MS-­‐6.3DB90-­‐A Multi-­‐Beam Dual Band Spherical Lens Antenna: 3 independent low frequency (698-­‐896MHz-­‐A, 790-­‐960MHz-­‐B) cross-­‐polarized beams and 6 independent high-­‐frequency (1710-­‐2690MHz) cross-­‐polarized beams, with 0-­‐15° tilt for each 40° sector and 2X2 MIMO support per beam. Sector consists of 1 low-­‐band beam and 2 high-­‐band beams. *Optional Packages: a) MS-­‐6.3DB90-­‐RET AISG 2.0 Remote Electrical Tilt b) MS-­‐6.3DB90-­‐B Low Band Frequency Range (800-­‐960MHz) PATTERN RESULTS: High-­‐Band Horizontal Pattern (1.80GHz) High-­‐Band Vertical pattern (1.80GHz) Low-­‐Band Horizontal Pattern (0.85GHz) Low-­‐Band Vertical Pattern (0.85GHz) EMAIL: WEBSITE: PHONE: (949)356-­‐2223 ESTIM ATED TECHINCAL SPECIFICATIONS PER BEAM Frequency 698-­‐896 MHz 1710-­‐2690 MHz Gain 16.5dBi 24dBi Return Loss >15dB Polarization Dual Slant ±45 Dual Slant ±45 120° 120° 40° ± 4° 20° ± 2° 42° 21° 10dB typical 10dB typical 3 6 10° to 25° 0° to 15° Horizontal Coverage ESTIM ATED M ECHINCAL DATA Spherical Lens diameter: 90cm/35inch Dimensions (H x W x D) Antenna dimensions: 100 x 110 x 120 cm >15dB 39 x 43 x 47 inch Antenna Weight 60kg 132lbs Horizontal Beamwidth (10dB level) Radome Material Vertical Beamwidth (10dB level) Fibre Glass Mounting Beam Cross-­‐over Total Number of Beams Manual Adjustable Tilt per 20° sector (each sector having 2 high-­‐
band beams and 1 low-­‐band beam) 2 position pipe mount Compatible pipe diameter: 6.1 – 11.4 cm 2.4 – 4.5 inch ESTIM ATED ENVIRONM ENTAL RATINGS Humidity First Sidelobe Level <-­‐18dB 95% RH @ +30°C <-­‐18dB Temperature >28dB >28dB Wind load (Front) >28dB >28dB Isolation Port to Port – Beam >28dB >28dB 400W per port 300W per port <-­‐150dBc <-­‐150dBc 50 ohm 50 ohm Intermodulation Impedance -­‐ HIGH-­‐BAND
-­‐ LOW-­‐BAND
6 7/16 DIN female 12 7/16 DIN female Connector Quantity and Type Connector Layout Power Rating 170 lbf @ 151 km/hr Isolation Port to Port -­‐Polarization 754 N @ 151 km/hr Front to Back Ratio -­‐40°C to +70°C EMAIL: WEBSITE: PHONE: (949)356-­‐2223 
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