Machine Controls, CAD/CAM Software Build Factory Efficiency

Machine Controls, CAD/CAM Software Build Factory Efficiency
Image courtesy Gibbs and Associates
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
GibbsCAM 2015 with its new UKM engine
provides highly accurate machine simulation
on machines of virtually any configuration.
Machine Controls, CAD/CAM
Software Build Factory Efficiency
The latest CNC and software technologies
can help shops optimize machining tasks
and boost metalcutting productivity
ith new CAD/CAM and controls
technologies, machine shops find
the fastest, most efficient ways to cut
metal and mold their manufacturing
processes. At the Controls & CAD/
CAM pavilion in the Lakeside Build-
ing at IMTS, visitors will see the latest CNC tools and manufacturing software aimed at refining part programming and
improving machining processes.
August 2014
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
Multitasking machine tools have been at the forefront
Software Inc. (Tolland, CT), developer of Mastercam. “You see
of CNC programming advances, with new systems taking
this across a variety of CAD/CAM companies where toolpaths
advantage of minimal setups on these “done-in-one” multi-
are taking advantage of new algorithms and increased com-
tasking machines. Taking multitasking programming to a new
puter processing in order to have a lot more intelligence about
level, the new GibbsCAM UKM (Universal Kinematic Machine)
tool load and tool motion,” Mund said. “These new types of
that will be introduced at IMTS by Gibbs and Associates
smarter toolpaths yield a number of benefits including extend-
(Moorpark, CA) capitalizes on a completely reengineered
ing tool life, reducing cycle time, and reducing machine wear.
CAM engine, one that takes advantage of newer multitasking
They can also make traditional projects, like cutting hard
machines, yet still offers backward compatibility when used
materials, easier.”
with older machine designs.
At the CNC Software booth, visitors will see the latest Mas-
Under development for about five years, the UKM engine
tercam release which offers improved usability and workflow,
will enable much more accurate modeling of machine tools,
Mund said. “The other thing we are showing is our Dynamic
said Bill Gibbs, president of Gibbs and Associates, and it will
Motion technology,” he said. “This is a machining technique
also help reduce the costs of developing postprocessors and
that we’ve had for a number of years, and it is slowly expanding
simulation models. “Even though we’ve been doing MTM
across the suite of Mastercam products. It powers many of our
[multitask machining] longer than anybody, we saw a need
most commonly-used toolpaths. In a nutshell, Dynamic Motion
in the industry,” Gibbs said. “The machines are evolving in
toolpaths can take full-depth cuts while maintaining optimal
creative ways.”
cutter load and smooth motion. We have field tested this for
These innovative MTM architectures have posed problems
for software developers, said Gibbs, noting that CAM systems
about half a decade, and the results we see are remarkable.”
At IMTS, Mund said he’s interested in seeing all the new
were originally designed either to be used with a lathe or with
developments in machine tools and cutter technologies, as
a mill. “There’s no limit to how creative machine-tool design-
well as 3D printing advances. “We have a lot of gear heads
ers can be,” said Gibbs. With the new UKM system, kinematic
here—one thing that is a big draw for us is checking out the
models are used more effectively, offering dramatically improved
advances in multiaxis machines and mill-turn machines,”
rendering of simulations that are able to more precisely simulate
Mund said. “We are also interested to see first-hand any of
these highly complex MTM systems. “It is very, very flexible in
the new cutters that are being rolled out. Although we stay
how we can assign axes and alignments,” Gibbs added.
in contact with cutter manufacturers, seeing them first-hand
helps us to know what we can incorporate into our software.
“There’s no limit to how creative
machine-tool designers can be.”
In addition to the UKM, GibbsCAM 2015 adds many new
tool types including Barrel, Dovetail, Convex Tip, E-style ISO
Lastly, we’re interested in the advancements of 3D printing—
in particular the hybrid machines that do both additive and
subtractive machining.”
High-Speed, High-Efficiency Machining
At Delcam’s booth, visitors can see the application of
insert, and tools defined by solids. The software also features
the company’s Vortex high-efficiency clearance strategy,
dynamic 3D viewing of tools and toolholders in the tool dialog,
which debuted in PowerMill but has now been added across
allowing users to accurately visualize the tools they are select-
Delcam’s software line with the addition into its FeatureCAM,
ing for the job. GibbsCAM 2015 will include the new Adveon
PartMaker and Delcam for SolidWorks CAM systems. “High-
tool management system licensed from Sandvik Coromant
efficiency and five-axis machining have been important to our
(Fair Lawn, NJ), Gibbs said, which is also available to other
users for some time and will continue to trend,” said Mary
CAM software developers.
Shaw, Delcam North American marketing manager. “Visitors
will discover how they can gain unprecedented speed and ac-
Smarter Toolpaths
curacy with the 2015 CAM software releases. Delcam contin-
Another trend in CAD/CAM is the use of a new class of
ues to spend more on development than anyone in the CAM
smarter toolpaths, said Ben Mund, marketing manager, CNC
industry. In staying with the overall theme of speed, Delcam
August 2014
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
tool assembly application. CGTech also recently announced its new partnership with Machining Cloud
GmbH (Stans, Switzerland) to ensure that Vericut
users have access to complete, updated cuttingtool data, thereby enhancing the accuracy of their
simulation and verification.
