Engineering consultancy services for the rail industry

Engineering consultancy services for the rail industry
Rail Services
Engineering consultancy
services for the rail industry
Vipac Profile
Vipac Engineers and Scientists Ltd
is a leading engineering consultancy
employing 240 professional staff in offices
located throughout all Australian capital
cities, Asia, Europe and the US.
Operating for over 40 years, Vipac has
extensive experience in infrastructure,
design and systems engineering and offers
specialist consultancy services in noise,
vibration, air quality, sustainability and
microclimate. Vipac works as independent
specialist consultants for transport
infrastructure agencies, government
departments, regulatory agencies and
contractors, as well as for designers,
manufacturers, owners and operators of
rolling stock.
A multi-disciplinary consultancy,
Vipac incorporates advanced technologies
with sound engineering principles
and employs these in a wide range
of applications; from acoustics and
vibration, to wind, fluid mechanics
and thermodynamics, across a broad
range of industries, from transport and
infrastructure, to building and construction,
mining and defence.
Our engineers have extensive experience
working on local and international rail
projects. We work closely with clients
throughout projects to ensure all
concerns are addressed and the
relevant standards met.
Vipac provides consulting services in the
specialist areas of:
• Environmental Services
• Design Consultancy
• Test and Commissioning.
All services are supported by the latest
instrumentation, advanced engineering
software and extensive laboratory facilities.
Vipac holds National Association of Testing
Authorities (NATA) accreditation for a wide
range of laboratory and field tests and is
ISO 17025 compliant.
Vipac is renowned for providing innovative,
cost effective solutions to complex
problems posed by the rail industry.
At Vipac, we measure our success by that
of our clients.
Our Subsidiaries
We have a number of subsidiaries
specialising in innovative technologies:
Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd
Provides products and services to the rail
industry under the Track IQ brand.
Gas Technology Services Pty Ltd
Products and services for the gas industry.
AutoTest Products Pty Ltd
Safety products and services for the
automotive aftermarket sector.
rail services |
environmental services
Noise and Vibration
Vipac provides noise and vibration
assessment and prediction services to
support clients involved in the design,
construction and operation of rail, road
and airport infrastructure projects.
Services include:
• Noise impact assessments
• Ground borne noise and
vibration assessments
• Noise and vibration modelling
• Noise and vibration
mitigation strategies
• Vibration isolation designs
• Noise barrier optimisation
• Public consultation, expert witness
and testimony.
Detailed surveys of environmental
noise are conducted using the latest in
acoustic instrumentation. With the help of
sophisticated computer programs,
noise contour maps are prepared and
evaluated, allowing for the accurate
assessment of current conditions
and forecasting of the likely impact of
construction and operational noise.
Critical noise sources and their impact
contribution are ranked and evaluated.
Design guidelines and specifications for
noise control mechanisms are prepared
to prevent future problems and to ensure
compliance with noise regulations whilst
optimising operating efficiencies with
regard to economic considerations.
Vipac also offers a range of services to
monitor, analyse and overcome vibration
problems to ensure environmental targets
are achieved. These include vibration
surveys, ground vibration monitoring
programs and special vibro-acoustical
analysis to assess and mitigate the effects
that vibration and regenerated noise
can have on buildings adjacent to large
infrastructure and rail projects.
Air Quality
Vipac provides air quality services
• Dispersion modelling
• Ambient air quality monitoring
–– Meteorology, dust, odour,
pollutants, toxics
• Indoor air quality
• Development applications odour
–– Full spectrum of monitoring,
auditing, modelling, assessment,
design and mitigation of all sources
including blasting noise, blast and
ground vibration as well as air, dust
and atmospheric emissions and
pollution dispersion
• Environmental Impact Statements
• Occupational assessments.
rail services |
design consultancy
Vipac provides design consultancy
services for rail infrastructure, rolling stock
and vehicle components.
Tunnels, Portals and Roofs
• Design of in-tunnel insulation and
track isolation treatments to minimise
in-car noise levels and ground/
structure-borne vibration
• Control of immission to
nearby structures.
• Internal noise environment,
reverberation, spatial sound quality
• Acoustic surfaces design, station
mitigation/treatment options
• PA & EWIS systems, announcement
speech intelligibility (STI), clarity,
coverage, audio frequency induction
loop (AFIL) performance,
• Speaker placement, orientation/
directivity, modelling, specification
Wayside Enclosures
• Design of wayside enclosures for the
protection of information technology,
signalling and communication systems.
