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Original concept and
rules hacking by Paul Chapman
Update by Steve Jackson and Philip Reed
Editing and development by Steve Jackson
Playtesting and perverse ideas by Michelle Barrett,
Andrew Hackard, Jan Hendriks, Giles Schildt,
Mia Sherman, Monica Stephens, and Erik Zane.
Epic Munchkin, Munchkin, the names of all other Munchkin products, the all-seeing pyramid, and the
names of other Steve Jackson Games products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Steve Jackson
Games Incorporated. Dork Tower characters are copyright © John Kovalic. Epic Munchkin is copyright
© 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.
Does your Munchkin adventure end too soon?
There you are, multi-raced and multi-classed, with three
hands full of killer items, buffed up with sidekicks and
Munchkin Fu styles . . . and the game’s over. Rejoice, for
Epic Munchkin is here. This rules set includes the Epic
rules for Munchkin (including Unnatural Axe, Clerical
Errors, The Need for Steed, and De-Ranged); Star
Munchkin (and The Clown Wars); Munchkin Fu (but
not Monky Business, since it didn’t add any new races or
classes); Munchkin Bites! (and Pants Macabre); Super
Munchkin (and The Narrow S Cape); Munchkin
Impossible; Munchkin Cthulhu; The Good, the Bad,
and the Munchkin; Munchkin Booty (and Jump the
Shark); and Munchkin Dice.
Starting The Game
We suggest you use the “faster play” rules. That will
get you to the romp/stomp/slay part of the game sooner. Then play as normal until someone reaches Level 10
(which no longer requires a kill). At that point, instead
of ending the game, any characters of Level 10-19 are considered “Epic” and these rules apply to them. Those of
Level 9 or below are not “Epic” . . . if a higher-level character is knocked back to Level 9 or below, he loses his
Epic powers. (Note that the Munchkin Blender set
includes “Epic Junior” cards, which let lower-level characters use the Epic powers.)
Stock #37-2011
Version 2.3 April 9, 2009
Epic Feats
Human: Pets Rock. Yes, at epic levels, even Humans
have a racial power! Rather than fighting any monster of
Level 5 or below, you may make a pet of it (as long as
you do not already have a pet in play). Play it to the
table. You may sacrifice it later as a one-time combat
bonus, for or against any player or monster. If you use it
for a player, including yourself, its bonus is equal to its
base level. If you use it against a player, it is treated as a
Wandering Monster. Yes, all its special abilities count,
monster enhancers will work on it, and if your rival cannot defeat it he must Run Away from it! At any time that
you lose your Epic or Human status, and your pet has not
been used, your pet wanders off and is forever lost.
Cleric: Pray for a Miracle. At any time, even during combat, you may discard two cards, from your hand
OR the table, to take the top card from the Treasure
deck face-down into your hand. If it is something you
can use, you may play it immediately.
Thief: Steal From Shadows. By discarding one card
from your hand, you may steal one card (you choose randomly) from a rival’s hand. No die roll is required. You
may do this only on your turn, and only once per turn,
and (of course) not during a combat.
Warrior: Ludicrous Strength. “Two-handed” items
require only one hand for you, and you may carry and use
two Big items.
Wizard: Outrun Curse. When you draw a Curse, or
a Curse is played on you, you may discard a card from
your hand to attempt to Run Away from the Curse.
Make your normal Run Away roll. If you fail to Run
Away, you may play another card and try again – until
you successfully Run Away, use all the cards in your
hand, or give up.
Epic characters can also perform Epic Feats of
Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe
The Game
Levels 19 and 20 may only be reached by actual
monster kills. Play to Level 20. At that point, it’s really
Down Doors
When an Epic munchkin kicks down a door, turn
over two cards and apply them as follows:
(1) Traps and curses first, in the order the player
(2) Everything else except rooms, monsters, and
monster bonuses, in the order the player chooses. Yes, if
you turn over a Class, Race, Style, Power, or Training,
you can apply it immediately, before the fight.
