Challenger MT700C Series tractors offer producers the flexibility to match
virtually any cropping situation — whether it’s narrow-row cultivation or dryland
wheat farming — with gauge width as wide as 160 inches (4,064 mm). For even more versatility, gauge settings are infinitely adjustable —without
detensioning the belts — within each of the three gauge options, which means
you don’t have to settle for 2- to 4-inch increments. Cab steps can also be
adjusted from 60 to 80 inches (1,524 – 2,032 mm) to match the gauge and
crop row width.
This all-purpose belt provides an excellent ride with
superior belt alignment and traction in a wide-range
of field conditions. Available in four widths, the
general ag belt is equipped with 46, 4.5-inch (115
mm) long guide blocks and 92, 2.7-inch (68.5 mm)
tall treadbars; 46 treadbars on narrow, diagonal
tread belts.
General Ag Belt
Extreme Service Belt
Standard, Wide Or Ultra Wide
Balance The Load With Ballast
Proper ballasting is essential for peak performance, whether you’re running
on tracks or tires. Challenger offers everything you need to balance the load
for maximum traction and fuel efficiency. Options include a full rack of front
suitcase weights, as well as idler wheel weights, which, when combined,
take an MT700C model up to an industry leading 36,000 pounds
(16,329 kg), for maximum traction.
WIDE (80 to 120 in.)
ULTRA WIDE (120 to 160 in.)
Move the ultra wide gauge to 160 inches to straddle
four 40-inch rows of potatoes. No other track tractor
can go beyond four 30-inch rows. Or simply spread
any gauge option to a wider setting for easier turns
under load and improved stability.
A Higher Standard
In Hydraulic Power
Redesigned Hydraulic System
Challenger MT700C Series tractors are as big on hydraulic
power as they are on raw horsepower, meeting not only today’s
demanding standards, but those expected in the future.
Equipped with a redesigned closed-center, load-sensing,
pressure-flow compensating system, MT700C Series models
offer an industry-leading 43.5 gal./min. (164.7 lpm) pump as a
standard feature. For truly demanding applications, like scrapers
and large planters, Challenger offers a 59 gal./min. (223.3
lpm) pump option that doesn’t make you choose between
pulling power and hydraulic flow. A new common midstack
design also centralizes control valves for all tractor functions
simplifying the entire hydraulic system.
Fine-Tune Flow
And Pressure Adjustment
The new TMC display is used to control all remote implement
valves allowing the operator to electronically adjust flow
rates; adjust timed detents, and precisely adjust individual
valve operation. The redesigned system, which utilizes a
separate controller built into each valve, even allows the
operator to direct continuous flow up to 36 gallons/min. (136.3
lpm) through any one coupler. This is particularly important in
applications like seeding, where uninterrupted oil flow to
a hydraulically driven vacuum system is critical.
Load Independent Flow Division
Exclusive to Challenger, Load Independent Flow Division (LIFD)
is an indispensable feature when using hydraulic-powered
equipment. Instead of diverting hydraulic flow from one job to
another, LIFD ensures proportional oil flow to all desired circuits
when the system is operating at full capacity.
The exception is when one valve has been given priority and is
designated to receive full flow up to 36 gpm (136.3 lpm). In that
case, all other valves divide the remaining flow evenly, which
means you get the best of both worlds.
Hitch Up To Maximum Productivity
When you hitch up an MT700C Series model, you can rest
comfortably, knowing that the balance and load-carrying
requirements of the drawbar and 3-point hitch were carefully
examined and integrated into the tractor design process from
the start. You won’t find any “add on” here.
Exceptional Lift Capacity
A new valve body design offers four electric over hydraulic circuits, standard
on both models with a fifth or sixth valve available as options for more
demanding applications.
A lift capacity in excess of 16,000 pounds (7,260 kg) on the
anything-but-standard 3-point hitch is the greatest in its class. A
heavy-duty quick coupler is standard for fast implement hook-up.
The ISOBUS network communicates the 3-point hitch controls
from the Tractor Management Center, allowing you to adjust
maximum lift height, lift/lower speed, draft control, etc.
Steerable 3-Point Hitch
For even more control and versatility, step up to the Challengerexclusive steerable 3-point hitch. This unique option improves
tractor steering control and row corrections, especially in
narrower gauge applications. With float, fixed or dampened side-to-side movement, which
is controlled via the TMC display, the steerable hitch can improve
turning radius by up to 60 percent and compensate
for implement side-hill draft. Standard Drawbars Pull Their Weight
Built to withstand up to 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) of vertical
load, the standard drawbar swings up to nine degrees from the
tractor centerline when unpinned. Rubber bumpers and wear
plates cushion shock loads to ensure long life, while a trigger
hitch pin makes one-person implement hook-up simple
and convenient.
