Francis Harper Collection, MS 245

Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Summary of Contents
Box 1: Abbe – American Society of Mammalogists (A-L)
Box 2: American Society of Mammalogists (M-Z) – Bannerman
Box 3: Bantam - Boy Scouts of America
Box 4: Boyce - Catawba College
Box 5: Cate – Cooley
Box 6: Coolidge – Dzubin
Box 7: Eade – Fussell
Box 8: Gabrielson - Dick Hall
Box 9: E. Raymond Hall – Ho
Box 10: Harper Family (Bertha – Roland (1911-1938))
Box 11: Harper Family (Roland (1939-1968) – William)
Box 12: Hocking - Kellogg
Box 13: Kelly - Lyon
Box 14: McAllister- Meyer
Box 15: Meyerriecks - Newton
Box 16: Nice - Peyer
Box 17: Phi Beta Kappa - Reynolds
Box 18: Rhees - Shanks
Box 19: Shapiro - Stoner
Box 20: Stophlet - Tyler
Box 21: Ubil - Watkins
Box 22: Watkins - Zoruck
Box M1: Miscellaneous: Academic Press – Carnegie Museum
Box M2: Miscellaneous: Jacques Catlett Press – National Parks & Conservation Society
Box M3: Miscellaneous: National Sales Company - Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Box M4: Miscellaneous: Outdoor News Bulletin (1955-1967)
Box M5: Miscellaneous: Outdoor News Bulletin (1968-1973)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Description of Contents
Series I. Box 1.
Abbe, Ernst C.
Botany, University of Minnesota
1949 Nueltin, Keewatin expedition; vascular plants
1959 Hamilton River area paper
Abbot, Clinton G.
Natural History Museum, San Diego, CA
1929 AOU
1930 Acknowledgment of separates
1940 Old World mammals study
1940 research activities; British children
Abbott, E. [B.] (Mrs.)
no date (draft) Mrs. Abbott's studies of John & William Bartram
Abbott, Mabel
Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences
1948 re: William T. Davis
Abelord-Schremann Ltd. NY
1960 Harold Cantor re: possible book on North American mammals
David T. Abercrombie Company New York, NY
[no date] equipment quote to Biological Survey
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
1920 re: merchandise
[no date, draft] prices for Biological Survey
Abrams, Alfred W.
State University of New York
1915 Allen; black browned night heron photos
1916 Photographs of birds
Academic Press N.Y.
1966 Bird Fauna of Africa and Its Islands
(see also Huber, Wharton; Stone, Whitmer; Cadwalader, Charles M. B.; Linton, Albert; Greenwood,
Margaret; Lloyd, Hearten G.; Rehm, James)
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia I
1919 Okefinokee presentation; Okefinokee Society; Hebards
1929 re: collections Texas Birds, mammals, permits, boat rental, Corpus Christ, bird migration, Audubon
Hall of Birds
1929 (2 items) Texas bird expedition
1930 Audubon Hall of Birds
1935 membership
1935 (2 items) invoice cartridges and shells
1936 Educational Development Fund
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1936 membership card
1938 membership card
1939 (memo) salary receipt for Old World Vanishing and Extinct Mammals
1939 vanishing and extinct mammals
1939 publication of vanishing mammals report, Alexander Wetmore, Harold Coolidge
1939 credentials from Academy and APA
1939 donated birds, 1939 membership card
1939 letter of introduction
1939 receipts for reprints
1945 permits, aquatic life
1948 Mr. Brown; typewriter
1949 envelope only, check
1950 glossy prints- a Delwin Warden; biography of Bartram; see also Roberts, H. Radcliffe
1950 (postcard) ptarmigans' grooved claws
see also Bond, James
Academy of Natural Sciences II
1950 receipt (photo)
1950 bill (photo work)
1952 receipt (paper)
1952 (3 items) Keewatin expedition; Arctic Institute; Office of Naval Research; fish, mollusks, insects,
vascular plants, mosses, and lichen specimens; NSF; lost mammal skulls; paradichlorobenzine
contamination; Edwin G. Conklin (list of carbon copies attached)
1962 Olsen; Fowler's health; Harper corrigenda
1966 order for N.C. film
1972 re: Bald Eagle Habitat group; Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
Ackerman, Ward G.
Altamont, NY
1950 order for coal
Ackland, Myron
American Museum of Natural History, Mammals
1930 Okefinokee; Conservation of swamp; advice from Harper against excess zeal
Acme Washing Machine Service
1960 inquiry - parts for Thor model I-A
Adair, --Med. Arts Building, Wilmington, DE
1934 re: possibility of cabin rental; Buckle Hill Falls
Adair, Douglass
William and Mary Quarterly, Williamsburg VA
1952 Bartram rejection
1952 Bartram ms.
Adams, A. R.
Philadelphia, PA
1931 payment
1935 report on "ouches"
1935 (3 items) dental plate repair
1938 statement
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
Adams, Charles C.
New York State Museum, Albany 1926 Conservation
1934 see also McAtee; Roosevelt
1940 (2 items) acknowledgment nomenclature papers; Charles Alexander Laseur
Adams, Raymond
Chapel Hill, NC
no date forward Old Settler Bookship catalogue
1961 acknowledgment Canadian Field Naturalist review; J. L. Conners; Robert A Hamilton; Henry David
Adams, Thomas R.
John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI
1963 Joseph Ewan as biographer; recommendation for fellowship
Adams, William C.
Boston, MA
1928 see Division of Fisheries and Game
Adams, W.
McGill Subarctic Research Lab, Schafferville, Quebec
1965 acknowledgment "The Climate of Knob Lake"
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
also Gould, I.M.
1943 technical advisor. “Advance guard”
[19--] Rabbitus Discovery
Aeronautical Chart Service
Air Transport Command Washington, DC
1944 request forwarded to Dept of Commence for role up chart
Agassiz, George R.
Department of Zoology, Harvard University, Boston
1927 (2 items) Leigh Hoadley to assistant professor
1929 (2 items) visiting committee of Zoology
1929 (2 items) resignation
Agfa-Onaco Corp. Finishing Dept
Binghamton , NY
1931 plates to be processed
1933 accounts
Akin, Sally
(see Aviles Book Shop and Rental Library0
Akron News Service
1931 Miscellaneous
Alabama Conservancy Environmental Newsletter
1970 Bartram Bankhead Wilderness; Air quality control
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
Alabama Department of Conservation
1939 collecting permit card
Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences
1970 aerial spraying for fire ants; Adelle Davis' Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit
Alabama, University of
1965 order
1967 order
1967 receipt
1969 order
1969 typewriter ribbons order
Alabama Wildlife Federation
see Clippings
1958 (clipping, Mobile AL Press) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Birmingham AL News) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Birmingham AL News) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Birmingham AL News) fire ants, US Department of Agriculture
1958 (clipping, Birmingham AL News) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Birmingham AL News) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Selma AL Times-Journal) fire ants
1958 (clipping, Montgomery AL Advertiser) fire ants
1959 (clipping, New York Times) fire ants
1959 (clipping, Dothan AL Eagle) fire ants
Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Fairbanks, AK
see also Weeden, Robert B.
1964 (postcard) request for Ungava life zones study
Albert Teachers' Agency
no date (form letter) services
University of Alberta
Department of Physiology, Edmonton
1972 (postcard) request, Athabaska Mammals study
Alcock, Fred (F. J.)
National Museum of Canada, Department of Mines
and Resources, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1920 Athabaska
1949 mailing list
1949 paper by Rand, request for publications re: incorrect citation
1949 address, correction
1950 Scoggan's Grape Flora, Guggenheim
1950 bird specimens, lost lemmings, caribou jaw, skull
1954 (4 items) publishing Ungava reports: Nueltin mammals; acknowledgment copies
1959 Athabaska; Dick Alcock field trips.
1961 encloses separates; Low photograph; Collins; Ungava
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1961 acknowledgment papers; Low; Labrador colleagues (Turner, Low, Townsend, Skinner, Speck,
Cabot); Julian; Huxley; Collins
1961 acknowledgment Labrador paper; Canon Walter; P.M. Anderson's death
1962 acknowledgment publications; family news
1962 David (Harper); portraits of Labrador-Ungava ethnologists; Keewatin caribou; Eskimos; Alan
Cooke; Stefansson Collection
1964 acknowledgment reprints; health
1965 Preble paper
Aldrich, John W.
Bird and Mammal Labs, Smithsonian, Washington
1947 (draft, shares sheet with Cottam, Clarence, see also)
1969 life zone maps; Athabaska birds' breeding zones; Thomas' Climatological Atlas of Canada; Harper's
Birds of the Ungava Peninsula; Polar notes; Rogers & Rogers' Canada waterfowl; Athabaska specimens
1969 (draft) papers
Alexander, Charles P. ("Chuck")
Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, MA (Univ. of Massachusetts)
1928 re: [examine] file
1944 re: insects - Nueltin area
1951 crane-flies w/ "bugs", Huyck Preserve, Keewatin specimens, Guggenheim, draft attached
Alexander, Thomas W.
Waynesville, NC
1943 (2 items) Bartram's Travels
Alexander, Wilfrid B.
Oxford University, Dept. of Zoological Field Studies, Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment chick-wills-widow paper; Bartram; Fothergill; Francis Evans
1943 British children to America (see also M. K. Colquhoun) also British Trust for Ornithology Bulletin
1944 Bartram
1949 "Caribou Land", R.E. Moreau, French caves, caribou photos, Barren Grounds, Lascoux pictures
1954 acknowledgment Nueltin birds
1954 Ungava tipulida; Keewatin determinations
1954 (3 items) Ungava crane-flies' Erioptera; trichoceridae; Dietz localities; dates of Arctic expeditions
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou; Horace Alexander
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals; Australia; Thylacinus; Edward Grey Institute; travels; Sardinian
Barbary partridges
Alexandria Library
1963 John Dos Passos lecture
Alexandra Hotel
Ottawa, Canada
1958 paid receipts
Alhinc, Jean Dakar
Senegal, Université de Besançon
1963 (2 items) Bartram thesis; Philadelphia Historical Society Library; Bartram materials; Philosophical
Society Transactions
1963 (3 items)Bartram; Okefinokee; Philadelphia Historical Society: Okefinokee bibliography (snake
photos attached)
1964 Bartram thesis
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1969 (2 items) William Bartram; yodeling in Senegal; Darlington Carr: Land and Wildlife of Africa
1966 yodeling in Okefinokee; compared to Africa?
Allen, Dr. --1963 (draft) order for Ungava plant and animal paper
Injury from fall (appended to letter to Dr. Scott, 1963)
Allen, Arthur A.
Wildlife Soc. Ithaca, Cornell University
1920 Cornell University Ornithologist
1924 Sept camera (uncertain attribution)
1929 slides; Texas coast expedition; Nesbit trap lamp
1930 re: American Society Ornithologist; bird pictures
1935 dissolution of Biological Abstracts
1947 rendezvous in Philadelphia
1952 Earle R. Greene re: ornithological data; Cornell as depository; Louis Fuentes biography
1951 Earle Greene, birds of Georgia, Herb Stoddard, Eugene Odum, George Sutton, Everglades expedition
Louis Fuentes' biography, Wilson statuette, Academy, Cadwallader publications, birds
1952 Greene, Okefinokee birds, Academy
1951 Keewatin birds; Zonotrichia queruia, Passerculus, Anthus; Cayuga cruse, Ungava Arctic Institute;
red grossbill; cameras
1952 Greene, Georgia specimens
1957 lists; Le Conte research
Allen, David
Ithaca, NY
1963 invitation anniversary celebration
Allen, E. Ross
Reptile Institute, Silver Springs, GA
1950 publications
1950 (envelope only)
Allen, Elsa Guerdrun (Mrs. Arthur O.)
Department of Zoology, Cornell University, Ithaca
1943 (2 items) publication of manuscripts and illustrations by William Bartram in the British Museums;
John Abbot
1945 correspondence with Arthur Allen; Bartram question
1945 Bartram's professorship; A.O.U.
1949 see also (Arthur A. Allen)
1949 family news
1955 (from Povey, Dorothy to Hess, G.D.) Allen's request for Bartram portrait; Lord Derby
Allen, Emily (Mrs. O. g.)
Winston Salem, NC
1967 references from John Bartram's visit to Bathabara
1957 acknowledgment Bartram references; Dr. Hayatt
Allen, Francis H.
W. Roxbury, MA
1928 AOU check list
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
Allen, Glover M.
Museum of Comparative Zool. Harvard U., Cambridge
(see also Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard)
1915 bison, American Society of Mammalogists; Dr. Osgood, Dr. William Rowan
1929 Adirondack mammals
1930 re: abstracts of Asiatic and African mammals
1930 Okefinokee trip; Biological Abstracts; National Zoological Review
1931 Miller & Allen's monograph of Myotis and Pisonyn, request for abstract, new synonymy
1932 re: Ognew, Mammals of the Russian Empire
1934 (postcard) re: trapper Hallie Fuller, Geneva, PA
1937 (from John C. Phillips) New England wolves and coyotes; Boston weather
1937 (3 items) Nyctinomus condydarus (A. Smith); N. dubius (A. Smith) (Academy list attached)
1938 Asinus altlanticus references
1938 Equus atlanticus references; Portuguese East African big game; aurochs reference
1939 vanishing animals agreement
1939 Bartram, publication of Vanishing Species (species list attached)
1939 (2 items) extinct and vanishing American mammals; strategies
1939 Old World mammal study
1939 Academy "mess"
1941 (2 items) death of Arthur C. Whalen, Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
1941 (3 items) Bartram's bird names for Auk; Wetmore; Zimmer re: nomenclature
1942 extinct and threatened mammals study; Hill; Harold Coolidge
1942 relations with American Committee re: Old World mammals study
1962 articles on Bats
Allen, John S.
University of South Florida, Tampa
1959 Bartram; naming of State Park
Allen, J.T.
Berkeley, CA
1919 Cooper Club
Allen, Marrow J.
Carobbeam Biological Lab, Biloxi, MS
1933 reputed for Mammals of OK Southwest Region; report on Acris
Allen, Mrs. O.G. Winston - Salem
1966 Bartram; records and quotes (bibliography)
Allen, Robert P.
Association of Audubon Societies, Tanernier, FL
1935 (2 items) Okefinokee panthers (cougars); federal ownership
1947 Melton
1959 Pseudacris; Birds
Allen Press
Lawrence, KS
(see also Allen, Harold; Arctic Institute of North America)
1955 (23 items) Barren Ground Caribou of Keewatin: proofs; cover; pictures; style; costs; E. Ray Hall;
Lawrence Paper Co.; publicity
1955 envelope only
1961 inquiry re: pub. for Arctic Institute
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1961-1962 (8 items) cost of printing "Indian manuscript"; E. Raymond Hall; cover; mammal ms.
1962 reprints of McAtee's paper
1963 Caribou Eskimo report proof
1963 additional copies Caribou Eskimo report
1963 (2 items) Caribou Eskimo report
1963 "Friendly Montagnais"; Ungava plant and animal associations
1964 (2 items) Caribou Eskimo paper
1964 (4 items) increased costs of extra copies (Caribou Eskimo, Montagnais, plant and animal association)
1964 (3 items) cancel extra copies
Allied Exterminators, Inc.
Durham, NC
1962 (2 items) invoices
1963 Chapel Hill termite contract
1965 termite work at 311 McCauley St., Chapel Hill, NC
[1970] (draft, shares sheet with Mary Sue [Mrs. Roland] Harper) dues, termite-infested log
1970 (4 items) dead oak; termites
1971 (2 items) bill; payment
Allyn and Bacon
Boston, MA
1943 request for insect photos, list of requested photos
1944 (2 items) list of photographs (list attached)
1944 (from Jean) Francis' absence—Okefinokee
1945 photos requested (list attached)
Amadon, Dean
American Museum of National History, New York, NY
(see also American Museum of Natural History)
no date inscription (see Harrison, Thomas Perrin)
1958 voice of "Bufo;” - Florida; acknowledgment of watercolor of birds
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints; John Terres
1964 acknowledgment publications; Alexander McKenzie photo; Todd's Birds of the Labrador; Mrs.
Oliver Austin's Frank Chapman in Florida
1964 Todd presentation copy; Armstrong re: Frank M. Chapman in Florida; boat-billed grackles; longtailed cat
1964 Chapman; Craig "broadside"'; Cuba
1964 Armstrong's Florida reminiscences of Chapman; Craig
1965 comments on Canadian Naturalists
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Brookline Station, Boston
1957 Okefinokee report; alligator protection; dialects
1963 (6 items) grant application for Georgia folklore
1963 (6 items) grant award, payment, Joan Moser
1964 (2 items) report of Okefinokee folkways grant (see also Parsons, Talbot)
1964 progress report on folkways in Okefinokee
1965 to Mr. John Vos - re: "Pogo" characteristics
1965 (2 copies) report folkways of Okefinokee; bibliography; dialects; alligators
1968 reference to Frank Chapman; progress report on Okefinokee folkways
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
see also National Museum
see also Smithsonian Institution
see also Scientific Monthly
see also Cattell, Ware
1932 management for slide talk, American Orth. Assoc.; Sam Woodley Exec. Asst.
1933 membership
1939 Bartram drawings
American Association of Museums
Mary Bingham, employment service
1929 inquiry and suggestions
American Association of University Profs.
1935 membership info
American Bison Society, NY Zoological Park
1908 request cont.
American Book Company
Mr. R.W. Macbeth, office
1950 prices of Balisdell's Composition-Rhetoric (postcard) price of Gray Manual of Botany, price list
American College Bureau
(see also Keller, Grace)
1925 (2 items) job placement, Univ. of Arizona
1925 present position
1925 D.J. Leffingwell recommendation
1925 positions Carroll College, Syracuse Univ.
1928 position Univ. of Arkansas
1929 return to university work
1929 (8 items) positions Long Island Univ., Beloit College, Washington State College, Carleton College,
Bradford Academy
1930 Dr. Cowling; placement
1930 location preferences
1930 Carleton College
1931 junior college work
1935 application for university level zoology position
1935 re: new position
1943 credentials up-date summary of jobs, publications, professional contacts
1944 request for registration blank
American Committee for Defense of British Homes
1941 brochure; acknowledgment of rifle
American Committee for International Wildlife Protection
New York Zoological Park
1936-38 see also Dauchy, Ruth, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge MA; Phillips, John C.
1936 re: extinct and vanishing mammals
1936 Jackson's list; Eudermamaculata; rubber stamp
1936 rare animals; chinchilla; Spanish ibex;
1936 (form letter) extinct and vanishing animals
1936 form letters (of inquiry)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1937 re: species corrections, Apr. 13 incl. foreign letter - K.W. Dammerman, Java
1938 incl. re: Venezuela needs, letter form Gaston Vivas- Bertlnir (see also Crandall, Lee S.)
1938 article on fauna of Australia, Fauna Journal
1945 re: mammals drawings (see also Dr. W. Reid Blair)
1946 list of drawings of extinct animals
1946 query Tordis Graim
1946 commendations for Extinct Mammals
1946 Poole's drawings; Old World Mammals
1946 (draft) ACIWP office moved; location of Dr. Gaim (shares sheet with letter to Westermann, J.H.)
1947 letter misdirected, re: Westermann
1950 Tadeuez Vetulani, Poznan Univ., European wild horses, vanishing mammals
1950 Vetulani, vanishing mammals
1950 letter by L. La Saigne, Guggenheim (rough draft attached)
1950 Vetulani, La Saigne, vanishing mammals. postage
1952 package fr. Hermann Ebhardt (Hanover, Germany) vanishing mammals
1952 Ebhardt recommendation, Arthur de C. Sowerby panda, vanishing mammals
1959 order re: Extinct and Vanishing Mammals (see also Edith H. Franz, Asst. Sec.)
American Council on Education
1925 membership
American Council of Learned Societies
Washington, DC
(see also Goodchild, Donald)
1943 Lingelbach recommendation; application blanks (grants information enclosed)
1943 (from Jean Harper, 2 items) grippe; (application enclosed)
1943 forms
1943 Okefinokee folk song grant award
1943 acknowledgment award
1943 Splvacke; recording machine at Library of Congress
1943 Botkin; L.C. recording machine; Okefinokee folk music
1952 Erhardt query (work pony)
1952 research, Hermann Erhardt
1952 Erhardt
1957 negative on application
1962 (9 items) grant application for Okefinokee material; (Harper biographical data attached)
1963 negative on fellowship
American Dialect Society
Greensboro, NC
see also Wilson, George P.
no date (form letter) membership; McAtee
American Education Press
Columbus, OH
1950 request for photographs of caribou
American Forestry Association
see Miscellaneous
American Game Association
(see also Gordon, Seth)
1932 membership; book purchases
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
American Geographical Society, NY, NY
see also Fairchild, Wilma B.
1944 membership (Fellow)
1947 Nueltin Lake expedition
1947 acknowledgment geographical information; Downes' Sleeping Island; J. Dewey Soper
1947 Nueltin Lake information; Downes; Eskimo; photographic equipment; charts
1947 acknowledgment Nueltin Lake information; Wright; photographic equipment
1948 advertisement Americans in Antarctica
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou paper
1956 re: letter to Charles Hitchcock
1956 (2 items) Hitchcock's absence; permission to use maps; acknowledgment permission to use Ungava
1957 (2 items) Magazin von merkwurdigen Reisebeschreibungen; Bartram's "Reisen"; John Carter Brown
1957 Arnold Arboretum copies of Vienna edition of Magazin
1958 order for Birds of Ungava Peninsula
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals study; Current Geographical Publications
American Geophysical Union
Antarctic Bird Studies (research series) vol. 12
1971 Biology of the Antarctica Sea
American Historical Company, Inc
West Palm Beach, FL
1956 Roland Harper in Encyclopedia of American Biography
American Horticultural Society
Washington, DC
1969 squirrels; chipmunks; poison ivy
American Humane Association
Albany, NY
see also Sanderson, W.E.
American Institute of Biological Sciences
National Research Council
Washington, DC
(see also Albritton, Errett C.)
1851 questionnaire for Scientific Register
1952 Handbook Committee (list of tables attached)
1952 Questionnaire, National Scientific Register
1952 Handbook Committee, reminder
1952 Handbook Committee, reminder, animal populations
1952 Handbook Committee, tables
1952 A.I.B.S. Bulletin
1957 register of scientific and technical personnel (list attached)
1959 question of receipt of Bulletin free
1961 reminder - update of National Registrar of Scientific and Technical Personnel with blank and
specialties list
1962 bulletin
1964 Summary of manpower; form for National Registrar Science/Tech.
1970 re: National Register of Sci. and Tech Personnel
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
American Institute of Biological Sciences
Washington, DC
1968 National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel; questionnaire; BioScience (completed
questionnaire attached with draft)
1970 National Register update
American Institute for Econ. Research
1961 avoiding financial tangles
[1970] envelope only
American Men of Science (Bio. directory)
Lancaster, PA
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
see also Catell, Jaques
1954 (3 items) directory, candidates—Cleghorn, Godfrey; Grainger, Rowan
1959 10th Edition of Book with nominations
1965 nominations: Harry Ahles, Daniel McKinley, Willy Burton; brochure on 11th edition
1967 (3 items) announcement of supplements
1971 biographical data (New Series, American Men and Women of Science
American Meteorological Society
Boston, MA
1965 Bartram; hurricanes; referring to storms experienced by Wm. Bartram 1774
American Midland Naturalist I
see also Nizelle, John D.; Theodore Just
[1935] reprints
1935 proofs; October issue; reprints; “Biological Abstracts”; snake photo attached
1935 Men on Snakes (Pilot Black Fox)
1935 printed index, Vol. 16, 1935
1939 Just, Dr. Theodore
1937 statement
1939 Hyla ocularis
1939 review of Earnest's book on Bartrams
1947 commendation for Dr. Just's editorship copy
1948 (4 items) editorial changes, McAtee; offer of subscription
1948 (postcard) acknowledgment address change
1950 (envelope only) reprints
1950 (postcard) letter re: changes in paper
1952 see also Mizelle, John D.; publishing paper
1952 reprints
1952 proofs, index, plates, errors, address
1952 errors, omitted pages
1952 index, plates, ms.,
1952 abstract re: Keewatin bird paper, subscription, address
1952 (postcard) abstract, check
1952 proof of Keewatin paper
American Midland Naturalist II
1952 proof of Keewatin bird paper
1953 acknowledgment Keewatin bird paper (see also Mizelle, John D. Editor)
1953 (postcard) reprints
1956 (2 items) subscription
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
American Museum of Natural History
New York
see also Dickerson, H. E. Anthony; Chapman, F.M.; Salomonsen, Finn; Logan, Robert E.; Musser, Gug
G.; Ackland, Myron; Van Name, Willard G.; Justin; R.
1920 Natural History separates
1930 Okefinokee photographs
1930 Ackland article; Hebards; conservation strategies
1930 acknowledgment for Okefinokee alligator study
1931 brochure; orders for papers: Schmidt, R.P.
1932 orders for Schmidt papers
1934 (see Roosevelt, Eleanor for Jean Sherwood Harper) letters to Eleanor Roosevelt re: conservation;
letters from R.G. Tugwell (Dept. of Agriculture); letter to Madison Grant attached
1934 copies of letters from McAtee to Anthony, Anthony to McAtee re: predatory animal control
1937 English translations Ognev
1938 see also Hill, John Eric; re: wild sheep
1945 travels; Newman; William T. Davis
1945 acknowledgment Bartram's Travels; Rudyard Boulton; Chapman's illness
1946 see also Chapin, J.P.
1949 vouchers
1955 Birds of the Belgian Congo; Chapin
1955 acknowledgment reprints
1955 acknowledgment Chapin's Congo birds study; caribou report
19565 (2 items) Vaurie re: Prunella; obscura; mabbott; Pyrenees birds; lusitanica; Hablizi or Tratz;
woodland bird adaptations
1956 (form letter) journal of animal behavior (questionnaire attached)
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird and Barren Ground caribou books
1961 Stanley A. Freed - Asst. Curator Ethnology
1961 Alanson Skinner photo, Notes on Eastern Geese and Northern Saulteaux,' Ungava Indians, Arctic
Institute, Surgeon General
1961 Shapiro; Skinner photos; James Bay photos (list)
1961 Skinner photo
1961 Skinner photo, Speck photos (list); (draft shares sheet with Bureau of Indian Ethnology)
1962 acknowledgment life zones paper
see also Bogert, Charles M.
1962 (3 items) Skinner James Bay photos; Ungava Indians paper; Univ. of Kansas; National Science
Foundation: Arctic Institute of North America
American Naturalists Association
Glen Cove, NJ
also Coles, Robert
no date re: the American Field Naturalist
American Naturalist Magazine
Lancaster, PA
see Cattell, Jacques, Editor
American Nature Association (Nature Magazine)
Washington, DC (see also Westwood, Richard W.)
1925 Westwood
1929 membership
1930 change of address notice
1931 see also Westwood, Richard W.
1946 (3 items) threat to Okefinokee timber; Clarence Cottam Old World Mammals review
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
American Nature Study Society
1940 program
American Ornithologists' Union
see also J. M. Fleming, President see also H.G. Deignan, Sec., T.S. Palmer, Sec.; Lowrey, George H.;
Mayr, Ernest
no date notes re: investigation by AOU
1908 see also K[nowlton], Helen
1924 business meeting
1926 presentation card
1926 Audubon's shearwater
1929 Robert Camp's death
1929 see also Elliott--, Mrs. Jane
1930 brochures
1930 see also T. Gilbert Pearson
1934 Okefinokee drainage, McAtee, Mrs. Edge
1937 Charleston meeting; paper
1941 geographical distribution of members
1944 see also Lawrence Hicks
1946 meeting
1947 23 proposed associates
1949 re: life membership- Mosa, Trea.
1949 dues notice
no date re: donations
1951 Zoological Record, order form
1952 new members list
1954 Recent Studies in Avian Biology order (form attached)
1957 van Tyne Fund.
1959 (postcard) re: title and abstracts of papers
1964 (form letter) nomination of members
1964 Dean Amadon; J. A. Allen; FMC; Armstrong account; long-tailed cat; Todd (see also Austin, Oliver
L., Jr.)
1967 annual meeting notices
1968-1971 (3 items) order T. S. Palmer's Biographies of Members
1973 Annual Communication; life members
American Philosophical Society
see especially Eisenhart, L. P.; Hess, Gertrude; Corner, Richard H.; Conklin, George C.; Lingelbech,
William Edwin G.; Noonan, J.A.; Hanson, Laura
1935 (5 items) application for research grant
1938 grant agreement
1938 acknowledgment Franklinia alatamaha paper
1938 (2 items) Hoefer account of Daudin in Novelle Biographie Génerale; Rainettes
1938 (3 items) grant application Penrose Fund
1938 vanishing mammals grant report
1939 (3 items) presentation paper, general meeting;
1940 (3 items) grant application
1940 Bartram investigation progress report
1940 (2 items) Year Book proof
1940 (2 items) Romanns-Purcell-Teitt map; William L. Clements; photos
1941 Arctic lecture
1941 (4 items) Society grants
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1941 William Bartram paper abstract
1942 printing monographs; Bartram copyright release; LC photos; Archibald Campbell Georgia sketch
1943 grant
1943 expenditures
see also Eisenhart, Dr. Hess, E.L.; Gertrude D.; Joseph Ewan; Corner, George W.
1944 re: Transactions copies
1945 Mason manuscripts; Dr. Cope; Mason-Dixon correspondence, Bartram’s Travels
1946 request Bartram journals copy to Mrs. H. H. Henderson
1946 re: purchase of Wright's Old Georgia and Florida; Frontier
see also Conklin re: Brutish Museum [consent] for Bartram ms
1946 application for grant (biographical)
1949 re: purchase of file of Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History
1949 John Bartram Diary, Franklin re: Peter Collison
see also Lingelbach, William E.
1950 copies of John Bartram Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida
1950 Bartram, Jenkins, Mrs. Bayard Henry, Lane Cooper Guggenheim limitations, Philadelphia libraries
Fellowship application, S. Weir Mitchell
1950 Guggenheim, Darwin letters, Linnaeus, Benjamin Vaughan; George III to Oswald
1951 Agaselz re: evolution, Darwinism
1951 Delafield collection, Bartram, William Darlington New York Historical Society collections
1951 Bartram letters in NY Historical Society (list) Darlington letters, Smithsonian Bartram-WilsonJefferson letters
1951 Bartram, NY Historical Society, Baird correspondence; Le Conte papers
1951 Bartram plant collection, Lincoln Society collection; Peter Collinson papers
1951 microfilm of Bartram letters
1951 references for Fulbright application, Vanishing Mammals
1951 Merrill material
1951 microfilm of Bartram letups
1952 microfilm Bartram letups
1952 Alexander Wilson letters (list), Ord's life microfilm copies (list attached)
1952 Alexander Wilson letters at Harvard, microfilm
1952 John Bartram Assn., Mrs. Edward M. Cheston possession of copper plate of William Bartram list of
Nueltin Lake Expedition papers attached
1953 request or Pt. 2, John Bartram Diary
1953 book notice, loan (LC/NUC list attached)
1955 William Bartram material in Lord Darby library
1957 (2 items) Peale portrait of William Bartram
1958 (from Joseph Ewan to Gertrude D. Hess), John Jay Smith quotation re: Bartram correspondence in
Recollections of John Jay Smith (copy)
1958 John J. Smith, Lloyd Pearsall Smith, Library Company of Philadelphia
1959 tape recorder, Fowler recollections
1959 Shryock, Delafield story
1959 recorder, Shryock
1959 Le Conte-Harris material from Boston Society of Natural History, Museum of Comparative Zoology
1959 early American scientists, Town Journal re: Fitzpatrick collection
1960 Peale-Thayer-Deane affair at Lancaster, MA, Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin re: Sir Joseph
Bank, William Bartram, Gray Autographs, Thomas P. James Collection (account of Titian Peal's papers,
Sam Rhoads, Col. Thayer attached)
1953 Darlington microfilms
1953 Collinson Papers film
1954 Bartram Laurens letter, McAtee ms
1958 prints of Labrador caribou
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
1959 Benjamin Smith Batron Papers, Eugene Delafield
1960 Gertude Hess, Ass. Librarian; Bartram letter for D. Whitfield Bell
1963 references to Jeannette E. Graustein's papers (list)
1964 acknowledgment Keewatin Eskimos paper, Ungava Indians
1969 Bartram (biography) grant; application forms; Dr. Bill
1969 application forms transmitted
no date statement of principles
1969 grant refused
American Polar Society
American Museum of Natural History, NY
1948? invitation to membership
1951 invitation to membership
American Red Cross
1961 membership card
American Russian Institute
New York, NY
1948 Dick Pough (American Museum of Natural History) biological material for library
1948 Delaware Valley Ornithological Club; John S. Flynn; Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old
World; Ogniev
American Social Hygiene Association
New York
1941 socially transmitted diseases, prophylactic treatment
1941 CCC camp hygiene
American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
Pittsburgh, PA
see also Netting, M. Graham
1931 meeting date
1934 see also Gudger
1938 stamp sale
1938 dues
1940 see also Gordon, Myron
1946 Pittsburgh meeting
1949 membership - receipt for 1949
1950 "Uniform Terminations for Higher Categories"
1952 (envelope only) check $5.00
1956 dues and subscriptions, Coreia
American Society of Mammalogists (unified correspondence)
Museum of Natural History, New York
Note: Francis Harper was Corresponding Secretary for the American Society of Mammalogists during 1931 and
1932. Letters to and from the Society are listed below and filed alphabetically by correspondent. Not all of the
correspondents listed here address themselves strictly to Society concerns. Also, letters by certain correspondents
may be found elsewhere in the list of Harper correspondence. Letters by Harper on yellow second sheets have
been separated into "acid" folders.
Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Charles C. Adams
Richard A. Addison
C.T. Agostini
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
Shaler E. Aldous
T. M. Aldous
E. Eldon Alexander
Phillip Allen
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Amkniga Corporation
Dean Amadon
American Express Co.
American News Co.
E. C. Anderson
A.W. Anthony
H. E. Anthony
Richard Archibald
Army-Navy Hotel and Apartments
Alfred M. Bailey
J.W. Bailey
Baker and Taylor Co.
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co.
Gerard Barendrecht
George Banta Publishing Co.
H.R. Barrows
Paul Bartsch
John E. Bauman
James F. Bell
S.F. Berselman
H. L. Beye
Biological Society of Washington
Lucien Blancou
Philip M. Blossom
Jack Boaz
S.J. Bonk
W. Wedgwood Bowen
W. J. Breckenridge
Benjamin F. Bolt
Province of British Columbia
H.S. Brode
Ralph Brosius
B.J. Bujak
C.D. Bunker
Burlington Hotel
Charles E. Burt
Amos W. Butler
Charles M.B. Cadwalader
Victor N. Cahalane
California Division of Fish and Game
Berry Campbell
Dominion of Canada
Canadian National Railways
Carpelan-East Indies Expedition
J. Mceen Cattell
Jaques Cattell
Charlottesville and Albemarle County Chamber of Commerce
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
E. Clark
R.F. Clark
William O. Clark
Henry H. Collins
Columbia Reporting Co.
Commerz und Privat Bank
Harold J. Coolidge
[Mima] B. Conger
Henry Crew
Cranbrook Institute of Science
George C. Crowley
Hershell B. Curry
Winston C. Curtis
Paul D. Dalke
Norman W. Davis
F.F. DeLong
F.E. Denny (see Union of American Biological Societies
Lee R. Dice
Fred M. Dille
Joseph Dixon
D. Dwight Douglas
Rowena Dowden
J. Kenneth Doutt
Henry S. Drinker, III
Ernest C. Driver
L.H. Dunn
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Elton R. Edge
Grayson M. Eichelberger
Howell S. England
P.F. English
M.L. Eustace
Walter J. Eyerdam
F.W. Faxon Co.
Henry George Fiedler
A.H. Drogleever Fortuyn
Franklin Square Agency
C. [McHuan] Fraser
Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce
J. Friesser
Childs Frick
P.O. Fryklund
Ira M. Gabrielson
G. Lewis Gazin
Bon Geaslin (see Henry B. Hawes)
Robert Goslin
Wallace B. Grange
H. V. Green
Morris M. Green
Joseph Grinnell
Owen J. Gromme
Mary J. Guthrie
A.K. Haagner
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 1 continued
E. Raymond Hall
Hanson-Bennett Magazine Agency
Arthur H. Hardisty
Hotel Harrington
William P. Harris, Jr.
R.T. Hatt
P. LeRoy Harwood
Gilbert N. Haugen (House Committee on Agriculture)
Harry B. Hawes
G. Blagden Hazlehurst
Irene Heinrick
William Tod Helmuth, III
John Eric Hill
Ernest G. Holt
H.H. Höpke (also Hoepke)
John M. Holzworth (facsimile letter from Owen Wister)
[Herbert Hoover] (by Lawrence Righey, Secretary)
Horne & Shell, Inc
A. Brazier Howell
Helen C. Hunt
Marjorie Hutchens
Arthur [M.] Hyde
University of Illinois Library
Indianapolis Convention and Publicity Bureau
Ralph W. Jackson
Julius Jarcho
Randolph Jenks
Frank W. Johnson
George E. Johnson Newell F. Joyner
George H. Keller
Remington Kellogg
R. Kelly
K.F. Koehlers Antiquarium
Harry J. Ladue
H.H. Lane
H.A. Lanzer (Park Central Hotel)
Merl LaVoy
Harry E. Lee
Harrison T. Lewis
Hope Lloyd
Los Angeles Museum
Los Angeles Public Library
Leo A. Luttringer, Jr. (PA Board of Game Commissioners)
Frank E. Lutz
Marcus W. Lyon, Jr.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2.
American Society of Mammalogists (unified correspondence) continued
Museum of Natural History, New York
Note: Francis Harper was Corresponding Secretary for the American Society of Mammalogists during 1931 and
1932. Letters to and from the Society are listed below and filed alphabetically by correspondent. Not all of the
correspondents listed here address themselves strictly to Society concerns. Also, letters by certain correspondents
may be found elsewhere in the list of Harper correspondence. Letters by Harper on yellow second sheets have
been separated into "acid" folders.
Paul O. McGrew
Donald T. McLaughlin
Ruth K. McTair
Charles L. McTary (Senate Committee on Agriculture)
Harry A. Macko
Jennie K. Macombrie
E. Mallinckrodt, Jr.
William M. Mann (National Zoological Park)
Laefred Mannhardt
Master Reporting Co.
C. Hart Merriam
Meshdunarodnaja Kniga
University of Michigan
H.S. Middlemiss
James Miles
Frederic W. Miller
Loye Miller
Milwaukee (WI) Postmaster
Missouri Pacific Lines
F.W. Morand
Erma Mohr
Paul A. Moody
Moore-Cottrell Subscription Agency
München Staats Bibliothek
O.J. Murie
Museo Naturale Milano
National Institute of Health
National Zoological Park [G. Nauck]
Helen M. Nesbit
M. Graham Netting
A.H. Nichols
Peter Norbeck
Kathleen W. Nore
Norfolk and Western Railway Co.
Northern Pacific Railway Co.
[S. Oebson]
W.H. Osgood
Oklahoma A & M. Library
Outdoor Life
T.S. Palmer
Wesley D. Parker
Elithe V. Patrick
John Pearce
N.B. Pendergast
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
C.J. Pennock
Pennsylvania Railroad
Herb. A. Perk
Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
John C. Phillips
Chi Ping (Science Society of China)
Key Pittman (Senate Reclamation Committee)
Daniel E. Pomeroy
Clifford H. Pope
Thomas J. Parro
Potter-Wrightington, Inc.
Lillian Delger Powers
Richard H. Pough
Lewis Radcliffe (Bureau of Fisheries)
John L. Ridgway
Paul B. Riis
Smith Riley
L. B. Rimbach
J.B. Robinson
J. Clawson Roop
Charles F. Roos
Irvin Rousseau
J.S. Rowley
R. Royotte (Jardin Zoologique de Québec)
Royal Blue Line Motor Tours
W.M. Rush
San Francisco News Co.
Karl P. Schmidt
A.W. Schorger
Adolph H. Schultz
Birlingham Schurr
George Schwidetzkyy
Science Service
Senate Wildlife Committee
Albert R. Shadle
Joseph W. Sharp
T.H. Shaw
W.T. Shaw
Agee Shelton
Henry W. Shoemaker
George Gaylord Simpson
Don R. Skillen
John J. Slautterbeck
A.K. Smiley, Jr.
Daniel Smiley, Jr.
Smith College Library
B.R. Smith
V.S. Snyder
Society of the Divine Word
Southern Railway System
Charles C. Sperry
G.E. Stechert Co.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Stenotype Reporting Co.
Frank Stephens
W. Stickel
C.W. Stiles (International Commission on Nomenclature)
R.A. Stirton
Witmer Stone
Dayton Stoner
Willaim M. Strong
George H. Stuart, III
G.H. Tate (American Museum of Natural History)
Walter P. Taylor
H. Kent Tenney, Jr.
Charles Hawkins Townsend (New York Aquarium)
Turner Subscription Agency
S. Turov
W. Bryant Tyrell
Francis M. Uhler
C.F. Underwood
Union or American Biological Societies (see W.C. Curtis)
Universium Book Export Co.
Georges Van Campenhout
Vasser College Library
Vlastimil Vrtis
Prentice C. Wolcott
Ernest P. Walker
J.L. Waller
Edward R. Warren
Washington Board of Trade
Hotel Washington
Washington Rapid Transit Co.
Waverly Press, Inc.
Robert H. Wendt
Richard W. Westwood (American Nature Association)
Ynez Whilton
P.K. Whipple
John T. White
Stuart Edward White
Harold K. Whitford
Whitman College
Willard Hotel
A.J. Wilder (Washington Cathedral)
Williams & Wilkens Co.
Harold C. Wilson
Leo K. Wilson
Robert Warren Wilson
Frederic Winthrop, Jr.
Clifford H. Wood
Horace Elmer Wood, 2nd
Frederic Wood-Jones
A.M. Woodbury
Howard I. Wordell
Sam Woodley
Yale University Library
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Stanley P. Young
Zoological Society of Philadelphia
see also Colbert, Edwin H.; Davis, W. B.
1923 annual meeting notice
1930-3 membership receipts (Harper)
1931 suggestions for members
1933 Alaska bear protection and preservation: meeting
1934 meeting announcement
1934-1939 dues
1940 H.H.T. Jackson; refugees
1941 meeting announcement (unopened)
1945 receipts for dues
1946 memorial meeting
1947 dues [an] 1948
1949 receipts for dues
1949 re: paper to be published
see also Hoffmeister
1950-53 dues statements
1952 conference announcement
1958 dues
1959 dues
1951 dues notice
no date membership application
no date membership applications
1955 membership campaign
see also Albert R. Shadle, Chairman
1957 Life membership
1957 (postcard) Dues
1957 (postcard) Annual meeting announcement (Lawrence, KS)
1958 annual meeting for IBP
1962 (2 items, form letters) meetings; membership
1963 (3 items) meetings; membership
1964 request for views - Calhoun
1966-69 annual meeting notices
1969 (form letter) resolution recognizing charter members
see also Glass; Bryan P.
American Wildlife Institute
1934-1942 conference proceedings, brochure, "Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America"
Ames Co.,
Elkhart, IN
1965 for diabetics: "clinilog"; "Ketostix"
1970 (form letter) Diabetes in the News
Ammidown, L.E. (Lucius)
Southbridge, MA
1923 friend
1923 Roland; Francis’ marriage; Bob Williams
Amon, Rudolf
Naturhistorische Museum, Wien, Austria
1937 (2 items) extinct and vanishing mammals
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Anderson, Arthur A.
Churchill, Manitoba
1921 Canadian Arctic Expedition vascular plants report;
1947 equipment list for Philadelphia
1948 Charles Schweder; Gunnar Ingebrighten; shipping specimens; equipment
1948 shipping outfit; material list appended
1958 equipment shipped (list appended)
1948 (2 items) receipt of outfit; stolen alcohol; RCMP; Baptiste
1948 shipping specimens; storage costs; missing skins
Anderson, Barbara (Mrs. Dwight)
Louisville, KY
1958 request for Franklinia data for novel background; Bartram
Anderson, Dave
1956 Straight Talk; segregation
Anderson, J. F.
1952 Fur Trader's Story; Ungava birds study; James Bay Crees
Anderson, J. W.
no date (draft) Ryerson Press; Ungava Indians; (shares sheet with Bureau of Indian Ethnology)
Anderson, Kenneth
Lindehurst, NY
1969 inquiry William Bartram; Travels; (copy)
1969 William Bartram; biography; offer and curriculum vita
Anderson, Livingstone
Corpus Christi, TX
1929 (2 items) Texas vacation; bedroll; Botteri's sparrow
Anderson, Paul
Independence, MO
1943 request reprints Hyla paper
1943 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
1950 (postcard) request for reprints Acris
1950 thanks for reprints
1950 reprints, address (Mount Holly)
Anderson, Randolph M.
Geol. Survey, Ottawa, Canada
Canada-Dept. of Mines, National Museum of Canada
1920 Athabaska plants
1928 Ms declined
1930 re: Bufo specimens, re: eventual publication of MS - (except birds)
1931 Athabaska mammal paper; Okefinokee
1931 re: change in plant names - matter
1932 acknowledgment Georgia species; Hamilton Laing
1946 (2 items) re: Nueltin trip
1950 from Huyck Preserve to Mt. Holly NJ, Bartram biography; Nueltin Lake expedition papers
1961 Great Slave Lake expedition
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Anderson, Richard LeConte
Macon, GA
no date LeConte addresses
1972 LeConte history; John Eatton LeConte, Jr.; queries re: Harper’s research notes
1972 queries
Andrews and Riggsbee Hardware Co.
Carrboro, NC
1972 receipt
Andrews, W. H. Jr.
Greensboro, NC
1945 (3 items) Appel re: son's zoological interests; fieldwork fee; Wayne County
Andrews, William H. III
Greensboro, NC
1945 (2 items) frilled trip, Appel; transportation; conditions
1945 (2 items) frilled trip; list of equipment
1945 rail schedule
1945 (2 items) cancel field trip; called to Coast Guard
Andrews, Wayne
New York Historical Society
1951 Nathan Dunn residence, letters
(see also New York Historical Society Library)
Antevs, Ernest
1932 New England alpine fauna
Anthony, Harold E.
American Museum of Natural History, NY
see also American Museum of Natural History
1922 acknowledgment separates, address
1923 mammals; re: wood bison
1925 wood bison expedition
1925 Rowan; wood bison expedition funding
1931-32 see also Am. Soc. Mammalogists
1933 (2 items) acknowledgment Roosevelt letter re: conservation
1934 (to Tugwell) Roosevelt correspondence; predator control
1937 translation Ognev's Mammals of Eastern Europe
1937 (2 items) CCC in Okefinokee; John C. Phillips; R. McAtee (draft)
1938 (4 items) translation Nasonov's wild sheep study
1938 locality of Cyis alleni;
1940-1941 (7 items) Cadwalader (Academy); editing mammal ms (excerpt attached);
The Anti-Steel Trap League (Mary S. Breck)
Washington, DC
1929 Henry R. Corey nomination for Massachusetts campaign manager; Anti-Steel-Trap League publicity
1931 (form letter) successful campaign
1932 publicity
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Appel, Mrs. Kenneth (Madeline)
Haverford, PA
1931 acknowledgement of talk
1948 re: Bill Andrews
Archbold Expeditions of Am Museum of Nat. History (Biol. Sta.)
Lake Placid, FL
1948 (3 items) job inquiry
Archive of Folk Song
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, Head, Rae Korson
1966 re: copies of Okefinokee collection; bill and order see also Library of Congress
Arctic Anthropology
University of Wisconsin Press, Journals Dept.
1965 subscription
Arctic Health Research Center
Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service,
Washington, DC
1952 request reprint "Amphibians and reptiles of Athabaska and Great Slave Lake region" Canadian
Field Naturalist, 1931
1952 appreciation for reprint
Arctic and Nordic Studies
1971 (postcard) request recent publications
Arctic Institute of North America
see also Dr. M.C. Shelesnyak; Dr. A. L. Washburn; Vera Britton
1946 publication rights
1946 Fellowship application form
1947-49 research funding; Office of Naval Research
1947 (23 items) research grants - Nueltin Lake
1948 (5 items) research reports; Office of Naval Research
1949 re: ms. on Keewatin birds
1950 application for fellowship; Harper biographical data
1950 Office at John Hopkins (Baltimore) Canadian projects, Montreal
1950 Nueltin Lake expedition, Tom Manning
1950 dues
1950 Nueltin Lake birds papers, Edwin B. Bartram paper vascular plants, lichens, Eskimos, caribou
1950 Nueltin Lake papers, research reports list of publications
1950 list of publications
1950 list of publications, ptarmigan diet, Dr. N. Polumin Dutilly's Bibliography of Reindeer, Caribou, and
Musk-ox, Department of Army (list of papers attached)
1950 Keewatin birds in American Midland Naturalist
1950 Profiled, A.E. "Vascular Plants of Nueltin Lake Nat. Mus. Canada Bull., lichens and hepaticas ms.
W.L. Dix, Guggenheim
1950 Keewatin birds paper, reprints, congrats. Guggenheim
1950 government support, political action
1950 Guggenheim, Porsild's paper, Dix
1950 Keewatin Lake expedition papers, Edwin Bartram mosses
1950 request for subject of scientific studies re: Arctic ("Problems" attached)
1950 research subjects
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1950 subjects for investigation
1950 mss. from grants-in-aid
1950 resignation of Shelesnyak
1950 address change
1950 re: bibliography of papers from grants-in-aid
1950 Huyck Preserve, Keewatin reports, Barren Ground caribou, W.L. Dix, reprints of Keewatin reports
1950 reports, publishing difficulties The Bryologist
1950 change of address, Arctic
1951 Keewatin Lake expedition papers, Dix, birds
1951 (copy)
1951 address, Guggenheim, Arthur Dobbs (Hudson Bay)
1951 Dix, Institute offices
1951 membership card
1952 NSF research grant, Nueltin Lake Expedition, Barren Ground caribou, Guggenheim; American
Midland Naturalist
1952 re: reports
1952 NSF application, recommendation
1952 Arctic, vol. 4 no. 3 (lacking pages)
1952 Washburn address
1952 acknowledgment of letter, NSF awarded, Ungava
1952 request for illustrations, "In Caribou Land"
1952 re: photographs, restrictions
1952 NSF grant, Nueltin Lake, papers, Ungava
1952 caribou photographs, Mowatt "The People of the Deer"
1952 membership card
1952 NSF grand, Nueltin Lake, field reassert support application to Arctic Institute
1952 caribou photographs, "that person's" (Mowatt's) sins trip from Churchill
1952 application for summer support, Ungava, references
1952 application received
1952 endorsement received from Hatt
(no date) grant approved, Col. Rapalski (Med. Res. Cen.) air transportation cost
1952 Nueltin Lake Expedition proofs (Am. Mid. Nat.) reprints
195[2] Dr. Poole of Reading Museum Ungava, Frank G. Speck, Naskapi Indians
1952 reprints for Office of Naval Research, grantors
1952 ONR reprints, Barren Ground reports rodents for Mary Medical Center, Gen. Traub Poole, Reading
1952 dues statement
1952 dues payment
1953 membership card
1953 request denied, 'supplementary list'
1953 supplementary list, Wood's "loss"
1953 Col. Traub, medical Research Center support
1953 membership solicitation
1953 Col. Traub, Medial Research support
1953 list of publications for "Arctic" (list attached), rough draft
1953 (8 items) grant awarded, for Knob Lake, Labrador-Québec
1953 Subcontract Knob Lake region, Lalrado, Quebec
1953 (7 items) subcontract; Ungava transport; Knob Lake
1953 (draft) expenses 1953 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou study; Nueltin birds report
1953 (draft) Ungava transport
1953 grant funds receipt
1953 (2 items) Iron Ore Company; transport; funds
1953 Knob Lake conditions
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1953 (2 items) camera repairs; Knob Lake expedition
1953 subcontract report
1953 (2 items) check
1953 (postcard) membership list
1953 (4 items) Ungava progress report
1953 Montagnais names for birds
1953 Admiral L.O. Colbert; Johnston; Surgeon General; expedition; Smithsonian; Walter Reed Army
Medical Center; Ungava caribou report; E. Raymond Hall; Nueltin birds paper
1953 Jim Goode; Jean-Paul Harroy; Surgeon General
1953 (2 items) Surgeon General; Keewatin caribou study; Office of Naval Research
1953 newsletter
1954-63 financial records
1954 (15 items) Colonel John R. Wood; Keewatin mammal report
1954 (to E.E. Bartram) Ungava mosses
1954 Ungava progress report
1954 "Pressing Scientific Problems of the North"
1954 Wildlife Management Institute; Ungava caribou; Earl Poole; Ungava bird report
1954 (2 items) progress report
1955 (3 items) caribou report publication; University of Kansas
1955 (4 items) Ungava life zones report; Ungava bird report; National Science Foundation; Office of
Naval Research; Ft. Enterprise expedition; Quam
1955 (2 items) list of Keewatin papers
1955 Ungava life zones study
1955 request Turner's Labrador study
1955 (2 items) Ungava progress report
1955 press release Keewatin caribou publication (releases attached)
1955 book wrappers (invoices attached)
1955 acknowledgment caribou study
1955 (3 items) ONR grant; Ungava birds reviews
1956 Dix: Lichens and hepetics of the Ungava Peninsula (reviews attached)
1956 Ungava amphibian study; Dix reviews; Ungava birds
1956 Institute publication policy
1956 (2 items) Keewatin caribou proceeds
1956 Ft. Enterprise proposal
1956 (4 items) application; acknowledgment Keewatin mammals study
1956 (3 items) right to reproduce policy
1956 Caribou report reviews
1056 Ungava amphibians study
1956 publication Keewatin mammals
1956 Manning's Labrador caribou study
1956 (2 items) exchange with Senckenbergische Naturforschande Gesellschaft
1956 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava amphibians paper
1956 (3 items) press release re: Keewatin mammals
1956 (3 items) E. Raymond Hall; Keewatin mammals study; (reviews attached)
1956 reprints of Keewatin mammals
1956 Manning's Labrador caribou study
1957 Keewatin caribou review
1957 (5 items) Ft. Enterprise proposal; Manning
1957 (12 items) grant; Walter A Wood (clipping attached)
1957 (form letter) membership
1957 (4 items) publishing Ungava bird report; E. Raymond Hall
1957 L. J. Saltier re: Rangier arcticus
1957 (form letter) list of Fellows and Honorary Members
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1957 (draft) profiles of J. Kenneth Doutt and E. Raymond Hall
1957 (form letter) subcontract policies
1957 announcement field research support
1957 (3 items) caribou report receipts
1957 (form letter) election of fellows
1957 (3 items) progress report caribou study; Manning; Roland C. Clement woodland caribou photo
1957 Ungava bird report publication; NSF; E. Ray Hall
1957-58 membership cards
1958 (7 items) grant payments
1958 spruce grass; Ungava birds publication; University of Kansas; Guggenheim Foundation
1958 (2 items) Ungava caribou research funding
1958 (form letter) progress reports
1958 (2 items) Ungava bird study funding
1958 (form letter) list of Arctic Institute Fellows
1958 (form letter) application instructions
1958 (5 items) Ungava caribou study progress report; Dr. Keck; Ungava bird study (abstract attached)
publication costs; National Science Foundation
1958 publicity for Ungava bird study; list of journals
1958-59 (3 items)(from Robert C. Faylor) NSF application
1959 (form letter) Alan Belcher resignation; list of replacements
1959 (9 items) grant payments
1959 (form letter) John C. Reed appointment
1959-60 (3 items) complete list of Fellows and Honorary Members; list of nominees
1959 applications
1959 (6 items) Ungava mammals ms.; E. Raymond Hall; Earle Poole; Miscellaneous Publications
1959-60 (5 items) grant payments
1959 (form letter) nomination of Fellows
1959 (3 items) review of Fuller buffalo paper
1959 (2 items) sea-run salmon; Clearwater River see also D. R. Oliver
1960 (2 items) review of Fuller buffalo paper; Earle Poole payment
1960 removal to Chapel Hill: grant payment
1960 (7 items) Ungava mammal paper; E. Raymond Hall; Paul Bruggemann
1960 appeal for researchers
1960 (2 items) Research Committee procedures
1960 dues statement
1960 (3 items) Manning application
1960 (3 items) individual research grants; awards
1960 sale of Ungava mammal
1961 (4 items) list of Ungava & Keewatin reports; NSF; Bureau of American Ethnology; Indian and
Eskimo photos
1961 NSF grant fund balance
1961 (11 items) Ungava mammals report; Ungava Montagnais; Allen Press; H. Y. Hind portrait
1961 (2 items) balance of NSF grant funds
1961 report; Faylor
1961 (10 items) Ungava mammals report distribution and sales; Colonel Traub
1961 Ungava mammals report; fish reroute; Fowler; funds
1961 (3 items) Ungava fishes report; Fowler
1962 receipt membership & card
1962 (2 items) E. Raymond Hall; Carlyle S. Smith; Elisha Mitchell Journal; Ungava Indian papers
1962 (5 items) National Science Foundation application
1962 publications survey
1962 (11 items) NSF publication proposal (abstracts attached)
1962 grant fund balance; NSF application
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1962 questionnaire
1962 (4 items) Ungava plant and animal associations study
1962 NSF publication policy; L.M. Turner's natural history of Alaska
1962 biographical data; Univ. of Kansas; Allen Press; Naskapi Indian photo
1962 professional business
1963 (4 items) NSF grant; Ungava Indian paper (application attached)
1963 (7 items) Caribou Eskimos; Science Magazine see also Science Magazine
1963 nominations for Governor of AINA
1963 Ungava and Keewatin papers; southeastern studies
1963 (5 items) Roger Ouellett application
1963 Univ. of Kansas Endowment Association; "cracky dog" photo; printing costs
1963 Keewatin reptiles study
1963 (3 items) Caribou Eskimo study; University of Kansas
1963 (3 items) distribution of Ungava papers; number of copies
1963 (4 items) NSF reports 1963 (4 items) grant payments
1964 (12 items) Ungava Indian paper; Ungava Eskimo paper; E. Raymond Hall; Allen Press
1964 (4 items) Society of Systematic Zoology traveling library
1964 publications and books to Blackwelder
1964 publishing Ungava caribou reports, Athabaska bird report Hamilton H. Laing; J. Allen Loring;
1964 (2 items) AINA financial base
1965 Canadian schools; AINA publications
1965 Ungava caribou study; T.H. Manning; AAAS Okefinokee folkways study (caribou application
1965-66 (5 items) copies of "Mammals of Keewatin"
1966 (3 items) Arctic radioactive fallout
1967 Expo 67
1967 (2 items) contribution to Washington Office Building Fund
1967 (form letter) nomination of fellows
1968 (2 items) copies of Keewatin mammals
1968 (2 items) review Kelmsall's Barren Ground Caribou
1969 Review of the Arctic Institute objectives
1969 (form letter) Eskimo administration
1969 (form letter) Arctic Drifting Stations
1969 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals study
1969 (2 items) Ungava caribou study with T.H. Manning
1969 (2 items) copies of Keewatin mammals study
1969 (2 items) AINA collaboration with Arctic Development Digest
1969 envelope
1969 (form letter) Alaska Science Conference
1969 Newsletter
1970 receipts for contributions
1970 (form letter) nomination of fellows
1971 (form letter) nomination of members
1971 membership questionnaire
1971 informational flyer
1972 membership cards, list of Fellows
Arctic Wings Ltd.
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
1948 re: shipments: frog, etc; statement of charges
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Arktisk Institute
Charlottenlund, Denmark
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper
Arlington Chemical Co.
Biol. Dept., Yonkers, NY
1925 W.F. Washburn; hay fever dosage
Armstrong, D. Curry
Morton, PA
1946 Reminiscences of Frank Chapman
Armstrong, Wallace D.
Minneapolis, MN
1952 Sample Biography
Arnett, Jack
1957 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals; Harrisburg State Hospital
Arnold Arboretum
and Grey Herbarium, Harvard Univ., Cambridge
1945 re: Bartram
1949 see also Roue, Dr. Jig M.; Schwarten, Lazella M.; Merrill, E.D.
1949 re: sale of vascular plant collection surplus to Nueltin project
1957 (2 items) Bartram entry re: Reisen in Mabazin von merkwurdigen neuen Reisebeschreiburgen;
Vienna & Berlin
Arnold, Lillian
The Herbarium, Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Agriculture, Greenville, FL
1941 acknowledgment Franklinia alatamaha paper
1941 Bartram mss; Ilex vomitoria; Nelumbo lutea
1944 inquiry Quercus cinera; Bartram
1944 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram reprints
1952 Dr. A.P. Garber publications, Prof. Joseph Ewan, Tulate, Torrey Correspondence
1952 (postcard) Dr. Ewan, Gerber references, Gray Herbarium
Arnow, J.F.
St. Mary's, GA
1930 Okefinokee; alligators
1932 re: ruins, investigation, probable English origin
1937 acknowledgment Bartram "Vultur Sacra"; New Smyrner ruins
1937 Bartram; Darlington Reliquiae Baldwinianae; Phineas Miller house on Fish's Island; Spanish ruins
Articles Miscellaneous
Asheville Biltmore Bat. Gardens
Asheville, NC
193_ brochure
Asheville Citizen
1970 bombing in Laos
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia
1943 receipt
1944 subscription charges, receipt; certificate for British children; regulations - maternity benefits to wives
of military service men
1942 British wards, Jennifer and Robin Colquhoun
1943 (4 items) British wards' accounts
1944 British children returned
1945 accident
1949 change of address, bill
1953 receipt
1954 Blue Cross announcement
1960 bill
Atlanta, Burlington, & Coast Railroad Company
(H. B. Lee, Jr.)
1929 ticket for Folkston, GA
Atlanta Journal
Atlanta, GA
1967 (3 items) Okefinokee; discredited entomologist’s account of Okefinokee people; A. S. McQueen;
Hamp Mizell; Harrison Lee
1967 (2 copies) Okefinokee; Bill Winn
1970 order
Atlantic Coastline Railroad Co. and Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
Wilmington, NC
1931 re: claim; payment
1935 freight bill
1936 Bill of loading - goods; Folkston, GA to Swarthmore, PA
Atlantic Monthly
1962 complaints re: "The Girl Friend" by Peter Lennon; Ireland
1962 complaint re: “perverted” material
Atomic Energy Commission
Roskilde, Denmark
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimos
see also Arkrog, A.
Aviles Book Shop and Rental Library
St. Augustine, FL (see also Akin, Sally)
1943 Request for Bartram: Diary of a Journey...
Audubon Club
SW Wisconsin
see also Gims, Mrs. Lloyd, Plattsville, WI
1965 envelope only; note: "enclosed letter referred to Roland Clement"
Audubon Magazine
see also Eleanor A. King, Editor
1945 William C. Grinn Okefinokee ms.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Audubon Society
1907 see also National Assoc. of Audubon Societies; Peters, Harold S.
1949 Christmas bird count (Rensselaerville NY) reports attached
1950 Christmas bird count, report style (form attached)
1952 acknowledge subscription (from George Cooley?)
Audubon Society of Sewickley Valley
Swickley, PA (also Christy, Bayard H.)
1930 bounty law on Goshawks
The Auklet
Buffalo, NY
1949 request for material
Aunsee, F.
no date (postcard) Christmas greetings
Aull, G. H.
Clemson Agricultural College, Clemson SC
1939 Garden Club, Scientific Monthly articles Austin, Oliver L. Jr.; Florida State Museum, Gainesville, FL
(see also American Ornithologists Union)
1958 Bartram
1964 re: character and ethics of publishing of "W. E. Clyde Todd by God"
1964 (excerpts) race relations, W. E. Clyde Todd,
Australian Museum
1937 (3 items) extinct and vanishing mammals report; proposed biological survey
Australian News & Information Bureau
[1967] (draft) [DDA], Australian fauna, EVMOW
1967 Earth Dwellers of Australia; fauna; mammals; wombat
Avery, M. H.
see also Norton, Authur H.
1928 mink
B---gtold, (Ma or Wa)
Denver, CO
1930 reprints
Babbit, Lewis H.
Petersham, MA
1937 acknowledgment Connecticut amphibia paper; errors
1937 amphibia; reptiles
Bacon, E.K.
President, Union College, Sixma XI, Schenectady NY
1950 invitation to lecture "Land of Caribou," fee
1950 lecture, fee, film and equipment
1950 fee offer
1950 fee (rescinded)
1950 date of lecture, film, equipment
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1950 lecture dates, equipment Natural History paper, biographical data
1950 lecture dates, time, place, equipment
1950 arrival, audience for lecture
1950 arrival, telephone, audience
1950 appreciation for Caribou lecture, fee
1950 received fee
Bacon, M.E., Jr.
Navy Department, St. Augustine FL
1943 (2 items) Katherine S. Lawson; Bartram Carolinas journal
Baerg, W.J.
Dept. of Entomology, Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville
1922 re: position
1926 acknowledgment reprint
1930 acknowledgment reprints; bird papers
1931 acknowledgment reprints
1931 nomination to American Society of Mammalogists; Biological Survey and predator control
1932 acknowledgment reprints; vertebrates interests
1935 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
Bagg, Astron M
Dover, MA
see also Wilson Ornithological Society
1961 resignation, Bulletin
Bagnell, William P.
Delanco, NJ
1954 unsatisfactory policies
Bailey, Alfred M.
Chicago Academy of Science
Colorado/Denver Museum of Natural History
1932 re: iris color of boat-tailed grackle in Louisiana
1936 (2 items) Okefinokee specimens; Komarek
1936 (3 items) move to Denver; Chicago Academy opening
1936 dinosaurs, meteorites, birds; Academy director
1937 separates; snake bite treatment
1937 separates; Dudley suction treatment for snake bites
1944 congratulations on William Bartram report
1947 Nueltin Lake expedition
1955 Jean's visit; Keewatin caribou; Fort Enterprise expedition; Rangifer arcticus arcticus; Office of
Naval Research; Cassidix mexicanus torreyi; Sprunt
1958 Birds
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals, travels
1963 Campbell Island monograph, Pelecanoides, Ungava Indians
1963 (2 letters) style of Colorado birds book
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais paper, Ungava mammals study, bird book
Bailey, Allen
Schenectady, NY
1950 Barren Ground talk, Union College, Sigma Xi, accommodation
(see also, Bacon, E. K.)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
1950 accommodation, Sixma Xi lecture, Tom's illness, death, coal strike
1950 Tom's death, accommodation, audience for lecture
1950 visit, Mother Sherwood
Bailey, Harold H.
Coral Gabels, FL
Rockbridge Alum Springs Bio. Lab. Gosham, VA
1929 see also Florida Society of Nat. Hist.
1937 (2 items) Mrs. Bailey death; Clifford H. Poge
1940-59 invitation to participate
1961 (draft) Ernest Doone' diary (quoted by McAtee)
Bailey, Joseph R.
Zoology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1964 (6 items, 3 letters, 3 proposals) American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists meeting,
alligator paper (proposals attached)
1964 Daniel McKinley papers; openings
1966 Daniel McKinley papers; long-tailed tiger cat
1969 William J. Hamilton, III
L. H. Bailey Herbarium
Ithaca, NY (Cornell)
1935 (3 items) Le Conte; Vitis arancosus
1939 acknowledgment papers
Bailey, Reeve M.
Curator of Fishes, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1961 Ungava
Bailey, Vernon
1936 photograph, red fox in verbail trap
1932 Le Conte Plantation
Baillie, Jas. L., Jr.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology & Paleontology, Toronto
1948 Bartram and Charles Fothergill
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper
1958 Ungava birds; re: Fothergill book in progress
Baird, John
Dept. Conservation, Lansing, MI
1923 request for permit to collect small mammals
Baird, Mr. P.D.
Arctic Inst. of North America Montreal, Canada
1948 (7 items) Nueltin Lake expedition; Arctic Institute grant; Office of Naval Research; reports; vascular
plants; A.L. Porsild; Charles B. Wurtz; Academy of Natural Sciences
1949 (form Letter to grantees) publications
see also Arctic Institute of North America
Baird, William Jesse
Moorhead State Teachers College, Moorhead, KY
1947 declining teacher's job (biographical information)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Baker, C.L.
Southwestern College of Mississippi Valley, Memphis, TN
1944 (2 items) request reprint Amphibian; exchange request Pseudacris acris
Baker, E.W.
U.S. National Museum, Washington, DC
1952 Carpoglyphus specimen host, Eptesicus fuscus fuscus found by Bishop; number of Eptesicus in
Harper collection; new specimen named after Bishop
Baker, John H.
National Association of Audubon Societies
1937 poison resolution
1937 (draft) logging and grazing in Okefinokee (uncertain attribution)
1944 Okefinokee
Baker, Mary F.
Winter Park, FL
1938 (to Arthur Leeds) acknowledgment Franklinia paper; Pinckneya pubens
1940 acknowledgment reprints; yellow-flowered Scoparia montevidenis
1963 acknowledgment caribou study; animal rights
Baker, Murray
see Murry, Baker, and Imbrie, New York, NY
Baker, R.
Salvation Army, Auburn, ME
1959 visit, wildlife appreciation as questioning atheism
Baker, Pearl R. (Mrs. F. F.)
Wrightsboro Quaker Community Foundation, Inc., Thomson, GA
1966 permission to quote Fothergill's Bartram report
1966 Fothergill's Bartram report; Bartram's Travels; Okefinokee
1966 (2 items) Joseph Maddock (autograph attached)
1966 Camak Flat Rock site
1966 (2 items) Bartram's Travels; Camak
1966 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram's Travels; Fothergill Report; Bartram's house
1966 (2 items) seawater pamphlet; Bartram article
1966 Bartram article; politics
Baker, Rollin H.
Michigan State University, East Lansing
University of Kansas
1949 Keewatin specimens for sale
1958 shrews
Baker, Walter W., M.D.
Philadelphia, PA
1943 paid receipt
Bakken, Arnold
Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Wisconsin
1951 form letter; survey of gray & fox squirrels ("a reprehensible way of gaining material for a thesis")
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
Baldauf , Richard J.
Mengel Natural History Society, Reading, PA
1948 talk re: caribou; Keewatin; Earl Poole
Baldwin, J. T.
Biology Dept., College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
1969 Roland Harper article
1969 reprints Roland article; E.G. Swem
Baldwin, S. Prentiss
Cleveland, OH
1919 Okefinokee
1930 bird research library; Gates Mills, OH
1958 Pre-congress trip; Boreal Forest
Baldwin, W.K.W.
Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1953 acknowledgment botanical reprints; Bartram; genus Amalanchier; nomenclature; travels; American
[1953] (2 items) Nueltin & Reindeer Lakes paper; eastern Arctic papers
1954 Guggenheim Foundation application; Clay Belt-Lake Barlow studies; F. J. Alcock
1955 northern field trip; [Erling] Porsild; Earl Godfrey
1955 Porsild; Keewatin caribou; Nueltin Lake; Cochran River; Reindeer Lake; Clay Belt studies
1956 Earl Godfrey; Keewatin mammals; Nueltin Lake
1962 (3 items) acknowledgment Ungava life zones paper; Nitchicun expedition; Ungava Indians; string
bogs; Gunnel Sjors; Erling Porsild
Ball, Stanley C.
Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
1937 (2 items) spade-foot toads
1937 acknowledgment reprints; exchange
1939 acknowledgment publications
1949 Peabody Museum; request to give Caribou lecture [announcement] to Sigma Xi or University lecture
1954 acknowledgment Bartram reprints; Frank Blanchard & Acris paper
1956 acknowledgment caribou paper
Ballard, Mrs.
Canada-Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources, Ottawa
1925 mammal negatives; re: Mr. Pirnie; Banfield, A.W. Frank chief mammalogist
1957 reindeer in U.S.S.R. (1952;) caribou
Bandeira, Luiz
Lisbon, Portugal
also Nechado, Cyrillo
1955 genus Panthera; Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World; nomenclature of Old World
1955 acknowledgment papers
Banfield, A.W. Frank
Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1950 Caribou article, reprint, Farley Mowatt Nueltin Lake
1950 reprint of caribou article, request reprint Transaction of American Wildlife Conference "noxious type
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 2 continued
of complete fraud and criminal"
1950 receipt of reprint, caribou report 1957 (form letter) I. M. MacLennan translation of Russian wildlife
management papers; Altai Reindeer by F. D. Shaposhnikoff
1957 Shaposhnikoff paper; Altai Reindeer; mosses; arcticus and tarandus; errors
1957 MacLennan translation Flerov's review of genus Rangifer; Tener & Banfield re: Ungava caribou;
Caboti; Barren Ground caribou
1957 Banfield-Tener re: Ungava caribou
1957 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava caribou paper; Tener; antlers; caboti; arcticus; caribou
1957 RCAF airlift; Indian slaughter of Ungava caribou; Knob Lake Montagnais
1962 (4 items, 1 postcard, 3 letters), Ungava mammals paper, Rangifer "lumping", Caribou Eskimos
Bank of Montreal, Canada
1948 close account
1953 establish account; Ungava; check for Arctic Inst.
Bankers Trust Co.
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Chicago, IL
no date policy
1954 receipt
1954 unsatisfactory policies; fraud
1954 salesman calling
Bannerman, David A., Esq.
British Museum of Nat. Hist., London
1929 birds - petrels
1935 Bartram papers
1959 Ungava birds; later Boreland of Southwick by [Denfries] station [Dalbattie]
Series I. Box 3.
Bantam Books
New York
1954 order Saturday Review Readers
Barber, [Rhoda] (Mrs. R.L. "Little Rhodie")
Waycross, GA
1954 (to Jean Harper) death of Aunt Rhoda; death of Aunt Eliza
1954 (draft) death of "Aunt Rhoda"; Okefinokee; Uncle Sam
1954 (to Jean Harper) gifts; pictures; family news; photo: Lake, Swamp fire
1955 acknowledgment picture; David; Chessers; Okefinokee fire; removal from Suwannee Lake; birds;
("Maple Mass" poem attached)
Barbour, Roger W.
Morehead State Teachers College, KY
1940 request Hyla ocularis paper
Barbour, Thomas
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, MA
1926 re: Hamilton
1936 (2 items) Rangifer fennicus extinct in Sweden; Rangifer platyrhnchus
1936 Pontus Palmgren; Huxley; Rangifer fennicus
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Barboni, Robert D.
c/o Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Sanders, Chapel Hill; Osheville, NC
1969 articles on Shortia; Bartram
Barkelow; F.S.
Department of Zoology, North Carolina State College, Raleigh
1956 (postcard) request Keewatin caribou paper
Barker, --1923 Okefinokee
Barett, H.M.
Washington, DC
Barnes Foundation Arboretum
Merion, PA
1943 (2 items) Wherry; invitation to lecture
Barnhart, J. H.
New York Botanical Garden, NY
1941 J. Doughty; William Bartram sketch; bibliography
Barrett, Charles H. M.
Washington, DC
1937 Hog Island VA; hay fever
1937 (2 items) Harry L. Bowen; Maurice Brady; Hog Island
Barrett, S. A.
Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of California
1964 Alamson Skinner biographical note
Barrow, Elfrida (Mrs. Craig)
Savannah, GA
1961 visit, acknowledgment reprints
1961 Franklin's letter, Bartram, Okefinokee
1961 Charles Coleman Sellers, Leonard W. Larabee, Charles Wilson Peele, Benjamin Franklin, Coulter's
History of Wormsloe,
1962 acknowledgment Montagnais paper
Barry, Frank
New Yoke, PA
1962 visit, Ernest Field [Harrines]
Barry, John M.
Univ. of South Carolina, Allendale (see also Stephens, Georbe, Ashville, NC)
1972 (from Barry to Stephens) Bartram material
Bartlett, E. L. (Senator)
Alaska, Committee on Commerce
1963 caribou radioactive contamination (statements attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Bartram Bicentennial Committee
see Rollins College
Bartram, Edwin B.
Bushkill, PA
1948 re: Keewatin mosses
1949 Roberts, Nueltin Lake mosses, Dr. Washburn, reprints
1940 Washburn, Nueltin Lakes papers Hypnum crista-castrensis
1958 re: copy of Travels
1950 Nueltin Lake mosses (reprints)
1950 Huyck Preserve, mosses paper, Nueltin Lake papers Natural Museum of Canada Bulletin Biologist;
William Bartram's Travels, Guggenheim
1953 (2 items) Labrador expedition; determinations
1953 (2 items) determinations; Academy; Arctic Institute
1954 (2 items) labels: mosses, lichens, vascular plants; Academy
1954 Dix's specimens; Academy; Ungava plants
1954 (2 items) Ungava mosses; "William Bartram and the American Revolution"; Academy
1954 (2 items) missing sheets of mosses
1954 Ungava mosses specimens; Ungava boundaries; collecting localities; Bartram's Travels; corrections
1954 mosses report; Arctic Institute reports; NSF reports
1954 (2 items) Ungava plants material; Josephine Herbst's "New Green World"
1954 Ungava mosses ms.
1954 Ungava plants ms. to Arctic Institute; Dr. Steere
1954 plant ms.; Steere; The Bryologist; Arctic Institute
1954 (postcard) Howard Crown at Bryologist; Ungava paper (December issue)
1954 Admiral Colbert or Arctic Institute; Hustich and Lepage bibliography (draft attached)
1954 (postcard) acknowledgement citations; reprints to Arctic Institute
1954 diary of Mordacai Bartram
1954 acknowledgment Mordecai Bartram's buffalo hunt; Francis E. West re: John Bartram biography;
Travels; Steere
Bartram, Frank M.