(3) Rooms. If you drew one room card, it will apply
to the fight. If you drew TWO, the first one drawn
applies and the second goes into the player’s hand.
(4) Monsters and monster bonuses. If there are two
monsters, fight them both. If you draw both a monster
and a monster bonus (that is, either an enhancer like
Radioactive which increases the monster’s level, or a card
like Clone that duplicates the monster) the bonus
applies to the monster. (But if you get a bonus and no
monster, the bonus goes into your hand normally. And an
“enhancer enhancer” like Mind-Bogglingly always goes
into your hand.)
Munchkin Races
And Classes
Elf: Arrow-Minded. You may fire arrows into a
fight in which you are not involved either as main player or helper. This works like thiefly backstabbing: discard a card and give a monster or player a -2. However,
the epic elf can fire two arrows per turn, for a maximum
of -4. An epic elven thief can fire two arrows AND backstab once, if he has three cards to discard.
Dwarf: Hand of the Gods. You may have any number of cards in your hand.
Halfling: Garage Sale. You may sell TWO items
per turn for double their value.
Orc: Munchkin Munch. When you turn over (or
Look For Trouble and find) a monster of Level 1, you
may simply EAT it. Your foes cannot play any cards to
stop this . . . it’s a Level 1 monster, you eat it, any bonuses applied to the monster are discarded, yum yum, that’s
that. You go up a level for the hot meal, and since this is
a kill, you can win this way.
Munchkin 3: Clerical Errors
Gnome: Sneaky Little Devil. You no longer suffer a
penalty to Run Away . . . and if you successfully Run
Away from combat you still get two face-down Treasure
Bard: Super Bardic Luck. As Bardic Luck, but draw
two more Treasures than you’re entitled to, and immediately discard any two Treasures (your choice).
Munchkin 5: De-Ranged
Ranger: Strays Make the Best Rides. You always
were a sucker for a fuzzy face. Whenever a monster is
discarded, whether on your turn or another player’s, you
may discard your entire hand (at least 3 cards) and grab
the discarded monster. It’s automatically tamed and
becomes your new Steed. Your Steed’s combat bonus is
equal to the number of treasures that it would have granted if you had defeated it in combat.
Star Munchkin
Races And Classes
Star Munchkin
Cyborg: Assimilation. In combat, rather than fighting a monster, you may discard any three items and
assimilate it. You do not get a level or Treasures for
assimilating a monster. The monster becomes your
Drone . . . keep it in front of you. It can be sacrificed like
a Sidekick to let you Run Away, or it can be used to
spring the next Trap card played on you, after which it is
Feline: Hyper-Curiosity. Your Curiosity power
may be used on either or both of the Door cards you initially turn over. If one is a monster and one is not, you
may use Curiosity on the non-monster before combat. If
neither is a monster, you may kick down one or two
more doors, and you don’t have to decide if you are turning over a fourth Door card till you see what’s behind the
Human: Pets Rock. Yes, at epic levels, even Humans
have a racial power! Rather than fighting any monster of
Level 5 or below, you may make a pet of it (as long as
you do not already have a pet in play). Play it to the
table. You may sacrifice it later as a one-time combat
bonus, for or against any player or monster. If you use it
for a player, including yourself, its bonus is equal to its
base level. If you use it against a player, it is treated as a
Wandering Monster. Yes, all its special abilities count,
monster enhancers will work on it, and if your rival cannot defeat it he must Run Away from it! At any time that
you lose your Epic or Human status, and your pet has not
been used, your pet wanders off and is forever lost.
Mutant: Total Freak. You may have any of the following: three items of Headgear; three items of
Footgear; two items of Headgear AND two items of
Footgear; two extra Hands’ worth of stuff; two items of
Headgear AND one extra Hand’s worth of stuff; or two
items of Footgear AND one extra Hand’s worth of stuff.
Like a regular Mutant, you can switch between these
choices at any time.
Bounty Hunter: Best of the Best. The Bounty
Hunter may draw two face-down Door cards or one facedown Treasure card after he helps someone else kill a
monster. He draws one face-down Door card even when
he wins a combat single-handed.
