Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide
April 7, 2017
1. First, adjust your BlueJeans account to fit your preferences
2. Scheduling Meetings
• Configuring Meeting Details
• Advanced Options
• Invitation Email, received by the Participants
• Invitation Email, sent to the Moderator (scheduler)
• Outlook Add-in (and links to other scheduling tools)
3. Joining and Managing your Meeting
• How Moderator enters the meeting room
• How Participants enter the meeting room
• Joining the conference:
• Using a Computer (BlueJeans App)
• Using an H.323 Room System
• Using a Desk Telephone
• Using the BlueJeans iOS App or BlueJeans Android App
1. First, adjust your BlueJeans
account to fit your preferences
In your Account menu, click Settings
Enter a moderator passcode,
only you will remember.
Uncheck if you want to hear
tones when people enter
and leave your meeting
For “My Meeting”:
If you want to change your
personal meeting ID URL,
contact BlueJeans support
Enter a personal meeting ID
that’s easy to remember
(e.g., office or mobile number)
Change Meeting Title,
if needed
In your Account menu, click Settings
Set your default Scheduling
Options for “My Meeting”
(and Scheduled Meetings)
If extra security needed to
enter a meeting, check to
add a participant passcode
We strongly recommend
starting your meeting without
a moderator. Participants
don’t have to wait for you,
and you still have “controls”
when you arrive. For details,
click here.
Check if you want to automatically mute each
participant as they join the meeting, regardless of
how they have connected. For details, click here
… and set Delegation scheduling, if needed
Delegate scheduling provides the ability for a "delegate" to
schedule BlueJeans meetings on behalf of another BlueJeans users
(the "delegator") in the Enterprise Group. For full instructions, click
You can schedule a meeting from your BlueJeans Account, Outlook, the Chrome /Safari extension,
or the Scheduler for Mac.
The next section of this guide show how to schedule from your BlueJeans account and Outlook
2. Scheduling Meetings
You can schedule from your BlueJeans account
(instructions on following pages), or use:
 Outlook
 Google Chrome Browser extension
 Scheduler for Mac
Scheduling Meetings
1. First, log into your account, at
2. Landing in your Meetings page, click Schedule Meeting.
Personal Meeting ID (My Meeting):
 Easy to remember!
 Uses your customized Personal ID
 Great for instant meetings
One-Time (Scheduled) Meeting ID:
 Great for concurrent meetings or
meetings requiring special settings
 Automatic email invitation sent
Click to attend
another meeting
Click to start your
Personal meeting
(or copy URL, info)
Test your computer’s mic, camera
and speaker connection
Click “More Info” to view and edit
your Personal meeting configuration
Scheduling form
3. Enter meeting details:
A. Meeting Title (displayed in the waitingfor-meeting-to-begin welcome panel)
B. Add optional meeting description
C. Date/Time
D. Repeat? (daily, weekly or monthly)
E. Email invitations (addresses entered in
the past will “auto-complete”)
F. Click to see Advanced Options
G. Choose to use your Personal (My
Meeting) ID. If unchecked, a unique,
nine digit One-Time ID Is used.
H. Add participant passcode (secure)
I. Advanced Option Settings (see next
three pages for details)
J. Click to schedule this new meeting
Scheduling – Advanced Meeting Options
Enabling/disabling options here affect this one scheduled
meeting only. To change options for all Personal and/or
One-Time meetings (going forward), make your selection
from your Settings page.
Encrypt Meeting – requires each participant that connects to
your meeting has encryption turned on. If they do not have it
turned on, they will see a message telling them “encryption is
Check “Allow Telephone Participants” box if you want phone dialin callers to be able to attend this encrypted meeting.
Crop Video – a Stretch feature to help promote a 4:3 video to a
16:9 full screen video (Not recommended for most meetings).
Scheduling – Advanced Meeting Options
Moderator-less Meeting – enable if you want participants to meet
without the moderator having to start the meeting:
• Meeting begins after first 2 participants arrive.
• The person scheduling the meeting has the moderator
controls (mute all, drop, etc.) available for use, when they
decide to join.