“Customers are putting a great deal of pressure
on their suppliers to reduce costs and prices, even
on parts and contracts that have been in place and
Image courtesy Siemens Industry Inc.
fine-tuned for years. CGTech, as a software supplier
providing tools to improve our customers’ manufacturing processes, believes the pressure is also on us
to help our customers meet their customers’ cost
reduction demands,” said Bill Hasenjaeger, CGTech
product marketing manager. “Better and broader
implementation of Vericut’s validation and optimizaIntegrated robotic parts handling and teach-in of a
Kuka robot is demonstrated with Siemens’ Sinumerik
CNC controller.
tion tools can help.”
At IMTS, CGTech will show new features and improvements in Vericut’s cutting optimization, easier
simulation implementation, and broad coverage of
will invite attendees into our booth to take a 30-second test
more manufacturing processes, Hasenjaeger said. “IMTS is
drive to see our product advantages.”
always a great place to see the latest factory technology in our
Vortex gives the fastest safe metal removal from solid
machining domain,” he said. “With Vericut’s broad application
carbide tooling, in particular with designs that give deeper
across industries and around the world, we always have to
cuts by using the full flute length as the cutting surface, noted
be prepared to implement new factory innovations quickly for
Shaw. It can be used for two- and three-axis roughing, three-
our early-adopter customers. Additive processes integrated in
plus-two-axis area clearance and for rest machining, and it
conventional five-axis machining cells, such as metal spray-
gives benefits when machining all types of materials, including
ing or laser cladding, are especially interesting for us. We’re
titanium, tool steel and alloys such as Inconel. Vortex pro-
always on the lookout for new cutting tools and new cutting
duces toolpaths with a controlled engagement angle and so
methods, as well as new features on CNC controls and the
maintains the optimum cutting conditions for the toolpath that
machines they’re controlling.”
would normally be possible only for the straight-line moves.
The constant feed rate achieved with Vortex is a fundamental
difference from other high-speed roughing techniques. A
CNC Advances
A new affordable CNC, the FANUC 0i-F machine control,
series of trials run by Delcam on different machine tools within
will be introduced at IMTS by FANUC America Corp. (Roches-
its Advanced Manufacturing Facility has shown that a time
ter Hills, MI), said Paul Webster, engineering manager for the
saving of at least 40% is not untypical, she added, with the
Hoffman Estates, IL-based CNC product line of FANUC Ameri-
biggest percentage savings being found when cutting steel on
ca. “We’ve designed a lot of commonality in our CNC systems,
a Huron machine with SGS Z-Carb MD cutters.
between all our hardware and our software,” Webster said.
Better NC Simulation
0i Series controls aimed at production shops, Webster noted,
The new 0i-F CNC is the latest entry to FANUC’s best-value
Improvements in cutting tool use in the Vericut NC simula-
and the 0i Series is the company’s highest-selling series of
tion, verification and optimization software will be showcased
controls ever. “What’s exciting about the 0i-F is what it will have
at the booth of CGTech (Irvine, CA). The company will dem-
in common with the 30i Series controls, with a common look
onstrate how Vericut is integrated with Kennametal’s NOVO
and feel,” Webster said. “We’ve dedicated a lot of effort to make
August 2014
everything look similar so it’s easier for operators to work with
different controls models on the factory floor.”
Siemens is now offering a full line of CNCs covering
standard, mid-range and high-end machining operations and
The new 0i-F CNC also features a 15" display option and
at IMTS the company will present these CNC technologies,
4:26 PM
features Bluetooth capabilities that are part of8-2014_ME_Chair_ad_Layout
the common
including1 the
entry-level job-shop
CNC platform. “That makes the CNC
a lot more PC-like in functionality,”
Webster said. Another development is
the addition of multitouch touchscreen
capabilities. “We’re adding that capability to the Panel i touchscreens, so now
you’ll be able to do multitouch, and
pinch to zoom,” Webster said.
Robotics-CNC Integration
Integrated robotic parts handling
and teach-in through the CNC controller is an emerging trend in highly-automated factories, as well as job shops
today, according to Rajas Sukthankar,
business manager, Machine Tool Business Unit, Siemens Industry Inc. (Elk
Grove Village, IL). “We have worked
closely with a robotics partner to develop our mxAutomation platform and
Run MyRobot application,” Sukthankar
said. “This enables the full operation
and control of both the machining
Looking to make things a whole lot easier
around your shop?
functions and the robot on one CNC
using a dedicated second channel.”
Not only does this streamline operators’
tasks, but it also eliminates the need
If you’re looking for powerful CAM software that makes everyone’s job easier
while providing support that you can rest assured in, GibbsCAM is
YOUR CAM software solution.
to operate a separate robotic controller with its own language and training
requirements, he said.
“In another critical area of CNC
machining, we see more exotic material
Powerfully Simple. Simply Powerful.
substrates, more nontraditional technologies, such as 3D, ECM, and lasers, for
example, plus the hybrid machines that
See GibbsCAM at Booth E-3310
combine laser and milling work, making
inroads in the market—and Siemens’
open architecture is well-positioned to
respond to the specific requirements
of these machining technologies,” Suk-
2-5 Axis
thankar said.