• Environmental testing to ensure optimal
performance in relation to vibration,
shock, thermal exposure, ingress
protection and EMI.
Design for Endurance
Vipac offers design consultancy to
extend component and vehicle life by
ensuring these will survive harsh operating
conditions. Vipac provides environmental
testing to EN 50125-3.
• Air quality, pollutant assessment,
ventilation design
Environmental testing provided by
Vipac includes:
• Vibration
Driver compartment
• Noise and vibration modelling
and mitigation strategies
• Instrumentation and control
panels design
• Driver alerts/warning systems
• Evaluation of speed of
emergency evacuation.
• Shock
• Thermal exposure and performance
• Ingress protection.
Vipac provides structural analysis of freight
cars and carriages, bogie strain gauge
measurement, and fatigue testing of
undercar and roof-mounted equipment.
Sound insulation
See our environmental testing brochure for
Vipac’s full range of environmental testing
• Statistical Energy Analysis for train
envelope sound insulation.
Environmental Noise
Auxiliary equipment
• Noise and vibration modelling to
assist in the selection of quiet
auxiliary equipment
• Design of elevated viaduct/skytrain
structures to minimise structure-borne
vibration and environmental and
in-car noise.
• Noise and vibration mitigation
strategies for auxiliary equipment
• Design of resilient mounts to
isolate rail generated noise from
supporting structures.
• Noise and vibration laboratory testing
of auxiliary equipment
• Design to minimise curve squeal
from trains traversing tight curves.
• Design of quiet
air-conditioning systems.
• Design to minimise flange
contact noise.
rail services |
test and commissioning
Vipac provides test and commissioning
services including stationary and dynamic
noise and vibration measurements for
new vehicles.
Vipac deploys the latest instrumentation
for the accurate collection of all
measurements including multi-channel
data acquisition systems.
Interior noise
Static and dynamic interior noise
pressures are measured in both the driver
and passenger compartments of the
train. Measurement in the passenger
compartment is by microphones
connected to a multi-channel data
acquisition system.
Exterior noise
Exterior acoustics measurements are
taken while the train is stationary and
passby exterior noise measured in various
speed conditions.
Train public address systems
Rapid Speech Transmission Index
(RASTI) is measured for both the driver’s
microphone and PA playback system on
open track and in tunnel conditions.
Platform public address systems
Acoustic measurements are taken
to measure platform public address
systems to ensure that announcements
are intelligible over the ambient
noise environment.
Ride Comfort Test (Vibration test)
Measurements are undertaken to ensure
that vibrations in the floor, walls, seat
frames and other surfaces are below
specified tolerances.
rail services |
rail project experience
Vipac has extensive rail project experience including:
Singapore Wide MRT Noise Impact and Mitigation Study
(Singapore Land Transport Authority)
• Train noise measurements at over 200 low/medium or high rise unit blocks
• MRT railway noise mapping at residential units
• Proposed noise mitigation designs for single and double viaducts
• Barriers and enclosures design performance were modelled extensively
• Enclosure design including acoustics requirements, structural loading requirements,
air movement and aesthetic requirements.
Changchun, PRC
Acoustic and vibration measurements during test and commissioning stage for new Singapore
Down Town Line train.
Shanghai Metro Lines 7, 9 and 12
Acoustics and vibration measurements during test and commissioning stage for
new trains.
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Acoustics and vibration measurements and noise reduction for new generation of
light rail vehicles.
Hong Kong Rail
Absorber vibration isolation (Maunsell).
Kwai Tsing Theatre Hong Kong
Rail vibration isolation (ASD).
MRT Extension Singapore
Circle line noise impact (Jurong).
North West Rail Link, Sydney – OTS Bid Phase (Transform D&C JV)
Noise and vibration assessment & mitigation specification for stations, tunnel, viaduct,
track isolation, stabling/service facilities for 24km length including 17km of twin tunnels.
Gold Coast Light Rail (Rapid Transit) System (McConnell Dowell)
Sydney CBD Metro (Laing O’Rourke)
Sydney Light Rail Extension, Stage 1, Inner West (John Holland)
Wynyard Green and Wynyard Walk (Transport for NSW)
Brisbane Central and Metro Rail Network Noise Impact Assessment (Queensland Rail)
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