Kennett Square, PA
1939 (3 items) acknowledgment Bartram literature; Francis Pyle; pictures
1941 Bartram’s; Dr. Rush (Swarthmore Manuscripts clipping enclosed)
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram Diary
1943 (postcard)Darby Public Library bicentennial 1943 (2 items) John Bartram woodcut
1943 (2 items) copy of Bartram portrait
1943 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram’s Travels
1947 (postcard) Morgan Bishop genealogy of Bartrams (1893)
1951 Pennell, Bartram notes by Francis C. Pyle, Guggenheim Bartram, Francis D. West, Bartram letters,
1951 Francis Pyle, Pennell, woodcut of John Bartram; Ernst, PA Historical Society; [McClees], "short
neck" Bartram
1952 life of William Bartram Bartram's father's likeness [Kinpassing] product
1952 likeness of John Bartram, Francis West, Frank's illness
1952 “L’s” comment, Meeham Monthly cut of John Bartram; woodcut; “Bartram Tribute”;
1954 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints; Bartram's military operations; Britain vs. "colonials:' Bartram's
Bartram, J. H.
Bartram-Wood Limited; Don Mills, Ontario
1969 acknowledgment papers; Bartram Gardens photo;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
John Bartram Association
also Garden Club Federation; Olsen, Eliza D.
no date paycheck
1921 notes on introduction of [Sterne's] paper; Bartram Collection
1931 celebration, two hundredth anniversary Bartram Botanical Gardens
1938 T.T.R. Henry (Mrs. Bayard, Prs.)
see also Arthur Leeds
1939 December salary
1940 Bartram research
1954 Travels; subsidy approved
1956 (draft) acceptance meeting, John Bartram House
[1972] Death of Francis Harper
Bass, George E.
Bridgetown, NJ
1949 re: talk for Boy Scout dinner
Bassett, Anna S. (Mrs. Victor H.)
Savannah, GA
1937 (2 items) John Abbot
1941 (2 items) acknowledgment Pinkney paper; Franklinia; Alatamaha region; Bartram’s;
Reliquiae Baldwinianae
1941 Baverley Plantation; Le Conte house
1941 James Hebersham's country seat; Le Conte plantation
1943 (2 items) acknowledgment John Bartram diary; N. B. [Fagin] William Bartram: Interpreter of the
American Landscape; Salpingostylia caelestina
Bastien, Sarto
Québec Direction de la Chasse et de la Péche, Québec
1964 Ungava caribou; Indian claims; Les Carnets de Zoologie; Des Meules' report 1964 Barren Ground
caribou; McGill Knob Lake laboratory
1964 Moisan re: caribou (caribou notes attached)
Batchelder, Charles F.
Cambridge, MA
1920 40 yr nostalgia; Athabaska; Nutall Bulletins
1929 acknowledgment Adirondack papers
1940 Nutall Club members
1949 Chesser's Island; Sam Chesser; Tom Chesser
1940 Harper biographical data
Bates College
Lerviston, ME
also Iva W. Foster, Librarian; Walter H. Boyce, Dean of Men
1958 Travels of Bartram; Ungava Birds
1955 tuition payment notice
1955 David's scholarship; library contributions (Bartram's Diary, Travels)
[1955]-1956 (2 items) David's achievements;
[1956] David's progress
1956 (form letter) student cars
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals
1958 acknowledgment books; David
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1961-1964 (3 items), acknowledgment Ungava mammals study, fishes, Caribou Eskimos
1965 (postcard) acknowledgment Preble bibliography
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.
1922 field-glasses order
Baxter, John M.
Miami, FL
1945 re: Tammer's map of Florida of 1823
Beacom, Edward A
Longwood Foundation, Wilmington, DE
1963 Okefinokee studies grant refused
see also Longwood Foundation
Beadle, Walter J.
Wilmington, DE
1958 Birds of Ungava
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, W. George re: race
1955 Charles Camsell's Son of the North
1955 acknowledgment Camsell's book; photographs; Camsell's shortcomings; Fort Enterprise expedition;
John Franklin; John Richardson; Keewatin caribou paper; Academy
1955 acknowledgment Nueltin birds and fishes papers
Beale, Georgia Robinson (Mrs. Howard Kennedy)
1971 Bosc notes; Charleston Museum Copy
1973 Bosc; Milby Burton Copy
Beale, J. Rufus
University of Alabama
1966 Roland Harper Collection; agreement
1966 Roland Harper Collection bill of sale
1966 acknowledgment Roland Harper agreement; clipping collection; Dr. Boschung; Okefinokee
Bean, L.L. Inc.
Freeport, ME
1935 order; change of address
1947 re: Arctic sleeping bag with customs documents
1947 (postcard) order delay
1947 order; change of address
1947 inquiry order
1947 inquiry; sleeping bag
1947 (draft) refunds
1947 (draft) outer shell sleeping bag
1947 (draft by Jean) sleeping bag
1947 refund
1953 return hunting shoes; suggestions
1954 order for shoes & sox for daughter Lucy L. Harper
Beatty, George H. III
Plumsteadville, PA
1951 Bartram journals (1942 re: Travels—Van Doren, Benson, Kalm Corning's edition of Audubon’s
journals and letters; reprints of Harper publications
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1951 Travels, Benson, Kalm at Yale
1951 Bartramiana, Journals, Harper publications (list from 1926 to 1942; Extinct & Vanishing Mammals;
Beatty ms. North American Natural History
1951 cost of reprints, Extinct & Vanishing Mammals Darlington Memorials bibliographies, Crown
Collection of maps
Beaudet, Pere
1955 photo of Mariotema community center
1955 Jérôme St. Onga; Kom Pinette; Peters & Burleigh Birds of Newfoundland; Ungava fauna; Francis
McKenzie; Kaoskassikoneokopit; Tehe tahe ke noi; Montagnais dictionaries; (English-French-Montagnais
glossary attached)
1955 acknowledgment Montagnais glossary; Trees of Athabaska; Pere Dutilly; John N. Cooper
1955 Montagnais words; names (list attached)
1955 Indian languages
1955 Montagnais locations; Francis McKenzie; Barren Ground caribou at Kaministikoapiskot Lake;
woodland caribou range; Ungava caribou paper
1955 transfer; Barren Ground caribou range
1956 caribou booklet printed; Gilbery Simard; Jérôme St. Onge; Knob Lake Montagnais; Francis
1959 questions re: Lemoine; Dictionary French-Montagnais, 1901
1961 (3 letters) age, Cree language, photograph, biography, Ungava papers, Lemoine's Dictionaries;
The Beaver
Hudson Bay House, Winnipeg
1961 (3 letters) Ungava Indians study, permission to quote Leitch and Pruitt
1964 (4 letters) acknowledgment Caribou and Ungava Indians papers, inquiry about illustration of
Naskapi-Montagnais, Cartwright, bibliography of Labrador Indians, Alan Cooke, Philip Godsell,
request for article, William E. Brown, R.A. Reynolds
Bechtell, H. Bernard
1967 (carbon to Francis Harper) Okefinokee preservation
Beckwith, Martha Warren
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1932 meetings Anthropological Association and Folklore Society
1933 new voice recording discs; Institute for Human relations; Yale University; trip- [Lomas?]
Beebe, William
New York Zoological Society
1943 request Hyla reprint
Beers, (Mrs.) Alma Holland
Chapel Hill, NC
1948 re: quote from Darlington in mercershurgh Review by T.C. Porter
1950 Bartram
Beery, Andrew P.
Savannah, GA
1966 Ivan Tomkinks' death; genetics; Clermont Lee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Bell, C. Ritchie
University of North Carolina Botany Department, Chapel Hill, NC
1961 Defenders of Wildlife News, p. 183: Okefinokee Wilderness Bill
1970 (carbon to Francis Harper) Sand Mountain, AL, land
1970 Botanical Garden Foundation
1970 Bell's travels
1971 "Land Use and Wildlife Resources," National Academy of Sciences
Bell, Craig
Boston, MA
see also P., Bill
no date (from Bell to Dr. Totten [Cinchfield] paper,
1960 (2 items) visit; Tomkins; Roland; Miss Lee; Elliottia; Bartrams
1961 (note) photographs [Bingen Sisters]
1961 travels, Elliottia, John M.B. Harden re: Franklinia, Goldonia pubescens, Porchersisters; Elliottia,
1961 editing, Elliottia, Drs. Callahan, DeLeach
1961 (6 letters) Roland's Elliottia-Franklinia expedition; Tomkins
1963 DeLeach & McAtee libraries, Fort Mountain wall
1963 study in German, Ardlsen
1963 (draft) travels, Germany, Bartram
1968 Chapel Hill
1965 (postcard) Savannah architects; visit
1966 DeLoach's Mill Creek property; Okefinokee book; long-tailed tiger cat
1968 Dr. London; Agassiz; Couch; Radford; Bradford Torrey's books
1968 Boston; draft; Harvard recommendation
1968 Peace Corps; race relations; David Harper; Joseph Jackson's Through Glade and Meadow
Bell, Malcolm III
1963 (2 items, 1 postcard, 1 letter) Craig's address (Germany)
1966 sends Franklin-Jones letter
1966 acknowledgment Franklin-Jones letter; Roland bequest to University of Georgia
Bell, Mrs. Malcolm (Craig's mother)
Savannah, GA
1961 (2 letters) acknowledgment reprints, Savannah, hyla femoralis, Malcolm illness
1963 Malcolm death
1963 Malcolm, Craig, Elliottia, frogs, Bartram
no date acknowledgment Eskimo paper, Craig
Bell, Mrs. Ernest C.
Bellmaur, NY
1955 order for Bartram
Bell, W.B.
Washington, DC
1932 Athabaska, Great Slave Lake; Okefinokee [XXX]
see also Preble
Bell, Whitfield J., Jr.
Papers of Benjamin Franklin
New Haven, CT
1960 re: Bartram "letterbook"
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1969 Mrs. Cameron; Bartram life; Harper’s activities;
Arthur Leds; (additional page missing)
Bell and Howell Schools
1970? Prospects
Bell Telephone Co. of Penna
Chester, PA
1937 protest
1946 refund rate
1955 reservation
Bellis, Edward D.
Dept. of Zoological Sciences, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman
1953 request A Season with Hollbrook's Chorus Frog
1953 (postcard) acknowledgment Holbrook
Bendell, J. F.
Dept. of Northern Affairs & National Resources, Ottawa
1964 request Ungava plant and animal & Caribou Eskimo papers
Benedict, Don W.
Temple University Station, Mountain Run Lake, NJ
1938 biology course query
Benedict, James B.
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Neverland, CO
1965 (3 items) Arctic caribou; stone walls; Elmer Harp; Claude W. Hibbard
Benedict, J.E. Jr.
Commercial Seed Laboratories, Washington DC
1936 acknowledgment Bartrachians publications; amphibian sounds
Benham, Louisa B.C.
Hawthorn, FL
1944 Bartram's travels; visit
Bennett & Blocksidge, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
1960 (2 items) invoice; protest
Benson, Seth B.
Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
1941 [envelope only]
1942 (5 items) Academy specimens of Fort San Luis sheep; collectors: Bob Murphy, Funcke
Bent, A.C.
Taunton, MA
1923 golden-eye photos
1931 short-eared owl; courtship flight observed 1911
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1936 (postcard) acknowledgment separates
1949 appreciation of life-history volumes Keewatin birds
1950 illness, life-history works, Keewatin birds
1953 (postcard) acknowledgment Nueltin birds
1954 acknowledgment separates
Bentey, Winifred K.
Ottawa Geol. Survey 1914 for [Taverner]
Bergerud, Tom
Dept. of Mines & Resources, St. Johns, Newfoundland
1958 caribou survey information
1958 caribou survey, Wheeler's notes, T.H. Manning
1960 inquiry Ungava caribou study
1969 Ungava caribou report, T.H. Manning, "military vandals"
Berkeley, Dorothy and Edmund
Richmond, Virginia
1958 John Clayton letters to Bartram
Berkeley, Edmund
Richmond, VA
1961 visit; John James Berkley Clark
Berry, J. Richard
Chapel Hill, NC
1966 John Birch Society
Betts, Dr. Edwin M.
Botany, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
1958 "annotated" in title page of Travels; Yale U. Press
Betzold, Jack
Betzold Bros., Philadelphia
1948 re: mammal hides and processing; Caribou
Bibliographic citations
1942 styles for various journals
Bierman, -Swarthmore, PA
1947 schoolboy fight
Bigalke, Dr. R., Director
National Zool. Gardens of Africa
1947 Bontebok ref. 1689; Antelope [dances] dances
Bigelow, Florence
Walnut Hill School, Neteck, MA
1929 talk on birds
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Biographical Directory of American Men of Science
see also Cattell, Jaques
1938 (2 items) George Melendez Wright recommendation; death
1948 Harper biographical sketch
1949 memorandum
Biographical Encyclopedia of America
New York, NY
1939-1940 (9 items) invitation, proofs, order cards (completed questionnaire enclosed)
Biographical Encyclopedia of the World
New York, NY
1943 third edition
Biological Abstracts
Union of Am. Biol. Societies
1926 announcing Educational Abstracts
1932 J.A. Ditlefson
see also Rand, Frederick
1933 re: salaries; [Aase] Teisen
1948 request for copies
see also Anderson, H. I.
1952 abstract of "Birds of Nueltin Lake Expatiation, Keewatin 1947" in American Midland Naturalist
1957 bill
1961 abstract Ungava fishes paper
Biological Society of Washington
Bureau of Entomology, Washington, DC
1925 (3 items) change of address
1933 envelope only
1951 (envelope only) dues, change of address
1952 dues increase
1959 membership dues
1961 dues receipt
1962 request for Proceedings
1963 (2 items) meeting
1970 resignation
Biological Survey
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
see also U.S. Department of Agriculture
1919 (draft) Harper’s Atlantic bird sightings
1926 Procedures
1929 (2 items) Athabaska fauna study; photos
1929 Bruce E. Derry migratory bird collecting permit
1930 publication of "Alligators of Okefinokee"
1932 Permit to collect migratory birds; (W.C. Henderson)
1935 photos
Bio - Sciences Information Exchange
Smithsonian Washington, DC
1955 purpose of Exchange; request summary (summary attached) (draft, copy of summary)
1957 request summary of Arctic Institute research (summary attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1959 National Science Foundation Research
see also Deignan, Stell Leche, Director
Bird Club
(Mrs. Robert Lee Glass)
1962 receipt dues
Bird Lore Magazine
Harrisburg, PA
1920 subscription
Bird Research Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio
1945 "Alaska Bird Trails" by Herbert Brandt
National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
1962-1963 (4 letters) Padlimiut Indians, Charles Schader, Kazan River, permission to quote Report of the
Fifth Thule Expedition
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo, Montagnais, plant and animal associations papers
Bishop, Alice B. (Mrs. Sherman C.)
Rochester, NY
1929 (patchwork letter) a museum of their own: Preble
Kellogg, Bill Hamilton, Rochester, NY
1950 (postcard) pajamas
no date (1950?) Sherman's health, trip to Rochester, machette; Mrs. Greene and Miss Lake to grad school;
squirrels; morning glory; [warting] spiders; Chrisps
1950 library tour, Dr. Eldridge, Miss Prout Beth (Bishop) at Univ. of Rochester; Cooley
1951 Sherman's death, gratitude
1951 Sherman's death, Beth's marriage, Sherman's library letters, journals, ms. of early naturalists
1951 Beach Knoll, Cooleys, residents
1951 Visit, spider collection to American Museum; Drs. Gertsch & Crazier; Salamanders to Natural
History Museum; Francis' poem; National Fisheries meetings, Dr. Emaline Moore, Needhams; John &
Hulda Greeley
1951 visit to NY, Sherman's library
1951 Sherman sketch Museum Service Lincoln Pond & Ken Cooper, Colliers Okefinokee article Mizell &
1952 Bishop's library, The Auk, Bartram, Harper's brother's "natural Resources"
1952 family news; Sherman bequests; Wright; Kenneth Cooper; Ordway death; Knight book dealers, John
1952 Beth (Bishop) family, Bishop's library, Dr. Ordway (death?), Preserve
1952 arrival of books and papers, Bartram, NSF grant Harper family, Mt. Holly, Lucy, Bishop photo
1952 Beth's baby (Daniel Sherman Odell) sale of library,
1952 family news; Kenneth Knight; Dwyar's Mosquitoes of the Americas
1953 caribou report, Bishop library, George Cooley 1953 Sherman Bishop's library; set of Copeia; Life of
W.[L] Davis
1953 Labrador expedition; books by Hubbard and Dillon Wallace; Gertsch; Ralph and Nancy Palmer;
Mammal Guide; Huyck
1953 Labrador expedition; Ungava Bob; Driftwood Valley; Exploration in the Far North; Gertsch;
Sherman Bishop's bird list; memorial issue of Copeia; Dr. Gamble; mollusks; mudpuppies; D.J. Hood;
Bill Hamilton; Ed Raney; Kenneth Cooper
1964 Sherman's former students: Arnold Grobman, William B. Fahey; William Palmer; alligator
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
protection; Okefinokee book
1966 Roland's death; Daniel McKinley; Cornell offer
Bishop. Sherman C. (and Alice)
State Museum – NY, Cornell University, University of Rochester, Zoology Dept
1917 geologist
1917 taxidermist
1922 secretarial job for Augusta Wolfe
1923 re: new manual summer work
1924 mammal paper & manual; Pruitt; Dr. House map (of New York attached)
1924 letter to Howell; amphibian-reptile manual; Pseudotriton ruber, Gyrinophilus eggs; Eurycae
bislineata eggs; (draft of Howell letter; Jordan's Manual] attached)
1924 field work on mammals of New York
1926 turtles; re: change of position
1929 Okefinokee
1930 removal, endowment, Okefinokee specimens, Hood
1932 Acris specimens; Okefinokee talk
1933 abstracts of spider papers, Conratinelia], synonymy, Lophoaretum latum
1933 abstractism /dr /fusgersynonymies
1930-35 Zool. matters, specimens, etc; re: intrigue in Biol. Survey
1934-35 (8 items) packing, shipping, and identifying salamanders; Desmognathus Pseudacris;
1935 Cy Crosby; Chesser's Island collecting
1936 visit
1936 Okefinokee collecting in wartime
1936 Chesser's Island; Ambrystoma cirngulatum; gopher hole spiders
1936 Florida bat specimens
1937 (2 items) Margaret Wright; Pseudacris specimens; nomenclature
1938 Pseudacris specimen; Blanchard's death' vanishing mammals report' family news; Great Smokies
1938 Pseudacris; Desmognathus wrighti; Amboystoma cingulatum; Siren Intermedia; Margaret BurkeWhite
1938 (2 items) Herman Rehn; Pseudacris
1938 Okefinokee Tritarus; Harry Jepson re: newts; Triturus symetrica, viridescens, dorsalis Samuel
Scoville, Jr; Hamp Mizell; Bud Hauser
1939 (6 items) Triturus; louisianesis 1939 (6 items) Hyla crucifera; main vocal season
1939 dorsalis; Harlan; newts;
1939 Bartram ms.; collecting (Bartram ms enclosed)
1939 Christmas Card
1940 (2 items) Nephila clavipes; Centrurus; health (scorpion paper enclosed)
1940 health; spiders
1940 Wallace's Florida scorpions; Bartram; Centruroides hontzi; Banks' vittatus group (Banks' reply to
Wallace attached)
1941 (5 items) visit; Holbrook; Pseudotriton ruber schencki
1941 (2 items) [Vereen] Bell's Okefinokee book
1941 Don Walters' Okefinokee book
1941 (2 items) New York salamander study;
1942 (4 items) Army reinstatement; Rochester Academy journal; Bartram ms.; Glover Allen's death
1942 American Midland Naturalist; spider specimen
1942 spider (Pardosa); Bartram ms.
1942 Desmognathus quadramaculatus name and location
1942 Bartram ms. printed
1942 Bartram; Army; Georgia herpetology
1942 price of reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1942 (2 items) scientific printing; Bartram spiders; A.F. Archer
1943 (2 items) Bartram diary; vanishing mammals study; Checklist of Reptiles
1943 Allen mammal study published
1943 health; Allen's book
1943 ACLS Okefinokee grant
1943 (5 items) Stejneger and Barbour herpetology checklist
1943 salamander book; errors
1943 salamanders-Georgia
1944 exchanges of papers, nomenclature re: journal and proceedings Academy of Natural Science,
1945 re: position of State Zoologist list of herpetological publications
1946 P. catartina specimens; Munroe and Wayne Counties determinations
1947 Nueltin trip, Arctic spiders
1948 caribou, heart attack
1948 Ravana meeting
1949 Nueltin spiders—new species, Huyck Preserve work, Pardosa harperi
1949 illness (transfusions), Albany hospitals, Jean, Davis, Lucy
1949 Bishop laboratory, spiders, chemicals vitamin C, removal to Rensselaerville Zapus, Synaptomys
Piedbill in Lincoln Pond
1949 reprints of Nueltin Lake spider paper laboratory at Lincoln Pond, chemicals classes at Rochester, ms.
of "Life of a Harvest man" returned
1949 reprints from Canadian Entomologist plates of Pardosa harperi (attached) Canandaigia Lake
1949 Guggenheim application, Lincoln Pond, Dr. Davis; chemicals question, summer fellows removal to
Hill House; Natural History mss.
1949 Lincoln Lake laborite chemicals separates for Jean Piatt, Huyack Preserve, Turtox News, Hubbard
live trap, reprint of "Flowering Plants of New York" (text of postcard appended)
1949 mole trap diagram
1949 Ensatina eschscholtzii, Triton ersatius, Gray's account, Mill house
1949 Ensatina [Gray], Ensatina eschscholtzii Ensatina ensatus, Advisory board (?), Palmer, Okefinokee,
1949 Gray vs. Eschscholtz, Keewatin, Robert W. Service
1949 Howard Cleaves lectures Ithaca, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Lane Cooper, Ryn Berry, Jack Moakley,
Hamiltons, Palmers, Allens lectures at Cornell, John Bartram
1949 Eschscholts, AAAS meeting-NY, Nueltin Lake spider paper; Prof. Holtfreter
1949 Canadian Naturalist and Nueltin Lake spider paper; Preserve fellows; "Life of a Harvestman"
accepted Nature Magazine; AAAS meeting, Arthur Parker, Gray's manual
1949 "A Checklist of Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia" by Wilfret T. Neill
1950 reprints of Canadian Entomologist
1950 spelling of "Okefinokee (Okefenokee)" Dolomedes okefinokensis or okefenokensis Bishop’s health
1950 spider separates, vascular plants and mosses naming of Pardosa, Neill's Georgia check-list "Life of a
Harvestman", Mabel Abbott's Life of William T. Davis Pine Grosbeaks, Graflite flash apparatus, chickadee
1950 okefinokensis official, Okefenokee spelling Benjamin Hawdins on Creek country dietary salt,
Einstein , "Ramsey", Duffy, George Cooley
1950 genus, "species" or "certain definite specimens"
1950 reprints of Nueltin Lake spiders, Abbott's life of Davis, Okefinokee, 'Ramsey" exchange of cases,
skins, Bill Hamilton, Dr. Eldridge Preserve finances, great horned owl, Bishop, Sherman C. VII
1950 genus debate. Ramsey and Duffee identification Abbott's life of Davis, Arctic Institute order for
spider papers, cases
1950 Abbott's life of Davis, G.K. Noble's mistakes Maynard's account of Collembola of New York
Nueltin Lake spider paper 1950 Life of William T. Davis, Colombia; red fox skin (see Crosby-Frisian Fur
Co), Graflite apparatus, House's death, Smith at State Museum; Keewatin birds to American Midland
1950 fox skin to Crosby, House's death proposal to Eldridge re: cases
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1950 pajamas, Guggenheim, Preserve, Goddard, Eldridge fox skin, Smith re: nomenclature, Sigma Xi
1950 Guggenheim and Barbour, Goddard specimens , drawings Roewer's Katalog der Araneae snowshoes,
diets, visit
1950 Guggenheim, Preserve advisory board, Bartram
1950 ideal research institution, Mizell re: fiddle, Preserve lecture, Guggenheim Preserve biologist, Palmer,
Roewer's Katalog Smith re: Herpetologica, diet
1950 transfusions, Guggenheim, Beth's thesis
1950 health, leopard frogs, grebes Tevis's paper from Journal of Mammalogy lecture on missionaries,
Porald re: Keewatin vascular plants in Natural Museum of Canada Bulletin, Mizell, acris
1950 Smith in Kansas Science Bulletin re: Acris jumping mice, shad bushes, Lincoln Pond birds, Bufo,
grouse, beaver, Leptinus testaceus, Keewatin mosses paper Notulae Naturae,
1950 Morrises, Brunos, daddy-longlegs, ideal research institution, fox skin, birds Chrysemys picta at
Lincoln Pond
1950 Nature Magazine reprints, ideal research inst. cases, Chrysemys picta, Harvestman paper removal to
Naples, Britton & coyote photo
1950 Thoreau on fry (golden shiners) trustees meeting, Robert Merritt, Grafline apparatus; George Cooley,
Preserve report, Hobart Smith re: Acris; Peasley's Bog, birds, Ralph Smith's plant collection
1950 Gray's Manual, nomenclature debate health, x-ray burns, cases
1950 health, directors' report, John Bartram Gray's Manual, nomenclature
1950 Gray's Manual, Thoreau beavers, Peasley's bog, Preserve report
1950 removal to Mt. Holly, Gray's Manual, Preserve Bartram lecture, polyphaemus & one-eyed gophers
1950 raccoons photos, Bartram, Fulbright application fiddlers, 'one-eyed' gophers, Quakers, family affairs
1950 raccoons, Beth, Quakers Preserve advisory committee, applicants health
1951 (to Mrs. Harper) Okefinokee expedition health, Guggenheim, Mr. Britton (death?)
1951 travels with George Cooley in NC Chesser's Island & government land, superintendent; wildlife
refuges and parks Guggenheim, Bartrams. Cadwalader at the Academy Joseph Ewan's Rocky Mountain
Naturalists; Bishop's 'Clyde' stories
1951 Guggenheim, Cooper's appointment, minnows, health
1951 Cooper, Guggenheim, Marjorie Stewart, Academy early naturalists, Keegan APS and Darwin letters,
Dr. Lingelbach & evolution; wood frogs
1951 Bartram and NY Hist. Society, Schmidt's check-list Guggenheim, mammals of Keewatin, caribou
Lucy (daughter)
1951 Guggenheim, health, Schmidt's check-list,
1958 Ungava
Bittle, William S.
Swarthmore, PA
1932 re: house repairs, etc.
Black, C.T.
University of Illinois, Urbana
1935 (postcard) request snake study
Blacker Library of Zoology
McGill University, Montreal
see also Himmard, Margares E.
see also Wood Library of Ornithology
Blackmore, F. H.
Champaign, IL
1965 (2 items) animal feeding (protein intake)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Blackwelder, R.E.
Sec. U.S. Nat. Museum (Smithsonian),Washington, DC
see Smithsonian
see also Society of Systematic Zoology
Blair, Albert P.
Dept. of Zoology
University of Tulsa, OK
1950 reprint "New cricket frog (Acris) from the Middle Western States", Proc. Bio. Soc. Wash. 60
Blair, W. Frank
Laboratory of Vertebrate Biology,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1946 change of address
1952 separates, new address
Blair, W. Reid
N.Y. Zool Soc., Bronx Park, New York, NY
1945 explanation of funds of mammals book for historical purposes
see also American Committee for International Wildlife Protection
Blake, Charles H.
Hillsborough, NC
1961 (2 letters) arrangements tape recording re: Miss Hayes; Mr. Powell
1963 Christmas card
1964 management Cooper Society, proxy
1964 (draft) Cooper Society, Evolution meetings
1964 M.A. Curtis, re: APS
1967 George W. Field; A.O.U. biographies; Edward A. Richmond
1970 insecticides
Blanchard, Frank N. and Frieda C.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1923 separates
1924 hardwood sawdust; Ruthven re: occasional papers
1924 bird collecting
1925 (postcard) address
1925 doctoral exam; Wright's tantrum
1925 Bishop; Wright; wood buffalo
1925 Okefinokee; Hylacrusifer; Pseudacris ornate; Eunaces exregius; Terranene Bauri; Elapne
1926 family news; checklist of Michigan birds
1927 acknowledgment Okefinokee mammals
1920 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint
1931 Biological Abstracts; present state of biological studies; draft
1932 (postcard) visit
1932 Pseudobranchus; Desemognathus f. auriculatus specimens
1932 (postcard) acris
1932 (postcard) pictures
1933 Acris specimens; sighting of [birds onirs]; chickadee
1933 [Elaphe obsoleta]
1933 (postcard) acknowledgment
1933 inquiry about founding new journal of vertebrate
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
Blanchard, Frank N.
zoology Blanchard suggested for reptiles work
1935 (2 items) travels; Biological Abstracts
1936 (postcard) travels
1936 travels
1936 (2 items) travels; Okefinokee
1936 (card) AAAS meeting; snakes in Academy collection re: Fowler
1937 (2 items) E.a. obsolata; E.o. confinis young
1937 Blanchard's death
Blitch, Iris Faircloth
U.S. House of Representatives, Washington
1956 Okefinokee dams; (2 drafts plus list of carbons)
1956 Okefinokee and Suwannee dams
Blodgett, Alice
1948 re: class take to 8th graders re: "swamp"; Okefinokee
Blohm, L. A.
see Bremen Übersee-Museum
The Blue Jay
Regina, Saskatchewan
see also Brazier, Frank W., Secretary SNHS
1964 (2 letters) subscription statement, payment
Blum, Herbert E.
Neillville, WI
1945 inquiry to buy publications and or photos rebuffed
Board for the Assessment and Revision of Taxes
Boerner, Al and Ethel
Crosby, MN
1954 Labrador fauna; Gad's Lake; list of birds re: additional notes; wolves; Gad's Lake location
1962 field studies, Mourtairy Lake, Ontario flora
1962 Christmas greeting
Boeshore, Irwin P.
University of Pennsylvania, President, Philadelphia
1953 Botanical Society of Pennsylvania; J.R. Schramm; expeditions to Canada, Alaska, Australia; plant
geography studies; lecture
1953 lecture "Plant Life of Tundra Forest"
1954 lecture
1954 (To Wherry) Harper's costs for specimens
1954 Labrador vascular plants; Porsild; costs (copy)
1954 order vascular plant specimens (211 specimens)
1955 Labrador plants delivered
Bogert, Charles M.
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1940 (2 items) request reprints; exchange
1940 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1944 Bartram; ref to Harry Raven
1954 Guggenheim application; Moe
1956 acknowledgment reprints; Pseudacris; temperatures for B.t. copei and R.s. canata-brigensis; voices
of copei, B.t. terrestris, americanus, R. pipiens, R. versicolor; Guggenheim application; frogs,
S.hammondi; iguana
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment
Boggs, S. W.
State Department, Washington, DC
1941 (2 items) natural scale indicator (maps); Bartram
Böhlke, D. James
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
1961 measurements of Lata; Ungava fishes
Böhlke, James E.
1962 (form letter) Fowler's health
1965 Henry Fowler's biography; Copeia
196[5] (2 items) Preble biography; Fowler biography
Bohnsack, Kurt
Zoology, Swarthmore College, PA
1952 transportation to Ithaca
1952 reprints, gratitude
1952 reprints, Bartram, visit, herpetology, Pseudotriton r. ruber
1952 Pseudatriton ruber, Roger Conant
1952 Dr. Dnders, Pseudotriton
1952 Barren Grounds caribou skulls, Dr. Linton, Enders
1953 acknowledgment Ungava birds; Xanthoria
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper; skeleton preparation techniques (Gutenberg);
1956 Henry Fowler re: Gutenberg technique; Meinkoth and Caribou; report; Yale & Bartram's Travels
1956 acknowledgment reprints; Meinoth; Oak Ridge; Dipodomys Perognathus
Boileu, Roy
Salem, VA
1970 Czechoslovakia, pumpkin seeds and "our sort of trouble" (draft included)
Bokermann, Werner C.A.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
1957 Herpetology
Bolus, Malvina
Hudson's Bay House, Winnipeg, Manitoba, editor of The Beaver
see also Hudson's Bay House
Bond, James
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
1950 Ptarmigan specimens, claws, Ralph Palmer on 'juvenile' birds
1969 (postcard) grackle type (torreyi); Frank Chapman
Book of the Month Club
1929 re: subscription and change of address
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1929 change of address
Book Review
1907 Tarr and McMurray's Geographic
Boole, John A.
Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, GA
1970 aerial spraying; Senator Sam Irwin; Mary C. Fenet
Boon and Crockett Club
Mr. Robert Fergeson, NY
1961 request for photograph of Indians; Ungava
Boone, Buford
Tuscaloosa, AL
1969 whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus carolinonsis, vociferns); chuck-will's-widow
1969 Mrs. Roland Harper; purple martins; gourds
1969 University of North Carolina; whip-poor-will; Arthur G. Bent, Life Histories
1970 Outdoor News; fire ant spraying; Leonard Wickenden, Our Daily Poisons (copy)
Bond, Mrs. O. J.
Swarthmore, PA
1940 South Carolina flower; Alice Sonnsbury Southern Wild Flowers and Trees; Franklinia gordonia
attahama; Bartram; Milby Burto; Easterling
1940 Easterling; silky camellia (Stuartia malachodendron); Franklinia
Borgen, Helga
Philadelphia, PA
1930 journals to be abstracted
1939 request Stejneger and Barbour checklist of North American amphibians and reptiles
1941 paper; visit
Boschma, M.
Leiden Museum of Natural History, Leiden
1954 E. Raymond Hall; printing (Keewatin caribou) in the Netherlands; Extinct and vanishing Mammals
of the Old World;
[Bosman, Peter N]
Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery
1954 acknowledgment reprints
Bossert, Theodore W.
see Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
Boston Athenaeum
1959 Bartram; early copies of Travels; study of original source materials
Boston Society of Natural History
see also Doris Underhill (L. D.; Little Dorrit)
1925 Mr. Geffins
1929 book discount (signed L.D.)
1928 skulls; Godman; Babcock; Hamioton (letter from Preble attached)
1929 criticism of editorial duties, R.T. Jackson, list of recommendations, zoological activities, salary,
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1931 acknowledgment reprints, MacCoy, Cobb, Wigglesworth
1936 personal letter from Doris; Bostonian Society
1961 (2 letters) portraits of Ungava ethnologists, William B. Cabot
Botkin, B.A.
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
1946-49 re: Okefinokee book publication
Botanical Society of Pennsylvania
1955 Ungava vascular plant specimens delivered
Botanical Society of Washington
1943 (postcard) expenses
Bourliere, D.F.
Labratore de Boulogie, Université de Paris
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper
Bourgeois, ---1953 (draft) care of toad specimens
Bourassa, John M.
Peace River, Alberta, Canada
1949 Nueltin Lake - plane; (problem with departure dates)
1949 death of Gord Vonnacott, plane crash, Don Gallagher
1949 Natural History paper, Barren Lands, Fort Enterprise, Sir John Franklin
1950 Christmas card
Bourne, O. C.
see Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Conservation
Bovin, B.
Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
1961 re: Cody, back numbers
Bowdoin College
1954 Ungava botanical collections: Dix, Porsild, Bartram for sale
Bowen, Cliff L.
Chapel Hill, NC
1970 job
1970 race; smoking
Bowen, Harvey L
1937 (2 items) Hog Island (VA) accommodations
Bowen, W. Wedgwood
Dartmouth College Museum, Hanover, NH
1933 job, Michigan Conservation Dept. Hawaiian birds; African Paper
1949 Academy (Phil.), Parnell Friedman, re: Keewatin specimens Arctic Institute, fish, caribou Barren
Grounds film, lecture, Huyck Preserve
1949 purchase of skins, Dartmouth Arctic program, John V. Neale, lecture
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 3 continued
1949 value of Keewatin specimens, lecture
1949 purchase of specimens, A.O.U.
1949 Preserve, specimens, Academy, sale of skins
Boy Scouts of America
1943 statement of treas. - (F.H.) signed Hobbs
Series I. Box 4.
Boyce Supply Co
invoice (roofing)
Boyd, George H.
University of Georgia, Department of Zoology
1945 regret re: teaching job
Boyd, Julien P.,
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; Princeton University Library
1935 (2 items) Vultur Sacra essay; William Bartram's library
1935 (2 items) Bartram ms. Wooddisse letter
1935 Bartram letters
1935 Bartram mss.
1935 Edwards' volumes
1938 (2 items) Franklinia reprint; Edward Topsell
1938 (2 items) cockatrice and horn snake; Le Conte
1939 David Taitt map of 1772
1949 Atlantic Monthly article
1952 Thomas Jefferson letters (LC), Bartram (Barton) Guggenheim
1952 Jefferson's Bartram/Barton letter, biography
1952 Jefferson. Bartram biography, publisher
1952 Jefferson to Matthias 'King'/Kinn, Wilson's life of Alexander Wilson mss. material
1952 Wilson mss. publisher
1952 Bartram publisher, Boyd's help at Phila. early American naturalists
1952 Seminoles Florida Aflame
1956 Jefferson Early Naturalist
1956 (draft) Bartram; Yale Press; subsidy
1956 Bartram; Yale Press; Julian Huxley & caribou paper; Mettler's Woods
1958 (2 letters) acknowledgment Ungava birds paper, copy to Cyrus S. Eaton, Montagnais name for
chickadee; Earl Poole cover, Jefferson’s Megalonyx
1959 Jeffersonian items, Barton Autographs in Boston Public Library, Gray Autographs in Gray
Herbarium Whitfield Bell
1961 "Posspatock" Indians, William Floyd, Ungava mammals 1961 (over letter to Eaton) Harper's
bibliography, Boyd's "Volume 16"
1961 travels with Roland, Elliottia, Cliftonia, Peeles' portraits, portraits of ethnologists, Okefinokee
1962 (3 letters) Okefinokee folks grant, Warmaloe plantation, Elfrida Barrow, Peele portraits
1962 Christmas card
1963 John Abbot's reliques; Bartram; Joseph Ewan; Will Henry Thompson; Museum of Natural History;
(Kansas) E. Raymond Hall; race relations (John Abbot references attached; draft attached))
1963 (5 letters) grants, Bartram, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, "hollerin'", Bartram, Finch's
Travels in The United States
1963 (2 letters) Finch's volume, NSF grant, Elliott correspondence
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1963 Ungava reports, Julian Huxley, Okefinokee
1963 John Abbot & Thomas Jefferson, England research
1963 John Abbot; Joseph Ewan; Mrs. Arthur A. Allen; Labrador Indian report; repository for papers
1964 John Abbot; Bartram trail; Cone family of Bulloch County; General William Floyd; John T. Nichols
Poospatuck Indians;
1964 Mrs. A[llen's ms.; Bartram; Poospatuck vocabulary; Jefferson; Okefinokee
1964 Monticello; William Floyd estate; torup; Okefinokee book
1964 acknowledgment reprints, John Abbott, Mrs. Allen, Huxley
1964 wildcat specimen, Lynx floridianus
1964 Christmas at Monticello; William Floyd; Poospatuck Indians; 'torup'; Okefinokee
1965 (3 items) Fitzburgh photographs; Henry Innes; Jefferson; stone carving; Academy
1965 Okefinokee art; Georgia folklore
1965 stone image; Jeffry L. Coe; Emma Fundaburk study
1965 Witthoft
1965 Fundaburk and Foreman study; H. Newell Wardle; [Academy]
1965 (draft) Jefferson-Wilson affair
1966 Delafield matter; Bartram Travels
1966 race relations; Okefinokee religions; Okefinokee book; Lake Athabaska report; Finch's Travels;
John Abbot; John W. Dodge (copy)
1967 George Ord residence; Okefinokee book; Okefinokee and Wildlife Service;
1967 AAAS re: Okefinokee book; G.W. Peale portrait of John Strangeways Hutton; Yale edition of
1971 (draft) Thomas Jefferson's travels to [Lay] AMNH (American Museum of Natural
History),Bartram, Mrs. Herr, Coleman Sellers, Peale
1971 (draft)Bartram, Philadelphia weather
Boyd, Mark F.
Tallahassee, FL; Rockefeller Foundation, Int'l. Health Div. NY
1939 Bartram's illness; ms.; Talahasochte
1939 Tallahassee Land Office
1940 (3 items) Bartram trail Mantee Spring; Clay Landing
1940 Bartram mss.
1943 Gauld ms. of Florida history, APA library
1944 acknowledgment Bartram's diary
1944 acknowledgment Bartram's journal
1951 Florida historians, re: Lorrimer, Blackwell, Turnbulls, Cowkeeper, Rollestown, Clements
library catalogue; Bartram, Guggenheim
1952 Clement Library catalogue, Here They Once Stood Florida Aflame
1952 Here they once stood, Collins' correspondence Dr. Jabez Hustis to Daniel Parker re: Bartram's
trees; Barren Grounds, Keewatin
1958 Bartram
1966 (3 items) long tailed tiger cat; Earl Frye
Boyle, C. L.
Fauna Preservation Society, Zoological Society of London
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou; Oryx review
1961 (2 letters-duplicates) acknowledgment Ungava mammals study
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais study, Caribou Indians study
Bozeman, John R.
Georgia Southern College, Statesboro
1965 DeLoach Beachwood property; logging; preservation
no date fire ant spraying
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1968 (to John A. Boone, Jr.) Harper bequest of Chessers' Island property to Nature Conservancy
1968 Nature Conservancy; Valdosta College
1968 (3 items) Chesser Island Preserve; Nature Conservancy; field station; Rana hockecheri (copy)
Bradley, J. Chester
Cornell U., Ithaca, NY
1927 Okefinokee
1930 alligators
1932 acknowledgements
Brady, Maurice
Washington, DC
1935 frogs (see also Freidmann)
Bragg, Arthur N.
Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
1936 order amphibians reprint
1950 John K. Strecker, Jr. biography, reminiscences
1950 Strecker biography, correspondence, Pillsbury, Academy; Bartram, Guggenheim
1950 Strecker, Dr. Pillsbury
1959 Dr. Most
Brainerd, John W.
Dover, MA
1947 field trip, Nueltin
Brandt, Dr. B.B.
E. Carolia Teacher's College, Greenville, NC
1942 herpetological separates; Acris
1942 (2 items)visit; Acris
1942 (2 items) Acris report, specimen
1944 (2 items) Bartram; Acris
Branson, Mavis
Jones, GA
1934 photos, finances
Brannon, Peter A.
Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery
1939 Bartram’s Alabama route
1944 William Bartram's Journal; Am Philosophical Society; Independence Square clock; Casper Winter
1944 Burke; Bartram's travels; meeting of the ‘Thirteen' Mess
1944 acknowledgment material; Hess; Wheeler's book
Brant, Irving
1954 address
Brashear, H. Robert
North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill
1967 Roger J. Williams correspondence; vitamin C; Harper's health
1967 (draft) acknowledgment
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Brassard, J. M.
see also [des Neules, Pieve] notes re: ms. "Inventaire Preliminaire Caribou (Rangifer Caribou caribou)”
Bratton, Mr. Milford, Director
Dept. Forests and Water, Harrisburg, PA
1945 J. A. Olsommer re: Promised Land Lake expedition; Earl L. Poole; Edwood B. Chapman
Brawley; James S.
Salisbury Post, NC
1966 (3 items) Palimont de Beauvois; natural walls of Rowan County; John M. Parker III; Archibald
Braxton, Walter
Greensboro, NC
1960 speech and slide show; NC Wild Flower Preservation Society meeting May 22, 1960
Braxton, Mrs. Walter E.
Greensboro, NC
1964 Archie D. Shaftsbury re: fleas, cat and mice, John Lyon notes
1964 (9 items) Mr. Shinn re: picture of John Lyon, NCWFPS newsletter, Lyon article, pine mouse
1964 John Lyon’s grave; Eagle Hotel; photograph (2 copies)
Breck, Dr. Edward
Army/Navy Club, Washington, D.C.
1928 Maine deer hunt
Breck, Mary S. (Mrs. Edward)
Anti-Steel-Trap League, Washington, DC
see Anti-Steel-Trap League
Breckenridge, Dr. Walter J.
Minnesota Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou; Nueltin birds; reprints enclosed
1950 sale of specimens of Keewatin, Nueltin Lake birds (list of specimens)
Bremen Übersee-Museum
Bremen, Germany
1965 (postcard) acknowledgment fishes paper
Bresh, Lydia
see Phi Beta Kappa
Brewer, M.T.
1920 Okefinokee (?)
Bridenbaugh, Dr. Carl
Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, VA
1948 (4 items) Bartram; Delafield collection of photos and resources
Brightwell, W.T.
Maxeys, GA
1935 Bartram
1935 buffalo lick
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
British Library of Information
New York
1940 gifts for British children
British Museum of Natural History,
London see also Wood, Cacey A.; Morrison-Scott, T. C. S. Regan; C. Tate
1930 Birds, reprints
1937 acknowledgment Pennsylvania and Georgia amphibians
1943 acknowledgment of separates
1955 receipt for reproduction of four prints
see also A.W.Excall acknowledging dispatch of Bartram and receipt of specimens; drawings
1956 acknowledgment publications (for J. R. Ellerton)
1957 list of Ungava plants
1957 Bartram to John Fothergill; William Bartram's drawings; Yale Press; permission to publish in
1957 (2 items) photos and permission granted (£3 9s. 0d.)
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
British Ornithologists' Union
1954 handbook for oversees birdwatchers, directory
1954 birdwatchers' directory, Harper contribution
British Trust for Ornithology
1940 Bulletin
see also Alexander, W.B.
Britons Publishing Company
London, England
1961 (2 letters, 1 copy) order Race, Heredity and Civilization, race relations
Britt-James, Norman G.
London & Middlesex Archeological Society, Earlmstead, Mill Hill, England
1951 Life of Bartram (and Collison), Earnest, location of Bartram lettes (genealogy attached)
Britton, W.G.
Rensselaerville, NY
1950 stamps, forward mail
Brodkorb, Pierce
Department of Biology Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
1953 (2 items) George Crawley; request Ungava specimens (list appended); acknowledgment
Broel, Albert
New Orleans, LA
1934 Frogs: business of raising during depression clipping from Asbury Park Evening Press, Sept.
19, 1934
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
see also Stalk, Frank; Jordan, William E.
1937 (2 items) photograph negative, slide
1938 (postcard) tamarack print
1944 (postcards) Athabaska plants; Bartram
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Brooklyn Museum
from R.C.M. ( or W?)
1916 Birds
Brooks, Earle A.
School of Education, Boston University
1934 National Geographic Magazine article; Maurice Phillips birds of West Virginia
Brooks, Allan
Okanogan Landing BC, Canada, Comox, BC
1934 boat & tailed grackles, Florida, Texas
1934 se[arates. Spencer, Florida birds, Battens sparrow, Forbish's Birds of Massachusetts, Audubon
Brooks, Henry Gilbert
1942 wedding announcement Rachel Worthington (Brooks) & Francis Cope Evans Broughton, John G.
New York State Science Service, Albany
1949 stabilizing sandstone rocks, Preserve
1949 Preserve, rocks
Brown, Bryce C.
College Station, Texas
1946 (2 items) request for paper Texas Herpetology; acknowledgment
1947 (postcard) change of address
Brown, Clair A.
Botany, Louisiana State University, University, LA
1941 (3 items) Bartram in Louisiana; places; plants
Brown, E. E.
Davidson College, Davidson, NC
1937 (2 items) herpetological papers; Pseudacris specimen
1951 (5 items) Acris and Hyla papers; Palisot de Beavois; “natural wall”
1966 natural wall; C.G Davidson
Brown, Elmer E.
Cornell University
1937 Pseudacris
1960 Mammals
1968 re: death of son in Vietnam
Brown, Elsworth
Chattanooga, TN
1956 Joseph W. Johnson, Jr., re: rock or stone walls in Tenn. & NC; caribou; Chapin Wildlife Sanctuary
1956 (2 items) stone walls in NC, Palitot de Beauvois; Travels
1957 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals
1962 (7 letters) illness and death of Mrs. Margaret Davis; William B. Robertson, Bartram's Travels,
Ft. Loudoun, Robertson genealogy, R. P. Burton (from Mary Rothrock to Elsworth Brown) [1961 (draft
shares sheet with Fenner, A. G.; see Fenner) death of Mrs. Cate]
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Brown, Jack S.
Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
1954 (4 items) Ralph L. Chermock; request Pseudacris nigrita feriarum specimens; Acris; Netting
Brown, Roy M.
Boone, NC
1917 acknowledgment bird report (Biological Survey letters to Brown attached)
Brown, Walter C.
Dept. of Biology, Northwestern, Evanston, IL
1950 (postcard) change of address
Brown, W. E.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
no date Christmas card; acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper
1962 acknowledgment Ungava mammals papers, Farley Mowat
Browining, F.J.
Ft. Smith
1922 re: buffalo
Bruggemann, Paul F.
Arctic Institute of N. Am. Montreal, Canada
1959 re: Fuller's Wood Buffalo paper
Bruce, Richard C.
Dept of Biology, Converse College, Spartanburg SC
1961 (2 letters) ecology of Hylidae, collection of amphibians, request for reprints amphibian papers
Bryan, M. G. (Wing Commander)
Churchill, Manitoba
1961 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals, itinerary
1961 reports of colleagues: W.A. McKenzie, Robert C. Faylor, Ernest C. Oberholtzer
1961 (4 letters) request for bird studies, polar bears
Bryan, Dr. W. A.
Director, Los Angeles Museum
1929 (draft) application for position
Bryant, [Haold, Harold/] C.
National Park Service, Dept. of Interior, Washington
1933 Okefinokee preservation vs. possible ship canal
Bryant, Owen
Banff, Alberta Canada
1928 toads, frogs
Bryn Maur Hospital
Phila., W.P. Belk
1930 statement, lab work
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo, N.Y
[Chas] Fish
1929 position
see also Hamiln, Chauncey J.
Bujak, B.J.
1932 Okefinokee mammals
Bull, John
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1969 bird illustration, Howard Cleaves, Hempstead Plains
1969 bird photographs, sharpbill
1969 Alabama bird photos, Roland, Lois Fuentes, Arthur Allen, Ray Latham (list of photographs attached)
1969 acknowledgment New York State bird book; list of photographs
1969 acknowledgment bird photographs
1970 nesting sites
1970 Roland's Alabama bird photos
1970 acknowledgment Alabama bird prints
1970 Bartranian sandpipers
1970 (draft) "diabolic scheme of the USDA" (spraying)
1970 (draft) USDA (shares sheet draft of letter to Spencer)
1971 upland sandpipers, Hempstead Plains
1971 (2 drafts) bird prints
1971 bird habitats in New York
1971 (draft) bird photographs
1971 (copy)
1971 (draft) Hudson uplands, Southend Pond, photos
1972 (from Jean Harper) Francis’ contribution to John Bull’s book
Bullard, A. J.
Mount Olive, NC
1969 (postcard) hollerin' contest at Dunn/Clinton, NC
Bullen, Ripley P.
Parks & Historic Memorials, Gainesville, FL
1951 paper on Fort Tonyn Trans. Am. Philos. Soc. 33, pt. 1
1951 Fr. Tonyn, Bartram Travels, Notes, maps
Bunce, Paul L.
Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1969 acid phosphatase; x-ray; pumpkin seeds
Bunker, C. D.
Musuem of Natural History, University of Kansas
1942 (2 items) request crick frog Acris specimen invoice included
1943 Acris specimens; photo
Bunch, John W.
Folkstone, GA
1969 Okefinokee audio recordings; Okefinokee speech; long-talied tiger cat (draft)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Burch, John Q.
Los Angeles, CA
no date book sale list
Bureau of American Ethnology
Smithsonian Institution, Washington,
Margaret C. Blaker, Archivist (see also Smithsonian Institution)
1961 (22 items, 19 letters, 2 reports) prints and photographs in the Turner mss., Indian photographs,
publications (U.S. Biological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada, Fish and Wildlife Service), Great
Slave Athabaska Lakes, Annual Report of the B. A. Ridgway, Nelson, Naskapi exhibit photographs
1962 (draft, shares sheet with Houston, Thornton) Turner
Bureau, Louis
France, [Bureau of] Natatural History
1931 calling card
Burger, Dr. W. Leslie
College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
1953 (draft) request reprint exchange
1956 (postcard) change of address
1959 Hyla ocularis acris; Reptiles
Burgess, Edward S.
Hunter College, NY
1925 position biological science
Burgess, Thornton W.
Springfield, MA
1927 chipmunks roots; William C. Adams; Walcott’s goshawks’ mud puppy; ASM meeting
1927 chipmunk data; Barro Colorado Island; photos
Burkhard, William E.
John Bartram High School, Philadelphia
1939 (2 items) Wildman; Bartram lecture
1940 John Bartram calendar; Sketch Club students
1940-1941 (3 items) John Bartram paintings; Federal Art Project
Burleigh, Thomas D.
Athens, GA; Seattle, WA
1920 Lake Athabaska field trip
1920 Asheville, NC
1958 Birds: Washington, D.C.; U.S. Dept. of Interior Fish/Wildlife; Labrador paper
Burlew, E.K.
see also U.S. Dept of Interior, Office of Sec.
1941 Okefinokee
Burlington County
New Jersey
1961 registration card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Burlington County Hospital
Mt. Holly, NJ
1958 receipt signed L. Reagan
1960 receipt (x-ray)
1960 refund
Burnet, Duncan
University of Georgia, Athens
1938 (2 items) acknowledgment separates; DeRenne and Moore collections; Franklinia; Bartram
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints; new world animals
1943 acknowledgment separates
Burnett, Frances L.
Museum of Comp. Zool., Cambridge, MA
1958 Mammals specimens at Boston Museum; Katahdin
Burns, Frank L.
Berwyn PA
1943 inquiry Bartram's bird names
1943 Bartram's bird names; Coues
1943 red and scarlet tanagers
Burroughs, Aubrey
Thomasville, NC
1963 acknowledgment articles, visit
Burroughs, M.H.
Brunswick, Georgia
1938 Le Comte family
1938 Ivan Tomkins; Franklinia Alatamaha; Margaret Cate; birds
1938 Franklinia papers; Le Contes
1939 Bartram
1941 (postcard) acknowledgment references
1941 (2 items) Florida flowers references
Burt, Charles E.
Southwest College, Winfield, KS
1928 frogs, toads
1930 change of address
1931 Am. Soc. Mammalogists
1935 visit to PA
1938 amphibians paper; visit
1938 Swarthmore; Okefinokee; International Wildlife Protection; separates
1938 (2 items) acknowledgment feriarium-triaeriata papers; Pseudacris; triaeriata
1939 southeastern frogs; Hyla crucifera; Pseudacris; americanus;
Burt, William H.
Cal. Inst. Tech., Pasadena, Museum of Zoology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1933 acknowledgment of separates
1936 (2 items) symposium topics; animal censuses
1937 abstract of conference paper (enclosed)
1937 Committee on Conservation of Land Mammals; W.J. Hamilton, Jr.
1945 (2 items) announcement & order 20 yr. index 1946 review Burt: Mammals of Michigan & draft
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1949 reply re: specimens for sale
1950 offer to review Carruthers' Beyond the Caspian for Journal of Mammalogy accepted (copy)
1950 review of Carruthers Caspian, review copy (copy)
1950 copy of Carruthers received
1950 (postcard) review received rules of proofreading
1951 reservation at Michigan Union
Burton, E. Milby, Dir.
Charleston Museum (SC)
see also Charleston Museum
1939 acknowledgment separates; Bartram
1940 Major Moultrie
1940 Little Wando; Moultrie; Sargent; Michaux's journal
1940 (2 items) Princess Pignatelli; Wando Plantation
1940 acknowledgment; Bartram separates Keim; Benson; Schoepf's Travels
1940 Franklinia cuttings
1940 Franklinia; Elizabeth White nursery
1941 Bartram's Thoroughgood visit; Storm name; Bartram mss.; APS
1941 Albert F. Storm; Bartram
1942 clipping appointment
1945 Stephen Elliott-Henry Muhlenberg correspondence; Elliot Herbarium; Reliquiae Elliottianea;
1946 Bartram
1951 Laurens' letter to Lachlan McIntosh GA Historical Soc., Lilla Hawes, New president of Academy,
Cadwalader, misused funds; Calvert, Darlington, Cary, Conklin timber activities in Okefinokee
1951 Carolina Plantation Society, Cadwalader lumbering in Okefinokee
1951 Charleston letters, Academy, Linton
1951 Bartram's letters
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals
1958 Ungava Birds
1961 Harpoldt Journal, Neuffer, Buchman, Bosc, Rhett and Burnham Chamberlain
1962 acknowledgment reprints, Bachman, Sosc, flock of scaups
1964 Coleman's South Carolina mammals; qualifications of successor; Daniel McKinley; William O.
Pruitt; Robert A. Morris; David W. Johnston
1964 acknowledgment books, Mangum Weeks, Jim Chapin death
1964 Bob Norris, Odum, South Carolina mammals
1964 (4 letters) Pruitt, race relations, alligators, ASIH
1964 (2 items, 1 letter, 1 draft) McKinley article
1965 (2 items) Lambolla references (list included) 1965 alligator hunters
1965 Preble article
1965 (3 items) Lewis R. Gibbes papers, list of correspondents; Georgia fishes paper; Fowler memorial
1966 Robert Bruce re: Carolina scientist; Buchman, Audubon, Hamilton, Fish; Mammals of South
1966 (3 items) red fox
1966 (2 items) Golley re: South Carolina mammals; harbor seal; wild boar
1966 buffalo; Catesby; list of sources
1966 (2 items) tiger cat; Pringle plantation
1966 Catesby; Mangum Weeks
1968 (2 items) South Carolina Bird Life; questionnaires
1969 photocopy letter from Swedish Lineman Society
1969 acknowledgment Roland memorial
1969 (7 items) L. A. G. Bosc; Wayne's Birds of South Carolina; Bosc specimens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1969 (3 items)Bartram letters; Bosc portrait; Linnaeus-Linné question; guides to ms collections
1969 Bosc biography; Elliotts
1969 (2 items) Linnaeus; Mishaux's garden; Hyla ocularis; Chessers re: Okefinokee tiger cat
1970 tiger cat
1971 (draft) Basc, L.A.G., [F.---],
(see also George H. Rogers)
1971 Stephen Elliott biography
1971 (3rd party, from Beale, Mrs. Howard Kennedy) Bosc material
1971 (4 items) (false starts)
Burton, W.L.
University of Michigan, Biological Station
1924 summer session job
1943 copy of Bartram
see also Richardson
Bausiness Press, Inc.
Lancaster, PA
1968 (4 items) Torrey Bulletin reprints Joseph Ewan biographical sketch
1968 (2 items) Ewan biography statement & payment
1969 (2 items) reprints J.T. Baldwin, Jr.; Roland Harper
Butchings, C.B.
1922 envelope only
Buten, M. & Sons
Chester, PA
1945 Window glass
Butler, W. G.
Fayetteville NC
1966 Emmet McRea yodeling
1967 (2 items) vacation
Butterfield, L. H.
Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, VA
1952 Boyd, Bartram, publisher
1952 Boyd, Bartram biography, correspondence, publisher
1952 Bartram, publisher
Byers, Douglas S.
Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
1924 Bartram's Indian mounds; Okefinokee; Georgia stone walls
1934 (3 items) Mr. Leeds; Dr. Mooreheaad; Oconee River; Dr. Judd; Etawah report
Byer, Mrs. Irina
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
1969 bird data - computer storage; info. resources questionnaire (blank)
C--1947 Francis's studies in Canada (by Mrs. Jean Harper to "Mr. C")
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
C - Games
New Brighton, NY
1933 re: death of Zonette
Cabot, Harriet R. (Mrs. Popes)
Bostonian Society, Old State House, Boston, MA
1965 portraits Wm. B. Cabot "Labrador Cabot"; Ungava
Cadbury, Catherine J.
Moorestown NJ
1968 Cadburys (Rachel Henry) with Bartram information
Cadbury, Henry J.
Quaker History Association, Cambridge, MA
1939 acknowledgment reprint; Quaker research; Bartram
1939 questionnaire (enclosed)
1950 Moses Bartram’s Latin quotation Francis D. West's address
1950 acknowledgment of source of quotation John Bartram's family
1951 Moses Bartram, Jr., New York Historical Society letters; Guggenheim
1953 John Jackson-William Darlington letter
Cadbury, John W. 3rd. "Jack"
Morristown, NJ; Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1934 Pseudacris prints and Morristown
1939 identify "buggers"; Bartram; "CFJ" (?Charles Francis Jenkins)
1941 re: Okefinokee Refuge from U.S. Dept. of Interior; E.K. Burlew
1943 (postcard) Okefinokee; family news
1943 (2 items) Swarthmore; deaths: Arthur Leeds, Witmer Stone; Wharton Huber; American
Philosophical Society editorial job; Bartram paper; family news; Okefinokee
1944-1945 (2 items) Fred Ulmer; Academy; Bartram's Gardens
1945 Academy; Okefinokee; Old World Mammals; Fred Schmidt
1947 Ed Mohl; visit; collecting
1948 Rancocas Creek cabin
1948 Darlington death;
1949 andersoni; virgatipes
1949 moths; Myosotis Lake
1949 Huyck Naturalist; moths to Bill Hamilton
1950 Guggenheim appointment; life in England; Keewatin birds in American Midland Naturalist;
Einstein on religion
1950 Guggenheim; visit to 'Route 38; Keewatin bird report; Allison, Tessa and family
1950 Bartram and Naturalist edition of Travels Rancocas, Tom Hamilton; Robin at Harold Tribune
1950 Bartram queries in England, drawings, letters, sketches; Dr. Fothergill; Carlotta Herring-Browne,
John Jay; Smith Collinson's sketch of Mark Catesby; Mss in Joseph Banks' Herbarium (R.A. Salisbury);
(miscellaneous notes in different hands)
1950 Collison papers, Maj. N.G. Brett-James Bartram; England queries
1950 Collison papers
1950 Christmas greetings
1951 "Things have come to such an awful mess here..."
1951 re: 'mess' (hunting)
1951 J.W. Cadgury's field notes, Earlham College birds Big Pine Key, FL
1952 (from Cadbury to Edward Collinson, Ipswich) Bartram, Peter Collinson's papers
1955 family news, ANSP
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1955 (postcard) Pseudacris bibliography, Hyla
1955 Christmas letter, acknowledgment caribou paper
1959 C. F. dos Passos; ANSP; spelling Le Conte
1968 re: portraits of Moses Bartram Jr. & Sr.
1970 Texas flora and birds
Cadbury, Tessa (Mrs. John W.)
1948 (postcard) car trouble
Cadbury, W.W.
274 W. Main, Morristown, NJ
1951 declines offer of house
Cadigan, Robert, J.
Swarthmore, PA
1948 (3 items) Caribou; inquiry to the Post. Phila.
Cadwalader, Charles M.B.
Academy of Natural Science; Philadelphia ("Academy")
1922 (9 letters) travel in southwest U.S. with W. Jenks Woolston, remuneration, bird collecting
1929 (1 letter, 1 draft) Okefinokee (draft shares sheet with Stone, Witmer)
1929 (Telegram) Ammunition shipment
1932 re: specimens of mammals for Academy of N.S.; Philadelphia
1933 re: 2 specimens of gray fox to Gad Rodenberry
1934 re: Howell publication on wood rat
1935 re: study of Le Conte - permission to read letters
1935 Frontiers: A Magazine of Natural History
1936 Academy library; George Harrison library; Brooke Dolan; Rodolphe deSchauensee
1936 (3 items) Academy library; list of books
1937 (2 items) vanishing mammal checklist
1938 (draft) blesbok specimen
1938 acknowledgment publications; Holdbrook;s frog; Franklin Tree (Franklinia)
1938 (3 items) John Bartram Association; Bartram mss.; APS grant; Academy support
1939 (2 items) Old World extinct and vanishing mammals report
1939 spring peeper paper
1939 (3 items) mammal report; field work (draft attached)
1939 documents re: mammal report
1939 (2 items) Bartram Association support; salary
1939 Poole’s mammal drawings (list enclosed)
1939 (11 items) Old World extinct and vanishing mammals report; Glover Allen; International Wild
Life Protection; "unethical" actions of Academy (8 copies)
1939 acknowledgment Hyla occularis paper
1939 Old World mammal report; printing first half
1940 (2 items) mammals report (draft attached)
1940 (3 items) Arthur H. Howell; publishing nomenclature paper; Journal of Mammalogy
1940 Journal of Mammalogy; Orthoptera; Okefinokee
1940 Old World Mammals ms.
1940 workspace
1940 acknowledgment Bartram paper
1940 acknowledgment Old World mammals paper
1940-1941 (3 items) Anthony letter
1940 proposal: Library of the Academy
1940 acknowledgment; Old World Mammal ms.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1940 Old World Mammal ms.; Biographical Survey of vanishing mammals of North America
1940 Conklin of American Philosophical Society; Biological Survey report
1940 (3 items) Arthur H. Howell; Journal of Mammalogy
1940 International Wild Life Protection; Cooledge; Journal of Mammalogy
1940 Journal of Mammalogy old world mammals report; printers; Coolidge reprints; Dan Hebard;
1940 mammalogy reprints (Old World)
1941 APS; Penrose grants; Conklin letter
1941 Old World mammals report; Academy publication; APS support
1942 Audubon Hall; 130th anniversary of Academy; request for membership
1945 "Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World" Academy Library (Acad. Nat. Sciences,
1950 request for space in library
1950 Academy "overcrowded"
Cagle, Fred R.
Tulane University, Dept. of Zoology
1939 (2items) request Pseudacris reprints
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment Pseudacris reprints; exchange
1941 (postcard) address change
1946 corrected mailing list and reprints available
1946 change or address
1947 Pseudacris; also Okefinokee; Herpetology
1948 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint
1947 (4 items)Pseudacris; triseriata; Okefinokee folk tales
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint
1956 AI BS questionnaire
1958 Dick Westwood: Department of Agriculture plan; American Institute of Biological Sciences
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint
Cahalane, Victor H.
NYU Albany
1955 (to E. Ray Hall) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper, Lee Talbot
Calder, F.C.
Belmont, MA
1966 Prentice Downes Booklet; Canada and Nueltin: Schweder
University of California
1931 E. Raymond Hall; Grinnell, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
see also Moffitt; James
1944 James Moffitt memorial Library
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou (see also Follett, W. I.)
California Teacher's Association
see MacCaughey, Vaughan
Call, Nancy
Indiana, PA
1943 (2 items) John Bartram bibliography
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Calloway, B. M.
Atlanta, GA
1941 Bartram travels; Judge Clement A. Sutton; Garden
Club bulletin; Franklinia Alatamaha
Calson, Hamp
Folkston, GA
1935 wildcat specimen
Calvert, Frederick, Jr.
see Sweeney & Lukens
Calvert, Philip P.
Cheney, PA
1942 history of entomology; G. Brown Goode; John Bartram quotation
1943 acknowledgment Bartram's diary
1946 re: mites (acorina)
1953 Report of the Council's Committee on the State of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
by Cary, Darlington, & Calvert (copies attached), Cadwalader
1953 acknowledgment, diverted funds
1953 second progress report, Cadwalader, Linton, Roberts (copy attached)
1954 dragonflies, Aeshua verticalis, Leucorrhinia patricia, E.M. Walker, book on dragonflies
1954 dragonflies
1954 (2 items) eremita, Walker
Cameron, Austin W.
Redpath Museum; McGill University, Montreal, Canada
1960 mammals S.E. Quebec curator Vert. Zool., McGill University, Montreal
1959 change of address from National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1960 (3 items) mammals of southeastern Quebec; Lasiurus cinereus
1964 acknowledtment Ungava paper
Cameron, D. Angus
Litt, Brown & Co, Boston
1951 re: letter
Cameron, D. C.
Ft. Churchill, Manitoba
1947 Nueltin Lake expedition; equipment; reports
1947 (draft) Ingleharten inquiry; Indians; Charles Schweder
1948 Downes' Sleeping Island; Nueltin reports; caribou photos; fish specimens; stolen alcohol
1958 “Prov. Soc. publ”;E. Raymond Hall; Ungava;
Campbell, Colin
First Natl. City Trust, New York, NY
1960 (3 items) place names; Georgia; James Grant Forbes
Campbell, Steele
Corpus Christi, Steamship agent
1929 re: loss of bedroll and contents
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Canada - Agencies
Wildlife Service - Ottawa, Canada
1952 request for Bulletins - Management caribou
Canada- Civil Service Commission
1938 Hamilton Laing recommendation
Canada - Department of Agriculture
see Holland, G. P.; Oliver, D [K.]; Gilbert, A.W.
1923 request Veterinary Director General report for 1915 (shares sheet with Department of Mines)
1920 book order
1958 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals, Ungava birds, Arctic and subArctic siphonaptera
1960 (4 items) distribution patterns of Northern flies paper, Ungava papers, ectoparasites, Canadian
Entomologist, Fiji & New Guinea lecture
Canada - Department of the Environment
see also Canadian Wildlife Service
1971 publication of pheasant paper
Canada - Department of the Interior
See also Collins, W. H.; Harkin, J. B. H. S. Robinson,
1919 request The Province of Saskatchewan, Canada; its Development and Opportunities
1921 Subscription to Canadia Field Naturalist
see also Lynch, F.C.C.; Finnie
1924 request for publications
1925 publication
1925-1926 (6 items) bird banding returns; banding permits
1925 bird specimens collected
1925 request publications
1928 permit to collect specimens of birds
1928 request map of southwestern Nova Scocia
1930 Great Slave Lake and Athabaska maps
1930 Northwest territoritories map
1946 listing wildlife refuge and bird sanctuaries
1947 application for collecting permit Keewatin
1971 (draft) native trees of Canada; Canadian National Parks
Canada -Department of Mines and Technical Surveys
also Department of Colonization, Mines, and Fisheries
see also Geological Survey of Canada, Surveys and Mapping Branch
see also Gibson, R.A.; Baldock, E.D.; Smart; J.; Rand, Dr. A.L.; Solman, V.E.F.; Harrison, J. N;
Witcher, G.H.; Tavener, P. A.; Walter, M. D.
Carnochan, D. C.;Baldock, E.D.
1914 (3 letters) Great Slave Lake expedition, Allen, Camsell, equipment
1915 (draft) accounts (Great Slave Lake expedition), McConnell, map, conflict with Camsell and the
"Rebuke Lake" incident
1920 naming phanerogamic plants
1922 (draft) slides, prints, geology separates, Hamilton Laing, river names
1923 request fur farming report 1931 A. O. U. meeting, Stone and presidency, poisons,
Biological Survey
1944 acknowledgment Bartram's travels; Museum funding; M.Y. Williams; Rand;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1946 (draft) Alcock; Nuelton Lake; geology; equipment
1946-1947 (5 items) Clarke; Harrison Lewis; travels
1947 (to Robert C. Murphy, American Museum of Natural History) migratory birds permit Northwest
Territories; Dominion Wildlife Service
1948 Nueltin Lake expedition
1948 aerial photograph of Simons Lake, Windy Bay
1952 (11 items) Carol Lake, Kazan River aerial photos;
1955 invoice, 14 maps
no date money order
1955 Neultin Lake map details, names
1955 map order
1955 map order
1955 acknowledgment Neultin Lade data, Smith Bay name
1955 Smith Bay, names, Ungaga
1955 map order prints and costs
(see also RCAF, Pearce, W.S.; Drolet, N. G.
1955 (3 items) request Athabaska fauna study
1955 Ungava expedition, Arctic Institute, Surgeon General, life zones, temperature data, Knob Lake,
Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections
1955 invoice for maps (list of national parks maps enclosed) Map Compilation and Reproduction
1956 Boundary Lake names; Lac Aulneau, Ft. McKenzie
1962-63 (11 items) RCAF; Carol Lake; Kazan River air photo
Canada - Department of Nattional Revenue
Customs & Excise, Ottawa
1947 permitsfor equipment and supplies re: Keewatin expedition
1953 Knole Lake trip; Arctic Institute auspices
1953 Canadian Government Travel Bureau, Labrador trip, equipment, transport
1953 (4 items) permission to enter Canada, equipment declaration, appreciation
Canada - Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources
see also Department of Resources and Development,
see also Cleland, J. E.; Tenner, John S.; Valentine, V.F.; Rowley, Graham; Russell, L.S.; Marshall, C.J.;
Munro, David A.; Moisan, Gaston; McAllister, E.E.; Bendell, J.F.; Macpherson, Andrew H.; Mair, W.
Winston; Scoggan, H. J.; Solman, V.E.F.; Armstrong, Diane (UNC Library) National Museum of Canada
1955 (3 items) Anderson's Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
1955 Ungavensis measurements, acknowledgment Anderson's report, Clethrionomys gapperi
1956 Canadian biological collections, Canadian National Museum
1956 (2 items) Canadian Geographical Journal review of Barren Grouond caribou
1956 acknowledgment Ungava lichens specimens
1959 publications mailing lost of National Museum of Canada
1961 (2 items) Ungava Indians ms.; permission to quote Jenness
1962 request Ungava fishes paper
1962 Ungava fishes paper; "editorial bungling"; echthylolgist needed for Leucichthys study
1962 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava fishes paper; Opsopoedus borealis specimen
1968 request for life zones study Northern Administration and Lands Branch
1958 (6 items) Ungava caribou questionnaire Northern Research Co-ordination Centre
1953 Ungava caribou report
1958 (2 items) Smithsonian; Lucien M. Turner's ms. notes on Labrador; Barren Ground caribou
1958 woodland caribou report; Admiral Colbert; L.M.Turner's ms. re: Cabot's caribou
1958 Graham Rowley; project outline
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1958 outline of caribou studies
1957 (4 items) grant for Ungava caribou study; acknowledgments
1957 (2 items) Ungava caribou report & acknowledgment
1957 Banfield; high Ungava caribou kill
1957 (2 items) progress roport on caribou study
1953 (5 items) Knob Lake, Arctic Institute, Keewatin, Smithsonian, Reading Public Museum, National
Museum of Canada, T. H. Manning, Robert C. Murphy, animal collection permit (attached)
1953 (2 items) John W. Aldrich, bird bands, migratory bird permit, National Museum of Canada
1953 (2 items) bird and egg report
1954 (form letter) bird bands (Department name change from Resources and Development)
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds study
1959 elimination of Midway albatross; Migratory Birds Treaty
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals
1963 Andrew Mcpherson study of Coats Island
1963 order Eskimo studies
1965 review Caribou Eskimos, Alex Stevendon, Charles Schweder
Canada- Department of Public Printing and Statinery
1937 invoice: Alcock, Geology of Lake Athabaska Region
Canada - Department of Transport
Toronto see also Bougher, C.C.
1955 (3 items) Ungava climotological data, monthly weather map and addendum for 1953-1954, Barren
Ground caribou report
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou report; Hudson's Bay meteorological data
Canada - Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Otaawa see also Wheaton, Ross R.
1953 acknowledgment photograph, manuscript re: Great Slave Lake
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava report
Canada - Geological Survey
see also Canada-Department of Mines and Technical Surveys
1914 Athabaska
1925 Athabaska "Halfway Point"
1944 acknowledgmentBartram's Travels in Georgia and Florida
1946 Dr. Clarke; Harrison Lewis;
1946 (draft) Nueltin Lake expedition;
1947 (2 items) Nueltin Lake expedition
1955 (3 items) Request for reprints Athabaska report; acknowledgment reprints; exchange
1956 caribou photos
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava birds report
1960 (3 items) Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, photos
1960 (3 items) A. P. Low photo
Canada - National Muesum of Natural Sciences
1949 Nueltin Lake sketch map
1968 acknowledgment Ungava climate study
Canada - National Parks (see Canada - Deaprtment of Interior)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Canada-Public Archives
(see Lamb, W. Kaye)
Canada - Surveyor General
see also Canada-Department of Interior
1947 (2 items) request for maps N. Manitoba and S. Keewatin; , [Dubauton] Lake etc.
The Canadian Field-Naturalist
1921 subscription
1925 subscription
1925 wood Buffalo experiments
see also wood buffalo situation
1931 see also Lloyd, Hoyes re: complaint
1935 receipt, dues
1948 Lanceley, Pres. Victor Solmes, memb. plea for new member drive
Canadian National Railways
Philadelphia; Rimouski, Quebec
1947 receipt
1947 refund
1948 refund (Suspension Bridge, NY to Churchill)
1948 shipment to Churchill; scientific equipment, specimens
1948 shipment from La Pas; specimens
1948 shipment (rifle, permit)
1948 (3 items) Mowat luggage; Gunnar Ingebrigtsem; Fred Schweder;A.A. Anderson
1953 unclaimed parcels
1953 (3 items) Jean Harper to Claims Department, missing folding canoe
Canadian Social Science Research Council
Ottawa see also Robbins, John E.; Rowley, G. W. [B.] for grant proposal)
Canadian Government Travel Bureau
1953 Labrador expedition, Arctic Institute
Canadian Pacific Airlines
1953 (draft not mailed) cage of live mice for U. S. Army Medical Center, U. S. Customs
1953 (4 items) shipments from Seven Islands to Walter Reed Medical Center, charges, refunds
Canadian Wildlife Service
Ottawa see also Canada- Department of Environment; Department of Mines and Resources; Department
of Resources and Development; Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources; National Parks
Bureau (see also Munro, David A.)
1947 migratory bird collecting permits
1947 (postcard) publication mailing list
1948 Nueltin fishes report
1952 request Wildlife Management Bulletins
1953 (9 items) bird collating and banding permits
1953 list of mammals, birds, and fishes collected by Harper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1957 Ungava caribou kill
1959 acknowledgment Ungava bird report
1959 albatross elimination
1960 re: mailing list
1961 request Ungava mammals report
1963 migratory bird regulations; Waterfowl by Darrell Eagles
1963 Coats Island caribou; arctic fox
1965 change of address
1966 (postcard) request Preble bibliography
1969 (postcard) notice of publication of report
1973 (form letter) announce occasional papers
Canfield, Arch B.
Stanford, NY
1944 (2 items)Bartram at Hancock, N.Y. and Delaware R. locations Harper injury
1944 Quaker literature; Jane & Payne Whitney; Penn's books; Catskills; John Burroughs
1944 Bartram specialist; Delaware River; Bellows poem
Canfield, Cass
1972 for Planned Parenthood; Newsweek reprint; Ecology; over-populations
Canning, A. Rafton
Ft. McMurray - Canada
1920 Biological Survey; caribou; Watt; Brewer; Preble
Cantlon, Dr. J.E.
see also National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C.