August 2014
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
control and the 828D mid-range CNC with dedicated func-
that offer a complete automation package, which includes the
tionality for milling and turning operations. “These platforms
design and manufacturing of the CNC control, digital servomo-
share a common HMI interface with our Sinumerik 840D sl,
tor system for both the axes and spindle, the PLC and precision
the industry standard in multiaxis, multichannel CNC for aero-
linear and rotary encoders,” he said, “plus we offer a complete
space, automotive and medical part manufacturing,” he said.
digital readout system line. The benefit is our products are
“On the software side, our full medical process chain from
engineered to bring out the performance from each other due
CAD to CAM to CNC, facilitated by NX CAM and Teamcenter
to the systematic communication between the various compo-
concepts, will be demonstrated for the unique and always
nents, thus the customer can be sure they are truly receiving
nonlinear world inside the human body.”
the benefits of today’s advanced automation technology.”
Fagor’s lineup at IMTS includes an introduction of its HSSA
“In a nutshell, Dynamic Motion toolpaths
can take full-depth cuts while maintaining
optimal cutter load and smooth motion.”
in-program tuning that allows the customer three different
levels of servo performance to ensure the highest performance
possible for their individual application, Drane said. Fagor
also will introduce the new 8060 high-performance CNC that
is designed specifically with the intent of bringing aerospace
Around the show, Sukthankar is interested in seeing new
quality technology to the small and mid-size high-performance
innovations, particularly in automation and additive manu-
machine market. The company also has a new line of nanomet-
facturing technology. “I have a keen interest in nontradi-
ric-resolution linear encoders as well as three series of noncon-
tional machining, as well as additive manufacturing and the
tact precision encoders. “The Fagor 8060 CNC is equipped
challenges of making a factory run under more automated
with proprietary advanced features necessary for high-speed
conditions,” he said. “These require entirely new approaches
machining,” Drane said, “but is simple to operate and program
to motion control and data management, in both the machine-
due to the IIP Programming system that presents the user
to-machine and plant-wide communications areas.
interface in a conversational presentation.” ME
“As always, of course, I will be visiting our machine tool
—Patrick Waurzyniak
customers to listen. That’s always the beginning of any good
conversation between Siemens and our machine builders.
As they face greater and more unique challenges in their
global marketing, we must respond with both the product and
software solutions to help them succeed—today and into the
future. It is a truly exciting time in the machine tool world, as
new materials, new manufacturing techniques, both additive
and subtractive, plus a growing presence for robots and other
automation, continue to emerge in the market.”
Fast, Automated Solutions
At CNC developer Fagor Automation Corp. (Elk Grove Village, IL), the emphasis is on speed with accuracy, as customers
get nanometric resolution combined with high speeds from
Fagor’s CNC lineup, noted Todd Drane, Fagor Automation marketing manager. “Our customers are requiring exceptional part
finish, while turning up the feed rate at the same time,” Drane
said. “Thus the trend is advanced algorithms that improve
servo performance and block throughput from the CNC.”
Visitors to Fagor’s booth will see a complete automation
solution, Drane added. “We are one of the few manufacturers
August 2014
Simulation Software
Vericut Version 7.3 CNC machine simulation, verification and
optimization software simulates all types of CNC machining
including drilling and trimming of composite parts, waterjet,
riveting, robots, mill/turn and parallel kinematic/hexapods.
The software
operates independently but can
also be integrated
with leading CAM
systems and
the company
will showcase
Vericut’s full
integration with
the CAD/CAM and machine tool industry. Machine simulation
with Vericut detects collisions and near-misses between all
machine tool components such as axis slides, heads, turrets,
rotary tables, spindles, toolchangers, fixtures, workpieces,
cutting tools, and other user-defined objects. Users can also
set up “near-miss zones” around the components to check for
close calls and detect over-travel errors. Machine movements
can even be simulated while stepping or playing backwards in
Vericut’s Review Mode. With Vericut Reviewer, users can view
animations of the CNC machining process. At IMTS, the company will demonstrate Reviewer files operating on an iPad.
Ph: 949-753-1050
Web site:
Program Smarter... Machine Faster
Machining Time
Cloud-Enabled CAM
The new cloud-enabled Esprit CAM software allows programmers to easily select tools based on part features in minutes
to find ideal tooling. With the Esprit MachiningCloud Connection, programmers have access to complete, up-to-date
tooling product data,
which cuts hours of
programming time
by eliminating the
need for manual tool
creation. The cloudbased CAM offers a
list of recommended
cutting tools based
on machining features and machining
sequences, and
simulates with more accurate 3D models of tool components
and assemblies. The software also includes upgrades that
benefit customers in tooling, automation, simulation and
shop-floor collaboration. Simulation enhancements in Esprit
protect machine-tool investments with powerful simulation
and collision-detection tools that allow users to see the whole
picture, while new collaborative tools make teamwork seamless on the shop floor.
DP Technology Corp.
