Eaton 93E UPS .
Power Quality Solutions
Eaton 93E UPS
Simply effective power management
for every critical environment
The Eaton 93E: simply effective
The Eaton 93E UPS delivers simply effective power
protection for ever-expanding loads in today’s spaceconstrained data centres. Facilitating a lower total cost
of ownership (TCO) through a combination of energyefficiency, high reliability and a compact
footprint the 93E is an ideal solution for small
- to medium - sized data centres and other
applications desiring highly reliable power protection.
Energy-efficient design
With a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and
control circuitry the 93E is capable of achieving up to a 98.5% efficiency rating, making it one of the most energy-efficient UPSs in
its class - and it still provides maximum load protection. Unlike
most high efficiency UPSs, the 93E:
• Provides surge suppression for the load
• Detects the location of faults (utility or load) and
takes the appropriate action
93E 300/400 kVA
• Switches to double-conversion operation in less than 4ms
High system efficiency reduces utility cost, extends battery run
times and ensures cooler operating conditions.
Real compatibility
True reliability
Active power factor correction (PFC) provides 0.99 input power
factor and <5% ITHD, thus eliminating interference with other critical equipment in the same network and enhancing compatibility
with generators. The 93E is optimised for protecting modern
0.9 p.f. rated IT equipment without the need to oversize.
Patented Eaton Hot Sync® technology makes it possible to parallel
up to four UPSs to increase availability or add capacity.
The technology enables load sharing without any communication
line, thus eliminating single point of failure.
Compact & serviceable design
Small footprint occupies minimal floor space:
• Up to 60% smaller than similar competitive solutions
• Allows dedication of more floor space to revenue
producing equipment
The 93E is easily and quickly serviced to provide the highest level
of availability with Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) <30 minutes.With
its Easy Capacity Test feature the 93E can test its entire power
train under full load stress without the requirement
of an external load.
Flexible installation options
• Small and Medium data centres
• Industrial automation equipment
• Telecommunications
• Healthcare
Eaton’s range of accessories for the 93E provides flexible installation options that expedite deployment and save valuable space.
The aesthetically designed accessories enable coordinated solutions that enhance both safety and reliability whilst reducing installation time and total cost.
The accessories family includes System Parallel Modules, External
Maintenance Bypass Switches, External Battery Cabinets, External
Battery Circuit Breakers, Top cable Entry Cabinets, Rear Chimneys,
IP21 kit (15-200kVA) & Internal Transformer Options (15-100kVA).
User Interface
Large LCD graphically displays UPS status and offers easy access
to measurements, controls and settings.
Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Software Suite incorporates two important applications for ensuring quality power and uptime:monitoring
and management of power devices across the network combined
with automatic, graceful shutdown when faced with an extended
power outage.
• Monitor and manage multiple power devices across
your network
• Extend the uptime of dual-powered servers with
redundancy capabilities
• Enable server shutdown and live migration events
With Eaton® Mini-Slot connectivity cards, you can monitor,
manage and remotely shutdown UPSs across the network.
• Network Card–MS Web/SNMP Card allows you to connect your
93E UPS directly to the Ethernet network and the Internet
• Network and MODBUS Card-MS provides remote
monitoring of a UPS system through a Building Management
System (BMS) or Industrial Automation System (IAS)
• Relay Card-MS provides the essential dry-contact interface
between your Eaton UPS and any relay-connected computer as
well as a variety of industrial applications
Eaton’s heritage in industry-leading
UPS design and production
For more than 50 years, Eaton
has been safeguarding the critical systems of businesses
across the globe. Whether
protecting a single desktop
or the largest data centre,
Eaton solutions provide clean,
uninterrupted power to keep
mission-critical applications
We work with IT and facilities
managers to effectively manage
power in virtually every business segment, including data
centres, retail outlets, healthcare organisations, governmental agencies, manufacturing
firms, broadcasting companies,
financial institutions, and a wide
variety of other applications.
We offer a comprehensive
range of environmentally-sensitive, efficient, reliable UPSs,
surge protective devices,
power distribution units (PDUs),
remote monitoring, meters,
software, connectivity, enclosures, airflow management and
professional services.
Our solutions provide the
power to make a difference,
helping you achieve your business goals while maintaining
environmentally sustainable
A world-class support
As an industry-leading UPS
provider, at Eaton we’re
constantly working to ensure
that our service standards
meet your needs precisely.