Wide-Swing Drawbar
For heavy tillage operations, where there’s no need for a 3-point
hitch, a wide-swinging drawbar option swings a full 32 degrees,
making it ideal for use in solid-seeded crops or field tillage.
Tapered rollers and rubber bumpers virtually eliminate wear
and shock loads during turns.
The Challenger Difference
The new, simpler design, paired with ISOBUS technology,
allows for more precise hydraulic control and easier
diagnostics. Add industry-leading flow rates and you have a
system that will handle any application it encounters.
Welcome to Your New Office
Step into the MT700C Series cab and you’ll swear the “C”
stands for comfort, control and convenience. Stretch out in 108
cubic feet (3.06 m3) of space — more cubic feet of luxury
than all others in its power class. However, it’s what you don’t
see that really sets the new “C” Series tractors apart from other
tractors in their class.
The entire machine is ISOBUS compliant, which culminates in
the cab in the form of unprecedented control and monitoring
of your tractor and implement functions and operation.
Spend The Day In Relaxed Comfort
Enjoy a smooth ride in the air-suspension seat that adapts to
virtually any size operator. Standard adjustments include height
and suspension; fore and aft seat position; lumbar support,
and back tilt position.
For the ultimate in operator comfort, upgrade to the optional
deluxe VRS, heated operator seat that’s backed by innovative
computer technology. Also available in a leather option, it uses
a specially tuned damping system that provides continuous
real-time automatic damping force in any one of three positions,
based on terrain inputs.
Comfortable In Any Weather
The Surround-Flow™ ventilation system features new vent
locations to keep you comfortable in any weather. The vents
even direct air onto each window for quick defrosting or to
create a cool air barrier in the heat of the day.
Office Amenities Throughout
An aristocratic ride is just the beginning of the comfort features
you’ll find in the MT700C Series’ spacious cab. Take a
seat and look around at some of the other amenities:
• Ergonomically designed right-hand Tractor Management
Center (TMC) with controls organized by function.
• A large temperature-controlled storage compartment keeps
your lunch cool or warm.
• A new dash with digital displays for all major tractor and
engine functions, including the selected gear, engine RPM
and machine hours.
• Additional storage that includes a coat hook, a literature storage
area and a compartment beneath the instructional seat.
• A wide assortment of management, comfort and convenience
features, including a cell phone holder and outlet; a set
of four radio speakers, front sun visor, and a power pack
of additional electrical outlets. The Challenger Difference
A Panoramic View
In addition to 67.5 square feet (6.2 m2) of usable glass area,
Challenger® MT700C Series tractors feature a short, sloping
hood that provides an unobstructed, panoramic view of the field.
Redesigned ergonomic controls and greater comfort help the
operator stay focused and alert for greater productivity during
long days in the field.
Turn Night Into Day
As a farmer, you know that the work doesn’t always stop when
daylight ends. That’s why the MT700C Series features a new
standard lighting package that offers up to 30% more light
coverage than previous models.
For even better nighttime illumination, select the optional
Nightbreaker™ HID lighting package, which pushes visibility
out to a quarter mile, depending on weather conditions. The
closer-to-sunlight white light produced by HIDs improves depth
perception and increases efficiency during low-light conditions
by replacing four of the eight halogen lights on the standard
lighting package (two on the front and two on the rear) with
HID Xenon lights. The rear ROPS cab posts are also placed in-line with your
shoulders for an unobstructed view of wide, trailed implements.
Meanwhile, large side mirrors and a wide-angle inside mirror let
you keep an eye on equipment without the need to twist around.
Electronically remote-controlled heated mirrors are optional for
a clear view in all weather conditions.
TMC display
Providing Control and Compatibility
As the international standard for electronic communications used
in agriculture, ISOBUS is the future in farm equipment … yet it’s
here today in the MT700C Series. One of the ISOBUS system’s most
popular features is it allows any compliant tractor to “talk” to any
compliant implement, no matter the manufacturer. It also allows the
tractor components to communicate information much quicker, with
fewer wires and connections. The benefits are countless … but
among those you’ll appreciate most are unsurpassed control; fewer
circuits and fuses; faster, simpler diagnostics; easier mapping and
data management, and greater peace-of-mind.
Your Window To The World
consoles, wiring harnesses, and control boxes. Simply plug and play
for seamless operation.