Ph: 805-388-6000
Web site:
Setup Time
Programming Time
You need a CAM partner that holds the key to faster
time-to-market. You need a CAM software that allows
you to meet those needs by reducing programming
time with a feature driven intelligent knowledge
base, reducing machining time with ultra high speed
machining strategies, reducing set up time with true
G-code verification all in one software. That’s why
you need CAMWorks.®
Precision CNCs
The TNC 640 is the company’s latest high-end milling control
with milling and turning capability. The TNC 640 CNC features
a new design, improved 3D program verification graphics and
advanced Dynamic Prediction, which guarantees calculation of the optimum speed for precise and smooth surfaces.
Also on display will be the TS 460, the first touch probe that
August 2014
480.367.0132 •
The key to faster time-to-market.
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Booth #E-3320
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
enables the user
to transmit the
trigger signal either over infrared
or radio waves—
without having
to change the
touch probe. This
gives the users
the benefits of a very wide transmission range (radio) and fast
signal transmission (infrared).
Heidenhain Corp.
Ph: 847-490-1191
Web site:
New CAM Engine
The company will showcase the new GibbsCAM UKM (Universal Kinematic Machine), an updated CAM engine that powers
the upcoming release of GibbsCAM 2015. UKM is a complete
reengineering of the company’s CAM engine that changes the
way the software relates to machine definitions and machine
tools, blurring
the line between
the definition of
mills and lathes.
can handle any
number of axes
in any direction,
with multiple tools
cutting simultaneously, allowing
users to program
and accurately
simulate any current or future machines. The system offers
dramatic improvements to rendering and machine simulation
that provides the most accurate simulation available, giving
customers the confidence that what they see on the computer screen is what will happen at the machine. Significant
changes have also been made to the tooling functionality of
GibbsCAM 2015, and an entire new category of tooling, called
Intermediate Tooling, has been added. GibbsCAM 2015 also
includes many other improvements, from geometry creation to
toolpath strategies, including additional high-speed machining
(HSM) strategies.
Gibbs and Associates
Ph: 800-654-9399
Web site:
August 2014
Affordable CNC
The new Series 0i-F CNC offers users a new commonality
of design and 15" (380-mm)
display option in an affordable new CNC platform that
includes built-in Bluetooth
technology and a digital servo
adapter with new EtherCAT
interface. The Series 0i-F
features common operability,
maintainability and networking
options as the Series 30i CNC
along with having a highly
compatible PMC ladder, translating to easier operation and
maintenance across the plant floor. The seamless combination of using the same motors, amplifiers, peripheral devices
(safety machine operator’s panel, I/O module/unit, iPendant,
interface unit for handy machine operator’s panel) as the
Series 30i further simplifies ease of use and maintenance of
the Series 0i-F. Additional features on the Series 0i-F include
I/O Link i, FANUC Serial Servo Bus (FSSB) high-speed rigid
tapping, function for loader control, tolerance control, axis
name expansion, quick program restart, flexible path axis assignment, EtherNet/IP and Profinet.
FANUC America Corp.
Ph: 888-FANUC-US (888-326-8287)
Web site:
High-Speed CAD/CAM
The new PowerMill 2015 CAD/CAM package offers higher
feed rates and material-removal rates, shortening cutting
times by as much as
70%, with the Vortex
area-clearance strategy, which produces
safe toolpaths with
a much deeper cut
by using a controlled
engagement angle that
maintains the optimum
cutting conditions for
the whole toolpath.
Companies using
PowerMill for either positional or continuous five-axis machining also will benefit from
improvements to the collision checking within the software.
With this update, collision checking has been changed so
that warnings can also be flagged for near misses. A number
of improvements have been made to the PowerMill interface,
including a clearer form for the strategy selector that makes
navigation easier when choosing which
strategy to use. In addition, three new
curve-creation options have been added
to the curve editor—ellipse, spiral and
helix—for creating patterns or boundaries when generating toolpaths.
Delcam plc
Ph: 877-335-2261
Web site:
include block processing speeds of <1 ms while analyzing the
toolpath with advanced high-speed block look-ahead, using
nanometric resolution. Combined with the Fagor Adaptive
Real-time Feed & Speed control (ARFS), this enables the CNC
Advanced CNC
The new 8060 CNC system is meant to
bring aerospace quality technology to
small and mid-size machines. This CNC
is equipped with proprietary advanced
features necessary for high-speed
machining, yet it maintains the best
machining surface finish while providing
You Can’t Improve
What You Don’t Measure
Impulse Manufacturing is an Atlanta-area precision
metal fabricator that utilizes the latest technologies
in sheet metal fabrication, tube processing, and machining.
They wanted an automated system to track downtime
and efficiency of each machine in real time. Clay Reiser,
Impulse’s Director of Business Development, says
“ShopFloorConnect accomplished that and paid for itself
in less than three months!”
ShopFloorConnect collects and analyzes efficiency metrics
and OEE from any machine and features capabilities
designed for discretemanufacturing, packaging, and foodand-beverage industries. ShopFloorConnect is scalable,
and can be quickly implemented into any industrial
environment. It comes ready to communicate directly over
your network, and includes a powerful report-generator
as well as a browser-based viewer that supports
the ‘visual factory’ and real time displays.
maximum accuracy. The control is offered with a 10.4" (35.6-mm) high-resolution LCD TFT color or touchscreen,
Ethernet, USB and Tele-Diagnosis
capability. The 8060 can control up to
six axes plus three separate spindles
with two different execution channels
and includes Auto-Tuning system setup
capability. Performance capabilities
For additional information about ShopFloorConnect, call us at
800-586-8324 (US and Canada), 978-268-2700, or visit us
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August 2014
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
to analyze machining conditions such as spindle load, servo
power, tool-tip temperature and adapts both the axis feed rate
and the spindle speed for maximum machining performance
productivity. The result is a reduction of cycle time coupled
with a superior part finish, extended spindle and servomotor
life, and improved tool utilization.