1966 acknowledgment check for Hamilton Lacing, Comox, BC
Caram, Martuerette
see International Union for the Protection of Wildlife
Carey, Mrs. Henry R.
[1931] (draft) Henny Carey's death (shares sheet with Edge)
Carey, Henry Reginald
1927 acknowledgment Okefinokee pamphlets
1928 (4 items) Okefinokee wild life sanctuary
1928-29 (3 items) Boston trip; Okefinokee expedition
1929 (2 items) Basin Ponds trip; steel traps; Okefinokee; Dan Hebard
1929 (3 items) steel trap article; Katahdin area map
1929 Hamp Mizell; history of Okefinokee
1929 film packs; Philip Wallace photographer
1929 Bartram
1929 Christmas card
1930 (postcard) article
1930 Okefinokee celebrities movie
Carl, G. Clifford
Director, Provincial Museum, Victoria BC Canada
1950 Nueltin Lake caribou in Natural History Magazine
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper,
1962-1963 (2 letters) acknowledgment reprints
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo paper
Carleton College
Dept. of Botany, Northfield MN
1930 position
1954 Ungava specimens of vascular plants and lichens, for sale, A. E. Porsild, Edwin B. Bartram, W. L.
Carlson, Edward
Bureau of Sports Fisheries/ Wildlife, Atlanta, GA
1968 Chesser Island
Carlson, Walter M.
Office of Defense Research and Engineering, Washington, DC
1964 Arctic Bibliography
1964 (form letter) acknowledgment value of Arctic Bibliography
Carmack, Maribelle
Roger Williams Park Museum, Providence, RI
1946 fake scientific expedition to Okefinokee
Carmichael, Miss
1968 safety measures homes and cars
Carmichael, Leonard
Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1962 Remington Kellogg's retirement
Carnegie Institute and Museum
see also Heppenstall, Caroline A.; Doutt
1936 Netting; re: salamanders
1949 payment for plants & mosses
1950 Grace L. Orton, herpetologist; Acris gryllus blanchardi
1953 Dr. Doutt's health, Harper letter, Todd
1954 Ungava specimens of lichens and vascular plants for sale, A.E. Porsild, Edwin B. Bartram, W. L.
Carnegie Library of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
1939 (2 items) request Bartram trail reprint
Carolina Biological Supply Co.
Elon College, NC
1961 invoice: Brimley work Mammals of NC
Carolina Bird Club
1964 Bird Club newsletter
1970 dues receipt
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
Carolina Maintenance Co.
Raleigh, NC
1969 compensation for furnace repair
Carpenter, C. R.
Eglin Field, FL
1943 parachuting into the tropics (suggestions enclosed)
Carpenter, Chapin
Jos C. Ferguson Jr., Inc., Philadelphia
1932 lens prescription
1943 prostate; blurred vision
1945 referred to Robert S. Ramsay
1953 telephone number
1957 prescription
1958 bill
1959 prescription
Carpenter, Charles C.
Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman
1955 (2 items, postcards) request Acris gryllus blanchardi description, acknowledgment
Carpenter, Mathulde M.
see U.S. National Museum (Smithsonian)
Carpenter, Warwick S.
Albany, NY
1919 Conservation Commission's vermin-killing campaign
Carr, Archie F., Jr.
University of Florida, Gainesville
1936 (3 items)Pseudemys concinna; Le Conte; floridana mobiliensis names
Carr, Lloyd G.K.
Frederick College, Portsmouth, VA
1959 Hyla regilla; amphibians
Carrboro, NC Police Dept.
1961 re: return of photo "Obie"?
Carriker, "Mel", Melbourne R.
Elisha Mitchell Sc. Society, Chapel Hill, NC
1960 return of $1
Carruth, Max Irwin
1940 clipping re: Franklinia; flowering tree; [American musk]
Carruthers, Douglas
Kings Linn, England
1947 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World Arctic Ibex (Capra [sibirica sabirica] Russian
classification system, Beyond the Caspian: A Naturalist in Central Asia
1947 re: Carruther's works Capra sibirica re: Beyond the Caspian Barren Grounds caribou
1950 caribou of Barren Grounds (lands) John [Guille] Mullins review of Beyond the Caspian (attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1950 re: Beyond the Caspian Journal of Mammalogy reviews, Guggenheim Canadian caribou
Cart, Theodore W.
Chapel Hill
1971 (draft) transmits Barren Ground caribou papers, Ripley lecture
Carter, ------- (Miss)
1969 (rough draft) Roland biographical sketches (on sheet with Clemont, 1969)
Carter, H.A.
Georgia Department Game & Fish, Atlanta
1933 Wm. Harper as proxy collector, Harlem, GA; work lists
1934 invitation to join mountain trip; telegram re: meeting, Cleveland, GA
see also Greene, Earl R.; salamander species; herpetology survey; systems for permits; info on
Le Conte family
Carter, John Pim
Academy of Natural Sciences, Phila.
1946 (2 items) jumping mice Creso, Penna. area
Carter, T., Donald
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
see also Linnaean Soc. of NY
1958 Caribou measurements and publication of data
1959 Rangifer caboti photograph
Cary, Egbert S., Jr.
Pocono Lake Preserve, PA
1945 (3 items) W.S. Seeley cottage; transport to Pocono Summit
Cary, Margaret (Mrs. C. Reed)
Philadelphia; Mt. Airy PA
1931 C. Reed's suicide
1937 (2 items) Ludwick lecture; family news; Shirley Chesser; Okefinokee; Ben Chesser
1941 (2 items) Okefinokee slides; logging on Chesser's Island [1944] Francis' accident; family news; visit
1944 re: support organization for pine research work separate from the academy
see also Calvin, H.H. and Church Island Sanctuary land
1943 acknowledgment pamphlets; Bartram
1945 (2 items)Earl Poole fieldwork in northeastern PA, cabin
1945 (postcard)
1945 Francis' projects; association of independent scientists with fellowships; Woolman; Chapman
1945 (draft from Jean) support for independent scientists; Ellwood Chapman; Academy; Old World
Mammals ms.; Bartram
1946 lunch with Mrs. Cheston re: Travels
1946 threats to Okefinokee; early American botanists; Bartram
1947 Okefinokee cabin; Gibson
1947 Barren Grounds expedition
1947 appeal for research support; expenses
1947 cigar boxes
1947 Barren grounds; butterflies
1948 (postcard) butterflies
1948 check for equipment; Jamaica vacation
1948 travels; family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1948 Reed's illness; Lepidoptera names; Arctic Institute;; Office of Naval Research; Nueltin;
Benesser; family
1949 (6 items) Germantown talk; Natural History caribou ticks
1949 Germantown lecture
1949 Venezuela letters, swifts, moths, hermits, poleated woodpeckers; ruffed grouse, Nyosotis Lake
1951 re: paper ("this"), Antillean-Caribbean Springidae
1951 Acknowledgment, visit, Bartram journal, biography, trail, Fulbright, Academy
1951 Albert Linton, trust funds, Mrs. Henry, Francis Pennell, Dr. Lee Kemp, Dr. Darlington, Radcliffe
1952 Academy crisis; Roberts; lost bequests; Witmer Stone; Wharton Huber; Carroll Tyson; Cadwalader
1952 [Phligethentius caritbeus], Ruth Papnich
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin birds, Jamaica expedition, sphingidae, Bernard Lewis, conflict with Jean
Harper re: People of the Deer, (Jean's reply appended)
1954 letter re: Insect Hall (at Academy), Reed's illness
1954 letter re: Academy, Lepidoptera
1955 acknowledgment caribou report, Fort Enterprise expedition, Sir John Franklin, John Richardson,
Bartram, funding sources: Guggenheim, American Philosophical Society; Federation Garden Clubs
1955 [6] Federation of Garden Clubs, Conservation Council of Pennsylvania, Emily Cheston
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou, funding sources: Catherwood foundation, Gertie Chesser,
barred owl, piney woods sparrow, Jean
1956 publishing Bartram: American Philosophical Society, Yale Press,
1956 Christmas card
[1958] Ungava birds
1958 acknowledgment book
Casey, Flora
Alexandria, VA
1956 Bartram's Travels, van Doren edition, wild flowers botanical terminology, Britton & Brown
1956 botanical terminology: H. Hausman's Beginner's Guide to wild Flowers, Edgar T. Wherry's Guide to
Wild Flowers, Bartram's ms published in Transactions of the American Philosophical
Society, "Bartram Trail through the Southeastern States"
Cason, James H.
1929 Georgia
Cassidy, Frederic G.
Dictionary of Regional English, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
1968 Okefinokee, Bartram
1968 Okefinokee residents, speech
1969 (to "Okefinokee friends") Okefinokee speech
1969 (draft) Okefinokee, John Burch, “hollerin’” (draft of "friends" letter on back)
1969 (draft) Okefinokee, David Dichier,
1969 Okefinokee; Tom Chesser; Harrison Lee; John Burch; James Bennett
1969 Okefinokee speech studies
Cassino, Harold L.
International Naturalists Directory, Boxford, MA
see also Naturalists' Directory
1954 37th edition Naturalist’s Directory
1957 38th edition "
Cassino, Samuel E.
see also The Naturalist's Directory
1922-1939 (5 items) offers Naturalist’s Directory
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 4 continued
1934 offer Woodbury etching
no date list of memberships
Castle, Dr. Gordon
Dept. Zool., Univ. of Montana, Missoula
1946 position in vertebrate zoology
Catawba College
Salisbury, NC
1951 location map, highway no's; guide to buildings
Series I. Box 5.
Cate, Margaret Davis (Mrs. G. V.)
Brunswick, GA, Seal Island
1938 M. H. Burroughs; Ivan Tompkins; ‘Lost Gordonia” pamphlet; Le Conte diary “Ware Sherman”
1940 acknowledgment Wherry Franklinia paper; Bartram's St. Simons road; Mary Musgrove's trading post
(Mount Venture)
1940 (2 items) Charles Francis Jenkins' Franklin's tree article
1940 Reese re: Wrightsborough; Mary Musgrove; map; Sully's Fanny Kemble portrait
1940 Bartram lecture
1940 (2 items) Darienplat; last buffalo; Military Road picture
1941 (2 items) Burroughs; McIntosh family tree; Bartram in Florida; Bessie Lewis; Lovell;s Golden
Boughs of Georgia; Cate's Flags of Five Nations; (McIntosh genealogy enclosed)
1941 (4 items) Carney's Cowpen; Georgia Governor's Letter Book, 1795-6
1941 (4 items) Early Map; McIntosh; St. Simon; Billy Tucker
1941 Fanny Kemble picture; McIntosh
1941 Glynn County maps; Hopeton; Couper plantation 1941 map; Hopeton; (map enclosed)
1941 archivist (Margaret Cate) in Georgia, Bartram
1941 Ludowici Franklinia celebration; anonymous William Bartram sketch; Alatamaha to St. Mary's;
John Harris' Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca
1942 re: 200th anniversary of Battle of Bloody Marsh
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram Diary; Post Road marker
1944 Bartram; Burning of Fort Barrington
1944 location Ft. William on Cumberland Island
1946 (3 items) Flags of Free Nations; Jas [James] Spalding; Fort Barrington; Bartram;s Travels;
1946 Fort Barrington bibliography; Lieutenant Brown; Flags of Five Nations; Travels
1947 Okefinokee; Fort Barrington; pronunciation of Alatamaha; James Spalding; Louis Fredrick Hay’s
biography of Elijah Clark (note from Jean Harper appended)
1950 Oglethorpe, road, Darien and Frederica GA Bartram
1950 Bartram, Guggenheim, Travels Barren Ground caribou, Huyck Preserve
1950 McIntosh, Conaroe papers (Hist. Soc. Penn.)
1951 letter Laurens to McIntosh, Lachlan Mcintosh Bartram Atlantic Coast Boattail, The Auk
1951 Letter William Bartram to Lachlan McIntosh Henry Laurens in Charleston Lachlan family
1954 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints, Alexander A. Lawrence (Savannah), re: McIntosh family, Post
Road story, Bartram, Franklinia, story of Quaker family re: Revolutionary War
1954 Georgia Historical Quarterly re: Lachlan McIntosh, clippings
1954 McIntosh, Bartram's Travels, Cooley photo
1955 final draft of Travels, Okefinokee fires
1955 praise of Harper work
1956 exercises at Fort Friderica, naturalist's edition of Bartram's Travels, Yale press, Cator Woolford
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
of Altama Plantation, Alfred Jones, annotations
1956 publication of Bartram; Frederica houses;
1956 Fort Frederica, museum, Travels, annotations
1956 (from Alfred W. Jones to Cate)
1956 Bartram subsidy, Yale Press, Fort Frederic
1958 Wightman volume; Oglethorpe Hotel; Travels;
1959 acknowledgment Bartram edition; Frederica Museum
1960 Chapel Hill; Thomas Butler King letters; Retreat Plantation Kelvin Grove Plantation Book; Fort
1960 (3 items) Southern Historical Collection; Kelvin Grove Plantation; J. Hamilton Couper records;
Unio spinosus' Okefinokee hollerin'
1961 (2 items) Craig Barrow Bell, Malcolm Bell; Poet Road; Okefinokee yodeling; Mrs. Maxfield
Parrish's Slave Songs
1969 travels, Craig Bell, Ivan Tomkins, Roland, Elliottia, Cliftonia, Franklin-Jones correspondence,
Franklinia, Elsworth Brown
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
1949 invoice #14155; order $10.23
see also Finance
Cattell, J. McKeen
Scientific Monthly, New York, NY
1928 review Okefinokee book
1942 (2 items) Encyclopedia of the Sciences job offer; Bartram
1942 Encyclopedia of Science job offer (withdrawn)
Cattell, Jaques
Swarthmore, PA
see also Biological Directory of American Men of
see also Jaques Cattell Press, Lancaster, PA
1937 a[nnouncement] of 6th Edition
1940? filed with Jaques Cattell Press
1941 publishing Laing's manuscript;
1946 article for The American Naturalist Magazine;
1946 wild life conservation; vanishing mammals; Bartram’s Travels
[1946] announcement 8th edition American Men of Science
1948 Harper info.
see also American Naturalist Magazine, 1946
Cattell, Owen
Science Magazine
1930 ms. "A Dweller in the Piney Woods"
Cattell, Ware
Lancaster, PA
see also American Association for the Advancement of Science
1928 Okefinokee for Scientific Monthly; radio talks
1930 (3 items) Okefinokee in Scientific Monthly; alligator
1930 ms. on alligators for Scientific Monthly
1930 Jean's verse "Okefinokee Swamp" (filed with acid)
1930 "Neither Jean nor I are guilty of any poetry"; alligators
1930 re: The Collecting Net in Biological Abstracts (sample attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1930 (2 items) proof for "A Dweller in the Piney Woods"; J. Torre Bueno
1931 separates; Okefinokee papers
1933 (3 items) journal of vertebrate zoology; nomenclature papers; consulting board of editors
1939 (3 items) Bartram drawings; Scientific Monthly; Bartram portrait (Wallace photo)
1939 (2 items) sandhill crane drawing; Wallace (collection letters enclosed) 1939 (2 items) Bartram
anniversary; Bartram essay for "Progress of Science"
1939 Bartram essay; Cheston drawings; Anisum stalliatum; Illicium; Houstonia
1939 (2 items) William Bartram's portrait; Bartram drawings
1940 review of Hamilton's "American Mammals"
1942 Johnson Press plates
1942 Washington accommodations
1942 frog specimens; accommodations
1943 (2 items) Botanical Society lecture; visit
1943 accommodations; FDR measles
1943 Joy's illness; Cosmos Club
1944 Cattrell father; visit; Okefinokee grant (ACLS); Conklin; Lingebach;
1944 Cosmos Club; American Philosophical Society; Leland of ACLS
1952 (2 items) room at Cosmos Club
Cayouette, M. Raymond
Societé Zoologique de la Québec, Québec
1964 acknowledgment Les Carnets do Zoologie, Rangifer caboti range, measurements
Central Northern Airways
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1947 transport to Nueltin; J. Dewey Soper; equipment
Central Vermont Railway
no date ticket
Centre D'Etudes Artiques
et Finno - Scandinaires
1968 acknowledgment receipt of publications
Century Magazine
New York
1914 paper submitted "A Sojourn in the Primeval Okefinokee"
Chable, A. C.
Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville
1939 Colman J. Goin; request herpetology papers
Chace, Fenner A.G.
Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Nat'l. Museum, Washington, DC
1948 for Dr. Schmitt; re: identification Copepods
1949 identification of Keewatin specimens (report attached)
1949 identification of Keewatin specimens
1957 retirement Dr. Schmitt
1967 (draft, shares sheet with Hall; Brown) McAtee MS. revisions
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Chamberlain, E. Burnham
Charleston (SC) Museum
1933 mammal work, Cumberland
1938 Acris, Pseudacris 1938 Murphey's paper
1938 acknowledgment Bulls Island photos
1938 (2 items) annotated list of Museum frog and toad specimens (enclosed)
1938 Pseudacris Picken Greenville material; Charleston County specimens' feriarium; brimleyi; acris;
Baastor erythrogrammus
1938 (3 items) Bufo situation; Americanus; terrestris
1938 (3 items) speckled-belly Pseudacris; brimleyi
1939 South Carolina herpetology bibliography; squirella; (3 items) H. avivoca; Le Conte's delitescens;
1939 state list; Bufo. americanus; copei; Acris g. crepitans; Pseudacris n. nigrita; syla crudifera;
1939 Bartram trail
1939 Rana virgatines; Acris gryllus; crepitans
1942 Copeia paper; Neurix ciarkii;; Bartram papers
1942 birds
1943 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram's Diary; rats; Milby Burton
1943 (3 items) Bachman correspondence; S.E. Morrison; Audubon
1948 Academy copy Audubon and Bachman volume; Keewatin caribou
1948 (postcard Bachman inscription; Churchill
no date 1950? Christmas card
1950 Bachman letters (Gilbert collection) Sylvilagus aquaticus Bartram, Guggenheim
1960 acknowledgment Ungava birds paper, retirement
1961 Ungava mammal paper, cougar habitat, Chapel Hill
1965 E.A. Preble publications
Chabers, W. Lee
The Condor
1925 change of address; American Museum of Natural History
1934 payment
Chamier, Ruby (Mrs. Edward)
Patchoque, NY
1971 re: death of brother Walter?
1972 envelope only
Changing Times
Washington, DC
no date discontinue subscription
1964 subscription
Chapel Hill Bird Club
1960 meeting notice (Xmas bird count plans)
Chapel Hill, NC, Police Dept.
1969 request for house surveillance
Chapel Hill Ice Co.
1961 fire-wood order
Chapel Hill Weekly
1959 subscription; inquiry research and conversation and publication
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1960 subscription, racial policies, Dr. Lake, Dr. George
1962-1963 (2 items) receipts
Chapin, Edward A.
American Museum of Natural History, NYC; Smithsonian, Washington
1945 (2 items) Extinct and Vanishing Mammals; East Africa; chamois; Dendrohyrax neumani, Colobus
1945 (3 items) Wayne County (PA) ectoparsites
1946 determinations of ectoparsites; Peronyscopsylla catalina; Blarina previcauda
1946 (4 items) ectoparsites; vials
1946 Pennsylvania ectoparsites: Percmyscus maniculatus graollis; Orchoperas howardii, Tamiasciurus
hudsonicus; O. wickhami, Parascalops breweri, Blarina brevicauda, Microtus pennsylvanicus
pennsylvanicus, Euhaemogamasus
1946 ectoparasites nomenclature (deteminations attached)
1946 Keegan determinations, Haemogamasidae; mites
1946 (2 items) nomenclature; Keegan-Baker debate (report attached)
1948 (2 items) Ixodes determinations; Keewatin ectoparasites
1947 ectoparsite reports
Chapin, James P. "Chippie" and Ruth (Susanne)
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
see also AMNH
1919 Zool. Linnaeus Soc.
1922 European travels, gobblers,
1932 Scops capensis & Otus capensis nomenclature
1932 marsh owl
1938 (postcard) greetings
1942 Mammalogist conference at Bronx Park; photograph: [Harper, ?, Vernon Bailey, James Chapin];
Vernon Bailey’s death
1945 visit; Nueltin Lake expedition
1946 Bartram, news of Dr. Chapman "Chapmaniana," AMNH style sheet for editors
1946 (6 items) Harvey Ravin's son recommendation to Swarthmore; Bob Enders
1948 (2 items) Robert Matthews; Collier's Encyclopedia; Encyclopaedia Britannica; Barren
Ground caribou; job hunting
1948 (postcard) address change
1950 Christmas card
1952 Christmas card
1952 Scops capensis' Otus capensis
1953 (postcard) change of address
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; Africa
Chapman, Ashton
Spruce Pine, NC
1968 envelope only
Chapman, Ellwood B.
Pennsylvania Parks Association, Swarthmore, PA
1945 Okefinokee clipping
1945 request - Starucca details
1946 (11 items) plea for preservation of Gas Hollow near Goldsboro and Sterling
1955 (draft to Mrs. Chapman) memorial of Elwood
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Chapman, Dr. Frank L.
Florida State U., Tallahassee
1967 (4 items) boat-tailed grackle; disappearing specimens; academy
Chapman, Dr. Frank
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1914 check, paper
1914 petrel paper
1931 re: Witmer Stone; handbook - Notes and Corrections
1932 acknowledgment
1933 (postcard) Bartram
1935 re: tribute to Bradford Torrey
1941 re: Stone
1941 Zonotricia camensis paper; British children of N. K. Colqunoun; Academy
1944 (3 items) Okefinokee; Bartram; leafy way coconut grove, FL
1944 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram volumes
1964-68 see also American Academy of Art & Sciences reminiscences of F.H.; London notes
Chapman, Joseph A.
Dept. Fisheries / Wildlife, Oregon Stale U., Corvallis
1968 request for Bird of Nueltin
Charles Scirbner's Sons
Hornaday Wildlife
Charleston Museum
Charleston, SC see also Burton, E. Milbert; Chamberlain, E. B.
1939 acknowledgment ocularis, crucifere; Emma B. Richardson; Hopton's "Starve-gut Hall' location
1945 Burton letters
1969 re: Bosc & publication questions
Charlton County, GA
Mallard, L. A.; Crews, H. H.; Rodenberry, J. M.
1936 (to "County Clerk, Folkston GA") Chesser's Island property taxes
1937 (3 items) Chesser's Island lot; buildings; value; taxes
1937 tax assessment; payment; receipt
1938 (2 items) Chesser's Island tax statement
1938-1940 tax receipts
1939-1940 (2 items) Chesser's Island taxes
1941-1943 assessments; payment; receipts
1944 trips
1942-1948 tax payments & receipts
1949 taxes
1951 tax notices
1952 " "
1949-52 tax receipts
1954 (3 items, postcards & letters) tax statements, receipts; change of address (to Ridgway Street, Mt.
1957-1960 tax receipts, assessments, and returns (see also Thelma T. Gowen, Tax Collector)
1961-1963 (3 items) tax receipts
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Chase, Fenner A., Jr.
Smithsonian Institution (U. S. National Museum), Washington
1955 (2 items) identification sanderlings pellets; Emerita talpoida; range
1955 (2 items) insect specimens (Lepidoptera) donation
Chase National Bank
New York City
1973 (to Jean Harper) statement
Chasen, F. R.
1937 (2 items) Malayan mammals; Dr. Phillips
Chatohokec Valley Nat. Hist. Club
Folkston, GA
1969 Georgia Ornithology Soc. fall meeting program
Check list
1932 frogs
Chermock, Dr. Ralph L.
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
1948 (5 items) Acris in Alabama
Cherry, Douglas E.
1924 Okefinokee
Chesapeake and Ohio R.R.
Cleveland, Ohio
1947 credit card (not applied for)
Chesser, Aaron Henry
Folkeston, GA
1957 graduation announcement
Chesser, Ben,
Folkston, GA
1925 Boston job; Charles W. Townsend; Harvard Okefinokee bear specimens
1926 Chesser family news; bear
1930 pictures; visit; J. A. Weber alligator eggs
1931 (3 items) syrup shipment; school
1931 syrup; bears; Okefinokee movies
1931 pictures; alligator eggs
1932 family news; Okefinokee logging; bear specimens; Okefinokee mammal specimens; Academy
1933 flu; bat specimen
1936 Sandy (dog); Chesser's Island cabin (list enclosed)
1937 visit
1937 Swamp boating permit; bacon and potatoes
1937 Uncle Owen; mother's death
1938 Chesser's Island logging; road
1948 (2 items) sale of 55 acres - Chesser's Island
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Chesser, Gertie Lou
Folkston, GA
(see also Thompson, Gertie Lou)
1940 (to Lucy and David) visit
1941 (to Lucy) family news
1941 (to Jean) family news
1943 (to Milly Harper and Jennifer)family news
1945 (to Jean Harper) family health; family news
Chesser, Harry, Jr. (brother of Margaret)
U.S. Naval Training Center, Samson, NY; Folkston, GA
1944 (2 items) invitation to visit and regret
1944 acknowledgment photographs
Chessser, Harry (Sr.)
Rhine, GA
1923 shrew specimens; pictures
1930 Chesser Island visit; alligators
1932 photos; Sawannee Island
Chesser, Huey
Arlington, VA
1968 Chesser Island land to Conservancy; Bartram
Chesser, Iva (Mrs. T. J. [Tom])
Folkeston, GA
1941 family news
1941 (to Jean Harper) check from Lucy; pecans; Harpers’ cabin; family news
1942 (to Jean Harper) Mrs. Cary; Mrs.Evans; bears; neighborhood news
1945 Wade Chesser’s training; family news
1954 Christmas card; Chesser’s Island fire, cabin; Gertie Lou Chessers’ family; visit
Chesser, J. T. (Tom? Father and Son?)
Folkston, GA
1922 birds; bear; wild cat
1922 (2 items) specimens
1927 Okefinokee mammal book
1930 pictures of Hamp Chesser's family
1931 pictures of Gertie Lou; visit
1931 pictures; Chesser's Island potatoes; movies
1932 family pictures
1937 callouses
1938 (2 items) turpentine tin pulleys; death of sow
1938 Richard Bender; visit
1939 painting cabin; linseed oil; Iva
1939 (2 items) cabin repairs; Keller visit; Margaret Cary
1940 Hamp Chesser; Colonel McQueen; fences
1942 (2 items) John B. Corning; Indian mounds
1944 Okefinokee; Chesser family news
1944 hollerin' recordings; Library of Congress; Jack Mizell; photographs
1945 re: mailing mole and mouse traps
1947 Hudson Bay expedition; bird blind; oven; shipping to Moylan PA
1955 (6 items) Okefinokee fire, logging, property description, value of pines, R. W. Bruschke logger,
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
government clear-cutting on Chesser's Island; sale of logs; acknowledgment draft; value of pulpwood
1968 long-tailed tiger cats; Okefinokee book
1968 Nature Conservancy; Fish and Wildlife Service; Harrison Lee
1968 (2 items) Fish and Wildlife Service on Chesser's Island
1968 (draft) family news, Huey, government studies, Yale Press, Jones memorial 1969 Richard Bell;
1970 Tom's death; Josiah Mizell place
Chesser, Mattie,
Folkston, GA
1922 family news
no date visit; snake
1922 Wright; Miles
1922 specimens
1931 (to Jean Harper) syrup; photo; family news; bears
1931 (to Jean Harper) bears; family news
1932 pictures; movies
1932 (to Jean Harper) bear hunting; B.G. McDonal; mills
1933 pictures; family news
1933 logging on Chesser's Island
1933 (to Jean Harper) Miss Robinson; illnesses; family news
1935 (postcard) (to Jean Harper) Ben Chesser; family news
1935 visit; lodging; FDR and Okefinokee refuge; land purchase; cabin
1968-70 "tiger cat"
Chesser, Wade
Folkston, GA; US Navy APO
1942 presents from Francis; visit
1944 news from father
1945 visit
1945 visit; Junior Chesser
1945 (to Jean Harper) Christmas visit
1945 (2 items) home leave; family news
1946 duties; Junior Chesser
1946 visit; orders
1946 SanDiago; Hawaii; Philippines; shipboard duties; discharge
[194-] Christmas card
Chesser, Winnifred
Folkeston, GA
1940 (to Molly Harper) school news; songs; pictures; family news
1941 (to Molly Harper) Underhills; school; Wade; Gertie; Jennifer
1941 (to Molly Harper) school news
1942 (to Milly Harper) gardening; Wade; family news
1942 school; books; trapping bears
1942 (to Jean Harper) Swamp news; bears; draft
1943 (to Molly Harper) Island news; Okefinokee
1943 (to Molly Harper) school
1943 (to Jean Harper) family news
1945 (to Molly Harper) college; pictures; visit;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Cheston, Emily Read ( Mrs. Edward M.)
Ambler, Penn.
1940 Bartram Association papers (1931 letters from British Museum and Charleston Museum re: Bartram
drawings enclosed)
1942 (2 items) Bartram illustrations; Cheston paper; halftone plates
1942 Bartram's drawings from Historical Society
1942 (2 items) photos of Bartram's drawings
1942 plates from Johnson Press (Ambler)
1942 John Bartram paper; reprints; Bartram halftones
no date acknowledgment reprints; Bartrams
1943 Bartram paper; heolograph and half-tone storage
1943 Bartrams portraits
1943 Bartram photographs;
1943 (postcard) acknowledgment refund
1943 Peale portrait of William Bartram
1943 halftone plates
1944 acknowledgment Bartram journals; Dr. Patrick; Garden Clubs of America grants; Dr. [Lengelbach]
1944 reviews of Bartram journals; acknowledgment Garden Clubs grant re: Travels
1944 re: article by Ralph McGill, Atlanta Constitution (news) Bartram & "crackers"; see also Ralph
1946 lunch invitation with Margarete McCary
1946 appendectomy; Schramm; Pennell; Poconos
1948 Barren Grounds expedition; Verdoorn; Bartram; Pennell Academy; publishing Bartram; Wylee;
1948 (5 items) publishing Bartram; Houghton Mifflin; Brooks; list of contributors
1949 Huyck Reserve Naturalist Bartram, Guggenheim, Dr. Henry Moe
1949 Guggenheim, Bartram's Travels Ruth Patrick, Dr. Pennell 1950 "bids" for Bartram biography,
Chronica Botanica Thomas Y. Crowell, Indiana U. Press; Macmillan, Houghton Mifflin; DR. Francis D.
1950 Bartram Association, biography, Travels, publishers
1950 Guggenheim awarded, Bartram Huyck Preserve Academy
1950 separate Bartram biography publishers for biography, Travels
1950 Bartram Rancocss Creek poachers stipend from Bartram Association (copy)
1950 refuses stipend from Bartram Association, try later
1950 Houghton Mifflin, Bartram biography Rancocas poachers Academy reorganization
1952 Bartram Association, Travels, assistance
1952 Bartram biography, Travels, Guggenheim, Dr. E. D. Merrill, Fulbright
1952 Bartram Association illness
1952 Bartram's leg, biography, Institute of Early American History and Culture, Dr. Julian Boyd
1954-1956 (30 items) William Bartram works, Bartram associations, publication of Travels, General
Delderfield, Garden Club subsidy, Yale Univ. Press, progress reports, American Philosophical Society,
Franklinia, Barren Ground caribou (draft enclosed)
1956 Guggenheim, Yale Press, Garden Club lecture
1956 Refinesque re: Bartram's cypress, Wright, Jones and Woolford, Cate
1956 Hess, Lugelbach, Wright, B.G. Bullelee, Bartram, West
1956 Moe (Guggenheim), West
1956 Moe, Woster, West, Bartram's journals, Jones, Cate
1956 West, Bartram subsidy, Prince, Franklinia,
1956 subsidy, donors, Mrs. David of [Duforei] Foundation
1965 Bartram donors William Bacore Evans, Smiley Roberts, [Weld—iab], Margaret Carey
1956 Bartram subsidy, Ford Foundation (list of donors attached)
1956 Roberts re: Venus fly-trap, subsidy, Yale Press, Clarence Birdseye obituary
1957 Travels, Franklinia, bream, West, Knowsley Hall, Yale Press
1957 subsidy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1957 Research Associates, presentation copies, Calhous; Hadassah Leeds, Franklinia plate, Bartram's
water color, Drexel Hill Club, Mrs. Arthur R. Allard, British Museum, Arthur & Morris Corey, Francis
1957 Yale Press, Travels, Bartram biography, halftone portrait, Allard, subsidy, Mrs. Battle
1957 Yale Press, halftone portrait, British Museum re: Bartram drawings, Exell, Journal of the Royal
Horticultural Society, acknowledgments
1957 postcard) Bartram Family response to Travels
1957 West, Yale Press, Bartram plates, drawings, maps
1957 Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania list of Bartram studies
[1958] 1957 progress report, Robert Campbell re: Bartram's garden, Wilson
1957 (5 items) Norman V. Donaldson, Yale Press; Bartram biography; Moe, Guggenheim
1957 (4 items) queries re: Bartram's Travels
1957 Bartram's garden, George Washington visit, Mannaseh Cutler
1958 (3 items) list of contributors to subsidy (Garden Clubs)
1958 Longwood Foundation support William Bartram biography; reviews of Travels;
1958 acknowledgment and praise "Book" (Bartram Travels)
1960 removal to Chapel Hill
1967 William Bartram biography, Travels, Robert G. Stewart, Peale, Hess (letter to Hess on back)
1969 Moses Bartram items: bible, letters, portrait of Rebecca Bartram, picture of Moses Bartram Jr.,
list of dates, family tree
1969-70 Bartram; Longwood Foundation
1969 (draft) Fowler, APS grants, Hess
1970 grants: American Philosophical Society ; John Bartram Association; Internation Wildlife
Protection; difficulties with APS; Bartram biography
Chicago Academy of Sciences
Chicago, IL see also Gloyd, Howard K.
1948 (postcard) Natural History Miscellanea no. 17
1955 invoice (Natural History Miscellanea
Chicago Natural History Museum
Chicago, IL
see also Conover, H. B.
1947 (4 items) negative field trip to Canada; C.C. Gregg for Karl Schmidt; Conover for Mowatt,
Chicago, University of
Chicago, IL
see also University of Chicago Press
1945 offer of book on folkways of Okefinokee
1945 book on Okefinokee folkways
1945 Okefinokee folkways book, request for outline
1945 Bartram, Okefinokee folkways,
1945 re: book on Okefinokee folkways
1945 Okefinokee book organization
1948 Okefinokee folkways book, Bartram biography
1948 Okefinokee, Bartram
1948 ms. for Okefinokee folkways
1948 return of materials
1948 receipt of materials
1959 (2 items) Blake's Birds of Mexico
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Childs, Henry E.,Jr.
Cerritos Jr. College, Norwalk, CA
1958-1959 (4 items) Keewatin vertebrate ecology; caribou & flies
Chisholm, Maude L.
Proctor, VT
no date photo; naming of Kittredge fern
Chrapliwy, Pete S.
Dept. of Zoology, Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas
1955-1956 (2 postcards) request Pseudacris paper, Hyla triseriata, acknowledgment
1056 (2 postcards) request Ungava amphibians paper, acknowledgment
Christy, Bayard H.
Christy & Wharton, Pittsburgh, PA
1930 game commission, PA;
1931 Goshawk
1932 controversy on "Mrs. Edge" (Nat. Assoc. Audubon Societies)
1934 intrigue in Nat. Assoc. Audubon Society
1936 A.O.U. meeting; Aewickley Audubon Society
1936 representatives to conservation organization; A.O.U.
1936 acknowledgment reprints; Torrey memorial
1939 acknowledgment separates; Bartram route
1943 acknowledgment Bartram's names
Chronica Botanica
Waltham, MA
1942 re: Bartram books
1944 greetings
Churchill (Manitoba) Postmistress
1948 inquiry re: mail 1-4-48
see also Nueltin Lake, Keewatin
Chrysler, Herb
Englehart, Ontario
1954 Fred Farah, Ungava "turkeys," sandhill or little brown cranes, great blue heron, bird data
Chrysler, M. A.
Dept. of Botany, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick NJ
1933 meeting; birds & seed distribution
The Citizen
Jackson, MS (Official Journal of Citizen's Clubs)
1963 gift subscription (for outstanding bigotry)
Citizens' Bank
Folkston, GA
1936 mortgage receipt; title
1936 statement; cancelled checks
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
City Optical Company
Chapel Hill, NC
1963 (2 items) prescription; receipt
Civil Service Commission
see U. S. Civil Service Commission
Clapp, Otis & Son Inc.
1931 re: refill of prescription
Clark, Alexander
Curator of Manuscripts, Princeton University Library
see also Princeton University Library
1952 Mr. Boyd; Bartram mss, Alexander Wilson mss., Princeton Library
1952 Wilson mss. Princeton library, George Ord American naturalists
1952 Wilson mss., Wilson's biography Audubon materials
1952 Wilson mss., biography American Philosophical Society Mrs. Charles James, biography of William
1953 Eugene L. Delafield, old mss., Delafield Collection Benjamin Smith Barton, Bartram
Clark, Austin H.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
1932 publication info for authors
Clark, Clarence H.
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1921 Sea Mink
Clark, Hebard, Spahr
1940 notice of bird list (not included)
see also Hibbard, Fredrick
Clark, Hector H.
Clark, Clark and Grady, Elizabethtown, NC
1960 (2 items) relationship of the several Bartrams; David Gillespie Robertson; Oakland residence;
George Brown
Clark, J.F.,Jr.
193_ profession of Naturalist
Clark, James L. (Lippitt)
Hollywood Beach, FL; Am. Mus. Nat'l History, NY
1958 (3 items) American Committee for International Wildlife Protection; classification of "Bighorns";
Extinct and Vanishing Mammals
Clark, Ross
Botany, University of South Carolina
1966 dissertation "Woody Plants of Alabama"; FROGS
1968 insecticide spraying; Bartram
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Clark, William B.
Cornwall Bridge CT
1934 inquiry history of woodchuck, Marmota monax Bell Telephone Lab, New York City
1930 request for separates on alligator, FL
Clarke, C.H.D.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology, Toronto
see also Canada-Department of Lands & Forests
1943 (2 items) copies of Extinct and Vanishing Mammals
1947 (2 items) Nueltin expedition; Canadian representative; Farley Mowat; Robert Lansing
1957 Manning, Clarke copy of L.A. Richard's caribou file
Clarke, Irwin & Company, Ltd.
1953 order Frogs, Toads and Salamanders of East Canada
Clarke, J. F. Gates
Insects, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1963 specimen identification (Ixodidae, Mallophaga, Acrina)
1963 acknowledgment insect identifications, names of "hosts"
1963 specialists, localities of specimens, Myrsydea
Clarke, John M.
State Museum, Albany, NY
1924 response to offer
1925 Bishop; inquiry re: monograph on mammals of New York; stipend
1925 appointment
Clarke, Robert F.
Biology, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia
1956 request Pseudacris paper, Dismal Swamp Clarke Steamship Company, Ltd. Montreal
1953 (4 items) passage on S.S. North Shore Gulf of St. Lawrence, fares, booking
[1953] (2 items, draft) Fisher Scientific equipment, Seven Islands, delay
1953 refund
Clatts, T. T. Construction & Supply Co.
Mount Holly, NJ
1957-1959 Statements
Clausen, Dr. Robert T.
Dept. Botany, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1949 (postcard) acknowledgment
1949 Keewatin: vascular plants, worms/ lichens
1950-1956 specimen, linen-record mounting paper, folders, paste,
1956 Keewatin lichens & mosses, Wiegland Herbarium
1959 Herbarium, paper on taxonomic categories, lichens
1950 books by Linnaeus, Lacepede for sale
1950 purchase of Linnaeus
1950 accept price
1950 sent Linnaeus, offer of Uchida, accepted
1952 Joe Ewan; association meeting
1956 lichens; Ungava
1962 acknowledgment Ungava publications
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Clay, William M.
Biology, University of Louisville, KY
1956 acknowledgment reprints
1960 Cope's identification of N. f. pleurelis in Mississippi
Cleaves, Howard H.
Staten Island, NY
1930 reprint of alligator paper; use of camera; (cinema)
1944 [revision] of film
1944 Davis; cicadas
1945 photo equipment
1945P Pocono expedition; Bartram; whippoorwill notes; yodeling records
1945 lecture bureaus; Academy lecture; films
1945 lecture circuit: Poconos; Bartram
1945 acknowledgment Bartram paper; Fothergill
1946 Blarina gregariousness; family news (Robin, Poconos, health)
1946 Jimmy Chapin; shrews films; baby meadow mice; shrew; Blarina brevicanda
1950 (postcard) Helderberg trip
1950 Abbott biography of William T. Davis Jack Mcakley (early teacher) Graphite apparatus
pine grosbeaks
1950 invitation to Preserve, Dr. Ordway, Eldridge (copy)
1950 refuse invitation, Sherman Bishop on minnows
1950 visit, minnows, night photography
1950 visit, night photography, Guggenheim
1950 Department of Concerts and Lectures, U. Minn. visit, night photography, Kingsley Noble Lake
Traverse, birds Carp traps, grebes, offer of seal coat (wife's)
1950 lecture dates, agencies, raccoons, Bartram, seal coat (refused); caribou lecture
1951 nature photographs, visit
1951 map, raccoons, Sherman Bishop's death
1960 films "Animals at night"
no date envelope only) personal property tally
1960 Labrador Indians; Alamson Skinner; family news
1961 North Carolina itinerary, photo of Alanson Skinner, Cobb Island
1961 Virginia excursion (19110, Slanbly/Staubly, Skinner photo
1961 Canadian cruise, Montagnais photos
1961 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Skinner photo, Chapins Smith's Island lighthouse keeper, Indian
photos, Harrison F. Lewis' St. Lawrence patrol (1927)
1961 National Audubon Society flyer
1961 Jackson Lee, Okefinokee, Labrador photos, Ivan Tomkins
1961 C. M. Goethe pamphlets, Montagnais photos, acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, Charles H.
Rogers lecture Linnaen Society, Chapen
1963 Montagnais photos, Charles Rogers, Chapin, Harrison Lewis, Geothe's pamphlets
1961 Indian photos, caribou in Life, Peasley
1962 acknowledgment Ungava papers, National Audubon tour, Harper's legacy
1964 acknowledgment publications, Chapin death, Cleve Grant lecture at American Museum
1964 Chapin's death, Alanson Skinner query
1964 (2 letters) Skinner
1966 Linnaean dinner photograph, 1914
1968 Skinner negative, Gail Schneider, Staten Island Institute, David, Academy
1968 Christmas Greeting
1969 Roland, Staten Island
1969 greeting and snapshots baby frigate; Camp Skimmer; Cape Charles,VA
1973 (to Jean Harper) Francis’ death; AOU memberships; gifts of mammal and Ungava papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Cleghorn, J.D.
Division of Zoology, McGill Univ., Montreal
1958 Ungava Birds acknowledgment
1955 acknowledgment separates, Manning, CLarke
1955 Ungava mammals, Rangifer arcticus caboti, Hodgson, photo, Edwin B. Bartram re: mosses
1955 Barren Ground caribou, photos, Annual Report of the Province of Quebec Association for the
Protection of Fish and Game, Keewatin caribou report
1955 caribou data, George River, Keewatin caribou report
Cleland, J.E.
see Canada-Research Coordination Center, Ottawa,
Cleland, John Burton
Pathology, University of Adelaide, Adelaide
1937 extinct and vanishing mammals; chief inspector of fish and game so. Australia
Clement, Roland C.
National Audubon Society
1956 Knob Lake; Fort Chimo; Carnegie Museum; Indian House Lake birds; Clyde Todd; Kenneth Doutt
1956 Ungava; Knob Lake; A.E. Moss; Tom Manning re: Ungava caribou
1956 (3 items) jack-of-all-trades naturalists; tipalids; Chuck Alexander; Knob Lake Indians
1957 acknowledgment separates; Nueltin Lake report' Hamilton; Nascopie basin flora and fauna; John
Marr and Tanner theses
1957 Indian House Lake photographs; Arctic Institute; Manning
1958 Hamilton River birds list;
1957 (postcard) Goose Bay notes
1957 photograph of Lake of the Barren Ground Waters
1957 Canadian Zone birds; Cladania sipestris; C. rangiferins; Indian House Lake photographs
1957 photographs; Arctic Institute grant; Moss; Dunbar
1957 queries re: Knob Lake; Rivière des Pas; Wayne Edward's Goose Bay list; specimens list
(Castostomus castostomus, Prosopium quadrilaterale, Coregomus clupeaformis, Lancichtys
1957 Moss; Labrador expedition
1957 David to Knob Lake; kinds of callnotes; Bleakney report pipers; Bartram
1957 McGill laboratory; Moss; notes re: Norway rats; skunks; wood frogs;
1957 Knob Lake mammal photographs; caribou slaughter; David (Harper's) report; Redmond Lake
1957 caribou photos; woodchuck; AOU conference (letter to Gustav A. Simon, Cornell, attached)
1957 Cape May visit; Ralph Palmer;
1957 (draft) photo, Goose Bay notes
1957 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava birds; bird numbers
1959 (2 items) Garen: Mountain caboti; Rangeley Lake fisher; Jim Baird
1959 Caribou - caboli
1960 (2 items) Naskapi photograph; Ungava Indians; Chapel
1961 Hill; Fred Farah
1961 caribou photos; Ives re: Indian House Lake caribou; Ungava caribou; Chapel Hill poaching
1961 (2 items) Cliff Peak; family news; National Audubon Society finances
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals, AOU meeting
1961 (4 letters) Ungava mammals, AOU, Jack Ives, Indian House Lake photos, (Williams, Brown &
Earle) Cliff Peak photo
1962 acknowledgment Life Zones paper and sparrow paper
1963 (2 letters) Preble bibliography, Audubon House files, Northern reports, Sports Afield
1963 Caribou Eskimo, Bill Pruitt, Nuclear Age Conference
1963 Sports Afield, Nuclear Age Conference
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1963 (2 letters) submit "Caribou and Eskimos", IUCT (International Union for the Conservation of
Nature), Bulletin, Oryx
1964 Caribou Eskimo, Ernest C. Oberholtzer, Nueltin Lake, wolf poisoning
1963 East Africa wildlife, wolf poisoning, John B. May death, race relations
1964 (card) acknowledgment reports, Kansas series, photos, Speck, sparrow, East Africa
1967 Okefinokee; Wilderness classification
Clements Library (William L. Clements Library),
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
see also Ewing, William; Brun, Christian; Peckham, Howard H.
1951 reservation for mss. Guggenheim
1957 Romans-Taitt map of 1771; Bartram's Travels; Indian village
1957 (2 items)Indian village name (Warisia)
1957 (3 items) release for Romans-Taitt map, Sherbourne Papers, Amherst Papers
Clermont, --1969 (rough draft) [Clliottin], halftones, photos
no date (rough draft) [Clliottin, [de Bretin] Hunter of the --- ----, (letter to Miss Carter attached)
Clothier, Ronald R.
Dept. of Biology, Kansas Wesleyan U., Salina
1953 request, reprint "History and Nomenclature of the Pocket Gophers"
Cloutier, Edmund
Queen's Printer, Ottawa
1955 order publications re: trees, climate, Arctic botany
Clum, Harold H.
Chappaqua, NY, Hunter College, NY
Torrey Botanical Club, NY
1943 (2 items) Torrey; Bartram
1943 editor Torrey; Bartram
1943 Christmas card, acknowledgment Bartram Travels
1944 Francis's illness
1950 Wyosotis Lake cottage, Lincold Pond
[Clumock], Ralph L.
Tuscaloosa, AL
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou
Cobb, Ann
Hindman, KY
1927 Folklore language
Cobb, Mary B.
Boston Society of Natural History, Boston MA
1926 publications
no date Christmas card
1936 (3 items) Le Conte drawings and portraits; “disentangling” John Le Conte's; biography
1937 (2 items) Latreille "Historie Naturelle des Reptiles" Hyla occularis; family news
1938 Latrelle's "Historie"
1938-1939 (8 items) Daudin; Latreille
1939 acknowledgment separates; family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1939 (2 items) Sonnini and Latreille spellings
1948 (2 items) request for lecture possibilities, (B.S.N.H. and Academy); news of old Soc. Bldg.;
Terris Moore (converted -"swanky" women's clothing store - Bonwit Teller)
1941 Margaret Towle; Boston Society Library; Academy
1941 Bigelow; Cadwalader, Wetmore re: Library
1941 clippings re: Library
1957 (2 items) location of Harris-Le Conte letters; Bartram's Travels
1957 correspondence; family news
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment books
Cochran, Doris M.
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
also U. S. National Museum
1931 Bufo specimens
1933 ((3 items) identifying snake eggs (Elaphe o. Obsoleta; Ophibolus
1934 members of certain specimens
1938 letter to J. Percy Moore
1938 Anolis in Tennessee; Sternotherus minor
1953 (3 items) reprints sent & acknowledged; "Copeia"; (list attached)
1955 (3 items) Bufo copei, C.B.R. Kimberly, Yarrow, Henshaw, americanus, hemiophrys, Kennicott
specimens; Manitoba entry
Cody, W.J.
Canada, Ottawa
1961 (2 items) Canadian Field Naturalist, Sium suave
Coe, --1965 Great Deserts of North America by Domenech
Cohn, Hennig
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1960 Bartram; ichthyology
Cohen, Hennig
Tulane Univ., New Orleans LA
1950 PhD dissertation, Bartram's Travels
1950 Bartram's Travels, biography
1950 Travels
1950 Bartram papers, American naturalists Hennigs & Cohens, original herpetology notes
1950 Herpetology notes, Mrs. Julian Hennig Freneau
1950 Herpetology notes, Freneau,
1950 Hennig copy of Halbrook herpetology Bartram and Gentlemen's Magazine, cicada
1950 Bartram, Gentleman's magazine Collison,s alligator paper
1960 (3 items) Holdbrook query re: North American Herpetology; "notorious" Richard Harrian; Bartram
Cohen, I. Bernard
Physics, Harvard Univ., Cambridge
1941 (2 items) de Brahm east Florida collection; maps; Bartram; eclipse; Dr. Pogo
1941 (2 items) eclipse; Bartram travels
1941 (2 items) Earnest review
1943 praise for Bartram’s Journal;
1943 Bartram's Journal; Modern Language Notes review
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Coker, Robert, E., Sr.
Dept. of Zoology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment separates; Bartram on Cape Fear River; Nelumbo lutea; Brasenia
1944 Bartram
1944 (3 items) Bartram Travels; Extinct and Vanishing Mammals; American Philosophical Society job
1948 acknowledgment paper
1961 "hollering", Mrs. Maxfield Parrish of St. Simon's Island, Emmet McCrae, Hugh Tracey (copy)
1966 memorial on 90 - B.D.
Coker, W. C.
Zoology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Highlands Museum, Highlands, NC
1930 Tree frog new to Atlantic coastal plain
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment papers; Bartram trail
1939 Micheaux's garden' Bartram
1939 Bartram maps
1939 (2 items) Bartram maps; Charleston; Mitchell Journal; Micheaux
1939 (5 items) William Bartram Travels
1940 Illicium parviflorum specimen; Bartram; Magnolia trisetia; pirca palustris
1940 (2 items) Illicium parviflorum specimen; St. John's River location; Michaux
1940 Georgia specimens shortia; Convolvolus sericatus
Cole, Fay-Cooper
Anthropology, University of Chicago
1937 (2 items) State Museum opening
1937 (2 items) biographical data; positions; publications
1939 (2 items) application papers
Coleman, Babette Brown (Mrs. John R.)
Biology, University of Rochester, NY; Edmund Niles Huyck Reserve, Inc.
1962 (form letter) Huyck Preserve summer fellows questionnaire
1962 Harper activities since Huyck fellowship, 19531962 (Guggenheim, Ungava grants, bibliography) 1963 (form letter) acknowledgment vita, request for
1963 Huyck summer fellowship announcement, Jean's mosses, request for papers, Sherman Bishop
1964 questionnaire; also personalities in American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists
1965 see also Huyck Preserve
Coleman, Sydney H.
Albany, NY
1935 animal protection
Collier, P.F & Son Corp.
New York, NY
1948 (2 items) editing work, fauna of world; Robert S. Mathews
Collins, Dr. Henry B.
Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington, DC
1952 Ungava, Keewatin papers (bibliography) birds of Keewatin, American Midland Naturalist
1953 Barren Ground caribou bibliography
1955 Southampton antlers, photo, Sutton-Hamilton specimen, David Johnson
1959 Indian relics - Georgia, photos of scientists
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1959 Georgia arrow and spear points; Le Conte's Darlington notes, Bartram; E. Raymond Hall as publisher
1960 acknowledgment Michelson paper; Bastian Mackenzie
1960 additional arrow head locations; Craig Bell; Ungava Indians ms.
1961 Lake Winokapau photo identifications (A. P. Low); list of Lows papers; Fred Alcock; Sturtevant;
Poospatuck Indian vocabulary
1962 Birket-Smith re: Caribou Eskimos, John Barrow essay
1962 Montagnais paper, Caribou Eskimo report illustrations, Kenneth E. Eade, radioactive fallout
Collins, Henry H., Jr.
Exec. Dir. Am. Russian Institute, NY (see American-Russian Institute)
Collins, W.H.
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa,
1927 Athabaska
Collum, Thomas F.
Taylor and Collum, Atlanta, GA
see also Georgia Ornithological Society
1973 (to Jean Harper) Francis’ death, notice to “The Oriole”
University of Colorado Museum
1955 (3 letters) specimens loaned Pseudacris nigrita triseniata
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
Colquhoun, M. K.and Ailsa
Taunton, England
1940-1941 (2 items) children; medical attention
1943 (2 items) return of children; family health
1943 children's return; Cooks Tours
Colton, Harold S.
Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff
1935 position
Colvin, H.H. Lumber Co.
Jesup, GA
1946 (2 items) land and timber on Chesser's Island
Coman Lumber Company, Durham NC
1960 invoice
Comfort, W.W.
Haverford College, PA
1944 (3 items) Bartram address at Friends Historical Association
Committee on International Exchange of Persons
1950 request for application forms (to UK)
Commonwealth of Mass.
see Massachusetts, Commonwealth of
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
Community Paint Co.
Mount Holly, NJ
1958 invoice
Company "C" Club 312 Machine Gun Battalion
see also Fox, Wm. H., Sec.
1936 (postcard) reunion
1937 Reunion
Comstock Publishing Associates
Ithaca, NY
1955 order Wright & Wright's Handbook of Frogs, Conant, Roger (Isabel Hunt Conant) Philadelphia
Zoological Garden, Zoological Society
1934 acknowledgment - reprints
1937 mammals, invertebrates, snakes
1938 acknowledgment letter; Zoo horses
1938 (2 items) wild asses and horses; Lydekker
1940 R. Sturgis Ingersoll; Okefinokee collecting; dates
1940 Okefinokee expedition; Chesser's Island cabins; Margaret Cary
1940 (2 items) final Okefinokee expedition plans
1944 (draft) lizard eggs
1944 Francis' accident' annotated check list amphibians and reptiles
1944 lizard eggs; Coluber constrictor
1944 boundaries; Hyla CTerea evittata; Sceloporus eggs
1944 Acris - Farancia on Chesapeake Bay
1944 (4 items)Acris gryllus crepitans; Hyla cinerea evittata; Sceloperus undulatus fasciatus
1945 Conant illness
1945 (postcard) Hyla cinerea specimens
1946 turtles, Trionyx and Amyda
1946 Triconyx; Geoffrey; Stejneger
1946 (2 items) meeting
1947 (draft) ms.; [frog] specimens
1947 frog specimens; D-M-V paper
1948 visit; snakes; Elaphe; Natrix
1948 visit
1952 Christmas card
no date (1950?) Christmas card
1954 Christmas card
1955 Bill Hamilton re: Farm Research, Field Guide, mapping (correspondence with W..J. Hamilton re:
snakes attached)
1955 letter to Graham Netting, manuscript(?) (letter to Netting re: Pseudacris attached
1955 Pseudacris specimens
1955 price of check lists
1955 (draft) kalmi mss., triseriata in central or northern Illinois or Indiana
1955 Smith and Smith on Sseudacris, Delmarva, measurements, Field Guide
1955 ms. to GLoyd, Henry Fowler
1955 (2 items) critique of Pseudacris ms.
1955 (2 items) Virginia Hyla ocularis, Bayard, photo of Diadophis, Blanchard, Liodytea alleni,
Okefinokee, Terrapens bauri
1955 ms. on Ungava herpetology, Logier & Toner, Hyla crucifera, vocal sacs of Rana sylvatica
1955 photo of Diadophis, physiograph boundries, Copeia
1955 card
[1955] Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1956 (postcard) vocal sacs of frogs
1956 request Ungava amphibian paper, Henry Fowler, Pseudemys
1956 Kinosternon, Cinosternum, Jackson Lee, Okefinokee Liodytes, Terrapene carolina bauri
1956 (postcard)Pseudemys scripta scripta
1956 Kinosternon bari
1956 mapping Canada ranges
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals paper, Field Guide
1956 Fotomart delays
1957 Writ re: Drymarchon, ANSP Pseudacris oranata- streckeri specimen from Nickajack Cave
1957 (2 items) map localities, ornata-strecheri puzzle
1958 Field Guide; Maps; visit
1958 greeting - 2 bears
1959 Harper's Magazine ; fire ant resolution by ASIH; "slaughter" 1959 Christmas card
1960 Chapel Hill; Fred Ulmer re: Acris; Zoological Garden
1960 Georgia amphibians and reptiles; Conent’s Guide; T.B's spurious mugitus; Acris gryllus blanchardi;
Elaphe distribution; Fred Ulmer
1960 (memorandum re: Conant's absence)
1960 Field Guide: Georgia species; Kinosternon burii; Skinks; Stereria; Natrix; Elaphe; Hyla; Acris;
Clemmys; Terrapene; Sistrurus
1960 (draft) Mexican trip; David Harper
1960 meeting - Durango, Mexico
1960 (postcard) Mexican trip
1960 catalogue and bibliography of Georgia frogs; Field Guide; Elaphe; Caris; eastern Pituophis
and Bartram; nomenclature and taxonomies
1961 Christmas card
1962 reprint mailing list
1963 (2 letters) acknowledgment reprints, Field Guide to Reptiles edition, Natrix sipedon pleuralis
1963 Field Guide, Mexican water snakes
1964 acknowledgment Ungava plant and animal paper, ichthyologists meeting
196 7re salamander; Desmognathus ochrophaeus coralinensis
Condit, John M.
Worthington, Ohio; Fort George C. Meade, MD
1956 re: classification Pseudacris and comments on Schmidt's checklist
1955 list of hybrids (reptiles & amphibians); (bibliography appended)
1956 defects of Schmidt check list (appended); Century of Progress in the Natural Sciences; Stejneger;
Barbour; herpetological politics
1956 Schmidt; Hyla; Smilisca; Taylor & Smith re: Acris; nomenclature
1956 Hobart Smith re: Acris crepitans; Schmidt; Bartram re: bird names
1956 (form letter) check list of hybrids of the world
1956 check list suggestions and corrections, hyla crucifer-Hyla crucifera (lists attached)
1958 Stanley W. Gorman papers
The Condor
Cooper Ornithological Club
see also Cooper Ornithological Club; Grinnell, J.; American Ornithological Union
Conference Board of Associated Research Councils
Washington, DC
(also Fulbright Awards)
1952 application for Fulbright Award, wrong form, application for Fulbright Award (United Kingdom)
application materials & brochure
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1952 rejection; materials & brochures
1953 (form letter) rejection for Fulbright award
Conger, A. C.
East Lansing, Mich.
1923 "key to vertebrate" Conger, Urina B. New Orleans. see also American Society of Mammalogists
(Corresponding Secretary)
1932 fish and [pain], rel. to mammal, XIII Congressus International Ornithalogicus Cornell U., Ithaca, NY
1962 [annct. announcement]
see also International Orn. Soc.
Conklin, E. G.
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia
see also American Philosophical Society
1937 committee work (compilation)
1938 (3 items) extinct and vanishing animals grant awarded: Hilzheimer letter (enclosed); European lion
1938 grant payments (extinct and vanishing mammals)
1938 grant reports
1938 grant payments, report
1938 Bartram grant; Jenkins; John Bartram Association
1938 (2 items) APA grant for publication of Bartram Travels
1938 conference paper (abstract enclosed)
1938 grant rules and conditions
1938 Penrose Fund grant for Bartram investigation
1938 Charles F. Jenkins; Pennell; APS Bartram grant
1939 estimate of expenses (Bartram paper)
1939 (2 items) blesbok ms.; Penrose Fund
1939 (4 items) APA supplemental grant
1939 Bartram investigation progress report (expenses attached)
1939 Year Book report
1939 (3 items) Bartram trail paper, spring peeper per
1939 Penrose Fund balance; Bartram report
1940 herpetological paper sent
1940 Old World mammal nomenclature
1940 conference paper
1940 acknowledgment Bartram, Daudin, Latreille, nnini pamphlets; Daudin's Quadrupèdes oviapres
Bartram study
1940 Autumn meeting; Bartram mss.; Bartram correspondence
1940 past two years' expenditures (draft enclosed)
1940 Bartram progress report re: Penrose Fund grant (draft enclosed)
1940 (2 items) grant renewal
1941 Year Book report
1941 (2 items) Fowler's Florida fishes report; Bartram mss. 1941 John Association grant; publication of
Bartrams' diaries
1941 Bartrams's Travels grants
1941 (3 items) General Meeting research reports
1941 assurances of "plain and fair dealing"
1941 lecture
1941 William Bartram as naturalist
1941 (3 items) publishing papers
1941 John Bartram illustrations
1942 Bartrams’ illustrations
1942 (3 items) LC Crown Collection of American maps; halftone plates (LC letter enclosed)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1942 Bartram halftone plates; Fort Golphin negatives; Palisot de Beauvois; E. D. Merrill
1942 Year Book proof; LC illustrations; William Bartram prints; Bartram drawings; Lloyd
permission re: John Bartram portrait (corrections enclosed)
1942 John Bartram diary running heads (enclosed)
1942 Bartram illustrations; Crescent Lake journey; proof changes;
1942 Bartram re: British Museum Ms.; John Fothergill; letter appended
Conn, Edith A.
1921 Okefinokee
Connell, Dr. Clyde
Biology, Valdosta State College, Valdosta GA
1968 Okefinokee; Chesser's Island land
Conservation Commission
Abbey, NY
1925 license renewal report
The Conservationist
Albany, NY
1954 (postcard) mailing list
Conservative Book Club
New Rochelle, NY
1967 membership - in (and out)
Constance, Lincoln
Department of Botany, University of California, Berkeley
1949 Maxon, Herbarium; Keewatin plants; decline and purchase area of unerest in S.A.
Constantine, Denny G.
Rabies Invest. Center, U. Park, New Mexico
1959 (2 items) re: Bartram report to Fothergill
1960 (postcard) request Adirondacks mammals paper
1960 Handbook 8
1960 (postcard) request New England land mammals
1960 (2 items) Keewatin mammals
Costello, Dr.—
1965 (draft) notice of publications, Consumers Union, Mt. Vernon, NY
[1940] subscription request
1966 Health Guide for Travelers inquiry
Consumer's Research
Washington, NJ
1952 subscription, payment
1952 order form
1955 renewal
Container Corporation of America
1929 refund Conway, Albert E., West Chester PA, Dept of Psychology, Lafayette College, Easton PA
1938 Ann Arbor; check
1952 intentions re: Miss Natalie Kimber (copy)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1952 intentions re: Miss Natalie Kimber (none)
Cook, David B., "Dave"
NY State Conservation Dept., Albany, NY
1951 Lariz pendula riddle (leach), Peter Kalm Bartram-Collinson correspondence
1951 Larix pendula, European leaches, Nuenscher photographs
1951 Larix pendula, Kalm
1951 visit, Bartram at North Lake, Bartram's Travels
1951 John Bartram's Catskill journal (1753) Pinus resinosa
1951 James Pierce papers on Catskills, James Maese
1951 Bartram journal, "two needled pine"
1951 Pinus resinosa, Bartram & Cohoes Falls
1952 Pinus Pandula (black larch, Robert E. Clausen
1952 John Bartram journal, larches
1952 Alumni news, Larix (Pinus) pendula Homer House, Peter Collinson
1951 (carbon letter to Martin Jensen re: meeting
1952 Larches, Dunlop
1957 Larix (larch)
1957 Bartram; Dunlop; Ralph Smith; Larix pendula; Peter Collinson
1957 Dunlop's History of the American Theatre; Bartram; Ralph Smith
1957 Charles Bartram; Larch tree location; Chamaecyparis; tamerack; Passaic Falls;
1957 Ralph Smith; American larch; Humphry Marshall; Pinus Larix; L. laricina; pendula
1957 copies of Bartram Catalogue; larch; Miller's Dictionary
1957 Bartram catalog; Ralph Smith; Miller
1958 (3 items) Bartram; larche studies; tamarack; cedar swamp at New Durham
Cook, E. Fullerton
Swarthmore, PA
1932 repairs to rental house
1934 list of repairs
1935 notice of move
Cook, Francis R. (Joyce and Wanda)
National Museum of Ottawa,
1960 request for "A New Chorus Frog" from Natural History Museum
1960 acknowledgment Pseudacris paper
1963 (3 letters) request for Keewatin reptiles paper, Pseudacris maculata or septentrionalis,
acknowledgment reprints
1965 publications of E.A. Preble
1966 Christmas card
1967 greetings - Canada; Painter Frank Panabaker
Thomas Cook & Son
Philadelphia, PA
1943 transportation for Colquhoun children (instructions included)
Cooke, Alan
Baker Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, England
1959 (3 letters) request and supply reprints of Northern studies
1961 (8 letters) Polar Notes, Indian scholars' photos, Ungava Indians (2 third-party letters)
1964 Caribou, William Brooks Cabot, Centre d'Études Antique anthology, Balikci, Todd
1961 (5 letters) Cabot, Life Zones article for Polar Notes
1961-1962 (8 items, 7 letters, 1 postcard) Ungava mammals paper for Polar Notes, proof sheets, the word
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
fide, Wilson Follett
1962 Harper bibliography, definition of Labrador Peninsula, Keewatin Eskimo, government
1962 (2 letters) bibliography, definition of Ungava, wood buffalo debate, selected bibliography re:
1962 reindeer/caribou debate, Indian paper
1962 New Quebec paper, Jacques Rousseau
1962 comments re: New Quebec paper, Indian ms., (comments attached)
1962 travels, Association of American Indian Affairs,Indian ms., New Quebec comments, Follett's illness
1962 Follett, New Quebec, Eskimo, Ungava and Kansas, Rousseau
1962 Louis-Edmond Hamlin, Rousseau, Doutt, bibliography
1962 Indian ms. Father Cyr, family news
1962 Follett, Ungava Indian paper, Alcock
1962 Pool-Ellsworth expedition up Moisie River, A.P. Low, Labrador Peninsula, Follett, Eclipse
1962 Pool-Ellsworth expedition, Eclipse Expedition of
1860 Follett/fide, Le Conte, Eclipse photograph
1962 (draft) bibliography; Cartwright; Witthoft;
Douglas Leachman; [Marian] Barbeau
1962 Montagnais paper, Ungava references, Caribou
1962 family travel, Ungava Indian paper
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava fish paper
1962 travel, Father Cyr, Edward Goodfellow re: Eclipse
1962 (draft) woodcut illustration
1963 (6 letters) Follett's death, Goodfellow's diary, Ungava Indian paper, Polar Notes, Caribou Eskimo at
Kansas UP, Bartram bibliography, Cyr
1963 (5 letters) Ft. McKenzie, Sebastian McKenzie, Hudson Bay Indians, Lawson, Beaudet, Stefansson
1963 Stefansson/Anderson conflict, radioactive fallout, Harper autobiography
1963 Petitot, autobiography, caribou (rare books list (attached))
1964 (third party) Bartram works for sale
1965 re: published artichoke inn North file 1963 - 1965 at least) at UNC,comments on Canada and lack of
scientists for wilderness work
1966 Stefansson Collection, Dartmouth
Cooke, May T.
U.S. Dept. Agr., Biol. Survey
1925 birds
Cooley, George R & Myra
Albany NY
1950 appreciation, Bartram
1950 Rensselearville bird count, visit
1950 visit, Bonnie Porter Bartram
1950 Christmas bird counts (Ransselearville)
1950 slow mail, pine grosbeaks ms. submitted
1950 Rensselearville Christmas bird count Ralph Palmer, redpolls (tally card attached)
1951 (postcard) visit, re: Governor Dewey
1951 Dr. Warder C. Allen, Univ. Chicago, Univ Florida Lillian E. Arnold, Herbarium Dr. W.A. Murrill,
1951 John Bartram, Library of Congress, Preble, Bishop
1951 lichens, Juniperus, Erianthus, Chesser's Prairie
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1951 (postcards) plant pres, specimens Franklinia, Alatanaka River petrified wood, Willis Creek
1951 gray fox, Small's Manual "valuable natural history" from Barren Grounds mushroom book
1951 manual, packet of lichens, juniper, plume grass
1851 Robin's membership in Society of Mammalogists Small's Manual, lichens, juniper, plume grass
1951 (postcard) package of specimens
1951 Barren Lands parcel, Tanners, muskrats
1951 Tanners, lost parcel, Guggenheim renewed, Bartram letters, Dorothy Lathrop's book, Let them Live
1951 pictures, Botany Club trip, Robin's graduation
1951 pictures of Dr. Swen & Mrs. Cate, Sherman Bishop's death, Robin, Prothonotary warblers
1951 Bartram tour of NY, Cooley visit
1951 pictures, package of specimens
1951 John Bartram’s journal-Philadelphia to Catskills, 1753 maps, Travels; Robin's visit, Prof. Tottem
1951 American Ornithologist Union meeting, Montreal, Ralph Palmer, Dr. Wherry, Edwin Shields
1951 Bartram trail trip, AOU meeting
1951 Pinnacle Rock, Buttermilk Gorge;Bartram trip; Smileys of Mohonk Lake, (NY?), George Chadwick
1951 Coldenham, Coldan cemetery, Bartram's Onondaga and Ontario Journal, W.E. Beauchamp Moe's
"Power of Freedom"; Bartram trip
1951 (postcard) pine grosbeak
1951 Catskill trip, photos
1951 Edwin Way Teals's North with the Spring Okefinokee
1951 Ungava, Bartram Trail caribou report, Earl Poole, Reading Museum, Thomas Roddenberry, the
1951 (card, Hickory Hill photo)
1952 visit, Dreen (for swampy stretch)
1952 (postcard) Resurrection fern
1952 Philip L. Small & wife, Gates Mills OH journals of John and William Bartram white tail(ed) kite,
scissors tail(ed) flycatcher
1952 Collinson letters, Bartram, Fulbright Rafinesque in Ransselearville
1952 Rafinesque, Donald P. Rogers Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Smells
1952 Keewatin, Dr. Rogers
1952 "moribund" Academy or Natural Sciences; US National Museum; Chapel Hill aborted; W.L. Dix,
study grant; lichen
1953 NY Botanical Club on Bartram Trail, Torrey, BC Tignors
1953 Ungava expedition; plant specimens; Pierce Broadcorb; travels Liquid ambar, Audubon Field Notes
1953 New address, Ungava, Arctic Institute awards
1953 Bartram field trip, Eastern NY Botanical Club Chapel Hill Aborted
1953 Bartram field trip, Ungava, Sherman's library red grossbill
1953 Schramm; Roland; Small's Manual; Iron Ore Company; funding sources
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin birds' Ungava
1953 New York Botanical Gardens' plants collected on "Peary" Arctic expeditions; L. J. Wolf; J. W.
Goodsell; Solix; Solidago macrophyllis pursh; Oxyria digyna; Festuca rubra; Ettienne Gillet's The
Flamingos of the Camarque
1953 Norman Russell; Huyck Preserve; Clum; Gleason; reprinting Small; Arnold Aborted, Nature
Conservancy family news
1953 acknowledgment flamingo book; Ungava; Salix; Oxyria digyna; Solidago; Nature Conservancy;
Edwin Bartram; Dix; Ruth & Isabel Eldridge
1953 (2 items) get-together; Schramm
1953 Pillsbury; Samibel Island; Louise Perry; Ungava plants; Harvard or Cornell
1953 (postcard) Roland
1954 acknowledgment Torrey's Rambler's Lease, Simpson's Lower Florida Wilds; Poesild; Ungava;
lectures; Keewatin mammals; paradichloro-benzine damage
1954 Ungava vascular plants; mosses; lichens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 5 continued
1954 travels; acknowledgment Ungava specimens; pardichloro-benzene damage; Huyck Preserve; Gray
Herbarium; Harvard
1954 Bartram's Travels; Wildlife Management Institute; Ungava mosses; Mrs. Dewey
1954 Ungava specimens; Cooley Herbarium; visit;
1954 visit; labels for Porsild's vascular plants; NSF grant
1954 (2 items) address of Arctic Institute (copy attached); Ungava plant specimens
1955 damage in Okefinokee; Edwin Bartram re: Ungava mosses; Ungava birds, fish
1955 Mississippi collecting; Gleason, Pease, Brass; Okefinokee damage; Jean (Harper) specimens
1955 AIBS meeting; Roland; Muchmore
1955 visit; caribou report at Kansas; Ungava birds, mammals; Grizzly bear
[1955] (2 items) Roland; visit
1955 W. E. Saffore re: Sanibel; botany prize; Guggenheim; Gray Herbarium fellowship; Golly
Goin; David
1955 Gray Herbarium; Reed Rollins; prizes
1955 family news; AOU meeting; Bartram's Travels,; Yale Press; Schramm; caribou paper
1955 caribou paper, Kansas; Fort Enterprise expedition; Yale Press; Kansas Allen Press
1955 (envelope only) change of address
1956 caribou paper; Drury, Rupp; Wood, Arctic Institute; tour for Arabis georgiana, Sabatia
1956 Guggenheim; tour; garden club publication re: Sapsucker Woods; Art Allen; caribou paper
reviews; Jean Harper; specimens at Gray Herbarium 1955 Arabia-Sabatia tour; Roland; Elliott's Dichaea;
Franklinia; Elliottia
1956 (4 items) southern trip; Roland; Jupiter Island plants; Bartram's Travels (copy)
Cooley, Robin (dau. George & Myra)
Swarthmore College
1949 specimen jars, God, courses
1949 specimen jars, religion
Series I. Box 6.
Coolidge, Anna L.(Mrs. Joseph R.)
The Corner House, Center Sandwich, NH
1961 Cabot portrait for Montagnais paper, Dodge
1961 Cabot portrait from National Cyclopaedia of American biography
1961 acknowledgment father's (W.B. Cabot's) photograph
Coolidge, Calvin
1929 re: plan for research institute; Hubert bequest
Coolidge, Harold J., Jr.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, Cambridge, MA
National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council
1935 (form letter) American Committee for International Wildlife Protection Report
1936 (3 items) address; payments (vanishing species study)
1936 (2 items) payment
1936 (3 items) letterhead; list of (vanishing) species (draft enclosed)
1938 Philosophical Society, Barbour, Old World forms, Bartram
1938 transmit salary check
1938 Altahaler's clouded leopard paper
1938 (2 items) Altaheler's paper; Phillips; New York expenses (enclosed); payment
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1938 Altaheler's natural history index
1938 Kellogg; index; sp[ecies] list; Academy library
1938 APA report
1938 June check
1938 (postcard) Dr. S.C.P.; report; July check
1938 Altahaler's Index Guide; whales; Kellogg; Phillips
1938 final American Philosophical Society payment
1938 (2 items) payment; extinct Camra pygensica
1938 Temple University summer school vertebrate course; vanishing mammals study
1938 (2 items) Van Tienhoven; publication permission Dammerman rare mammals data; payment
1938 Phillips' death; completing report
1938 (2 items) Phillips' death; publishing report; APA; Bartram
1938 Phillips; blesbok specimens
1938 blesbok; vanishing mammals publication
1938 (2 items) publishing vanishing mammals report; payment
1938 (2 items) Netherlands Indies material; King’s Colobus paper; Arctocebus
1939 blesbok specimens; Biological Society paper; nomenclatural notes; Academy
1939 Blebok reprints; nomenclature notes; Allen's African checklist
1939 (2 items) report recipients; Allen's checklist of African mammals
1939 bibliography reprints; Phillips; Malaysian gaur
1939 ribos gaurus haubbacki;Friedmann; blesbok paper; Biological Society
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment Blesbok name; Penrose fund reports; Persian asses
1939 (2 items) separates; Persian wild asses
1961 inquiry re: Mrs. Joseph R. Coolidge, William Brooks; Cabot photo
1961 Coolidge travels, acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
1961 Cabot photo
1961 Ungava mammals paper
1961 portrait of Cabot
1961 Anna Coolidge of Center Sandwich
1961 acknowledgment Anna Coolidge letter
Coolidge, Herman W.
Savannah, GA
1961 acknowledgment reprint, visit, golden plover
Cooper, John W.
Catholic University, Washington, DC
Catholic Anthropological Conference
1932 ballads of Okefinokee Swamp; Am. Anthropological Association
1933 acknowledgment Athabaska flora & fauna reprints; Taverner; Preble
Cooper, Kenneth W.
Dartmouth Med. School, Hanover, NH
1966 psocids parasites re: Hyuck Preserve outcome
Cooper, Lane
Ithaca, NY
1930 Bartram
1939 reprint
1954 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram’s studies; South Landing farms
1954 visit; Guggenheim, Bartram; Ungava expedition
1955 (draft) Samuel Hearne
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou paper; Samuel Hearne; British poetry
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1956 caribou report, Kansas; British poets; Yale Press; Bartram; Gilbert Murray re: classics
1956 Cooper portrait
1956 Cooper books, acknowledgment portrait; Yale, Bartram
1956 (postcard) Redgway, Cooper books 1957 Yale re: Bartram's Travels
1958 Bartram - personal health report acknowledgment
Cooper, Samuel W.
Art Club, Philadelphia
1934 invitation, Okefinokee speech; human nature and wild nature in a Georgia wilderness"
Cooper, W.S.
