NetCat NC-500 Pro2 nettverkstester

NetCat NC-500 Pro2 nettverkstester
NC-500 NETcat® Pro Wiring Tester
Read and understand all of the instructions and safety
information in this manual before operating or servicing this tool.
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© 2009 Greenlee Textron Inc.
The NETcat® Pro wiring tester is a device that verifies twisted pair and coaxial cables. It uses
TDR technology to measure distance to fault and lengths of cable. It also has a feature that
enables detection of an active network device partner (PC/HUB).
Additional features include the following:
•Employs touch panel LCD with contrast adjustment and backlight.
•Tests shielded twisted pair (STP), unshielded twisted pair (UTP), and coaxial cables.
•Measures cable length using TDR technology.
•Generates four different tones for cable tracing purpose.
•Identifies active network device (PC/HUB) on 10/100/1000 BaseT networks displaying
device capabilities.
•Indicates presence of a PoE (Power over Ethernet) source device.
•Verifies wiremaps.
•Detects shorts, opens, reversed polarity, crossed pairs, and split pairs.
•Uses remote ID units for Office Identification.
•Library with typical NVP values for common cables.
•Memo Pad feature for short notes or reminders.
Safety is essential in the use and maintenance of Greenlee tools and equipment. This instruction manual and any markings on the tool provide information for avoiding hazards and
unsafe practices related to the use of this tool. Observe all of the safety information provided.
Purpose of This Manual
This instruction manual is intended to familiarize all personnel with the safe operation and
maintenance procedures for the Greenlee NC-500 NETcat® Pro. Keep this manual available
to all personnel. Replacement manuals are available upon request at no charge
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Important Safety Information
This symbol is used to call your attention to hazards or unsafe practices which could
result in an injury or property damage. The signal word, defined below, indicates the
severity of the hazard. The message after the signal word provides information for
preventing or avoiding the hazard.
Immediate hazards which, if not avoided, WILL result in severe injury or death.
Hazards which, if not avoided, COULD result in severe injury or death.
Hazards or unsafe practices which, if not avoided, MAY result in injury or property
Important Safety Information
Read and understand this material before operating or servicing this
­equipment. Failure to understand how to safely operate this tool could
result in an accident causing serious injury or death.
Electric shock hazard:
Do not connect this unit to AC power circuits.
Failure to observe this warning could result in severe injury or death.
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Important Safety Information
Electric shock hazard:
•Using this unit in a high frequency activated area may result in unstable or inaccurate
•Do not drop or get the unit wet as it may cause internal damage.
•Do not attempt to repair this unit. It contains no user-serviceable parts.
•Do not expose the unit to extremes in temperature or humidity. Refer to “Specifications.”
•Use this unit for the manufacturer’s intended purpose only, as described in this manual.
Any other use can impair the protection provided by the unit.
Failure to observe these precautions may result in injury and can damage the unit.
Electric shock hazard:
This unit is capable of withstanding voltage input
conditions when connected to normal telephony
equipment (i.e., 50 VDC). Testing is inhibited when
5 VDC or greater is connected across a pair with
the message shown here displayed on the screen.
Failure to observe this precaution may result in
injury and can damage the unit.
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
The unit’s interface employs a touch panel to aid ease of use. Navigation and changes can
be made in the following manner:
1. Drag button for coarse adjustment.
2. Fine adjustment button to decrease value.
3. Fine adjustment button to increase value.
4. Back button.
5. Select/enter button.
6. Low battery icon.*
* The NETcat Pro requires a 9 V alkaline battery. When the battery icon is displayed, a low
battery condition exists. Using the unit with a low battery may affect the accuracy of the
test measurement.
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Switch ON and OFF
•To switch the NETcat Pro unit on, press the button for > 2 seconds.
•To switch the unit off, press the button for > 2 seconds.
Factory Default Reset
To reset the unit to factory defaults, apply a long push to the button for > 5 seconds.
The reset will then initiate a touch panel calibration and zero offset calibration for all pairs.