Fagor Automation Corp.
Ph: 800-423-2467
Dynamic CAM Toolpaths
The latest Mastercam machining software features the new
Dynamic Motion technology that can slash machining times
by as much as 75%. Included in the Mastercam X8 release,
the new Dynamic Motion toolpath technology helps machinists get the most of any machine in the shop. The X8 release
also introduces
many significant
capabilities, including a more efficient
workflow, improved
usability, and much
more. With this
release, the dynamic
motion technology
is expanded across
the entire Mastercam product line with speed and efficiencies built into the software, at no extra cost to users. Dynamic
Motion adds several benefits, including dramatically extending
tool life; reducing cycle time; saving wear and tear on machines; cutting hard materials more easily; and use on virtually any machine in the shop. Mastercam X8 also introduces a
completely new Solids Workflow that makes constructing and
editing solids more intuitive than it’s ever been. The update
also delivers improved usability and the ability to customize
the way machinists work.
CNC Software Inc.
Ph: 800-228-2877 or 860-875-5006
Web site:
CNC Innovations
Company will showcase its CNC solutions that range from
the job shop to the retrofit operation, moldmakers to massproduction departments at the world’s leading automotive,
aerospace and medical manufacturers. Company’s CNC solutions include the Sinumerik 808 CNC for job shops, offering a
basic CNC with power, flexibility and reliable performance to
the job shop. The 808 rounds out the growing family of CNC
August 2014
models, which now span the range from the basic three-axis
machines to the most advanced five-axis machining centers
using the Sinumerik 840D CNC, with full robotic integration,
secondary operations management and transfer line capability, all on a single control.
Siemens Industry Inc.
Ph: 800-879-8079
Web site:
CAM Workflow Software
Company will demonstrate its Edgecam Workflow software
application specifically designed for manufacturers to help
reduce costs, improve quality and achieve shorter lead times.
Workflow helps users understand the component topology
and the required manufacturing environment, accelerating
toolpath generation. The software aids in loading and position-
ing the component, choosing the manufacturing method and
suitable machine tools, adding user-defined stock or stock
from a database, importing fixtures, selecting a machine and
toolkit, and managing strategies to automate manufacture.
Edgecam Workflow will have a significant impact on shortening programming time, and, because it is so simple to operate, the learning curve for new users is considerably reduced.
Edgecam/Vero Software
Ph: 866-334-3226
Web site:
ERP Document Control
To avoid costly mistakes, manufacturing firms need the latest
versions of spec sheets, drawings and other customer documents during production. Managing this critical task just got
easier with the new Version Management System (VMS), an add-on to the
company’s Document Control ERP
module. VMS electronically attaches
documents to jobs and offers several
new document security features to
ensure production workers have the
most current version for every job. To
streamline the document management
process, VMS stores files directly in
the database, adding more security for
greater protection of document/data
integrity. Multiple versions of files can
be stored simultaneously, allowing for a
version history of each file. Users can
easily reference or roll back to older file
versions to see historical changes on all
documents, and Check-In/Check-Out
functionality makes it impossible for
two users to change a file at the same
time. Users can protect information with
individual and group-level permissions
and limit document exposure with print
and e-mail security options.
Global Shop Solutions Inc.
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Web site:
welders, CMMs, and even manual machines. DataXchange features cloud technology that can be deployed either as a SaaS
(Software-as-a-Service) solution or as an On-Premise solution.
Key features include configurable real-time dashboard, e-mail
Verisurf Delivers
Shop-Floor Software
The DataXchange and Process Control
is cloud-based machine monitoring and
data-collection software. This system
uses MTConnect as one of the datacollection methods. The cloud-based
DataXchange allows for simple and quick
startup and eliminates the need for large
up-front investments for a machine
monitoring system. With support for
MTConnect, DataXchange can collect
a wealth of information from the latest
machine tools as well as offering native
support for Fanuc Focas and hardware
solutions for older legacy machine tools,
Complete Measurement Solutions
Verisurf Software combines its open
CAD-based measurement platform with
application expertise, appropriate hardware
devices, service, training and support to
deliver best-in-class measurement
solutions. Whether you need a single point
solution or a company-wide measurement
platform, Verisurf delivers.
• Manufacturing Inspection
• Reverse Engineering
• Assembly Automation
See us at
Booth #E-3345
FREE Assessment – Call today and receive
a no obligation Coordinate Metrology
Assessment from Verisurf. You will gain
helpful insight on today’s best practice
solutions, standards and processes.