Ecological Society of America; Botany, University of Minnesota
1934 honoring Henry C. Corules
Cooper Ornithological Club (Society)
see also The Condor; Grinnell, J.
1926 W. Lee Chambers
1933 acknowledgment enclosures; Okefinokee; T. S. Palmer's faults; A.O.U. administration; 1943 dues?
1947 club info.
1950 Notice of Annual Meeting
1951 Notice of Annual Meeting
1853 (postcard) notice of meeting
1964 (4 form letters) conflict for control and proxies
1965 "club" changed to "Society"; annual meeting notice
1967 member rostrums
1969 dues
1970 annual meeting; note of death of Andrew L. Pickens and memorial sketch
1971 (postcard) annual meeting
Cooperative Quail Study Association
Thomasville, GA (see Komarek, Ed. V.)
Cope, Herman
Media, Pennsylvania Parks Association 1945 (see also Chapman, Pres.)
Cope, Mrs. Herman
Indian Orchards, Media, PA
1945 death of Mr. Cope
Cope, Thomas D.
Morgan Lab Physics, Phila.
1945 re: Mason - Dixon
see also Mrs. Warton Huber re: Charles Mason
Northampton, MA
no date change of address to Dr. E.R. Dunn
Coppock, Walter
Moylan PA
1952 inquiry, Make your Home Your Hobby 1952 price of Make Your Home Your Hobby
1952 order for book
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Cordle, Charles G.
History, Richmond Co., Junior College of Augusta, GA
1939 (3 items) acknowledgment pamphlets; exchange; Fort Galphin sketch by Harry Hammond
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Tobler mss.; Fort Galphin; Bartram re: Shell Bluff
1939 acknowledgment Bartram Trail
1940 Zubly's Ferry; Camply 1780 map; John Bartram diary (Savannah section enclosed); Bartram's
"Flat Rock"
1940 (2 items) John Bartram excerpts; maps; Bar ferry photo
1941 Bartram report to John Fothergill; visit to Ft. Moore, GA
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram paper
1947 (3items) Treaty of Augusta, 1763; Bartram; Dr. Wells; "Col. Bar(net)" Bartlett?
1954 (2 items) John Bartram's Diary; John H. Goff re: Indian trails through Georgia; George Galphin
1954 acknowledgment Bartram, salamander, gopher papers; Travels; Diary; Report to Fothergill;Eugene
Murphy’s death
1957 Bartram review; Eugene E. Murphey's death; Morton L. Reese; Jouett Davenport
1957 Yale Press re: Bartram's Travels;
1954 Guggenheim; Bartram; American Philosophical Society; Bartram holdings
1957 Georgia news
1958 (2 items) Pierre Eugene du Simitiere: Fred Winter Fort Moore; Galphin; Bartram
Core, Earl L.
Biology, University of West Virginia, Morgantown
1964 re: Roland Harper - publications
1966 queries re: Roland’s autobiographical sketch
1967 re: Roland's autobiography and Mrs. Barbara Steele's biography of Michaux, bibliographies list
1967 (draft) Wilhelmina's hospitalization, proofs, prints (see letter to Harper, Wilhelmina, 2/21/67)
1969 Roland bibliographies; Barbara Steel study of André Michaux; southern Appalachians
1969 Michaux garden photograph; Mrs. Steele; early American Naturalists; Bartram life; Le Conte; Arthur
Cormack, Maribelle
Dept of Public Parks, Providence, RI
1946 (3 items) Okefinokee Wild Life Sanctuary; logging; U.S. Government policy
Corheil, Gerard
Montreal, Quebec
1965 Ungava publications
Cornell, Readie Greer (Mrs. W.R.)
Charlotte, NC
see also Roland Harper
1945 (2 items) death of Hermina Harper; acknowledgment of kindness to Hermina
Cornell Club of Trenton
1953 (2 items) scholarships
Cornell Fund
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1960 appeal to class of 1914
1960-1962 Letter from Cornell
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
1936 semi-centennial celebration
1960-1962 Letter from Cornell
1964 Class reunion class of 1914
Cornell University
Agriculture Experiment Station
see also New York State College of Agriculture
1954 acknowledgment Labrador specimens; Wiegand Herbarium; Placement Bureau
1935 personal data sheet for employment
1937 Sorex and job opening
Cornell University
Laboratory of Ornithology
see Hamilton, William J., Jr., Zoology
1950 honorarium for lecture
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin Lake birds; Bill Hamilton' Baie Comeau expedition; Sam Robertson;
1955 (3 items) Arthur Allen; laboratory membership (card and prospectus attached)
1956 (postcard) sapsucker Woods Research Center
1959 (form letter) class of 1914 reunion
1960 newsletters
1962-1969 newsletters
1964 Fuentes postcard order
1967 picture of Candelo (Macho)
1971 (form letter) purple martin; habitat protection
1971 brochure on voices of Wood Thrush (cassette); Laboratory of Ornithology Newsletter
Cornell Alumni News
1925 subscription
c.a.1946 candidates for Trustees
1948 subscription
1949 subscription
1949 subscription
1952 alumni questionnaire (1914)
1960 membership drive
1961 letter to Otto
Cornell University Library
Ithaca, NY
1936 (3 items) Placement Bureau Service; active files; data sheet
1951 see also McCarthy, gift of Uchida Photographs of Bird Life in Japan Vol. 2
1951 order (#69867)
1951 Flora Lapponica, 1737 mailed
1951 acknowledgment of gift DeRitter, L. Coomans, Uit Borneo's Wonder [wereld]
1952 request for fund (Associates)
Cornell University
Class of 1907, Class of 1914
1908 war record
1953-1954 (7 items) 40th reunion; dues, registration
1956 (3 items) membership: financial statement, memorial
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1957 dues report
1961 death of Eldridge A. Spears; Durham
1967 class sues and subscription to NEWS
1970 News subscriptions
Cornell University Press
Ithaca NY
1956 request list Lane Cooper's books
Corner, George W.
see American Philsosphical Society
Cornig, Rev. A. Elwood
Newburgh, NY
1951 De Witt Clinton material, Manuscripts Division, Historical Society of Pennsylvania; American
moose, Cervus americanus, Letters on Natural History; 1776 map, NY Historical Society Euphorbia
cyparissias, Vinca minor
Correspondence Bureau
1953 folding canoe
see also Diehl, NJ
Corron, Hattee (Harriet) (Mrs. C. Runnell)
Norristown, PA
no date (draft) Kodachrome slide adapter
1946 Norristown Garden Club program
Corse, Corita Doggett
WPA, Jacksonville, FL
1940 Talott map; Bartram's Florida route; Mr. Walker
Corti, Dr. Ulrich A.
1931 acknowledgment separates
1931 change of address
Costello, Donald
Zoology Dept Library (Ithaca?)
1965 Proc. 16th Inter. Congress Zool; 8,
1964 Proc. 13th Inter. Nat. Ornith. Congress
Côté, Pierre F.
Minister Des Richesses Naturelles, Université Laval, Quebéc 1954 Ungava reports; map of Quebec;
Sebastian McKenzie; Simard; Veronneau
1954 Three photographs (one of Francis); Molly Lake; Greenbush; Verronneau; wild orchids; bear;
Ungava expedition
1956 Christmas card; acknowledgment book
1958 Ungava birds
1958 Ungava birds; acknowledgment Harper contributions
1964 Ungava
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Cothron, Kay L.
1978 request denied her to use Okefinokee material
Cottom, Clarence
U.S. Dept. Interior, Fish/Wildlife Service
see also US Department of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service
1939 acknowledgment reprints
1940-1941 (2 items) limkin food; Natica; Viviparus georgicus; Campeloma
1945 (2 items) permit; also food of Virginia snakes separate; determination of seeds from Poconos
1946 (2 items) first hazard of controlled burning; Okefinokee
1947 Keewatin expedition; bird & mammal stomachs
1947 (draft postcard) Keewatin expedition
1949 Okefinokee, A.S. McQueen, complaints with Wildlife Service
1949 copy
1949 Okefinokee, offense to American Society of Mammalogists, apology demanded
1949 letter acknowledged (H. Deering)
1949 ASM incident, Dr. Storer, Mr. Pressnall
Cottorini, P. E.
Milano, Italy
1932 (6 items) wildlife preservation in Italy (see also American Committee for International Wild]
life Protection—Extinct and Vanishing Mammals)
Couch, John N. and Else
Botany, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1960 acknowledgment of Linnaeus Classes Plantaru Gift; Buffon signature
see also Univ. of N.C. Botany Dept.
1962 "hollerin'"
Coulter, E. Merton
Univ. of Georgia, Dept. of History, Georgia
Historical Journal, Athens, GA
1939 Bartram trip; Charles C. Harrold re: Hall's Original County Map of Georgia
1942[3] (2 items) John Bartram paper sent; Georgia history
1953 acknowledgment reprints
1963 (2 letters) John Howard Payne, Bartram, Craig Bell, foundations, Keewatin
1963 (2 letters) Okefinokee grant, University of Georgia press
1963 (2 letters) reviewers Berkeleys' John Clayton
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment reviewers letter
1964 Okefinokee prints National Geographic (bibliography attached) (copy)
1964 Okefinokee pictures, National Geographic
1964 (2 letters) acknowledgment pictures, publication
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais reprint. Roland, Blood on the Old Well
1964 photos returned, legend, "Chase Prairie in Okefinokee, Courtesy of Francis Harper, etc."
1964 Okefinokee”, picture copyright
1954 Georgia history, New Universal Gazetteer (copy)
1964 acknowledgment Georgic history comments, Okefinokee
1965 Okefinokee
1968 Christmas card; Fisheries and Wildlife letter
1969 (postcard) acknowledgment family history
no date (draft) Georgia Waters; Okefinokee; Harry Mizell; Miss S.S. of Athens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Council for Nature
1964 (2 letters) acknowledgment Ungava paper, duplicates A.W. Exell, BM; T.C.S. Morrison-Scott
Country Gas Service
Maple Shade, NJ
1950 gas cylinders, price adjustment
1950 price adjustment
1951 order
Country Publishing Co.
New York City
1942 (2 items) war aims
Coursen, Carl
Mount Marion, NY
1951 trip to Mt. Marion, Bartram quotation, Dr. Bentz's stone house
Cowan, Ian McTagart
Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
1956 Cowan & Gulguet's mammals of British Columbia; R. Gordon Racey; Ashuanipi Lake; Keewatin
caribou study; Ungava
Cowles, Raymond B., " "
Dept. of Zoology, UCLA
1926 announcement [marriage], African fauna, health
1929 marriage, papers re: Mt. Katahdin with Hamilton, activities, Art Allen
1919 PhD dissertation; museum jobs
1929 family news; Texas trip; museum jobs
1946 reprints; Growth of U.
1946 (postcard) request reprints
1946 (2 items) reprints; Keewatin expedition; independent researchers; family news
1948 Oliver Pearson
1948 (2 items) acknowledgment Nueltin Lake papers; Boyd Walker
1949 (postcard) change of address, teaching
1953 Keewatin; Hudson Bay; South Africa re: Zulu;
1956 acknowledgment reprints; Bartram; overpopulation in Africa; environmental damage
1956 Bartram Travels; Yale; overpopulation; Bogart; family news
1956 South Africa; overpopulation; Brattstrom
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints, population
Cowling, Donald J.
New York
1930s Telegram Philadelphia arrival
Coxon, Helen Williams
Ludwici, GA
1941 (2 items) Long County Garden Club memorial; John Bartram Franklin Tree discovery; Mrs. G. V.
(Margaret) Cate (text of memorial enclosed)
Cramer, Stuart
1935 N.J. frogs
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Cranbrook Institute of Science
Bloomfield Hills, MI
1943 publications
Crandall, Lee S.
American Committee for International Wildlife Protection, N.Y. Zool. Park, New York City
see also American Committee for International Wildlife Protection
1955 (9 items) Barren Ground caribou, E. Raymond Hall, Kansas University, Old World Mammals
subsidy, Extinct and Vanishing Mammals Arctic Institute, Dick Pough
1956 caribou report, Old World Mammals, copy to Lewiston ME
1956 Max Miller re: horse breeding
1956 (3 items) Pervert specimen of Labrador "Grizzly"
1957 Old World Mammals
1959 order Old World Mammals for Mangum Weeks
Crane, Dr.
Chapel Hill
1966-1967 (3 items) Vitamin C usefulness; prescription for Kenalog Cream
1972 transmits book
Cravey, Jack D.
Commissioner Georgia, Dept. Game & Fish, Atlanta
1934 permit for collection except Ivory-billed woodpecker
Credit Bureau of Chapel Hill-Carrboro
Chapel Hill, NC
1959 address of Research Triangle Foundation
see also Stewart, Pearson
Creighton, Dean J.E.
1921 Athabaska study; graduate application
Cressman, Philip G. "Phip"
Glen Riddle, PA
1937 moving transport
1947 truck;
1948 (postcard) Lincoln car
Crichkmay, Geoffery
1937 Okefinokee,Crocker, William H., Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1963 (2 letters) snowshoes-Nakapi & Kutchin, Turner, report
Crofts, F.S. & Co. Publishers
New York
1944 (5 items) Linglebach; offer of a position; visit
1944 (2 items) refuses job; Robert T. Hatt (Cranbrook Institute) offer
Crosby, Cy[rus] R.
Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1936 Cemtrirpodes vottatis; Erianthus saccharoides; Neoscona arabesca
1936 determinations; Chesser's Island cabin
1936 (postcard) spider collecting; salamanders
1936 (postcard) spider specimens; Sherman Bishop
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1936 American Committee for International Wildlife Protection; President Shantz; Forest Service Spiders
Crosby Frisian Fur Co.
Rochester, NY
1950 price list, red fox skin, tanning for scientific study (no trimming)
1950 receipt of skin
1950 gray fox skin, scientific tanning (no trimming)
1950 fox skin received (from 'Madam")
Cross, Murry
West Philadelphia High School, Philadelphia PA
1940 (3 items) John Bartram Day assembly
Crosse, C.S.C.
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
1920 Laing; Athabaska Lake expedition
Crosman, Julius B.
Walpole, MA
1929 Gunners vs. naturalists
Crowell, Thomas Y, Co. New York NY
1950 Guggenheim, interest in Bartram book
1950 acknowledgment of letter (Lois Dwight Cole)
1951 Bartram, Guggenheim, book offer
1951 acknowledgment, completion date of Bartram book
Crozer (J. Lewis) Homeopathic Hospital
Chester, PA
1945 bill for room
Culver, Delos
"Addingham", Drexel Mill, PA
1946 (postcard) travel to Folkston, GA
1946 logging in Okefinokee
Cundiff, Paul & Son Inc.
Mt. Holly, NJ
1958 contact for heating system
1959 invoice
1959 contract
1950-1960 invoices for fuel oil
Cunningham, T.H.
1947 see also Hunting and Fishing (Magazine)
Curiel, Sr. Homer Garica
Univer. de Nuevo Leo, Facultad de Ceincias Biologicas, Monterrey, NL, Mexico
1970 inquiry "lagomorpha and rodents"; journal of mammalogy
Curran, C.H.
Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
1933 tachinid fly - muscopteryx
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1939 Oceanic Island expedition
1939 Oceanic Island expedition; Nocoll's Three Voyages of a Naturalist; American Committee for
International Wild Life Protection; John Bartram Association
Currey, Donald R.
Univ. of Wisconsin, Dept. Geography
1967 Ungava; Keewatin
Curtis, Winterrton C.
1931 re: possibility of Wild-Life reservation and
Biological Field Station in Okefinokee
Cutler, Herbert S.
1965 prints of members of DVOC for 75th anniversary
Cypert, Eugene
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sport Fisheries, Waycross, GA
see also U. S. Department of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service
1961 (2 letters) 1965-5 draught and fire in Okefinokee, Tom Chesser
1971 Okefinokee; Ralph Davis; Mizell
1971 (2 items) Okefinokee; scarlet ibis
1971 photographs, old Davis home
Dahlberg Electronics, Inc.
1960? Hearing bid
Dalgleish, Dr. Robert C.
Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve, Rensselaerville, NY
(no date) Huyck Preserve, fellowships
(no date, draft) Guggenheim recommendation; Fowler (uncertain attribution)
1968 fellowship and grants in aid for students at Chapel Hill
Dallory, Joanne S.
Chapel Hill, NC
1963 acknowledgment books, acquaintance
Dana Natural History Society
see also Waldbilbig
1950 talk on April 14th
Daniel, Hawthorne
Am. Museum of Nat. Hist., New York City, Natural History Magazine
1932 Pine woods tree frog; correspondence re: Ackland's article on Okefinokee
Dantzler, W.Z.
Orangeburg Co., Woodford, SC
1939 (postcard) Sec. State's Office, re: Bartram property; acknowledgment of card; Bartram
Darlington, E.P.
New Lisbon, NJ
1950 appreciation for Guggenheim 'certificate' Bartram papers; Academy of Natural Science
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Darlington, Mary F. (Mrs. E.P.)
1951 death of Darlington
1951 card of thanks for sympathy card
Darlington, Philip J., Jr.
1957 Zoogeography brochure
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
1961 (2 items) Polar Notes to printer
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo study also Stefanson, Evelyn
1965 Stefansson preservation Collection see also Alan Coake
1967 (2 items) Health of the Eskimos ad and order
Dauber and Pine Bookshop
1932 order for Howells' Florida Birdlife
Davenport, William
[Spruce River] NC
1963 (draft) location of Davenport place on [North Toe] River, Davenport genealogy
David, Charles W.
Longwood Foundation, Kennel Square, PA
Elutherian Mills Historical Library, Greenville, DE
see also Longwood Library; [Ottey], Grace
1958 help for finishing Ms re: BARTRAM
1958 grant re: William Bartram biography; Edward A. Beacom
1958 Longwood Library holdings; du Pont family
1958 Harper's papers re: Bartram, plant and animal specimens; reviews; biological papers series
1958 William Linglebach; John M. Fogg, Jr.; Harper's health; Bartram's Travels
1958 (3 items) Longwood Foundation grant; gifts of papers to Foundation; acknowledgment
1959 (2 items) Bartram biography; grant; Travels sales reviews; Alexandria Library Company lecture
1960 Victor du Pont; inquiry Koengin, botanist (Dutch)
1960 (2 items) Bartram biography progress report; removal to Chapel Hill; Koenig
1961 (5 letters) announcement Longwood Library & Hegley Museum to become the Eleutherian Mills
Historical Library, Koenig/Kin identity, references
1962 Ungava/Keewatin papers
1963 Bartram biography, Ungava Indians, other Harper projects; (draft attached) (copy)
Davis, -------1970 (draft, shares sheet with [Meanley]
Davis, Charles W.
Geography, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1924 rodent impact on humans; Dr. Dice
1925 notes on mammals Mich.
Davis, David E.
Zoology, Pennsylvania State University
1961 request for Preble writing
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Davis, James J.
Washington DC
1931 request Control of Predatory Animals Act
1931 Predatory Animals Control Act copy transmitted (attached)
Davis, Lambert
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC
1959 Mangum Weeks; publication of Bartram
1969 Chapel Hill connections (1913, "Froggy" Wilson, (Critz, George); Bartram
1969 (5 items) Bartram biography and Yale; Chapel Hill; publishing; Okefinokee book; Totten
1961 (5 letters) reviewer for John Clayton biography by E. Berkeley—Harper, Joseph Ewan, review of
Banister study by Ewan; Raymond Stearns, Conway Zinke, Jeannette Graustein, Mangum Weeks
1970 (draft) Bartram's travels; list of Bartram works; William Bartram biography (shares sheet with
Meanley, Brooke)
Davis, Mary L.
Florida State Library, Tallahassee, FL
1939 acknowledgment bulletins; Butser brothers
1939 (postcard) Harper's gender
Davis, N. S. III
1936 application directorship Chicago Academy of Sciences (personal data enclosed)
Davis, Ralph
Folkston, GA
1938 Okefinokee; logging and fishing
1938 Biological Survey
Davis, Richard B.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1955 Jose Francisce Correa de Serra notes from Maurice Phillips to Davis
Davis, William B.
Texas A & M, College Station
1939 (to Morris Leeds) memorial to Arthur N. Leeds
1939 (2 items) sketch of Arthur Leeds
1941 Journal note
1942 (5 items) printing errors Journal of Mammalogy; Bartram, wolves
Davis, William T.
State Island Inst., Arts/Sciences
1918 re: loan payment clipping on 81st B.D. World -Telegram Staff - Hambla Bauer
1929 acknowledgment Adirondack mammals paper; cicadas
1930-1935 cicadas
1937 Christmas card
1944 Bartram; Okefinokee
1944 Mount Sinai Hospital of Cleveland
1960 (3 items, letters & postcard) request reprint Keewatin birds study
1960 Preble's Hudson`s Bay route, obituary, bibliography
1960 (2 letters) Preble, Manitoba bird paper, Walter L. Gillespie, Miles Pirnie
1961-1962(2 letters) acknowledgment Ungava mammals and fishes papers, Preble
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1962 (4 letters) Preble, The Auk, membership in American Society of Mammalogists, J. W. Anderson
1962 Patterson re: Nahanni River, Bartram Harper, Camsell, Preble
1963 (2 letters) Hall and Kelson's book, Patterson, Stefansson, Barren Ground caribou,
1963 (4 letters) J. W. Anderson, Preble, Ungava Indians, Northern Coordination and Research Centre,
caribou report, northland insects
1964 (2 letters) Trautman's Fishes of Ohio, Farley Mowatt, ("the Toronto fraud"), Banfield exposure in
Canadian Field Naturalist, Harper projects
1964 Robert W. Nero re: Athabaska birds, Cypripedium reginae (notice attached)
1964 Nero book, Gngus Buchanan, Banfield
1965 Ashtahula, Ohio, alligators protection
Dawson, Warren R.
Simpson House, Simpson, Bletchley, Berkshire, England
1959 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram's Travels; Joe Ewan, suggestion on publishing commentary
Dawson's Book Shop
Los Angeles, CA
1941 (2 items) publication of Travels of William Bartram
Day, Albert M.
Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Interior, Washington, DC
See also US Dept. of Interior
1949 McQueen's allegations re: Okefinokee Range Manager protection of Okefinokee
Dayton, William A.
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Washington, DC
1944 Bartram's names: polynomial or descriptions
1953 (to Charleston Museum, endorsed to Harper) checklist of U.S. trees;Thomas Walter re: "Flora
Caroliniana" ca. 1788; Fraxinus pubescens
1953 date of Walter's "Flora Caroliniana; Joe Ewan; Maxon's Thomas Walter, Botanist
De Cou, Thomas
Haddenfield, NJ
1948 apples
Deane, Ruthven
1926 Birds
Debnam, W. E.
Raleigh, NC
1955 order My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night
Defense Research Northern Laboratory
Ft. Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
1950 request for reprints
Defenders of Wildlife
Washington, DC
1966 coyote
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Deignan, Herbert G.
American Ornithologists Union, Washington
1961 (3 letters) honorary life members of AOU, list of colleagues
Deignan, Stella Lache
Smithsonian Institution, Biosciences Information Exchange
1955 (2 items) project summary (Ungava investigations) (summary attached)
1955 summary of NSF project
1958 acknowledgment publications; Wetmore; Friedmann; linguistics
1958 French among Quebéc Indians; scientists and languages; Waldo Schmitt; Ungava birds paper
1958 Bartram review; Harper style; Eisenhower's speeches (review attached)
1958 acknowledgment review; Pitelka; Eisenhower's language
1959 (form letter) Bio-Sciences Information Exchange request for summary of research
Delafield, Eugene L.
New York City
1936 Bartram, Okefinokee
Delafield, Violetta W. (Mrs. John R.)
New York City
1936 acknowledgment pamphlets; Bartram’s “Journal”’
1939 acknowledgment articles; Bartram Trail; Arthur M. Leeds
1940 (2 items) unpublished William Bartram's plant drawings; Bartram trail; Garden Club of America
1940 (2 items) publishing Bartram trail; Franklinia;
1940 (4 items) photostats of Bartram plates
1940 publishing Bartram mss (American Philosophical Society)
1941 (5 items) viewing Bartram drawings
1942 turtle (Clemmys insculata) drawing; Dr. Pennell
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram
1944 Bartram
Delaware County (Pennsylvania)
Swarthmore, PA
1944 personal property tax assessment
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (D.V.O.C.)
see also Underdown, Henry, Treas.; see also John A. Gillespane
no date Coop. Project no. 1; The Starling of the Philadelphia Area
1930 receipt
1932 letter re: Arthur Emden Memorial
1937-1938 dues
1941 receipt
1943 membership receipt
1945 DVOC members in service
1948 re: Street, P.B.
1951 invitation (& map) 1st Annual DVOC piCTic
1951 membership card
1951 (postcard) Summer Field Trips
1952 questionnaire
1952 Tinicum Marshes; City (Philadelphia) Planning Commission
1953 (postcard) Tinicum Marshes conservation
1953 (postcard) request Nueltin Lake report
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1953-1955 (3 items) meeting notices
1954 (3 items) lecture: "Exploring Biological Frontiers of the Ungava Peninsula"; acknowledgment
1958 (postcard) meeting notice
1956 Keewatin mammals paper donation
1958 Honoring Dr. Julian A. [K.] Potter, dinner
1961 dues for honorary members 1962-1964 (postcards) meetings
1967-68 meeting notices
1970 (2 items) Rex Thomas memorial fund
1971 meeting notices
1971 (form letter) message from the president; endowment fund
Dellinger, S.C.
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
1922 Zoologist position
1945 herpetology; Bartram
De Loach, R.J.H.
Athens, GA
1912 photo "J.B"; southern trip; Miller; [Overton]; Okefinokee
1930 reprints; Chicago; Okefinokee and state of biological research efforts: fund raising; friends and Ford
1939 acknowledgment separates; Bartram;
1940 Sisters' Ferry; W.S. Bird; British children; Bartram mss.
1943 (2 items) Bartram; Mark Catseby; Roland Harper
1944 acknowledgment William Bartram Paper; Burroughs, et al. bird students
1944 Bartram
Delta, Waterfowl Research Station
Delta, Manitoba
1964 (postcard) request Ungava climate paper
Denver University
1946 position
Department of Agriculture (Canada)
see Canada-Department of Agriculture
Department of Northern Affairs (Canada)
see Canada-Department of Northern Affairs
De Remme. G. W. [W. W.]
University of Georgia, Athens
1940 John Bartram "Orphan House" visit (excerpt enclosed)
Derry, Bruce E.
Corpus Christi, TX
1929 rec. for collection permit - sea birds-fauna; return favor of specimens of long-tailed lizards for Texas;
detailed collection techniques
1931 collection of fishes
1933 cerion shells
Déry, D. Alphonse
Provancher Society of Natural History of Canada (L Société d'Histoire Naturelle du Canada), Quebec
no date Christmas card; caribou shoot 1904 photo
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1955 R. N. Anderson papers re: mammals of Quebec, Clethrionomy gapperi hudsonius
1956 acknowledgment 1938 & 1939 Provancher Society annual Reports
1956 acknowledgment bulletins; Provancher reports for 1930-1931; Plamendon; photos of reindeer
1956 reindeer photos, Bernier; Pedioecetes; Phoca greenlandica papers; Gilbert Simard; Charles Frémont
1956 (draft) acknowledgment Provancher Society report
1956 acknowledgment reindeer postcard; Provancher Society; albino shrew; Georges Lefrançois; Musée
National d`Ottawa; Smithsonian
1956 albino shrew; acknowledgment caribou clippings; Robert Reusch; reindeer (clippings attached)
1956 (postcard) eastern timber black wolf
1956 red and black timber wold from Lac "La Chute"
1956 acknowledgment papers; Ungava frog paper' black wolf note; Nelson's Mammals of North America
(description attached)
1956 Quebéc Province wolves; wolf specimens; Ungava mammals study
1956 bounties on bears and wolves
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals; black wolf; bounties
1956 woodland caribou of Lac aux Foins; Ungava caribou study; bounties; studies of Odoculleus
1956 polar bear migration; white-tailed deer; caribou hunting; "Club du-Lac-à-La-Belle"; woodland
caribou; G. Cyr; "mouse" hunting
1957 caribou, deer, moose; Plamodon; Laurentides National Park; hunting; Extinct and Vanishing
Mammals of the Old World; Provancher Society
1962 offers help, request autographed book
1962 transmits Ungava mammals, Ungava Indian paper, Ungava plants and animals paper
Despard, Norm
Sept-Iles, Quebec
1953 article in Sept-Iles Journal
De Sola, C. Ralph
1931 re: Okefinokee (turtles, crocodiles, alligators)
1933 request for reprints
1933 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints (alligators of Okefinokee; Crocodilians of the world)
deTerra, H.
1942 printing ms.; general geography text
1942 (postcard) metric vs. English weights
Detwiler, John D.
1925 re: wood buffalo
[De Vrey Comera
no. 254re points for overhaul]
de Vos, Antoon
Dept. of Entomology & Zoology, Ontario; Agriculture College, Guelph
1962 (3 letters) acknowledgment reprints, request Ungava birds paper, Canadian journals' silence, ranges
of Lake Superior trees
Dewesse, Dr. Lovett (and Edith)
Glen Mills, PA
1949 re: the George Bass(es), Bridgeton
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Dice, Dr. L.R.
Michigan Academy; Museum of Zoology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1924 mammals, Douglas Lake
1932 slides of: Perompcus, desert rodents color, moose of Isle Royale
see also Society of Mammalogists
1932 acknowledgment reprints; Tucson
1935 acknowledging receipt of papers: birds, amphibia
Dickerman, Robert W.
Minnesota Museum of Natural History, Minneapolis
1959 (3 items) Nueltin Lake birds; exchange for
Hamilton River plants copy
Dickerson, Miss M.C.
American Museum of Natural History
1920 publications
Dickey, Donald R.
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
1929 Zoologist position
Dictionary of American Regional English
see Cassidy, Frederick G.
Diehl, F. & Son, Inc.
1929 coal delivery
Dille, Fred M.
Niobrara Game Refuge, NE;Book and Naure Studio
1930 request for info re: weights (for birds scales)
1943 Bartram reprint books
Dimon, John E.
Lawyer, Mount Holly, NJ
1952 Certificates of ownership and eviction rents and mortgages (101 Union St.?)
1952 payment Wheatley-Harper settlement
1953 deed fr. Melford M. Whatley
Dinkins, A[rchebald]. L. and Annie
Folkston, GA
1936 house; Mizells; Gibsons; pecan order
1945 (to Jean Harper) Christmas card, family news
[Division Fisheries/Game
State House, Boston, MA
1928 rabbit fever
Dix, W.L.
Starruca, PA and Morrisville, PA (see also Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia)
1945 re: trip to Island Lake, Wayne Co., flora & fauna
1947 panther clipping (enclosed); identity of T.M.H.
1949 Lichen report at Keewatin (attached) Dr. Pennell, article in Bartonia
1949 Wherry's rock identifications (List on 6/2/49)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1949 Dr. Evans re: Dodge identification of Cladonia mitis C. ringiferina and C. amaurocraea; branching
lichens; photograph of Parmelia minuscula
1949 American Society of Mammalogists annual meeting, DC, Diddy, Jean & family; Rensselaerville
lichens, photograph of Pamelia minuscula
1949 Starrucca Pa & Shahawken PA, Edward Dix's store, Potentilla procumbens
1949 lichen collection at Academy; wintering on Huyck Preserve; Keewatin lichen ms.
1949 Keewatin ms. Potentilla procumbens specimen
1949 Keewatin lichens Pennell's Peru collection
1949 Keewatin lichen specimens and missing page(s) of ms
1949 Keewatin lichen set to Academy missing pages [Lyngve's] paper
1949 Keewatin lichens report (rewritten) Phillips and lichen report in Proceeding publishing in Pryologist
1949 missing file cards Parmelia stygia 2453b and Umbilicaria hyperboea
1950 "Notes for Lichens and Hepatics of the Nueltin Lake Expedition", by W.L. Dix (typescript &
1950 lichen ms., photos of Parmelia centrifuga transport of "ornithocorophilous" lichens by birds
(attached, lichens of East Greenland & Thule) pine grosbeaks
1950 size and cost of lichen ms., Parmelia minuscula photographs death of Stair (mosses), Dr. Pennell,
Dr. Kern of Penn.State, Dr. Riddle (lichenologist), Dr. Pilsbury, Proctor
1950 ms of Keewatin lichen report; Folkston FL; Wherry's book on southern plants; Academy, Mrs.
Riddle, Dr. Cadbury, Dr. Pennell; Dr. Camp Lake Shahawken
1950 revised lichen ms., Bryologist (notes attached) ornithocoprophilous lichens specimens of Caloplaca
or Xanthoria collected at Mt. McKinley National Park corrections to lichen ms., numbering language and
punctuation re: proof and pictures
1950 Notes on Dix's lichen ms
1950 (postcard) Keewatin report, Dr. Stair dispersal of lichens; Caliploco elegans
1952 Pennell's death; Florida "Bartramian" spots
1953 (draft) collecting at Knob Lake; Keewatin lichens, plants; birds; construction; geological studies;
1953 lichens; Academy; collecting plants; Dr. Fogg; Dr. Wherry
1955 (3 items) lichen paper; quotations; Hind; heretics; Bartram's mosses; family headings' Bryologist;
lichen genera
1955 Dodge re: Lerides polytropa identification
1955 (2 items) lichen ms.; photos
1955 photos
1955 lichens ms. Pennsylvania weather
1956 Ungava hepatics and lichens paper; distribution of specimens at National Museum of Canada;
Smithsonian, colleagues; publisher
1956 lichen specimen depositories (copy)
1956 Evans re: Cladonia deformis or C. gonecha
1960 (4 items) removal to Chapel Hill; lichens lecture
1963 Ungava climate paper, Pennsylvania birds, lichens, Academy of Natural Science, Roberts, pay,
Wherry & herbarium, Earle, Duke & lichens, family news
1963 travels
1964 northern reports, pine sickinss
1964 Wherry, herbarium, lichens, family news
1964 Lichens at Academy
Dixon, Joseph
1927 Okefinokee
Dockstader, Frederick J.
Museum of the American Indian, New York
1961 (3 letters) Ungava Indians, portraits of contributors, Alanson Skinner, William B. Cabot, Henry Y.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Hind, Speck re: birch-bark
Dodd, Mary Burke
Swarthmore, PA
1941 Jean S. Harper's securities
Dodge, Carroll W.
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis
1949 Keewatin lichens
1951 reprint of paper in Bryologist re: Keewatin lichens; Dr. Dix
1951 specimens of Keewatin lichens (list attached) 'uniques' reserved for Academy
1951 acknowledgment of specimens
1956 (2 items) Ungava lichens and hepatics specimens sent and acknowledged; unicate of Thelidiopsis
Dodge, Charles Wright
University of Rochester, NY 1925 personnel vacancies (name)
Dodge, Ernest S.
Peabody Museum, Salem, MA
1960-1962 (6 letters) location of "Mr. Cabot's notes", Ungava Indians, William B. Cabot's daughter,
Cabot's photograph, Mrs. Joseph Coolidge, list of contributors
1964 acknowledgment, Ungava Indians paper, Frank Speck
Dodge, Joseph B.
North Conway, NH
1964 John W. Dodge and Labrador expeditions, Dodge's colleagues (copy)
Dodge, Wendell E.
Fish & Wildlife Service, Olympia, WA
1964 to "Dick" Manville, Director) bird & mammal labs, Washington, D.C.; Joe Dodge (Pinkham notch)
Dolan, Edward M.
1963 Andrew L Pickens re: Cherokee, notes
Dollfus, G.
see Museum National D'Historie Naturelle, Paris
1938 French naturalists & herpetology
Domit, Lettler
Society or Natural History, Boston, MA
1927 colleague; poem: "Lament of the Whale"
Donnelly, John D.
Philadelphia Pediatric Society.
1931 speaking engagement
Doolittle, E.A.
Painesville, Ohio
1931 request, Harper's 12 favorite birds
Dopson, C. William, Jr.
Department of Zoology, Univ. of Georgia, Athens
1970 mammals of coastal Georgia Milton Hopkins, see also Miss Clermon Lee, Noble Wymberday Jones
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
(Revolutionary patriot)
1979 acknowledgment autobiographical notes on Roland Harper; Cumpberland Island: Wormslow; Milton
Hopkins; Wilson Baker
Dore('s),------Boston, MA
1935 greeting
Dorminy, Dr. A.C.
Hoboken, GA
1931 "frolic" and possibility of making movie
Dorrance & Company Pub.
1923 Birds
Dorsey, George A.
Vinings, GA
1941 (4 items) Robert Norris re: Bufo terrestris toads
Dorson, Richard M.
Indiana University, Bloomington
1963 Okefinokee folktales essay, Indiana monograph series
1963 Okefinokee, foundation support
Dorst, Jean
Muséum National d'Historie Naturelle Paris
1956 acknowledgment caribou book; visit; Prof. Trouessart
1956 acknowledgment Mammalia; list of papers sent; Mlle. Dollfus
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment papers
1956 Christmas card
1957 review of Keewatin mammals paper in Mammalia
dos Passos, Cyril F.
Mendham, NJ
1959 (3 items) Le Conte spelling; Lepidopterists' News
Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc
Worlds Work
Doubleday One Dollar Book Club
Garden City, NY
1960 (postcard) address
1960 (3 items) itemized statement; acknowledgment; (draft); change of address
Dougherty, Louis R.
Philadelphia, PA
1940 (2 items) John Bartram High School; paintings of Bartram scenes (Altamah River, Franklin
Tree); photos
Doutt, J. Kenneth "K." and Peg
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA (see also Carnegie Museum; Heppenstall, Catherine A.)
1932 re: exchange of reprints; mammals
1940 acknowledgment nomenclature paper; Mustela
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1943 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
1944 Bartram
1944-49 historian, Survey of PA mammals
[1948] (draft) bird prints for D.C. Cameron; Nueltin Lake (draft, shares sheet with Earl Poole, see Poole)
1949 Hayck Preserve, Sherman Bishop; Pennsylvania mammals
1950 caribou
1950 Colonel Henry W. Shomaker & Pennsylvania mammals firld reports, McDowell
1950 field reports; McDowell
1952 us distribution of Didelphis Harper' mal fox, Smith's opossum, Boston Society of Natural History; in
Journal of mammalogy, 8/25
1952 New Hampshire possum; Tom Barbour & Boston Society as a scientific institution; ANSP
Guggenheim, Bartram; reclaimed property at Academy (caribou) publishing caribou paper (Rangifer
arcticus arcticus)
1953 Arctic Institute Ungava grant; Iron Ore Co.; Todd; folding canoe; tent stove
1954 Ungava mammals publications; Todd; reindeer question; Microtus; Clethrionomys; Synaptomys;
1954 Rousseau; Ungava report
1955 (1 items) caribou species, R.a.arcticus; R.c.caribou; coloring; caboti; Dicrostonyx; Lagopus mitus
rupestris; P.v.mellonae; seals
1955 Ungava caribou; Folbot picture; Great Slave Lake expedition; seals of Kaniapiskau
1955 (2 items) Bartram H. Harper re: porcupines killed by Indians,
1956 praise Keewatin caribou paper; Pennsylvania mammals study
1956 Kansas publications; antelope and cheetah postures; Ungava reports; Fort Enterprise expedition
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment publication
1957 (2 items) Tom Manning re: seals; Lac La Motte; Rangifer capoti photograph
1958 Povungnituk specimens; Keewatin mammals study; Chapel Hill
1958 (2 items) Ungava caribou; capoti photograph; Turner; confusion; Povungnituk specimens
1958 caribou measurements; Carter re: caribou skin; Ungava bird report; Kansas publications; Bartram's
1959 (2 items) Franklinia
1959 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram; Cabot re: "grampus; caribou photo
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, mastodon, Todd re: birds of Labrador
1961 Harper "program", Ungava mammals, E. Ray Hall, Ungava Indians, caribou, caones
1961 Ungava Eskimo River, Georgia trip
1962 list writers re: mammals of Pennsylvania
1962 visit, list of naturalists, Ken Parkes re: marsh wrens, acknowledgment reports
1962 Carnegie Magazine, Parkes, Ungava and Keewatin mss.
1962 Samuel Harden, visit
1963 Nueltin Lake & E. C. Oberholtzer
1963 Oberholtzer, Georgia trip
1963 (2 letters) Oberholtzer re: Nueltin seals, Manitoba Museum, R. W. Sutton
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment
1963 visit, "project," inscribing Travels for Sikes
1963 Sikes inscription, Georgia deer, Pennsylvania mammals, regional variations (draft included)
1963 Travels; family news
1964 acknowledgment Eskimo and Indian reprints,
1966 Preble writings: caribou, UNGAVA, Mammals of PA
Dover Publications, Inc.
New York
1960 order Audubon and His Journals, 2 vols.
1971 order, McKnight's Evolution of the English Language from Chaucer to the twentieth Century
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
Dow, Richard P.
Thomsonville, GA
1952 editor, publications of Boston Society of Natural History; Bartram Journal, Mr. Melvin Goodwin
queries Travels
1952 'looting' of BSNH by Barbour Travels Journals published in Trans. Am. Philos. Soc., 33, 1942 &
1943; Bartram biography; Stoddard, the Komareks in Thomasville
Down, E. H. (Ted)
1954 acknowledgment Nueltin birds reprint
1959 acknowledgment photographs for "Deer Album"
1959 request Ungava birds paper
1959 request Barren Ground caribou paper, caribou photographs
1959 (2 items) Ungava mammals paper, photographs, Rangifer caribou sylyestris (KU), G. Kenneth
1959 acknowledgment Field Guide to English Deer
1960 reprints, family news, Einersen's Pronghorn Antelope,
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals book, Chapel Hill, visit
1961 Chapel Hill, W. C. George re: "mulattoism", English colleagues
1061 Hudson's book, English colleagues—Douglas Carruthers
1961 acknowledgment Hudson book, Sussex Downs.
[1962] Christmas card
1964 acknowledgment books, Arabian oryx in Arizona
1964 Hudson volumes, Arabian oryx photographs, Bartram, London in AEF, A Smith Woodward at
Zoological Society of London
1964 Christmas card
1967 Christmas card
1968 Christmas card
1969 Christmas card, photo Arctic oryx, extinct and vanishing mammals, manuals, publications
1970 Christmas card
Downes, E. G. (Mrs. P.G.)
Concord, MA
1959 Dr. Downes death & letter of commiseration
1959 Sleeping Island; Prentise; John Tanner (review of Sleeping Island from Boston Harold attached)
1961 advice on repositories of papers
1961 (2 items) Charles Schweder; P. G. Downes notebooks
Downes, P.G.
Belmont Hill School, MA; Concord, MA
1949 "Charles" & May issue of Natural History Magazine; Nueltin
1952 Ralph Palmer, Nueltin Lake reprints Preble's Biological Investigation of Hudson Bay, Mowatt's
'dishonesty' in People of the Deer
1952 list of Nueltin publications, Preble's Investigation, 'a certain distasteful person' (Mowatt?)
1952 fresh water seals in Cochrane River Shoal Lake-RedEarth district on upper Carrot River and
'southern character' of flora & fauna
1952 A. W. Porsild, National Museum of Canada Nueltin trip, Dr. Robert E. Yule of Indian Health
Service, Thlewiaza River Carrot River cougar. 'jumping deer', Lake Athabaska
1952 (Mowatt?] on Beaver Carrott River 7 jumping deer; woodland caribou 'Mahthee Mooswah', ugly
deer, Isham's 'Marte Moose, 'musk ox'; Cree Indian myths; fresh water seals
1953 acknowledgment Neultin birds paper; family news; physiography; Cree re: shooting jays; yellowbilled loon;
1953 acknowledgment notes
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1953 Labrador and Quebec; Sept-Isles Montagnais; Frank Speck; Retty, Pegrum, Way, Wishart; Naskapi;
William B. Cabot; faunal notes; Porsild;
1953 Christmas card
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper
1955 Christmas card
1956 Keewatin caribou paper; Charles Planchek (Planck) biography (photos); Mallet's tales; Del Simons
1956 Eskimo Charlie (Planinshek); caribou draft animals; Windy Smith year
1956 Christmas card
1957 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals paper (mammal notes attached)
1957 acknowledgment mammal notes; Birket-Smith; Solman; caribou antlers; Jack Hogarth; David
Thompson; Yale Press
1957 Mallet; caribou antlers; Cree and jays; Thompson
1958 Christmas greeting
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; John Tanner
Drake, Mrs. F.M.
Memphis, TN
1966 Eskimo work - Churchill (see also Schweder)
Drake, Bob and Frieda
Orlando, FL
1961 Christmas card
Drake, Thomas E.
Haverford, PA
1941 Friends House researcher; John Nickalls; Collinson-Bartram correspondence
1941 bank draft to Nickalls; Bartram material
1941 Collinson letter re: "Catesby"; transcription errors
Dransfield, Jane
New York
1943 (3 items) Bartram’s garden; broadside catalogues; Newman F. McGirr (Schramm letter of
Dreibelbis, J. Stuart
Reading Public Museum, Reading, PA
1949 Barrens talk
Dress, William
Ithaca, NY
1957 (3 items) Ralph Smith; Miller's Gardeners Dictionary of 1768;Canna lutea
Driscoll, Alfred E.
Trenton NJ (Governor of NJ)
1953 "hoodlum gunners"; Senate Bill No. 164 (copy)
Drinker, H. S.
1952 Academy president Linton; Harper slander and misstatements
1952 Academy and Parkway; insults; mineral collection; bird collection; paradichlorobenzine; Moore; lost
bequests; (list of copies appended)
1952 request list of correspondents re: Academy
1952 Academy investigation appeal for thoroughness; condition of collections; future of Academy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1952 Harper's correspondents re: Academy
1953 (5 copies) Academy administration; disposal of specimens (draft)
Dudiak, John
Mt. Clemens, Mich.
1961 Keewatin; Ungava
1953 (postcard) re: History and Nomenclature of the Pocket Gophers (Geomys) in Georgia, from
Proceedings Biological Society of Washington, 65, 1952
Dudley, LeRoy
Staceyville, ME
1928 pack horses from "Windey Pitch"
Duellman, William E.
1952 (postcard) herpetological library and papers
Dufour, Paul A.
Rimouski, Quebec
1953 folding boat duty
Dufresne, Frank
1947 Review Alaska's Animal and Fishes for the World in Books
Duke, Elizabeth
Garden Club of America, New York
1940 (2 items) lecture questionnaire
Duke University Dept. Zool.
1973 see Johanson, Kjell
Duke University Press
Reptile Publication
Dumont, Benoît
Ministére de la Colonisation, Provence do Québec
1962 (2 letters) death of D. A. Dére, request Ungava mammals; paper inscription
Dunbar, Dr. M.J.
Zoology, McGill University Montreal
1960 measurements of UNGAVA fishes
1964 acknowledgment publications, Marine Sciences Centre
Duncan, Ruth (Mrs. Lucius G.)
1958 acknowledgment copies of Turner's caribou ms.
1961 acknowledgment Ungava papers, Dillon Wallace's Ungava Bob, Leonidas Hubbard, Jr.
Bartram's Travels
1961 Ungava Indians, Dillon Wallace's atrocities re: Hubbard, Woman's Way through Unknown Labrador
Duncan, Wilbur H.
Botany, University of GA, Athens; Public Health Service
1941 Georgia trees; Bartram
1941 (postcard) Le Conte portfolio, Buro drawing
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram’s diary
1944 greeting
1946 Charleston, work on Aedes Aegyptica
1949 Roland (Harper) address; reprints
1949 acknowledges reprints, Huyck Preserve Acer pennsylvanicum; vascular plants Neill's 'irresponsibility'
1949 reprints; Neill's exaggeration
1949 papers, views on 'herpetologist' (Neill)
1950 (postcard) paper in American Midland Naturalist
1950 Bartram, reprints in MAN, trees
1950 trees of Georgia published, Halesia parviflora De Renne, Noble Johes, Dr. George Jones the Gilbert
Collection at College of Physicians, Philadelphia
1950 (postcard) reprints, Royal Palm, Bailey
1950 Helesia parviflora of Charleston County De Renne
1950 Halesia parviflora specimens at Phila. Academy Charlton County specimens vandalized
1951 sketch of Barbarism’s Kaaterskill Lakes-Patenville
1952 book on French Louis, Elgie Spears Louis photographs, Ralph's camp trip to West Canada Lake
1955 Lupinus photograph 1955 Lupinus; vilosus or diffusus; vitamin C; treatment
1955 Lupinus; Bartram; vitamin C; Okefinokee; (Georgia flora map enclosed)
1956 (2 items) Georgia plant specimens not Academy’s; E. Perot Walker; Jean Harper
1956 (2 items) specimens at Academy
1957 (2 items) address; reprints; Bartram's Travels
1958 Savannah River flora bibliography; Eugene Cybert Okefinokee; Wright & Wright; Bartram
1958 Savannah River flora; Bartram; Asimina triloba criticiam; Schenck & McMaster
1958 Turner's Labrador caribou paper
1967 map of physical regions of southeastern U.S. (map attached)
1968 (2 items) Okefinokee; Dr. Radford; letter to Huey Chesser
1969 acknowledgment woody vines booklet; Shortia; Keowee River; Bartram's Magnolia auriculata;
Illicium parviflcrum (draft included)
1969 acknowledgment reprints
1970 Eugene Cupert; list of Okefinokee woody plants
1970 Eugene Cypert; Okefinokee woody plants; bibliography included
1970 (2 items) acknowledgment Okefinokee citations; Ben Yarborough story
1970 life membership Cooper Ornithological Society
1970 “panmass”; [tiger cat]s
Dunlap, Donald G.
Asst. Prof. Biol., Ripon College, Wisconsin; Zoology, Univ. of South Dakota, Vermillion
1957 (postcard) request Ungava reptiles paper
1959 Pseudacris
1959 (postcard) request Pseudacris paper
1964 (postcard) request amphibians paper
Dunn, Dr. E.R.
Northampton, MA
1925 change of address (to Boston)
1930 COPEIA subscription
Dunn, Esther H.
New York, NY and Haines Falls, NY
1965 Bartram ref to father, Cleveland Dunn and sister Marjorie
Dunn, L.H.
Gorgas Memorial Institute Laboratory, American Canal Zone
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 6 continued
1932 mammals of Athabaska and Great, Slave Lake Region (see also Am. Soc. Mammalogists)
Dunton, Rupert C.
Warren Wilson College, Savanna, NC
1965 Ecology
Dupree, A. Hunter
History, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1960 (draft) early botanists; Wes-Whitman ms.
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais paper, Bartram, report enclosed
1964 acknowledgment Federal support paper, critique of scientific funding sources, Univ. of Kansas, NSF,
Arctic Institute, Bartram studies, sources (copy)
Duprey, Marj (Mrs. Paul)
Sarasota, Fl; New York
1936 (to Jean Harper) photos; family news
1952 re: magazines; Atlantic article on Barren Grounds, written by “a complete fraud and criminal, bent
on injuring me” (Mowatt?)
1960 re: [West]-Wildman MS on J. B. (Bartram)
Durrant, Stephen I.
Zoology, University of Utah, Salt Lake
1937 library for animal research; order reprints
Dutcher, William
National Associations Audubon Society
1916 Long Island Birds
Dwight, Doctor
1919 AOU dues; Gelochelidon nicootion; Sterna caspia
1920 tern specimens; distribution; Qébec records
Dye, Jane B. (Mrs. Daniel S.)
Colora, MD
1963 (2 items) review of Harper's "William Bartram and the American Revolution," George Ord, S. Weir
Dymond, Prf. J.R.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology, Toronto
1948 Nueltin Lake; unpleasantness with Mowatt
Dzubin, Alex
Dept. of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources, National Parks Branch, Saskaton, Saskatchewan
1961 (2 letters)request Athabaska bird studies, Dr. Nero, Goose, Phillips' Natural History of Ducks,
Keewatin bird paper
Series I. Box 7.
Eade. Kenneth E.
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
1962 (3 letters) acknowledgment Ungava climate study, garter snakes, Themnophis sirtalis Bill
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Smith, Bob Scott; Ungava fauna (photos and sketches attached) 1962 Ungava caribou, Eskimos,
Sharles Schweder
1962 Caribou Eskimo, C.S. Lord, Schweder, tent rings at Nueltin Lake, wolverine or red fox skins,
Anoteelik (Eskimo boy)
1962 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals paper, Schweder, Eskimo, camp sites, request for Barren
Ground caribou study
1962 (2 letters) acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou paper, kayak paddle, Schweder, Rankin Inlet
nickel mine
1963 fallout, Rankin Inlet Eskimo
1963 bibliography of Eskimo studies
1963 Caribou Eskimo, Birket-Smith re: human ecology, fallout
1963 Schweder, Eskimo artifacts, International Nickel Co.,
1963 Barren Lands; Keewatin
1964 acknowledgment northern studies, Schweder,
1966 (2 items) Preble bibliography; Keewatin; New Quebec geology
Eadie, W. Robert
Dept. of Conservation, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca
1953 (draft) acknowledgment "one of the few remaining reprints of The Mammals of Southern Labrador;
Chthionomys; Sorex
1962 (form letter) William J. Hamilton, Jr.'s retirement
Eales, Charles
Swarthmore, PA
1935 mail from American Midland Naturalist; family news
Eastern Air Lines
no date (rough draft) schedule to Ottawa
Eastern Bird Banding Association
see also Low, Seth
1958 (from letter) invitation to membership
Eastman Kodak
Rochester, NY, Philadelphia
1914 camera purchase
1939 K-135 film failure; replacement
1948 film duplication, Oct. 21st.
1954 (3 items) defective 16-mm Kodachrome film magazines
Eaton, Cyrus
CEO Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, Cleveland
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals study, Julian Bond
1964 acknowledgment Ungava Eskimo study
Eaton, Warren F.
1926 Linnaen Soc.
1932 re: Hawk & Owl protection
Eavenson, Howard M.
Eavenson and Alford, Pittsburgh
1937 (2 items) James Kenney journal; John Bartram; coal; Julian P. Boyd
1937 Bartram's journal; Herbert Smith
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Eberlein, Harold Donaldson
Philadelphia, PA
1937 (3 items) Delafield's Bartram drawings
Ebhardt, Herman
Hanover, Germany
1952 M.G. Etherington, articles on ponies and horses Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the World
articles submitted, acknowledgment, book proposal
Eckerd Drug Store
Chapel Hill, NC
1965 handling prescriptions
1967 prescription (Vasodilans)
1970 order
The Ecological Society of America
New Haven, CT
1933 dues
1934 announcement of meeting
1936 dues
1925 change of address
Econocopy of Chapel Hill, Inc.
1970 bill
Eddy, Prof. U.W.
Biology, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
1935 frog study
Edge, Rosalee (Charles Noel & Rosalie
Emergency [Cons(ervation) Comm(issioner)]
1930 re: Audubon Soc. Investigating Committee
1931 Henry R. Carey's suicide (filed with Mrs. Henry Reginald Carey)
see also Hawk Mt. Sanctuary Association; see also American Society of Mammals
1931 Holzworth correspondence
1934 - 35 Emergency Conservation Committee; membership in A.O.U.
1935 (2 items) A.O.U.; Biological Abstracts
1936 bulletin on roads; vanishing mammals study
1936 Hawk Mountain Sanctuary appeal
1937 (3 items) saving cypress jungles of Atlantic coast
1938 (2 items) letter to Secretary Wallace
1938 (2 items) Franklin Institute Journal; Fernald article
1938 chuck-will's-widow; Bartram; Okefinokee bird report
1938 (2 items) Franklin Institute; Franklinia report; poisoning bibliography
1938 A.O.U. membership on Harper's nomination
1938 A.O.U. membership; Palmer; Wallace letter; Okefinokee boats; Gabrielson
1941 (2 items) Okefinokee management; fire breaks: Secretary Ickes
1942 (form letter) bird shooting in Pennsylvania
1946 E.C.C. on lumber (timber?) in Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Edge, Hon. Walter E.
State House, Trenton, NJ
1945 conservation of Island Beach
Edgren, Richard A., Jr
1942 request reprints toad, amphibian, frog, and snake papers; Bartram, Daudin, Latterille,
1942 (4 items) exchange; Acris; Pseudacris; Hyla
Edmister, Frank C.
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1965 Preble
1921 Okefinokee
Edwards, F. W.
Entomology, British Museum of Natural History, London
1931 Patagonia & South Chile, abstract, locations
Egler, Frank E.
Norfolk, Conn.
1959 (postcard) Okefinokee reprints requested
1959 phytogeographical literature list
Eisenhart, L. P.
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia
see also American Philosophical Society
1944 Scott ms.
1951 Allen's "History of American Ornithology before Audubon" William Bartram, John Bartram
1951 portrait of William Bartram, Phillip Wallace Dr. Parnell
1951 acknowledgment of portrait (Bartram), Mrs. Allen
1954 (8 items) W. L. McAtee ms. "Journals and Note-books of Benjamin Smit Barton, 1685-1806"; review
and comments (with draft); honorarium
1954 Dr. S.W. Geiser as referee for Bragg's biography of Strecker
1954 (2 items) revision of McAtee's Barton ms.; Harper's refusal
1954 publishing McAtee's ms.; Mrs. Hess
1955 (2 items) referee for Edward E. Wildman's ms. The Correspondence of John Bartram
1955 (McAtee to Eisenhart) Barton ms. revisions to Roland Harper; Hugh Leffler; documentation;
1955 (3 items) McAtee ms.; Lefler; North Carolina's libraries; Alabama's libraries (with draft)
1955 last appeal to revise McAtee's Barton ms.
1955 (2 items) McAtee's ms.; publishing Bartram's Travels
1956 summary of naturalist's edition of Bartram's Travels; Guggenheim; Moe; William Bartram biography
1956 Philosophical Society publications policy
Ekblaw, W. Elmer
Home Geographic Soc Monthly, Worcester, MA
1931 re: article on Raccoon
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Eldridge, Lewis A., Jr.
Huyck Preserve, Rensselaerville, NY,
1949 (clipping) obit. of Francis Eldridge (father)
1950 Rancocas suggested subjects to investigate at Preserve acknowledgment of subjects
1951 "The need for a somewhat new type of biological research institution" ms 1930
1951 acknowledgment of sketch
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin mammals; Vernon Hawkins; Huyck Preserve
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; Stephen W. Eaton; re: Dr. Clair Brown of Louisiana State
pollen profiles on borings of lake bottoms and bogs; Bill Hamilton; Ralph Palmer; Audubon camp
1958 Brown re: Wood's investigation
1960 removal to Chapel Hill
1960 (2 items) Nature Conservancy acquisition of Bear Swamp; scholarship; family news
1964 acknowledgment publications, Robert C. Dalgleish woodpeckers, Harold Hagen (Institute program
Eldrige, Thomas
Rensselaerville, NY
1964 summer institute
Eleutherian Mills Historical Library
Greenville, DE
1961 dedication
Elisha Mitchell Science Society
see also Holland, Alma, Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1933 tree frog ms.
1936 order Journal
Elkins, J.S. (father of Liston)
Waycros, GA
1935 Okefinokee highway
Elkins, Lister (son of J.S.)
Waycros, GA
1930 Okefinokee
1966 Yules of Haney, B.C.; Nueltin Lake; Okefinokee; "Long-tailed tiger cat"
Elkinton, Howard W.
Germantown, PA
1931 Okefinokee - shrub Pieris phillyrefolia (the huckleberry)
1945 Pocono Lake cottage
Ellerman, J. R.
Department of Zoology, British Museum, London see British Museum)
Elliott, C.N.
Georgia Forest Service, Atlanta
[1919] ( postcard) home orders; France; trip to England
1932 Okefinokee national status
Ellis, Clarence E.
1958 receipt
1959 invoice
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Ellis, D.V.
Biology, University of Victoria, B.C., Fisheries Bd. of Canada
Dept. of Zoology, University of Manitoba
1958 acknowledgment reprints northern birds and mammals
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava life zones paper
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
1964 new address; acknowledged receipt of UNGAVA papers
Ellis, Hazel R.
Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY
1953 (3 items) caribou near Churchill, Manitoba; photos
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin Lake birds; hudsonian Gedwit
Ellis, Mackinnon
Bryn Mawr, PA
1930 payment; health
Ellis, Ralph
Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Kansas
1942 (2 items) request Bartram Vultur sacra reprint
1945 Bartram
Elton, Charles
Bureau of Animal Population, Botanic Garden, Oxford UK
[1945] acknowledgment - receipt of papers on Wildlife
1948 acknowledgment natural history papers
1953 (postcard) acknowledgment Nueltin Lake birds
1956 additional sources for "Barren-ground Caribou": Elton's Voles, Mice, and Lemmings, Sdobnikov's
Relations Between the Reindeer and Animal Life of the Tundra
1956 voles paper; Sdobnikov; Rangifer; Clethrionmys; Microtus; Dicrostonyx; Porsild; Tom Manning
1965 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava plants & animals paper
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Birds of Ungava
1961 (3 letters) acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, grizzly bear, vole, mice, lemmings, caribou
monograph with Manning, lemming, vole
1961 Ungava Indians, voles, mice, lemmings, R. A. Reynolds (copy)
1962 acknowledgment Ungava Indians paper, quotations
1962 Indian dances, Harrison Lewis, portraits of eight ethnologists (listed), Banfield re: Rangifer.
1962 quotations, Indian dances
1964 acknowledgment northern publications, Alan Cooke
Emergency Conservation Commission
New York see also Edge, Rosalee; Enders, Robert K.
1934 Shortage of Waterfowl transmitted, James E. Tippett, elementary curriculum, teaching unit
1932 report of year's (1931 work; statement of purpose
1934 (by Robert K. Enders) Audubon Society report of conditions on the Rainey Wild Life Sanctuary
1936 re: waterfowl (drout[h]); sugar pins, Yosemite; slaughter of deer, Seminole Reservation FL
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou study
Emerson, Prof. Alfred.E.
University of Chicago, Editor of Ecology
1931 dues Ecol. Society
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1934 editorial comments on papers
Emerson, Gail "Wendy"
Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
1959 acknowledgment Birds of Ungava; ambitions
Emerson, Dean R.A.
Graduate School, Cornell University, Ithaca
1925 dissertation topic offered and approved (“A Faunal Reconnaissance in Athabaska and Great Slave
Emerson Hotel
New York, NY
1958 receipt
Emilio, Dr. S. Gilbert
Peabody Museum, Salem, MA
1926 presentation
Emlen, Arthur Cope
Germantown, Philadelphia
1935 book storage
1935 removal to Folkston; family news Chesser's Island property; Margaret Cary
1935 Chesser's Island; Floyd's Island; D.V.O.C. meeting; Hawk Mountain; Witmer Stone; Biological
1936 (3 items) Fred Hebard; Okefinokee purchase; visit; Four Way Lodge
1940 Edward Clark Lukens; English children
Emlen, Marie A. (Mrs. Arthur C.)
Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC
1936 (to Jean Harper) Swamp purchase; accident; book exchange
1941 (2 items) Arthur's biographical sketch The Auk; reprints
1941 Witner Stone ms.
1941 Stone ms.; family news
1941 Dixon's letter; Stone
1941 acknowledgment reprints; family news; D.V.O.C.
1941 Four Way Lodge; Stone ms. no date Diary; Arthur's death
1952 Witner Stone mss.; William E. Lingelbach; American Philosophical Society
1952 (postcard), acknowledgment of letter
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Philadelphia, PA
1945 (9 items) article re: Wildlife Preservation
1945 Walter Yust, Wildlife Preservation
1946 Mrs. Mae McKay, Wildlife Preservation
1955 change of address
1957 pre-publication offer
1957 (from Jean Harper) cancel contract
1957 (3 items) effort to cancel subscription
1958 (3 items) misshipment Book of the Year; request for refund
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Encyclopedia of American Biography
New York, NY
1966 biography of Roland Harper
Enders, Robert K.
Union College
see also Emergency Conservation Committee
1927 re: mammals NY
1946 camping and collections Pocono Lake, Goldsboro, PA, Swarthmore College. Department of Zoology
1948 Arctic Institute expedition; equipment; expenses; Fowler; fish tank alcohol
[1948] Nueltin Lake expedition; Greenland [wheatan] (draft, shares sheet with Earl Poole, see Poole)
1952 George Cooley; land purchase; Keewatin reports; discontent with "Academy" Panama collection
1952 Linton, paradichlorobenzene
1952 George Cooley's competence as botanist
see also Robin Cooley
1952 recommendation for George Cooley discontent with the "Academy", Albert Linton
1969 address, Philadelphia visit
Engle, Chris (Mrs. James L.)
New Lisbon, NJ
1962 request for publications, family news
Engle, J. Redman, Jr.
Philadelphia PA
see Engle Press
Engle Press
Philadelphia, PA see also Engle, J. Redman, Jr.
1953 bid on labels for Arctic Institute
Engles, William L.
Zoology, University of North Carolina
1966 2nd map of North American "Life areas"
Engstrom, Mary Claire (Mrs. Alfred G.)
Hillsborough, NC
Erickson, Stephen E.
Golden Valley, MN
no date wrens
Errington, Paul L.
Entomology, Iowa State University, Ames
1942 (2 items) request Okefinokee mammals report
Erskine, A.J., "Tony"
Canada-Department N. Affairs
1965 Buffelohead duck, Athabaska; ethics on MS.
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.(Senator)
Senate, Washington, DC
[1968] [(draft) investigation of corruption in UNC anti-poverty program] (this draft may never
have been mailed, note by Jean 1973)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1970 aerial sprayings; fire ants eradication Department of Agriculture - pesticides
1970 (2 letters) endangered species and alligator hides (Harper alligator bibliography attached)
Erwin, A.T.
Horticulture, Iowa State College, Ames
1952 Bartram; Seminole pumpkin, Cucurbita mosehata Okeecha beensis; [Denquire]
1952 Bartram's drawing of 'wild squash' (Cucurbita peregrina); Muhlenberg
Eskimo Magazine
Churchill, Manitoba
1963 acknowledgment caribou/Eskimo paper
Espnorn, Ynge
Zoologiska Institutionen, Univ. Stockholm
1963 acknowledgment caribou [Eskimo paper
Chicago, IL
1962 Perry Morgan re: racial issues
1962 Perry Morgan series discontinued
Easterling, R. A.
Denmark SC
1940 (2 items) flower specimen (Stuartia malachodendron)
Etherington, M. G.
Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh (Scotland)
1952 investigations with Mr. Speed; Dr. George Gaylord Simpson, Am. Museum of Natural History
International Wild Life Protection; Todeusz Vetulani
1952 Simpson's book on horses
1957 letter to editor (by John R. Swanton), Etter, Alfred G. Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, DC
1966 radioactive materials in arctic mammals
Eugenics Society of No. California
1945 publications, #39, #49 (after 1945)
1948 anonymity of published notes
Evangelos, Nicholas J.
1969 notice of death of Oscar M. Root, N. Andover, MA
Evans, Alexander W.
Osborn Botanical Laboratory, Yale, New Haven CT
1956 Ungava lichens; Dix
1965 acknowledgment lichens; Cladonia deformis, C. genecia; C. turgicta; George Nichols
Evans, Charles
Riverton, NJ
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Arthur Leeds; Bartrams
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Evans, Edward W.
Philadelphia, Germantown, PA
1940 Francis Evans
Evans, Francis
Ecological Monographs, Haverford College, PA
Department of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Oriel College, Oxford
1934 Field Club talk at Haverford College; photo of [Peabody Herbarium] (note from Jean Harper, re
Francis' health, on envelope)
1937 (2 items) Charles Elton; Spitzbergen reindeer; range; trapping shrews
1937 acknowledgment publications; Oxford
1937 Christmas card
1939 (postcard) Western Islands; great Auk
1940 W.B. Alexander re: British children
1930 (2 items) W.C. Alee re: ecology job; Mammalogists; Middloton children; Citellus program
1946 camping at Pocono Lake, Wayne Co.
1952 (3 copies) Academy administration; threats; specimens
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou; Christopher citation in Hyla paper; Dr. Dice
1958 Birds of Ungava and family nature trips to New Mexico
1961 Ungava mss. publication, Ecological Monographs, plant and animal associations (copy)
1961 resignation from Ecological Monographs, Daniel L. Livingstone, plant/animal ms. to Oosting
Evans, Margaret Whitall (Mrs. Henry C.)
(see also John Bartram Association)
1969 Bartram; [Wistar] party
1973 Francis’ death; resolution of appreciation (attached)
Evans, Jacqueline P. (Mrs. Edward W.)
Philadelphia, Germantown, PA
1934 thank you note
Evans, William Bacon
Moorestown, NJ; Haverford, PA
1938 Wild Boa, jackals, hyena, "Syrian Bears" attached
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment enclosures
1943 Quaker; notes and diagram from Drummond's Natural Law in the Spiritual World
1945 jingle - natural history?
1949 Ras-el [Medn], Syria, school (photograph)
1050 (postcard) Mt. Holly Quaker biography
1953 (postcard) visit; SNR biography
1953 "Quakers"
Evenden, Fred G.
Wildlife Society, Washington, DC
1966 plaque for W.L. McAtee's descendants
Ewan, Joseph
Botany, Tulane University, New Orleans
1950 Fraser opuscula; Canarroe & Pa. Hist. Soc. Simon Gratz collection & Jos. Banks; unable to
1951 (postcard) acknowledgment of [O.W.U.] libraries—W.W, C.H. [Uttier, R. Charleston]
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1951 Dr. Ewan & naturalists Chapel Hill, W.C. Coker files, Georgia Historical Society, Ewan's essay in
Rocky Mountain Naturalists, W. L. Slater discontent with Cadwalader at Academy, Albert Linton
addenda to Naturalists—C.P. Alexander, S.C. Bishop; E. Raymond Hall, Wharton Huber, Remington
Kellogg, Herbert L. Pack, T.S. Palmer, Edward A. Preble, Edgar T. Wherry
1951 Coker; John Abbot; P.O. Schallert DeRenne Library, Athens
1951 Edwin James & P.S. DuPorceau, 1867 John Torrey, Amos Eaton, 1818, Long's Expedition Gratz
1951 Coker; Roland; Elea Allen on John Abot, Journal of the Soc. Bibliog. Nat. Hist. E. R. Hall in Nevada
1951 DeRenne Library; Amos Eaton; Wm. Smallwood Natural History and the American Mind
1951 biographical sketches fr. Allen's American Biographical Dictionary; Selkirk Papers, Canada Amos
Eaton letters, Syracuse
1951 acknowledgment of biographical sketches Casey Wood re: letters of naturalists at McGill Bartram
letters at NY Historical Soc. Haldeman letters at Academy; Guggenheim; loose-leaf notebooks,
references to letters
1951 Bartram's Diary; Gilbert collection, Conarroe papers Holbrook's North American Herpetology
proposal for Source Book on Early Am. Naturalists
1951 Dr. Van Schaack, Missouri Botanical Gardens Dr. Avala, Finnish botanist; McGill, Wood
Ornithological libretto Baird letters on James Orton Barton, Smallwood collection
1951 (postcard) Essex Institute, Salem 1951 Roland Cope's essay (Bartram?)
1951 Cope's essay. punctuation; Bartram's Onodaga journal, Beauchamp's notes; Darlington & Asa Gray
Card from Nasta
1951 Campbell's catalog; Rancocas; Wm. Swan, Pennell's death; Bartram's garden, Contoura prints, David
Douglas, Stillman's Journal of Science and Arts Manaseh Cutler
1952 Pennell's death discontent with the Academy (`nincompoop of a director); Bartram ms.
1952 Hamilton-Bartram letter; Academy; Keewatin
see also Fagin, N. Bryllion
1952 visit to Rancocas
1952 R.B. Davis on Correa de Serra, David Hosak, Mrs. Manigault, Cleman's voyage to Virginia
Darlington; Paul Oehser
1952 Mainkoth; Nesta & family Contoura, Mylocarium ligustrinum Bartram re: garden, letters from
Linnaeus, enclosed card, DuSimitieres on Bartram
1952 Cornell meeting
1952 re: Harper's letter to Academy President
1952 (cards) Bartram Duc de Liancourt (Rochefoucauld-Liancout)
1952 graduate students (Howard Sasuki) 'Billy Bartram' Trail
1952 Academy; Rigolets enterprise; Keewatin reports proofs of bird paper Mid. Nat.; caribou
1952 Linnaeus & Bartram; Dr. Moe; Academy Keewatin bird report proof; Charistma 'poem' (attached)
1952 Christmas card
1952 Bartram trek w/graduate student; lost photos Ewan's Guggenheim application quality of graduate
studies at Tulane; Mrs. Pennell; Academy Ungava
1952 photographs (Taxodium distichum, oaks with Tillendsia, Mauchae, Mississippi River and bayou on
Bartram's trail)
1953 (to Mrs. Susan Delena McKelvey) re: Buckley’s collections; S.T. Carey; Elias Durand’s herbarium;
William Oakes’ herbarium; Gen. Thurber’s plants.
1953 (draft) [Hist. Soc.-]; ALS; Carr: Wm Dail (notes MCZ and NYHS attached)
1953 Ungava expedition; Bartram biography; Drake’s "Nova Albeon" from Jessie Dwight Whitney,
United States facts and figures...
1953 Ungava expedition; Arctic Institute; Sherman Bishop's library; Francis West's John Bartram
1953 Ewan's Guggenheim for 1954-55; International Botanical Congress
1953 (to Willam A. Dayton; U.S. Forest Service) re: date of Walter's Flora careliniana
1953 (to Jean Harper) Contoura copies; visit; Ungava expedition; Drayton letter; family news
1953 report of Ungava expedition; Bartram; "unspeakable member of the botany department at ANSP";
National Museum of Canada
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1953 Christmas letter
1954 Charles Waterton's English school; Lawrence of Arabia controversy; Bartram and Revolution; Ida
Langram's bibliography of Mexican botany; study abroad
1954 Waterton reliquiae at Stonyhurst College (Lincs); Keewatin mammals paper finished; Cruikshank re:
1953 (to Elisabeth Simpson) Volney notes; Pehr Kalm
1954 acknowledgment paper; Hulten's list of botanical collectors; T. P. James and Academy of Natural
Science of Philadelphia, APS, Linnaen Society; Cruikshank; study in England (Volney bibliography
1954 acknowledgment Hulten paper; Bartram letters; Franklin letters; NSF grant for Ungava; vascular
plant specimens; ANSP director
1954 NSF grant; Barton study; Ungava papers; study abroad; Norm Fossett health
1954 (2 items) plant specimens for Tulane; Bartram; visit
1954 Fasette's death; specimens from Okefinokee, PA, NY and Ungava at ANSP
1954 study in England; Charles Waterton; Alf. Russel Wallace; W. H. Hudson; W. J. Hooker; Wight;
Raimondi; London; British Museum; botanists; plant specimens for BM; state of BM botany collections
1954 British Museum; portraits of Fothergill, George Edwards, Banks, Collison, Pennant; Bartram plants;
Franklin correspondence
1955 family news; Okefinokee fire; Keewatin caribou report for Univ. of Kansas press; Academy;
Bartram; Leland re: Paris Museum
1955 travels on Continent
1955 travels in Quebec
1955 AOU meeting in Boston
1955 Joseph Bank's Journal, botanical footnotes; family news; Academy
1955 AIBS meetings; George Cooley re: Small's Manual; Mittleberger; T.S. Palmer's death
1955 Antiquities of Florida; Darlington 1955 John Ramsbottom re: John Bartram; Karl Schmidt in
California Academy of Science publications; W.J. Hamilton Jr.'s review of Harper's Okefinokee report
1955 Wilson-Bartram letters; Yale Press Travels; Fort Enterprise expedition
1955 Ramsbottom; Meshan`s notes re: Bartram; McAtee re: Schubert
1956 caribou publications; McAtee; T.R. Mccley re: William Connelly or Conelly; Mittleberger
1956 (to Hudson's Bay Company) Henry Connelly
1956 Hudson's Bay Company; Whittell Literature of Australian Birds (Connelly note attached)
1956 (draft) travels with Roland
1956 reprints and Contoura copies; colloquium on French role in study of American flora; bibliography of
1956 Michaux's Crocodilus mississippiensis
1956 Contoura paper; Dix re: Langlois; Schramm; Michaux; Yale Press; Allen Press on caribou paper:
1956 Bartram's Travels
1956 (form letter) French naturalists (chronology attached)
1956 Bartram; comments on French naturalists
1956 (from Kurt Fritz) German editions of Bartram's Travels
1956 London-Paris trip; Warren Dawson
1956 Knowsley drawings
1956 Ramsbottom paper; Bartram; Ungava caribou
1956 Wood collection at McGill
1956 family news, visit
1956 Christmas letter
1957 visit; Paul [Ochus]
1957 Yale Press
1957 Citrus aurantium; Satureja; Clinopodium; Bartram reviews (Citrus notes enclosed)
1957 Bartram; Hume vs. Swingle; Francis West's Knowsley drawings; archaic spellings
1957 Wein edition of Travels
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1957 archaic spellings; "starol" from AS "strathol"; John Lyon journal; Knowsley drawings; Contoura
1957 Bartram's "starol" as "standard"
1957 (5 items) Pennsylvania Historical Junto speech
1957 Christmas letter
1958 publishing Bartram; Yale; acknowledgment separates: French, Burlington; Francis D. West;
Humphrey Marshall; caribou; Chapel Hill; Humboldt dinner (Bartram); W.W.W. Baldwin
1958 (3 items) acknowledgment Bartram Travels
1958 (2 items) Swanton death
1958 (postcard) visit; [Duhamel du Moncean]; Fouguaux du Banderoy ms.