Enable Auto-Recording– If the Recording feature is enabled for
your account, checking this box will start the recording session
automatically when the first participant joins the meeting.
Disable Chat Messaging – checking this box will disable Chat
from this one scheduled meeting. Click here for instructions on
how to disable Chat from all one-time meetings, going forward
(or from your Personal meeting).
Scheduling – Advanced Meeting Options
Mute Participants On Entry – when selected, this automatically
mutes each participant as they join the meeting, regardless of how
they have connected (audio, room system, mobile device, etc.).
While this can be set as a default setting for all meetings, we
recommend it be used for larger meetings. In a small meeting, with
1-2 participants, there is less reason to automatically mute
Silent Participant Entry Mode – check this box if you want to
disable the audible “alert” tone everyone would hear when a
participant enters or leaves the meeting
Show participants names in email invitation – check this box if
you want to show all invited names in every invite email.
Scheduling – Default Settings
4. In your Account Menu / Settings,
you can change default settings
for future meetings:
A. Default Video Layout
B. Telephone Number
Preferences: if enabled by your
Admin, choose country dial in
numbers you want published
for your meetings.
C. Disable Audible Alerts
D. Set the default Advanced
Options you want enabled, for
Personal (My Meeting) or One
Time (Scheduled) meetings.
Scheduling complete, meeting is ready to use!
That’s it! Your scheduled meeting
is now ready to use, at the
scheduled time or anytime earlier
(it will not end until the schedule
ending date/time).
Click the Meeting Bar to expand
and show the details, along with
further options:
A. View participants. Hover to
see full name. Click + to add.
B. Another way to view invited
participants, copy meeting
details, or add to Outlook
C. Edit any aspect of the
D. Cancel the meeting
E. Start the meeting
Meeting Calendar in the BlueJeans App
Integrate your BlueJeans App with your Gmail or Outlook Calendar. This will allow you to see your
upcoming meetings and join them directly from the App!
1. Click an upcoming
meeting bar to see the
details. Click the Join
button to join the
2. Hover over an upcoming
meeting and click the
Join button to go directly
into the meeting,
3. Click to join your
Personal Meeting ID,
4. Click to Schedule a new
meeting (from web app),
5. Join a different meeting
(different host), entering
their meeting ID.
Email sent to Participants
Want to add your logo and custom text to
email invitations? Click here to learn how.
Participants receive an invitation to attend
your meeting, which will be added to their
Clicking Join Meeting Link sends them to
Meeting Room, where they then choose to
join via your listed endpoint options
Meeting information for Room System
(IP, ID and optional participant passcode)
Phone (audio only) dial-in instructions
Optional Meeting Message
Tip: Click Direct-dial with my iPhone
Click to see 35+
International numbers.
Email sent to Moderator
Moderator (or host … the person who
scheduled the meeting) receives a similar
email. The one difference is the
Moderator’s passcode will be shown. This
code is used exclusively by the moderator:
• If Host enters the meeting from a
Room System or Telephone this
Moderator passcode must be used to
start the meeting. The exception is:
• If the meeting was scheduled to be
moderator-less, or
• If moderator enters the meeting by
logging into his account, then
“starting” the meeting from the
web interface (see page 15),
• Moderator’s passcode can also be
found in the Account > Room Settings
section of their account.
Schedule from Outlook
Click here to download the Add-in
1. Click BlueJeans “Schedule” icon at top to open
a new appointment form.
2. BlueJeans meeting details appear.
3. Fill in event details:
• Change Subject (if needed)
• Enter date & time
• Mark as Recurrence (if needed)
• Add participant’s e-mail addresses
• Add attachment (if needed)
4. Compose your message. Scroll down though
meeting details and add/edit text!
5. Click SEND to send the invitation.
This new scheduled Meeting will
be added in the Meetings page
of your BlueJeans account.
