12/03/2013 - MR The transport and time code of my Avid Euphonix

12/03/2013 - MR The transport and time code of my Avid Euphonix
The transport and time code of my Avid Euphonix System 5 console has stopped responding – if I press the
play button it flashes but the Time code does not run. What can I do to correct the problem?
The Transport and Time Code of newer System 5 consoles is handled within the SC264 Studio Computer by a
card named TT002 / TT002B (older System 5 consoles may have an external 1U 19” rack device named TT007
to provide this function. This article refers to the TT002 only).
It is possible under certain circumstances for the TT002 firmware to become corrupted causing the TT002 to
fail to respond to transport commands, generate Timecode, or trigger GP I/O. It is relatively quick and easy to
re-flash the TT002 to recover the functionality of the card.
First, restart the SC263/SC264 Studio Computer to boot it up fresh.
Once the SC263/SC264 has started up do not run ‘eMix’ (or if ‘eMix’ runs automatically exit ‘eMix’ using the
‘Exit to Operating System’ option in the ‘Shutdown’ menu)’
On the SC264 screen navigate to:
12/03/2013 - MR
In the ‘eMix’ folder you will find a programme named ‘TT002SWloader.exe’ - double click to run it.
A blank window will open.
Go to the menu bar at the top left of the blank window.
Select ‘File’ and then select ‘Open’ from the drop down menu options.
Then navigate to the following directory to select the firmware binary file:
Select the binary file named with the highest date stamp e.g. ‘tt02-C430’ (or similar depending on which
version of eMix you have – the firmware is updated regularly. Check the eMix release notes).
Go back to ‘File’ and select the ‘Download to TT002’ dropdown menu option.
12/03/2013 - MR
You will see the message: ‘TT002 #1 found downloading firmware (or reprogramming)’
When the process is complete exit the ‘TT002FWload.exe’ programme using the ‘File’ dropdown menu option.
Exit ‘eMix’.
Shut the studio computer down.
Disconnect the power cables from the SC263/SC264 or turn off the switches on both of the PSU modules and
wait for 5 minutes before powering on the SC263/SC264 again.
Reconnect the power cables and/or turn the on the switches on the PSU modules.
Boot up the SC264 normally and run ‘eMix’. Under the ‘System’ / ‘Preferences’ menu in ‘eMix’ switch the
Timecode source to ‘Internal’ **
Press play on the CM401 Transport section. You should now see the Timecode on the CM401 master section
TFT running. Switch the Timecode source to ‘Serial’. The console Transport, Time code, CB RM-6/SoundMaster
(or other Synchroniser), and RS422 machine control should work now.
If the console Timecode does not run in ‘Internal’ mode after the re-flash there may be a deeper problem. If
this is the case, contact Avid Field Service for further assistance.
**Max Air or System 5 B without transport controls should be set to Serial, MIDI, or LTC to ‘listen’ to their
usual Timecode source. If the card is recovered the TC reader will chase the incoming Timecode as normal.
12/03/2013 - MR
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