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LEVR ///
“Give me a LEVR strong enough and I’ll move the world.” is the
saying. Well, close enough.
The JCF Audio - LEVR is an active summing module for the
popular 500 Series format and by drawing from the discrete
playbook it expands greatly on the language audio summing.
The LEVR offers an affordable, active, non-exclusive alternative to
passive summing users which other solutions do not.
Due to it’s elegant design and low parts count, the LEVR will bring
unparalleled musicality and resolution to your bus.
AC Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
0 Ohms Balanced
Frequency Response: 200 Ohms Balanced
(<50 Ohms with
transformer option)
-3dB @ 670kHz and ~3Hz
Minimum Recommended Load: Maximum Output Level: 600 Ohms or greater
+28.6dBu rms
Distortion: <.01% @ +4dBu, 0.025 % @ +28dBu
Noise: -79dBu (BW lim 80kHz)
Gain: Variable from 0dB to ~+9db
Power Supply And Connector: +/- 16v +/- 20 ma.
500 Series compatible
15 pin .156” edge type
• Time-proven amplifier blocks
• Common 500 Series Modular Form Factor
• High quality capacitors used throughout
• ~9dB Front Panel Gain Adjust
• Low Power Consumption
• Opt. floating output with Cinemag CMOQ-2S
• Drive and punch of push-pull circuitry with
the stability of single element inputs.
• Does not preclude use of passive-to-pre
• Two courtesy parallel front panel inputs
• 1 year limited warranty
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