You can also schedule
meetings direct from:
• Gmail/Chrome, or
• Scheduler for Mac
3. Joining and Managing your
Moderator enters the Meeting - two easy ways
When it’s time for the meeting to begin, the moderator clicks
on the link in the email invitation that was sent to the Moderator
(contains Moderator’s unique passcode):
Or, the moderator logs into their account and clicks
the scheduled meeting bar, then Start Meeting:
Participants enter the room – two easy ways
Clicks link in their Participant email invitation:
Or, logs into the meeting room from the BlueJeans
web site (, clicking Join Meeting
and entering the Meeting ID (and passcode):
Click here if you have a BlueJeans
account, and sign in.
Choose your connection option
Click the green Join Meeting
button if you want to use your
Computer for audio (mic and
Select Computer Audio if using
computer for audio & video. This
is the default entry method …
same as clicking the green Join
Meeting bar
Select Phone Audio if you’ll
dial-in from a telephone,
using the computer for video
Computer mic and
speaker will be muted
Share your screen only
(by default, you won’t
be seen or heard)
Pair to an h.323
Room system
Joining the Meeting from your Computer
(PC, Mac or Linux)
Audio and Video from your computer
Coming into the meeting, select your mute preferences, then press Join Meeting:
1. Toggle left to Mute
your Camera or Mic.
(they are ON when blue
button is on the right)
2. Change the camera of
mic device, if needed
3. Click to Join Meeting!
If prompted, enter your
name, which will
appear in the
participant roster:
Audio from your Telephone / Video from your computer
Select Phone Audio to talk/hear from a phone, using the computer for video only:
a) BlueJeans can call you:
Finally, click join
to connect your
video …
OR, b) dial into a BlueJeans
number to connect:
… and you’ll enter
the meeting!
Your video
Meeting Controls
Leave meeting
Chat with participants
View attendee roster.
Click name for call details.
Moderator also can:
• Mute individuals or all
• Invite others to meeting
• Change/push layouts
• Lock Meeting
Share your screen
Adjust mic, camera, or
speaker settings
Switch meeting
connection to phone
Mute your microphone
Mute your camera
cursor …
Drag to change
size of video and your
Start recording
Expand to full screen
Click pencil to change your name
Moderators have blue bar
Active speakers
Moderator only can
mute anyone’s camera
or microphone:
• Red mute indicates
Moderator muted
Ralph’s microphone
• Black mute indicates
Ralph has muted
camera from his end
Click attendee’s bar, to:
• Moderator only can drop
Ralph from the meeting
• Reveal Call Details: device
type, quality signal bars,
and network stats
Invite others to join
this meeting
Sound wave (plus name
in bold black) indicates
this endpoint is
Moderator only can
mute the mics of all
Invite Participants
to others
you want
to join
URL, ID or
dial in
number, or
Copy to
Moderator Controls
For Moderators only
Push Video
layout to all
Disable entry
tone when
join meeting
when they
join meeting
Lock to
prevent new
from joining
Share Screen
The “active speaker” remains visible as
you show your screen!
 Drag window to best location.
 Stretch the window to a larger
size, from lower right corner.
 Mute camera / mic.
 Click bottom right drop down to
hide (collapse) widget.
 Click
to end screen sharing.
1. Choose to share your
Desktop or video.
2. We recommend sharing
your entire screen…
3. … If multiple monitors
are engaged, click Start
Sharing from the one
you wish to share from.
4. … or share an open
application only (not
available using Chrome
or Firefox)
Note: Some enterprise security tools (e.g.
app blocker) prevent windows users from
sharing directly from the app.
5. To end sharing, click
“Stop Sharing” banner
(slide banner if it covers
up window menu)
6. Use the floating widget
to manage while sharing
Video Pinning
Use pinning when you
have a lecturer delivering
a presentation!
Moderator only can
designate a specific
participant as the "main
speaker,” making their
camera fixed as the
main video at all times,
regardless of who is
To pin:
• Hover over a
Participant's name in
the Roster and click
on the "Pin” icon.
(Participant must be
sending video).
• To unpin the
Participant, simply
click on the "Pin"
icon a second time,
and it will disappear.
Viewing a Screen being Shared
by Another Participant
Want to take control of another
computer sharing their screen?
Click here for instructions.