1958 (postcard) John L. Blake re: Bartrams
1958 visit; Hess; Turner Labrador ms.; Benjamin Schultz re: useful vegetables and Bartram, Hamilton,
Wistar, and Barton
1958 B.S. Barton; Charles Caldwell; Boston Public Library; early [Fu.] plant illustrations; T.W. Harris-Le
Conte letters
1958 Bartram bibliography
1958 du Simitere papers; Bartram plants; Joseph Robson
1958 caribou work; Bartram biography; Longwood Foundation; New Orleans asthma; Ungava birds
published; systematic biology at NSF
1958 (2 items) Bartram-Le Conte letters; Dipus americanus; Robert A. Norris & Cable at Tulane
1958 (2 items) W. H. Fries re: Joseph Mason; Ungava birds; natural history in Harpers
1958 (by Gertrude Hess c.c. Harper) John Jay Smith re: Bartram correspondence
1958 Audubon folios; Joseph Hanson re: elephant folios; McKelvey re: history of botanical exploration;
Charles Mason
1958 Christmas letter
1959 (2 letters) albatross destruction, Bartram, Dawson's Banks Letters, Roystonea elata
1959 Tulane; Richard H. Manville; Alexandria Library Co. speech; Harper's "louisianian" articles;
Henry Fowler reminiscences; Bartrams
1959 (2 items) Harper's; Ida Lanigan re: ANSP Botany Department; B.P. Merrill re: American Geology;
1959 (2 items) G. P. Merrill; copy of Travels for Warren Dawson with inscription; J. J. Smith
1959 W.K.W. Baldwin; Miss Yerkes; Norman Donaldson; Chester Kerr Yale Press; Smith papers; ArnoldGray purloined plants; Chapel Hill; MBG, Edgar Anderson, Neil Horner; J. J. Smith; L.J. Cist collection
1959 visit
1959 John Banister books in Pennsylvania Hospital; T.S. Palmer
1959 Samuel L. Mitchell re: Bartram's Catalogue of Kingsess Garden; J.H. Barnhart in MBG Bulletin;
panel with Mcdermott, Chinard, Peckham
1959 Rowe's Forest Regions of Canada; Native Trees of Canada; S.L. Mitchell re: Bartram; Neil Horner;
1959 Bartram sketch; Warren Dawson's Banks Letters; George van Schank; Rosystonea elata (Bartram
sketch attached)
1959 Christmas letter
1960 albatrosses; Samule Miller's Retrospect; John Banister notes; Dawson-Banks volume; Bartram;
1960 Chapel Hill
1960 (3 items) visit; Roland
1960 William S. Powell re: Moses Ashley Curtis; Nutall sketches
1960 Nutall sketches, Beidleman re: TN, family news
1960 (third party, Victor de Avenell), Keonig, Bartram
1960 (clipping)
1960 Nutall biography; Curtis biography' Beidleman; Koenig; publishing Ungava mammals at Kansas
1960 Christmas letter)
1961 family news, acknowledgment Ungava mammals, Peasch's Titian Rumsey Peale, Mark Catsby
1961 Lambert Davis, Beckley's ms. on Clayton, Ungava, Bartram, attack on sociology, Edwin Gould,
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Roland, Poesch, M. A. Curtis
1961 (postcard) Bartram and Jacques Gerard Milbert
1961 Milbert, Constance Sherman, Robbins
1962 family news, Banks, Banister, McAtee's death,
1963 McAtee's library, family news
1962 IHS Congress, visit, travels, Gould, (note re: Bartram & Lewis & Clark attached)
1962 Gould, Daniel McKinley, Trudeau, names, Bartram, Lewis & Clark, Michaux, family news, hollerin"
1962 H. B. Humphrey, spellings, Harper projects, Emmet Horne re: Charles Caldwell, Daniel Drake,
(1961 photo of Ewan enclosed)
1962 visit to Harper, Banister
1962 travels, Newfoundland-Labrador project, family news, books: Wood, Thayer, Priest, Harper
acknowledgment papers, Naturalists of the Old South, fellowship
1962 fellowship, McAtee on Preble, Thayer, Priest, BSW Proceedings, Weaver, family news
1963 John Carter Brown fellowship, Roberta Yerkes,
1963 acknowledgment books, JCB fellowship, Mangum Weeks; family news Banister
1963 fellowship, Yerkes, Richard Dorson, Okefinokee, Davenport, Bartram's garden
1963 Glover Allen, Dorson re: Okefinokee publication, Wenner-Gren Anthropological Institute, eugenics,
race relations
1963 fellowship, Okefinokee, Coulter, race
1963 McAtee's library
1963 proposal
1963 (memo) JCB fellowship
1963 fellowship (denied), Rocky Mountain Naturalists
1963 Okefinokee, John Lyon, Rocky Mountain Naturalists
1963 AAAS award, Russell Sage Foundation, McAtee
1963 University of Florida for Okefinokee, Caroline Robbins' essay re: immigration, Lundbert's catalogue
1963 Okefinokee publisher, Dorson, Mangum Weeds, Preble
1963 (third party)Joseph Mason, Barton's garden,
1963 Dorson, Okefinokee, book purchases
1963 Bartram's "Physic-nut" Nestronia, Pyrularia, Berchemia, notes on John Lyon paper
1963 acknowledgment notes, Nestronia, Robbins, Yerkes
1963 how many dots make an ellipsis (lacuna)
1963 notes on Pennsylvania History essay, Lyon's grave
1963 visit to Roland, Hunt Botanical Library, George Lawrence, Roland's papers
1963 papers to Kansas, Davenport
1963 Christmas letter
1964 Lyon's grave, family news, Mangum Weeks, Todd's Birds of the Labrador Peninsula, Venia Phillips'
Guide to the ms. Collection of the ANS
1964 health, French naturalists, Shinn re: Lyon's grave, travels, Bartram
1964 papers to Kansas
1964 (memo) Lyon's grave, Silas McDowell, Dunbar
1964 Eskimo papers, Lyon's grave, papers to Kansas
no date (postcard) family news, Merril’s Guggenheim application
Ewan, Nasta (Mrs. Joseph)
1951 (postcard) Wyoming trip
1957 Bartram publishing Travels and comments
1963 family news; travels (Labrador, Europe)
1964 Bartram
Ewer, S. Jordan
New Brunswick, NJ
1934 Mr. Katahdin plants
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1936 (2 items) M.A. Chrysler; Lycopodium; Mt. Katahdin; request Katahdin reprints
Ewers, John C.
History and Technology, Smithsonian, Washington
1963 (2 letters) Nascapi Indians, "chief's coats," photographs
1964 acknowledgment Ungava reprints, Charles Elton, Uganda, plant and animal ms., Hall, Kansas
Ewwrs, S.J.
Botany Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ
1934 catalog of Katahdin plants
Ewing, H. E.
Smithsonian Institute, Washington; U.S. Department of Agriculture (Entomology)
1925 Okefinokee; chiggers (Neotoma floridana floridana; Chessers; Okefinokee scholars; bibliography
1928 entomology
1928 Adiondacks chiggers
1928 Trombicula paper; Katahdan parasites
1928 ectoparsite determinations; Trombicula harperi (determinations attached)
1928 ectoparsite determinations: Trichopsylla lotoris (determinations attached)
1929 Texas ectoparasites; new species
1929 removal to Pennsylvania; Texas etoparsites; a new Trombicula
1930 ectoparistes report (report enclosed)
1930 (2 items) Okefinokee sojourn; ectoparasite collecting; banding; request franks; material list enclosed
1930 acknowledgment vials; derivation of Colpocephalum alajae Dr. Karl Jordan’s Peromyscus eucropus;
P. maniculatus gracillis; Ceratophyllus wickami as C. leucopus; Leptopsylla selenis as L. catatina; C.
1930 Okefinokee ectoparsite determinations: Rattus alexandrinus; Sceloporus undulatus; Trimbicia
irritus; Homo; Dermacentor veriabllis; Percmyscus gossypinus gossypinus; Peromyscus
1932 Georgia ectoparistes determinations
1932 Gerogia and Vermont parsites; Dr. Henry W. Fowler list enclosed)
1932 ectoparsite determinations
1932 mammalian ectoparsited from Delaware and Georgia
1933 (2 items) ectoparsites determinations
1933 Okefinokee parassites and shrimp larva specimens
1934 ectoparsite specimens, vials (specimen list attached)
1935 ectoparsite determinations
1936 acknowledgment parsite specimens (worms)
1936 ectoparasites specimens; internal parasites
1936 list of ectoparasites; H.W. Fowler; Centromerus; list enclosed (copy)
1936 (2 items) identification of ectoparasites
1936 (2 items) determinations ectoparasitic material; Neotoma; Orycomys ms.
1936 Neotoma pennsylvanica; Orenopeas wickhani Caratophyllus wickhani; sexdentatus
1938 material list; Pseudacris feriarum; Hyla Cimerea evittata
1938 Gurney; frog locations
1938 Hyla squirella; cinerea evitata
1940 fleas
1945 Pocono Plateau parasites; Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery; Wayne County, PA,, specimens;
W. L. Dix; Irving H. Fox
1945 acknowledgment specimens; leave; vials; Dr. Chapin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Ewing, William
Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
see also Clements Library
1952 (2 items) inquiry for Harper; Mr. Storm; America Philosophical Society request for photocopy of
Romans-Taitt map
Exell, A. W.
British Museum (Natural History), London
1946 Bartram
1957 (2 items) Joe Ewan; Bartram's Travels and review; Ungava expedition
1957 acknowledgment publications
1957 Rambach re: Bartram drawings; plant specimens; European editions of Bartram; "starol"; Thomas
Tofeild-Peter Collinson correspondence
1957 whereabouts of Rombach copies of Bartram drawings; "starol" mystery
1957 Bartram & receipt of specimens
1964 (by E. Launert) acknowledgment Ungava plant/animal paper
Explorer's Club
West 72nd Street, New York City
see also Marie E. Roy
1947 govt. furnished equipment
see also - personal equipment lab, Kendricks
1961 (2 items) photo of William B. Cobot
1964 transmits "Slaves of the Lamp of Science" (copy attached)
1964 acknowledgment "Slaves" paper, Alanson Skinner
Eyde, Richard H.
Harvard Biological Laboratories, Cambridge; Botany Department, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1959 acknowledgment reprints; Rhodora paper
1959 library exchanges; Bartram
1960 (2 items) acknowledgment Nyasa paper; Schwartgen; Arnold Arboretum copy of 1793 Vienna ed.
Bartram's Travels; Arnold Gray manuscripts; list of Harper subjects; Dupree re: Gray biography
1960 acknowledgment William Bartram discovery
1969 acknowledged papers
Eyerdam, Walter J.
Seattle, WA
1955 plant specimens for sale
Eyles, Don
Emory University
see also Georgia Ornithological Society
1936 Oriole article proofs; Norman; map size
1936 Limpkin paper proof; Giles; Freddy Hebard; Pomacea
1936 Mrs. Bassett's paper; Julia King; Colonel's Island; Pillsbury; Nautilus; Pomacea; Oriole
1938 request Bartram's Travels article; Vultur sacra' Narman Giles; Earle Greene
1938 Bartram article; Okefinokee birds; Jim Silver re: Okefinokee destruction, dues
1938 chuck-will's-widow paper; photographs; Gabrielson letter re: Okefinokee
1938 chuck-will's-widow paper
1938 (2 items) Oriole errors
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Eyman, Frances
University Museum, University of Penn., Philadelphia
1964 Miss [Wardle]; the Academy
Fagin, N. Bryllion
John Hopkins, Baltimore
1940 acknowledgment Bartram articles
1942 Bartram bibliography; publishing Travels;
1942 William Bartram's manuscript book on entomology; subscription publication of Travels; publishing
John Bartram (APS)
1943 acknowledgment Bartrams reprints; Diary; Travels
1948 Bartram
1949 reference for Guggenheim grant request
1949 reference for Guggenheim grant request (see Bartram)
1949 consent to act as reference for Guggenheim
1950 congratulations on receiving Guggenheim chapter on Bartram
1950 Guggenheim grant (Bartram's biography)
1952 visit to Washington; Bartram biography, unavailable (for visit); lunch, Washington address; Bartram
ms., visit, length of Fagin`s ms; contribution to Bartram ms,length, sketches (literary) of naturalists,
Bartram, and Buffon, Bartram, displaced page, Bartram & friends Delay, illness, publishing Bartram,
Fagin's illness, termination of Guggenheim, Wilson-Bartram letters, National Science Foundation project
1954 acknowledgment Bartram and the American Revolution
1964 (4 letters) Bartram biography, Twayne publications, literary interests, letters Yale, Travels, Johns
Faine, ----1962 (draft) McAtee paper, bibliography
Faircloth, Prof. Wayne R.
Biology, State College, Valdosta, GA
1969 Roland Harper & Chesser Island , flora of Georgia
Fairchild, Wilma B.
American Geographical Society, New York
see American Geographical Society
Fant, Joseph L. (Maj)
Dept of English, US Military Academy, West Point
1964 Gilbert Imlay, John K. Wright, Bartram, A Topographical Description of the Western
Territory of North America
1964 Wright, Bartram, Imlay, Fagin (draft attached)
Farah, Fred & Elaine
Montreal, Quebec; Iron Ore Company, Mile 224
1953 elevations of mountains
1953 (3 items) sending flying squirrel specimens
1953 John Grayson; Buzz Neal; Knob Lake accommodations; flying squirrel specimen
1953 Endoameba histolytica infection
1953 illness; architectural courses; nature studies; traps; [Pivest] family photos
1953 studies; (philosophy, architecture); writing (Labrador)
1953 Knob Lake photographs (attached)
1953 photos; health; separates; Austin Cameron; Peterson's and Chapman's books on birds; bibliography of
scientific resources
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1953 acknowledgment references and separates; Austin Cameron; frog specimens
1953 photos (Anson airplane)
1954 return negative; Pinette photo; Unitarianism
1954 request photos: porcupine, bear, red squirrels, Canada jay; plant labels for Porsild (National Museum
of Canada); family news
1954 bird books (Peterson; Pough); Austin Cameron; scorn for birds
1954 David as canoeman on Murdoch-Girardan parties; DVOC lecture
1954 David re: Iron Ore Co. job; eyes;
1954 (2 items) MacDonald job; Marymac Lake; Fort Chimo; photos
1954 photography; fishing; report of activities; Austin Cameron
1954 wood frog specimens; preparation instructions;
1954 travels; mice; owls; hawk; Sebastian McKenzie
1954 Sebastian; "Oppimmishoi" eel
1954 weasel; ducks; "turkeys"
1954 Sebastian; Pinnette; St. Onge; eel; Montegnais names; ducks & geese; bear
1954 Sebastian McKenzie re: Montagnais names; sandhill cranes as "turkeys"; ptarmigan and weasel
specimens; Redpath Museum for Richardson's owls
1954 (draft) queries: Norman, Deluage; Morkridge Lake, Lake Rasle, Geuida, Rainbolt
1954 (2 items) School of Modern Photography (NY); visit; specimens
1954 New York City on New Year's Eve
1954 lodgings NYC ("Observations" attached)
1955 Ungava birds; Fowler photo; Keewatin caribou published; Okefinokee fire
1955 photos; NYC museums; Okefinokee fire
1955 photos; Montagnais owl names; Dr. Moss re: location of lakes
1955 Harper family photos; Okefinokee expedition; Reserve Marie Otmem
1955 removal to Montreal; school
1955 photos; school; Buzz Neal re: location of lakes
1955 photos; location of Richmond Lake; Okefinokee expedition
1955 John Macko photo: Ungava bird paper; Keewatin caribou paper
1955 location of lakes; caribou paper; David (Harper)
1955 photos; Richmond Lake; photo lenses, film
1955 request Labrador notebooks
1955 (2 items) lenses; IOC colleagues; notebooks sent
1955 acknowledgment notebooks; professional photographer; Redmond Lake
1955 Mount Holly visit; photographic equipment; NYC photos
1955 Christmas Card
1956 acknowledgment caribou paper; photography; Maurice; River birds; personal remarks
1956 personal news; finances
1956 Buzz Neal re: Redmond Lake; cameras; family news, Keewatin mammals paper at Kansas
1956 Great Slave Lake expedition; Buzz Neal
1956 (2 items) visit in Montreal
1956 Great Slave Lake expedition volunteer
1957 personal news; photography; girl' influence
1957 domestic advice; family news; cameras
1957 (2 items) photography; brassiere manufacturing; St. George William College; expeditions
1959 visit, family news
1959 (2 items) visit, atheism
1959 Christmas card
1960 removal to Chapel Hill, visit
1960 address, family news, marriage, visit
1960 travels, papers
1960 travels (Seven Island, Know Lake), engagement
1960 travels, friends (list), Sebastien McKenzie, Kom Pinette, lemmings
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1960 mammals, McKenzies, woodchuck, caribou
1960 Montagnais, photos, McKenzie’s
1960 Knob Lake expedition, flora & fauna, Moss, Dufresne; Wabash Lake, list of colleagues, Indians,
1961 wedding announcement
1961 wedding, visit
1961 family news, photographs, woodchuck identification, McGill caribou exhibit,
1961 photo, caribou exhibit, woodchuck
1961 Robert Cushman Murphy, visit Sebastien McKenzie, Keewatin mammals
1961 wedding trip, travels, Sebastien McKenzie, mammals; Travels
1961 Kansas Press, Ungava mammals, wookchuck, caribou photo; Sebastien McKenzie, family news
1961 Christmas card
1962 brassiere factory, family news, Encyclopaedia of Animal Life,
1962 northern reports, Know Lake & Naskapi Indians, alcoholism, world affairs
1963 family news, visit 1964 religion
Farley, Calvin
White Plains, NY
Sec. Westchester Co., Conservation Association
1928 Okefinokee as a preservation National Park
Farley, Frank L.
Camrose, Alberta
1933 acknowledgment papers; Fort Vermilion; Chutes on the Peace; George Sutton
Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Insurance Co.
Columbus, Ohio
1944 insurance claim payments notices
Farrand, Livingston
Cornell University
1926 Okefinokee
Farner, Donald S.
Dept. of Zoology, Washington State University, Pullman
editor: The Auk, American Ornithologists' Union
1962 (2 letters) McAtee's death, Prebles biography, Preble bibliography
1962 (5 letters) McAtee ms., editorial policy, Preble memorial
Farrer, Ruth
Seneca, CA.
1972 (to Jean Harper) Christmas card; family news
Farsett, Norman C,
Botany, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1949 Nueltin; Keewatin re: collection availability
1954 sale of Ungava collections: vascular plants, mosses, lichens and hepatics (determined by Porsild);
E.B. Bartram, Dix
1954 (draft) illness; reminiscences
Fattig, P.W.
Emory University, GA, Museum
1935 reprints Birds of Atlanta
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1952 catalogue of the Elateridea, natural history of Georgia
Fauna Preservation Society
Zool. Society of London, London, NW
1966 action on "serious matters"
Fauvel, B.A.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1925 re: subscription
see also Ottawa Field Nationalist Club
Faylor, Robert C.
Arctic Institute of North America, Washington,
1965 grant award
1966 conservation; radiation and mammals
Federal Housing Administration
Washington 1961 FHA loans
[Federal Wildlife Service] FWLS
1968 Chesser's Island, Okefinokee people, Uncle Lone Thrift, language
Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England
see also Fletcher, Lawrence B.
1926 certificate; by laws
1926 Okefinokee; bird sanctuary
1926 F. C. Walcott; Okefinokee Society; Natural History paper “Okefinokee Swamp as a Reservation,”
1927 Muskeget extravagance; provisions (itinerary attached)
1928 1927 annual report; Hancock MA land acquisition
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Don Mills, Ont.
1970 pollution; organizational blank
Fenet, Mary C.
Plain, MA
1970 Conservation; anti-sprays
Fenton, William N.
New York State Museum, Albany
1943 John Bartram's Onondaga trip; Iroquois medicine; botanical explorations
1943 Bartram’s Onondaga and Ontario journal; Kenneth Wood
1959 Dr. Swanton, Indians, Bartram
1959 Swanton reprint, Bartram Travels
1959 acknowledge reprint, Travels,
Ferguson, Joseph. C. Jr.
Philadelphia, PA
1939-1940 statements (photographic supplies)
1945 prescription (Dr. Carpenter); repair glasses
1946 repair glasses for Robin
1948 prescription (Dr. Carpenter)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
1949 bill for lens
1949 repair glasses
1950 order for photographic prints
1957 invoice
1959 paid receipt
1960 paid receipt
1950 bill for lens
1954 prescription
1960 bill
Ferguson, Robert M.
Boone and Crockett Club, American Museum of Natural History, New York
1961 photo of William Cabot
Fernald, M.L.
Grey Herbarium, Cambridge, MA
1938 conservation - CCC
1938 Okefinokee; CCC deprivation; Henry Wallace
1944 Bartram
1949 acer pensylvanicum dulichium by Richard, deucichium by Wittstein
1949 Acer pennsylvanicum (ditto); Matthews' Trees & Shrubs
Ferrell, Mrs. C. F.
1922 family news, Okefinokee, Wright, Leister, Cowles
Ferrell, M.E.
Washington DC
1931 Okefinokee
1933 Kelloggs; travels (clipping re: Stansbury attached)
Fiedler, Henry George
New York
1927 (2 items) invoice for books; payment
Field. Lincoln E.
Middleburgh, NY
1950 Rotary Club Speech
1950 speaking offer; caribou of Canadian Barren Grounds; equipment and expenses
Field Museum of Natural History
Chicago IL see also Pope
1943 Acris
Field, Nora N.
Seneca, SC
1966 (to Vail-Ballou Press) Lower Cherokee Indian settlement; John Stuart house photo; Fort Prince
1966 photos; Indian ovens
1966 photos; publication; [Keovee] Village notes; Fort Prince George; Landmark Conference
1968 Fort Prince George; Shortia galacifolia; Micheux; Andrew Pickens; Ramsey’s History of South
Carolina; Micheux; Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society; Shortia
1968 “The High Falls Story”; photos; DeSoto map; Echoes of the Past and Present: Indians Pioneers;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
History of Genealogy; Fort Prince George; Kaowee River; Micheux Fort Prince George photo
1968 Nimmons Bridge;Summer Hill
1969 Fort Prince George photo
1969 Fort Prince George; life of Bartram
1969 life of Bartram; book
Filene's, William and Sons Co.
1931 order for four shirts
Finch, Herbert
Cornell University, Collection of Regional History, Ithaca NY
1966 Cornell complaints; MSS bequest; integration - Ornithology - Integration
1966 (copy?) archive, race relations, Lane Cooper
Finlayson, H.H.
University of Adelaide, Australia
1937 animals of Australia possibly extinct
see also Dauchy, Ruth
see also Hale, Herbert W.
First National Bank of Ithaca, NY
1924 finance
First National Bank and Trust Co.
Roebling, NJ
1957 policy renewal, 115 Ridgway St., Mt. Holly
1957-1958 (6 items) interest notices
Fish & Wildlife Service
See US Department of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service
Fisher, Dr. A.K.
Washington, D.C.
1926 Dr. Geo. Bird Grinnell & A.O.U.
Fisher, Barney
1921 Canada
Fisher, Clyde
1926 Okefinokee
Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Nanaimo BC
1961 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava Mammals study
see also Granger, H. E.; Ricker, W. E.
see also Canada - Fisheries Research Board of Canada; Keleher, J. J.
Fitch, Dr. Henry S.
Museum of Natural History & University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
1949 separates of papers
1966 snake; exact location of nothernmost specimen of [Thamnaphis sirtalis pallidula
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Fitch Lumber Company, Inc.
Carrboro, NC
1960 paid invoices
1972 invoice
Fleay, David H.
Zoological Gardens, Melbourne, Australia
1937 listing several species, mammals
see also Darechy, Ruth
Fleming, J.H.
Toronto, Canada
1927 panthers; Ottawa
1930 Batteris sparrow: Great Slave Lake mammals
1933 intrigue re: Palmer and Harper; criticism of "autocrats and reactionaries" in control of museums and
"managed" universities
1934 progress on OKEFINOKEE canal matter review of position matter in Biological Survey
1936 Auk; Bartram; King vulture
Fletcher, J. F. S.
Susquehanna County, PA
1939 (2 items) flash fuses; British Columbia expedition
Fletcher, Lawrence B.
1926 see Federation Bird Club of New England
State of Florida Attorney General
see Gibbs, George Cooper
Florida Audubon Society
Winter Park FL see also Storer John H.
1958 letter to Woodward re: spraying for fire ants
University of Florida
Gainesville see also Arnold, Lillian E.
1941 acknowledgment reprints; Ilex vomitoria Nelumbo lutea; Krameria
1951 papers
Florida College
Temple Terrace, FL
1969 brochure and request for support
Florida Geological Survey "R"
1928 S. Florida
1945 B reports
also Herman Gunter
Florida Medical Association Journal
1960 spraying for fire ants; Davis's Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit (copy)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Florida Society of Natural History
1929 see Bailey, Harold
Florida State Museum
no date Oliver L. Austin, Jr and Arthur Singer exhibit & reception
Floyd, Charles B.
1926 Muskegat Island Trip
Flyger, V. F.
Maryland Department of Research & Education, Solomons, MD
1956 (postcard) request Keewatin caribou study
Flynn, John E.
Office of Naval Research, New York see also Office of Naval Research
1955 (2 items) Fort Enterprise ONR research support; Quam; Guller
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou study; family news
Fogg, Dr. John M., Jr.
Dept. of Botany, University of Penn., Philadelphia
1944 review in Friends Bulletin
1958 (5 items) request for reference (attached) to Library Company of Philadelphia for Bartram biography
1958 unsuccessful application for library grant
1961 Arthur Leeds, Ohoopee, Hyla, Bartram (rough draft attached
1961 request for write-up, Ilex amelanchier
1961 Ilex amelanchier, Arthur Leeds
Folbot Corporation
Charleston, SC
1955 inquiry
[1955] (5 items) canoe publicity, price lists, order form
1953 order; check
1953 urgency (Labrador expedition, Arctic Institute, ONR, Army)
1953 (form letter) delay excuses
1953 Canadian address (Clarke Steamship Company, Montreal)
Follett, W. I.
Ichthyology, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment) Ungava fish paper
Foran, Arthur F.
More Game Birds in America Foundation see More Game Birds
Forbes, Elizabeth N. (Mrs. Reginald D.)
Ambler, PA
1969 (4 items) Report to Fothergill; Bartram materials; “smaller” papers
1969 (5 items) Cheston; American Philosophical Society grant for Bartram life; family news
Forbes, Henry S.
Assn. on American Indian Affairs, New York
1963 acknowledgment caribou Eskimos, Keewatin, Farley Mowat
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Forbush, E.H.
Massachusetts Department of Agriculture
1928 birds
Ford, Henry
1926 acknowledgment
Fordham, Dr. Alfred J.
Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA
1969 Bartram - botany
1969 Elliottia, Bartram, Miss Clermont H. Lee
Fordham, S.C., Jr.
Delmar Game Farm, Delmar, NY
1950 grosbeaks, leg bands; pine grosbeaks
1950 grosbeaks, banding; weather; Saranac Lake Dr. Perkins
1950 Evening Grosbeak Survey
Forster, Dr. George
1925 Olivet
Fort Frederica Association
St. Simons Island, GA
1962 Margaret Davis Cate's death, papers, National Park Service, appeal (floor plan attached)
Foundation for Institutes of Research and Advanced Studies
Galveston, TX
1972 F. Harper's death, Jean Sherwood note on letter
Fouquette, M. J., Jr.
1960 request for reprints, Pseudacris
Fouquette, Dr. M.G., Jr.
Zoology, Arizona State University, Tempe
1965 request of E.H. Down, London for oryx picture Arabian oryx
John Foushee Agency
1962 (envelope only) removal
Fowler, Henry W.
Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia
1933 frogs, toads, turtles
1935 alcohol; collecting
1935 alcohol can; minnow; Forrest Lewis 1945 fishes
1949 Mrs. Margaret Cary; Venezuela; Sherman Bishop; birds, plants, piliated woodpeckers, ruffed grouse
1950 A.S. Pearse, Duke U., paper "Zoological Names; weather; trip to Ithaca; Keewatin bird report
1953 (draft) Knob Lake expedition
1965 condolences to Mrs. Fowler; reminiscence of E.D. Cope and Sam Rhoads
1959 invitation foe parent's 50 wedding anniversary
1959 (draft), invitation
1960 removal, Ungava, systematic zoology, religion, Le Conte
1960 Ungava, mammals,
1960 North Carolina local color, Cope's specimens, Cortia pygaea, Chorophilua verrucosus, Natrix
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
compressicauda teeniata, Holbrook
1960 Holbrook, Cope, Witmer Stone, amphibian, reptiles, fish, Natrix
1960 W. E. Ricker, publishing Ungava, Reeve M. Bailey, Holbrook, Catesby
1961 fish paper published (Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Society, Marcotte & Tremblay Oamerus
murdax, gill raker counts of Coregonus, Prosopium, Lolta, Gasterosteus
1961 smelt paper, Ungava fish ms. (Station Biologique de Saint-Laurent address attached)
1961-1962 (7 letters) Ungava fish paper, reprints via Arctic Institute
1962 (draft) Preble bibliography
Fowler, James A.
George Washington University, Washington
1941 (postcard) acknowledgment: reprints, Bartram, Daudin, and other old scientific works.
1941 request spring peeper and tree frog papers
1948 Ludwick lecture; Keewatin
Fox, Cyril A.
Pittsburgh, PA
1935 Okefinokee expedition
1935 Chessers; Okefinokee guides
Fox, Elmer L.
Regina, Saskatchewan
1958 Saskatchewan Natural History Society, The Blue Jay
1959 SNHS membership
Fox, William H.
Washington, D.C.
see also Company "C" Club
1932 Company "C", 312 M. G. Battalion reunion
1933 re: reunions
Fraleigh, Lucy
Buffalo, NY; Burlington, VT
1925 animals around camp
1925 Wright’s snake exhibition; chipmunk artucke
1952 Jean at Cornwall & Wellesley; Guggenheim Fellowship Lucy Harper
1953 acknowledgment Neultin birds report; family news
1955 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou; family news
1956 Labrador expedition; location of Pseudacris nigreta triaeriata; Bartram Travels
1956 acknowledgment reprints; raccoon; gear
1956 Christmas Greetings
1957 Jean's Women's International League (for Peace and Freedom); Pseudacris; family news
1957 Perc's health; Chapel Hill' Yale Press
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; family news
1961 acknowledgment "books"; race; address; family news
Fraleigh, P. "Perc" A.
Sabael, NY; Burlington, VT
1926 mice
1932 Morgan, VT; camping at Seymour Lake, VT family and Mrs. Pennell; crimson bellied minnows,
quaking bog, leopard frogs
1947 parasites on mosquitoes
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Francis, H.K.
Bank of Montreal, Winnipeg, Canada
see Bank of Montreal
Fraser, C. Mclean
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1932 adjustment of postal rates between U.S. and Canada, for subs. to journal
Frazer, J. F. D.
Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, Univ. of London,
[1956] request Pseudacris paper
1957acknowledgment reprints [Pseudacris]
Freleigh, Lucy
East Junction, VT
1961 acknowledgment reprints, race relations, family news, wildlife
Frémont, Charles
Déepartment de la Chasse et de le Pêche, Province de Québec
see also Québec
1953 (draft, 2 items) visit Quebec Museum; elk; Warden Bourgeois of Shelter Bay; wolves; Seven Islands
1953 list of birds, mammals and fish collected in Quebec; (list attached)
French Lumber Co.
1952 receipt
1954 invoice lumber
1957-1958 paid invoices
Frey, Donald G.
Department of Botany, Indiana Univ., Bloomington
1953 (2 items, to John Bartram Foundation) logging on White Lake (draft)
Frey, Edward J.
Chappaque, NY
1965 Birds; religion
1968 Caribou of Keewatin; Conservation; Bartram
1969 Acknowledgment Caribou paper, Bartram paper, Hyla ocularis;
Friauf, James J.
Welka FL
1940 chuck-will's widow; bird reports
1940 (3 items) chuck-will's widow; Bartram's Mount Hope question; Beecher Point
Frick, Childs
American Museum of Natural History
1938 clipping form Brielle, NJ about dying sea cow birthing 25 babies
1939 agreement on report completion date (copy)
Fridbe, Reinhold L.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
1932 Mackenzie regions material publication
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Friedmann, Herbert
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1925 Los Angles County Museum
see also Brady ( re: frogs) 1935
1935 edition Biol. Society Proceedings, U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C. re: publication of
gopher frog paper
1939 offer of ms on Blesbok for Proceedings of Biol. Soc.
1939 (2 items) publishing blesbok ms.
1951 printing costs footnotes
1951 printing costs
1951 Kellogg, footnotes proof of paper for Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
1952 Geomys ms David Johnson, 'sandy-monster` `salamander`
1952 return of proof, proceedings, Biological Society of Washington
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin birds paper
1954 Bartram-Burton correspondence quoted re: "small birds
1954 (2 items) following other species"; Ungava birds; salted mergansers
1955 (2 items) Hyla triseriata ms., corrected and returned
1955 (2 items) Hylla triaeriata paper; news of colleagues
1955 Henry Connolly notes; Ungava herpetology; proceedings of the Biological Society
1955-1956 (7 items) herpetology paper published; priority to new forms
1956 (4 items) nomenclature paper request by C. J. Skead (Kafferarian Museum, South Africa); Lagorus
mutus rupestris wing length
1956 Skead; Ungava amphibian paper costs;
1957 (draft) acknowledgment Ungava toad halftones
1957 (3 items) color or under tail-coverts of Canachites canadensis cahace
1965 publishing [broad] parasitism grant
1965 biography of Bartram; pioneer settlers of Okefinokee
Friends Historical Association
Philadelphia, PA
see also Comfort, Dr. W. W., President
1944 Bartram
Philadelphia (Yearly meeting) see also Hewitt, Anna B., Sec.
1944 Bartram
Fries, Waldemar H. & Elizabeth
Providence RI
1957 Audubon
1957 Southbridge copy of Audubon, Bartram Vienna edition, Nutall, Rhoads, Ord's North American
Zoology, Ungava
1958 (2 items) Double Elephant Folio of Audubon's Birds of America; Joseph Mason
1958 Joseph Ewan; Clisby Arthur; Audubon: The American Woodsman; Bartram Gardens
no date Mary Anna Tien (Jacom Edwards Memorial Library, Southbridge); Long Island song birds study
1959 (2 items) Barton's Garden Philadelphia; Joe Mason; Audubon Folio
1959 Barton; Mangum Weeks; Bartram's Travels
1959 John Carter Brown copies of Bartram; Barton' Garden
1960 Bien Chromolithograph edition of Audubon, Southbridge
1960 (postcard) Wallace Caldwell, A.O.U. meeting
1961 Cornell, travels, acknowledgment clipping
1969 Bartram
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Fritz, Evelyn
University of Georgia
1944 Bartram
[Frome],----no date (draft) wilderness preservation; Waycross, GA (shares sheet with Harper, Mary Sue [Mrs.
Roland], see also)
Frome, Michael
American Forestry Association, Washington, DC
1967 Conservation; Okefinokee;
1967 Acknowledgment Okefinokee statement
1967 Okefinokee; Strangers in High Places
1967 Okefinokee; book; John Bartram in Canada;early North Carolina botanists
1967 book; Smokies Range; Yale reprint
1967 predator poison campaign; E. Raymond Hall;
1967 acknowledgment
1967 predator control; visit
1967 (postcard) Field and Stream re: predators
1967 Field and Stream
1967 Field and Stream; Okefinokee
1967 visit; Keewatin wolves; letter to Atlanta Journal
1968 draft
1968 visit; Pimlott; Okefinokee
1968 Field and Stream; Changing Times re: Okefinokee; Bartram; radioactive fallout
1968 (to Robert Scott, Department of Interior) Okefinokee Wildlife Refuge; Smithsonian folklore
1968 acknowledgment Robert Scott letter; Okefinokee visitors; gift of Chesser’s Island property
1969 Varmints; attack on Everglades
1969 Bartram; North Shore oil
1969 camargua; ibexes of Gran Paridiso; Vanishing Mammals
1969 acknowledgment “April Birds of the Carmargue”
Frost, S. W.
Entomology, State College, PA
1933 toad - Bufo [punctalis]
1934 (postcard) Pseudacris material
1939 [salamdics] frogs
1934 frogs - research lab, Orientsville, PA
1939 Pseudacris; Bear Meadows specimen; brachyphona
Fry, Edward J.
Chappaqua NY
1969 acknowledgment Roland's eulogy, J.T. Baldwin, MaCTeil sculptor, Long Island Free Press
Fry, Gladys Marie
University of Maryland, College Park
1970 Clocletz (Indian Chief); Georgia; Bartram
Fuentes, L.A.
1926 Birds
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 7 continued
Fulbright Awards
see "Conference Board of Associated Research Councils"
Fuller, W. A.
Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton
1960 acknowledgment of bison paper, cousin Bartram, Harper, Rowan, wood buffalo, offer of reprints
1960 request for reprints, Banfield & Novakowski, bison, Rowan, J. Dewey Soper
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava fish paper
1963 (envelope only) Walter
1963 Preble, ms. materials, Soper, w/Laing re: ornithological results, Keewatin, Ungava
Fulton, Harry R.
Cosmos Club, Washington, DC
1943 (9 items) Botanical Society of Washington Bartram lecture
1943 (4 items) Ernest Earnest's address; Bartram's Garden (Arnold Brownfield notes enclosed)
Fundaburk, Emma Lila
Luverne, AL
1958 (2 items Bartram, 1791 edition of Travels; Mico Chiucco frontispiece
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment 1791 Bartram location ("Dear Dr. Holly")
Fuguay, Lown M.
1942 copy Federal Power Commission letter re: flood control, Clarion River, PA
Furcron, A.S.
Georgia State Division of Conservation, Atlanta, GA
1950 Franklinia [altamah] problem
Fussell, John O. III
Department of Zoology, Raleigh
1971 birds lists, Carteret Co.
Series I. Box 8.
Gabrielson, Ira N.
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1931 controversy on ethics related to Biological survey
1954 Wildlife Institute donation to Barren Ground caribou; publication costs, Earl Poole drawings,
Admiral Colbert
1954 caribou report, $500 for publication
1954 caribou report, Guttermuth, Wildlife Management Inst.
1954 T.H. Manning, Arctic Institute, Ungava caribou, Canadian Wildlife Service, Dept. of Northern
Affairs, G.W. Rowley, Wildlife Management Institute, Keewatin
1958 acknowledgment of Ungava birds reprint, mockingbird, Canadian Field Naturalist
Gaige, Mrs. Helen T.
Museum of Zoology, Ann Arbor, MI
1930 Pseudacris notes
see also Copeia
1933 Terrapene reference
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Gamble, D.L.
Ward's Nat. Sci. Establishment, Inc. Rochester, NY
1946 print of [Jugatae] banquet, Ithaca, 1923 recollections
1953 Labrador, Arctic Institute, order (insect net)
1956 acknowledgment Barren Land report
Gamble, Thomas
Savannah, GA
1940 (3 items) request Bartram Trail paper; bibliography
Gamma Alpha Fraternity
H. B. Howe, Secretary, Ithaca NY, J. K. Loosli, Graduate Scientific Fraternity, Cornell Chapter
1927 change of address; M.E. Phillips
1925 stock (report attached)
1935 statement
1939 annual meeting
1942 (form letter) financial report
1943-1944 statement
no date membership certificate
1951 minutes of annual meeting
1953 change of address, Ungava sponsors 1953 newsletter
1953 questionnaire and reply
1954 activities since 1951, Ralph Curtis
1958 newsletter
1960 biographical update (publications & grants)
Gamocher, E.
Canada - Department National Revenue, The Pas, Manitoba
1947 delay in exploration certificate for Neultin article
Ganfield, Pres. W.A.
Corroll College, Wisc.
1925 job tenure based on church membership, Gans, Carl, Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
1958 request Bartram’s Travels
1958 Bartram journal out of print, Travels forthcoming
Garden Club of America
New York City see also Sturtevant, Charlotte H. (Mrs. Paul)
1943 speakers list
1943 lecture subject list
1950 cover letter (questionnaire)
1950 address, outline of "Land of the Caribou" lecture (questionnaire on back)
Garden, R.W.
Library of Congress. Washington, DC
1932 advice on borrowing sound equipment for Okefinokee folk song/ballad work
Garnett, Helen
Saugerties, NY
1951 tracing Bartram's route with George Cooley, visit Bartram biography
1951 visit, Mr. Dunn, Leon Smith, points of interest itinerary
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Garrett, John W.
Embassy of the United States, Rome
1932-1933 (9 items) wildlife protection in Italy
see also American Committee for International Wildlife Protection
Garrett, M. W.
Swarthmore College
1930 abstracting for Biological Abstract; Schrmm
Garwin, O. David, M.D., M.P.H.
Chapel Hill, NC
1965 chest x-ray
Gaskill, Gussie
Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY
1951 Agassiz Club minutes and payment
1951 photographs, Guggenheim
Gatje, Robert
Telluride House, Ithaca
1949 thanks and appreciation, Prof. Burr
Gaugh, Helen T
publisher of University of Michigan Museum Newsletter
Gault, Benjamin T.
Glen Ellyn, IL
1924 Birds - Nassau County FL and others
1924 travels; golden mice skins; Okefinokee; Eifrig
1934 Okefinokee; alligator calls; Bartram
Gee, William
Rural Economics, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
1941 (2 items) request South Carolina botanists paper
Geiser, S.W.
Biology, Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas TX
1959 acknowledgment of Bartram "papers" (list of Harper works attached: tree-frog, North American
Naturalists, royal palm, Bartram & Am. Revolution)
1959 Geiser's naturalists,
General Electric Corp.
1963 (draft) refrigeration
Geological Survey of Canada
see Canada-Geological Survey
George, Walter Critz
Chapel Hill, NC
1955 Beaufort, race problem,
1961 (clipping) "scientific" segregation studies
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
George, Walter F.
Senate, Washington, DC
1941 Okefinokee; wildlife refuge; CCC; chestnut trees; Chesser's Island logging; roads
1941 CCC camps in Charlton County (GA).
George Washington Memorial Library
Stuttgart, Germany
1953 history, request for books
Georgia Commission on Education
Atlanta, GA
1957 request for reprints of Sass article, eugenics
1957 200 copies of Sass article
1957 acknowledgment of Sass reprints, money contribution
1957 acknowledgment of contribution
Georgia Council for Preservation of Natural Areas
Decatur, GA
1969 first annual report, comments
Georgia Department of Archives
Atlanta 1934 Bartram; no data
Georgia Department of Game and Fish
Atlanta see also Carter, H.A.; Tawitty, Peter S.; Matthews, Claire; Geppert, Pat
1921 collecting permit
1922 collecting permit, Okefinokee
1929 collecting permit
1931 collecting permit
1933 re: permit to collect
1933 collecting permit letter
1935 (4 items) permits and reports
1935 (2 items) collecting permit; publications; Academy
1935 acknowledgment publications
1937 (2 items) collecting report
1939 collecting permit
Georgia Department of Mines, Mining and Geology, Atlanta see also Furcorn, A.S.
1954 (3 items) query author of "A Day in Rabun" (M.T. Thomson)
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
1939 collecting permit (Division of Wildlife)
1941 (2 items) Bartram Franklinia memorial
Georgia Division of Geology
see also Crickway, G. W.; Watkins, Ellas Jowett
1936 Okefinokee map; gazeteer; Slist of place names;
1936 Buffalo Lick; T. B. Rice
1936 Okefinokee geography; spelling; Auk; place names
1936 (2 items) gazetteer; map; buffalo names
1937 Hamp Mizell; Okefinokee map
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Georgia State Highway Board
Atlanta, GA
1941 (3 items) maps of Georgia counties
Georgia Historical Commission
1958 Le Contes, Arthur N. Leeds, Woodmanston plantation, historical marker, Le Conte
biographical material, Le Conte bibliography, drawings, Bartram Travels
1958 Le Conte, marker, Woodsmanston
Georgia Historical Quarterly
Athens, GA
1969 (postcard) study re: early inhabitants or Okefinokee
Georgia Historical Society
Savannah see Hawes, Lilla M.
Georgia Medical Association Journal
1970 spraying for fire ants; Davis' Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit
Georgia Natural Areas Council
see also Hanie, Robert; see also Rogers, Rogers, Roslyn
1970 Robert Hanie's Guide: The Golden Coast of Georgia; Bartram; Bartram Trail Society envelope
1971 Bartram; Le Conte; Adelle Davis' Eat Right
Georgia Ornithological Society
see also Hopkins, Milton, Fitzgerald, GA
1937-38 The Oriole
1938 membership, paper; Mr. Silver; Burleigh paper
1939 dues payments
1944 annual meeting
1943 receipt
1950 (envelope only)
1950 (rough draft of note) change of address, [Oriole]
1951 (envelope only) dues
1958 banquet, notes (announcement attached, George Sutton's Georgia Birds, Univ. of Oklahoma
1951 program announcement
1958-1961 membership cards
1961-1964 (6 items) meeting announcements; membership cards
1966 annual meeting
see also Chattachochee Valley Nat. Hist. Club
1969 meeting notice
1967 annual meeting Athens
1870 complimentary life membership
1970 refund, dues
1970 (form letter) Atlanta Bird Club report
1970 tiger cat, Felis domestica spraying
Georgia State Game and Fish Commission
no date (draft) maladministration of the Okefinokee wildlife refuge by Georgia Biological Survey
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1964 (2 items) protection for alligators
Georgia State Highway Department
1955 county maps (list attached)
1955 map order
Georgia, University of
Athens, GA
1945 (2 items) application for zoological position (answering a notice in Smithsonian Science)
1958 Library: acknowledgment Ungava birds reprint (Univ. of Kansas)
1956 acknowledgment Mammals of Keewatin
1958 Dept. of Biology: acknowledgment of Ungava birds report
1965 order for Golley's Mammals of Georgia
1965 order for microfilm (Uncle Ben Yarborough's Tales)
no date order
Geren, Dick
Iron Ore Company of Canada, Know Lake, PQ
1953 camping supplies
1953 available supplies
1953 appreciation for supplies
1953 arrival & departure dates for Knob Lake
1953 (telegram) request later departure date
1953 departure date
Gerhord, William J.
Philadelphia, PA
1920 book order
Gertsch, Willis J.
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1953 Ungava spiders, appreciation
1954 Ungava spider determination, Sitticus raneri (list of determinations attached)
Getty, -------1963 (draft) eulogy
Gaige, H.[O.]
Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1942 envelope only
Gibbonns, L.W.
Boston Society of Natural History Bulletin
1928 bear picture
Gibbs, George Cooper
Tallahassee, FL
1940 acknowledgment Bartram Trail through the Southeastern United States; Bartram School
1940 (2 items) John Bartram Association; Bartrams' portraits
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Gibbs, Wesley
Vincentown NJ
1951 hunting on Rancocas Creek, Pike farm warning, raccoons
Gibson, Arthur
Canada-Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
1915 Canada: Insects
1915 W.G. Dietz re: Tipulidae; Limnobia gracillis; Docranomyia aquita locations; Saskatchewan; Great
Slave Lake; (draft attached)
1925 insects from Great Slave Lake, Orthoptera, Lepidoptera, (spider list attached)
1953 acknowledgment Keewatin birds (1947)
Gibson, Benjamin
Folkston, GA
1937 Okefinokee
Gibson, Charles H.
Folkston, GA
1935 Okefinokee; living space
1935 (2 items) house for rent
1936 statement (January-March)
Gibson, Lamar
Falkston, GA
1944 bird records: Okefinokee
Gibson, R. A.
Department of Mines and Natural Resources, Ottawa, Canada
1947 Nueltin Lake; permits, licenses, credentials
Gibson, S.G.
1929 Okefinokee
1944 acknowledging hospitality
Gibson, W. O.
Folkston, GA
1936 acknowledgment literature; family news (poem enclosed)
1937 Okefinokee; poetry and photos
1937 Aunt Lizzy Chesser; Bugaboo Island; Simon Petty; Lang Johns; family news
1938 (2 items) house fire; photographs
Gilbert, Perry W.
Zoology, Cornell University, Ithaca
1938 (2 items) reprints
Giles, Norman Jr.
Wildlife Research Library, Auburn, AL; USDA, Biological Survey
1936 Okefinokee observations for Oriole
1936 (2 items) Okefinokee limpkin; Pomacea
1936 separates of article; Pilsbry; Bassett article
1936 Oriel subscription; James Le Conte
1936 James F. Le Conte biographies
1936 (2 items) cuts of Pomacea; reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Gillespie, John A.
Delaware Valley Ornithology Club
no date Christmas card
1930 invitation to movies
1931 DVOC meeting; George B. Saunders
1932 acknowledgment reprints; pine snake
1933 (2 items) talk - Birds of Texas
1936 Stone dinner
1943 hay fever remedy; Mrs. Huber's farm
Gillispie, Mabel
Glenolden, PA
1943 hay fever, asthma, allergies
Gillispie, Walter L.
Zoology, Univ. of Illinois, Champaign
1959 birds of Manitoba, request for reprint Ungava birds
1959 transmits Keewatin birds reprint, Agnus MacIver, Keewatin mammals, Pseudacris specimens
1959 acknowledgment reprints, Angus MacIver, request for reprints, family news
1959 re: reprints, funding prospects
Gilman, Robert Louis, M.D.
Philadelphia, PA.
1932 physical report
Gilmore, Hon. Voit (Senator)
Raleigh, NC
1965 re: alligator bill (draft shares sheet with l. P. Klirwan, see Kirwan)
Gilson, H. C.
Westmorland, England (Journal of Animal Ecology)
1957 (postcard) acknowledgment proof
1958 rejection of "Changes in climate." journals suggested
1958 ms received
see also Journal of Animal Ecology, Ferry House, Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Givens, J. H,
Historical Society of PA, Philadelphia
1946 missing Bartram letter; “Worthy Coz” letter
1951 Allen letter, Thomas M. Brewer, sharp-tailed finch Micropalama, Bul. Nuttall Ornith. Club
S.F. Baird, Robert Ringway, North American birds
1951 Louis Agassiz letter to Le Conte(?)
1951 William Baldwin letter to Harry Muhlenberg date (1912)
1951 John Hope letter to Benjamin Franklin (?)
Gladstone, M.J.
Yale Univ. Press, New Haven
1958 order Bartram to Mark F. Boyd, Tallahassee
see also Yale University Press, New Haven, CT
Glass, Byron P.
Zoology, Oklahoma State Univ. Stillwater, OK
1960 change of address (to Chapel Hill)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1963 acknowledgment "certificate," middle initial
Glass, H.B.
Biology, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore MD
1958 transmits "Changes in Climates" (Quaterly Review of Biology
1958 (from Margaret Nichols), acknowledge climate paper
1959 (fr. Margaret Nichols), Glass unavailable
1959 honorary membership, American Society of Mammalogists
1959 acknowledge membership
1959 request photo for honorary membership
1959 photograph, honorary members (list)
1959 inquiry re: climate paper, return
1959 request return Ungava paper
1959 climate paper too "restricted"
Glauert, L.
Museum of W. Australia, Perth
1937 mammals
see also Dauchy, Ruth
Gleason, Re. H.A. Sr.
Hartford, Conn.
1966 Roland's memorial sketch in Torrey Bulletin
Glenn, J. A.
Albany NY
1950 quotation, statement for processing
1950 statement for processing
Glenny, Fred H.
Ottawa, Ontario
1943 (2 items) Arctic flora; bibliography
1943 Athabaska
Gloyd, Howard K.
Zoology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Chicago Academy of Sciences
1930 subscription to The Wilson Bulletin
1935 Okefinokee
1938 (postcard) acknowledgment publications
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment Hyla paper
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints; Bartram trail; reprint poem "The Library"
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram works
1943 (postcard) acknowledgment publications
1950 (postcard) subscription to Bulletin
1954 acknowledgment reprints, Harris sparrow
1954 publications transmitted
1955 Roger Conant, Pseudacris publication
1955 Pseudacris publication, request for specimens
1955 paratypes of Pseudacris, Carnegie Museum
1955 Roger Conant, Pseudacris ms., specimens, new subspecies 'name (coanati)
1955 Pseudacris, name of new specimen (kalmi)
1955 proof of Pseudacris paper, reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1955 proof of Pseudacris paper, triseriata, reprints
1955 Pseudacris paper, Keewatin, Ungava Pseudacris [viprita] kalmi anstract attached
1955 publishing Pseudacris paper; acknowledgment Keewatin caribou paper (statements attached)
1956 acknowledgment reprints
1958 (form letter), Bloyd's resignation as Director
1958 (postcard) change of address
Glynn, (Miss)
no date (draft) Ginn & Company publication; capitalizing scientific names (shares sheet with E. Raymond
Hall draft; see E. Raymond Hall)
Goddard, David R.
Botany, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Biology, University of Rochester, NY
1942 (2 items) publishing Bartram's bird names
1942 (5 items) galley and page proofs, corrections, Bartram paper
1952 losses at Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
Goddard, P. E.
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1914 Pearson, Hudson Bay expedition, Audubon Societies, Chesterfield Inlet, H.G. Bull
1914 terms, expedition
Godfrey, W. Earl
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1950 Indian photo, loons, tellata
1950 bird and mammal specimens list
1950 list of specimens received
1950 uses of Herring gull skin, Lapgopus lagopus albus
1950 Herring gull, Lagopus lagopus albus
1950 Herring gull, Lagopous lagopus albus, Charles Schweder gift
1951 Lagopus lagopus albus, bird report
1951 papers, address (Mt. Holly), Alcock, Persild
1951 address
1953 specimens of Parus hudsonicus
1953 Knob Lake birds,
1954 dysentery, Ptarmigan collectors
1954 acknowledgment reprints, collectors, Pseudacris, Bubulicus ibis ibis
1954 collectors, Ptarmigan, Ungava
1954 Bubo specimens, Chimo, Picides, Perisoreus, Euphagus, Carpodacus, Passerculus, Pinicola,
Cryptogiaux, 1914 fishes
1954 specimen determinations, colleagues
1955 colleagues, Ungava bird paper, 1914 fishes
1955 Ungava birds, black-tailed Godwit, Egretta garzetta garzetta
1955 Ungava mosses, determination of Ungava birds, Fort Enterprise expedition, Bubo specimen
1955 Ungava mosses report, Dewey Soper, Bubo specimen Veronneau's barred owl
1955 Veronneau, Ungava bird specimens, size of Tamiasciurus hudsonicus ungavansis Polunin's
Arctic Botany, Office of Naval Research
1955 Ungava bird paper, Manning, Lac Aulneau
1955 illness, Ungava bird paper, specimens, Fort Enterprise expedition, red squirrels
1955 bird specimens, Bubo colors, heteroCTemis
1955 Anderson & Polunin papers, Fort Enterprise, Pseudacris
1955 acknowledgment reprints, Sherman Bleakney re: Pseudacris
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1955 Manning, Ungava report, publication. white-crowned sparrows, black-capped chickadees, song
sparrows, Ungava climate zones, Anderson's mammal report
1955 records, Toodd's secrecy, Lewis's records, Kansas publishing, Bleakney re: Pseudacris specimens
1955 fieldwork in Quebec, Bleakney, Ungava mammals, publication, Veronneau, sparrows, A. L. Wilk re
birds of Alberta, birds of Canada
1955 Mrs. Porsild's death, sparrows, notes from Greater Scaup in 1920, Caspian Tern, Fort
Enterprise birds, Ungava bird paper
1955 Bert Wilk re: Greater Scaup, Caspian Tern Fort Enterprise, climate
1955 "Changes in Climate, Faunal Distribution" bird responses
1955 Fort Enterprise collector, John Smith, Austin Cameron, Dr. ALcock
1955 Fort Enterprise, Alcock, Keewatin caribou paper, Arctic Institute, gulls, Picoides tridactylus
1955 Fort Enterprise expedition abandoned, caribou report, gulls, kumliemi, Picides tridactylus
1956 Michaux re: Lake Mistassini, commentaries by Brunet and Dutilly, Alexander Ross re: Mistassini
1956 Mammals of Keewatin reprints, area of Lemmus trinucronatus, Baldwin, Corham
1956 Lemnus, Fort Enterprise, Manning re: Ungava caribou, barred owl, Mistassini Indians, Bartram
1957 barred owl, R.A. Hamilton, Mistassini Indians, Bartram directors for National Museum & Arctic
Institute Lemnus
1957 photos of Mistassini Indians
1957 Mistassini photographs, outboard motors, Russell's appointment, Ungava caribou, photograph
of Roger Standfiel
1957 photographs, visit
1957 photographs, Mistassini Post, Roger Standfield, caribou
1957 Laing, Loring, Athabaska birds & mammals, animal stomach re: food-research, Ungava bird
1957 Ungava bird stomachs, Ungava birds. A.O.U.
1957 bird stomachs, David at Knob Lake, A.O.U., caribou
1958 (envelope with notes) photo of Mistassini Indians for halftone copy
1958 Standfield, Indian photo, Ralph Palmer
1958 Standfield photos, caribou report, Stuart Houston re: Athabaska project
1958 Indian photo, caribou, Montagnais & Nakaspi, Bartram
1958 Athabaska bird project, Travels, A.O.U.
1958 loons, Athabaska project, Ungava birds reprints, W.E.C.T., A.O.U.
1958 Ungava birds (Kansas), W.E.C.T., Parkes on T.p. laingi "Birds of Canada"
1958 Julian P. Boyd, Cyrus S. Eaton, Canadian cooperation, Stuart Houston re: Athabaska project,
birds of Canada
1959 reference to Stainer in Ungava report
1959 Stainer citation. Ungava papers,
1959 habitat of Paris hudsonicus, littoralis Wilson
1959 Leslie citation in Ungava birds
1959 Leslie citation, Wilson meeting, Jim Baird, Ungava
1959 F.J. Alcock's address, owls,
1959 J.L. Veronneau re: owls, location of Lake Paterson/Patterson
1959 Veronneau's owls, Patterson/Paterson
1959 Lake Patterson, owls, Veronneau
1959 location of Lake Pat(t)erson
1968 birds of Canada; Preble's earlier discovery of yellow Rail; National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1961 (2 items) Ralph Palmer, photos of Labrador ethnologists, Montagnais, Indian dogs, canoes, Ungava
mammals proofs Cabot photo
1961 (3 items) canoes, dogs, Hare re: closed-crown forest, bird species, plant species (copy)
1961 (5 items) Hing's Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Peninsula, George M. Douglas's Lands
Forlorn, Ungava mammal paper, Cabot, R. M. Anderson's death
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, Henri Ouellet re: Indian dogs, Porsild
1962 McAtee re: Preble to Auk, National Topographic Series maps, Ungava ethnologists, Keewatin,
1962 Preble, Douglas Leechman, Ungava climate paper, Turner
1962 Preble Bay, climate, Birket-Smith, Tyrrell's Across the Subartics, Turner, fide controversy
1962 (4 items) Montagnais' dogs, Ouellet photos, Kenneth E. Eade re: Keewatin Eskimos, Lord
expedition, Gross Indian photos, Anderson, Tyrrell photo, Nueltin Lake birds, Hind re: Red
River and Assiniboine expeditions
1963 acknowledgment reports, Preble, reprints
1964 acknowledgment reprints, photos: Turner, Cabot, Townsend, Huxley, Speck, Charles Schweder
1972 securing the "1914 manuscript"
1972 (draft) E. Otto [Hohn]; Harper's age (89s) (note from Jean Harper attached
Goethe, C. M.
Sacramento, CA
1954-1955 (6 items, flyers and letters) population control
1958 acknowledgment of Ungava birds
1959 nature study brochures, Rare Bird in City Plaza Papa Dachert's Les Gardins Ungemach
1957 tracts
1959 tracts
1960 change of address
1964-1965 re: white supremacy and "hybridization"
1961 acknowledgment reprints
1963 acknowledgment caribou paper
Goggin, John M.
Sociology & Anthropology, Univ. Florida, Gainesville
1950 excavations at Stokes Landing on St. Johns River, Thomas' bricks, Spalding's Lower Store, Kelsal,
Seminoles at Manatee Springs
1950 Bartram biography, Guggenheim, Spalding's Store Indian settlement, Nichaux
Goin, Coleman "Coly" and Olive
Univ. of Florida, Biology, Gainesville, FL
1937 Neeting; Carr
1937 (4 items) Gainesville amphibians, reptiles; request Acris, Hyla crucifer, Pseudacris
nigrita specimens
1939-1940(5 items) acknowledgment reprints; Hyla crucifera
1940 Pseudobranchus; Florida amphibia; Ranasevosa
1940 (2 items) Pseudobranchus references
1942 Acris; Netting; dorsalis
1942 Le Conte; dorsailis; Siren intermedia
1942 greeting card
1944 Bartram
1943 John Bartram diary
1945 Bartram
1945 Pseudacris nigrita verrucosa, Robert R. Tathall, Bartram's travels
1945 Pseudacris, taeniata, Bartram
1949 address (to Rensselaerville) Amida, Dr. Garden, source of ferox,
1949 Bartram to Collinson, turtles, Bishop
1950 Ambystoma, 'one-eyed gophers', Bartram, G.L. Norton Handbook of Florida, Natrix
1950 address (to Mt. Holly), Bartram, folklore
1950 Bartram, turtle Ambystoma cingulatum bishopi
1951 Bishop's death, salamanders, publication
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1951 Ensatina eschscholtzii, publication
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou book, Disney
1955 acknowledgment Pseudacris papers, Okefinokee fire
1956 Disney
1956 acknowledgment mammals of Keewatin paper
1960 Volusia location, Seminatrix pygaea, Natrix s. taeniata, P. m. mugitus, Schmidt's checklist.
herpetologists, Acris Ms.
[1960] travels, Acris Ms., "volusia", P.m. magitus
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals, family news, herpetology study
1963 Christmas card
1964 Florida alligator protection, long-tailed tiger-cat, gray squirrel somersaults, W. T. Neill re: Georgia
1964 Florida long-tailed cat
no date Christmas card
Golley, Frank B.
Institute for Radiation Ecology, Aiken, SC
1966 mammals; Condylura
Goldwater, Barry (Senator)
1963 [George Washington] quotation
Golsan, L. S.
Prattville, AL
1939 (2 items) frogs; acknowledgment frogs (Acris)
Goodchild, Donald
American Council of Learned Societies
1944 reimbursement for recording in Okefinokee; report on machine failure
Gooddale, A.M.
Applewood, Framingham Centre, MA
1948 (2 items) Nueltin Lake expedition
Goode, Jim
Time and Life, New York
1953 request for Barren Lands caribou pictures etc., tundra, payment schedule
1953 (draft) Keewatin photographs, caribou, visit
1953 list of Keewatin and Ungava photographs, bibliography of mammals and plants
1953 caribou report ms., Richard Pough, American Museum of Natural History, Arctic Institute,
1953 return of photographs
1953 Admiral Colbert, Office of Naval Research, caribou report
1953 copy of caribou ms., caribou drawing, painting
1954 delivery of caribou ms.
1954 payment for photographs, Rudolf Freund painting
1954 return of photographs, tundra essay in Life
[1954] acknowledgment of copy and critique of June 7 issue of tundra essay in Life June 7, caribou,
marble fly, ptarmigan
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Goodman, John
Clemson, SC
1943 (2 items) Mills' death; Indian altars; Prince
1943 (postcard) Steele; Indian Altars; Dr. Preince;
Charles Wilson
Goodrich, Hobert, B.
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
1956 acknowledgment reprints of Labrador studies,
Keewatin caribou report
Goodhart, L. McCormick
Silver Springs, MD
1934 Okefinokee vernacular vocabulary
Goodwin, George G.
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1937 Russian translations; mammals
1940 Persian mammal paper; Equus onager; Ovis arkal
Goodwin, M. H. Jr.
1947 John R. Swanton; Bartram's Travels
1948 printing delays; Fothergill's report
Goodwyn, F.E.
Armstrong TX
1931 lizard specimens; Joe Hernandez; Texas expedition
Gordon, J.M.
Lambert, GA
1934 Okefinokee; gophers
Gordon, Myron
American Museum Natural History, NYC
1940 cold-blooded vertebrates stocks
Gordon, Richard "Dick"
Paul Rainey Reserve, Abbeville, LA
see also Nat. Association Audubon Society
1932 boat-tailed grackle, eye-color
Gordon, Robert E.
Zoology, Tulane Univ. New Orleans, LA
1953 request for herpetological and ecological papers,Georgia reptiles & amphibian papers, Amblis
c. carolinensis
1953 acknowledgment reprints, Billy and the Revolution Bartram
Gordon, Seth
American Game Association Washington, DC
1932 Seton's Lives of Game Animals and discount to members
1948 Mammals of [Pennia]; authorship of chapter on fossils and exterminated species
see also Pennsylvania. Game Commission
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Gorham, Eville
Oakeville, Ontario
University of Minnesota - Botany
1962 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou, systematic zoology,
1962 (12 items) radioactive fallout and caribou
1964 isotopes
Gorham, Stanley W.
National Museum of Canada
1965 change of address to Nat. Science Department, New Brunswick Museum, St. John. New B., Canada
1958 transmit paper to Condit
1958 paper to Condit, address, frogs
1059 collecting, Bleakney, D.D.T. & frogs
1963 acknowledgment Keewatin amphibians and reptiles paper
Gorwen, Donald
1946 land on Chesser's Island; Okefinokee
Gorwen, George R.
Folkston, GA
1944 Okefinokee; acknowledging loan of fiddle to Jack Mizell for recording
Gosner, Kenneth L.
Newark Museum, NJ
1955 request reprints Pseudacris nigrita kalmi
1955 transmits Pseudacris reprints
Goss, Richard J.
Dept. of Biology, Brown University, Providence, RI
1962 (2 items) antler growth and reproduction deer, reindeer, caribou
Gould, C. H.
McGill University Library, Montreal
1915 International Catalogue of Scientific Literature
Gould, Douglas J.
Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC
1953 (draft) Col. Traub, live mice from Ashuanipi Lake, Micotus and Clethorionomys, Fred Farah,
flying squirrels, lemmings
1953 acknowledgment live mice, Col Graub, flying squirrel fleas
1953 acknowledgment red-backed mice and flying squirrel
Gould, Edwin
Ft. Dix, NJ
Tulane Univ. New Orleans, LA
Ocean Zoological Lab, Yale Univ. New Haven
1955 Army service, car storage, Rasche, Scebe, Fox, Charbers, Gates re: Okefinokee report, collecting
with Bill Hamilton, Gespesian Provincial Park, Micresorex, Clethrionomys, Napacezapus, mink, moose
1955 visit, car storage, Bill Hamilton, Okefinokee fire
no date Hamilton, basic training, Murdock, Dews, rodenticides
1958 Ewin, George Fletcher, Bartram, Port Myers FL, collecting in Costa Rica, Louisiana, Negus,
1962 (to Joe Ewan) review of Alexander Wilson, Naturalist and Pioneer
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1962 Joe Ewan, Cantwell, Ungava birds & mammals papers
Gowen, Thelma T.
Folkston, GA
1960 taxes, address change
see also Charlton County Georgia
Grace, Charles
Comeau, St. Laurent, Quebec
1954 lamprey eels, Labrador fishes, Moisie River
1954 eels, Mr. Terry (clipping re: cranes, attached)
1954 lampreys, cranes 1959 Ungava birds forwarded
Graf, J.E.
Smithsonian Institute, U.S. Natural Museum, Washington, D.C.
1932 Okefinokee; receipt of specimens
1946 Pennsylvania mammal ectoparasite specimens
1947 specimen report
Graham, Mr. James A.
State Bd. of Agriculture, Raleigh, NC
1970 opposition spray for fire ants
Grainger, E. H.
Eastern Arctic Investigations, Montreal
1954 Ungava fish stomach material
1954 Ungava fish stomachs, mixed labels, mollusks, worms, Salvelinus, Coregonus, Echinorhynchus
leidyi, joint paper with Fowler (list of stomach contents attached)
1954 transmit vials w/ worms and mollusks, paper, Fisheries Research Board of Canada, W.E. Ricker,
Ungava fishes specimens
1954 acknowledgment vita
Gramm, Hanns,
The Levi W. Mengel Memorial Foundation Reading, PA
see also Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery
1946 forwarding grant for study of flora/fauna in NW Penna.
Grant, Robert R., Jr.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, PA
1958 acknowledge reprints, editorial, Hyla ocularis
1964 (4 items) Gifford's Lynx rufus floridans specimens season of specimen collection
Grant, Gen. Ulysses S. III
Washington, D.C.; Clinton, NY
1964 artist (?) brother of Gen. Grant, possibly Orvil Lynch Grant water-color painting of Chessers 1870?
Grant, W.W.
Geneva, NY
1934 Geneva bird count
1936 report on migration
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Graser, Mrs. Marjorie L.
Easthompton Township Collector of Taxes, Mt. Holly, NY
see also Easthampton Township
1948 tax notice
1951 tax notice
1951 (envelope only)
1952 (envelope only)
Graustein, Dr. Jeannette E.
New York
1948 help with annotating and publishing original (naturalist's) notes and MS (Nuttall, 1810 Diary)
1952 Nuttall's Travels, Plathodon cinereus, Eurycea longicauda, errors
1952 Nuttall's Travels, amphibians, errors University of Delaware, Department of Biology
1955 Nuthall
1956 ms. sources re: Thomas Nuthall in Bartram papers, Francis D. West, Nuttall biography
1961 Bartram's travels, character of Benjamin Smith Barton, Nutall
1961 B.S. Barton, V. Verdorn, Bartram, Nutall
1961 acknowledgment Barton paper, Pennell, Charles Caldwell
1962 (2 items) natural history at Harvard, faculty list graduate assistants
1964 early scientists; White Mts.; info. on John Dodge; Elliott Cones Birds, Labrador report
1964 early scientists White Mts. references
[1965] (draft) report of 1860 ---1[965] (draft) 1860 expedition; Henry Connally of Hudson's Bay Company; R.A. Reynolds; The Beaver;
Williams College photograph; New York Botanical Gardens (shares sheet with Mary Sue Harper)
1968 Labrador-[Ective] Expedition of 1860, Cherborne-Dodge Expedition, Goodfellow, Allan Cooke,
Charles Venable, Thornton (draft attached, shares sheet with David Harper [1968])
1969 journal of Simon A. Evans, Arctic Institute, John Richardson Arctic explorer, Phillips and Phillips,
Nutall, Batchelder Account of N.C.C.
1969 botanical references (sources in libraries)
1969 publishing Labrador paper; John Richardson re: Arctic; (rejection letter attached)
1971 reprints of "Collegians in Labrador and Greenland"; Miss Burgess; John Richardson
Gray Herbarium
Cambridge, MA
1949 see also Rollins, Dr. Reed C.
1954 Ungava botanical collections, vascular plants, A.E. Porsild, Erwin B. Bartram, W.L. Dix, mosses,
lichens, hepaticas, prices
1954 Ungava specimen purchase, Fallow Herbarium, Arnold Arboretum
1959 list of citations
[Gray], Herbert L.
1970 (draft, shares sheet with Wilhelmina Harper
[1970] USDA "diabolical acts", Senator Erwin
Gray, Dr. I.E.
Zoology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1958 Christmas card, acknowledge Ungava birds
Gray, Peter
Biological Sciences, Univ. of Pittsburgh PA
1959 Encyclopaedia of Biological Sciences, Lagomorpha
1959 Lagomorpha
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Greeley, John & Hilda
Ann Arbor MI
1932 Christmas card
Greeley, John R.
Conservation Dept., Albany
1950 copper sulfate in Myosotis Lake
Green, [Annie ] (Mrs. W. E.)
Trenton NJ
1937 (2 items) Harper's Okefinokee (Ludwick) lecture
Green, Bayard M. "Jimmie"
Davis/Elkins College, Elkins, West VA
1937 prints from Copeia 1931
1948 John C. Winston Co., Phila. "old times" at A.B. Co. (boss, E.T. Ker)
1955 request Schmidt's Check List
Green, George R.
Penn. State College
1927 Nature Study
Green, Morris M.
Ardmore, PA
1927 collecting
1931 group camp out, May's Landing, NJ Preble, Howell (2), Kellogg, Hamilton, Carey
1932 shrews - trip to Delaware (Woodland Beach)
1936 (2 items) Okefinokee mammals; Mycteris seminola
1945 Pocono Lake Trip
Green, R.
Iron Ore Company of Canada, Sept-Iles, Quebec
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals, Knob Lake fire
Green, Virginia Chapman
(Mrs. Paul E.) Heuytown, AL
1969 Roland Harper, and research on Chapman
1970 acknowledging death of Dr. Chapman
Green's Office Equipment
Albany, NY
1950 statement (books)
Green's Coal Service
Swarthmore, PA
no date advertisement
Greene, Earle R.
Draper Owens Co., Atlanta
1922 Okefinokee, A.H. Wright, J. M. Reade
1929 Georgia birds
1930 Okefinokee birds
1933 bibliography of Georgia birds; canal - swamp controversy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1934 see also Carter, H.A.; meeting Harper, Cleveland, GA; Le Conte history
1937 Chessers as wardens
1944 Birds; Okefinokee
1952 "refrain from making any use of my specimens or notes."
Greene, Wilhelmina (Mrs. Ray G.)
Buck Hill Falls, PA
1934 S. Florida nature material sources list
Greenfield, Ray
Washington, DC
1935 frog collecting
Greenhall, Arthur M.
New York, NY
1936 acknowledgment separates
Greensboro Daily News
1970 lack of publicity for conservation
Gregory, Rev. Carey E.
Morganton, NC
1932 Okefinokee; alligator; Pine Woods Sparrow; Florida
Gregory, Mrs. George
Swarthmore, PA; Darlington, MD
1929 rental house, Laurel, MD
193- visit, family news
Greyton, T. L.
Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, Philadelphia
1934 application for membership
see also Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences, 1938
Grier, Dr. N.M.
Myerstown, PA
1934 MS submitted to The American Midland Naturalist
Griffin, Donald R.
Barnstable, MA
1930 apparatus for night photography
Griffin, William W.
Atlanta GA
1940 (2 items) Picus lecontei; Dryobates pubescens White's Georgia statistics; Wm L. Jones
1953 (mimeograph) Thomas D. Burleigh's book birds of Georgia; Harper biographical information,
1953 Burleigh's book on Georgia birds; Catesby in Georgia; Cherokees
1953 Harper biographical information, move to Mt. Holly; Roland, George Galpihin, R.J.H. Leach, Arthur
H. Hume, Will Henry Thompson
1953 copy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Griffis, E.L.
Fargo, GA
1924 mice; rats
1925 request Okefinokee mammals study
Griffith, Richard
U.S. Department of Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington
1955 Okefinokee fires; natural regeneration (copy, draft)
Grimm, William C.
Camp Stewart, GA (Sgt.)
1944 birds; Okefinokee, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pocono Lake PA
1949 Lem Griffis & Okefinokee, Pittman-Robertson Projects mammal survey, mouse, Cary, Seeley,myrtle
1949 Trombicula myotis on Myotis lucifungus lucifungus, mammal records, myrtle warbler
Grinnell, Dr. Joseph
Vertebrate Zoology, University of California; Cooper Ornithological Club, The Condor
1925 position
1927 publications
1928 Ursus americanus photo
1929 papers from Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, bear photo, address
1929 Adirondack mammals, editorship of AUK
1931 American Ornithological Union meeting, Detroit; mice research
1932 Biological Abstracts, solicits Aves position
1933 intrigue - Mrs. Edge, Palmer, Am. Ornithological Union
1937 earned gift of "fun book" "Extermination by dilution" factor; Vanishing Mammals work
1937 (2 items) extinct and vanishing mammals; Dipodomy nitratoides exilis; Microtus
californicus scirpensis; Vulpes macerates macerates
1937 extinct mammals; dilution through transportation
1937 Bison bonuses caucausius; poison
1937 (3 items) criticism of American Society of Mammalogists
Griscom, L. Ludlow, "Grissy"
War Department, Washington, DC
Ulatagalpa, Nicaragua
1917 (addressed to Jack Treadwell Nichols and Harper) Nicaraguan birds; Chapman; Richardson; flora
and fauna; travels
1918-1919(3 items) birds; France (bird census enclosed)
1919 Sutherland; bird migration study; tern distributions
1919 Goose Creek records (terns); Okefinokee
1920 "indefinite records"; Percy & Nomonyx; Athabaska expedition
1921 (3 items) Camargue notes; Telmatodytes; Athabaska fishes
1921 check (for A.O.U meeting)
Grobman, Arnold and Hulda
Rochester, NY
1941 vernalis paper; request reprints
1941 reprints
1944 exchanges
1956 Christmas card
1959 Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Groskin, Horace
Philadelphia, PA
1941 purple finches
Gross, Alfred O. (and Edna)
Brunswick, ME; Marathon, FL
1927 New England Ruffed Grouse Invert., permits, snowy owl
1962 Matamec dances, Nascopie Indians
1962 (7 items) Matanek Conference of 1931, Amory, Montagnais dance, photos
1964 acknowledgment Ungava Indians paper
1965 Christmas greeting; Birds
1967 (draft) Montagnais dance by Amory; [Herman] Lewis (filed on v. of notes labeled 11-5-61 (UNCRBR)
Grosshans, Henry
Washington State University, Pullman, The Auk
1961 transmits proof of Preble obituary
1962 Preble obituary, McAtee, bibliography, location of obituaries (excerpt attached) (draft Preble letter,
shares sheet with letters to "Robert" and "Evelyn")
1962 (3 items) orders reprints of Preble biographical sketch
Grover, Edwin O.
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
1939 Bartram centennial article; Mead Botanical Garden; Bartram photos
1939 (4 items) Bartram portrait; drawings; trail
1939 visit; Bartram trail; Travels 1940 Bartram expedition; Mrs. Millar-Wilson; Florida Bartram
1940 acknowledgment Floridiana reprint (fr. American Midland Naturalist); Mead Garden's Gardenia
Grover, Elmer L.
Mt. Holly, NY
1952 plumbing bill
1956 roofing bill
Grubb, Don and Shirley
Welcome, NC
1964 Anti-integration
1968 [Asheville] meeting
Gudger, E.W.