Our trained service team is on
hand 24/7 to minimise risks by
detecting and addressing problems before they happen. In
the Asia Pacific region Eaton´s
service network consists of
more than 200 field engineers
who receive comprehensive,
up-to-date training on the latest
products and technologies.
We confidently guarantee the
experience and know-how
of our servicing resources to
provide a dedicated support
package which helps to ensure
your equipment is running
safely, reliably, sustainably and
energy-efficiently at all times.
eaton 93E UPS
Eaton 93E UPS Technical Spec­i­fi­ca­tions
Ratings 15kVA/13.5kW, 20kVA/18kW, 30kVA/27kW,
Display Graphical LCD with blue backlight
40kVA/36kW, 60kVA/54kW, 80kVA/72kW, LEDs (4) LEDs for notice and alarm
100kVA/90kW, 120kVA/108kW, 160kVA/144kW,
Audible Alarms Yes
200kVA/180kW, 300kVA/270kW, 400kVA/360kW
Communication Ports (1) RS-232, (1) USB, (1) EPO
Topology Double-conversion online UPS
Communication Slots (2) Mini-slot communication bays
Electrical Input
400/230V, 4 wire (380/415V selectable)
Input Voltage Range -15%, +20% from nominal (400V) at 100%
Operating Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
load without depleting battery
Batteries recommended max. +25ºC
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz (40 to 72 Hz) Batteries
Storage Temperature -25ºC to +55ºC without batteries
Input Power Factor >0.99 typical
+15ºC to +25ºC with batteries
Input Current Distortion ≤5% THD
Relative Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Audible Noise 15-20kVA≤55 dBA at 1m typical
Electrical output
Nominal Output Voltage 400/230, 4 wire (380/415V selectable)
Output Voltage ±1% Static; <5% dynamic at 100% resistive
60-120kVA≤65 dBA at 1m typical
Regulation load change <20 ms response time
160-200kVA≤70 dBA at 1m typical
30-40kVA≤62 dBA at 1m typical
300-400kVA≤73 dBA at 1m typical
Battery 192 to 240 Cells (Continual selectable for 15-80kVA)
Altitude 216/222/228/234/240 Cells (Selectable for 100-400kVA)
Charging Method ABM Cyclic Charging
EMI Standards EN55022/EN55024
EMC Compliance IEC 62040-2
ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:1996
<1000m at +40°C
Efficiency Up to 98% High-efficiency mode (15-80kVA)
Quality Up to 98.5 % High-efficiency mode (100-400kVA)
Communication accessories
Up to 94% Double-conversion mode
Network-MS Web/SNMP Card
Overload 150% for 1 minute, 125% for 10 minutes,
Modbus-MS Web/SNMP and Modbus Card
>150% for 150ms
Relay-MS Relay (Dry Contact) Card -DB9 Connection
UPS Bypass Automatic on overload or UPS failure
Industrial Relay Relay (Dry Contact) Card -Terminal Connection
Parallel technology
Eaton Hot Sync® Technology
116750224-001 Environmental Monitor Probe (EMP) kit (need to plug Dimensions W x D x H 500 x 710 x 960 (mm) 15-20kVA (with internal battery)
into Web/SNMP Card or Web/SNMP and Modbus 500 x 710 x 1230 (mm) 30kVA (with internal battery)
Card to work
500 x 710 x 1500 (mm) 40kVA (with internal battery)
System accessories
600 x 800 x 1876 (mm) 60-200kVA
Battery Cabinets & Battery Circuit Breakers (60-200kVA)
1600 x 820 x 1880 (mm) 300/400kVA
Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS) (100-200kVA, standard on 15-80kVA)
Cabinet Rating IP20 with standard washable dust filters
Top Cable Entry (60-200kVA, standard on 300-400kVA)
Weights without 15/20kVA-72kg, 30kVA-91kg, 40kVA-120kg, System Parallel Modules (60-200kVA)
internal battery 60kVA-202kg, 80kVA-245kg, 100kVA-283kg,
Dual input kit (15-80kVA)
120kVA-311kg, 160/200kVA-457kg,
IP21 hood (15-200kVA)
300kVA-860kg, 400kVA-970kg
Weights with internal battery 15/20kVA-272kg, 30kVA-376kg, 40kVA-490kg
Rear Chimney (60-200kVA)
Due to continuous product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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