One-Touch™ Headland Management
The intuitive One-Touch™ headland management system gives
you the power to initiate several tractor and implement functions at
the same time at the touch of a button on the transmission control
lever. Easy to operate, the One-Touch™ system uses the new TMC
display to record and execute a myriad of repeated functions, such as
transmission shifting, accelerating or decelerating the engine, raising
and lowering the 3-point hitch, engaging and disengaging the PTO
and raising and lowering an implement. Thanks to the new ISOBUS technology, One-TouchTM also allows you
to adjust or add a function without having to re-record the entire
sequence, saving both time and frustration.
3-point hitch raise/work switch
The Challenger Difference
The MT700C Series tractors are on the cutting edge of ISOBUS
technology. As more and more implements become ISOBUS
compliant, you will see the immediate benefits in simplicity and
productivity with no need for additional consoles. This will bring a
new level of precision and productivity to your operation while
providing greater peace of mind.
The all new TMC display found in the MT700C Series is comprised
of a color screen, 12 re-programmable soft keys, and a rotary dial.
This ISOBUS compliant unit allows the operator to monitor and
manage all tractor functions, track service intervals, manage the
AUTO-GUIDE2 system, and collect valuable data for total farm
management...all from one convenient location.
The TMC display also controls ISOBUS compliant implements, such
as a planter, baler, or harvester without the need for additional
A new A/B engine speed switch
on the TMC allows the operator
to preset two memory settings
for consistent engine speed
during field operations and/or
headland turns.
Power management switch
Up to six in-line hydraulic levers
Auto-Guide activation switch
PTO switch
A/B engine speed switch
Roading lock-out switch
Gear selection buttons
Throttle lever
One-Touch™ button
Transmission control lever
3-point hitch depth control lever
Get More
From Every Pass With AUTO-GUIDE2
Whether your goal is to reduce skips and overlaps or to work at
faster speeds, the new AUTO-GUIDE2 lets you get more out of
every pass. By using GPS satellite navigation to guide the tractor
along parallel swaths — straight or contoured — pass after
pass, this hands-free steer-assist system brings a new level
of control and productivity to your operation.
• Reduced overlap helps save chemicals and seed for lower
input costs.
• Hands-free steering reduces fatigue and improves operator
• Increased field operating speed helps you cover more acres
per hour (up to 53% improvement in one California trial).
• Improves efficiency and fuel economy by maximizing
the full width of the implement (up to 32% in field trials).
The Challenger Difference
The result of a strategic partnership between AGCO and
Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), AUTO-GUIDE2 is designed
to fit tomorrow’s precision farming, machine control and
machine management technology.
Most importantly, as needs change, it’s simple to upgrade
your system and DGPS signal source to increase
accuracy levels.
• Sub-Meter System -- +/- 39” static accuracy
for decreasing overlap and skips. Unmatched Flexibility
• Decimeter System -- +/- 4” static accuracy
to eliminate guess rows and to achieve a new level
of accuracy in applications like ridge tilling, zero
tillage, controlled traffic patterns and for increasing
the accuracy of spraying and spreading operations.
The flexibility to perform precision applications like bedding,
planting, spraying and tillage are already built into the AUTO-GUIDE2
satellite navigation system. All you have to do is decide on the
system that best matches your needs and accuracy level goals. • Centimeter System -- +/- 0.8” static accuracy for
operations that require higher levels repeatability
or high levels of accuracy, such as cultivation, band
spraying, zone tillage and laying sub-surface drip tape.
Unlike other guidance systems on the market, AUTOGUIDE2 has the unique ability to utilize European and
Soviet satellites, in addition to U.S. GPS satellites, for
greater no-fee coverage and fewer “blackouts.” All functions of the AUTO-GUIDE2 system are managed through the new TMC
display. Naturally, AUTO-GUIDE2 is disengaged as soon as you manually turn
the wheel, whether it’s at the end row or the middle of the field.
Cut Down On The Downtime
At busy times, routine service can take a backseat in
the daily checklist. Fortunately, Challenger® engineers
understand your hectic schedule and have made it easy
to perform routine maintenance. With five easy-to-access
daily service points, you can complete maintenance
inspections at pit-crew efficiency, and get back in
the field.
• The tilt-up hood raises from the front, providing
excellent access to key service points like batteries
and cooling cores. A battery disconnect, which cuts
electrical power to the tractor is now standard.
• Checking and topping off engine oil is easily accomplished
from ground level on the left side of the tractor.
