RS485/422 Protocol analyzer
RS485/422 Protocol analyzer
"The perfect combination of sophisticated
hardware and software analysis"
OS independent real time resolution of 1µs
Supports any baudrate from 1 Baud to 1 MBaud
Automatic detection of baudrate and protocol
Supports protocols with 9 data bits
Detects invalid levels (tristate)
Correct time relationship between all lines
Display of real level changes RxD, TxD
Signal switching/rerouting, data injection
Availiable for Windows and Linux
An essential tool for RS422/485 analysis/optimizing
Versatile usage
As an autonomous device the analyzer gathers exact informations
about every line change with micro second precision, independent
from the PC and its operating system and mandatory for time
relevant protocols like Modbus RTU, Profibus or others.
Multiple connection modes allow the
complete logging of all bus activities
as well as the purposeful recording of
data sent from selected bus
Two additional auxiliary in/outputs
serves for the correlation to further
application signals.
Equipped with a multitude of visualization tools it allows a detailed
view in every RS422/485 communication and detects errors
coming from bus enabling, timeouts or wrong / double addressing.
Features & Benefits
Simultaneous sampling of all lines by external hardware
Exact measurement of all EIA-422/485 signals with a precision of
1µsec and a maximum sampling rate of 16 MHz, independent from
the PC operating system.
2 digital input/output channels
Recording of two additional control lines (signals), output of the
bus direction or bus state (active/inactive) for triggering of external
measuring equipment.
Scope-like display of the data lines
Simultaneous display of the Tri-State signals as well as the
transferred data. That makes the error analysis and search easy
for transmission errors, i.e. improper bit rates (jitter) or wrong data
Protocol templates
Define own rules how your data shall be displayed or visualize any
application specific protocols.
Any baudrate with FLEXUART
High-precise set and measurement of standard and non-standard
baudrates in the range from 1 Baud up to 500 kBaud with a
resolution of 0.1% of value. Recording and analysis with any, even
unusual, baudrates. Detection of asynchronous or drifting
baudrates between sender and receiver.
Direction specific analysis of single bus segments or bus
participants and therewith isolating of erroneous send devices by
transparent bus disconnection.
Detection of inactive bus states
Detecting of Tri-State bus states (RS485) and data direction in
2-wire bus systems.
Integrated script language Lua
Any computing, converting and visualization of the recorded data.
Automatic marking of frame-sections (e.g. address, function, data,
valid/invalid checksum etc.)
Pattern search with regular expressions
Makes the search for any data sequences possible with wild card
characters and time distances or pauses between data strings.
Integrated LevelFinder
Finds any static level, level change, level with a given duration,
error conditions and all combinations of them.
Data analysis in realtime
Examination of the connection already while recording the data.
Detection of invalid line states
Detecting of open lines, invalid Tri-States and bus conflicts.
Future-proof by modern FPGA technology
Integrated state of the art gate array technology allows permanent
advancements and adaption to different applications. The updating
is done simply at start of the software.
Automatic protocol detection
Simple check and analysis of any communication with unknown
connection parameters.
Compact housing with USB connector
No additional power supply necessary. Mobile operation even
with laptop. |
Matterhornstrasse 17, 65199 Wiesbaden / GERMANY
Phone +49 6127 7058783, Fax +49 321 21127449
Technical changes and improvements can be done
without prior notice. January 2011
RS485/422 Protocol analyzer
Analyzer Software
The MSB-RS485 analyzer software uses a multi-process architecture to guarantee a high maximum in
stability and scalability.
Already while recording the data can be displayed at different points in time, in different formats, and with
different time resolutions (scope view). We call this concept MultiView, the actors Views.
Whether you like to compare two different points of time in your recording, or simply show the physical
data signal according to the data byte sequences, just open the kind and quantity of views for your need.
Easy to use
Views are autonomous programs which link into a current
running recording and visualize data in a certain format.
Visualize the data with Lua scripts,
convert it in other formats or search
for determined sequencies like
CMD??. Spot on to the data view.
The analyzer software follows the concept to offer a specially
optimized display tool for each kind of examination.
Each view provides functions which represents its kind of data
interpretation. Thereby the handling stays easy and clear,
multiline toolbars and overload menus are avoided.
Data export
Searching for level
changes, a given
level duration, bus
states or bus errors
are the domain of
the event view.
Simple copy and paste of recorded protocol or data sequences
into other applications for further evaluation or documentation
Or export the data as CSV for further evaluation of the logged
data in Microsoft Excel or other spread sheet programs. That
makes the full toolset of these programs available for statistic
examination, sorting and other calculations.
Integrated Lua Script language
for complexe computations (checksum),
conversions and data visualisations.
Define your own rules
how you like to display
the single data
sequences and
visualize any protocol
for your own matter.
Supports several OS
Run it on your favorite OS - it's your choice!
The software is delivered as ’native binary’ for
Microsoft Windows and Linux. No
emulation, no
additional libraries, noinstallation
of .NET ® or Java ®.
Multi language
German and English language
support. |
Matterhornstrasse 17, 65199 Wiesbaden / GERMANY
Phone +49 6127 7058783, Fax +49 321 21127449
Imagine you have a jittering baudrate
clock or odd data errors. This is a job
for a scope like tool, examinating
the real signal.
Technical changes and improvements can be done
without prior notice. January 2011
RS485/422 Protocol analyzer
What a pure software solution cannot provide
An innovative concept for various bus connections
Automatically protokoll scanner and 9 bit data word support
makes it easy to analyse different bus systems like EIA-422
point-to-point connections (with or without handshake), 2-wire
half duplex EIA-485 and 4-wire full duplex bus systems.