Following this, all stored settings (i.e., NVP, language, and contrast) will be reset to factory
default settings.
Main Menu Screen
On normal power up, the unit will enter the following mode awaiting a screen selection.
Operation (cont’d)
With the SETUP MENU selected, the unit offers the following options:
•Length units can be selected by using the adjustment buttons as shown.
•Auto shut off can be adjusted from NEVER to 15 minutes duration, by using the adjustment buttons as shown.
•Selecting UTP/STP allows the NVP* for the multi-pair test to be adjusted.
•Selecting Coaxial allows the NVP for the single pair/coax test to be adjusted.
•Selecting Display allows the user to change the LCD contrast level, backlight timeout, and
touch panel calibration.
•Selecting Language allows the user to change the language used within the user interface.
•Selecting Memo Pad allows the user to set a short note or reminder that is saved in
memory even when the battery is disconnected. This note is displayed each time the unit is
powered up. When the note is no longer required, it can be cleared by pressing CLR on the
touchscreen keyboard. These characters can be added by using the touchscreen keyboard.
Clear screen
* Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) is a measure of the speed that a signal travels down
a wire with respect to the speed of light.
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Operation (cont’d)
Calibration – NVP
In the NVP (Nominal Velocity of Propagation) calibration mode the value can be adjusted
using the adjustment bar.
Because cables have different capacitance and impedance, to get an accurate length measurement, the NVP will need to be calibrated using a length of cable of the same type that
is intended for testing. Please be aware that the multi-pair test and coax test have separate
NVP values.
Retest Button
Cable NVP Lookup List: The Cable NVP library is accessed in the NVP setup screen as
shown. There are five fixed cables with typical values already stored in memory for UTP/STP
and COAX cables, respectively. The user can add to this library by pressing the + button. The
memory can hold a maximum of five user definable cables. This data is retained even when
the battery is removed.
Operation (cont’d)
Multi-pair test
Selecting Multi-pair test allows the user to carry out an
integrated test that checks the following attributes of a
•Check for active network device.
•Check for voltages.
•Check for Office Identifiers.
•Check the wiremap.
•Length to short or open.
A further description of the above tests is detailed in the
“Test Details” section.
One Pair/Coax Test
As above, but for one pair (i.e., coaxial cables).
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Test Details
Voltage Checks
This test checks for a voltage in excess of 5 VDC across each pair. If a voltage is detected
above the stated threshold, then testing will be inhibited.
Network Partner Check
This check looks for an active network device (i.e., PC/HUB). If an active device is detected,
the capabilities of the device are indicated with a tick as shown.
The capabilities ticked show the possible transmission
rates possible for the device detected (IEEE802.3 standard).
Below is a more detailed explanation of the capabilities:
10 Base-T: This indicates that the device is capable of
transmitting data at a rate of 10 Mbps half duplex.
10 Base-T FD: This indicates that the device is capable of
transmitting data at a rate of 10 Mbps full duplex.
100 Base-TX: This indicates that the device is capable of
transmitting data at a rate of 100 Mbps half duplex.
Device detected with PoE and
100 Base-TX FD: This indicates that the device is capable
up to 100 Mbps capabilities.
of transmitting data at a rate of 100 Mbps full duplex.
100 Base-T4: This indicates that the device is capable of
transmitting data at a rate of 100 Mbps using four pairs.
1000 Base-T: This indicates that the device is capable of
transmitting data at Gigabit rates.
Hub Blink: On detection of a network device, the NC-500
will output activity pulses. These pulses will blink the
­activity LED on the network device at a steady rate.
Power over Ethernet: When connected to a network
device that has PoE sourcing capability, the NC-500 will
Device detected with up to
display “POE”. Detection of PoE is only possible with
1000 Mbps capabilities.
devices that are compliant to the IEEE802.3af standard.