Diagnostics Is A Breeze
• The dual-element air cleaner is conveniently positioned
directly above the engine for easy inspection and
replacement. Downtime never comes at a convenient time! Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to
locate a problem, thanks to our new ISOBUS technology. Since every component
on the tractor communicates in the same language, a service technician needs
only to plug in a portable, hand-held unit that performs diagnostics and displays
results in a matter of seconds.
• A large toolbox, integrated into the steps, carries tools
up to 24 inches (610 mm) long with a total capacity
of 150 pounds (68 kg). The ISOBUS system performs equally well for the operator as it tracks and
displays service intervals, abnormal tractor conditions and data that can be
downloaded for use in accounting and management decisions.
• The cab air filter, conveniently located under the cab
roof overhang is easily removed without tools for
cleaning or replacement.
World-Renowned Dealers, World-Class Service
• Hydraulic and powertrain oil sight gauges at the rear
of the tractor let you check the level at a glance.
When you buy a Challenger® MT700C Series tractor, you acquire something
that money can’t buy from other dealers. You get the backing and support of the
legendary network of Cat® dealers who take downtime seriously. For nearly 100
years, Cat® dealers have been keeping construction, mining, roadwork and just
about every type of heavy-machine equipment in the world up and running...
365 days a year, day and night, under the most adverse conditions. • No tools are required to swing open the cooling cores
to remove trash build-up or blockage.
The Challenger Difference
With more mobile service trucks loaded with more diagnostic equipment than
most repair shops, Cat® dealers are second to none in on-location service. Plus,
their factory-trained technicians work as hard at preventing problems as they
do at repairing them. Thanks to ISOBUS technology, new simpler wiring designs
mean greater reliability, less downtime, and easier
diagnostics and repairs when something does go wrong.
With every Challenger® purchase, you’re acquiring a lot more
than a piece of farm machinery. You’re also getting the
Challenger commitment to quality and service. If you haven’t already done so, take a close look at the
MT700C Series at your local Cat® dealership. You’ll realize
that it’s built to the highest standards of quality in terms of
components and construction, as well as fit and finish. But
Challenger’s commitment to the customer goes far beyond
steel and rubber. Consider just some of the benefits of being
a Challenger customer. Maximum Warranty Coverage
As a Challenger® tractor owner, you are assured of full warranty
protection for two years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes
first. An Extended Service Plan is also available, assuring you
of continued support from your Challenger dealer.
Long-Term Challenger Support
Besides bringing new thinking to farm equipment, Challenger®
brings a whole new concept to sales and service through Cat®
dealers. It may be our biggest difference and our greatest
strength. And it may be the reason your operation could
become more profitable with Challenger equipment.
ProTech ESC Options
Thanks to three new ProTech ESC (extended service contract)
options, you can predict hourly operating costs right down to
the nickel. Choose from the basic Essential plan, the Enhanced
version or the Elite ESC program, which covers all service
work beyond the warranty, as well as technician travel time,
mileage and scheduled preventative maintenance.
MT700C Specifications
PTO Power @ rated 2100 RPM - HP (kW)
Gross Engine Power - HP (kW)
Power Growth PTO / Engine
Torque Rise PTO / Engine
# Cylinders / # Valves
Displacement - cubic in. (L)
Fuel Tank Capacity - US gal. (L)
Maximum Speed - mph (kph)
Standard - in. (mm)
Wide - in. (mm)
Ultra Wide - in. (mm)
General Ag Belts - in. (mm)
Extreme Application Belts - in. (mm)
Hardbar Suspension
Undercarriage Suspension
Hardbar Oscillation
Type of System
Std. Pump Flow - gpm (L/min)
Opt. Pump Flow - gpm (L/min)
Hydraulic Remotes
Max Flow at 1 Remote - gpm (L/min)
Maximum System Pressure - psi (bar)
Std. 3-PT Hitch - lbs. (kg)
Opt. Steerable 3-PT Hitch - lbs. (kg)
Opt. Wide Swing Drawbar
Drawbar Capacity (Std. / Opt.) - lbs. (kg)
Wheelbase - in. (mm)
Overall Width Wide Gauge - in. (mm)
Overall Length - in. (mm)