When others are sharing
their screen, hover your
cursor at bottom.
• Content Slider appears
• Position slider to expand
or shrink the video and
screen panel
Participant panel will
indicate who is sharing
Video layout
Content Slider: Shared
participant’s Adjust video / content
video only
content size
content in
actual size
Take over,
and share
your screen
Click Switch to Phone to
change your audio source
to your phone:
Switch to Phone
1. BlueJeans calls you:
• Click the “call me” bar,
• Enter your phone
number (only U.S.
numbers accepted),
• Press “Call Me Now”
and you’ll be in your
2. Dial into the meeting:
• Select a number from
the list,
• When connected, enter
the displayed audio
code, and you’ll be in
your meeting.
Adjust Settings to
optimize your meeting:
1. Choose your mic,
camera or speaker, if
options available
2. Change connection to
another device
3. Set “My Preferred
Connection” type for
future meetings (see
next page for details)
4. Scale video to fit view
(when menu expands)
5. Browser notification
6. Enable Hints and tips
for helpful popup
boxes in the web app
Settings – My Preferred Connection
Always Ask – always
gives you choice to use
Computer or Phone for
Computer Audio – land
straight in the “haircheck” screen, letting you
mute camera or mic
before joining meeting
Phone Audio – land in
dial-into-meeting steps
Room System – land in
the pairing code panel
Screen Share – land
straight in the meeting,
allowing you to screen
share when needed
Banner pops up briefly when
recording starts or stops
Flashing red
light while
recording is on
To start Recording, press
the red button.
Participants will hear an
audible alert “recording
has started.”
• Recording can only be
enabled by the
• If the Moderator does
not have a Recording
button, click here for
setup instructions
• For detailed
instructions on how to
manage the
Recording and
Playback feature, click
Chat with all participants
in your meeting.
Tip: accept the request
to receive Notifications
from BlueJeans and
you’ll be alerted when a
new chat arrives.
To chat privately,
(1 on 1) mouse
over the name and
click the chat icon.
By default, chat is enabled for all
accounts. Click here for instructions
to disable chat from your meetings.
Enlarge Self View
Click on the self view
thumbnail to make it
more visible.
This is an architectural
enhancement that will
also reduce CPU and
reduces fan speed.
This translates to less
fan noise, lag and
freezing for our end
users (self view
thumbnail must be
popped out of the
participant panel for
CPU and fan
Leave Meeting
When the Moderator
leaves, meeting will
continue for remaining
participants, unless …
… “Drop Everyone”
box is checked, with
minute timer set.
Participants will
see/hear alert that
meeting will end.
Optimize your Meeting Experience!
When joining from a Computer:
• Plugin with a wired internet instead of wireless. If wireless is only option,
ensure you are in a good wifi signal area. Click here for more information.
• Simply plugin your headset (or ear buds) for the audio. There is no dial in
by phone. Multiple audio sources can create feedback. If using an
external speaker, don’t turn the volume up too loud, and, mute yourself
when not speaking. Click here for more echo elimination tips.
• Consider your impression. Ensure a good camera angle and adequate
lighting. Click here for more tips.
Popular BlueJeans Features to enhance your meeting:
• Share your screen
• Setup your meeting to be moderator-less
• Conducting a lecture? Click here for setup tips
• Change video layouts
• Use the Command Center to review the quality of meeting endpoints
Visit for videos, guides and solutions
Joining the Meeting using
a Room System
Joining a Meeting Paired with a Room System
1. Joining the meeting from your laptop, click
“Phone and More Connection Options”
2. Click Room System
3. The BlueJeans IP address will be shown
4. Enter the IP address in your Room System
panel or remote control.
Joining a Meeting Paired with a Room System (continued)
5. BlueJeans delivers, into your
room system monitor, an input
field for Meeting ID and
Passcode, and displays a five
digit “pairing” code at the
6. Enter the displayed “pairing”
code in the web field and click
the pair button.
You’ll land in your meeting!
Tip: use this “Pairing
Code” process to enable
meeting Moderator
controls on your laptop.
