Real-Time Workflow for Data Bridging
Real-Time Workflow for Data Bridging
Fast and Intuitive Graphical Workflow Designer
Develop transaction workflows using highly intuitive graphical tools.
Use the function block graphical designer to connect multiple data sources,
define, calculate and implement business rules
Scalable .NET Architecture
Take maximum advantage of the latest .NET technology. Leverage
ADO.NET for native data-mining and workflow capabilities
Data Mine Any Real-time Data Source
Utilize a large collection of function block data connectors to data mine
data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, plant historians,
OPC and more!
Powerful Transaction Workflow Scheduler
Schedule transactions and workflows based on periodic time and date,
OPC tags, Alarms and Events, Database Values, File attributes, and more!
Intuitive Web Interface with Integrated Security
Three tier security access rights integrate with Windows NT or Active Directory
for secure access over LANs, WANs and the Internet
Seamlessly Orchestrate Historical Data Integration
Leverage the graphical workflow designer to move ICONICS Hyper Historian data
to and from any data source for in-depth analysis of high-speed historical data
Centralized Unified Data Manager
Access and modify all transaction parameters from a centralized location.
Configure scheduling triggers and create expressions for reuse in other applications
Real-time OPC Compliance
Data-mine OPC data, OPC alarms and events, and historical data in real time
Extensive Web Services Data Integration
Connect to a greater variety of Web services, use custom classes,
SOAP headers, arrays, datasets and more!
Custom User Tasks
Create custom transaction and execution blocks using Visual Studio .NET.
Use VB .NET or C# to create libraries of BridgeWorX custom function blocks
Visualize Your Enterprise
"Utilize a Graphical Workflow for
Manufacturing Intelligence"
BridgeWorX is one of the key components
of the BizViz Suite, performing efficient
data exchange to and from any database or
data source. Schedule secure transactions
with real-time or historical data to support
more informed and accurate
decision-making across the enterprise.
Advantages of BridgeWorX
A unique visual transaction data-mapping
configuration wizard assists in transferring
information between real-time OPC
manufacturing devices and corporate
business information systems. BridgeWorX
data-mining technology can access
Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, Microsoft
Access, SAP® and virtually any real-time or
archived manufacturing or business data
source. Using the powerful configuration
tools, one can schedule transactions based
on real-time OPC data, alarms, events, time
and date, as well as database or file attributes.
Transaction Blocks Included!
BridgeWorX comes complete with a variety
of transaction blocks that can carry out data
integration and interface management
within automation, MES, and ERP
applications, including unique user-defined
“logic” and diagram “workflow” definitions.
ICONICS Markets Served
ICONICS has more than 250,000 systems
running in over 40,000 plants worldwide.
The following industries are benefiting
from ICONICS solutions:
Aerospace & Defense
Building Automation
Chemical & Petrochemical
Consumer Packaged Goods
Food & Beverage
Machine Builders
Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Power & Utilities
Pulp & Paper
Water & Wastewater
Enterprise Data Bridging Workflow Software with No Programming
Data Management for Manufacturing Intelligence
Looking for a data integration and interface management product that requires no programming?
BridgeWorX will automatically exchange data between devices and enterprise systems. Easily create reliable
systems for batch management, lot tracking, traceability and more, with no scripting. This user-friendly,
easy-to-configure, transaction-based product works with OPC and most databases, such as Microsoft® SQL
Server®, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SAP and other ODBC-compliant databases.
Cost Savings and Quick ROI
The unique data-mapping configuration capabilities of BridgeWorX require no coding, resulting in quicker
implementation of data transfer and interface management projects. BridgeWorX greatly reduces
time-consuming custom programming and associated training costs for those skills. Built-in diagnostic
tracing capabilities help track errors to their source for quick problem resolution and faster project startups.
BridgeWorX visual transaction maps are intuitive and allow new users to modify systems as needs change
without editing reams of custom script, resulting in reduced long-term cost of ownership and faster ROI.
No Custom Programming Required
BridgeWorX provides a complete solution requiring no coding for data extraction from source to optional
data manipulation before writing to the target system. BridgeWorX eliminates the need for knowledge of
the participating source and destination systems.
Transaction Blocks
BridgeWorX comes with several transaction blocks that can be configured to
carry out data integration and interface management among automation
systems, MES and ERP applications. One unique feature is the definition of
user defined “Logic” and diagram “Flow.” Transaction blocks are connected
in visual “workflow diagrams” that can be configured for interaction with
humans, machines or databases.
OPC to Database
Web Service Block
SQL Command Block
Conditional Branch Block
.NET Custom Block
Database to Database
Database to OPC
Event Generation Block
Execution Delay Block
File Transfer Block
Status Block
Advanced Scheduling Support
The powerful BridgeWorX Scheduling Engine allows for the simultaneous
execution of transactions. Transactions can be triggered on the
following criteria:
For further information call
Operator commands
Real-time alarm or event
Expressions or calculations
File attribute change
Recurring time and date
Real-time OPC or SNMP data value
Enterprise database value or query
Windows NT Event
Transaction Blocks
Powerful Microsoft .NET Data-Mining and Transformation
BridgeWorX is designed from the ground up, based on Microsoft .NET technologies. Connecting to source
and target systems is fast, efficient and easy to configure. ICONICS brings you the most advanced data
integration and interface management tool available today, taking maximum advantage of Microsoft's most
powerful technologies. BridgeWorX uses Microsoft .NET technology to move data from the source systems
to target systems.
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Enterprise Level Workflow and Business Logic
Integrating BridgeWorX with the GENESIS32™ product suite allows you to coordinate information
between multiple plant-level systems. Coordinate important management systems with machines, and
operator action, across a distributed network. BridgeWorX automates the execution of your business logic
to quickly and easily distribute data from these multiple plant-level systems to the enterprise.
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Visualize Your Enterprise
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