Gadgeteer: Trap Master. Your Disarm Traps power
now applies to Traps played on you by other players as
well. Further, by discarding three cards, you may redirect the Trap to someone else!
Psychic: These Are Not the Meals You Are
Looking For. During combat, you may discard your
entire hand to confuse one of the monsters you are fighting. It passes to the player on your left, who must fight
it in addition to any monsters found when he turns over
his Door card(s). If you are fighting more than one monster, you pick which monster to shift. You may not ask
for help in a combat in which you use this power, and
you do not get your +2 bonus for fighting alone.
Trader: Master Trader. You may use your Trading
power for any Item card or cards among the top three
cards in the Treasure discard stack.
Star Munchkin 2: The Clown Wars
Bug: Regeneration. Bad Stuff no longer costs you
levels; ignore that part of any Bad Stuff that happens to
you, and remember to gloat about it and describe how
you’re growing your leg back.
Space Ranger: You’re Drafted. You may pick up any
Sidekick on top of the discards, at any time. You may
not exceed the legal number of Sidekicks, but you may
discard one to make room for the new one.
Munchkin Fu Classes
Each Munchkin Fu Class card you have in play entitles you to one extra Style.
Ninja: Fight Another Day. If you are facing more
than one monster in a combat and they are more than
double your level (and that of your ally, if any), you may
slip away and leave them to fight it out. Note that this
does not allow your ally a free escape.
Monk: Clairvoyance. You may look at the hands of
the players on your right and left, any time you want to.
They must show you anything they draw face down.
Yakuza: Crime Lord. You may have any number of
Mooks in play. Remember that this also covers Minions,
Sidekicks, and Hirelings.
Samurai: Draw and Strike. During combat, discard
your entire hand (minimum 3 cards) to remove one
Monster from combat. This counts as a kill. However, if
the monster is not by himself, and you Run Away from
the others, you get only one level, and no treasure, from
your kill.
Vampire: Unshakable Will. No card or special
power can compel you to aid in a combat if you don’t
want to. You may also discard extra cards at the end of
your turn, rather than giving them to another player for
any reason.
Werewolf: Monstrous Form. A single monster
enhancer, or two totaling +10, may be played on you for
a permanent bonus. They are lost if you die. If a trap or
Bad Stuff costs you a level, you may discard an enhancer
card instead.
Munchkin Bites! 2: Pants Macabre
Mummy: Kiss It And Make It MINE! After you
Kiss It and Make It Better, you may discard a second card
to take the Curse or Trap you canceled into your hand.
Super Munchkin Classes
Super Munchkin
Munchkin Bites! Races
Munchkin Bites!
Changeling: Illusion. When you play a Monster
Enhancer or Enhancer Enhancer, you may recover it after
the combat is over by discarding another card from your
Exotic: Weird Adaptation. If you lose a Power to a
Trap or Bad Stuff, you may look through the discards
and claim the first Power of lower Rank that you find to
replace it.
Mutant: World-Conquering Lab Rat. You do not
lose Powers to Bad Stuff.
Mystic: Cosmos Control. You only need to discard
one card to re-roll any die roll you make.
Techno: Dumpster Diving. When someone else
loses, discards, or sells an Item, you may discard three
cards to claim it. If two Epic Technos try to claim the
same Item at the same time, roll dice; the high roll discards his cards and gets the Item. Yes, you can use a
Loaded Die (or Cosmos Control, if you are also a
Mystic) to affect your roll.
Super Munchkin 2: The Narrow S Cape
Brain: Super Smart. Monsters do not get their class,
race, sex, etc. bonuses against the player you are helping
in combat, or who is helping you.
Human: Pets Rock. Yes, at epic levels, even Humans
have a racial power! Rather than fighting any monster of
Level 5 or below, you may make a pet of it (as long as you
do not already have a pet in play). Play it to the table. You
may sacrifice it later as a one-time combat bonus, for or
against any player or monster. If you use it for a player,
including yourself, its bonus is equal to its base level. If
you use it against a player, it is treated as a Wandering
Monster. Yes, all its special abilities count, monster
enhancers will work on it, and if your rival cannot defeat it
he must Run Away from it! At any time that you lose your
Epic or Human status, and your pet has not been used, your
pet wanders off and is forever lost.