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1928 rubber fish bands
1929 (2 items) opah measurements
1930 Atlantic opah reprints; Pacific opah
1934 (2 items) American Museum of Natural History Meeting; Herpetology paper; vocal
performances of Hylidae
1934-1936(8 items) ichthyological "curiomicles"; Pomatomus saltatrix with rubber harness; rats
transporting eggs; spider with Acris gryllus authorship
1936 Warwick S. Carpenter; Tarleton H. Bean authorship
1938 (2 items) fish harness reprint
no date (note) acknowledgment Bartram papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
Guggenheim, John Simon Memorial Foundation
Nee York
see also James F. Mathias, Assistant Secretary, and Harry Allen Moe, Secretary General, Gordon R. Ray,
1949 solicit application re: Robert Cushman Murphy, age, next series of awards (printed matter in
pamphlet file)
1949 (to Moe) to apply
1949 memorandum to applicants
1949 application transmittal
1949 completed application form & rough drafts
1949 acknowledgment
1950 (pamphlet) information
1950 request for financial statement & budget
1950 estimated expenses, release time (rough draft attached)
1950 acknowledgment of budget figures, visit
1950 visit
1950 visit, expenses
1950 visit, expenses
1950 (envelope only) payment
1950 appointment, Bartram project 1950-1951, #3,000 (memorandum attached)
1950 connection with present position
1950 acceptance, present position, lack of travel funds
1950 connection with Huyck Preserve, stipend 1950 biographical statement, draft attached
1950 Lotus corniculatus, publication offers, Golden Shiners, visit, stipend installments
1950 publisher, stipend payment(s)
1950 Bartram, Academy, Darlington, monthly payments
1950 (envelope only) payment
1950 Darlington, payment
1950 letter of appointment, (appointment attached)
1950 request for renewal
1951 IRS statement 1950
1951 tour with Cooley, Swem, Coker, Bartram, libraries
1951 Bartram correspondence list, libraries, progress renewal, Travels, routes
1951 renewal
1951 tax status of grants
1951 renewal
1951 appointment for 1951, $3500 (memorandum attached)
1951 appreciation, acceptance
1951 acknowledgment
1951 (New York Times clipping) Guggenheim award list
1951 (New York Times clipping) Guggenheim awards
1951 (from IRS) stipends taxable
1951 tax status of grants
1950 scientific freedom, Academy, Bartram letters
1951 Fulbright application, references, Bartram, Hopkins address
1951 recommendation, Catskills, address
1951 recommendation, Catskills,
1951 Fulbright recommendation
1951 letter of appointment
1951 Bartram, Cornwall, Cooley, Fulbright
1951 acknowledgment of appointment, Huyck resignation
1951 acknowledgment of Catskills letter
1951 revising appointment letter
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1951 acknowledge revision
1951 transmittal of revised appointment
1951 revised appointment letter
1951 acknowledgment appointment letter
1951 tax status of grant
1952 pay stubs
1952 IRS statement
1952 income taxes, Bartram
1952 memorandum to follows (taxes), payment
1952 acknowledgment, taxes
1952 Bartram, Institute of Early American History, NSF Barren Grounds, Fulbright, taxes
1952 acknowledgment
1952 acknowledgment
1952 visit, Wilson-Bartram letters, Clark Kerr lecture
1952 request for recommendation
1952 recommendation for Ewan
1955 copies of Foundation reports of 1947-48, 1949-59
1953 pay stub
1953 memorandum on tax, payment
1853 acknowledge letter 1953 acknowledgment of Ewan recommendation
1953 Arctic Institute grant, Ungava, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Knob Lake, Surgeon General, Yale
1954 Foundation appointments Fellowships 1954, Ewan
1954 suggestions for fellows, list attached, Bartram, family news, Labrador results
1955 tax status of fellowships, Bartram Travels progress
1954 clipping IRS fellowship tax status; Ewan
1954 acknowledgment reports, NY Historical Association, Lotus corniculatus
1955 taxing fellowships
1955 request for fellows
1955 acknowledgment "comments"
1955 comments on younger scholars, recommendation Raymond F. Daubenmire, Claude W. Hibbard,
Richard H. Pough. Edgar T. Wherry, Joseph Ewan, Bartram, return of Frans Berdorn
1955 Middle East travel, acknowledgment "Conservation of Mammals And Freedom of Speech"
1955 Yale ms. Bartram's Travels, Fort Enterprise expedition, John Franklin, John Richardson, Eisenhart;
Benjamin Smith Barton journals, family news
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou reprint
1955-1956 (9 letters) publishing Bartram's Travels, by the Yale Press, publication costs, Allen Press,
subsidies by Guggenheim Foundation and John Bartram Association, Dr. Eisenhart, John C. Wister
1955 publishing Bartram Travels Yale, Allen Press, Eisenhart, royalties (draft attached)
1957 (9 items) Guggenheim support for printing Ungava bird paper; E. Raymond Hall; University of
Kansas Endowment Association
1958 copies of "Birds of Ungava", E. Raymond Hall, Arctic Institute royalties, Bartram Travels
1958 acknowledgment Bartram Travels
1958 acknowledge accomplishments with Foundation
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava birds paper
1959 (3 items) recommendation for Hamilton M. Laing
1960 removal to Chapel Hill; Bartram biography
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
1963 (3 items) Henry Allen Moe retirement; Harper biography; Moe biography
1965 request for appraisal of candidate
1965 (postcard) acknowledgment Mangum Weeks recommendation
1966 McKinley application
1966 re: no record for McKinley
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1960 list of Fellows
1960 address, Bartram
1963 request for fellows
1972 announcement
Guillot, James P.
Department of Conservation, State of Louisiana,
New Orleans
see Louisiana State Department of Conservation
Gummere, Lydia Flagg
Friends' Historical Society, Philadelphia
1935 (2 items) Humphrey Marshall [Arboretum]; Bartram
[Gummers], Richard M.
Cambridge, MA
1956 George Cooley, Bartram volumes
Gundy, Samuel C.
Reading Public Museum, Reading, PA
1962 (7 items) Keewatin Caribou Eskimo photos, Poconos mammal specimens
Guthe, Dr. Carl E. Director
New York State Museum, Albany, NY
1944 job of state Zoologist
Gutsell, James S.
Washington, D.C.
1921 Ithaca, Wrights, graduate school, Okefinokee, finances, Jim Silver
1922 phonograph, diving patrels monograph with Bob Murphy, Leister
1922 George's[?] death, phonograph, Wrights
1923 friends
1934 family news, boat-tailed grackles specimens; preserving specimens
1934 boat-tailed grackle
1935 Okefinokee
Gutermuth, C.R.
Wildlife Management Institute, Washington, DC
1957 fire ants, Westwood letter, Baker Department Agriculture
1958 (copy from Baker to Gutermuth) fire ant control, aerial spraying
1958 mailing list, aerial spraying
Guyton, T. L.
see Pennsylvania Academy of Science
Haas, George
Logan, Utah
1965 request for Preble writing
Haband Company
no date ads for slacks, books, misc.
no date (draft) shoes
1969 exchange order, shoes
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 8 continued
1969 (3 items) order and exchange shoes
Hack's Canoe Retreat
Mt. Holly, NY
1953 receipt for storage
Hackett, H.C.
1926 Christmas greeting
Hackman, Alice E.
Carlisle, PA
1960 E. C. Herber, folk lore of animals, colloquial names re: tree frogs
1969 A. H. Wright Life-histories of Frogs of Okefinokee Swamp re: names of tree-frogs
1960 acknowledgment, Herber's travels
Hagmeier, Edwin M.
1953 Knob Lake Mammals, request for records of specimens
1956 request for reprint amphibia & reptilia of northern Quebec
1957 reprints, Hyla crucifera specimens
1957 acknowledge frog specimens, peeper specimens, Hyla
1957 Hyla specimens, US customs, nomenclature
1957 peeper specimens, nomenclature
1957 (2 items?) peeper specimens, "Mammals of Keewatin"
1957 spring peeper locality records (attached)
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, marten paper
Haines, John C.
Pocono Peak Lake, Gouldsboro, PA
1947 re: lumbering 50 years ago
Haines, Willard
Gouldsboro, PA
1946 re: campsite, flying squirrels
1946 photos
1947 logging; bats
Hale, Edward E.
Union College, Schenectady, NY
1927 Rockies
Hale, Herbert W.
Directory of Public Library, Museum Art Gallery of S. Australia
see also Finlayson, Herbert W.
1937 extinct and vanishing mammals
Hall, Dick
1934 red salamander; red-bellied snake
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9.
Hall, E. Raymond
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence
1927 Okefinokee
1931 KAIBA report
see also American Society Mammals
1933 rodent poisoning by Biol. Survey people
1934 correspondence w/ Tugwell re: predator control, McCabe. McAtee, copy of letter to Tugwell
1939 (form letter) Grennell's reprint collection
1943 acknowledgment Bartram's Diary
1944 advice on "cooling it"
1949 Gervais, French zoologie and paelontologie Mustela minuta, Mustela rixosa (Notes by Harper)
1949 Gervais, Mitela minuta Huyck Preserve (Note from Harper to Maurice Phillips)
1949 (copy)
1949 Gervais, Mutela minuta
1949 Mutela minuta, Gervais, Walter Dalquest
1950 publications from KU Museum of Natural History address
1950 (By Rolin Baker for Hall) acknowledgment
1952 pocket gophers, tuza
1952 tuza, mexicanus, NSF Keewatin reports Bartram, Guggenheim
1953 "Life History and Ecology of the Barren Ground Caribou of Keewatin," publication date, table of
1954 Keewatin bird specimens
1953-1956 (63 items) re: costs and dates of publishing Barren Ground Caribou report by Kansas
University Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas Press, photographs, Ungava expedition
American Committee on International Wildlife Protection as sponsor, NSF, Dick Pough & ACIWLP
photos, Arctic Institute, Allen Press estimate Harroy at International Union for the Protection of Nature re:
costs, Brill's charges printing in Holland, other sponsors, Wildlife Management Institute, support from
WMI, distribution of copies, proofs, drawings by Poole
1955 (see also Jean Harper letter to Francis, 6/14/54)
1956-1957 (21 items) re: "Mammals of Keewatin," submitted & acknowledged, costs, sponsors, drawings
by Poole, specifications, style, proofs, distribution
1956 (postcard) subscription notice
1956 editor for Journal of Mammalogy
1957 ms. of Ungava birds report
1957 acknowledgment of Ungava bird report
1957 Birds of Ungava - MS
1958 Ungava bird ms; Poole; grant for publishing [Smithsonian]
[1958] (draft) page proofs; ectoparasites
[1958] (draft) uncertain bird names
1959 Mammals of Ungava, (Mailing list)
1960 acknowledgment weasel skin & skull, ranges, Poole, Chapel Hill
1961 maps; missing numerals; Allen Press
1961 corrections to Allen Pres
1961 index copy delivered to Allen Press
1961 separates; Allen Press, Ungava mammal map
1961 separate; map; proof of "Land and Fresh-water Mammals of the Ungava Peninsula" index
1961 Ungava Mammal paper; Poole's drawing; Arctic Institute guarantees (gift list enclosed)
1961 acknowledgment proof sheets
1961 Keewatin mammals paper; Arctic Institute; Tuck's Mures study; Canadian Wildlife Service; northern
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
reports; Bartram biography; Ungava caribou; Okefinokee folk; W.C. George on race relations
1961 Keewatin mammals; Allen Press; George: "Race Heridity and Civilization"; zoological nomenclature
1961 (copy to Robert C Feyer from Hall) Arctic Institute copies of Ungava mammals paper
1961 re: letter to Faylor
1961 Internationl Committee for Zoological Nomenclature
1961 (copy to Faylor from Hall) Arctic Institute payment for Ungava mammals paper.
1961 publication of Ungava Mammals paper
1961 (copy to Arctic Institute from Hall) number of copies of Ungava mammals paper
1961 (copy to Arctic Institute from Hall) number of copies of Ungava mammals paper
1961 Ungava mammals paper: number of copies, errors, mailing list
1961 (copy to Allen Press from Hall) payment for Ungava mammals paper
1961 Ungava mammals paper: payment, distribution; Ungava Indians
1961 Ungava mammals ms returned
1961 Ungava mammals paper: distribution; Unbava Indians study (ethnology of the Ungava region)
1961 (2 items) Ungava mammals paper: distribution
1961 (2 items) Allen Press tape of Ungava mammals paper
1961 (2 items) Ungava mammals paper: distribution
1961 Arctic Institute approval of Ungava Indians study no date (draft) Ungava bird ms., mountings, Poole
1962 Allen Press; Ungava Indian study (Montagnais ethnology) Gayle S. Smith; Kansas series
1961 Ungava Indians study; McAtee's death
1962 (draft) Allen Press; Montagnais study;
1962 Turner, Nelson; Gayle Smith re: Ungava Indian study
1962 (draft) Mr. Goldman; Nelson's recollections
1962 L. M. Turner's biography; Margaret C. Blaker; Goldman's copy of Nelson's reminiscences (copy)
1962 Turner; Indian ms.
1962 (draft), shares sheet with Fenner, A. G.; see (Finner) L. M. Turner’s personal life; Blaker
letter, Ridgway reminiscence
1962 Turner;'s life, letters; Ridgeway; Goldman; Banfield; Ungava papers: fishes, climate
1962 Turner letters; Bureau of American Ethnology
1962 acknowledgment separates: Ungava climate, Ungava fishes
1962 Ungava indians ms; engravings (copy) Ungava Indians ms; Turner's letters to Ridgway;
J. W. Anderson, Fur Trader's Story
1962 (2 items) Unvava Indian ms: prints; Turner: Ridgway, Harris; Eptesicus, Microsorex; Ungava
plant and animal associations
1962 Naskapi and Montagnais photographs
1962 printing Ungava Indian study (The Friendly Montagnais); photographs
1962 Ungava Indians; Peble biography
1962 Tuck's Mures paper
1962 Ungava Indians study plates
1962 (from Hall to Zoological Nomenclature) nomenclature (code enclosed)
1962 new Turner documents; extra pages
1962 Turner Ungava Indian study cover; Goldman; Keewatin mammals study; caribou and Caribou
1962 ACLU application Okefinokee folkways study; Arctic Institute; Allen Press
1962 ACLU application; publishing Montagnais paper; mammal speimens
1962 Arctic Institute; reviews and sales
1962 printing Ungava Indian paper; Father Cyr on Montagnais
1962 Indian paper insertions; financing publications
1962 (copy to Arctic Institute from Hall) publishing "Plant and Animal Associations"
1962 Arctic Institute red tape; Naskapi exhibit; photographs; Caribou Eskimo paper; woodland caribou
1963 cover illustration for "Friendly Montagnais";
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
(see also Harper letter to Peter Wood, Arctic Institute)
1963 cover illustrations: Montagnais, Plant and Animal Associations;
1963 Caribou Eskimo report; Artic Institute; ACLS grant
1962 Caribou Eskimo report; Plant and Animal Associations paper; Artic Institute; Ungava mammals
1963 (2 items) Caribou Eskimo report; Plant and Animal Associations
1963 (from Arctic Institute to Hall) printing Montagnais, Plant and Animal Associations, and Caribou
Eskimo studies; Allen Press; University of Kansas Endowment Association (Irvin E. Youngberg)(copy
enclosed: letter from Allen Press re: Indian study printing costs)
1963 T. J. Fitzpatrick; Rafinesque; William Bartram ms biography
1963 Arctic Institute; Rafinesque
1963 printing bids; Caribou Indians; Allen Press; (additions to copy)
1963 Fitzpatrick; Joseph Rubinstein; (p.s., Faylor re: National Science Foundation grant)
1963 AIBS; AINA; Caribou Eskimo report; additions to Indian report
1963 Rubinstein; Rafinesque ms material; Arctic Institute
1963 Bureau of American Ethnology Indian and Eskimo prints; Wood; Artic Institute
1963 additional (Eskimo?) prints
1963 Caribou Eskimo prints
1963 Arctic Institute-NSF grants; number of Eskimo and Montagnais copies; Eskimo photographs;
American Academy of Arts and Sciences grant for Okefinokee project
1963 Preble bibliography submitted
1963 Arctic Institute; KU Endowment Association; Eskimo paper; American Academy grant; Preble
bibliography; (p.s., number of copies)
1963 Arctic Institute; "cracky dog" photograph for Montagnais paper (p.s., acknowledgment for Henri
Ouellet in Montagnais paper)
1963 "cracky dog" photo to engraving (copy of Harper's letter to Hall enclosed)
1963 plates for Eskimo paper; AOU photo; Preble
1963 proofs of Eskimo paper engravings; galley proofs
1963 engravings; air photographs; plant and animal associations; Peeble
1963 air photos; caribou paper; Arctic Institute; civil rights decisions; Pruitt's caribou studies
1963 Museum style sheet; Miscellaneous Series (p.s., proofs of engravings Indians paper, plant and animal
associations paper
1963 Montagnais paper corrections
1963 (from Frank S. Cross to Harper for Hall: corrections to Montagnais paper to Allen Press)
1963 (from Cross for Hall) distribution copies of Montagnais paper
1963 (from J Knox Jones for Hall) page proofs of Caribou Eskimos paper; galley proffs of Montagnais
paper (copy) (draft, see also J. Knox Jones)
1963 Eskimo paper page proof; capitalization
1963 Montagnais paper proof; editorial functions (citations enclosed)
1963 Naskapi exhibit photo
1963 galley proof of plant and animal associations paper
1963 Montagnais paper proofs; editorial pilicy; style depositing Harper papers
1963 review journals; Alaskan caribou; wolves; Stefansson cuplicates (reviewers list attached)
1963 Eskimo infant mortality, George W. Cain
1963 Museum style
1963 Harper depository at University of Kansas; racial issues
1963 review copies; Harper's papers
1963 plant and animal association proof; "leading lives of quiet desperation"
1963 (3 letters) indexes for Indian, Montaganis, and plant and animal associations papers
1963 Director Buckman re: Harper depository
1963 index for Caribou Indians paper; page proof of Caribou Indians, Montagnais
1963 Eskimo report index; Scalpus with leptius
1963 moleskin (Scalpus); proof and index Eskimo paper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1964 Chapel Hill; page proof Montagnais study; Eskimo paper index
[1964] Eskimo paper index; Ungava Indian paper
1964 Buckman; Harper papers; Fish and Wild Life Service destruction of materials; Indian photos
1964 Montagnais index; rivalry with Todd re: birds of Labradow
1964 FWS; Harper papers to Kansas: Eskimo paper proof
1964 (2 items) Indian paper proof
1964 (draft) papers for Kansas
1964 (draft, report of phone call from Hall) copies of Indian,associations, and Montagnais papers; Allen
1964 (2 items) page proof plant and animal associations
1964 association page proof; budget problems
1964 Allen Press rates for additional copies
1964 acknowledgment of excellence; Dr. Fitch
1964 Allen Press separates policy
1964 (copy to Faylor (AI) from Hall) Montaganis and Associations papers forwarded; distribution lists
1964 (2 items) Three papers published; number of copies; distribution (journals listed)
1964 distribution of papers, Museum Miscellaneous numbers 36, 37, and 38; Alex Wetmore (Smithsonian)
1964 Faylor; costs and quotes; Allen Press
1964 Museum publications; errors; KU anthropologists
1964 Sir Julian Huxley; Miscellaneous publications; foxes and fox hunting
1964 fox hunting; Daniel McKinley recommendation (distribution list of Eskimo paper enclosed)
1964 associations paper; Arctic Institute; (list of review journals enclosed)
1964 number of copies of Miscellaneous publications
1964 pine mouse specimen; Ungava publications requests
1964 letter to Oliver L. Austin, Jr.
1964 NSF funding statement; review copies of Ungava papers; responses to Pruitt
1964 NSF funding statement; Preble paper; "grave of John Lyon"
1964 MS returned
1965 Sylvie Nikels' review of Caribou Eskimos
1965 Ungava papers reviews; Preble bibliography
1965 Preble bibliography
1965 printing Preble bibliography; Preble photo
1965 negative reviews of ethnology papers
1965 publishing Preble bibliography; corrections
1965 Preble bibliography; State (Kansas) Printer
1965 halftone reproduction; Preble bibliography prints
1965 Preble bibliography; review of Eskimo paper
1965 Preble bibliography costs; reviews of Ungava papers
1965 Preble proofs; ASM-USFWS conflict
1965 review; ASW meeting; The Auk
1965 (2 items) Preble bibliography
1965 (2 items) Preble bibliography costs; A.W. Howell
1965 ordering Preble bibliography copies; Viola Schantz re: Arthur H. Howell biography and bibliography
1965 John E. Keats; Tanner's work
1965 (2 items) issuing Preble bibliography
1965 Caribou Eskimos review (review, letter to VanStone enclosed)
1965 Schantz; Howell bibliography; Preble bibliography Hartley Jackson
1965 VanStone letter; racial issues
1965 Jackson; Howell; Pitymys specimen
1965 Jackson re: Howell bibliography; "long-tailed tiger cad"
1965 publishing Jackson
1966 Preble requests
1966 Allen Press distributions; publication dates; predator control
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1966 (copy letter to Hartley H. T. Jackson from Hall)
1966 Arctic wildlife (copies of letters from Clarence Howell bibliography
Cottam,Robert C. Pendleton)
1966 Pendleton's and Cottam's letters
1966 distribution list Pendleton's and Cottam;s letters
1966 (draft) Arctic wildlife
1966 Harper's obligations: Okefinokee book; Athabaska birds study; Georgia folkways
1966 Arctic radioactive fallout
1967 (copy: letter from Hall to Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife) Okefinokee National Wildlife
1967 threats to Okefinokee
1967 Okefinokee predator control
1967 Published Writings of Arthur Holmes Howell
1967 McAtee bibliography; list of Harper's writings; Hall retirement
1967 list of writings; disposal of papers (Kansas): scope and contents; Okefinokee book; Linne’ donation
to UNC
1967 Okefinokee folk; Athabaska birds; papers to Kansas
1969 Roland Harper biography
1969 Okefinokee book; Fish and Wildlife purchases; Chesser's Island; Turkey; Dale J. Osborn
1969 list of projects: Okefinokee; Bartram; Athabaska Birds; Chapel Hill; Cornell
1969 Remington Kellogg's death; Harper collection
1969 Barnum Brown story; Okefinokee; Cornell
1969 Kellogg; Baldwin article about Roland Harper; Ungava Mammals paper; distribution maps
1969 Joseph Grinnell; Okefinokee book
1969 Jean's visit to Lawrence; Pakthanian letters
1969 (draft) [Buhetz}, Robert A. Morris, projects, Okefinokee [Winokahan] Lake
1970 visit; new research institution date
1970 Ungava lakes; history of American ornithology: Batchelder's Nutall account
1970 Jean's visit; Harper's health; list of those denied access
1970 (draft) predator protection; Okefinokee (shares sheet with Harper, Mary Sue; Hamilton, -----; Frome,
1972 see also Harper, Jean re: Francis' death and disposition of papers at Kansas University
[1974] Edkimo paper inkex; Ungava Indian paper (see 1964)
Hall, G.A.
Calhoun, GA
1934 Okefinokee
Hall, G.K. & Co.
1966 Brochures
1967 Price list of reference works
1970 Bibliographic; Quebec-Labrador Peninsula/Cooke [Caion Dictionary Catalog-Stefanson Collection
of the Polar Regions Catalog of the Library-Arctic Institute of Northern Canada
Haltenoth, Theador and Herman Kaufman
Saugetierkundliche Mitteilungen, Munich, Germany
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou report
Hambton, Carson W.
1942 Re: Loaned prints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hamburg Zoologiches Museum and Institute
1937 Mammals, vanishing
see also Nehr, Erma
Hamilton, ----no date (draft) Georgia Ornithological Society meeting; [Dalton], GA; Bartram (shares sheet with Harper,
Mary Sue, see also)
Hamilton, R. E.
Dalton, GA
1967 G.O.S. meetings-reminiscence of father Wm. Harper 1887-1892 years
1971 dues (Georgia Ornithological Society)
Hamilton, Rodgers D
University of Michigan-Museum of Zoology, Ann Arbor
1949 Frogs
1951 meeting with Heston Underhill (Fish & Game)
Hamilton, Ruth (daughter of Bill and Nellie)
1933 Remarriage
Hamilton, Thomas E. "Tom"
Davidson Transfer & Storage, Philadelphia
1948 Caamp-Rancocos Creek re: Posting signs deputy wardens
1949 moving and storage costs routes from Mt. Holly to Rensselaerville
1950 Lucy, Nicolsaisen's address
1940 Rancocas gossip
1958 feeder box contents
1958 Canada expedition, screech owl, flying squirrel, starlings, Bartram's Travels
1959 gossip, Guggenheim, birds, woodcock
1950 shipwreck
1950 Krom rental, Kichers
1950 gossip, Rancocas camps, trespassers
1950 Rancocas Gossip
1951 Rancocas Gossip
1951 Rancocas Gossip
1951 letter from Fred Thompson, Masan, Korea Rancocas Gossip
1951 to Malcolm, Silber, Harper re: road conditions (cabin directory attached)
1951 camps, birdfeeders
1951 road conditions, Rancocas Gossip
1951 Rancocas Gossip
1951 danger on Rancocas, shipwreck
1953 birds, feeders
Hamilton, William .J., Jr., "Bill" (and Nellie and Ruth)
Cornell, College of Agriculture; Zoological Laboratory, Ithaca
1925 Vertebrates-Cuba; Mammals-Central America
1928 List of birds-France
1929 Ann Arbor, bear article, collaboration, Svihla, "porky's" foot
1929 Ithaca
1929 seeds, McAtee, Condylura, [Schoonmater] paper, family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1930 [Katahdin]-food studies on
1931 Trip; Preble, Howell, Kellogg, stone; woodchucks
1931 Mammals-woodchucks, fur-bearers
1932 Seton's Lives, American Game Association, M. noveboracensis, clognami, finances, fox specimen,
Vulpes, woodchuck
1934 Review magazine The American Zoologists, Survey poison [?]
1934 Jepson re: journal, Preble, mammals,
1934 red fox paper, "Bump", Preble, grouse
1934 Cottell re: mammal ms., photo
1936 Four Way Lodge; family news; Microtus
1936 Four Way party; Roosevelt Station
1936 (4 items) family news; Roosevelt Wild Life Station; Microtus;
1937 Conversations
1937 Grinnell; obligations; American Society of Mammalogists; survey of Huyck Preserve flora and fauna
(list included)
1937 conservation committees; Huyck survey; Biological Survey chestnuts in Okefinokee; FDR
1937 (3 items) conservation committee appointment; poison (Grinnell letter attached)
1937 May's Landing Sorex data; Philadelphia Zoo director; Bump to Roosevelt Wild Life Preserve
1938 acknowledgment separates; American Society of Mammalogists
1938 mammal destruction; Mrs. Richard F. Ayer
1938 Berkeley conference; Pope-White bill
1939 extinct mammals study
1939 family news; Florida amphibians; extinct mammals; Bartram; Arthur Leeds
1939 (2 items) mammals report
1939 Montezuma Marsh
1940 (2 items) Conservation Committee report
1940 Okefinokee; skinks; Bartram
1941 acknowledgment book; Huber's health; Four-Way Lodge
1941 list of prints
1941 mammal photographs; Bufo specimens
1941 committee on Conservation of Land mammals
1941 resigns mammals committee
1941 cattle fever ticks
1941 Eng.
1941 (2 items) Katahdin bear photos
1941 discussion of fur resources
1944 War news [Mammals]
1941 (postcard) typhus
1948 Huyck Preserve position, Rancocas Creek
1949 visit, Senior Scientist position, Huyck position
1949 Huyck Preserve position, housing, research problems Heimericks' collection of mammals
1949 Earl Poole at Everglades, Robin & Telluride Assn., Huyck Preserve position, mammalian
1949 Huyck fellowship, research problem
1949 fellowship awarded, resident naturalist
1949 fellowship, equipment
1949 Huyck fellowships equipment & supplies
1949 visit, equipment, DDT,
1949 George Cooley, equipment,
1949 traps, birds, Huyck Preserve
1949 visit, Bishop illness, winter residence
1949 winter residence, Synaptomys
1949 Huyck fellowship, report
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1949 business meeting
1949 meeting
1949 Angora prints, visit, Synaptomys, Glaucomys sabrinus macerates, Clethrionomys
1949 angora pictures, advisory committee pay
1949 stipends, Catskill trip
1949 talk, Keewatin?, 1949 talk, visit
1949 talk
1949 (telegram) talk re: Bartram
1949 Bartram talk
1949 visit, talk
1949 visit, fauna at Huyck
1949 request for book list, fellows, housing, garter snakes
1949 books for Preserve, housing, Dix garter snakes, birds
1950 Guggenheim, Huyck position, red and gray fox skins; Graflite apparatus
1950 to Thomas Ordway re: committee membership Ralph Smith report
1950 Guggenheim, Huyck Preserve, Smith report Keewatin mosses and lichens, birds
1950 Guggenheim, Huyck flora and fauna
1950 Palmer, Clausen, Eldridge, Ralph Smith lichens & mosses, grouse, grosbeaks, Little Brown Bat
1950 snakes, Neotoma floridana, woodchucks Preserve cottontails
1950 Wood's Vly, Leptinus specimens, wolverines, cottontails, Neotoma, woodchuck skin
1950 Leptinus, woodchucks
1950 Beach Knoll, Ralph Smith, Preserve cats, rabies Mistela cicognanii
1950 Smith's report, Yellowstone meetings Neotoma nurslings
1950 Preserve studies, manuscripts
1950 Huyck report, Bartram, raccoons
1950 report, visit
1950 removal to Mt. Holly, remaining materials
1950 Huyck board meeting, members, research results
1951 Bartram biography, Guggenheim, George Cooley, Bull's Island (SC), 'Renssalearville' wasp Rodgers
Hamilton, Cadwalader & Academy
1951 bear cubs, Bartram, Guggenheim, Huyck board, woodchucks, Ecological Monographs
1951 Huyck directors, caribou for Ecological Monographs
1951 Sherm's [Bishop] library, Ecological Monographs Leiolopisma paper, Preble (Alice Bishop letter
attached, library)
1951 ideal biological station, caribou ms., woodchucks
1951 Sherrman Bishop, caribou paper, Washington visit
1951 Bishop library, Leiolopiana paper; Lucy (daughter)
1951 American Museum, bears, caribou paper snakes and lizards at Ft. Benning, Ophisaurus; Etmeces
egregius, Kinosternon
(no date) (note) spiders & [phalaipida]
1951 Banfiels's Barren Ground Caribou,
1952 NSF grant for Keewatin, American Midland Naturalists; Bartram biography, Eph Palmer
1952 NSF grant, caribou, Midland Naturalist, Huyck,
1952 Hamilton's father's death, Academy, Keewatin mammals; caribou paper 1952 caribou specimens,
Rangifer arcticus arcticus bibliography, publication costs
1952 family news, caribou specimens, publisher
1953 caribou report, Ungava expedition, Arctic Institute,
1953 Ungava expedition, caribou paper, Bishops, northern specimens, family news
1953 Nueltin bird report, request for Bill III
1953 (draft) Keewatin bird paper, Knob Lake lemmings
1953 dysentery, Ungava expedition, specimens of Ursus,Mustela vison, Phenacomys
1953 Keewatin reprint to Bill III, northern specimens, bird stomachs
1954 dysentery, printing in Brussels, Keewatin mammals, talk at Keuka College
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1954 sabbatical, Florida collecting, visit
1956 Ray Hall & caribou report, Pearson, colleagues
1953 Keewatin reprints, colleagues
1956 Okefinokee report, Bill III's health, George Cooley
1956 family news,
1957 Patuxent Research Refuge, mammal stomachs, Geomys print; Rangifer caboti, caribou, Paul Kellogg
1957 Athabaska stomachs, Austin Cameron, caribou report
1957 Geomys print, naturalist's edition of Bartram's Travels
1957 Geomys print, Adirondack coyotes
1957 Geomys print, Earl Poole drawings, family news
1957 Geomys print, Chapel Hill
1959 honorary membership, AOU, ASM, (listed), family news, Katahdin mammals, Ungava reports, H. B.
Glass & climate ms., editor of Ecology
1960 Kissena Park, Flushing Bay gulls, honorary memberships, Katahdin; list of naturalist "giants"
1960 change of address (to Chapel Hill)
1960 (2 items) G.A. Schad, Microtus chrotorrhinus records, Phenacomys McAtee, Chapel Hill
1962 acknowledgment Ungava reprints, retirement, McAtee's death, family news
1962 John Holly Clark, Mr. Katahdin expedition, fairy sighting
1964 acknowledgment reprints, diaries, scholarship, family mews
1964 alligator paper, visit
1969 Conversation, courses at Cornell
no date (draft) photos from University of Alabama, list of 1909 negatives
1971 visit; alligator; George H. N. Lawrence; Okefinokee tales
1971 visit; AWW [Wright] archaic speech, birds and spraying, David's graduation, visit, Harper projects,
Katahdin mammals study; (copy); (2 drafts)
Hamilton, William J. III
Cornell University Zoological Laboratory, Ithaca, NY
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
1932 birth of M. noveboracensis (weasels); son's award; woodchucks; Blarina embryos
1936 Syracuse University position; politics; hermaphrodite raccoon; Neotoma mammals
1956 (draft) Keewatin caribou report
1956 acknowledgment and request reprints
1956 Keewatin birds report
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
Hamlin, Chauncey G.
Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY
1929 Application for position
see also Buffalo Museum of Science
Hamm, Harvey
Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Ulrich's Book Store, Ann Arbor MI
1933 announcement Harry W. Hamm The Biology of Birds
Hammett, William L
Raleigh, NC
1964 Carolina Bird Club membership, The Chat
Hammond, Wm. A., Dean of the Faculty, Cornell
1926 Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
[Hampton], Carson W.
Philadelphia, PA
1942 (postcard) reprints
Handley, Charles O.,Jr.
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
1954 identify Neultin Lake Clethrionomys specimens
1954 Nueltin Lake Clethrionomys, Tamiasciurus
1954 Keewatin skulls, Comeau's Life and Sport on the North Shore
1955 Ungava skulls, Clethrionomys, Comeau
1955 Dale Osborn, Clethrionomys, Ungava birds
1955 Ungava specimens, Phenacomys, Symaptomys, Clethrionomys skulls, Collins' caribou fragments
1955 Ungava specimens, Collins' caribou, Tamiasciurus, Ungava mosses
1955 Ungava mammals ms., subspecific determinations, Clethrionomys, Phenacomys
1955 Ungava mammal report, Col. Traub,
1955 Dale Osborn
1955 Museum visit, Clethrionomys
1955 visit, Microtus
1955 Ungava mammal report, maps, Institut des Parcs Nationaux du Congo Belge reports
1956 acknowledge Institut reports, Microtus range Ungava mammals report w/Snyder
1956 Ungava mammals ms., Snyder
1956 Ungava mammals ms.
1956 Ungava mammals, Bateman, ms. Rangifer caboti photo publication of Keewatin mammals
1956 Ungava mammals ms. Clement's mammal specimens Canadian Zone, Hamilton Basin
1957 Ungava mammals ms, Keewatin reprints, Neotoma, Traub
1957 Keewatin mammal copies, caribou, Neotoma
1964 Re: Journal of Mammalogy, Nueltin Lake Poisoning
1964 (2 items) Sigmondon hispidus specimens, DDT, traps (caribou citations attached)
Haney, Robert
Atlanta-Georgia Natural Areas Council Conversation
1970 Aerial pesticide sprays for rodents, reference to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
Hanging Rock State Park
Danbury, NC
1967 Re: availability of cabins for October
Hanie, Robert
Georgia Natural Areas Council. Atlanta
no date (uncertain attribution) Bartram ms., Keewatin
1970 F. W. Fartig (curator-librarian at Emory Univ.), Harper papers, Bartram, Okefinokee, Le Conte
1970 (unfinished?) illegitimacy among Bartrams, Atlanta Journal article, Bartram preservation (copy)
Hanna, A. J.
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL; Florida Historical Society
1939 (2 items) Rollins Walk of Fame; Bartram; Francis C. Pyle
1940 (postcard) American Quarterly Review re: Bartram
1940 Wilbur Wilson; John F. Rollins Plant and Bird Sanctuary
1940 (3 items) Florida Review re: wildcat
1940 John Gifford; Lynx floridanus
1940 Journal of Southern History; publishing Bartram
1940 Bartram mss; De Brahm mss.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1941 Record of Research Investigations
1941 (postcard) acknowledgment Chapman item; Florida investigations
1941 (2 items) Harper botanical bibliography
1941 Earnest's Bartram book; inaccuracies
1941 Bartram reviews; John C. Gifford; Dr. Chapman; Florida Historical Society meeting
1941 Gifford; Chapman; St. John's book
1941 A. W. Chapman
1941 John F. Rollins Bird and Plant Sanctuary; St. Johns River book
1941 Florida research professorship; research program; John McQueen; James Spalding
1942 James Spalding sketch
1942 James Spalding sources
1942 (2 items) Bartram mss.; Bartram's Travels; St. Johns River book
1942 (postcard) Le Conte Photostats
1942 publishing Bartram
1942 Re: writing style 1943 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint; Bartram's Diary
1943 see also Union Catalog of Floridiana
1944 Publications of job opportunities
1954 acknowledgment of Bartram materials, Rollins College
1955 Bartram biography, Guggenheim, Travels, appeal for funds, Keewatin
1956 funds
Hanson, George
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
1956 Ungava reports, Survey map
1856 permission to use map
1956 use of Survey map
1956 permission
1956 appreciation
Hanson, Harold C.
Illinois Natural History Society, Urbana, IL
1950 Canada geese report, Nueltin Lake
1963 Ornithology, Giant Canada Geese, Northern Ontario
Harbison, T.G.
Highlands, North Carolina
1934 Bartram study
Harkin, J. B.
Canadian Department of Interior (see Canada Department of Interior)
Hardin, Dr. James W.
Dept. of Botany, North Carolina State, Raleigh
1960 Bartram's nomenclature reAesculus sylvatica, parviflora, octandra, neglecta
1960 Aesculus sylvatica, David Gillespie, Bartram
1968 [Nelumbo] inquiry (on behalf of Cregia Covington Reed)
Hardy, Dr. John Wm.
Moore Laboratory of Zoology, Los Angeles, CA
1969 (3 items) E. Raymond Hall, Bartram reviews, Friedman, The Auk, bequest to University of Kansas
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hare, F. Kenneth
Geography, McGill Univ. Toronto
1953 request for Geographical Review re: Knob Lake expedition
1953 Geographical Review, #40 depleted
Hargret, Felix
Home Insurance Co. New York
1954 (copy Hagrett to John C. Winter) Yale re: Travels' contribution, copy of cloth bound volumes of both
1955 acknowledgment John Bartram's Diary, cloth edition John Bartram journal, cloth edition, Wm.
Bartram's Travels
1955 acknowledgment John Bartram journal, Wm. Bartram's Travels
1956 Travels accepted by Yale journals
1956 parcel receipt
1956 acknowledgment of contribution, copies Bartram journals
1956 Bartram, John K. Wright on Bartram
1956 transmittal of letter to Wister, Bartram, contribution
1956 acknowledgment contribution, Bartram Association
Hargrett, Felix
Home Insurance Co., New York
1958 Bartram, Okefinokee,
1958 acknowledgment Bartram's Travels, biography
1958 Bartram biography, Okefinokee people, donation
1958 Bartram biography, Ungava caribou, Georgia relatives (Hargrett's), Chapel Hill
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds paper, Chapel Hill
1958 Bartram biography support (Longwood Foundation), reviews of Travels listed, Library Company
lecture, Chapel Hill
1959 health,
1959 Bartram's diary, Travels
1959 Bartram biography, reviews of Travels, Library Company, Okefinokee
1960 Chapel Hill, Bartram, yodeling,
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, Chapel Hill, John Coakley Lettsom, Griffith's diary,
Travels; yodeling, Okefinokee
1961 Christmas card
1961 Lettsom, early American naturalists, Venus' fly-trap, Ungava reports
1962 Christmas card, acknowledgment Ungava reprints
1963 Christmas card
1964 Bartram biography, Okefinokee, publishing northern reports, E. Ray Hall and Harper papers,
Hargrove, J. W.
Smith Estate Corporation, Smithville, NJ
1951 Wesley Gibbs, raccoon poacher
1951 L.B. MacTamara or Fish & Game, game sanctuary
Harkness, Hilda
Natural Museum of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
1966-7 re: portrait of Dr. Alf Erling Porsild (to be presented at his retirement as chief botanist)
Harley, James B.
Lincoln, NE
1943 acknowledgment articles; Pseudacris
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Harley, P. N.
Waycross, GA
1936 receipt
Harmanson (publisher
Harp, Elmer Jr.
Professor of Anthropology, Dartmouth College Museum, Hanover, New Hampshire
1964 Eskimo, Ungava caribou
1964 Montagnais, Caribou Eskimo
1964 Eskimo, Slave Lake Indians, Brown, Banfield
1964 (draft) acknowledgment Labrador and Newfoundland reports
1969 misdirected request
Harper, Henry P.
Maple Shade, NJ
1939 (postcard) Bartram's garden lecture
Harper's Magazine
New York
1914 paper ("A Sorjourn in the Primeval Okefenokee") submitted
Harrington, J. L.
PhG, Scholarie, NY
1950 Rotary Club program
1950 Rotary program
Harris, Calists (Mrs. Stewart)
[B]Oxford, MS, reprints
1969 re: death of Stuart, "Slim"
1969? copy; Rhodora; Okefinokee; family news
Harris, Ethel R.
Georgia Ornithological Society
1938 copies of Oriole article
1938 (3 items) Oriole printer's errors; copies
Harris, J. Arthur
Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island
1915 Okefinokee; routes; guides
Harris, Joseph Co.
Rochester NY
1956 seed order
1958 (3 items) seed order, treatment with diedrin, refund
Harris, Lucian, Jr.,
Atlanta, GA
no date (photo caption?) bear hunting on Billy's Island
1934 Frogs of Okefinokee
1937 Frank Morton Jones; John Abbot drawings; Bartram; Okefinokee
1937 see also Macmillan Co. 1938 (Georgia representative) re: Bermesly Gardens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1938 (2 items) W. B. Baker; permission to reprint Okefinokee bear story
1939 Southern Nature Studies books 2 and 3
1939 (2 items) errors in book 2, Southern Nature Studies
1961 (4 copies) Oracle publication of Okefinokee bird data, Hebard, Greene
1961 Hebard and Green ms. re: Okefinokee birds (letter to Earle Greene attached)
1961 (from Lucien Harris Jr., [attorney]) re: Birds of the Okefinokee and restraint order
Harrison, J. M.
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
see also Canada-Department of Mines and Technical Services, Geological Survey of Canada
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou paper
1956 Rangifer caboti photograph
1956 Barren Ground caribou photos
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals paper
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava birds study
1960 ((3 items) location of photos in Geographical Journal, Geo. Survey, National Museum Bulletin,
Canadian Field Naturalist, mislabeling Great Slave Lake
1960 Ungava Indians, photos, photo of Low
1961 (2 items) photo of A. P. Low, Ungava mammals
1961 F. J. Alcock re: A.P. Low, portraits of Labrador-Ungava ethnologists, Canadian Indian & Eskimo
1962 acknowledgment Ungava life zones study
1962 photos—Low, Montagnais, ethnologists—Tyrell, Birket-Smith
1962 photos of Tyrell's expedition, Across the Sub-Arctics of Canada
1962 Tyrell, Eskimos, Eade
1964 acknowledgment Ungava reprints, Montagnais, Norman Slater
Harrison, Julian R III
Dept of Zoology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1957 (postcard) request reprint Pseudacris paper
Harrison, Thomas Perry
First Watercolors of North American Birds
see also Amidon note
Harrold, Charles Cotton
Mission, GA
1932 acknowledgment reprints; Wherry
1934 (to Dr. Swanton) Indian mounds
1934 Indian mounds; Bartram buffalo lick; Franklinia
1936 (4 items) Macon Museum; Indian artifacts; Le Conte plantation; Indian mounds
1937 wife's health
1937 (2 items) Mrs. Harrold; Bartram
1938 acknowledgment reprints; Franklinia
1939 (2 items) Department of Natural Resources position
1939 (4 items) Bartram route map; Louise Frederic Hays
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints; visit
1940 (postcard) archeological meeting
1940 acknowledgment frogs reprint; visit
1940 acknowledgment reprints; Torrey Botanical Society
1941 Torrey Society; Bartram Association; Franklinia;
1943 (3 items) acknowledgment Bartram reprint
1944 Bartram; Elliottia
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1947 re: trip to [Guernsey] to scout Franklinia
Harrold, Helen Shaw (Mrs. Charles Cotton)
Macon, GA
1950 Charles Harrold; boyhood; Bartram; Franklinia
1952 Christmas card, Charles' death, Roland, Bartram
1958 acknowledgment Travels, Bartram
Harroy, Jean-Paul
International Union for the Protection of Nature, Brussels, Belgium
1953 (5 items) Union as publishers of Barren Ground caribou report, Richard Pough, distribution, cost
estimates, number of copies, maps, NSF support, agreement deferred
1954 caribou paper publication, ms. postage
1954 postage for ms.
1954 caribou ms. received
Hartman, Carl G.
University of Illinois Zoological & Physiology, Urbana
1946 re: position not available
Hartweg, Norman
request reprints
1960 request Ruthven reprints
Harvard Graduate School of Design
Robinson Hall, Cambridge, Mass.
1969 (draft) Craig B. Bell
1968 endorsement of Craig B. Bell
Harvard Travelers' Club
(see also Whiting, Helen W., Peabody Museum)
1961 William B. Cabot portrait
1961 no "Harvard Travelers' Club"
1961 Arthur Loveridge a member
Harvard University
1926 Eliot Wodsworth - [Bd]. Overseers, Winthrop Wade – Secretary, re: employment as [visitor]
Harwell, Bert
National Audubon Society
1944(?) Proposed work in Okefinokee
(see also National Audubon Society)
Haskin, Leslie L.
Brownsville, Oregon
1944 Bartram
Haskins, Ellen
Huyck & Sons, Rensselaerville, NY
1950 letterheads and stationary
1950 bill from Crosby Frisian Fur Co.
1950 Eldridge re: fix skins
1950 re: Crosby Frisian Fur Co. invoice (fox skins)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1950 re: mounting plant specimens
Haskins, Vernon
East Durham, NY
1950 lecture
1950 DR. Eldridge, Mrs. Huyck, Natural Science Assoc. of Catskills, weasel photos
1950 isolation, raccoons, Bartram, mammalian life-histories, hurricane
Haslin, James J.
see New York Historical Society
Hassler, Will
River Edge Manor, NJ
1938 Pseudacris
1938 Pseudacris; Hyla crucifera; family news
Hastings Museum
Hastings, NB
1948 re: caribou specimens and possible habitat group
Hatt, Robert T., Dr.
Cranbrook Institute of Science, New York University
1927 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
1927 reprint Okefinokee mammals
1928 Monel wire
1931 (2 items) scientific names of manatees (Linnaeus)
1932 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
1932 Sunamoto re: elephants
1932 see also American Society of Mammalogists, [Cover] Society: abstract of "Aquatic Mammals";
errata slip Nature Magazine
1935 conference
1938 extinct and vanishing mammals; Phillips; Bartram mss.
1938 vanishing mammals; position
1939 (2 items) field work; Cranbrook Institute projects
1939 research program
1940 (5 items) swamplands photographs
1943 acknowledgment Bartram reprints
1944 Bartram Michigan research possibilities
1946 [Nueltin recommendations
1947 [Nueltin]
1949 copy of "In Caribou Lands"
1949 Gervais re: Mustela minuta
1950 Preserve, Guggenheim, Keewatin bird report
1950 lecture at Cranbrook, suggestions for other venues
1950 lectures, early American naturalists 1951 bookings for "Land of the Caribou"
1951 death of Hatt's wife, lectures Guggenheim, Academy, Barren Grounds report
1951 lecture
1951 lecture, meeting of Biological Society of Washington
1951 rail transportation, Geological Society of America; (Cranbrook map attached)
1951 lecture
1951 lecture, accommodations
1951 Island Life, terminology Hyla crucifer, Rattus norvegicus, lecture
1952 Keewatin reports, northern trip to Ungava, other Keewatin reports, Wurtz, Forsild, Bishop, etc.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Arctic Institute application, Bartram
1952 Yucatan report, Arctic Institute
1952 Arctic Institute recommendation
1953 Arctic Institute award, research subject Barren Grounds report
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin bird report
1954 Ungava expedition, Keewatin mammals mss., publishers
1954 caribou paper, sources, subsidies
1954 Tsmiasciurus specimen, caribou report, NSF
1954 acknowledgment of "One red squirrel from Nueltin Lake"
1956 Ungava birds and mammals, caribou, Okefinokee draught
1956 caribou report, Okefinokee
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Iraq paper
1959 southwestern Asia re: Old World mammals study, request Iraq paper
1960 (postcard) change of address
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, Atlantic Ecological Research Station, Salisbury
1962 (post card) acknowledgment reprints
1964 acknowledgment papers (Okefinokee?), Fred Spack, Georgia visit
Haverford College Library
Haverford, PA
1954 acknowledgment Bartram publications (see also Hewitt, Anna B.
Hawes, Lila M.
Georgia Historical Society, Savannah
see also Georgia Historical Society
1951 Laurens-McIntosh litter of 1768, McIntosh correspondence Franklinia
1951 discovery of Franklinia, Bartram, McIntosh letters; Scrimsger letter
1951 Scrimsger-McIntosh letter, Franklinia, Cooley
1951 Bartram-McIntosh letter, Bulloch Genealogy Laurens letters, Brickell letters
1951 Bartram-McIntosh letter, McIntosh genealogy
1951 McIntosh genealogy, Allen's American Biographical Dictionary, Darlington's Relicuiae
Baldwinianae Sketch of Creek County 1951 Darlington, Hawkins' ms of Creek country
1959 acknowledgment Bartram diary, Travels
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association
see also Earl L. Poole, Reading Pennsylvania
1939 Annual Report
1945 Rosalie Edge, President (Mrs. C.N.)
Hayes, Clark A.
New York Game Warden
1927 wildcat vs. lynx identification
Hayman, ----1968 recommendation for Jim Ladd
Haynes, Malcolm
[Starriecca], PA
1945 trip lines, mammals
Haynes, William G.,Jr.
Ashentilly Press, Darien, GA
1945 Franklinia, Bartram's travels, errors in Eifert volume
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hays, Mrs. J.E.
Atlanta, GA
1939 David Taitt 1772 map
Hazell, Lillian (Bobby)
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
1936 Owen Thrift kinfolks; Hamp Mizell; Lone Thrift
1937 grandfather's snapshot
Hebard. D.L.
Hebard Lumber Co., Philadelphia; Coleraine Plantation, Folkston, GA
1919 Hebard Lumber vs. Okefinokee Society
1927 Okefinokee swamp land
1930 acknowledgment alligator article
1930 alligators; Okefinokee; Sawanee Lake vacation; Chesser's Island
1932 Lees; Billy's Island; Audubon Society purchase of Chesser's Island
1935 "a matter of great importance"
1935 bird collecting on Floyd's Island
1936 future of Okefinokee; condition of swamp
1936 Swamp survey; Gabrielson re: condition
1936 Floyd's Island; CCC
1936 cypress shingles; Chesser's Island
1936 (2 items) Margaret Cary; cabin
1941 draught in Swamp; egrets; logging; birds;
Hebard, Frederick V.
see also Clark, Hebard, and Spahr Attorneys
1932 (3 items) Chesser's Island logging (draft and copies)
1932 (3 items) Okefinokee drought and fire
1932 acknowledgment "Voice of the Pines"; Okefinokee protection
1933 (2 items) Chesser's Island
1933 (2 items) Georgia Legislature re: Okefinokee (enabling act enclosed)
1935 Okefinokee as national park or monument
1935 acknowledgment; sketch; Okefinokee; U.S. Biological Survey
1935 (2 items) Jean's correspondence with F.D.R. re: Okefinokee
1935 (2 items) R.S. Yard re: Okefinokee; Hopkins re: Chesser's Island survey
1935 (2 items) Georgia Society of Naturalists in Okefinokee; short-tailed marsh wren; Bachmann
1936 shrike and rd wing specimens
1936 A. A. Allen bird lecture
1936 Floyd's Island specimens; Academy
1936 (3 items) bird collecting; swamp red-wings; Biological Survey in Okefinokee; CCC
1936 Survey in Okefinokee
1936 accident; Pomacae
1936 (3 items) Okefinokee birds article
1936 Okefinokee bird collecting and identifications
1936 auk barrel
1938 acknowledgment reprints; Holbrook's chorus frog; Reorganization Bill
1940 collecting supplies; 1916-1917 bird reports enclosed
1940 winter bird list
1931 logging on Chesser's Island; Ickes
1944 phonograph; Okefinokee; F.D.R.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1944 Milton Hopkins
1944 Hamp Mizell
1944 Library of Congress recorder
1945 (3 items) Eugene Odum; Georgia flora and fauna; Linglebach, Harper firing be A.L.S.
1945 Georgia mammal specimens; Johannas Bach
1946 Barren Grounds expedition
1952 Arctic tern; Okefinokee bird notes; Merritt C. Farrar
1952 St. Mary’s animal destruction; Arctic tern
1952 (3 items) predator destruction
Hebur, ----1967 (draft) Harper's occupation, Earl Warren, W.C. George, immigration,
Hecht Book Shop
St. Louis, MI
1959 (2 items) publisher Ungava mammals study, Arctic Institute
Hecht, Max K.
Zoology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1924 herpetological reprints; North Cmaircan microchylids
Hedges, H. S.
Charlottesville, VA
1937 Okefinokee expedition
1937 Okefinokee regulations; Earle R. Greene
Heller, Merion M. (Mrs. George A.)
Bloomsburg, PA
1934 re: Okefinokee guides
Helme, Anthony Hudson
Brooklyn, NY
1924 (2 items) Okefinokee mammals; Cumberland
Island; Peromyscus
1924 St. Marys trips; Cumberland Island
1926 "Tales of the Okefinokee"
1927 acknowledgment T. palustris paper; snowy owls
1927 acknowledgment Okefinokee mammals paper
1928 "Society" bulletins; [Long] Island
1929 acknowledgment NY state museum handbook; Niceatous c. [clirtomlinius]; Synaptomys;
1934 Okefinokee
Helms, Jesse
WRAL TV, Raleigh, NC
1964 (2 items) racial issues, May Craig
1968 Earl Warren; W. C. George; race relations
1968 A. J. Fletcher; W. C. George
1969 Cornell Collection of Regional History
1969 re: confidential file
1970 fire ants control in North Carolina; mirex cipy
Helms, R. M.
East Carolina College, Science, Greenville, NC
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1960 acknowledgment reprints plants, thermoperiodism, Pseudacris ornato, calling temperature range
(graph attached)
1960 frog calling, temperatures, locality
Hembree, D.V.
Roswell, GA
(all letters addressed to Cornell University Ornithological Laboratory: Harper, Francis; Hamilton, W. J.,
1924 (4 items) bird skins; bats; animal skins; payment
Henderson, Alexander
Chapel Hill, NC
1961 Salisbury (NC) "natural wall" bibliography, Elmer E. Brown
1961 acknowledgment "natural wall" bibliography, father's speaking tours, S.E. Morison, Elisha Mitchell
1961 Elisha Mitchell, Rev. Jared Eliot-Bartram correspondence, Darlington, J. ELiot Coit, Sargent re:
Michaux and the Marsellaise, Morison
Henderson, Beulah H. (Mrs. H. H.)
Ocala, FL
1940 (2 items) William Bartram trail article; Silver Glen Springs
1940 acknowledgment Bartram article
1940 visit; E.P. Walker
1941 acknowledgment booklet; fish;
1943 (2 items) Bartram journal prices
1943 Bartram order; American Philosophical Society
1943 wartime delays
Henderson, E.S.
Waycross, GA
1930 re: Okefinokee ballads
Henderson, H.H.
Ocala Florida
1944 Bartram, Silverglen Springs orders for copies of combined journals
Henderson W.C.
acting chief, Biological Survey, Washington, DC
1926 Okefinokee
1933 re: poisoning
Hendrickson, Robert C (Congressman)
Washington, DC
1954 Dinosaur National Monument
Henn, Arthur W.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh
Hennig, Julian
1960 Holbrook's Herpetology, publication dates, inscription; acknowledgment papers
1960 Holbrook's Ichthyology, Herpetology
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hennig, Julian (Mrs.)
Columbia, SC
1950 Holbrook's set of North American Herpetology, inscriptions, Hennig
Henny, Charles G.
Oregon State University, Dept. of Fisheries/Wildlife
1968 [Kacination] birds, Ungava birds
1968 (postcard) order Nueltin Lake birds
Henry, J. [I.] J. R.(Mrs. Bayard)
John Bartram Association, Chestnut Hotel, Philadelphia
1939 Bartrams' southeast maps: Jefferys, Faden, Early, Purcell
1939 resolution; Research Associate position; salary payments
1939 research position; maps;
1939 Photostats of maps
1939 (from Violetta Delafield to Henry) John Bartram Journal; drawings
1939 (3 items) southern journey article Garden Club bulletin; Delafield drawings
1939 Bartram article: McKnight
1939 (3 items) Bartram publicity; Philadelphia Inquirer; Science News Service
1939 leave of absence; acknowledgment Bartram Trail copy: Mr. Jenkins
1939 leave; Jenkins; Conklin; Charles C. Harrold
1939 Garden Club of America; meeting
1940 Founders' Fund; publishing Bartram journal;
1940 acknowledgment
1940 diary introduction; John R. Swanton re: ornithological matters; Fothergill
1940 (2 items) Mrs. Seabury; Garden Club of America lecture; Pennell
1940 (2 items) salary check; termination
1940 (card) appreciation
1940 APA grant
1940 Bartram grant
1041 Bartram research; honorarium
1941 Pennell; APA policy
1941 Bartram Association check
1941 British (Colquhoun) children
1945 re: payment for Bartram research
Henry, LeRoy K.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh
1949 re: sale of vascular plants-[Keewatin]
Henry, Mary (Mrs. J. Norman)
Henry Foundation for Botanical Research, Gladwyne, PA
1939 acknowledgment Bartram Trail
[1940] (2 items) letters (Mrs. Bayard Henry, Mrs. King)
no date acknowledgment "great work"
1944(?) Bartram
1951 order for John Bartram's Diary and Travels
1951 stock of Journal at Am. Phil. Soc.
1951 further orders
1951 prices of Journals
1951 (postcard) Am. Phil. Soc.
1952 copies of letters, Linton at Academy
1956 acknowledgment of book [Ungava caribou?]
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1957 acknowledgment mammals of Keewatin book, travels, Bartram
1958 acknowledgment book (Travels?)
1959 lecture (at Henry Foundation?)
1961 visit, books, Travels, Van Doren, John & William Bartram's America
1961 Van Doren and Harper re: Travels, Conway Zirkle, Francis D. West, Edward Widman
1962 acknowledgment Li's Chamaecyparis paper, E. Perot Walker, Bartram, Okefinokee
Heppenstall, Caroline A.
see Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
Herber, E.C.
Department of Biology, Dickinson College, Carlisle PA
1967 Cave Hill Nature Center; amphibian specimens; Baird-Agassiz letters; Le Conte
1967 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou study; Robert W. Gibbes; William W. Cort
1967 Baird papers; Bartram; Chapel Hill
Herlong, Z.C.
Micanopy, FL
1942 (2 items) Simonton name; William Bartram’s route
Hernendez, Jose M.
[Neries], Armstrong TX
1931 re: lizards, toads, shipments of
Herrick, Francis H.
Cleveland, Ohio
1938 (2 items) portrait of [Bose]
Hersey, Leonard
1929 re: transportation south
Hess, Gertrude
American Philosophical Library, Philadelphia
see also American Philosophical Society
1950 reprints of articles
1951 microfilm of Bartram papers from NY Hist. Soc.
1950 visit
1951 copy of Minutes of Agassiz Club (Cornell)
1951 Transactions of Am. Phil. Soc.
1952 microfilm of Wilson letters
1953 Henry H. Albertson, Burlington archives
1960 Bartram/Richards descendants, library, Bartram letter, Franklin/Jefferson letters, Sidney O.
Nicholson, David Gillespie Robeson, Chapel Hill
1960 Bartram descendants, Annie S. Ramsey re: Le Conte papers
1960 Le Conte, Mrs. J. E. Adams, Michaux & Nutall's Sylva, Bartram,
1960 Adamses, William S. Powell, Bartram editions, yodeling
1961 ethnologists' portraits, Poospatuck vocabulary
1961 Spack photo, Peale's Diary,
1961 Speck photo, ethnologists photos, Frick & Stearns re: Catesby, Bartram portrait
1961 Poospatuck vocabulary, Jefferson, Cabot photo, Cabot obituary
1961 Jessie Poesch re: Titian Peale,
1961 Speck print, Jefferson's Unquachog vocabulary, Cabot portrait
1961 Wormsloe (Isle of Hope, GA), Peale portrait of Noble Wymberly Jones, De Brahm's History of the
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Province of Georgia, Le Conte at Woodmanston, Titian Peale, ethnologists' portraits
1963 Graustein papers
1963 Dunlap portrait of Franklin, Bartram, Preble bibliography
1963 Dunlap portrait, Preble papers, Samuel Rhoads collection
1963 Preble papers, W.A. Fuller
1963 portrait of Franklin
1964 Dunlap portrait of Franklin, John Lyon's grave, Elliott Coues-P.A. Chadbourne correspondence, J.
W. Dodge
1964 Dunlap portrait of Franklin print, Baird-Coues-Chadbourne correspondence
1964 (3 items) Franklin portrait, John Lyon's grave, date of Arthur's Western North Carolina
1964 Moses Ashley Curtis letters, snapping turtle, Jefferson’s Poospatuck vocabulary
1967 Peale portrait of Hutton, re: Society's volume on Bartram drawings
see also American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia
1967 John Bartram portraits, Robert G. Stewart
[1967] (draft of above letter, on back of draft letter to Cheston, Emily Reed, 1967)
1969 biography of brother (Roland?) to Ewan, Dr. Bell
1969 Dr. Bell, Bartram materials
1969 Jefferson portrait; Rembrandt Peale
1969 (2 items) portraits re: Bartram biography; Moses Bartram
Hewitt, Anna B.
Secretary, Haverford, PA
see also Friends' Historical Association
see also Haverford College Library
1944 Bartram talk
1944 requests for reprints for Quaker Collection
Heydweiller, A. Margeurite
Cornell University ornithology laboratory
1933 Athabaska tree sparrow
Heyer, William Carl
Mount Holly, NJ, Madison WI
1953 (draft) Knob Lake, Barren Ground plants
1953 family news,
1954 Men's Sunday Breakfast Club talk
1956 camera, caribou antlers
1956 Canada travels, stations, Moose family news
1956 Canada travels, caribou, camera, family news
1956 acknowledgment book, family news
1958 Fred, acknowledgment book, Disney's Wild Wilderness, family news
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais book, family news
Hibbard, Claude W.
Dyche Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Kansas
1934 Mammoth Cave
1938 acknowledgement of request for snakes
1939 acknowledgment reprints
1940 acknowledgment separates
1946 change of address
1946 Johnny Burch; wilt cat
1950 address change, to Mt. Holly, separates
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hibbard, Margaret E.
Zoology, McGill University, Montreal
1957 [1958] (2 items) offer Crew portrait of Alexander Wilson
1958 (2 items) transmits Craw portrait of Alexander Wilson for Bartram biography (photo attached)
1962 Ungava ethnology, the search for Lucien M. Turner
Hickox, Noah
Hebardsville, GA
1925 Billy's Island Ballad
Hicks, Harry Wade
Secretary, Lake Placid Club
1925 Adirondack mammals
1929 re: tree planting and squirrels
1932 re: lodging at lodge of Lake Placid Club (strange spelling style of H.W. Hicks) Hicks, Dr. Lawrence
E. Ohio State University, Columbus
1944 nominations for full membership
see also American Ornithological Union
Hiers Planing Mill Co.
Waycross, GA
1936 (3 items) invoices
Higgins, Arthur
South Westerloo, NY
1950 lecture at Adult Club
1950 lectures
1950 congratulations on `scholarship` (Guggenheim?)
Highton, Richard
Zoology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
1964 acknowledging paper; ASIH
Highway, Joe
Manitoba, Canada
1944 re: photographs-Windy River trip
Hildebrand, G.R.
Asst. Editor, National Geographic Magazine
1934 continued exchange on publication of Okefinokee Wilderness (continued from [la goice],1933
Hill, John Eric
American Museum of Natural History, N.Y.
1938 Wild sheep, mammals
Hill, Julian
Wilmington, DE
1937 re: swamp trip
1939 acknowledgment separates
Hill, Walter C.
Atlanta, GA
1932 Okefinokee tree-frogs
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
Hillmen, C.A.
Washington, DC
1920 re: Cornell U. Endowment Fund
Hilzeiner, Prof. D.
[Chailsttenberg] Germany
1938 vanishing mammals
Hinchliff, Emerson "Hinch"
Cornell University Alumni Association, Ithaca, NY
1938 re: class of 1914 letter
1950 Bartram, Guggenheim, Huyck Preserve
1950 (postcard) Guggenheim, newsletter
1955 Barren Ground caribou paper, Ungava, Arctic Institute, Surgeon General, NSF
1855 acknowledgment caribou book, Alumni News column
1956 Alumni News, Great Slave Lake, Lane Cooper, Lewis Forman, B.S. Monroe, Ken Roberts, Moody &
1956 Eph Palmer, autobiography
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment book, Palmer's health
1958 Cornell Alumni News, Bartram's Travels, Lane Cooper
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Eph Palmer
1958 Ungava birds, Eph Palmer, Art Allen, Bartram Travels, reviews, Lane Cooper
1960 move to Chapel Hill, Lane Cooper's death, Travels, Isaac Ginsburg at Smithsonian
1964 acknowledgment books, Arthur Allen's death
1966 Farley [Mowatt's] Never Cry Wolf ref. to wolves/caribou relationship
1967 "that wolf book"; Eph Palmer; Harper's papers; Ruth Foison Shaw (the inventor of finger painting)
Hinchman, Richard N.
Bird-Banding, Milton, MA
1954 request for Nueltin birds report
1954 bird report to Mr. Down, Totteridge England Hincks, Libby Cambridge MA
1940 (telegram) Okefinokee expedition
Hindle, Brooke
History, New York Univ., University Heights, NY
1955 Bartram, Tipitiwitchen Sensitive plant, Darlington; American Revolution and the Pursuit of Science
1955 Bartram, Tipitiwitchit, APS Transactions, Venus's fly trap
1955 Tipitiwitchit, APs Transactions, Bartram portrait, reprint
1955 Bartram portrait, Bartram reprints
1955 acknowledgment reprints. Bartram portrait
Hirsch Manufacturing Co.
Skokie, IL
1962 "Shelve-it-all" design
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia see also R. N. Williams; Bailey, Margaret L.
1916 Julian P. Boyd re: Bartram reprint
1940's annual meetings
1942 membership card
1942 Reitzel, [Dictionary]
1942 (form letter) annual meeting
1943 acknowledgment Bartram's Franklinia Alatamaha
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 9 continued
1943 card
1943-1945 membership receipts
1953 request to cite Bartram papers
1953 permission re: Bartram papers
Hitchcock, A.B.
see also [Pennell, Dr. Francis W.
1930 re: grasses- Texas collection
Hitchcock, Charles B.
American Geographical Society, New York
1956 Ungava expedition, maps (copy)
1956 maps
Hitchcock, Harold B.
Middlebury College, VT
1950 article in Natural History, homing pigeons article Canadian Field Naturalist
Hitzrot, Dr. L.H.
1930 re: stomach trouble
Hjert, Johann
Cambridge, MA
1936 extinct and vanishing mammals
Ho, Hsig
Science Society of China, Nanking, China
1937 vanishing mammals
1937 (envelope only)
Series I. Box 10.
Harper, Bertha (mother)
College Point, New York; Palo Alto, CA
no date (postcard) family
1919 family news;"Willi," Wilhelmina Harper; Hermina
1922 European trip; family news
1925 (3 items) Francis' PhD; Palo Alto
1925 museum job; Glover W. Allen
1926 Palo Alto, CA with Willie
1927 history of [Hermina] (Francis' sister)
1927 Hermina; Louis Fuertis' death
1927 (2 items) from David Starr Jordan re: Francis; Burbank grounds
1927 clippings
1929 family news, Wilhelmina, Stanford job
1930 Hermina; Wilhelmina
1930 Christmas card: Palo Alto
1931 swamp photos; Henrietta Harper; Wilhelmina's royalties
1932 job, family news, book
1932 health; family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1932 five-day work week; money for Okefinokee
1933 Okefinokee trip; Hamp Mizell; family news
1933 (2 items) Hermina
1933 family pictures, jobs
1933 Lucy's birth; O.T. to California
1933 family news; Okefinokee article in National Geographic: Southbridge bird lists
1934 travel with Arthur Leeds, Virginia to Georgia Thompson houses in Dalton; bird notes
1935 Stanford job, family
1935 Cap'n's death; travels in Georgia
1935 family news; Okefinokee
1935 cabin
1935 Okefinokee; family news; Wilhelmina's book of Christmas stories
1936 clippings
1936 Hermina
1936 Mary; Roland; Harper children
1936 extinct and vanishing mammals paper; Roland
1937 Hermina; clippings (Roosevelt’s)
1937 David's birth
1940 (to Jean Harper) family news
1941 health; family news
1941 Shull; Jeorg
1945 Family news- Bartram
1945 Letter to "Diddy" -David Harper
1945 asphalt pits; family news; Fowler; Notropis; Bartram
1945 health
1945 acknowledgment book (Old World Mammals); "killing little animals"
1945 (to David)
1946 see Roland Harper, enclosure 1946 for life story.
Harper, Bertram (Bert), M.D. and Lillian (cousins)
Fort Simpson, NWT, Portland, Ontario
1955 (4 letters) W.A. Fuller, family news, flora and fauna colleagues,
Hudson's Bay map, Ft. Enterprise
1955 (2 items, Christmas card, letter) Ft. Enterprise expedition
1956 (2 items, Christmas card, letter) health, travels, family news, Travels, Ungava studies
1959 Wedding announcement (Lillian Wilson & Bartram Harper
1957 Christmas card
1958 (rough draft) congratulations, Ungava, [Glenbow] Foundation (Calgary)
1958 travels, religion, second wife, family news
1959 age, NSF grant, Ungava, Cree photograph, Charlie Camsell, Chapel Hill
1959 Christmas card, address
1960 Christmas greetings-Moose Factory, Ont.
1961 Chapel Hill, Ungava report, Coregonus atikameg (on back) toolapee, other fish
1961 white-fish, prairie Indians, trichinosis epidemic
1962 Christmas greetings, work with Cree, Caribou Eskimos, Whitefish
1963 white-fish, acknowledge books, Roland, authors Patterson and Anderson, Albert Faile, Moose
Factory, Eskimos
1963 Caribou Eskimos, whitefish, willow ptarmigan, family news, plains Indian dances
1963 Baffin Island Eskimos
1964 photos, AARP re: Wilhelmina, fish specimens, family news, Cape Maria Henrietta polar bears, Maud
Watt's [Angel of the North (map attached)
1964 Indian News
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1965 Christmas card, travels, Cook, James Bay,
1965 visit Moose Factory Bartram, Okefinokee folklore, ethnology bibliography, Alan Cooke,
1965 Christmas card, Preble, honorary chief, removal
1967 Canadian Geographical Journal; Roland's death; Richard [Pres-oer]; Okefinokee; visit; family news
(photos enclosed)
1967 Christmas letter; family news
1968 year’s work: Early American Naturalists, Appalachian botanists, Michaux biography; Athabaska;
Birds; family news
1969 acknowledgment Roland's bulletins; health; Civil War refugees
1968 Christmas card
1969 Ungava papers, Caribou Indians, Keewatin papers, caribou & lichens, Harper's father, Roland,
Patterson`s and Anderson’s books to 1969
Harper, David "Diddy" (son)
no date birthday card
[1939] (art)
[193-] (art)
1947 chipmunk; blue heron; blackbirds
1943 scribbles
1949 Kodachroms
1953 (2 letters) Knob Lake supplies, Talbot boat, family news
1955-1957 (19 letters from Bates College and Quebec), Bates, family news, finances, Canadian expedition,
1957 from Asbestos, Quebec: B.O.C. work (prospecting), Knob Lake, fauna, photos, maps, time zones
1957 photos, Knob Lake, Indians, maps, travels, Woburn flies
1957 photos, "cemetary prank" Indians, Ungava birds report,
1957 from Squaw Lake: Stan, mammals, Fred, Ed Olsen, Ungava birds, photos, Ken Lynde, college, Bob
Lambert maps, weather, flying, Squaw Lake, Indians, Knob Lake, collecting, languages
1957 Ungava, mice, skins, lemmings, Montagnais, Simard, photos, money
1957 (rough draft) Thomson Lake, school, bears
1957 Williams, Brown, & Earl photos, Knob Lake caribou
1957 photos, ED Olsen, Cornwall, birds, Kom Pinette,
1957 photos, Roland Clement, caribou, Sebastien McKenzie
1957 photos, Ungava
1957 Ungava bird and mammal report (by David & Ed Olsen), seed, chromosome studies, mice
1957 photos, geese, caribou, flu, Bartram
1957 illness [appendicitis], Katahdin, removal (from NJ)
1957 money, White mountain vacation, Katahdin, Bates
1958 (postcard) vacation
1958 Bates college grades & tuition
1958 summer job, Travels
1958 weather, grades, money Bartram
1958 weather, college costs, summer job
1958 money, travels, weather, Ottawa,
1958 Bates College, weather, money, vacation
1958 (rough draft) Harrison, Geological Survey, summer jobs, travels
1958 IRS
1958 family news, Travels, Dana's Two Years Before the Mast.
1958 news, college major, Yale Press
1958 money, profession, family news, Cornwall
1958 Longwood Foundation grant, caribou report, money, Ungava bird report, news, Bartram
1958 Longwood grant, NSF grant, money, AOU, family news
1959 money, NSF grant, reviews, Bartram, Alexandria talk
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1959 vacation, courses, Ungava birds
1959 Virginia articles, archeological jobs, Yale press
1959 archeology, Roland,
1959 summer job, Arctic Institute, Alexandria talk
1959 Barker & Danforth, Maine, Roland
1959 Arctic Institute, money, travels, Bartram
1959 money, commencement, Wilson Ornithological Soc.
1950 meteorology, summer job, Ungava
1959 (postcard) New Orleans, segregation
1959 Blake's Birds of America, removal, Franck's Traveling through Mexico, dysentery (in Mexico), 1959
Ungava papers (Kansas), family news, dysentery
1960 removal to Chapel Hill
1960 (to David at Loredo, Mexico) removal, cameras
1960 removal, birds
1960 money, Chapel Hill, race & genocide, Chapel Hill house, birds
1960 family news, Prof. Trotten, travels, Leopold's Wildlife of Mexico,
1960 health, cat
1960 health, ticks
1960 Smith's A White Umbrella in Mexico, Davis re: David Hunter Strother, cameras, health,
1960 Leopold's writings, Black music ("hollerin'"), Knob Lake
1960 travels, family news, hollerin', Wendell Smith
1960 Donald B. MacMillan, family news, hollerin', politics
[1960] travels, mammal collecting, Native Trees of Canada quoted, family news
1961 UNC, fellowships, Bates, Bartram
1961 family news, Henry W. Jensen, Wild Flower Preservation Society, Mangum Weeks
1961 Gretchen's death, Gertic Lou Chester, Ungava mammals,
1962 book to be picked up at second-hand bookstore
1962 Ariege, Pyrenean hedge sparrow, Okefinokee folklore
1962 (draft) decline of Philadelphia, Boston Museum
1963 money, Okefinokee folksongs
1963 house purchase, Algerian relief, race, mate,
1963 (draft) family news, John Lyon grave, Bartram,
1965 teaching, family news
1966 Jackson Through Glade and Mead, Okefinokee report, Chadbourne's herbarium
1966 from Philadelphia
1967 (postcard) travels
1967 (draft) Austin M. [Cameron], regional planning
1967 files; home improvements; UNC morals
1967 visit; Rensselearville; files; GOS meeting; Beauvois' route
1967 visit; P. L. Ricker letter; starlings
1967 health; strip mining
1967 health; tanagers
1967 vitamin C; thrush
1967 health; Canada trip; Austin W. Cameron
1967 Canada travels; visit;
1967 family news (ccpy)
1967 field work; Bartram; Horace Richards; Jack
McCormack; Gronovius
1968 buildings on Conservancy lands; birds; Mack Laing
1968 Daniel McKinley; Howard Claves
no date (draft) clothing
[1968] (draft, shares sheet with Jeannette Graustein, 1968)
1970 Mildred the Bear and her Cubs at Grandfather Mountain
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1971 New Process order
Harper Family
see also Sherwood
see also Charlotte & Arthur Lites
1968 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Harper, Francis
Letters and cards from southwest trip with Leeds et al.
no date from L.E. Chenowoth re: Wilhelmina's Treasure Trails
1928 clippings (unknown source), photos (snakes & birds) photos (Gardiner's Island, 1911) bibliography
& notes re: moles, etc; (postcard) photo USS Leviathan
1939 Bartram trail
1945 "Conservation of Mammals—Freedom of Speech"
1943 (to Jean from Mary Sue) family news (Frank Orton letter attached)
1959 map of [Harneneton] House, Social Security number, Birth certificate
1953 newspaper clipping
1953-1955paper suggestions: Preble, Eskimos, Caribou, etc.
1961 Editorial notes, Finance
1958-1962 dues receipts, membership cards, tax receipts, receipted bills, medical receipts
1958 medical expenses
1959 biographical sketch
1959 (notes) treatment for internal (bleeding) bile
1959 medical, dental and optical expenses
1960 ad—property for sale, Mt. Holly
1961-62 receipts
1963 bird count, site unknown
1865 notes to himself
1968 miscellaneous, draft letter to [Siner] FWLS Athens
Harper, Helen (niece, daughter of O.T. & Mary)
Harlem, GA
1925 broadcast "Bears of Okefinokee"
Harper, Hermina (sister)
Charlotte, North Carolina (formerly Greenville, NC)
1933 financial report; weaving
see also MacFarland, Mrs. G.W.