Direction specific analysis of single bus segments or bus
participants and therewith isolating of erroneous send devices
by transparent bus disconnection.
The MSB-RS485 analyzer contains a so called FLEXUART core,
an in-house developed decoder for serial data transmissions with
9 bit data word support which allows not only the measuring of any
baudrate in the range of 1 Baud bis 500 kBaud but also the
detection of the used protocol.
Plain tapping
How can it help?
Easy connected provides this mode the recording of all signals
and transfered data, in case of 4-wire full duplex connections
also separated into sending and receiving channel. The data
maping of individual bus devices is only possible with the
knowledge of the used protocol (device address).
Sometimes the real data format is not
known if you have older devices for which
the interface descriptions got lost.
Segment analysis
In contrast to the plain tapping of the data signal the MSB-RS485
is inserted into the bus. In doing so the bus is split into two bus
segments and the analyzer becomes the interface between the
two segments. The data, flowing through this
interface, are collected together with their direction
so that they can be clearly assigned to the
corresponding segment.
If the segment consists of only one bus device the
data sent from this device can be easily assigned
to this device independently from the remaining
bus communication - even without having to know
the used protocol.
This variation allows the
selective monitoring of
individual bus
participants both in 2wire half duplex
connections (like
Modbus, Profibus) and 4wire full duplex bus
systems like the
Din-Messbus. |
Matterhornstrasse 17, 65199 Wiesbaden / GERMANY
Phone +49 6127 7058783, Fax +49 321 21127449
Or you are not sure if the sender really
adds the correct parity bit. You always
should verify the data structure before
starting the examination of the communication.
Simply insert the analyzer into the active
connection, press 'scan' and after having decoded some
characters you will get information about the probable data format.
Working with any baudrate
By the feature to log data at any baudrate you can also check
connections at uncommon transmission rates which sometimes
are used inside systems, where the available system clock is
directly divided to the baud clock.
The resulting baud rate is not a multiple of 9600, but any other,
which can not be correctly decoded by PC communication ports.
9 Bit data word support
Some kind of bus protocols are using the parity bit
as a 9th bit to differ between an address and the
user data (for instance a Multi-Drop bus).
With the 9N1 setting you are able to turn the
analyzer in a pure 9 bit recorder. All data are now collected,
displayed and processed in the range 0...511.
You can split the sequences by the 9th bit and examinate the
data as usual 8 bit values.
Technical changes and improvements can be done
without prior notice. January 2011
RS485/422 Protocol analyzer
Optional extensions
The isolating USB to RS485/422 comes with a lot of setup
possibilities to cover a wide range of bus applications: RS422/485
mode, echo on/off, full/halfduplex bus, independent applicable
termination resistors for RXD, TXD.
High isolating capability, ESD protection and support of any baud
rates from 300 Baud to 500 kBaud is its recomendation for all PC to
bus connections.
This article is exclusively available at
Complete price MSB-RS485 analyzer including CDROM,
USB cable to connect with PC and connection kit
ISO485 USB to RS422/485 converter
An additional (second) connection kit (see description technical
Technical data
High-precise setting and measuring of standard and non-standard baudrates in the range of 1 Baud to 500 kBaud with a
resolution of 0.1% of the set. resp. measured value (FLEXUART).
Data formats
Parameter for serial data transmission: 5 to 9 data bits; parity off, even, odd, constant 0 or constant 1.
Logical line states
Logical level (A-B): 1 (V+), 0 (V-), invalid (-0.7V < In < +0.7V).
Time resolutions
All lines are exactly sampled and marked with 1µs time stamps, independent of the operating system of the PC.
Signal levels
Standard EIA-422/485 level ±0.2V bis ±12V, ESD protected inputs 12kOhm, Common Mode ±7V.
Detection of the Tri-State level of differential signals below ±0.7V
Bus connectors
Connector: 2x Phoenix MC 1,5/6ST-3,5 with 2mm screw connectors, 6 pins each.
Internal wiring
All connections from Port 1 and Port 2 are connected through high speed transceivers and are automatically switched in
correspondence to the selected connection mode and data direction.
Auxiliary In-Outputs
Two additional terminals, each individual switchable for recording of external signals or for outputting of bus status signals.
Input: 0-5V, Trigger level 1.65V, 25 kOhm pull down, Output: 0/5V ca. 10mA.
Internal cache memory of 512 kB for buffering of measuring data when recording data with high transfer rates.
Status LEDs
Leds for displaying of: red: recording status and buffer load, green: bus data flow.
Power supply
Directly supplied via USB cable, consumption about 200mA, USB Ground is the same as EIA-422/485 Ground.
Operating Systems
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux with kernel from 2.4.18 and GLIBC 2.4. All systems 32 or 64 bit.
100mm x 50mm x 25mm (length, width, height, weight ca. 100g.
Graphical display
Graphics board and monitor with at least 1024x768 pixel resolution and 16 bit color depth or more.
Disk space
100 MByte empty space for software installation plus additional space for the recording fles.
256 MByte or more.
USB connector
One empty USB 1.1 or 2.0 connector (full speed).
Scope of delivery
Analyzer set
MSB-RS485 analyzer device, CDROM and 2m USB cable for connection to PC.
Connection set
Connection set consists of: 2x 6-pin Phoenix screw connector, 1 screw driver for Phoenix connectors,
4x terminal resistors 120 Ohm if analyzer is end device, 4x short circuit wires for various connection variants.
CDROM for Windows and Linux, manual as online help and PDF document in German and English. |
Matterhornstrasse 17, 65199 Wiesbaden / GERMANY
Phone +49 6127 7058783, Fax +49 321 21127449
Technical changes and improvements can be done
without prior notice. January 2011
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