Munchkin Impossible
Classes and Loyalties
Each Munchkin Impossible Class card you have in
play entitles you to one extra Training card.
American: Talking Loudly. As an American, you
tend to speak just a little too loud. This behavior is quite
distracting to monsters; you have a +1 bonus against monsters and may take advantage of the distraction – but
only one time during a fight – to exchange items during
a combat or while running away.
British: For the Queen! You’re fiercely loyal to the
Crown, as are all other Brits. By shouting “For the
Queen!” when fighting a monster, and discarding one
card from your hand, you may force a British spy of
your choice to help you.
Chinese: Factory Superiority. Your nation’s
factories produce items which are used around
the world. Whenever another player first plays
an Item card, before it is used, you may discard one card from your hand and roll the die;
on a roll of 6 that Item was manufactured in a
Chinese factory and is defective.
The Item card is immediately discarded and has no effect.
Russian: We Have Ways of
Making You Help. Though the
old regime may be gone, its teachings and methods remain. During a
fight, on your turn, you may discard a
card from your hand and borrow a
Hireling from any other player. That
Hireling is yours to command during this
fight but at the end of your turn the
Hireling – if he’s still alive! – returns to
the player you borrowed him from.
Assassin: Professional Hit. A professional assassin
always does his homework before a mission. Whenever
you’re fighting a monster you gain a bonus equal to the
number of vowels in the monster’s name (as it appears on
the card).
Playboy: Just a Moment, Dear Chap. As an Epic
Playboy you’re so smooth that monsters will pause for a
moment when you ask them to, giving you a chance to
sell some treasure. You may sell items once during a
fight and you may not use any items that are sold during
the fight.
Tourist: Cheese! Nothing says “tourist” like a collection of bad photos and slides. Whenever you’re
involved in combat, either on your own turn or aiding
another player, you may pause the fight by discarding a
card from your hand and saying “Cheese!” Everyone
involved stops and smiles for the camera, during which
time you may take the card from the bottom of both of
the two discard piles. You may pull this trick only once
each fight.
Cthulhu Classes
Cultist: Zealotry. The end is nigh and there are still
unbelievers to convert. They must see the light right now.
Gain a +1 combat bonus for each non-Cultist in play.
Investigator: Nose Where it Doesn’t Belong. You
like to push things a little too far sometimes, sticking
your nose into places you really shouldn’t. At any time
that another player gives any other player a card – for any
reason – you may look at the card and,
if you like it, swap it for two cards
from your hand.
Monster Whacker: Whack!
Whack! Whack! You are a master of
the secret art of battle, capable of
using long-forgotten combat techniques to . . . aw, forget it. Bulk
Smash! You have a +3 bonus
against monsters of Level 10 and
below and a +2 bonus against monsters of Level 11 and higher. You no
longer suffer from Panic.
Professor: Encyclopedia Cultanica.
You’re a walking library of information and
know everything about every foul beastie
that exists. You have a +1 bonus against any
monster. Additionally, at any time that a
card tells you “Become a Cultist” you may
instead roll the die and sacrifice a number of
cards from your hand, or in play, equal to the die roll in
order to resist the cult’s call. If you cannot sacrifice the
cards, or just don’t want to, you become a Cultist.
The Good, the Bad,
and the Munchkin Classes
Cowboy: Ha, Ha, You Missed Me. Once per game,
a Cowboy who has failed his Run Away roll may say
“Ha, ha, you missed me!” and Run Away anyhow. When
he does this, no cards can be played on him to turn
his success into a failure. He gets away, period, ha ha.
(Use of this power is limited to once per game per
player, even if he loses the Cowboy class and then
regains it.)
Dude: Dude-alicious. The “All Duded Up” bonus is
increased. Every Headgear, Footgear, or Armor item
you wear gives you a +2. Every Steed-only item worn by
your Steed also gives you a +2.