Test Details (cont’d)
This test checks the cable for correct wiring when a remote/Office ID is connected to the end
of the cable under test. The cable configuration is tested for shield continuity (if fitted), opens,
shorts, reversed pairs, crossed pairs, and split pairs. Below are examples of detectable faults
along with a good wiremap.
Good wiremap.
Wiremap with an open at
10 ft on pair 1-2 and shield
Wiremap with a short at
11 ft on pair 1-2 and shield
Wiremap with a miswire
between pairs 4-5 and 7-8.
Wiremap with a split pair
on 1-2 and 7-8 and shield
Wiremap with a reversed pair
on 1-2 and shield disconnected.
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Test Details (cont’d)
Wiremap (cont’d)
Wiremap with a crossed pair
on 1-2 and 4-5 and shield
Office Identification Check
This test looks for an Office Identification
module connected to the cable under test. If an
Office ID module is connected, its ID number is
reported as shown. This feature can be used to
identify office locations at the distribution panel.
The resident remote with main unit is ID #1.
Office Identifier modules number 2 and above
are included in an optional accessory kit.
Office ID
Length Measurement
Length to an open/short is displayed in feet or meters depending on the selection in the
Tracing Tone Mode
This function provides a means of tracking cables by generating four distinct tones on a
specific pair or all pairs. The cable can be traced using a tracing probe that is capable of
detecting tones ranging from 577 Hz to 983 Hz.
The four available tones are as follows:
•Tone 1 – Slow Warble (577 Hz and 983 Hz)
•Tone 2 – Fast Warble (577 Hz and 983 Hz)
•Tone 3 – Stutter (577 Hz and 983 Hz)
•Tone 4 – Melody (577 Hz, 983 Hz, 818 Hz, and 923 Hz)
These tones can be sampled using the NETcat Pro’s sounder as shown:
Press to sample
current tone.
NC-500 NETcat® Pro
Case Dimensions: 85 x 35 x 170 mm (3.35 x 1.4 x 6.7 in)
Weight: 200 g (0.5 lb)
Power Source: 9 V Alkaline battery (PP3, 6LR61)
User Interface:
Display LCD:
Dot Pixels: 128 x 128 dots
Dot Size: 0.40 x 0.40 mm
Dot Pitch: 0.43 x 0.43 mm
Viewing Area: 60 x 58 mm (2.4 x 2.3 in)
Backlight: White LED
Buttons: LCD touch panel; one momentary contact push button
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Storage Temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Interface Connections:
RJ45 shielded socket
F-Type threaded female coaxial
NVP Calibration:
User selectable based on a known cable length.
Range: 15 to 609.6 m (50 to 2000 ft), 40% to 100% in step of 1%
Maximum Length: 609.6 m (2000 ft)
Resolution: 1 ft
Accuracy to open/short: ±4% or 2 ft, whichever is greater; any uncertainty in the NVP will
be an additional error
Maximum Length for Office Identifier: 609.6 m (2000 ft)
Maximum Length for Wiremap: 100 m (328 ft)
Minimum Length for Split Pair Detection: 3 m (10 ft) typical, on most cable types
Electric shock hazard:
•Do not attempt to repair this unit. It contains no user-serviceable parts.
•Do not expose the unit to extremes in temperature or humidity. Refer to “Specifications.”
Failure to observe these precautions may result in injury and can damage the unit.
Battery Replacement
1. Loosen the screw to open the battery compartment door.
2. Replace the batteries (observe polarity).
3. Close the battery compartment door.
Periodically wipe the housing with a damp cloth and mild detergent; do not use abrasives or
All specifications are nominal
and may change as design
improvements occur. Greenlee
Textron Inc. shall not be liable
for damages resulting from
misapplication or misuse of its
NETcat is a registered trademark
of Greenlee Textron Inc.
International +1-815-397-7070
Fax: +1-815-397-9247
One-Year Limited Warranty
4455 Boeing Drive • Rockford, IL 61109-2988 • USA • 815-397-7070
An ISO 9001 Company • Greenlee Textron Inc. is a subsidiary of Textron Inc.
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