Dealer Inquiries Invited • 866-340-5551
August 2014
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
Demonstrations will show an embedded version of NCSIMUL
Player 9.2 on a fully rugged, mobile Panasonic Toughpad
IP65 connected to machine tool controllers such as Fanuc
CNCs. With this capability, shop-floor operators and managers are able to interact remotely—in 3D and in real time using
intuitive touch controls—with one or several CNC machines
notifications and mobile apps, along with the ability to track
multiple definitions of cycle time concurrently for each machine. Real-time analytics on incoming data allows for decisions
to be made with ease and to execute changes immediately.
Shop Floor Automations Inc.
Ph: 877-611-5825
Web site:
ERP Software Shop Kiosk
The Visual EstiTrack Shop Kiosk is an optional add-on application to Henning Software’s Visual EstiTrack ERP software.
Shop Kiosk is designed to be either run on a user’s desktop
machine or as an information bulletin board kiosk on a large
monitor in a
shop’s public
area. The
has been
designed as a
for a shop’s
traditional paper-based bulletin board method of distributing
information to its employees, and it provides an electronic way
to share and distribute information from Visual EstiTrack. The
kiosk allows employees to view just about any type of content
including shop metrics, orders, human resource information,
videos, PDF documents, and other materials. The information
summarized and graphed in Henning Software’s Executive
Dashboard can also be displayed on the kiosk.
Henning Industrial Software Inc.
Ph: 330-650-4212
Web site:
NC Simulation
The latest NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL Player 9.2 software will be demonstrated with the recently introduced mobile
system, called WYSIWYC (What You See Is What You Cut).
August 2014
and their machining processes, as they execute the CNC
program on the machine. The 3D animations of CNC machining processes, as well as related work instruction sheets, are
directly accessible from the mobile application. The software
gives users a realistic preview of the process and real-time 3D
simulation of machines and machining showing what is really
cut and operations currently in progress. The software also
can extend to DNC machine status monitoring, ERP and MRP.
Spring Technologies Inc.
Ph: 617-401-2197
Web site:
CAD/CAM Programming
PartMaker Version 2015 offers improved support for the
latest multitasking machine tools, more powerful milling and
turning functionality and a unique approach to postprocessing for multiaxis turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes. The
system features improved machining algorithms, giving users
even more capability while retaining the software’s ease of
use. PartMaker 2015 includes specialist support for a new
vertical mill-turn and vertical turret lathes, as well as support
for turret-based Swiss lathes with programmable B-axis live
tooling attachments. Also headlining the latest PartMaker is
its approach to postprocessing for multitasking machine tools,
with improvements to the software’s postprocessing technology and new software functionality to help guide users on how
best to take advantage of multitasking machines.
PartMaker Inc.
Ph: 215-643-5077, ext. 304
Web site:
PDM Software
TopSolid’Pdm Server 7 is a complete, easy-to-use solution to
manage technical data. TopSolid’Pdm software seamlessly
manages all the relationships between documents, from
design through to manufacturing. TopSolid’Pdm centralizes
all information related to a product that can be difficult to find
(CAD designs, specification sheets, enhancement requests,
design notes) in one location, and thus improves
product quality by eliminating errors associated
with incomplete or duplicate data. Company also
will show its VoluMill TopSolid Edition that includes
optional VoluMill machining strategies integrated
into its TopSolid’Cam
7.8 software, offering
algorithms for toolpath
calculation. In addition, Missler will showcase the G-code
simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine, which is available as
an option and can be used directly within TopSolid’Cam. Also
to be shown with TopSolid 7 software is the Adveon tooling
library, an option that offers smart management of cutting
parts, collisions and driven points, via the Internet, to any supplier’s tool library.
Missler Software Inc.
Ph: 630-889-8055
Web site:
more than 70%; physics kernel improvements; 3D and 2D
optimization algorithm improvements; Japanese translation
improvements; a German user interface; and other enhancements. At IMTS, attendees will see examples of how Production Module is used from aerospace, automotive, medical,
heavy equipment, cutting tool and oil and gas industries. The
Manufacturing Production Software
Company will showcase the latest version of its Production
Module software used by manufacturers to maximize potential
of current manufacturing processes and dramatically improve
finished part quality. Production Module 7.0 users will see
several enhancements including: advanced toolpath interpretation; XML, which will reduce simulation setup time by
See us at
August 2014
Booth #E-3256
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
largest benefits to Production Module users will be cycle time
reductions of 30–80%, while simultaneously improving tool
life. Engineers who use Production Module are able to work
offline to gain better tool life information than other simulation
packages or trial-and-error testing. To obtain this information,
Production Module uses a library of more than 120 experimentally validated material models to reduce machining time,
improve product quality and get products to market faster.
Third Wave Systems
Ph: 952-832-5515
Web site:
Measurement Monitoring Software
The Equator comparative gaging system now includes new
process monitoring software that instantly displays measurement results of inspected features, as well as the measurement history of each feature, via a monitoring window added
to the shop-floor user interface. The intuitive Organizer
Dual-Channel CNC
Company will showcase the cost-effective dual-channel CNC
kernel for designers of small-to-medium-size machines with
up to five axes. The latest addition to the Flexium+ platform
is the dual-channel Flexium+ 8 CNC kernel, which provides
an exceptionally
high level of control
flexibility. At any
time, either CNC
channel can be
used to control a
spindle motor and
four simultaneously
interpolated axes—
and control can be
passed on-the-fly
from one channel
to the other. This simplifies the design of complex machines
with multiple synchronization requirements, such as thread
or gearcutters, and in many cases eliminates the need for a
second CNC kernel. NUM will also be providing software demonstrations of complete conversational and cycle solutions developed specifically for the North American market. Based on
Flexium+ systems, these include solutions for gear hobbing,
shaping and grinding, OD/ID grinding and metal spinning.