Overall Height to Top of Cab - in. (mm)
Drawbar Clearance - in. (mm)
Approx. Shipping Weight - lbs. (kg)
Maximum Operating Weight - lbs. (kg)
Caterpillar® C9 ACERT® Tier III
245 (183)
301 (224)
13% / 8%
52% / 42%
6 / 24
538 (8.8)
Turbocharged / Air-to-Air Aftercooled
HEUI - ADEM 4 Full Electronic Control
Standard 118 (447); Optional up to 208 (787)
Caterpillar® Powershift 16F / 4R
24.6 (39.6)
Caterpillar® Differential Steering
Infinitely adjustable bar axle with smooth hardbar
60 - 88 (1524 - 2235)
80 - 120 (2032 - 3048)
120 - 160 (3048 - 4064)
Caterpillar® C9 ACERT® Tier III
265 (198)
320 (239)
13% / 8%
52% / 42%
6 / 24
538 (8.8)
Turbocharged / Air-to-Air Aftercooled
HEUI - ADEM 4 Full Electronic Control
Standard 118 (447); Optional up to 208 (787)
Caterpillar® Powershift 16F / 4R
24.6 (39.6)
Caterpillar® Differential Steering
Infinitely adjustable bar axle with smooth hardbar
60 - 88 (1524 - 2235)
80 - 120 (2032 - 3048)
120 - 160 (3048 - 4064)
16, 18, 25, 30 (405, 455, 635, 760)
14, 16, 18, 25, 30 (335, 405, 455, 635, 760)
16, 18, 25, 30 (405, 455, 635, 760)
14, 16, 18, 25, 30 (335, 405, 455, 635, 760)
Two Marsh Mellow® Springs
Suspended Midwheels
Stabilizer Bar with 8° Range of Motion
1000 RPM, 20 Spline, 1.75” (45 mm)
Electronically Controlled
Two Marsh Mellow® Springs
Suspended Midwheels
Stabilizer Bar with 8° Range of Motion
1000 RPM, 20 Spline, 1.75” (45 mm)
Electronically Controlled
Load Independent Flow Division
(Closed-Center, Pressure-Flow Compensated)
43.5 (164.7)
59 (224.2)
4 Standard / up to 6 Optional
36 (136.3)
2,900 (200)
Load Independent Flow Division
(Closed-Center, Pressure-Flow Compensated)
43.5 (164.7)
59 (224.2)
4 Standard / up to 6 Optional
36 (136.3)
2,900 (200)
Category 3/3N 16,000 (7257)
Category 3/3N 16,000 (7257) +/- 8.6° Swing
Roller Type +/- 32° Swing
10,000 (4536) / 12,000 (5443)
Category 3/3N 16,000 (7257)
Category 3/3N 16,000 (7257) +/- 8.6° Swing
Roller Type +/- 32° Swing
10,000 (4536) / 12,000 (5443)
96 (2438)
133 (3376)
233 (5917)
135.5 (3444)
14.3 (365)
31,075 (14,095)
36,000 (16,329)
96 (2438)
133 (3376)
233 (5917)
135.5 (3444)
14.3 (365)
31,075 (14,095)
36,000 (16,329)
Cat Dealers And Service
World-Renowned Dealers, World-Class Service
In addition to bringing new thinking to machines, the
Challenger team brings a whole new concept to sales and
service through Cat dealers. It may be our biggest
difference and our greatest strength. And it may be the
reason your operation could become more profitable with
Challenger equipment.
When you buy Challenger equipment you get the backing
and support of the legendary network of Cat dealers.
People who have been keeping contractors, construction,
mining, landscaping, roadwork and just about every
heavy-machine demand undertaking in the world, up and
running…365 days a year, day and night. People who don’t
take downtime lightly. That’s why we’re already creating
Challenger brand loyalists — because every Challenger
machine is backed by the same support. In fact, Cat dealers
are second to none in on-location service.
With more mobile service trucks loaded with more diagnostic
equipment than most repair shops, and better-trained
technicians who work as hard at preventing problems as they
do at repairing them.
Combine it all with our 24-hour-a-day parts network and
you have the absolute gold standard in service. And it’s all at
work, ready to maximize your productivity and uptime.
Plus, Cat dealers have a rock-solid commitment to
agriculture. This partnership solidifies their confidence in the
Challenger product by putting their name behind the sales force
and service network. Combining Serious Machinery with the
Serious Dealers of Caterpillar is shifting the way things have
always been done. A shift we’re certain you’ll agree will soon
be the standard to beat.
Visit us at:
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At AGCO Finance, we understand that
financing is as much a part of your purchase
decision as the features and benefits of the
product. So we’re committed to providing the
best means of acquiring the equipment you
need, while allowing you to preserve other
credit lines of operating capital.
We offer flexible payment schedules,
flexible terms, quality service, competitive
rates, comprehensive financing and leasing
options, and virtually unlimited resources.
All are available under one roof, at your
authorized Caterpillar dealership.
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