Harper, Jean (wife)
(see also Sherwood, Penelope, Jean Harper's mother)
1915 (from Jan Randolph (Mrs. Lowell), Ithaca; visit
1928 Bill and bear (at Basin Park Camp); moose; family news
1929 enclose Helme &card from "Diddy" (David?)
1929 FDR & Eleanor lunch; re: Molly and Robin, Daily life
1929 (to Jean from "Jack" [Hubbell])
1932 (postcard) family news
1932 Robin; Molly; Swarthmore turtles; polio epidemic
1932 hay fever remedy; family news
1932 health; family news; Ernest Harold Baynes
1932 ballad MS; folk-songs, stories; photos
1932 FDR's election chances; polio
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1933 letters from Molly & Robin from New York to Georgia (with help from Jean)
1934 (postcard) visit to Cornwall NY
1934 (on back of letter from Wilhelmina Harper to Francis) Jean appointed Acting Assistant Collector
Of Internal Revenue in [Philadelphis].
1936 Auk, visit to Pittsburgh
1936-1938 family news
1937 letters enclosed from "Chocorua" (Katherine) to Georgia
1938 (postcard) travels, Wilhelmina
[1939] letters re: Elgia Spears, Dale Osborn, hearing aid
1939 family letters, house repairs, Witmer Stone's death, Jack Nichols letter, (attachments)
1939 (postcard) Bartram's route
1939 Chapel Hill NC, R.E.Coker, southern trip
1939 southern trip, Lake Waccamaw, Fayettevelle NC, Molly,
1939 southern trip, Bartram, Fowler, Hyla cinerea, Bartram route, money, Old King's Highway, Hyla
1939 southern trip, Michaux, Coker College, E.C. Coker, Le Conte
1939 (postcard) Dr. Stone, Roland
1939 money, children, family friends, "Lydia", Bartram reprints
1939 American Midland Naturalist proof; deposit slips
1939 (postcard) Washington
1939 (envelope only)
1939 southern trip, Roland
1939 southern trip, Bartram, Montgomery, Roland, anniversary money
1939 class reunion, family news, Dr. Grinnell's death
1939 travels, Roland, to Florida
1939 (postcard) Harolds, Bartram, June itinerary
1939 (postcard) southern trip, Bartram
1939 southern trip, money, old Federal Road, itinerary
1939 southern trip, mail, Alabama, Bartram, minnows, Tallahassee, Roland
1939 southern trip, mail, money, Bartram
1939 southern trip, mail, itinerary
1939 (postcard) itinerary, Florida
1939 southern trip, money, Ockawana River, St. Johns, Mrs. Rawlings, Bartram, Swarthmore
1939 (postcard) southern trip
1939 (postcard) southern trip, end field work
1939 (postcard) to Washington
1939-1940 family ness; travels
1940 (postcard) travels, Le Conte, maps, Bartram
1940 travels, Bartram
1940 travels, money, King's Highway, Bartram, Walker, itinerary
1940 (postcard) family news, money
1940 clipping re: Harper's Bartram quest (photo of Francis Harper with E. Perot Walker)
1940 from Gainesville FL, The Yearling filming
1940 (postcard) weather, money, family news
1940 Chesser’s Island (FL) cabin, Walker, money, itinerary
1940 (postcard) travels, wildcat sighting
1940 travels, family affairs
1940 (postcard) meeting at Folkston
1940 (postcard) travels, itinerary
no date (telegraph draft) permit
no date (telegraph draft) rail schedule to Folkston
1940 travels, itinerary, family news, money, photos
1940 (postcard) Florida travels
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1940 Florida travel itinerary
1940 Florida itinerary, family affairs, automobile collision, money, (1940 from Chesser's Island) flora and
fauna; visitors
1940 chick; Winter Park photos; family news
1940 envelopes only
1940 (postcard) from Perto Walker
1940 (postcard) Georgia travels
1940 Georgia travels, Bartram, Michaux, Azalea, Magnolia, Dirca palustris, itinerary
1940 (from Georgia) Conant-Ingersoll visit
1940 (postcard) Archeological Society, Charlie [Havold]
1940 money,
1944 in hospital
1947 Nueltin trip: plane, airports, flyers (draft shares sheet with Earl Poole, see Poole)
1949 water for house, Speilmans garden, clothing
1949 Revena, Beach Knoll, household equipment caribou ms. vials, transportation
1949 clothing, Huyck, children, household equipment, vials
1949 preparation for Revana, transportation, injured toe
1949 removal, Dr. Perkins, Christy Bruno address, insulin
1949 clothing, chick books, Mill house
1950 letters from Pough and "T.H.", Robin, birds
1950 (postcard) Lake George NY, activities & programs
1950 (postcard) events at Silver Bay NY
1951 [Seinosuke Uchida], Robin, clean up at Mr. Holly
1951 weather, Thoreau, mail, "Roli & Mary Sue"
1951 commuting, horses, climbing, "Nell", Dr. Keyes, Senator Douglas, children,
1951 Cromwell, Diddy, Robin Cooley, Robin Harper Fletchers, Goldackers, Alberts, Keyes, Tom
(Hamilton), Jack Cadbury garden, Obe, Sam, "Boobles" (Lucy)
1951 Activities, Mariam Cox, Cromwell, "Brown-Hume-Smedley" travel
1951 Nell, garden, finances, Marguerite Mahard, Bartram, Marjorie Lalor
1951 Mr. Smith, Refuge, weather, Harvey Cedars, Bartram Jean-Paul Harnoy
1952 weather, Mr. [Saul], Robin, travels, Cornwall, family
1952 Aunt Hale, Aunt Margaret, family travels, happiness, marital relations
1953 Bill Hamilton, family news, Chris Heyer (neighbor), Francis' journals, Furnasses and Quakers,
Marlies (Robin)
1953 “Bux” Neal; aerial view of Labrador; flora and fauna, Indians
1956 Mt. Holly storm; NSF check; Jim Silver; dams in Okefinokee
1959 (postcard) from Nevada, travels
1959 (postcard) Molly, Wilhelmina
1959 Boobles' (Lucy) birthday
1960 Penny, Nell, "Granny," family news
1960 Penny (riding accident), local news
1960 file-boxes, Mary , Ot, Diddy (David)
1960 Granny, Penny, Nell, Gretchen's retirement
1962 travels, Chapel Hill family news, Mrs. Foushee, finances,
1962 travels, family news, Chapel Hill
1962 money, family news
1962 Family news, "Boobles'" baby
1962 Booble, family news, Bartram's Travels reviews
1962 Booble's baby (Ivor), family news, health
1962 Jean's return from California
1962 family news, fide,
1962 money, Mangum Weeks, family news
1962 travels, Molly, money
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1962 travels, visit to Roland, return
1962 Roland, family news, travels (France), Gretchen
1962 travels to France (at sea)
1962 travels. family news.
1962 travels, family news, Roland's health
1962 travels in France, family news
1962 anniversary, travels in France,
1962 local news, Roland, birds
1962 French specimens, family news,
1962 Jean's return, local news
1962 ocean voyage, return
1962 Gretchen's effects,
1962 (postcard) visit to Tuscaloosa (OT & Mary)
1962 itinerary, return to Chapel Hill
1962 Family writes - Francis
1963 visit to Cornwall NY, family news, Penny, Weeks visit
1964 (postcard) visit to Outer Banks NC
1965 visit to Cornwall NY, Nell, Elizabeth, Penny
1964 visit to Cornwall NY, family news, museum
1964 visit to Cornwall NY, Nell, Penny
1964 Chapel Hill domestic news, visit to Roland
1964 Chapel Hill local news, family news
1965 Julian Boyd, family news
1965 travels in France, birds, family business, Gretchen
1965 travels in France, Chartres
1965 return from France, money, travels in England
1965 (postcard) England
1965 visit to Cornwall NY
1965 visit to Paris
1966 (postcard) visit to Cornwall NY, Denise
1966 Roland's effects, finances, family news
1966 visit to Cornwall NY, return schedule attached
1966 Visit to Mr. Holly, Denise illness
1966 postcard) visit to Cornwall 1968 family news, Cornwall NY
1969 visit to Cootesvill PA, family news
1969 visit to Southbridge MA
1972 see also Hall, E. Raymond, re: trip to U. of Kansas
Harper, Lucy L. "Boobles" (youngest daughter)
no date leaves
1939 (postcard) Florida route. "Am," Yello", "Ditty"
1939 (postcard) Montgomery AL, Thomasville GA
1940 (postcard) St. Augustine, alligator farm no date Lucy's drawings
1944 family news
1947 from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
1947 visit to Cornwall
1947 (to David)
1951 Ringgold cottage, Mel & Paul, Chris, Champion, Mary Frances
1951 Betty King, phosphorescence, travel, Smith Refuge
1952 withholding, Beach Hotel, camping, family news
1952 Durham's Adirondack French Louie, Harper 1907 journal, local fauna, black flies
1952 tax return, Medford Lakes
1952 studies, house
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1952 Guggenheim, finances, house hunting
1952 finances,
1951 Roland visit, family news, Ralph Palmer, housing finances, Academy
1953 Eskimo cannibalism, bibliography, college rules, Ungava grant
1953 Ungava, Army transport
1953 Ungava grant, Knob Lake
1953 Brad visit, grave-digging, European trip, blueberry picking, "substitute daughter"
1954 family dogs (Obie, Lady), travels from Denmark to Germany, Norwegian myths, Betty, Benny,
Kaare, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Munich,
1954 health
[1955] (draft) money order, Sorbonne
1955 Sorbonne, return journey
1956 Jean Harper's girl scouts
1972 in Berkeley
Harper, Mary Sue (Mrs. Roland Harper)
Tuscaloosa, AL library
1956 (2 letters) Social Security, family relations, Roland's character
1964-1966 Roland" illness and death (April)
1966 (10 items, postcards & letters)
1964 diabetes & insulin, Roland, UNC botany faculty
[1965] (filed with Mary Sue's letters, lacking addressee or signature) Canadian streams & soil
1966-68 Roland's affairs, probate & library
[1966] (draft) Dr. Coulter; Lauderburn; Roland memorial
1966 memorial sketch of Roland
1966 Mary Sue's health (5 items)
1966 Roland's library, articles amid autobiography (20 items, letters, notes, drafts)
1966 health; Roland's correspondence; library; George Johnston; Coulter
1966 (2 items) questionnaire for Encyclopedia of American Biography
1966 Mary Sue's history, Roland's colleagues
1966 Biographical sketch of Roland
1966 Joseph Jackson book;
[1967] (draft) [Sidney] McDanniel; NCAM (shares sheet with Graustein) see Graustein
1967 photos
1967 autobiography
1967 Dr. Core's sketch [of Roland] in Castanea
1967 Roland's autobiographical sketch, Dr. Core, Castancea
1968-1969 (30 items, letters, postcards, notes) Roland, Sidney McDaniel, Journal of Arnold Arboretum,
progress of The Wind [in] the East, deaths of sisters Roland's library, The Wind From the East Sidney
McDaniel, Journal of the Arnold Arboretum, Torry Bulletin re: Roland, Roland`s papers, contract
prohibiting a biography of Roland during wife's lifetime (draft, see letter to Steele, Barbara, [Mrs.
1968 NEAB subscriptions; Roland bibliography
1968 (draft) Torrey Bulletin (shares sheet with Steele, Mrs. Barbara, 1968)
1968 clipping re: Univ. of Alabama integration
1968 family news; Roland; book
1969 clipping re: Mary Sue's childhood
1969 re: publication of book; July re: bird activities-whippoorwill (Mr. Boone re: segregation
1969 (postcard) Roland; Who's Who
1969 autobiography
1969 distributing Roland biographical material (Marquis Co.)
1969 (postcard) Roland re: Who's Who in Men of Science; Encyclopedia of American Biography
1969 "nefarious" American Historical Society; Marquis Co.; Dr. Lauderburn
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1969 Marquis Who's Who in the World of Science; the mysterious Dr. Robinson
1969 Wilhelmina, family news;
1969 George H. M. Lawrence, Botanical Library of Pittsburgh portrait of Roland; photo file
1969 missing photos; Rufus Bealle; Stanley Hoole; Charles Beard (University of Alabama librarians);
1969 (postcard) Director of Alabama Archives, Wilhelmina
1970 (9 items: letters and postcards) re: Roland's memorial, photographs, Sand Mountain, family news,
1969 clipping editorial re: autobiography (personal data)
1970 (postcard) sister Naomi; Stoddard's book re: Roland;
1970 North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation proposed nature preserve on Sand Mountain; Dr. Bell
1970 (postcard )photos from 1909
1970 Roland's films
1970 (draft) letter to Buford Boone re: fire ants
1970 pressure of work; sprayings; Sand Mountain residence
1970 mirex spraying
1970 Arctic Institute re: Ungava Caribou
1970 see Town Creek Story; re: photographs
1970 Bartram; family news
[1970] (draft, uncertain attribution shares sheet with Allied Exterminators); danger of chloro.
hydrocarbons, protest letters, USDA, Southern states
1970 Sam Ervin re: spraying; family news; eye mites; health
1970 self defense; Francis' activities
1970 Adelle Davis book; mirex symptoms (draft enclosed)
1970 (postcard) health; family news
1971 Roland memorial contributions
1971 (draft) Ervin letter; health
1972 news of "Willie"
no date Billof sale to Roland M. Harper Memorial Collection
Harper, Mary Sue ("Molly" daughter)
Philadelphia, Swarthmore, Oakland CA
(no date) "Can the Circle be Unbroken"
1930 (postcard) Charleston NC, Brooke Worth, recital
1933 sleigh
1939 (postcard) Georgia State College for Women, Helen Georgia itinerary
1939 (postcard) frogs, Montgomera AL
1939 Bartram, De Land FL
1939 Storm King
1943 Huber's farm
1946 Cook re: Bartram journals; Thoreau; Roders; Jack Cadbury
1947 Nueltin Lake; Bonnie Buae Camp
1948 specimens; caribou photos
1948 route from New York
1949 internship, family news,
1949 visit
1950 glasses, flora and fauna
1951 travels, family news, Cooley, job
1953 Robin's marriage, Lucy (Boobles) and Brad Pischel
1955 Francis' activities
1956 Paganism, activities
1956 Lucy
1956 "Tales of the Okefinokee," Ungava caribou study, publishing Bartram's Travels (Yale)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1958 finances, copies of Bartram, Chapel Hill, ducks
1959 Pennie, orchids, visit, Chapel Hill, David's graduation
1959 Alan Lomax, Harvard job, travels, Chapel Hill, courses
1960 removal, Chapel Hill, birds, NC Academy of Sciences
1960 Penny, correspondence, files, family news
1962 teaching, Labrador Indians, Bartram biography, North Carolina "hollerin'" jamboree
1962 (envelope only from Oakland)
1962 Jean's mother's illness, Molly's accident, David's "conversion" to Quaker causes in Algeria,
disgust at "wayward brats," Jean's shortcomings, race, American Academy of Arts and Sciences grant
re: Okefinokee.
1964 Indian & Eskimo papers published at Kansas, visit
1964 "sorry modern times," Caribou Eskimos, Okefinokee, David & Algerians, Roland, Mary Sue's
1965 Okefinokee recordings re: Library of Congress, artists Joan Noger & Susan Smith
1966 David at Franconia, Roland's affairs, Okefinokee recordings, Smiles' book, family news
1966 visit to Salsibury
1966 (draft) return from Salisbury, NCAS talk, controversy
1967 recordings
1967 Okefinokee folk song records, Bartram, Athabaska bird report, family news (Roland)
1967 age & memory, calendar
1968 (draft) family visit, Cornwall birds, leukemia victim, race relations
1968 self defense
1968 visit; David;
1969 Francis' obligations; Payne Pearson
1969 family photos
1969 (draft) projects; family news
1972 in Berkeley
Harper, O.T. (brother) and Mary
1921 farm work; Biological Survey bureaucracy
1921 visit
1921 field work in Okefinokee with Dr. Wright (Cornell)
1942 English children; check
1942 acknowledgment check; American Philosophical Society editorial job; family news
1943 (postcard) Francis on Bartram
1943 (postcard) William Basil Harper
1945 see also Wilhelmina re: health of sister in Charlotte, N.C.
1952 wheat allergies, Kansas, family news
1953 caribou & wolves, Helen's [?] "misfortune," old times
1953 (from Mary) William, family news, health
1953 travels, William, fish, family news,
1955 (2 letters) reminiscences, American [GA], Southridge, Barren Ground expedition for 1956
(draft, reminiscences attached)
1956 (from Mary) family news, O.T. health, acknowledgment Ungava mammals book
1956 Acknowledgment Keewatin caribou book, fish hawk
1956 night heron, Robin in Germany, Roland
1956 (from Mary) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou, family news, Helen
1957 Helen, travels, family news (Molly, Yve, David), race relations
1957 [VLILPF], South, race relations, family news (Helen, Roland) health 1958 grants, Soc. Sec.,
Bartram, Senator Neuberger, Chapel Hill, Family news
1958 (from Mary) Bartram autobiography, family news (Molly, Willie, Robin) health
1958 Birthday, Bartram, oranges, National Geographic
1958 Ungava birds report, family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1958 Bartram; Florida non-alcoholic guides; family news
1959 Mary Sue, house sale, Chapel Hill
1960 Okefinokee, Congresswoman Blitch, Chapel Hill, race relations, family news, files
1960 Church bulletin (First Methodist Church, Napa CA)
1960 school integration, family news
1960 (blank picture postcards of Statesboro, GA motels)
1960 visit, non-alcoholic directory of Florida
1961 Chapel Hill, school integration,
1961 health, (diabetes), Chapel Hill, race relations
1961 (draft) accident
1962 health, Rachel Carson
1962 health, shoes, dieldrin, DDT, family news, Non-Alcoholic Directory
1963 trestle accident, 1914 Great Slave Lake trip
1963 Ungava, Keewatin
1954 (draft) finances
1964 O.T. funeral announcement
1964 biographical sketch of O.T.
1964 clipping: O. T.'s obituary
1964 O.T. death, finances
1965 Mary's genealogy
1965 Mary's ancestors (Cone)
Harper, (Robert Francis), "Robin" (son)
see also Local Board No. 8, Deep Springs, CA
1933 (2 items) garter snakes; Okefinokee bow
1938 birds;
1939 family news
1939-1940 (8 items, all postcards from Florida and South Carolina), Bartram route, flora & fauna
1946 description of area-[Gauldeboro], PA (Pocono Peak Lake) advice for school
1948 see also Wellesley Bank
1950 cold weather hiking, Byrd reports, wind chill, snow blindness, Lane Cooper
1950 "Willie," family news, I.Q., Noyes' Veterans Fund
1950 bibliography of Albany River region, Ontario
1950 application
1950 trunk, raccoon pictures, admonition for fanaticism
1950 Guggenheim, money, raccoon pictures
1951 George Cooley, family news, E. Milby Burton & French Resistance
1951 money, college courses, wasps, Academy, Schram's, family news
1953 (2 letters) marriage (to Marlies Neuerberg), visa, family news
1953 Francis' illness
1971 family films, nickname (Poon-nacker), Eric
Harper, Roland (brother) and Mary Sue
University of Alabama, Biological Survey
NOTE: Francis Harper's correspondence with his brother, Roland, is extensive. It also includes letters
and cards from other members of the family. In addition, Roland salvaged newspapers from the Post
Office wastebaskets and sent numerous clippings to Francis. These clippings were often mailed
separately from the letters and are mostly filed separately.
There are two sequences of Roland's letters, one from 1919 to 1960 and one from 1911 to 1968.
1911 photo Gardiner's Island
1921 weather; Sam Mizell; Ithaca job
1922-1946 (14 folders) see also folder of clippings—miscellaneous
1922 Livingston & Shreve paper, Wiegand course, diving petrel paper by Murphy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1922 Okefinokee, Wright, natural resources book, Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum, Alabama job
1923 (postcard) Flagstaff-San Francisco Peaks Hart life zones
1924 Smith autobiography; 1902 Okefinokee report; Coker re: plant life of Hartsville (SC); scientific
nomenclature (capitalization); travels; Wheeler's birds of Arkansas
1924 Okefinokee ms and; photos; Sporobolus curtisii; Elliottia; Geomys; Wheeler’s Arkansas bird book
1924 thesis; Okefinokee plants; Swuwanee Canal; Ecological Society
1925 Okefinokee clippings
1925 northern trip (from Florida to New York), bangs in mammals
1925 Christmas card
1926 South Florida reports
1928 South Florida report
1928 "Walt the Trapper"
1929 [Nervill], Athens, GA
1929 (note card) Katahdin, L. H. Harvey
1929 travels, Okefinokee "contract", Brannon, Col. McQueen, plant specimens, honors, Helen, Charlotte
1929 travels in Georgia, Quercus georgiana,
1930 Okefinokee, Kellogg re: alligators, Bartram travels, Negro ballads, Civitan Club, travels, visit,
transplanted animals (clippings)
1930 Quinn, conservation, beaver, Wherry
1931 check, Okefinokee, visit, South, Florida birds
1931 visit, Louis Moore, Robert Stoddard, William
1931 (note) Hanna (attachment)
1931 Earnest Hol, Geo. Survey duties, family news, rattlesnakes
1931 Okefinokee toad, Crataegus
1931 finances, medicine, visit, Alabama Geological Survey
1932 (clippings)
1932 (postcard) mail
1932 travels
1932 Heidelberg; books; negatives;
1932 visit, family friends,
1932 Byers, Kaufman, Biological Abstracts, Okefinokee Biological Survey
1933 loan, employment, genealogy, Bartram, Biological Survey "chief", Williams, Roosevelt, Okefinokee,
Gattinger biography, South, Rupert Vance
1933 check, state salaries, plants, bank failure
1933 Small's Flora, Ilex, Okefinokee canal, Okefinokee article Scientific Monthly, "new journal on
vertebrates", family news, prohibition, spelling, finances, duties (attachment) (clippings #3)
1933 (note) Okefinokee
1933 (note) Okefinokee report
1933 Ilex Amelancher; collecting; travels; Harperella fluviatilis; Cuscuta harperi; injured sooty tern;
Redington's shortcomings; Arthur Morgan's religon; family news
1929-35 natural history clippings & items geological publications
1935 travels in North Carolina and Tennessee; Harrison; Clifford Pope
1935 travels in Georgia; polio epidemic
1935 Louis Moore's library; Herbert Stoddard
1935 scenic roads; Stoddard; quail
1935 (postcard) travels
1935 travels in Carolinas; Wheeler; Shortia; Clifford Pope; Harbison
1935 family news; epidemic; Bartram
1935 polio epidemic; Harbison; A. J. Nietzschke; Louis Moore's library
1935 CCC damage; mountain development; Stoddard; Bartram
1935 (postcard) Okefinokee
1936 (postcard) meeting
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 10 continued
1936 (postcard) meeting
1937 Acoris casianus collecting ; Athabaska; Bartram trail; Lupinus vilosus; Magnolia pyraminata;
Erianthus strictus; Tom Barbour
1937 Oriole limpkin article; Herbert Lang; water snail; Ampullaria; Bartram's route; Georgia travels
1937 Okefinokee; wild-life refuge; Mark F. Boyd; John Abbot
1937 (postcard) travels Great Smokies
1937 Athabaska Acorus calasus; Bartram trail; Lupinus villosus; Philadelphus caltis; Bartram records
1938 Frnklinia paper; frogs; family news; Harry Ammidown
1938 J. Hamilton Couper; Margaret (Mrs. C. Reed) Cary; logging on Chesser's Island; Arthur Leeds;
1938 (postcard) travels
Series I. Box 11.
Harper, Roland (brother) and Mary Sue - continued
University of Alabama, Biological Survey
NOTE: Francis Harper's correspondence with his brother, Roland, is extensive. It also includes letters
and cards from other members of the family. In addition, Roland salvaged newspapers from the Post
Office wastebaskets and sent numerous clippings to Francis. These clippings were often mailed
separately from the letters and are mostly filed separately.
There are two sequences of Roland's letters, one from 1919 to 1960 and one from 1911 to 1968.
[1939] Wherry; Dismal Swamp cypresses; Cecile Hilse Matschat's Sawanee River book
1939 mammal studies; Phillips' death; Arthur Leeds; Sawanee River book; family news (Molly, Robin)
1939 Bartram grant; Jack Cadbury
1939 (10 items) Bartram trail study
1939 (postcard) De Loach
1939 travels, Athens GA, Dr. Coulter, reprints, collecting, maps, (attachment) (clippings #4)
1939 Bartram, Oennethera. soil maps (attachment) 1939 Illicium, travels, Charleston history, British
travelers, cartoon (by Roland) (attachment)
1939 check, Bartram, plants, Florida deer, Dr. Posey, Woodward re: Muscogee Indians (attachment)
(clippings #5)
1939 Santa Rosa Island, visit, war in Europe, Florida deer slaughter, Alabama swamps (clippings #6)
1939 Bartram sources list, travels, (attachment)
1939 Fl.-Ga. travels, genealogy, Alabama flora, publications
1940 Broad River Rhododendron; Bartram trail
1940 travels
1940 removal from New York; mother's notebook with Francis' compositions (enclosed)
1940 (postcard) removal; travels
1940 money; moving costs; books
1940 (postcard) book sent
1940 (postcard) books; delay
1940 Robin;s steam engine; travels
1940 Howell's death; "non-college" men; Dauphin Island; reprints (enclosed)
1940 (postcard) Clarence Knowlton
1940 Asa Gray on Bartram; Bartram in NY Review of Books
1940 Joel Chandler Harris, Florida deer (attachment) (clippings #7)
1940 war, Williams' death, collecting, travels, Erythronium ms. (attachment) (clippings #8)
1941-1943 (4 items) Bartram travels (stuady & support)
1941 re: bibliography-Bartram
1942 Bartram, Tennessee maps, race, travels
1942 geographer shortage, Pennell
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1942 family correspondence
1943 Roland's marriage (Mary Sue)
1943 John Bartram monograph; Lingelbach; removal from Southbridge to Dalton; Bartram; "kennel foxes;
1943 Alabama weeds; Mease's Geological Account of the United States; Bartram;s Marboisia tinctoria;
family news
1943 Bartram study; botannical studies; Georgia birds
1943 Georgia vegetation, Franklania, Roland's marriage, travels, flora
1943 Christmas card, photo (Roland & Mary Sue),home
1945 re: sister Hermina's death
1946 see also Wilhelmina Harper
1947 cricket frogs, handbook of lizards, biologists, sea-serpent, Gudgar, articles
1949 housing, Preserve, lecture, family news, Guggenheim, Academy, weather
1949 Preserve, other reserves, Lemon, Academy, Fisher's death, Harry Ammidown, Ricker
1949 clipping re: Jean Henri Fabre
1949 removal to Rensselaerville, Dr. House, Fisher's death, Wigley children, travels in Alabama
1949 Sand Mountain, Mr. McAtee, Hoffman book, weather
1949 Owen on Brimley, Dionaea pouchers (clipping attached)
1950 (note) clippings (clippings #9)
1950 essays on Communism, Okefinokee & Ricker, articles, Rodgers on Bailey, Huycks, weather (abstract
of diary attached)
1950 weather, Guggenheim, travels, Liberty Hyde Bailey, Telluride House, House's death, vascular plants
1950 Guggenheim,, Huyck Preserve, bequests to UA, Palmer's book, Brimley, family news
1950 travels in North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Andre Michaux, Barnhart, segragation (clippings)
1950 Clapman's death, algea article, clippings, Bailey, plant ps=sychology
1950 Bailey, Chapman, Pennell, Bartrams, Le Conte
1950 Bailey, Michaux, Pennell, Merrill reprints, Bartram's Quercus hemispherica, nomen nudum, Lemon
on House, (Brimley review attached)
1950 starving gulls, elephants, Georgia trees, Fernald's manual, family news
1950 travels, Pennell, Dr. House, Fernald re: Scirpus fontinalis, Nynphaea fluviatilis, Scirpus Georgianus
Wakulla volcano, Bartram's Travels
1950 (postcard) squirrels
1950 (photograph) Otto's garden, Napa CA
1950 (note) "haven't heard," removal
1950 Merill's paper, Bartrams material, Anna Rosina Gambold, Georgia trees, Fernald re: Quercus
hemisphaerica, laurifolia, Cacalia heterophylia Garberia Michaux's journal, House
1950 (abstracts) House
1950 Mrs. Gambold, Duncan re: Georgia trees, regional maps,Fernald's death, new species, House, Calif.
1950 (clippings)
1950 Mrs. Gambold, Duncan re: Georgia trees, Fernald, Halesia parviflora specimens, squirrels, Field
1950 family news, Bayeless's book, Hume, mammalogy, Fournelle, Fernald's errors, rabbits in New
Zealand (copies of letters to family attached)
1950 Mrs. Gumbold, Alabama herbarium, squirrels, Franklinia, Mrs. Roosevelt, family news
1950 (note) "Did you get my letter?"
1950 Charistmas card
1951 Bakeless's Eyes of Discovery, Dr. Alexander, Fernald Michaux, P. argyrcoma, Paronychia, Verde
Valley School (waste basket), Wilbur Duncan re: Tillandsia usneodes, Heuchera Rugelii
1951 Okefinokee trip w/George Cooley, lumbering on Chesser's Island, Ewan's Rocky Mountain
Naturalists' raccoons, Franklinia, Bartram, Academy (clippings attached)
1951 Chapel Hill, Okefinokee, Ewan, Swanee River, Bakeless, Bailey, Franklinia, Pieris philiyreifolia
Bartram re: Illicium, Academy
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1951 Pathrinder subscription, Okefinokee timber sales, Furcron re: Franklinia, Elliott-Brickell corres..
Dcirrus divaricatus
1951 New York trip, Bartram, Botanical Garden, Torrey correspondence, botonists, Indian villages,
1950 Pathfinder shortcomings, Lemon re: Pieris phillyrefolia, Bartram re: Elliottia, Newman's Lake,
Podstemon, Dr. Svenson, Guggenheim, family affairs, editors, professional societies, W.R. Reed, V.[L.
Leary], Florida travels, Fernals's death
1951 Washington, caribou talk, Bartram-Colden corres. Brickell, Bishop`s death,
1951 Bartram's western route, Arundinaria, family news
1951 Lucy at Oberlin, publications, Academy, family news, Georgia plants, Dr. Ewan
1951 Oberlin & Blcaks, "speciation" at Knox Hill, Bartram,
1951 Negroes at Oberlin, Ewan & family, endemism at Knox Hill, Bartram, Dr. Skottsberg, family news,
Col. J.E. Mercer, Georgia plants, hydrogen bomb plant
1951 Colden-Bartram sofa, Cooley trip, Dwight's Travels in New England and New York, family news,
Georgia plants,
1951 clippings, Geomys in Georgia, gallinules, Cranbrook lecture,(clipping attached)
1952 clippings, libraries, salimander article, gallinules,
1951 clippings, Colden, Euphorbia Cyparisias, dMrs. Ferrell, P. asarifolia, travels, water lillies; AAAs
meeting, Philadelphia scientists, Okinfenokee, professional meetings, Aunt Fanny
1952 clippings, publications, Bartram, Cladium,
1952 clippings, salamander paper, reputation, Pennell's death, Dr. Shreve, travels,
1952 Pennell, clippings, Shreve, travel
1952 (note,"Did you get my letter")
1952 [Thompson-Seton Ernst],Geomys N.S. Shaler, fire & long-keaf pine
1952 Mobile meeting, Needham's Natural History of the Farm, Ewan, gallinules, family news,
Cruickshank's birds, banding laws, false claims, Staten Island
1952 (copy of letter to 'Sis' (Wilhelmina), travels,
1952 Quakers, Cruikshank's birds, NSF, hoodlums (poachers)
1952 Botonists at Decatur, Schizandra coccinae, [Aplicttrum], Hydrastis, Arctic, poachers, shortcomings
of new scientists, Thomomys, Geomys armadillo, floating islands, McAtee re: Viburnum
1952 Geomys, Mease's Geological Account, gophers, "nature faking"
1952 Geomys, Ewan visit, plant & animal intelligence
1952 Gopher frog bibliography,
1952 Thomomys bibliography, Gopher Turtle bibliography
1952 Geomys, Miss Schantz, Natural History magazine, family news
1952 Thomomys biblio., Miss Schantz
1952 Lyell's travels, salamanders, T.G. Gentry. NSF
1952 Salamanders, Gopher turtles, family news
1952 Ewan, Wallace & Darwin,, Beecham
1952 Howell;s Mammals of Alabama, salamanders, Darwin, Herbert Smith re: Brazil, Edward Klein's
1952 Ithaca meeting, McCullough, Geomys, bibliography, burrowing owls, family news, Bartram-Wilson
1952 H. R. Reed re: Senecio, travels in Georgia,Klein re: storage
1952 visit,
1952 (postcard) visit
1952 (postcard) Washington
1952 Washington visit, Mr. Sargent & medicinal plants
1952 (postcard) carton
1952 Charistmas card photo, Roland & Mary Sue
1953 Peterson's book on old houses in GA, Franklinia, National Museum, Dr. Wherry,Kendeigh's book on
bird care,modern scientists, intelligence in plants, instinct vs. intelligence, newspaper articles
1953 Quakers, Chapman's bird book, Alabama Academy of Science
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1953 Erythronium albidum, Dr. Svenson re: Botany Dept, Southeastern Biologists' meeting, Small's
manual, women editors
1953 Ungava expedition, Arctic Institute, Canadian Geological Survey, Porsild re: vascular plants,
George Cooley re: UNC
1953 Robin's marriage; Arctic expedition; clippings
1953 family news; (copy of letter to Robin)
1953 Family news, Ungava, Franklinia, Cooley re: Small's Manual, Old Sturbridge Village, travels,
Erythronium Quereus oglethorpensis, Gleason's Flora
1953 Ungava plants, Carex, ornithocoprophilous lichens, Quakers, race
1953 Cataegus, Wilbur Duncan, Georgia coastal plain, Serrenoa, Myrica carifera, Ilex glabra
1953 return from Ungave, Cooley re: flora of Sanibel Island, Francis' health, George Lowe re: Bartram,
foresters re: fires
1953 terramycin, health, Cooley, Bartram re: John McIntosh
1953 Washington researuch on caribou, National Museum
1954 A.H. Wright re: Okefinokee, Georgia Indian trading trails, family news
1954 Col. Benjamin Hawkins & Palisot de Beavois on Indian trails, printing caribou paper in Brussels,
Robert Norris re: physiographical regions of GA
1954 Goff re: Indian trails, Oakes' biography of Gattinger, Cruickshanks's inquiry Bartram's Flat Rock,
Glascock Co. geology & flora (letter to Cruickshank attached)
1954 Goff, M.T. Thompson re: Bartram & Michaux, Mrs. C. [Cruickshank]'s "unethical scoop," Bartram's
Flat Rock Indian trading paths
1954 Bartram's Flat Rock, Gilia rudora, GA expedition, Cruickshank, A.H. Wright, family news
1954 (postcard) GA expedition, Bartram
1954 GA travels, Erythronium, Hepetica,
1954 Alabama travels, Erythronium, Life re: Botany, Okefinokee clippings
1954 Bartram, travels, talks, life caribou essay, Cattle Egret, Small, Andersonville in 90s, family news
1954 Josephine Herbst re: Bartram, Hydrangea quercifolia in GA, Ilex research. Mesadenia maxima in
Quitman Co. G, Charles Mohr biography, Molly Harper
1954 Ilex, family news
1954 family news, Jack McCormick biography of Roland,
1954 Dr. Shyll's death, oil drilling in Okefinokee, "Current Research" by Ware Catwell, Okefinokee,
Jhon Muir's Thousand Mile Walk" re: difference between scientists and naturalists,
1954 flora, travels, meeting, George Cooley, W.J. Hamilton; Jacl McCormack, DeLoach, discoveries,
studies (geography, demography), family news (articles attached)
1955 family news, taavels, plants, Cooley, Robert F. Thorne, (photo, clippings attached)
1955 (2 letters) Okefinokee fire, Muir's route across GA, atomic bomb, effect on weather, Kansas
publication, Bailey's death
1955 McCormick biography, Chesser's Island (Okefinokee) fire, Kansas re: caribou report, family news
1955 Okefinokee drought, McCormick, race relations, hybrids and evolution
1955 Lucy, family news, scholarships, R.S> Walker re: wood thrush, George Cooley, Erythronium
1955 Cooley visit, L.J. Brass, S.F. Blake of Bureau of Plant Industry, travels, Alabama Ornithological
Society, F.H. Sargent, sale of library
1955 Cooley re: library sale, race relations, Okefinokee fire, scholarships, Magnola, Ungava birds
1955 Cooley re: library sale, Thomas A. Imhof re: Alabama birds, Georgia trip with Sargent, GA flora
1955 algae refeences, Howell re: birds, Wright re: Coleridge, Bartram, family news
1955 Okefinokee photo in National Geographic, Cooley's money, GA travels, Chauncey Sparks (former
governor of AL), clippings, family
1955 Cooley, W.C.George, Sprunt, well-sweeps, gander-pulling
1955 Cooley, W.C. George, Mount Holly, Chapel Hill, UNC; White re: gander-pulling, personal libraries,
Charles C. Adam's death
1955 Cooley, Wilhelmina, race relations
1955 O.T., damage to vegetation, family, Herbert Ravenel Sass, Anne A. Porcher, Francis Peyre Porcher
1955 Cooley, biologists' meeting, Debham re: Kentucky, Shramm and Chapel Hill, Gosse's Natural
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
History, Bartram Harper, Harvard and Boston Society of Natural History, Bartram
1955 Christmas card, caribou report
1956 Cooley re: expedition for Arabis georgiana, Sabatia falioae, Franklinia, Bartram, Porcher
1956 family news, Stoddard, Yale publishing Bartram, Arabis expedition, Erythronium, Cooley, Porcher,
Elliott re: Dionaea, family news, Bartram
1956 Cooley's expedition, Milton Hopkins, Bartram
1956 family news, Hopkins, South Carolina flora, race
1956 Tom Manning ("redoubtable Arctic explorer"), family, Yale, McKelvey, William J. Long's fakery,
Robert A. Norris, Elliott
1956 Cooley expedition, cameras, Cliftonia
1956 Cooley visit, photographs of flora, Erythronium albidum Magnolia macrophylia,, E. Harperi, E.
1956 photos, Arctic Institute, family, Yale
1956 photos (Erythronium), Rollins and Cooley, Alabama flora,
1956 Harvard's "untrustworthiness", Dix re: Ungava lichens steam engine photo; steam engine, Indian
Springs School, Lucy Cunyus, Jim Silver re: forest fires, race, Bartram's route through Alabama, Cooley
1956 ( 2 letters) photos, Silver, Yale, Susan Delano McKelvey re: botany, race, Tennessee flora, Long
1956 Schaeffer, C.N. Elliott, PhD "racket", H. fluviatilis, Harperella, Spiraea curymbosa, family, SC
1956 Negro church (Schaffer letter attached)
1956 David, Elliott's re: GA botany, (letter to Schaffer attached)
1956 Arctic mosses, Spruce re: Amazon, H.W. Bates re: Amazon, printing Bartram, Elliott, Charles Mohr,
race, family
1956 Jean's sister, Dr. Totten (UNC), Lake Waccamaw, flora, Dionaea,Sarracenia flava, buzzards, Florida
Review, Walden Pond, Peter Matthieson, travels (attachment)
1956 history, family ("both girls"), National Geographic finances
1956 Keewatin, geographiers, Oak Ridge, travels, American botanists, Miss Bockee, (attachments)
1956 Ungava reprints, Charles W. Jones, Rhexia (clippings)
1956 (copy: to Harold Corell, Trenton NJ) railroads travels, diary, New Jersey topography
1957 cartoons, steam engines, publications, Erythronium, finances, assistant (attachments)
1957 Bartram printer, photos, Erythronium, race, Haines, Johnston, friends, Sass
1957 dying friends, Erythryonium, Georgia travels,race, publications, grandson (attachments)
1957 (postcard) U of G commencement
1957 Erythronium slides, Sass, Yale Press, NY Historical Society; family news
1957 Sass health, friends, environment, Jack
McCormack, wife travels, family news, Paul B.
Sears, race, Chapel Hill
1957 (excerpts)
1957 visit, family news, Newmastylis, Bartram, race
1957 Bartram printing, flu, Bartram pagination, visit, family news,
1957 visit, collecting, flu, wife, Erythroniums, Bartram; Nemastylis, Lawrence Martin, Diamond
Jenness, race; Dr. Shufeldt
1957 galley of Travels, Georgia botany, Bartram re: Ixia, Robin & race,
1957 Gray Herbarium, 1756 flora, Ixea, race, Robin, (attachments)
1958 fire ants, geese, race, politics, Pillsbury death, (attachments)
1958 Bartram proofs, Quakers, Guggenheim, dieldrin
1958 fire ants, politics, religion, Harpers, Indians, Okefinokee, Bartram travels, E.S. Norse
1958 Ottawa, Yale Press, dieldrin
1958 Ottawa, caribou, Ungava, family news
1958 Magnolia tripetala, spraying, fire ants, politics, family news, A.M. Henry, Georgia plants,
1958 geese, politics, race, Mrs. Nice (ornithologist), dieldrin, Bartram, family news
1958 spraying, Mrs. Shackelford, travels, Cooley 1958 fire ants, Bartram,
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1958 fire ants, Bartram, reviews, natural prairie, Will Cox, swampers, plants, Keewatin
1958 Bartram publication, Yale Press, reviews, Cruickshank
1958 Travels, Nutall, Rostlund re: Alabama prairies, forest fires, Okefinokee, grasses, Meunscher's death,
fire ants
1958 Yale Press, copies of Travels, reviews,
1958 Bartram summary, Okefinokee, fire ants, Wightman
1958 Bartram reviews, Walter A. Harris, Bartram biography, Elythronium, Coolome, Alabama roads,
dogwood, sand-hill plants, Cliftonia, Okefinokee grasses
1958 Bartram reviews, maps, Cliftonia, family news
1958 (copy: to H.G. Page, Canadian vital statistics) race in Canada
1958 Bartram circlars, reviews, place names, Bartram route, Georgia birds
1958 Bartram Travels vs journal, Robert Norris, spraying
1958 (Copy: to Yale Press) imperfect copy, circular
1958 Bartram route, sand hills of Georgia, citations, Nestronia, fire ants
1958 (copy: Lauderburn Forest Management to Alabama State Geologist) Roland's monographs
1958 Yale Press, M.Ds as Dr.,Harper character (& copy)
1958 Yale Press, "Dr." reviews, fire ants, Herbert Stoddard Cruickshank, Alice Lounsberry, Elliottia
discovery Nestronia, visit, Bartram route (attachment)
1958 travels in Georga, fire ants, passenger pigeons, Bartram, Georga residents
1958 visit, Sand Hills, reviews of Bartram, family news
1958 visit, plant specimens, race raltions, Bartram's plants, discoveries, Arctic,Cliftonia, Dr. Coulter
1958 funding for Bartram, finances, Alexandria lecture, Arctic
1958 loan, house sale, Chapel Hill, Alexandria, Society Sec., Arctic, fire ants, Georgia travels
1958 loan, Chapel Hill, Alexandira, spraying, Ilex
1958 Georgia travels, family visits, Pontstemon dissectus Ilex, John DeLeach, Chapel Hill, Alexandira
1958 fire ants, integration, Blanche Dean,
1958 (clippings & excerpts)
1958 finances & grants re: Bartram, sale, A.O.U., reviews, racial integration, spraying
1958 Ungava birds, U. of Kansas, Indians of Canada, travels, cedars, Beal Street, reviews, fluoride, fire
ants, integration (clippings attached)
1959 race, Alexandria, Harper's, Blanche Dean's book
1959 race, Alexandria lecture, old magazines, discarded newspapers, family news, Dr. Wherry
1959 clippings (spraying, etc.)
1959 David, Alexandria lecture, Bartram biography, Yale
1959 Coosa archeology, Bartram, Mt. Vernon, Alexandria, DC travels, NSF, Pope's Tours, Bill's
1959 Alexandria, David Keck, Bill's book, A.G. Vestal, travels, Bartram's Cliftonia, family news, RomanTaitt map
1959 Nutria menace, travels, Vestal, Bartram, Burke;s death [Edieagnum pungeas] (attachments)
1959 David, NSF, Minnie Livingston, Nutria, Nichol's death
1959 Nemastylis, Mississippi flora, Livingston, Nutria, Michaux, Georgia history, gender
1959 family news, David,UNC Press, [list of Bartram reviews]
1959 Bartram reviews, spelling, family news, Teddy Roosevelt's Brizilian Wilderness, race (attachment)
1959 Livingston, reviews
1959 Farmington, Bartram reviews, Bartram books
1959 travels," fisher," Farmington, Robarta Yerkes, mammal society, Arctic Institute, family news,
Bartram reviews
1959 money, fisher, Farmington, Adams re: Chimaphilia maculata, Polygala nana, DeLoach, David
Hays on fire ants
1959 family news
1959 (copy, Roland to Bruce Bowling, Nature Conservancy), clippings
1959 Farmington, family travels, This Week, algae,loan
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1959 race relations
1959 race relations, Midway Cemetary, loan
1959 insecticides, Midway Cemetary, integration, Sand Mt.
1959 clippings
1959 David, house sale, Chapel Hill, race, Le Conte Fowler & Academy of Naturel Science
1959 race, New York Times, family travels, race, Cattrell, autobiography, McCullough, South
1959 race, house sale, Chapel Hill, APS, Ungava mammals
1959 loan, house sale, Hays, David, race, Guggenheim, geographers
1959 rodents, "young would-be scientists," (attachments)
1960 South, Carl Akeley
1960 house sale, removal,
1960 Chapel Hill address, UNC Press,
1960 Chepel Hill, houses, cars (attachments)
1960 removal, Chapel Hill, McAtee, flora, integration, Cobb
1960 Chapel Hill, communists, Cobb, Prouty, Southeastern Biologists
1960 house & library, family news, Totten, Bartram, flora Florida Review, Floridiana, folksongs
1960 John Q. LeGrand, ASB, travels, flora, Sarracenia (attachments 0
1960 travels (Mississippi), Andrews' death, family news
1960 library, Ungava mammals, Eriocaulon, mammals Linnaeus, Roland autobiography, race, family
news (copy)
1960 Ungava mammals, amphibian bibliography, visit, vitamins, Raymond Adams re: Michaux & Nuttall,
oral history, Burnham, Frank T. Thompson, Roberts & Oosting, Harpers
1960 Eriocaulon,, Georgia flora, autobiography, discoveries; integration, Howard Odium; W.C. George,
Tuskegee scoemce
1960 (clippings)
1960 South, McCormack, Herperella, Michaux & Nutall, race, visit, used books, Chapel Hill
1960 visit, transport, Michaux & Nuttall, Totten, Chapel Hill
1960 race, birds,
1961 Human Events, integration, Craig Bell, "welfare state," Thompson's Touch of Nature
1961 Human Events, Mankind Quaterly
1961 Human Events, McCaulay, pigeon menace, James Cattell Thompson, bison range, family news
1961 magazines & newspapers, travels, Turkish woman in UK zoology, Poospatuck dialect, family news,
Ilex, Arthur Leeds, Indians Rostlund, Ungava researchers (photo)
1963 (to Oscar Hamlin) "ghetto"
1963 (to Carter Pittman) Savannah integration (clipping attached
1963 see Lemon, Paul C.
1964 Ot's plight; DeLoach's death' John E. Bozeman; Dr. Radford bequest of plants to Chapel Hill, Eugene
Cypert; Mayne's Anopheles report
1968 posthumous biographical sketch
Harper, Wilhelmina (sister), "Willie"
Virgin Islands (YMCA?)
Palo Alto, CA; Redwood City, CA
no date clipping re: "The Story Hour"
1925 publishing books; Hamilton (collaboratio); Macmillan; family news
1925 mother; California
1925 (to Hermina) Francis' temperament; Stanford positions
1926 Okefinokee article; Wilhelmina publications
1926 Babcock; turtle talk
1928 re: health of Mother, Palo Alto, CA
1928 Francis's publications; Tazee MacKenzie; Mt.
1928 mother's health; Katahdin
1929 family news; museum (Boston); Berkeley
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1929 Museum; Stanford; travels
1929 check' Prof. Snyder of Stanford; Grinnell of Berkeley
1929 Stanford, Jordan, Snyder, Abrams (letter from Snyder attached)
1929 monthly remittance; Macmillan publishing
1929 Roland
1929 (4 items) Stanford; Roland
1929 (3 items) employment, Stanford, Berkeley; Wilhelmina publications; (Snyder letter attached)
1930 Bakerfield elk; Stanford job; mother Harper
1930 Okefinokee trip, health, money, publisher, 12th book, "A Little Book of Necessary Ballads,"
royalties, California, family news, Samuel Scoville, Anna
1930 work load; health; Okefinokee
1930 Okefinokee ballads; sisite's problems; Macmillan royalties; Ginn & Co.'
1930 royalties; swamp movies, ballads; family news
1931 check; movies
1931 family news; Okefinokee papers and wildlife resources
1931 conferences; Okefinokee trip
1931 list of articles (for children)
1931 children's articles; Okefinokee trip; children's health (list enclosed)
1931 Okefinokee trip; family news; Hamp Mizell's "frolic"
1931 conservation battles
1931 Jean's poetry; credit for "chipmunk" talk
1931 money, employment, family news, visit
1931 health; movies
1931 children's book section for San Francisco Chronicle; family news; Samuel Scoville in Okefinokee
1931 Jean' sister, Margaret/Gretchen; family news, Scoville; Schramm; Okefinokee refuge; Wilbur
Stone editing The Auk; Sherwood campaign
1932 check, Stanford, mother's health, Ot, money, Samuel Scoville, Francis' story, Macmillan, family
1932 family news; publishing "Mama's" book "leave out any mention of irregularity in our ancestry"
1932 Halzworth on Grizzles; timber pulp interests; Wright's failings; Seton on game animals
1932 Redwood City library bond; writing children's books; Wright; Jean's sister's writing; Ayer threat to
Wilhelmina's work
1932 library; Macmillan Co.; Okefinokee fire
1932 Hermina; jobs; "Mama's" book; Macmillan; Bears of Okefinokee paper
1932 Vermont trip;
1933 family illnesses; pay cuts; Okefinokee
1933 Okefinokee trip; Charlotte (niece): Mountain Gateways (seventh reader); earthquakes; Stanford job;
1933 "sister" (Hermina) money; Macmillan readers; Stanford; Panama trip; nieces
1933 sign-off on financial help
1934 money; family news; Richards' "Tirra Lirra"' ants; Ot; (Helen's wedding announcement attached)
1934 quarantine; money; fluoride for ants; Okefinokee article in National Geographic; family news;
Arthur Leeds
1934 Okefinokee article; money; family news (on back: letter to Francis from Jean; see Jean Harper, 1934)
1934 surgery; family news
1934 family illness
1935 Georgia; John Bartram; Le Conte
1935 Washington trip; FDR visit; Biological Abstracts and Rockefeller Foundation
1935 vacation; family news
1935 Roland; Otto
[1935] Mother Harper's accident; Rudolph Kalenborn;
1935 money; Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science; "Sister's" money problems (clippings enclosed) `
1935 Okefinokee; Thornton Burgess
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1938 (2 items) Matachat's Suwanee River article
1938 Redwood City CA library; visit
1938 family news
1939 Wilhelmina's health; travels
1940 health; family news; mother's health
1944 (to Jean) Francis' accident;
1945 mother's health
1945 Wilhelmina's children's books
1945 book titles, death of sister, see also "Ox" Harper
1946 (3 items) Robin; family news (Bertha Turner Harper's will and biographical sketch attached)
1947 Robin, Mary & Ot; Christmas
1948 Barren Grounds; Robin
1948 family news
1949 Natural history article,family news
1949 Huyck Preserve, Guggenheim, Elgie Spears
1950 family news & photos, travels
1950 Guggenheim, family news, publications
1950 (note) photos for Wilhelmina,
1951 Robin & Lucy, family news, Bartram, travels, Cranbrook lecture
1952 Harvey Cedars vacation, NSF grant
1952 clipping, Library Week, Redwood City CA
1952 family news, library, Bessie Johnson's death
1952 family news, politics, publications
1952 copy from Roland to Wilhelmina
1954 family news (Jean, O.T., Lucy, David), NSF Grant Bartram
1954 retirement, family news
1954 family news, Hinderhof Castle, grandfather's painting
1955 travels, visit
1956 acknowledgment caribou paper, family news
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin mammals
1958 Bartram & Yale Press, caribou, Chapel Hill Robin & race
1958 Bartram biography, Yale Press, Chapel Hill, Ot, family news, Robin
1958 Bartram biography, family news, Lucy, Charlotte (niece) and Arthur Lites, Robin & integration,
family news
1962 Aimee's (O. T. daughter) accident, family news, Jean's travels (Europe)
1963 visit, northern reports
1963 Roland's autobiography, Okefinokee
1963 health, auto acciding, race relations,
1966 Roland memorial, Harper land in Okefinokee
1964 Okefinokee, O.T & Mary finances
1964 (telegram) O.T.'s death
1964 O.T.'s funeral
1964 auto accident, O.T.'s effects
1964 family news, race relations
1965 family news
1966 Roland, Cousin Bartram, "long-tailed tiger cat", Walter Raynor
1966 royalties from "4 revised books published by Dutton"
1966 Roland's health, royalties, Okefinokee drawings 1966 Aunt Fanny Davis (1912 letter attached)
1966 Roland bequest; Academy
1966 Joseph Jackson's Through Glade and Mead; Chapman's Handbook of Birds; (Mary Sue [Ot] letter
1966-1968 (5 items: letters) Roland's death, autobiography, memorials, Who's Who
1967 (21 items) "Mama's" autobiography, Roland, family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 11 continued
1967 (draft) [Henrietta] Harper letter (attached)
1968 Roland, Joseph Ewan, Okefinokee
1968 personal "things"
1968 Francis' Army record
1968 keeping up the pace; visit
1968 Roland reprints; New York Botanical Garden
1968 Roland memorial; Harper father at Poppenhusen Institute; Graustein
1968 Harper Parents' biographies
1969 comments on biographical sketch of parents
1969 (draft) location of sketch of Dr. Jordan
1969 Papa's "In Memoriam", father's history, mother's "Sedan" story
1969 Roland, Dr. Jordan, Papa's history, Albion College
1969 Roland, family news
1969 trade publishers for Francis's books
1969 health; family news; race relations
1969 health; family news
1969 (postcard) Wilhelmina's books
1969 Palo Alto; reference to "Anna"
1969 (postcard) Wileelmina to howpital
1970 (3 items) attack on Wilhelmina's house; family photos (draft with letters to Pollard and to "folks")
"Act of lawlessness" (shots)
1970 Francis’ accident; hearing
[1970] (draft, shares sheet with letter to Herbert L. Gray, Jr.) Okefinokee, Bartram, family news
1970 family and friends
1970 Annia; family news
1970 Mary Sue' Jack Anderson letters
1971 (draft) health; tribute
1972 Francis' illness; Jean
1972 letter to Jean (Francis in hospital)
Harper, William (father)
1887 copies of letters to Roland
1931 Okefinokee photos; family news; gophers
Harper, William (nephew "Billy")
Harlem, GA
1922 see also Carter, H.A., lyrics for "Bonny Barbara Allan [?]
1933 New Year's card (note on Okefinokee canal)
Series I. Box 12.
Hocking, George M.
School of Pharmacy, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
1961 request Bartram papers, Roland, St. Francis & St. John's Rivers in Florida
1961 Bartram's report to Fothergill, St. Francis River
Hodge, Charles, 4th
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
1947 (2 items) Leptinus testactus; rectal contents
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Hodge, R. Clare C.
Bryn Mawr, PA
1946 appendectomy and diabetes
1947 payments on account received
Hodgson, D.M.
Chair, Big Game Committee, The Province of Quebec Association for the Protection of Fish and Game,
1947 re: bears in Nueltin area
Hoff, James G.
[N]. Dartmouth
1965 request for [Preble] writings
Hoffmann, S. Wallace
osteopathic physician, Statesville, N.C.
1960 acknowledgment poetry, sends "wares"—Jean's verses, U.S.C: 92(VP); 150(BCK); 151(WCR)
1960 acknowledgement-reprints "3-toed toad" tongue-twister
1961 Gettysburg Address parody on taxes
1964 optimism vs pessimism in life [FH] on racism, poetry "The Gem"
Hoffman, Richard L.
Clifton Forge, VA
1944 re: type of locality of Reptile Elaphe Grittata
1947 Acris
Hoffmeister, Dr. Donald F.
1949 see also American Society of Mammalogy
1965 critical of Journal of Mammalogy (few reviews)
Hokoa, Rita
Churchill, Manitoba
1964 Eskimo; Anotelik; Padlimiut study; Schweders copy
1964 Request Caribou Eskimo study; family news
1964 acknowledgment Eskimo study; Kazin River;
1964 Christmas card; photos
1966 family news
1966 family news; photos
1966 booklets; Anoteelik;
1966 missing booklets;
1966 Christmas card
Holder’s Garage
DeLand, FL
1940 auto repair bill
Holland, ALma
Chapel Hill, NC.
see also Elisha Mitchell Science Society
1939 Michaux Garden; William Bartram's Ashwood
1940 (2 items) request Bartram Trail copies
1941 journal subscription
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Holland, G.P.
Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
see also Canada-Department of Agriculture The Bulletin
1920 Okefinokee
Holland Furnace Co.
Swarthmore, PA
1941 furnace cleaning
Holt, Ernest G.
National Geographic Society
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogy; request for abstracts; great white heron; sandhill crane
1932 Ornithology
Holzworth, John M.
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogy, confirmation of black bears (Mrs. Edge's committee)
paper on "wild grizzlies of Alaska", copy note from Wister
Hone, Betty
Lyons Falls, NY
1932 acknowledgment separates; animal traps
1939 acknowledgment separates;
Hood, Robert H.
Abington, PA
1953 Dawes removal, Ft. Dix, rent
Hood, William C., Jr.
1955 Ungava expedition, otter skeleton, Brian Meikle, fauna
Hoover, Herbert
President of the United States
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogy-H-letter signed Secretary Richey.
Hopkins, John M.
Heband Lumber Co., Folkston, GA
1931 Chesser's Island; logging; bears
[1935] bear skin; John Bunch
1936 shingles; Chesser cabin
1937 (2 items) visit; permits; list of visits
1937 visit; Ben, Tom Chesser; Okefinokee; Greene; CCC; telephone line
1938 collecting permit
Hopkins, Milton, Jr. and Mary
Fitzgerald, GA
see also Georgia Ornithological Society
1942 (7 items) amphibian specimens; labels
1942 (2 items) mammal papers; amphibian specimens; government publications
1942 (2 items) Laura Walker Park flora and fauna
1942 (postcard) amphibian specimens
1942 (3 items) identifying amphibian specimens
1943 acknowledgment Bartram paper; Robert Morris
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1943 Christmas card, frog specimens
[1944] (draft) specimens; Okefinokee
1944 Bartram; frogs, turtles, & salamanders
1947-48 [darters], reptiles
1953 degree in Zoology, address, Sceloporus, Amyda ferox and Amyda spinifera aspera; Robert Morris,
emasculation, Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus niger, request for reprints
1953 removal to Mt. Holly, Bartram, caribou, Guggenheim Hopkins' ms., emasculation, Bill Briffin,
Morris, Ungava
1955 Christmas card, Ungava, blackbirds, Siren lacevtina
1956 acknowledgment reprints, muskrat specimen, Georgia Ornithological Society, T. P. Haines, Bernard
Martof, Heterodon specimens, Robert Morris, Dave Johnston, J. B. Clements quotation re: fauna,
1956 Christmas card
1962 (2 items) Hebard and Greene ms.; Bob Norris; family news
1966 race relations; Norris; Gardonia; Elliottia; Etheosonia
1966 re: Georgia wildlife
1967 long-tailed tiger cat
1967 long-tailed tiger-cat; Okefinokee; David Johnston; Norris; race relations
1967 race relations; Charleston Putman; Bartram; Okefinokee
1967 school-board elections; race; bobcats
1967 Okefinokee clippings Atlanta Journal
1969 Bob Humphries; Gary Meek's misnomers: oak toad; Matrix taxispilota; Natrix erythrogaster;
Farancia abacura; Leonard Foster
1970 Conservation and Outdoor News Bulletin
1970 Georgia Ornithological Society, spraying
1970 (2 items) spraying; tiger-cat; wildcat skin
1970 spraying; Okefinokee; mammals; folklore
1970 fire-ant spraying; William Dopson; Robert Hanie; Okefinokee (draft, shares sheet with Watkins: see
Ralph N. Watkins)
1970 Stoddard's death; Bob Norris
1970 imported fire ant control suit (pesticide literature enclosed)
1971 pesticide literature
1971 Okefinokee- [B] [word]
1971 (draft) GOS meeting; tiger cat; T.J. McMeekin
1973 (to Jean) Francis’ death
Horine, Emmet F.
Brooks, KY
1961 acknowledgment "package", Harper father, McDaniel
1961 Bartram, Benjamin Smith Barton, Charles Cardwell,
1961 Cardwell plagiarism, Daniel Drake,
1961 America, GA, schools, father, Bartram, Drake
1961 Americus, Harper history Short, Godman, Caldwell, Graustein
1961 acknowledgment reprints, Americus and Mrs. Simons, Short, Goodman
1961 donation to Boy Scouts (clipping attached) Caldwell, Drake
1962 acknowledgment caribou paper, Keewatin mammals, Ungava mammals, Ungava birds papers,
1962 Caldwell sketch, Francis H. Herrick, Drake, Mangum Weeks, David Harper
1962 transmits articles, Caldwell sketch
1964 (to Mrs. Horine) Horine's death
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Hormaday, William T.
New York Zoological Park, NY, NY
Trustee, Permanent Wildlife Protection Fund
1925 Wainright bison herd, Canada
1931 Okefinokee alligators
Horne, David
Yale University Press, New Haven CT (see also Yale University Press)
1960 order for Travels; publishing plans
1960 Chapel Hill; Bartram biography; Okefinokee folkways; Ungava Indians
Hornwood, Carl G.
Brooklyn, NY
1950 Franklnia Alatamaha [sic] in "Conservationist" request for seedlings
Hosford, Harold
Manitoba, Canada
1967 caribou, Duck Lake; Nueltin Lake
Hospital Savings Association
Chapel Hill, NC
R. C. Wade, Ray E. Martin
1960 (2 items) transfer to Chapel Hill BC/BS
1965 re: Social Security hospital benefits (first year offered)
Houghton, Mifflin Co.
1950 Guggenheim, William Bartram, publishing offer
1950 Bartram in Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. size of Travels, Bartram biography
1950 application for Literary Fellowship contest
1950 reprints of Bartram papers, publishing offer
1950 application for Literary Fellowship
1950 (note) forwarded to Houghton Mifflin, postage receipts
1950 (postcard) ms. acknowledgment, Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Extinct and Vanishing
1950 application for fellowship, Bartram, description of proposed Bartram biography, illustrations
(bibliography and rough draft attached)
1950 rejection of fellowship and biography
1951 acknowledgment of mss. return
1951 (note) checklist
1951 expression of "continuing interest", application for fellowship (attached)
Houston Hotel
1959 (2 items) reservation (2/24-27, bill)
Houston, [D.] C. Stuart
Yorkton, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1958 (16 items) publishing Athabaska bird study in Blue Jay, subsidies, Hamilton M. Laing, J. Allen
Loring, A.O.U., Guggenheim, Glenbow Foundation (J. D. Herbert) W. Earl Godfrey, Graham Rowley,
Department of Northern Affairs, National Museum of Canada
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava birds, nomenclature, request Bartram paper
1958 AOU re: Bartram's names, Check-list, Le Conte
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1958 (postcard) Bartram's names, acknowledgment [Oriole], explorations beyond the [Caspian]
1959 Saskatchewan Natural History Society Special Publications, Athabaska, birds of Saskatchewan,
1959 bibliography notebooks, David Douglas journal, Hearne, Richardson, Franklin, Swanson, Drummond
1959 R. T. Peterson re: "Field Guide to Western Birds", request Athabaska records
1959 Ungava mammals & fishes, Douglas & Drumond references, Hearne & Richardson references
1959 acknowledgment "Birds of the Saskatchewan River," David Douglas, bibliographies of early
American naturalists, Laing's journals, Athabaska, resources re: Arctic Institute, NSF, Guggenheim,
Parkes re: avian taxonomists, Godfrey
1959 Gavia arctica pacifica, Ralph Palmer's Handbook of North American Birds, 1914 records, Aythya
Collaris, Phillips' Natural History of Birds
1960 Arctic loon in Blue Jay, bird sightings
1960 move to Chapel Hill
1959 [1960] (3rd party) Saskatchewan bird ranges
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, George re: race, Belcher re: Regina birds, Athabaskan
1961 Belcher re: Regiana birds, caribou paper with Tom Manning, Bartram, Hearne & Richardson
references, race, (Richardson references attached, 2 copies)
1962 Ungava life zones, J. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society editors, fellowship at Harvard; (draft shares
sheet with Bureau of Indian Ethnology)
1962 Ungava climate paper, editors, Telmatodytes paluatris leingi, fellowship
1963 Christmas card, family news,
1966 Birds
1966 Christmas letter; family news; bird banding
see Bureau of Indian Ethnology
Howard, Frederick V.
1919 Okefinokee
1938 enclosure to Hon. Henry Wallace re: Okefinokee refuge
1940 notice of bird list (natural)
see also Clark, Hebard, [Spalir],law office
1944 Okefinokee, A.V. Stram (Strain?), Secretary
1946 wildcat
1947 Nueltin
1952 Florida Naturalist, publication of Okefinokee bird notes (letter to Farrar, ed. Florida Naturalist
1952 animal destruction at St. Marys, Johnny Barch
1952 justification of 'destruction' of predators
1952 further explanation of 'destruction'
1952 predators, end of `friendship
Howard, Philip, Jr.
Morristown, NH
1953 acknowledgment Ungava reprints
1972 get well card
Howard, Dr. William P.
Albany NY
1950 re-schedule appointment
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Howell, A. Brazier
Anatomy, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
1925 re: buffalo reduction Okefinokee report
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogy
1931 poison, Walcott, Osborn, Pearson
1931 membership for Stuart
1934 Tugwell and predator control, Hinton
1932 letter to Roosevelt re: Biological Survey & wildlife protection (attachments
1933 Camp Fire Club re: Biological Survey
1933 reorganization of Biological Survey
1934 poisoning of rodents near CCC camps; trip to [Conepen] Mountains; Neotoma haematoreia
1936 Neotoma floridiana haematoria
1936 publishing Neotoma paper 1936 Neotoma paper; Fowler on style
1940 publishing nomenclature paper; Academy; Journal of Mammalogy
Howell, Arthur H. and Grace
U.S. Department of Agriculture Biological Survey
1921 address
1922 bookcase sale, Ruth, Microtinai, Florida, Museum, Thryospiza eggs, [Baird] Club
1923 bookcases, bootleggers, ducks
1923 mammals, ducks, Big Mungo Swamp
1924 Okefinokee bats, Francis marriage, A.A. Allen, Birds of Alabama, list of staff, "B.S." bird
1924 [Citillus], Okefinokee mammals, specimen cases
1924 Alabama birds book, specimen cases, Ruth (genus list attached)
1924 mammals, travels
1924 mew mammal manual, list of members of Survey, flying squirrels
1925 (2 items) mammal specimens
1925 vials; Florida trip; Camp Pinckney; Swainson's warbler
1925 vials; Florida trip; bird collecting;
1926 (3 items) acknowledgment chipmunk photo; Florida bird study
1926 Florida expedition; birds of Alabama
1926 (3 items) Henry Bryant's Florida trips; Georgia fauna survey
1937 (2 items) travels; Jim Silver
1937 (2 items) Florida collecting; family news
1937 (2 items) Howell's health; New York travels; Ruth Howell; visit
1937 Barrett at Hog Island (directions enclosed)
1937 (from Grace to Jean Harper) travels
1938 visit; Preble; extinct and vanishing mammals; Citellus paper
1938 travels; family news
1938 acknowledgment photos; Ruth Howell
1939 (2 items) Arthur Leeds' death; Fowler Allen; Phillips; Baton Rouge meeting
1939 (2 items) Stone obituary; Baton Rouge
1939 (3 items) Manatee Spring; Talahasochte
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment separates; Bartram
1940 (4 items) publishing nomenclature paper; Titusville lakes
1940 travels; proofs of paper
1939 (4 items) proofs; changes; Didermoceras
1940 publishing nomenclature paper
1940 proof; corrections
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Howell, Charles R. (Congressman)
Washington, DC
1954 Dinosaur National Monument, HR 4449, Howell, Grace (Mrs. Arthur H.)
1939 death of Arthur
Howell, Margaret
Alma, ME
1961 acknowledgment letter
1962 Amory's Matamek conference 1931, Ungava Indians, Harrison Lewis, dances, Ungava mammals
[1962] Brazier [Howell's] death, dances
1962 Howell's death, Synaptomys and Phenacomys]
Howell, Ruth (Mrs. A. Brazier)
New York City
1930 work news
1920 re: clippings
1937 visit; family news
1943 books; family news
1943 Bartram lecture; flu; books; family news
Hrdlicka, Ales
U.S. National Museum,(Smithsonian) Washington, DC
1928 re: "bear walking:" in human children
Hubbell, T. H.
Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville
1939 Cuscowvilla and Halfway Pond; Bartram route
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Bartram's map; Cow pen Pond; Lake Henry
1939 (2 items) Halfway pond; Cow-pen Pond; Cuscowvilla
1940 British children; Bartram; Colclough Hill; St. John's Hexagenia orlando
Hubbs, Carl L.
curator Fishes-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1930 change of address for Society of Ichthyology & Herpetology re: publications of a paper Pseudacris in
Copeia journal
1931 catostomid abstract, synonymies, Carpiodes forbesi, Hypentalium nigricans (Auk policy attached)
1942 Cyprinus caronarius note; Chaenobrythus
1942 (2 items) Bartram Travels; names
1944 Bartram and fish
Huber, Margeretta (Mrs. Wharton)
Littlebrook Farm, Pottstown, PA
1933 Christmas card
1935 Christmas card
1939 Christmas card
1940 (3 items) Wharton's illness; practical nurse no date visit; Wharton's health
1942 (2 items) Wharton biography in Journal of Mammalogy
[1943] Bartram's diary; friendship
1944 Wharton's last illness publications pending, US Department of Agriculture
1945 see also Cope, Thomas D re: Charls [Mesonibi]o] material
1970(?) publications sent, wildflowers, Cape Cod (garden clubs project)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Huber, Wharton
Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1921 re: collecting in Texas
see also Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia
1929 Texas re: Rio Grande turkeys
1935 Schuyler traps; Ciatothorus stellaris (2 items) Morgan Hebard; Chesser's Island purchase
1936 "majong" cotton; galvanized wire;
1935 skinning a bear; Chesser's Island cabin, Jean's health
1936 (3 items) skins; Hebards; Academy
1936 collecting mammal specimens for Academy
1936 Floyd's Island collecting; charges
1936 (5 items) Dan & Fred Hebard; specimens; Chesser's Island cabin
1940 Huber's health
Hucket, H. C.
Long Island Vegetable Research Farm, Riverbend, NY
1933 (postcard) Pegomyia gopheri specimens
1933 Pegomyia gopheri specimens; Academy
1934 Pegomyia gopheri
1937 (2 items) Gopherus polyphems burrows; Pegomyia gopheri
1951 flies, Pegomyia, woodchuck, Palmer, Newhall, Welsh
1951 Scatophaga pallida specimens, Pegomyia lipsia affinis group, bibliography, Curran
1951 acknowledgment
1954 Laborador insect identification, reprints, Keewatin
Hudson, Minnie (Mrs. J. R.)
Jakin, GA
1939 acknowledgment pamphlet; family news
1959 acknowledgment book, Roland, [Mina]
Hudson's Bay Co.
Edmonton, Winnipeg, R. H. Chesshire, Fur Trade Dept.
1920 Invoice
1920 corrected bill
1920 Order supplies
(see also Reynolds, R. A.)
1924 mammals, collecting
1946 Native Jimmy pay; supplies
1946-47 supplies for Nuelton project, Farley Mowett affair
Hudson's Bay House
Winnipeg, Manitoba
see also Malvina Bolus, Editor, The Beaver, Clifford P. Wilson
1956 permission to publish Peter McKenzie extract, Sebastian McKenzie, Father Tremblay, Saguenay
Historical Society, Fort McKenzie
1963 quoting Pruitt's Beaver, copy requested
1964 acknowledgment caribou and Montagnais papers, Sebastian McKenzie
1964 contributions to The Beaver, editorial policy
Hudson Vitamin Products
1959-1960 (5 items) orders
1963-1964 (3 items) orders
1964 vitamin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1968 order
1970 statement
Hughes, Albert
[Gard], France
1931 re: "Birds of the [Camaigue]"
Hughes, Robert Chester
University of Michigan clergyman
1926 reference for Hughes to A. Franklin Shell
1926 mammal skulls; [Cheaser]; Stinton; Synaptomys; Sorex; Neosorex
1926 mammals publication Media, Pa.
1928 Douglas Lake mammals
1942 offer to lecture "Barren Grounds"
Hughes-Schrader, Sally
Department of Zoology, Duke Univ., Durham, NC
1966 chromosomes of psocids, Edward Mockford, A. Malcolm Bean
1966 socoptera, Mockford, Psocus striatus
1966 "references", Dr. Coker,
Human Events
Washington, DC
1945 terminates subscription
Humane Trap Co.
Washington, DC
(found with 30's correspondence)
no date Brochure
Hume, Maj. Gen. Edgar Erskine
Washington, DC
1942 W.S. Thomas, book
1951 ornithologists, Bartram, Guggenheim, E.H. Abadie Abadie letters, Gamble-Woodhouse
correspondence, Gilbert collection
Humphries, Robert L.
Dept. of Zo0ology, Univ. of Georgia, Athens
1950 herpetology, Hyla avivoca, phaeocrypta request for Georgia reprints
1950 Milton Hopkins, herpetology reprints, Hyla specimens, Okefinokee mismanagement
1950 Hyla crucifera specimens, Pseudacris feriarum
1950 Pseudacris specimens
1951 Pseudacris feriarum and crucifera specimens records for Hyla phaeocrypta
1951 acknowledgment of frog specimens, phaeocrypta specimens
Hungerford, H.B.
University of Kansas
1934 Okefinokee water bugs
Hunt Botanical Library
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
see also Bossert, Theodore
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1960 Bartram portrait authenticity
1969 Peale portrait of Rosenthal (draft attached)
Hunter, Mary Bartram (Mrs. Frank P.)
'Hollymead, 'Charlottesville, VA
1960 (2 items) visit, father's health, acknowledgment books; Frank P. Hunter
1970 visit; Bladens; Bartram Bible
Hunting and Fishing Magazine
Boston, MA
1947 conservation, soliciting articles see also T.H. Cunningham
Huntsman, D.A.G.
University of Toronto, Canada, Fisheries Research Board
1947 arrangements for Nueltin Lake Expedition fish specimen permit,Farley Mowat
Hurr, Margaret
Mt. Holly NJ
1950 Mr. Fletcher, poachers
1951 MacTamara letter, refuge, Smith Estate, poachers
1951 petition, birds
Huson, Mary
Atlanta, GA
1934 Okefinokee
Huskey, W. E.
Chapel Hill, NC
1963 step repair
Hustich, Ilmari
Helsingfors, Finland
1956 Ungava plant and animal ms., Hustich papers (comments attached)
1956 apology
1956 defense and explanation of Ungava plant & anneal paper offer to collaborate, Porsild
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds, changes in fauna, Fennia
1960 phytogeography of Finland, Ungava birds, Knob Lake
1960 Ungava, Löve, Kucyniak, Johnston paper in Nationaliste Canadian, Ashuanipi Lake, Porsild, plant &
animal associations, list of Arctic-Alpine species
1960 acknowledgment species list
1961 Ashuanipi data, Porsild, Attikamatagen, Turner photo, E. H. Kranck
1961 Porsild re: Ashuanipi data, species list, Ungava, Indian report & photographs
1961 Kranck re: Turner photo, date
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals book, northland biology
1964 collection
1965 re: paper on forest on [Mecatina] Island also forwarded letter sent by mistake to F.H.
Huston, McRady
Editor Frontiers Philadelphia
1945 re: review of Vanishing Mammals
Hutchins, Ross E.
State Plant Board of Mississippi, State College, MS
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1964 Okefinokee photo expedition, aquatic katydid, National Geographic
1964 bradlevi, Orchelium, Rehn & Hebard, Bradley Coulter re: historical account of Okefinokee
1963 acknowledgment letter, insect book
Hutchinson, ---see Miss[issippi] Quarterly
Hutt, Mary Elizabeth
215 E. 15th St., NYC
1951 room reservation (Penington), bona fides
1951 confirmation
1951 acknowledgment
Edmund Niles Huyck Rreserve, Inc.
Rensselaerville, NY
see also F.H. Eldridge, Ellen M. Haskins, Winthrop Stevens; Jessica Waldron Squires
1949 July salary ($125), W-4
1949 (postcard) meeting announcement
1949 September salary, pending report
1949 death of Steven's father, herbarium
1949 balance of September salary
1949 September salary,
1949 (postcard) meeting announcement
no date invoice for paper
1949 letter from W.J. Hamilton re: Bishop report for 1949
1950 letterheads
1950 from W.J. Hamilton re: Wood's Vly, purchase request
1950 from R.S. Palmer re: visit, Harper's return
1956 invitation to 25th anniversary celebration (postcard still attached)
1965 Reminder to Summer Fellows
see also Babette Coleman, Ch. Scientific Advisory Commission
1969 donations to Huyck Preserve foundation
Hydrographic and Map Service
Ottawa, Canada
1950 request for maps
Hyman, Libbie H.
American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
1946 identification requested-[planarians]
1947 Phagecata morgani
Hyslop, J. A.