NUM Corp.
Ph: 630-505-7722
Web site:
Industrial Vending System
front-end software works with Renishaw’s comprehensive MODUS program to allow operators to manage the remastering
process based on temperature limits, number of parts or time
since the last master. A status bar graph shows inspection
results for the last part measured as a proportion of tolerance
either side of nominal. Operators can configure the system
to set extra warning limits on part features, beyond the pass/
fail tolerance limits already set by the inspection program,
allowing them to take action before a process reaches 100%
of tolerance. The bar graph turns orange at the warning limit
and if the pass/fail tolerance is exceeded, the bar turns red
and remastering is enforced with an on-screen message to the
Renishaw Inc.
Ph: 847-286-9953
Web site:
August 2014
The Cribmaster X3 is a modular industrial benchtop vending solution that offers compact vending anywhere within
manufacturing operations
without sacrificing valuable
space on the shop floor. The
X3 combines both helix and
carousel dispensing, designed
for smaller-scale point-of-use
vending of high-volume inventory. The system is suitable for
storing and distributing any
type of PPE or MRO inventory,
especially small items such
as single inserts which have
been difficult to dispense in
the past. The system features
simple log-in and operating
process with authorized users scanning an employee badge
or other optional login method. Users select the required item,
enter the quantity on the touchscreen interface, and remove
the dispensed items to do the task at hand. The software
records the transaction and the database is automatically updated. System includes CribMaster’s inventory management
software that handles a large range of functions including cost
accounting, purchasing optimization, supply chain tracking, inventory level monitoring, and cost saving opportunity
Ph: 888-419-1399
Web site:
Enhanced Part Programming
Updated GB\GeoSolid programming solution features additional support for Integrex I series and Variaxis machines. With
the latest version, machinists can simply select the entities
Machine Monitoring Software
The next-generation Artis CTM V6 is a machine and process
monitoring system that helps safeguard and optimize complex
production processes thanks to aligned in-process monitoring.
The flexible interface concept enables problem-free integration within many environments including Profinet, Ethernet/
IP and Modbus.
The software
enables evaluation and control
to be carried out
with a range of
process-dependent strategies to
optimally monitor the process.
Each individual
parameter can
be very finely
adjusted and precisely adapted to the process. Process
monitoring operates precisely and reliably from the very first
cut. In the basic installation, the system is interfaced with the
machine control and accepts inputs from various measuring
transducers. Data capture is accomplished using a sensorless digital torque adaptor, wherein a selection of drive data is
collected by the control for the evaluation of the torque of the
spindle and the feed axis. Additional or alternative sensors are
available for measuring strain and force, true power, torque,
vibration and acceleration, acoustic emission, and standard
power or voltage signals.
Marposs Corp.
Ph: 888-627-7677
Web site:
for machining and GeoEntry carries the geometry into the
Mazatrol program. With GB\GeoSolid, users can link SolidWorks part model files into Mazatrol and dramatically reduce
the time required to input part geometry. This helps prevent
programming errors by extracting information directly from a
How is ProfitKey
Making a difference in
Quality Management?
our manufacturing process and
has remained a reliable piece of
software for over 20 years."
See for yourself
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See us at
August 2014
Booth #E-3307
How is ProfitKey
IMTS Pavilion: Controls & CAD/CAM
part design. Mazatrol users enjoy all the part manipulation capabilities of SolidWorks, in addition to the Mazatrol programming features of CamLink. New features in GeoSolid now help
automate the creation of WPC shift making it easy to apply
Mazatrol programming to any face, and by eliminating tedious
calculation, programming times are reduced.
Griffo Brothers Inc.
Ph: 541-758-8421
Web site:
CMM Automation
Verisurf Automate is a new software package that makes CMM
programming faster and easier. The software takes a revolutionary approach to inspection automation, speeding programming
and lowering costs with a 3D CAD measurement platform that
automates all types and brands of CMMs with intuitive, graphical object-oriented programming and open standards that
increase freedom of choice. Automate users are immediately
productive with a
rich 3D environment that includes
an object-oriented
operations manager,
CAD feature extraction, and solid-model
associativity. Ease of
use and user productivity is enhanced
with file recognition,
logical right-mouse-click options, customizable user configurations and drag-and-drop operations reordering. Attention to the
intuitive 3D experience helps users learn quicker, program their
CMM faster and automate their CMM operation. The software
offers a complete coordinate measurement CAD system with
3D surface and solid modeling, traditional 2D drafting and 3D
model associative GD&T. CMM inspection plans created in
Automate are compatible with all brands and models of portable CMM Arms, scanners, laser trackers, optical trackers and
programmable stationary CMMs.
Verisurf Software Inc.