Indian: Counting Coup. When you win a combat
unassisted, you may take up to two of your Treasure
draws as face-down Door draws instead.
Outlaw: Bad To The Bone. Absolutely nothing can
make you lose your Outlaw class, or any Outlaw-only
item you acquire. You can still choose to discard, trade,
or sell those cards if it is otherwise legal to do so.
You may also ignore any “Not Usable by Outlaw”
Munchkin Booty Accents
and Classes
British: Britannia Totally Rules the Waves. The
bonus for each Ship ye have is increased to +3, and ye
also get +1 for every Ship Enhancer ye have in play.
Dutch: Shipbuilding Mastery. Ye may trade a Ship
ye own for the top Ship in the discard stack at any time,
even during combat. Ye may still move yer Ship
Enhancers to the new Ship, as before.
French: Cover ze Retreat. If ye Ask for Help and
still must Run Away, yer rolls are are at +1. Additionally,
ye successfully escape from each monster on any
roll that is higher than yer helper’s, even if it
would not normally allow ye to elude yer
Spanish: El Dorado. Every Item ye
sell for a level is worth 100 Gold Pieces
more than its printed value.
Merchant: Polyglot. Ye may
have two Accent cards in play without using a Bilingual card. With a
Bilingual card, ye may have any
number of Accent cards.
Navy: Fleet-Footed. Every
Ship ye have gives ye +1 to Run
Away. This bonus stacks with yer
other modifiers. Ye may still use
yer Discipline ability as well.
Pirate: On a Dead Man’s
Chest. When one of yer opponents
dies, ye get first pick of his loot, even
if there are other players at a higher Level. (If
there be several Epic Pirates, arrrr, ye go in order of yer
Levels, but ye all choose before the other scurvy dogs.
Resolve ties by rollin’ the bones.) If ye should die, yer
body goes to Davy Jones; no one may loot yer stinkin’
Munchkin Booty 2: Jump the Shark
Explorer: Trailblazer. When ye Open The Door
and find a monster or a Curse, ye may discard three cards
from yer hand and put the monster or Curse in yer hand.
It has no effect. Ye may then Look For Trouble or Loot
The Room.
Munchkin Dice
Race Modifiers
High: You’re So Helpful. You’re just a “people person,” always ready to lend a hand to those in need. If you
are asked to aid another in combat you use not only your
level and bonuses but also roll the die and add the result.
If the monster is defeated you may take the top card
from either discard pile as your reward.
Dark: You’re So Bad. And they thought you were
evil before. As a Dark Epic whatever, you’ve mastered
the art of manipulating others to suit your vile needs. If
your request for aid during a fight is refused roll the die;
on a roll of 5 or 6 you turn the monster toward the player that refused to assist you. The combat plays out
against the other player and then your turn resumes. If
the monster is defeated you collect its treasure
and gain the level. The poor fool that
refused to assist you gains nothing.
Class Modifier
Master: You’re So Cool. Possessing
masterful skills – as only a master can –
inspires those that follow you, making
them greater than they would be if they
weren’t basking in your masterful presence. (Yay, master!) One monster
modifier card played on each one of
your hirelings, chosen when the
modifier is played, uses the value
printed on the card and not the standard “+5 modifier card makes the
hireling worth +1 level” rule.
Epic Steeds!
Introduced in Munchkin 4: The Need for
Steed, it should come as no surprise that your steed
achieves Epic status (and loses that status) along with
you. An Epic Steed lets you carry one extra Big item. At
any time that you lose your Epic status, and your steed is
carrying an extra Big item, you must discard one Big
Hints For
Epic Play
Don’t die. Death is inconvenient to an Epic
Munchkin because it takes away all his toys, and without
them he will find it much harder to get levels!
Help the monsters. Play enhancers on your own
monsters before you fight them. At epic levels, you may
have enough bonuses to defeat Great Cthulhu and his
clone, all by yourself – and winning the game by rocketing up four levels at once is very munchkin indeed!
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