Joining a Meeting from a Room System, without a Laptop
If you don’t have a laptop available (thus unable to pair)
enter the meeting ID and passcode (if applicable) from
your room system panel or remote control, pressing the
pound sign (#) after each entry.
Note: the Moderator will
not have meeting controls
when dialing in this way.
Want to dial into the meeting
directly from a URI string?
Click here for instructions
Sharing Content & Presentations from a Room System
Room systems can share by connecting laptops to the system, and enabling screen sharing from
the room system remote control.
Connect your laptop to the room system via VGA/DVI/HDMI interface and enable sharing on
that end. BlueJeans will automatically relay the content sharing across to remote participants.
* (star) key Menu Commands from a Room System
Need to mute your audio or video, or change layouts, and don't have access to the BlueJeans
Meeting Room web interface (because you didn’t pair)? Access the BlueJeans meeting control
menu by pressing the star/asterisk (*) key from your room system remote. The blue menu
panel will appear, letting you:
Switch layouts
Change menu to German/French/Spanish (or back to English)
Bring up meeting information
Mute (unmute) the Audio at your endpoint
Mute (unmute) the Video at your endpoint
Hide the Overlay graphics (the BJN logo, and the name/icon
bottom of each participant - see example below)
Add your own endpoint video to be seen by you, in the BJN meeting panel
Mute all
bar at
Dialing into the Meeting from
a Desk Telephone
Dialing in from a Desk Telephone – with Video
Click the Join Meeting button found in your invite
After downloading the app you’ll land in our “hair check” page. Click "More Connection Options"
Click Phone Audio
Dial the number shown (drop
down for list of countries)
Enter the Audio Code
presented. Press # to confirm
You’ll see a green "pairing"
checkbox. Your telephone is
now in the meeting!
The panel will then ask you to
confirm your video (i.e., leave
your camera on or off), then
click "Join Meeting."
You’ll enter the meeting and
be able to see participants
(and they can see you, if your
camera is on).
Dialing in from a Desk Telephone – without Video
1. Dial a phone number shown on your
email invitation.
2. At the greeter's prompt:
• Enter the provided Meeting ID
followed by the # sign. If there is
no participant passcode (as shown
in the screenshot below), press the
# sign again and you'll be in the
• If a participant passcode is
required, enter that code followed
by the # sign.
3. Click for a list
of 40+ international dial-in numbers.
Want to customize the dial in
numbers for your meetings?
Click here for instructions
Joining the Meeting from
a Mobile (iOS or Android)
Joining a Meeting from your Mobile
For instructions for speed-dialing
in from your phone, click here
Meeting from iOS (iPhone or iPad)
1. You'll land in the meeting! Press an icon to:
• Press icon at bottom to:
• Mute your Microphone
• Mute your Camera, or
• End the meeting.
• Your camera image is shown at bottom
• Note ear-bud/speaker behavior, found at
the bottom of this solution
• When another participant is sharing their
• You'll see the shared content and the
participant videos, simultaneously!
• Stretch the content to zoom
in. Double tap to return to the native
Media options, Layouts & Sharing
End Call
Roster & Chat
From your
Meeting from iOS (iPhone or iPad)
Click/Swipe icon at top left for more options:
Switch to Audio Only (this will mute your camera)
Switch to back camera
Change the Layout, to either:
• Active Speaker (just the speaker shown)
• Active Presence (speaker talking at top, with thumbnails
of most recent speakers at the bottom)
• Constant Presence (up to four speakers shown equally)
Share Documents, photos or web pages.
Click/Swipe icon at top right to:
View participant roster
Chat with all meeting participants
Invite others to the meeting (for moderator only)
Media options, Layouts & Sharing
Meeting from Android
You'll land in the meeting:
• Mute your mic or camera, change Video
Layouts (3 options), change your camera to
front or back, or end call
• Tilt your mobile to landscape to expand
• When others share their screen, you'll see the
shared content and the participant videos
Click/Swipe top left icon to access
Layouts, Screen Sharing and
Invitation options.
Click/Swipe icon at top right to view
participant roster, or chat with
meeting participants
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