Ph: 888-713-7201
Web site:
Cloud-Based ERP
The Exact Online JobBOSS is a multi-tenant cloud solution that
enables manufacturers to gain visibility and control of manufacturing processes, job costs and profitability. Exact Online
JobBOSS perfectly suits make-to-order manufacturers and job
August 2014
shops in such diverse sectors as metal fabrication, woodworking, plastic processing, machine building and printing. Featuring 24/7 access through a Web browser to quotes, job status,
customer information and business financials, Exact Online
JobBOSS will help manufacturers increase on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and loyalty, operational efficiency and profits.
The system will be offered through flexible monthly subscriptions. As businesses grow, they can add companies or users
and move up to another subscription level or add apps from
the app center. Monthly pricing starts at $299 for the first user
and $19 for each additional user. System enables quick and
easy implementations of ERP software as the the installation,
upgrades, security and all the IT infrastructure are automatically
provided in the cloud.
Exact Software North America Inc.
Ph: 855-359-9256
Web site:
CAM Programming
The latest CAMWorks software for CNC programming will
be previewed. In today’s environment of tightening capacity, manufacturers need to be able to do more with less.
CAMWorks 2015 is a one-stop shop for all CNC programming needs with focus on making the entire design to part
cycle shorter. CAMWorks 2015 adds enhancements like
of complex
surfaces making it easier
to define features, avoiding
the traditional
chains and
profiles methodology. With over a dozen enhancements in
this area, CAMWorks 2015 has bolstered its ability to interpret non-prismatic surfaces on solid models as machinable
entities automatically. This ability in combination with Intelligent Knowledge Base allows users to eliminate the routine
elements in CNC programming and focus on their core
expertise. The software’s integrated true G-code simulation,
CAMWorks Virtual Machine, allows users to make sure that
the costly process of dry-runs on the shop floor are minimized with one-click verification.
Geometric Americas Inc.
Ph: 480-367-0132
Web site:
ERP Software
Factory DNC Solution
Company will showcase its Rapid Response Manufacturing
software that is geared towards small to mid-sized businesses, manufacturers and job shops with a major focus on
the aerospace, defense and medical fields, but is also flexible
among a wide array of industries. With its fully integrated ERP,
manufacturing execution system (MES) and quality management, the software strives to help improve overall business
processes, reduce costs and increase profits. ProfitKey’s full
ERP suite will be on display and available for demonstrations
throughout the show. The software offers complete order-tobill management capabilities and it can be configured to meet
your organization’s specific needs. The package is easy to install and use, and has tremendous functionality with complementary modules, including a complete financial accounting
and reporting system.
ProfitKey International LLC
Ph: 800-331-2754
Web site:
FactoryWiz DNC helps significantly reduce operator training
time with an architecture designed for ease of use. Building
upon past DNC innovations such as full simultaneous communication capability to every machine, comprehensive
network support, and powerful remote-request capability
from the machine control panel, FactoryWiz DNC brings a
host of new capabilities including “Web client” stations that
can be deployed on most operating systems with a Web
browser. At the same time, mobile device access makes
file requests easy and immediate using the smart phone
in your pocket. Additionally, customizable notifications
use e-mail systems to keep on top of program revisions,
and third-party editor support enables making use of the
G-Code editor users are already familiar with. The new FactoryWiz DNC includes the same powerful API capabilities of
FactoryWiz Monitoring, thus allowing the easiest expansion
scenario for upgrading to a fully integrated machine/event
monitoring system.
Refresh Your Memory Inc.
Ph: 408-224-9167 or 866-RYM-4DNC
Web site:
CAD/CAM Software
The Cam-Tool Version 10.1 CAD/CAM software can machine
a mold or die with minimal to no polishing. Company will
demonstrate the update, which includes more simplistic
job startup with an expansion of the software’s EZ Launcher
that enables users to quickly become more effective using
the software. A
Corner Rad has
been added to the
toolpath types to
allow smoother
corner transition in finishing
routines. The
software includes
more automated
preparation of toolpaths and the selection of areas to be
machined. For finishing, the update includes an improved
method of Protrusion Divide. Other improvements include an
add-in to SolidWorks, with the ability to apply 2D and 3D toolpaths directly to the SolidWorks model to minimize hand work
and polishing on electrodes, inserts, slide, lifters and core
and cavity components. Wire EDM capability also has been
improved in the software for users requiring wire EDM.
CGS North America Inc.
Ph: 519-737-6009
Web site:
Predictive Production Solution
With the PR2 (Predictive Production Management) software, manufacturers get the latest-generation software
developed entirely by Pama for the real-time management
of manufacturing systems, in both supervised and unsupervised shifts. PR2 is an extensively tested proprietary
Pama software system for simplifying and optimizing use of
Pama manufacturing cells. The software aims to manage in
real-time any scale of workload sustained by a production
system, minimizing both high-cost resource redundancy
(such as tools, for example) and machine servicing times to
maximize spindle cutting time. It completely and automatically manages all part programs, uploading and downloading data to and from the memory, managing any modifications and/or corrections made on the machine. The solution
also manages the preparation and assembly of tools in the
background, optimizing tool magazine load, and it simulates production in real time, providing a dynamic visualization of machine operating autonomy for the optimization of
unsupervised shifts. With the statistics package completing
PR2, it is possible to analyze and calculate OEE, tool usage
and fault occurrences.
Pama Inc.
Ph: 847-608-6400
Web site:
August 2014
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