Bureau of Entomology, Washington DC
1942 "indigo flies"
[1915] (draft) Charles B. Horsbrough erroneous bird
names and habitats; AOU
Ickes, Harold L,
Secretary of Interior, Washington, DC
1933 Okefinokee (reply R.W. Crawford for Ickes.)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1938-1941(7 items) (correspondence re: Okefinokee Wildlife Refuge between Francis Harper, Jean
Harper, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Henry A. Wallace, Harold L. Ickes, and Clinton C. Underhill)
1938 history
1938 transmittal letter
1941 logging on Chesser's Island; CCC; (draft)
1941 logging
1941 (2 items) administration of Okefinokee Refuge
1946 New threat to Okefinokee
Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada
1964 acknowledgment publications
Ilex Optical Co.
Rochester, NY
1930 (2 items) shutter repair
University of Illinois
1934 Illinois Biological Monographs
Illinois Natural History Survey
Urbana, IL
1952 bulletin announcement Tularemia, Weather, and Rabbit Populations, Illinois State Natural History
1952 Wood Duck
University of Illinois
Department of Botany, Urbana
1954 Ungava expedition, vascular plants collected, Ddwin B., Bartram, W. L. Dix, A.E. Porsild;
Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN
1950 publishing Bartram biography, Travels 1950 Guggenheim, publishing policies
1950 offer to publish Bartram's Travels
1950 Bartram, gratitude for offer
1950 policies, Bartram, Travels, Okefinokee culture
1950 Bartram, Travels, policies
Ingebrigtsen, Gunnar
Arctic Wings, Ltd, Churchill, Manitoba
1947 air transportation to Nueltin Lake preservation of fish specimens for Father John [Ineglbrigtsen],
telegram-departure from Churchill, identification considerations
1948 news story re: substitution of water for alcohol in specimen jars
1958 (telegram) "Expect to have Harper out"
Ingersoll-Waterbury Co.
Waterbury, CT
1937 (2 items) watch repair, replacement
Ingram, William Marcus
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1940 (3 items) request reprints: chipmunks, Adirondack mammals
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Institut des Parcs Nationeux du Congo Belge
1955 (draft) acknowledgment publications
Institute for Research in Biography, Inc.
New York
1941 re: 2nd Edition of Biographical Encyclopaedia
Intelligence Printing Co.
1929 Auk article
Internal Revenue Service
see also U. S. Treasury Department
1937-1940 income tax returns
1943-1946 Income tax returns
1948 Income tax return & forms
1949 Income tax return & rough draft
1951 Income tax notice
1951 Income tax return
1951 filing
1952 rough draft, forms
International Blue Book
1951 (postcard) announcement
International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
1955 acknowledgment of Bartram paper
1961 E. Raymond Hall re: applications
International Frog Farm
Philadelphia, PA
1937 request for supplies; inquiry re: S. Africa, 10# frogs
International Office for the Protection of Nature
1951 International Technical Conference, vanishing mammals; (questionnaire attached)
1951 fiscal support, vanishing mammals, Barren Ground caribou
1951 caribou, J. Rousseau, Canadian Govt. and caribou
1951 Rousseau, Harrison Lewis, Fauna Preservation Soc. committee on conservation of land mammals
1952 Information Bulletin, address
no date questionnaire
International Ornithological Congress
Misc #1
1930 see also Congresus Internationalis Ornithologicus
International Union of Biological Sciences
1951 Directory announcement
International Union (Office) for Conservation (Protection) of Nature
(see also Harroy, Jean-Paul; Caram, Margueritte; Graim, Tordis)
1936-1938lists sent to international scientists inquiry on vanishing mammals
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
(see also Phillips, Dr. John)
1946 post-war exchange of info.
1949 now for the Protection of Nature Jean-Paul Harroy request for report on vanishing flora and fauna
1952 Bulletin
1955 Barren Ground caribou, Okefinokee
1955 Okefinokee, alien species, Echo Park, Old World Mammals
1955 Okefinokee, Science et Nature, Heim, M.G. Tendron,
1955 Wildlife Service threat to Okefinokee,
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou, Prof. Baer, caribou & reindeer
1955 acknowledgment Life plates, Keewatin, Okefinokee, Wildlife Service
1955 Canadian bear bounties
1956 predators, Missouri Conservation Commission, Fish & Wild Life Service bulletins
1856 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals
1957 acknowledgment bulletins, DDT, American Committee for International Wild Life Protection
1957 (envelope only) reply to Westwood, NY Times clippings
1957 bulletins
1963 transmits paper "Caribou and Eskimos," fallout 1963 acknowledgment caribou paper,
1963 (9 items) caribou paper publication IUCT Bulletin, proof, reprints
International Wild Life Protection
American Committee Cambridge, MA
see also Ruth Gouchy, asst. sec.; Phillips, John C.; Coolege, Harold J.
1936 Rosters-Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Australian fauna,
Phillips, Allen re: bats
1936 (3 letters) lists of endangered species and of authorities (lists attached)
1936 African rare animals; London Convention; Eritrea
1936 payment
1936 (2 items) missing card; articles list
1936 payment; list
1936 (2 items) sources of letters; Ibex,; chamois; West Indian monk seal
1936 payment
1936 chinchilla, European bison, Asiatic rhinoceros
1936 African animals (list attached)
1936 rare species in Dutch East Indies, Australia, New Guinea (list attached)
1936 addresses of Asiatic authorities, Java, Sumatra, Siam, Swiss National Parks Board (list attached)
1936 salary and supplies (letter from R. Bigalke attached)
1936 chinchilla files, Hobley drawings; Phillips; Alfred Ely's list of big-game
1936 acknowledgment Australian list; addresses; Ognev's Mammals
1937 (2 items) Altshaler’s Natural History Index Guide; Nigerian Field; big game books
(see also Museum of Comparative Zoology)
1937 (2 items) check notice-Ruth Gouchy, sec. brochure-Derniers Refuges, noting locations
1937 Dr. Phillips
1937 Galapagos fur seals; Steller's sealion
1937 check returned
1938 Land and Water reference
1939 publishing nomenclature paper; "implications"
1945 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals; Tordis Graim (see also American Committee)
1946 Vassar exhibit; mammal list enclosed
Iowa State College
Botany, Ames
1954 Ungava expedition, Bartram, Dix, Porslid invoices for specimens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Iron Ore Company of Canada
see also Barrette, J. G.
see also Neal, H. E.
1953 (to Dispatcher) Francis Harper expedition to Know Lake
1955 (2 letters) location of lakes: Mogridge, Lapage, Gad, Davidson, Foster, Moss, caribou report
Irving, Laurence
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
1954 Keewatin Eskimos
1954 acknowledgment publications, Regulus, Canadian birds
1954 Alaska birds
1954 Anaktuvuk, Simon Paneak, silt sandpipers, Eskimos
Ismann, William E.
1919 WW I
Ives, Jack D.
McGill Sub-Arctic Research Lab., Schefferville, Quebec
1959 request Ungava birds, golden eagle sighting Indian House lake
1959 Ungava papers, golden eagle, Sebastian McKenzie, Ben McKenzie, Leucichthys, Prosopium in
Hanna's and Peter Lakes
[1959] (draft) Sebastian McKenzie house, tribe, relation to Peter McKenzie1858 Sebastian McKenzie,
scarlet fever, whitefish specimens; caribou sightings
1959 Ungava mammals report, J. C. S. Watt re: conservation among Indians at James Bay, caribou
sightings, photos, antlers, markings, Mrs. Hubbard, Ungava woodchuck specimens, fallout Ivey, Pete
no date (draft) persimmons, J.S. Illick
Jackson, H. D.
Umtali Museum, Rhodesia
1970 (postcard) request Okefinokee reprint
1970 reprint; American Caprimulgiformes; race (sources attached)
1970 photograph chuck-will's-widow
1970 reprint; race
Jackson, H.H.
1926 see also United States Department of Agriculture Biological Survey
Jackson, Hartley, H. J.
American Society of Mammalogists, Denver CO, Chevy Chase, MD, Washington, DC
1925 Wainwright buffalo herd; Weed Buffalo preserve
1927 Mammals
1940 British children; society involvement; (copy)
1965-6 Howell Bibliography & notes
1966 see manuscripts (Howell)
1967 Arthur Howell biography; Okefinokee hearings
1967 Howell bibliography (copy enclosed); Ruth Howell Walker death; Okefinokee hearing report
Jackson, Helen
Newton Center, MA
1929 check
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Jackson, L. W. Springfield PA
1938 (to K. Taylo, landlord) plumber's workman
1938 odor in the basement: urine, dead rat
Jacobi, Arnold
Staatliche Museen fur Tierkunde und Volkerkunde, Dresden
1931 Caribou
1931 V.D. Decken, caribou bibliography
G. H. Jacobs & Son
no date statement, Jacobs, George J., Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, San Francisco
1957 (postcard) request reprint
Jacobsen, Bob
Minneapolis, MN
Michigan Tech University, Houghton, MI
1965 (2 items) Ernest Oberholtzer' Caribou Eskimo; Barren Grounds; Churchill; fresh water seal;
Dubawnt River
1969 (3 items) Nueltin Lake expedition; seal; Andrew Macpherson; Mowatt
1972 Oberholtzer trip in 1912
Jacot, Arthur Paul
Department of Biology
1928 China, Tsinen, Monroe, CT
1932 separates, NY mammals, Beebe, writing for the public, "Research Workers" attached
1935 (postcard) visit
James, Edward T.
Dictionary of American Biography, Cambridge, MA
1963 accomplishments of Francis Hobart Herrick
1964 inclusion in DAB unlikely
Jameson, Dr. E.W (Everett)
Forest/Range Experiment Station, Quincy, CA
1947 fleas
1949 red-backs, Clethrionomya, Peromyscus, S. trombridgii, deer mice
Jenkins, Charles Francis
Philadelphia, PA
1933 Okefinokee
1935 (postcard) Wilhelm Miller in Bailey's Cyclopedia of Horticulture re: Bartram and Darlington
1935 Coville letters re: Franklinia
1935 Thomasville Nurseries letter
1936 acknowledgment limpkin paper, Vultur Sacra of William Bartram
1937 Bartram investigation; APA grant; Arthur Leeds
1938-1939(4 items) APA grant; Conklin; vanishing animals; Bartram
1938 Bartram
1939 Frank M. Bartram; Hanna; Charleston; Mabel P. Webber
1939 lost ms. Bartram Travels (possible draft enclosed)
1939 Rollins College; Bartram Carolina route; Hydrophlox lutipianis; Erianthus; Pyrularia De
Rence Library; Taitt map; Hydrangea querclfolia; Hypericum aureum
1939 Bartram contract; half month's salary
1939 publishing John Bartram's diary, William Bartram's report to Fothergill; Bartram routes;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Arthur Leeds; compensation
1939 appreciation
1939 Bartram report; John Swanton; routes; William Bartram’s "Ashwood"; Charleston; plants
1939 Bartram report; Cuscowville; llicium;
1939 Bartram Alabama trail
1939 Golden Isles of Georgia; Cate's To-days and Yesterdays; plant specimens; Garden Club article
1939 investigation support; publication
1939 dedication to Arthur Leeds; grant; University of Pennsylvania project; indexes
1939 travels w/ Roland through Alabama and Florida on Bartram trail
1939 travels w/ Roland, Rollins College, Erianthus, Pyularia
1940 Bartram report; Florida and Georgia routes; Garden Club talks; indexes
1940 (3 items) tracing Bartrams' route
1940 (3 items) report to Mrs. Henry
1940 (2 items) Emily Reed Cheston; completing Bartram
1940 Haverford College microfilming Quaker histories
1940 (2 items) letter to Thomas E. Drake (enclosed)
1940 William E. Burkhard; Earnest's mss.
1939-1940(2 items) Ernest Earnest Bartram study; joint authorship
1940 (2 items) Bartram completion date; concerned parties; Arthur Leeds
1940 completing William Bartram Travels
1940 copyright protection Bartram's Travels
1940 meeting with APA Conklin; Roland S. Morris
1940 (2 items) Bartram expenses
1941 (2 items) Bartram celebraton in Georgia
1942 Cates inquiry portrait of William Bartrm
1942 Bartram notes and "unscrupulous publisher"
1942 Mrs. Henry re: Bartram report
1942 publishing Bartram papers
1945 (2 items) Charles W. Johnson's Lipidoptera of Nantucket
1946 publication of Travels
Jenkins, [Elaine] C.
‘Far Country’, Philadelphia
1958 acknowledgment book
Jenkins, Robert E.
Fernow Hall, Ithaca, NY
1966 Maxostama-redhouse suckers Nocomis-horneyhead chubs
Jenness, Jonathan
Peabody Museum, Harvard University
1959 ethnobiology of caribou-Eskimo group, Keewatin
1959 resettlement of Kazan River Eskimos, Ray N. Lawson, Robert F. Yule, Charles Schweder, P. G.
1959 visit, Lawson, Downes, Keewatin caribou, extinct and vanishing mammals, Jenness genealogy
1959 visit, Robert G. Faylor of Arctic Institute, Harry B. Collisn of Bureau of American Ethnology
1959 visit, firlework techniques
Hans Jensen Manufacturing Co.
1931 aquarium jars
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Jensen, Henry W.
Warren Wilson College, Snannanoa, NC
1961 (3 items) papers sent & acknowledged, identity of ants in Franklinia, Chuck Alexander
1963 (4 items) Academy meetings, Franklinia, Penstenon hirsuta, Ungava plant & animal study,
Okefinokee songs
1964 The Grave of John Lyon; Bartram
1967 acknowledgment little seeds story
Jessa (see Tessa)
Moorstown, NJ
Jeorg, W.L.G.
1943 negative to report from Antarctic expeditions
John Bartram High School
1943 (2 items) John Bartram birthday; Charles Francis Jenkins speaker
Johansen, Kjill
1973 Seminar: Dz deficiency of fish
see also Duke University Department of Zoology
Johansen, Hans
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1960 acknowledgment Nueltin birds, sub-Arctic birds, Palmer
Johns Hopkins Medical School
Baltimore, MD
1934 destruction of Mammals lost
Johnson, Charles E.
Roosevelt Wildlife Forest [exp. station]
1929 re: Athabaska/Great Slave Report
1941 Okefinokee frog raising
Johnson, David H.
United States Natural Museum, (Smithsonian), Washington
1950 missing numbers of Proceedings, address
1950 address, staffing
1951 offer of lecture "Wild Life on Barren Grounds"
1951 Wilkes Expedition letters, Pickering letters Rangifer a. arcticus, R. a. caboti brow tines
1951 Wilkes, Handley & Ungava, lecture
1953 George Cooley, caribou and bear skulls, skins, Alan Stone, Verbail fox traps, Handley
1953 skulls, Rangifer, Clethrionomys, Cephenemyia grant
1953 pass, cyanide bottles
1953 Laborador outfit and specimens, Clethrionomys, Synaptomys, Phenacomys
1953 Castor canadensis acadicus, Castor canadensis labradorus
1954 fossil mouse, Ungava presentation
1955 Douglas Carruthers, Royal Geographical Society
1955 Carruthers, Ungava mammals, Fort Enterprise expedition, Kimble & Good Geography of the
1955 "Scread", Fort Enterprise, Collins' antler photograph caboti
1955 Fort Enterprese, caribou skulls
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1955 Ungava, Gilbert Simard, furbearers specimens, grant
1956 furbearers specimens, Simard, Col. Traub
1956 (draft) itinerary
1956 Arctic Institute grant Fort Enterprise, request for recommendation
1956 recommendation, Fort Enterprese,
1956 recommendations to Arctic Institute with Ralph Palmer
1956 (copy) letter of recommendation to Arctic Institute
1956 Yale Press re: Bartram's Travels. acknowledgment recommendation letter
1956 Mammals [Preble] re: University of Kansas Museum of Natural History
1958 order for Proceedings of BSW, Ungava birds, caribou photos, corrigenda to USNM Bulletin 205 (sale
list attached)
1959 paper enclosed, visit
1960 (2 items) list of Peale and Pickering references, secretaryship of Smithsonian
1960 Peale references, antelope drawing by Titian, move to Chapel Hill 1960 (2 items) Peal item (see
Hess, Gertrude D., 3-15-60)
1960 George H. Rees re: Phoca vitulina specimen, Ursus borribilis in Alberta, Chapel Hill, Bartrams at
1961 Aeitschrift fur SaÜgetierkunde editor, E. Ray Hall's mailing list, Turner's autobiography,
1961 (4 items) Zimmerman re: Clethrinomys, proteus, exchanges with communist counties, travels,
Phenacomys, Turner's negatives, T.R. Peale biogrampy
1962 transmits ms. "Amphibians and Reptiles of Keewatin"
1962 (2 items) Turner, Naskapi exhibit, Riesenberg, Knob Lake caribou,
1964 mouse specimen, Microtus pennsylvanicus Dale Osborn's address
Johnson, Eonald E.
Curator, Institute of Archeology, Ohio
Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster
1964 Wharton re: Euschongastia, Pitymys, Euschongastia ohioensis
1964 Farrell re: flies, E.W. Baker
Johnson, E. M.
Telluride Association, Ithaca, NY
1955 Barren Ground caribou report, black flies, warble fly
1956 Mammals of Keewatin, Dr. Gordon Ferris, George Sutton
1957 George Sutton, Bartram, Travels
1958 acknowledgment Bartram's Travels, Lane Cooper
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Lane Cooper, Gilliard colored bird photos
Johnson, Frederick
Peabody Foundation, Andover, MA
1953 H. B. Collins, Jr., Frank G. Speck, Montagnais-Naskapi, Knob Lake
Johnson, Phyllis T.
U. S. National Museum (Smithsonian)
1958 (2 items) identification of lice from Polyplaz alaskensis to Polyplax borealis on Clethrionomys;
Microtus breweri
Johnson, Richard M.
Biology, Asheville-Baltimore College, Asheville, NC
1965 Okekomplee shape-note singing
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Johnston, David W.
Mercer University, Atlanta, GA
1956 acknowledgment reprints, Geomys, Dr. Oeum
1944 collecting frogs, recommended readings exchange of specimens and identifications 1959 (2 items)
biosystematic revision of American Crows, National Museum of Canada specimen, Preble's North
American Fauna 27, Peters, Burleigh
1961 Wake Forest College, Winston-Salem NC
1961 reviewer for Frick & Sterns re: Mark Costesby, The Chat
1961 (2 items) Catesby review, E. Milby Burton, William S. Powell, Hanging Rock State Park,
1962 (2 items) southeastern amphibian collection, obert L. Humphreies whereabouts
1962 (2 items) shipping specimens, Robert Norris' address
1963 (4 items) specimens
1963 mammalogy class, mice and shrew specimens
1963 Roan Mountain Napaeozapus, indigos, field procedures
1963 (2 items) Rose Mountain, Microtus pennsylvanicus, shrews, Hanging Rock State Park mammals,
Eptesicus, (NC mammals bibliography attached)
1963 boat-tailed grackles, torreyi, Sprunt
1963 C. m. torreyi, Sprunt's ethics, Swannonoa trip, bobtail song
1966 University of Florida, Jacksonville, FL mammals [NC]
Johnston, Ivan M.
Jamaica Plain, MA
1957 academic freedom at Harvard, Arnold Herbarium
Jones, Curtis, W.
see also Mengel Natural History Society, Reading, PA
Jones, Duvall A.
University of Maryland
1960 (2 items) order and acknowledgment Pseudacris paper
Jones, Frank Morton
Wilmington, DE
1936 Robert R. Tathall; Society of Natural History lecture
1937 Okefinokee lecture; Le Conte; Smith and Abbot plates (bibliography enclosed)
1937 (3 items) Abbot plates; Arthur Leeds; Le Conte
1938 (2 items) Le Conte references
1939 (2 items) William Bartram re: Florida butterflies; South Carolina map
1940 John Bartram's disownment; Barnhart bibliography
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram volume
Jones , J. Kempton
Chapel Hill, NC
1963 mononucleosis epidemic NCU, warnings, dining halls, (copy)
1965 Vitamin products
1967-1970 (13 items) health reports
Jones, J. Knox
Univ. of Kansas, Museum of Natural History, Lawrence
1963 ms. received, Arctic Institute support, publication, Allen Press
1963 Allen Press, ms proofs and comments
1968 (2 items) Mystacinidae simpson; Mystacina
1968 seeds
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1969 (postcard) travels
Jones, James H.
Olney, IL
1962 Lucien M. Turner (copy?)
Jones, John
Taxidermist, Mt. Vernon, NY
1948 re: prices
Jones, [Frank Norton]
no date (draft) "[Mystaimidee simpson, 1945"
Jones, Frank Norton
1937 re: Georgia collection
1949 Bartram Ludwig lectures
Jones, H. G.
North Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh
1964 (2 items) William S Powell, correspondence in the Theo F. Davidson papers, Ashley Curtis-Silas
McDowell correspondence
Jones, H. W.
1920 Athabaska
Jones, Joe
Alumni Office, University of North Carolina
1965 re: shoes-[Sebago Lowboy] helps bunions
Jones, J. Knox, Jr.
Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas
1963 (draft, see also E. Raymond Hall) proofs; Eskimo paper; Montagnais
Jones, Walter B.
University of Alabama
1967 Roland tribute
Jordan, D. Everett
Washington, DC
1964 (telegram )Gelden Eagle ammendment to Farm Bill (Sen. Tower)
Jordan, Karl
Zoological Museum, Tring, England
1930 Adirondack fleas, Ctenopthalmus pseudagyrtes; Tamias; Ceratophylus wickami; C. laucopus;
Paromyscus; Leptopsylia selenis; L.catitina; Trichopsylia lotoris; Dr. Hertert; visit
1930 Wilmer Stone; Zapus hudsonius hudsonius; North American Rodent Manuals
Jordan, David Starr
Stanford University
1925 Okefinokee
1929 re: mammals of Adirondachs
1931 "Dweller in the Piney Woods" reprint
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Jordan, E. W.
512 Machine Gun Batallion Post, Washington, DC
1920-1921 (2 items) Post membership
Journal of Animal Ecology
Ferry House, Ambleside, England
1957 submits Ungava life zones study
Journal of Mammalogy
Biological Survey, Washington, DC
1928 re: "Mammal Notes from Rnadolph County, GA"
Joynt, May L. (Mrs. John Howard)
Alexandria Va.
1961 (3 items) Clifton Walter Barrett licture at Alexandria library
1962 invitation Alexandria Library lecture, Louis B. Wright
1962 Wright's lecture
Junior Natural History Magazine
New York
1944 subscription
Jurkunc Brothers
1951 combination lock
Just, Dr. Theodore
University of Notre Dame
editor The American Midland Naturalist
1934 see also American Midland Naturalist
1935 (3 items) pilot black snake ms.
1935 subscription
1935 (3 items) list of biological journals for Der Biologe
1936 (3 items) Pseudacris orrata ms.; Niewland mamorial
1936 Pseudacris corrections
1937 (4 items) Pseudacris proofs
1937 abstract (enclosed)
1939 (4 items) Hyla ocularis ms.; illustrations
1939 (2 items) Hyla ocularis proofs
1939 (6 items) Hyla ocularis reprints
1940 (4 items) ms. herpetological works of Bartram, Daudin, Latrelle, Sonnini
1940 herpetological proofs (corrections enclosed)
1940 (2 items) herpetological abstract
1940 (5 items) ms. Bartram's names of birds
1942 (2 items) review Ernest Earnest book John and William Bartram
1942 Lyon sketch
1944 review of Davis paper, natural features of South Florida (referred to Roland Harper)
1946 declined to review Wrights Okefinokee book
1949 Nueltin Lake sample plants for University of Chicago
Kalmbach, E.R.
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Biological Survey, Denver, CO, Boulder
1934 Food Habits Resarch Laboratory, boat-tailed grackle
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1934 grackle paper; bird collecting in Louisiana; jackdaws
1936 Okefinokee mamal papers; P. polionotus; mammal parasites
1959 (draft) letter to “T.S.” re: Mrs. “E.’s” [Margaret Edge] membership in the [AOU] Council (see letter
to McAtee, 1953)
1962 (6 items) Robert McAtee memorial, McAtee biography; biographical notes (draft-shares sheet with
Scheips, see Paul J. Scheips)
1962 Leon Kelso; Seth Low; McAtee
1962 death of Kalmbach's wife
1962-1963 (14 items) McAtee memorial and biography, honorary degree, photos
1963 (draft) [McAtee] portfolio papers
1964 radioactive fall-out, caribou
1966 McAtee papers; Lawrence F. London; birds; Arthur Howell bibliography
1966 (5 items) McAtee, Storer, Kalmbach history Wildlife Society; North American bird names; Arthur H.
1966 (postcard) Viburnum; McAtee
Kansas State Board of Agriculture
Topeka, KS
1938 Extinct and vanishing mammals
University of Kansas
1960 publications of Museum of Natural History,
1960 lists of gifts and grants to Museum of Natural History
1963 parcel receipt
1963 libraries inquiry Bartram-Rafinesque correspondence (reply appended)
1965 Microtus pinetorum specimen
Kartright, F.H.
Toronto, Canada
1943 re: bird beaks, ducks, geese, swans, of North America
see [presentation] card
Kaser Realty Co.
Mt. Holly, NJ
1957 receipt
Kauffmen, Virgil
[Alco] Service Corporation, Philadelphia
1945 list of books of Canadian North West
Kavanagh, Paul M.
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
1953 Arctic Institute, Knob Lake expedition, Dr. Moss, transport and equipment
1953 Dr. Moss, expedition, Iron Ore Co., J.M. Harrison,Laborador, Knob Lake
1953 Iron Ore Co. , Knob Lake expedition, Dale J. Osborn, transport and supplies
Keane, R. L.
Office of Naval Research, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
no date John E. Flynn's address
Keats, John E.
Hudson's Bay Co., St. Augustine, Canada
1965 Newfoundland Labrador Tanner-book sources
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
Keck, David D.
National Science Foundation, Washington (see also National Science Foundation)
1961 (5 items) visit; Mangum Weeks
1961 visit, Jean Harper's mother
1961 grant extension
1962 fresh water fish paper; Ungava climate study; Keck’s promotion
Keen, J. Velma
Tallahassee, FL
1970 acknowledgment Roland biography; Dorothy Dodd
1970 spraying consequences; lack of publicity (draft attached)
1970 fire-ants
Keith, C. Freeman
The Stinhour Press, Lunenberg, VT
1962 (2 items) Polar Notes off prints
Keleher, J.J.[G.G.]
Central Fisheries Research Station, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1949 Fish, request for reprints
1962 (3 items) Manitoba cyprinids, Keewatin amphibians, Great Slave Lake fishes distribution
Keller, Grace Harris
see American College Bureau
Kellogg, Marguerite (Mrs. Remmington)
1969 (2 items) Ramington's death, Goldman, marine mammals
Kellogg, Peter Paul
Cornell University, Ornithology, Ithaca, NY 1954 Eph Palmer, Okefinokee, visit
1954 visit, Okefinokee
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin birds report, Bill; Hamilton
1954 negative critique of Okefinokee report
1954 (draft of critique letter)
1954 response to critique of Okefinokee report, request for corrections, (Harper's note attached)
1955 Richard Rosche re: Okefinokee report
1955 Rosche's letter, Okefinokee fire, Chesser's Island (list of corrections and draft)
1957 acknowledgment Mammals of Keewatin
1957 acknowledgment Rolland Clement letter, Know Lake, caribou slaughter, Manning-Harper study,
family news
1965 caribou and Eskimos strontium contamination
Kellogg, Remington,"Kelly"
U. S. National Museum (Smithsonian)
Curator, Division of Mammals
1922 Leister, Huckett, Malloch, Kansas reptiles, Frost, Preble re: skull tags,
1922 Cowles & missionaries, Oberholser, "H.C.O.", "M.T.C." (all damned together), Hollister, Alvin
R. Cain's malfeasance
1922 mammals
1922 Pinniped paper, Wright, Pirnie, Arts Zoology Dept., Harper's position, Cowles re:
Nothophthalmus, Napaeozapus
1925 Natick residence; Muesum of Natural History; Pseudacris; Sorex fumeus; [Sherman] Bishop;
family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1929 Christmas greetings
1929 jobs, herpetology, fellow biologists
1932 see also K-American Society of Mammalogists
1932 index of Mammals, Simpson's classification, queries re: Dasypodidae ,Leporidae, Muridae,
Cricetidae, Echinyidae, Procyonidae, Cetotheriidae, Suidae
1932 Simposon's classification, placment of Aiphiidae
1932 errors in Bulletin, Bological Abstracts
1933 systematic index to Mammals, Primates, Clironia, Idiocetus, Palaeotoxodon
1933 Hydrolagus as swamp rabbits, other natmes
1933 corrected proof of index (specific genra)
1933 query re: genera
1933 classifications,
1933 placement of Trilophodon, history of Whales
1934 index, placement, spelling of Le Conte
1934 index placement, location of Pseudobranchus
1934 index, Dr. Stejneger
1934 index, corrections, Bartram's buffalo lick
1934 index, placement of genera, American pigs,
1934 index, placement of genera
1934 Revue Francaise de Mammalogie 1938 ACLS Waldo G. Leland; Silver re: Okefinokee; Friedman;
old world mammals
1940 descripton Ovis Darwini, Przewalski, central Asia expedition
1940 (2 items) Arthur Howell's death; British children: Middleton and Colqunoun; agency sponsors
1940 Journalof Mammalogy editor; abstract; Lynx floridanus specimen; British children
1942 Ungava expedition, Friedmann, specimens
1942 (2 items) Wheeler report of old forts
1942 Wharton Huber's death; Glover Allen; extinct mammals; Le Conte; Linnaeus
1943 acknowledgment Bartram diary; speaking Portuguese
1943 Ungava expedition, bird specimens listed, Mammal specimens listed
1943 Lobodon nomenclature
1943 list of North Amaerican mammals
1943 (2 items) Geoffoy's mus alexandrinus; old world ammals; Brazil
1943 Geoffrey's catalogue; G. H. Stockley, Stalking in the Himalayas and northern India
1953 plant specimens, Commander Nutt, air strip, Henry Setzer, Leonard Schultx, Egbert Walker, Gerritt
no date Christmas Card
1954 acknowledgment Ungava plant specimens
1954 acknowledgment jumping mouse specimen
1955 acknowledgment Ungava bird skins
1955 acknowledgment of Ungava mammal specimens
1955 acknowledgment of Mississippi crawfish specimen
1957 acknowledgment Laborador toads
1934 re: publications, professional intrigues
1937 vanishing mammals work, reports, exhibits
1942 sloth cave (Rampart) Pierce Ferry, Arizona French catalog listings Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire
1945 seal-Georgia-identification wildlife presentation whaling treaties
1947 seals-Nueltin Lake [Ha ha] headnet insect repellents
1949 beached whales (photos & articles attached)
[1949] lichen & mosses specimens, Keewatin
1949 Keewatin bird specimens
1949 whales, tufted Cebus
1950 spelling authors' names, artificial furs, Keewatin
1950 spelling, press photo, Keewatin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 12 continued
1950 Guggenheim, Int. Whaling Commission, Viking ships
1951 Kegan's paper on Haemogamasinae
1951 Kegan's paper, chiggers
1951 Kegan's paper, ectoparasites, Mueselbeck, Service's poetry
1951 mites, Service's poetry
1951 Geomys tuza history of genus Bartram
1951 Geomys tuza, Geomys pinetis
1951 Geomys, colonus and cumberlandius specimens Lynx floridanus, Academy corruption
1951 Geomys, Lynx, cetacean skeletons
1951 Geomys, Lynx, whale skeletons, spelling,
1951 Geomys, location of Mustela etc., Manitoba
1951 Sherman's paper, Lynx,
1951 spelling, footnotes, Geomys, Lynx floridanus Academy scandal
1952 NSF fiscal agent (Academy, US National Museum)
1952 NSF fiscal agent (Smithonian)
1952 Smithonian as fiscal agent
1952 Lynx floridanus
1952 NSF fiscal agent, Lyns floridanus
1952 NSF and USNM, Am. Midland, Nat., (Mizelle); Academy
1952 Am. Midland Nat., Academy
1952 Academy, Keewatin bird specimens, NSF, Ungava,
1952 Mizelle
1952 Barren Grounds and Keewatin skulls, Academy
1952 caribou and bear skins re: costs, visit
1952 caribou and bear skins, APA publication schedule
1952 receipt of Keewatin bird skins
1957 Julian P. Boyd, Bartram, Jefferson's Big Bone Lick, Gilmore re: fertilizer plant
1957 Bartram's Travels, Charles Gilmore's memorial to George Brown Goode
1958 Christmas card
1960 (2 items) reasons for moving to Chapel Hlll
1962 Christmas card
1962 WWI action, appeal for Queer Ducks I have known, Slim Hill (copy) (draft attached)
1962 Christmas card, Is-sur-Tille
1963 Christmas card
1965 greetings
Kellogg, Warren F
1923 re: publication of magazine picture Kellog, W. K., Battle Creek< MI
1932 Christmas card
Series I. Box 13.
Kelly, Howard A., M.D.
Library, Baltimore, MD
1931 Okefinokee papers; Spencer Trotter
1931 acknowledgment alligators of Okefinokee
1932 Okefinokee refuge; Everglades
1935 acknowledgment reprints; Other Van Hyning
1940 acknowledgment "great work"
1942 Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Kelsall, John P.
Department of Northern Affairs
1964 re: wolf control in Northwest Territories, caribou not poison for all wildlife
1962-1963 (3 items) review of Ungava mammals paper, Cree & grizzly
1964 acknowledgment reprints
1968 (2 items) caribou monograph
Kelso, Leon
Washington, DC
(clippings in Kelso, Leon, Miscellaneous file)
1943 against Government service (copy)
1945 leaflet 27, light on "dark and disgraceful spots: in American science
1953 acknowledgment Nueltin birds report, owl nemenclature
1956 acknowledgment Mammals of Keewatin, Traite de Zoologie
1956 E. Ray Hall, Allen Press, acknowledgment 'Exterior Bird', W. Dwight Pierce
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou, Yakuts of Siberia,
1956[7] depletion of wildlife, missionaries, Montagnais
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, animal family names, Keewatin caribou, Indians, missionaries in
1960 Christmas card
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper; Feodor Eduardovich Reimers, Akademaiya Nauk; G. G.
1962 affairs at Survey
1962 Russian northern studies, B.A. Tikhnmirov, climate
1963 Cree at Winisk, Russian climate studies, Uspenskii, hummingbird specimen for F.J. Turcek,
1963 acknowledgment translation of Kondakov's mites paper, Kenneth Doutt re: Phoca
1963 hummingbird specimen, snow geese decline, Eville Gorham re: Palaearctic reindeer
1963 Dr. Alberto Ruschi re: Turcek information, Palearctic reindeer, pink ptarmigans
1963 (2 items) F.J. Turcek re: eskimos
1963 fallout, Preble re: McAtee, Daniel McKinley (clippings attached)
1963 Baikal seals, Siberian "shatuns", McKinley, Miettinen re: fallout, pink ptarmigan, McAtee memorial
1963 pink ptarmigan, Russians re: caribou decline
1963 Petr Petrovick Semenov, Semenov-Tyan-Shanskii, Lapland mammals and birds, Ericacae, (clippings
1963 Semenov-Tyan-Shanskii, fall-out, Eskimo infant mortality
1964 pink ptarmigan, reindeer,
1964 acknowledgment reprints, racial dillution, race relations
1964 decline of 'govt. science', Preble, Goodman, destruction of Athabaska studies
1964 John K. Torres re: ornithological encyclopedia, eobe Knappen, Audubon Society Politics (C.C.?)
note attached: Torres re: WLM)
1964 marbled murelet nost
1964 science bureaucrats, Phoebe Knappen, murrelets
1966 pesticides, Russia
1967 Eric Lundberg re: stolen Georgia & Florida geological surveys
1967 letter to Lundberg; race relations
1967 (2 items) Glacier Park bears; native customs
1967 Peter Freuchen; Eskimo exploitation; Marshall McLuhen
1967 Lundberg denial
1967 Christmas card
1968 Atlanta Journal re: wildlife
1968 E. Lucas Bridges Tierra del Fuego study
1968 W.C. George re: race; Putnam's Race and Reason
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1969 Canadian Indians
1968-69 re: unrest Washington, DC clippings and comment, Washington scene
1969 (3 items)Dr. George; race ralations (clipping attached)
1969 Ursus middendorfi; Middendorff's reputation
1969 (2 items) Middendorff; Bartram biography; Athabaska birds
1969 veinous system of moose; A.V. Komarov clippings attached
1969 race riots; Semenov-Tran-Shanskii sacrifice altar photo; Ossetins; bison and moose skulls (photo
1969 translation of A. F. Middendorff, Expedition to North East Siberia" (clippings attached)
1969 paralyzed earthworms stored by moles (clippings attached)
1969 (9 items) clippings only, mostly about race relations
1969 clippings
1970 clippings, Washington DC crime
Kelson, Keith R.
Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas
1953 order Journal of Mammalogy
Kendall, William C.
Freeport, ME
Department of Commerce, Fisheries
1922 Athabaska fishes report; Coker; Goldman; Phillips;
1922 Athabaska fish report; Smithsonian; Museum of Comparative Zoology; localities
1922 joint authorship; field notes; photographs
1922 joint authorship
1923 fish paper; notes
1924 acknowledgment Athabaska fish paper
1926 specimens; skins; Lockwood; [Cristivomer manoycusta]
Kendeigh, S. Charles
Zoology, University of Illinois, Champaign
1948 Thelon Area, Canada, research locale
1962 acknowledgment Ungava reprints, Merriam's temperature laws
1961 acknowledgment reprints, address
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper Hudson's Bay bird and animal populations
Kendricks, Edward G
Aero-Medical Laboratory Engineering Division
1947 equipment
(see also Explorer's Club)
Kennedy, K. Carroll
Chapel Hill, NC
1970 Senator Ervin "matter"
Kennedy, W. A.
Fisheries Board of Canada, Winnipeg
1948 fishes, Nueltin Lake
Kentucky Geological Survey
1925 order
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Kentucky Trust Company
1964 (2 items) death of Emmet F. Horine
Kenwell, Gerald
Inlet, NY
1949 newspaper clipping, woodsman
Kern, Richard A., M.D.
1931 re: hay fever doses
Kerr, Chester
Yale University Press, New Haven CT
1957 biographical studies of early American naturalists, Okefinokee folkways, John Marshall, ACLS
grant, references
Key Reporter
see Phi Beta Kappa
Keyes, Dr. Baldwin L.
Wynnewood, PA
1951 announcement of sale of Mt. Holly, "hoodlumism"
1951 Helen Lee Sherwood (Harper sister-in-law), address
1952 Sherwood address
1952 sale of camp
Kieffer, Andre
Gangah, Indochina
1936 vanishing mammals
Killip, Ellsworth P.
Smithsonian U.S. National Museum
1931 re: plants in Herbaria
1949 re: [Keewatin] plant specimens
Kimber, Natelie B.
1938 (2 items) Albert Conway college loan
1944 Albert Conway debt
1952 "Why should we bother about the past" no date[1950s] acknowledgment of caribou study
King, Browning & Co. Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
195[7] invoice
King, Carlton J.
1925 re: collector's license
King, Donald H.
Chicago IL
1941 (3 items) William Bartram trail publication; identification of places Great Smoky Mountains
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
King, Eleanor A.
1945 Audubon Society & conservation; Okefinokee mammals; E. Raymond Hall
King, Julia
McIntosh P.O., GA
1936 Charles G. Harrold letter; Colonel's Island Indian artifacts; Eumeces quinauelinatus polygrammus;
Magnolia pyrmidata; Le Conte biography
King, Louisa (Mrs. Francis)
St. Augustine, FL
[1940] Bartram trail; William A. Knight
King Ralph T.
State University College of Forestry, Syracuse University, NY
1962 (2 items) acknowledgment reprints, request 2nd copies
King, Sara Singleton (Mrs. John)
Waycross, GA
1946 Okefinokee garden mouse
King, Stanley
Alexandria, VA
1959 acknowledgment Alexandria Gazette (1/21/59), Bartram
King, William
National Park Service, Washington, DC
see also U. S. Department of Interior
1936 Pseudacris specimens; triseriata
1936 (3 items) Pseudacris specimen exchange
1936 (2 items) Pseudacris triseridata; feriarum
1936 Pseudacris; ornata-atreckeri; Hyla crucifer; sounds
1936 acknowledgment repaints
1937 herpetological reprint; Pseudacris brachyphoma locale
1937 acknowledgment Desmognathus wrighti paper; Pseudacris brachyphone
Kirkbride, Elizabeth B.
Albany, NY
1950 request for title of talk, biographical facts
1950 title of lecture (Natural History at the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve", introduction
1950 (postcard) blank
Kirkwook Brothers, Inc. (guns)
1969 Order
Kirwan, L.P. Esq.
Geographical Journal, London
1965 reviews of ethnological papers; caribou (draft enclosed)
Kittredge, G.L.
1933 North Georgia songs/ballads
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Klauber, L. M.
Zoological Society, San Diego
1928 (2 letters) request for herpetological separates and acknowledgment of request
1939 herpetological mailing list
1940 (2 items) Sonnini and Latreille sets; Daudin; Rainettes
1948 herpetology
1935 re: exchange of [separates] Herpetology
1945 rattlesnake reports re: old herpetological works Bartram Travels report
1952 Daudin's "Histoire Naturelle des Quadrapedes Ovipares"; folio copy of Rainettes
1952 copy of Daudin; Tom Barbour re: Copeia, Check list Schmidt, Stejneger & Daudin's Rainettes
1952 Daudin, Check List, Bartram
Klink, Norman
1929 request-[Petrels]
Kluge, Arnold G.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
[1971] address
Knight, William A.
[Sondley] Library, Asheville, NC
1938 enclosure to A.N. Leeds Bartram
1940 Bartram Elliottia; [Xersphyllen
1940 (2 items) Bartram; Isia; Franklinia; McIntosh plantation; Leeds
1940 C. D. Beadle; Savannah azaleas; A. apeciosa; Lemmon's paper
1940 Azalea calendulacia; Magnolia tripetaia
1940 (2 items) Cliftonia
1944-45 Ft. Picalata location
Knoll, C. Maxmilian
Grantwood, NJ
1933 Blanchard, Series I. Box terrapin, [Cheloriaans]
Knowlton, Helen
The Homestead, M.A.C., Amherst, MA
1930 alligators; children's picture; travels;
K.----?, Helen
Baltimore, MD
see Knowlton, Helen
1919 AOU; Wright; Okefinokee Society; Lord Percy
Koch, Theodore
Staten Island
1946 [Pocato] Peak Lake
Kohler, Herbert E.
U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service
193 acknowledgment Bartram Diary; Manucy's Building of Castillo de San Marcos
1943 acknowledgment Manucy; Bartram re: St. Augustine
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Komarek, Ed. V.
Cooperative Quail Study Association, Thomasville GA
1935 cotton rats; Norm Bailey; bobcat specimens; fur prices; frogs
1936 visit; Bishop; Crosby; St. Mary's-Riceboro trip
1936 (3 items) otter specimen; wildcat; Chesser's Island cabin; St. Mary's trip; family news
1936 acknowledgment frog specimens (list)
1936 banding; Sigmodon; Peromyscus; Sylviagus; Pitymys; St. Mary's trip; Le Conte plantation
1938 (2 items) Franklinia; P. J. Hjort; CCC in Okefinokee
1939 acknowledgment separates; Hyla ocularis
Koopman, Karl F.
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1960 (2 items) Port Manvers specimen of Phenacomys, locations Clethrionomys gopheri proteus,
Phenacomys intermedius crosus, Microtus pennsylvanicus enixus, Dicrostonyx hudsonius
1960 (2 items) Curlew Harbor skin of Phenacomys, Microtus chrotorrhinus
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
Korson, Roe
Head, Archive of Folksong, University of Kansas, Reference Department, Music Division
see also Archive of Folksong
Kortright, F. H.
1943 waterfowl book; Shortt; corrections
Kramer, Quentin
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Philadelphia, PA
1954 invitation to lecture
1954 acknowledgment invitation
Kranck, E. H.
McGill University, Montreal
1961 (6 items) Turner photos, Labrador Indians, Ilmari Hustich
1964 acknowledgment books, Labrador Indians, Naskaupis, Ben McKenzie
Kransowski, Adam
Polish Academy of Science, Pulaway, Marynki, Poland
1963 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava climate study
Krener, Samuel N.
University of Pennsylvania
1944 re: references to papers [Syrian] wild ass domestication [Antonius]
Krom, Donald M.
1950 offer to rent Rancocas
1950 refusal to rent Rancocas
Krug, Honorable G.A.
Department of Interior, Washington, DC
1946 Okefinokee letter from Jean Harper re: oil & lumber operation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Krusen, George C. & Sons
1947 re: UNXCLD insect repellent 448
Kuerzi, John F.
1930 re: Linnaen Society (change of address)
Kuhn, Raymond E.
North Carolina Academy of Science 1972 membership activity
Kuknen, Marie
Clinton, NJ
1955 John Bartram as PhD topic
1955 Bartram re: dissertation
Kuroda, Maganichi
Fukuyashi Cho, Okesaka, Tokyo
1938 vanishing mammals
Kyle, Jennie Lynne
Jacksonville Audubon Society, FL
1941 (2 items) Okefinokee lecture
L-----, S. W.
1970 (postcard) stuffed bobcat
Labaree, Leonard W.
Yale Univ. Library, New Haven
1961 Wormsloe; Peale portraits; Benjamin Franklin letter to Noble Wimberly Jones; Franklinia
1961 Wormsloe; Coulter's History of Wormsloe; Franklin; Franklinia; Rembrandt Peale portrait of
Wymberly Jones De Renne
Labreque, Jean P. (LAC)
Rockcliffe, Ottawa
1953 photos, collecting expedition, Montagnais
Ladd, Jim
1968 recommendation to Mr. Hayman for Institute of [Government], Chapel Hill
LaDue, Henry G.
American Fur Breeders, Magazine editor
1932 see also American Society of Mammalogists re: addresses of publications
Laenberg, Professor E.
Royal Museum of Natural History, The Royal Ministry of Agriculture, Sweden
1937 mammals, vanishing
see also Royal Museum of Natural History, Sweden
Laing, Hamilton Mark ('Mack")
Portland OR, naturalist, nickname: "Brimstone" "Mack", Athabaska [bird], personal friend, Comox, BC
1916 Harper's appointment; death of Wells W. Cooke; salmon spawn; eels paper; travels in northwest;
migration schedules; (photos attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1916 Long Island bird study; bird watching in Canada and northwest; animals (rabbits, cougar);
1919 response to notes from France Nature expeditions, Oregon
1919-1920 (19 letters) Athabaska expedition permits,
1919 bird specimens, [Dickcissal] data, Percy, Lloyd, skinning
1919 tools, Phillips, Nelson, Athabaska expedition, boats, Harkin, Preble, pay
1920 plant and bird specimens
1920 expense account for Canadian expedition; photos; Canadian exchange, bird specimens;
1920 Canadian pass for equipment;
1920 Long Creek (Manitoba) expedition; Athabaska River map enclosed)\
1921 "bureaucrats and bootlickers" at Museum, Nelson, Goodman, Phillips' inspection, Barrett, films
1921 mice, Peromyscus paniculatus, barirdii, geracilis, fascriatius, address
1921 accounts, prints, resigning Survey, bird collecting
1922 Athabaska; Goldman; Wright; petrels monograph; Wilson
1921 Okefinokee, Cornell Museum job, Wright, Louis Fuentes
1921 Wright; North country photos; Okefinokee
1922 (2 letters) "mooniascs"—a spoof the Athabaska expedition, "Pop," Salix
1922 Saliz identifications; Canning; C.H.N. Barrett
1925 Canadian societies; mixing buffalo herds
1932 acknowledge separates, BC land claims, photos, ravens, BC birds, collection (photo attached)
1937 Mainland Coastal Strip; bird collection; goshawk: leucomelas; rifles; Laing family news; Ottawa
field work
1937 Biological Abstracts "purgatory"; Harper family news (1929-1937); mammal specimens;
Chesser's Island cabin; American Committee for International Wildlife Protection; Academy of Natural
Science; Hugh M. Raup
1937 Athabaska ms.; Harper family reaction
1937 Okefinokee photos; mainland coastal strip; [Leucomelas]; shooting caribou; nuts
1938 Civil Service application; birds
1939 Christmas card; Thayer's gull photo
1940 Christmas card
1941 Athabaska ms.; Cottell Press; Lippincott; Bartram study; military service
1941 Athabaska ms.; John Burroughs; western trees study; Laing family news; bird collection
1948 Baybrook Nut orchard, Comox, BC
1949 Neultin caribou, 'Condor' paper sale of Baybrook, English shotgun, sister, 'robin war'
1949 Keewatin reports, Porsild, Allan Brooks caribou-wolves, ptarigan, address
1950 Christmas card
1950 (copy-original written on back of photos) raccoons, Guggenheim, Huyck Preserve
1952 Christmas card
1953 Nueltin Lake in Readers' Digest, family news, Bartram's Travels
1953 Ungava expedition, caribou report
1953 Christmas card
1954 Ungava, Munsterhjelm,
1954 envelope
1954 Christmas Card
1956 Christmas card
1957 Fore Enterprise expedition, Ungava reports, family news
1957 Christmas card
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; grouse "performances"; bird watching; Allan Brooks biography;
Bartram on whooping cranes
1958 Christmas card
1958 Stuart Houston re: Saskatchewan bird study; Allan Brooks biography; Bartram; Nuttall; Preble;
caribou & fallout
1958 Bartram re: whooping crane 1950 Athabaska bird study; Brooks biography; Nuttall re: white crane;
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1959 Nuttall re: whooping cranes; J.A. Allen; Blacker Library; Dowitcher in La Saline; Bartram;
Okefinokee; Guggenheim
1959 Dendragapus] photos; Capnachites; Brooks biography; Guggenheim; Canadian Social Sciences
Research Council; Red River Colony in Harpers
1959 Guggenheim, Canada Council; Brooks biography; whooping cranes; Dendragapus; Davichers; bird
1959 Dendragapus display
1959 Guggenheim recommendation; Tom Manning; Athabaska birds; Ungava mammal studies;
1959 Guggenheim; Brooks biography; Dendragapus photos; bird sittings; babbler, marsh hen; Red River
1960 Chapel Hill; hollering; wood buffalo
1960 bald [eagle] coloring; B.C. birds; Brooks biography; Okefinokee; family news; poetry
1960 Christmas card
1961 Athabaska report; Brooks; Canada Council grant
1961 Nero's Athabaska mss. FWLS; Laing & Loring field catalogues; Okefinokee folklore; Brooks
1961 field catalogues; Brooks; Nero;
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals; Ungava grizzly;
1961 field catalogues; Nero; Books biography; Ungava Indian study;
1961 Christmas card
1962 marsh wrens;
1962 (note) sun lamps
1962 Christmas card
1963 Arctic Institute, Nero's Birds of the Athabaskan Lake Region, Canada geese, family news, "Brooks
Piece" funding crop spraying, Archie Henderson
1962 Arctic Institute; Brooks biography
1962 personal news (Laing); bird watching
1964 Roland's health, Okefinokee, hearing aids, Nero, Athabaska,
1964 Christmas card
1965 NSF grant (draft shares sheet with Fant, see Major Fant)
1965 letter to Robert C. Taylor of the Arctic Institute of North America, publisher for "Brooks", winter
birds, health, bird skin collection, Ross geese season
1965 NSF grant, rules
1965 clearing trees, publishing, Athabaska trip, NSF rules
1965 list of Laing's bird skins
1965 NSF grant, forms, bird nomenclature
1965 letter to R. H. Monville, reports, fish, film records,
1965 field catalogues of birds, negatives, reports (to NSF); bird and animal skins
1965 cash advance, check list, negatives, trees, journals, birds, fish, Lake Winnipeg, Porsild,
1965 NSF grant
1965 field catalogues, reports, subspecific determinations (of birds) Oberholser, Geothlypis,
Corylus americana location, visit
1965 birds, Egg Lake, field catalogues, Goose Island,
1965 Preble bibliography, field catalogues of plants, health, Galoot Lake, claycolor nests, Canadian
Wildlife Service
1965 (note) visit, Lake Louise Wildlife Sanctuary
1965 mushrooms, Embarras River, collections, Brooks' paintings, field catalogues, Preble bibliography,
1965 Peace Point, Athabaska Delta, Gaboot Lake, Gubus occidentalis, paryiflorus, strigosus, snow geese,
avian life-histories, Okefinokee
1965 Christmas card
1966 weather, family news, health, field notes, genus Rubus geese, mountains, Carolina birds,
1966 health, Rubus, field notes, snow geese, family news, avian life-history
1966 Annotated list (of birds),
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1966 Annotated list, birds, health
1966 birds,
1966 grant, field notes, family news
1966 publication costs, Preble's bibliography, spellings, NSF expenditures
1966 Barrows golden eyes, birds
1966 birds mss. weather, Okefinokee book
1966 islandica, golden eyes
1966 NSF report
1966 reports, weather,
1966 NSF reports, Chapel Hill Bird Club, Okefinokee photographs, folklore specialist
1966 transmit check,
1966 check, field lists
1966 reports, weather, voucher
1966 field catalogue, Okefinokee book, NSF, Athabaska birds, Roland's death and effects,
1966 (note) health
1966 Athabaska report, Roland's affairs, Samuel Smiles' Character,
1966 Annotated Bird List; B. C. drought; scarcity of birds; health
1966 mammal notes; bird notes;
1966 (4 letters) smoking fish, family news, Okefinokee and Athabaska, health, diaries, NSF
1966 walnuts, trees, education, reports
1967 old fruends; Athabaska habitat; bird report; Ralph Palmer; birds
1967 Alberta negatives; Athabaska; prints; geese; birds;
1967 Okefinokee; Allen Brooks; birds;
1967 Athabaska birds, Okefinokee, Anatidae ms., Godfrey's Birds of Canada, Chimaphila occidentalia,
family news (draft)
1967 ms (for Auk); birds; family news
1967 criticism of bird paper;
1968 Athabaska birds report; government incompetence (draft included)
1968 (5 letters) Athabaska reports, health
1968 McAtee; ducks; mooniases; chipmunis
1968 (draft) publishing, McAtee, family news, birds; Athabaska birds
1968 personal news; Greenfield's wood-carvings; [Eguisetum] plague
1968 Athabaska study; migrations
1968 history of Manitoba mammals; Harper's Vireo solitarius solitarius; search for vireos
1969 (draft) Bartram biography funding
1970 personal news; natural history of Manitoba; bird study; declining bird population; health
1970 climate; life zones
1970 notebooks; Okefinokee pioneers; Bartram; Athabaska birds; family news
1970 (unfinished draft) USDA fire-ant spraying
1970 Christmas card
1971 clipping
1971 Christmas card
1971 B.C. weather; bird loss; health
1972 Christmas card
Laing, Herbert
American Museum of Natural History
1922 wood buffalo pictures
Lake Placid Club
See also H. W. Hicks
1919 re: lodging, Lalor Foundation, Wilmington, DE
1936 grant application (Bartram) (Harper biography and bibliography attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Lalor, Marjorie (Mrs.)
1952 Bartram
Lamasure, Pearl A.
Office of Surgeon General, Department of the Army, Washington
see also Surgeon General, Department of the Army
1958 (2 items) Ungava birds to Major Virona & Col. Lay; addresses
1958 Col. Traub re: flea; visit
1961 Virona; Col. Thomas B. Dunna
1961 Ungava mammals report; Cooley; Ungava fishes report
1961 Dr. Lay; Colonel Traub; Ungava mammal paper; Okefinokee
1961 Traub; Okefinokee project
1961 Traub; Ungava mammal report;
1962 Lucian McShan Turner portrait; Indian report; (draft accompanying)
1962 Turner; Signal Corps' Historical Unit
1962 Signal Historical Office: Turner; Scheips (draft attached
1962 Lucien M. Turner enlistment record (1874-1878)
1962 acknowledgment Turner material; Turner-Ridgway correspondence; Ungava reports
1963 acknowledgment Ungava caribou & Eskimo papers; Ley; Traub
1963 transmits paper International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Col. Traub, National Science
Foundation, Ungava papers
1964 Ungava reports at University of Kansas; Maj. di Vovona
1964 acknowledgment Eskimo paper; Traub's address; Col Vivona
Lamb, C. R.
Greensboro, NC
1965 (3 letters) alligator paper, alligator bibliography alligator protection, Senator Ervin, open spaces
Lamb, Thomas
Lamb Airways, The Pas, Manitoba, Lamb's Store, Moose Lake
1947 to H. E. Wells, on behalf of Harper, Nueltin
1948 exchange of photos, instructions on shipment of specimens
1955 acknowledgment caribou book, York Factory, mining, Charley Schweder, Nueltin Lake Eskimos
1962 Dr. Yule's whereabouts 1962 Dr. Yule' Churchill; Schewders
1962 Yule; Sam Waller' Ungava mammal report
1963 caribou paper, fish, Baker Lake, Yules, planes and helicopters, Dubawant Lake, Dennie; grizzlies,
Greg, Coats Island, Dougie, Mansel Island, Churchill
1963 letter to Mair re: Coats Island mammals'
1963 polar bears, Rev. Mr. Hutty, Sam Waller, aircraft, sanctuaries on Coats & Mansel Islands,
John Inglbretson, Jr.
1964 (draft) alligators; Sawanee Lake
1964 acknowledgment books, Schewders, commercial fishing on Nueltin Lake, Dennie, muskox, Ernest
C. Oberholtzer
1969 (draft) Nueltin Lake report; Charles Schweder; moose
Lamb, W. Kaye
Canada- Minister of Public Archives, Ottawa
see also Canada-Public Archives
1964 acknowledgment Preble bibliography; J. B. Tyrell of Champlain Society
Lamon, F. & Scribner
Bulletin [Taney] Botanical club, 20(8)-315
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1969 Southern Botanists reprint
Lamoureux, J. P.
Canadian Wildlife Service, Quebec see also Canadian Wildlife Service)
1965 (postcard, acknowledgment "Plant and Animal Associations in the Interior of the Ungava"
Lancaster Press, Inc.
Lancaster, PA, R. P. Rolirer, pres.
no date manuscript
1939-1941 statements and shipping notices
1940 statement
1942 (4 items) John Bartram paper corrections
1942 APA Transactions; illustrations; galley proofs
1942 John Bartram Transactions; proof of plates
1943 (3 items) index proof
1943 Bartram's Travels "unusual" characters
1943 statement
1943 bird reprints
1946 re: printing of Bartram
Lane, H. H.
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1931 re: report of American Society of Mammalogists on
Council of AAAS
Lang, Herbert
1922 Exhibition Committee, American Museum of Natural History
Langlois Herbarium
Catholic University
see also O`Neill, Dr. Hugh
1949 re: Keewatin Collection and orders there from
Lanks, H. C.
Jenkintown, PA
1934 deer, blood studies, original and imported strains in deer herd, Pennsylvania
Lanning, R.G.
Toronto, Canada
1947 Nueltin trip declined Lanstem, Walter C. President, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY
1947 re: student for Keewatin expedition (Mark Carney) [end. rec.] from Mr. Edge
Lantz, Walter D.
Baltimore, MD
1940 (2 items) order Daudin Histore Naturelle des Reinettes
Larkin, Roosevedt
1943 proof for Who’s Who in the East summary biography of F. Harper
Larkins, Mary
Media, PA
1961 Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1962 Christmas card; acknowledgment mammal study
LaRue, R. George R.
Biological station, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; School of Hygiene, Baltimore, MD
1924 letter of recommendation
1924 position, field work; recommendations; replacement; Professor Wright
1938 extinct and vanishing mammals materials; teaching application
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
Lastinger, S. J.
1929 Georgia
Lathrop, Dorothy P.
Albany, NY
1951 children's book, conservation, birds
1952 Let them Live, conservation book for children
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report, Dr. Palmer's paintings, family news
Lathrop, Gertrude R.
Albany, NY
1938 (3 items) Society of Medallists; extinct species
Laufe, Leonard E.
Pittsburgh, PA
1945 Herpetology reprints, Lawrence, Alexander A. Bouhan, Lawrence, Williams & Levy, Savannah, GA
1954 Lachlan McIntosh-Bartram relations, McIntosh papers at Georgia Historical Society, Mrs. Margaret
Cate Davis
1954 Mrs. Cate, McIntosh, Bartram,
1954 McIntosh-Bartram correspondence, John Brickell
1954 Brickell, McIntosh
Lawrence, A. G.
1954 Sam Waller, [Malaher], Nueltin bird report
1954 acknowledgment Nueltin bird report, Delta & Churchill bird sightings
Lawrence, Barbara
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, MA
1961 (from Ralph S. Palmer) request for William B. Cabot portrait; A. P. Low; Grover Allen
Lawrence, Charles H.
Committee on Rare and Endangered wildlife
see also Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Washington, DC (US Department of Interior)
1964 Alligators, Mammals, Birds
1969 Okefinokee Wilderness Society
Lawrence, David
U.S. News and World Report, Washington DC
1958 "misguided internationalists; letters from Robert Cushman Murphy; Richard Westwood; C.R.
Gutermuth, Lawrence, George H. M. Hunt Botanical Library, Carnegie-Mellen Univ., Pittsburgh, PA
1969 re: Roland's memorial sketch in Toney Bulletin many botanical allusions, people, places
1969 (draft) NCWFPS, colleagues, Bartram, John [Lyoir]
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1969 visit to Chapel Hill, family news, portrait of John Bartram
1969 photograph, publications
Lawrence Paper Company
1955 specifications and prices of box wrappers
1955 acknowledgment of quotations
Lawson, Katherine S. (Mrs. Edward)
St. Augustine, FL
also St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science
1939 acknowledgment Bartram material; Picolata; Frederick Delius; portrait
1940 "Macy Manius" edition; Bartram in St. Augustine; Davis family location
1942 Lowe's edition Bartram's travels; Macy [Masius] edition; Davis location
1941 (4 items) publishing Bartram mss.; APA; St. Augustine churches, lighthouse
1942 (4 items) publishing Bartram papers; photos Castillo de San Marcos; Linglebach; St. Augustine
Society; letters of John McQueen
1942 (2 items) Bartram diary; military bases; Picolata Harper's notes
1943 John Bartram paper; printing Bartram journals
1943 (2 items) William Bartram's reputation re: St. Johns River; Cabell (James Branch?) re: Stephen
Crane's widow; St. Augustine portrait project
1943 Bartram disparagers; Peattie; Hanna
1943 (postcard) library, Bartram inquiry
Lawson, Ray N.
1958 (items) request Keewatin mammal, Barren Ground caribou papers
1958 acknowledgment mammal papers; caribou numbers; Kendall
1958 caribou numbers; William Rowan; fall-out; Ungava birds report; D.O.
Lawton, Benjamin
Edmonton, Alberta
(no date, 2 drafts) Alberta expedition; bird and mammal collecting; permits
Lawton, Benjamin
Edmonton, Alberta
no date (draft) Biological Survey field party; Athabaska permits
Lawyer's Camera Exchange
19[50] receipt
Leach, David G.
Brookville, PA
1956 W. H. Duncan, Bartram's route, R. ferruginiem, buffalo, elk, and deer bones, R. calendulaceum
1956 Bartram's route, flora, bones
Leach, W.R.
New York Historical Society, NYC
see also New York Historical Society
1951 union catalogue of books in the Philadelphia area
1951 (postcard) acknowledgment, Guggenheim
1951 (postcard) Humphrey's J Bartram's Travels Beauchamp annotations, index
1951 Bartram, Jefferson letters (LC)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Leavitt, Donald L.
Library of Congress
1967 Okefinokee
Leclerc, George A.
Provancher Society of Natural History of Canada, Quebec
1957 offer to lecture
1957 lecture
1957 (5 items) date of lecture (response appended)
Le Conte, Caroline
Berkeley, CA
1935 (2 items) Le Conte plantation in Liberty Co., Georgia “Cedar Hill”; Hugh Norman; drawing of
Bartram; APA address; Penelope Sherwood’s life of Major Le Conte
1935 Theodore Roosevelt at Cedar Hill; Le Conte plantations
1935 Le Conte botanical garden; “Woodmanston”
1935 (2 items) “Woodmaston” monument; Ricebourugh; Mary B. Jones; Bartrams;
[1935] (2 items) acknowledgment pamphlets; Le Conte family history; “Woodmanston”; Le Conte
plantations; (sketch of Woodmaston enclosed)
1936 (2 items) Riceboro matters; Normans; C. B. Jones; Woodmanston; Le Conte biography
1935 John Eatten Le Conte
1935 memoirs; Le Conte family history; Liberty County (GA);
1943 (2 items) APA Library; William Sherwood Le Conte biography
no date (draft) (see Le Conte, Joseph N., below)
Le Conte, Joseph V.
Berkeley, CA
1934 Riceboro Le Contes; “Woodmanston” (draft enclosed)
1935 American Philosophical Society address; Sherwood Le Conte biography; (Le Conte photos
1935 (2 items) “Woodmanston”; Le Conte family; Le Conte plantations
1935 visit Liberty County; Le Conte amphibians
1935 acknowledgment photographs Le Conte plantation lectures
Le Conte, Joseph N.
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
1971 (from Claude A. Black to Joseph N. Le Conte) re: Le Conte ancestral home; Harper visit in 1933
1972 re: 1933 visit with Arthur N. Leeds to Liberty County, Georgia; biographical data; visit no date (2
drafts) pressure of work [re: Extinct and Vanishing Mammals}; bird collecting from 1898; notebooks
1972 Chapel Hill visit; Le Conte Botanical Gardens' family news
1972 (draft) visit
1972 acknowledgment visit
1972 Bartram’s visit to Le Conte at Woodmanston; James Stokes
1972 (note) visit
1972 visit; Le Conte information sources
1972 visit; health
1862 health; family history
Lee, Clarmont
Savannah, GA see also Depson, C. William, Jr.
1962 acknowledgment pamphlets; Gardonia alatamaha; Roland; Relique Baldwinianea; Naturalists Club
1964 acknowledgment Ungava plants and animals; Craig Bell; Mr. Tomkins; Harrold Nature Sanctuary;
Elliotta; Helen Frederick; Roland
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1964 DeLoach; John Bozeman: Harrold Nature Sanctuary; Dionesa;
1964 acknowledgment Ungava Montagnais; Harrold; Bell; Roy Hendricks
1964 Harrold biography, David Taitt; Roy Hendricks; Roland
1969 Roland, Ivan Tomkins, Menninger Elliottia,
1969 acknowledgment Roland article by Walter B. Jones Elliottia, Craig Bell
1969 Craig Bell, Elliottia bibliography, Couch, Olive, Georgia Council for the Preservation of Natural
[1969] (draft) Elliottia, Jean Harper's travels [J.G.W. deBredim's Hunter of the Proo—of Spoya] 1849
(1969 Carter letter shares this sheet)
1969 Bartram report 1772-73 Elliottia, Wallace Patterson photos, Bartram, Harriet [Lutecomb], Roland
1969 New York skunk census, Bob Hanie, Don Nichols, Georgia conservation councils, DeLoach's
wooded area, Gene Seifert, Okefinokee, Craig Bell, Elliottia bibliography
1969 Bartrams's re: Fothergill, Bell, Couch, De Louch woods, Elliottia, bibliography style sheet,
1969 acknowledgment William Bartram's Travels in Georgia and Florida, 1773-74, South Carolina
historic trails, Bell, Elliottia
1969 Elliottia, Wallace Patterson, bibliography, Harriet Lipscomb, Roland, J.G.W. De Brahm's
History of the Province of Georgia
1969 Elliottia photographs, Harriet Liscomb, Arnold Arboretum, Roland
1969 (copy of letter to Lee from George A. Rogers, Georgia Southern College, Statesboro attached)
(copy of letter from C. E. Sargent to Mrs. J. A. Huber, re: Elliott mss., 1894, attached)
1970 re: Elliottia work, Lawrence Landon, Rare book room UNC, Craig Bell, grandson of Banon,
grandson of Noble Wymberley James, fire ants, Bartram trail
Lee, David
Melbourne, FL
1929 Okefinokee fish, "Song of Billy Island Boys"
1954 hello, Okefinokee, Chesser's Island, caribou report, Labrador expedition
Lee, Henry Harrison
Melbourne, Waycross, GA
1917 Farley Lee, Okefinokee, birds, moles
1917 fox, squirrels, moles
1917 squirrel specimen, birds
1922 visit to Georgia, water-rat photo, Wright
1926 Fargo GA, Hunter
1954 Okefinokee, photos, visit
1955 Okefinokee, bear Billy's Island, fire
1969 (draft) ire at Funkhauser in Journal, Okefinokee, fiddling, folklore,
1967 Okefinokee
1968 Hoboken GA re: striped cat
Lee, Jackson
1922 Melbourne, FL, Billy’s Island
Lee, James
Heberdville, GA (child)
Lee, Lester & Jimmie
Hebardsville, GA
1921 Billy Island, GA
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Lee, Verdie
Hebardsville, GA
1924 Jimmie's death; Billy's Island
Lee, Marion
Lee, Seward S.
Waycross, GA
1923 bats; shrews
Leechman, Douglas
Natural Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1931 ms for Canadian Field Naturalist request to read proof
1931 ms. proofread, returned (ms. attached)
1961 Ungava expedition: Indians, Arctic Institute, Surgeon General of the Army; permission to quote
Native Tribes of Canada, date
Leed & Northrup Company
1935 automatic recordings of frog calls
Leeds, Arthur N.
Philadelphia, PA
1933 see Tanger, see also Violetta Delafield, re: Franklinia, see also Schulze, G. A. re: Franklinia
1933 (postcard) travels in KY
1934 Buffalo Lick; Le Conte; Mammoth Cave
1934 (telegram) Roberts;
1934 [Flex] collection in Durham NC
1934 [otter], [Lubec] Mrs. Clarence Clark, Owner
1935 Bartram; Dr. True
1935 accident; Academy
1935 travels in GA; Dan Hebard; Baltimore injuries
[1935] visit; APA
1935 (copy from J. C. Wheat) Joseph Purcell map
1935 visit; [Lemmon]
1935 (2 items) Coville; Franklinia; Van Doren's Bartram
1935 Bartram; APA application; Riceborough; Coville; Van Doren; Hamp Mizell; Elizabeth
Bristol Greenleaf re: folk-song recordings; Guggenheim
1935 (from G. A. Schultz to Arthur Leeds)Franklinia; Bartram
1936 Okefinokee project; Schulze-Wherry correspondence; APA application;
1936 Woodmanston; Riceboro; Joe Le Conte magnolia photo; Phillips re: extinct and vanishing mammals;
Julia King; Sapindus marginatus
1936 travels; Bartram
1937 Julia King; London's Encyclopedia of Gardening; Le Conte 1937 Charleston trip; Bartram; John
Abbot; Ilex vomitoria; Fothergilla; Bachman; Charles Francis Jenkins; Franklinia
1937 (2 items) Bartonia paper; Bachman; Bartram; Conklin
see also John Bartram Assoc. Mrs. Henry, re: Franklinia
see also Chisholm, Maude L. re: naming fern
see also W. P. Lemman, concrete house GA
see also Stokes
1938 (from Violetta Deldfield) acknowledgment Harper Franklinia paper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
no date (from W. P. Lemmon) Arthur Leeds' health
1938 Christmas card
1939 greetings
Leeds, Hadassah (Mrs. Morris)
1943 Travels in Georgia and Florida, Arthur Morris
1952 Morris' death, mortality
1952 Thank you note
Leeds, Morris E.
1939 Arthur Leeds' funeral
1939 (2 items) bequest
1939 (3 items) Frank T. McFarland letter; Pachystima
1939 (4 items) check, Arthur's estate, acknowledge reprints, Arthur's sketch
1939 (2 items) bequest
1939 acknowledge Bartram Trail, Notulae Naturae,
1939 Bartram trail; Coker; Franklinia
1940 acknowledgment Arthur biography; Florida-Georgia expedition
1941 Wister party
1943 acknowledgment APA publication of Bartram
1944 (2 items) Bartram's travels; John Bartram's diary
1945 Bartram's Journal
1945 George Benson drawings of wild fowl extinct and vanishing animals
1947 (2 items) invitation; acceptance
1949 acknowledgment caribou study
Leffingwell, D.J.
Cornell University
Washington State College, Pullman
1926 payment for typewriter; grey foxes
1927 Bill Hamilton; Okefinokee mammals paper; western mammals; Oberholzer
1927 Okefinokee mammals paper; McLean report; Oberholzer identifications
Lehman, Dr. H. E.
Zoology Department Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1968 re: old-time naturalists (Copy)
Leiby, George M.
Stanley Co. Health Dept.
1965 (note) acknowledgment reprints
1965 (copy of letter from John Chapin, Johnston County (NC) Medical Society to Henry M. Johnson,
County Commissioner) Rural Community Clinical Clerkship (North Carolina) (report attached)
1965 (copy of letter from George Leiby to Leo Lorenzo, Lowndes County (GA) Forester) Lake Louise
1965 (copy of letter from George Leiby to Clyde Connell, Valdosta State College (GA) Okefinokee
1965 (from George Leiby to Jean Harper) in praise of Francis
1965 (postcard) Lake Louise as field laboratory (1967 Okefinokee statement)
1969 re: property deeded to North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation
1970 re: pollution
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Leister, Claude W.
NY Zoological Park
1922, Cornell University
1930 (2 items) Alligator "bellowing"
1938 vanishing mammals, Hartebeest
see also Phillips re: publication
1944 re: museum job opportunities
Leland, Waldo G.
ACLS, Washington, DC
1939 grant request (Colonial archives in London); Bartram
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment letter
Lemmon, W. P.
Marietta, GA
1938 Concrete house, Georgia
see also Leeds
[1939] southern trip; visit
[1939] acknowledgment reprints; Mallory's Old Post Road; green gentian: Dasystephana deloachii;
Michaux' Azalea caledalecea; Bartram
1939 Christmas card
1942 Two Sisters' Ferry azalea
1942 Savannah River Azalea specimens; Bartram's nomenclature
1939 Mallorys; Estatoah Falls; Mud Creek; Bartram; Rhododendron catawoiense
1944 re: Indian routes, roads in Georgia
1949 azalea studies, occidentaie specimens A. atlantica, migration, Okefinokee
1949 Arctic expedition, azaleas migration, specimens
1949 Barren Grounds, caribou, Huyck Preserve, Academy Herbarium
1950 (newspaper clipping of 'monster')
1950 Christmas card, azalea monograph "Origin of Genus"
1951 A. calendalecea Michaux, specimens at Sisters Farry retraction, 'Origin of Genus', (sketch
1951 Guggenheim, Sisters Ferry azalea, Okefinokee, Academy
1951 request for reading (not specified) (flammea?)
1951 manuscript, Rehder's paper
1951 manuscript on Michaux's flammea, azalea study
1951 Christmas card, azalea material
1952 Christmas card; family news
1953 Christmas card
Lemon, Dr. Paul C.
NY State Museum, Albany, NY
1962 letter from Roland Harper corrections in Piere's paper
Le Page's
1950 tin paste
Leonard, Steven W.
1970 (card) Ashe County mouse; Ken Moore; Bladstone McDowell
1970 (card) bobcat
Leopold, A. Starker
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, CA
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1955 Air Force slaughter of Kodiak Bears
1960 David Harper's comments on Leopold's Casa de los Amigos, appended; Kansas publications of
Canadian fauna;
1960 acknowledgment David's comments, vanishing mammals report
LeRue, George R.
Department of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
LeSouef, A. S.
Taronga Zoological Park, Sydney, NSW Australia
1937 see also Taronga; vanishing mammals
Levin, M. H. (Michael)
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School Fine Arts, Philadelphia
1968 re: Seminar at Penn
Lewis, Frederic F.
Harvard University, Boston
1928 enlargement
1929 presentation (job interview?)
1929 salary; Nature Magazine article
1929 draft of statement
1929 Trustees; Wigglesworth; Jackson; Kenard; Cushman
1929 statement; Dunn’s difficulties with editor; Loveridge; Barbour
1929 position; meeting
1929 position; trustees
1929 Trustees’ meeting; Allen; Society
1929 fieldwork statement; New England mammals, Mammal Society experiences
1929 Murphy; Wigglesworth; “recent troubles”
1929 appreciation
1929 Natural History Society “affairs”; Fletcher appointments
1929 Fletcher; meeting
1929 Wyman Collection; Natural History Society
1948 re: Bartram microscope
1948 (postcard) magnifying glass or microscope
1948 James Badington microscope dealer; Bartram; Chester County Cabinet of Natural Science
Edward E. Wildman; Bartram magnifying glass
1948 Stewart; Academy of Natural Science; Bartram Microscope
Lewis, Harrison F.
Dept of Mines and Resources, Canada
1931 re: duty on magazines imported into Canada
1933 (envelope only)
1933 re: publications, A.O. Union meeting migratory birds collection
1943 acknowledgment "William Bartram's Names of Birds", "The Name of the Florida Wolf"
1948 Nueltin permits, etc.
1949 specimens left at Nueltin Lake, Schweder boys
1949 Nueltin Lake specimens, Churchill Manitoba
1949 specimens, donation, (after seizure for illegal collecting)
1949 specimens at Churchill
1949 specimens, Gunnar Ingebrigtsen, Charles Schweder
1949 reprint of "In Caribou Land",
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1950 specimens from Nueltin Lake expedition, bird report address change (to Mt. Holly)
1950 specimens from Nueltin Lake expedition, Keewatin birds
1950 specimens found (!)
1950 specimens, RCMP, Schweder`s `the person' (Mowatt) (attached-from J.E. McCardle, RCMP,
interviews with Ingebritson and Schweder from J.P. Richards: search for Nueltin specimens for, J.E.
McCardle, list of specimens from J.A. Peacock, RCMP, specimens from H. A. Larson, RCMP, specimens
from W.M. Brady, RCMP, specimens
1950 Nueltin Lake specimens, RCMP, appreciation
1950 RCMP, missing specimens (again)
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report, Bartram and American Revolution, Ungava Mosses,
1958 North Shore fauna; Seven Islands; Knob Lake; whitetaled deer; Tom Manning re: Ungava caribou;
Montagnais bird names
1958 white-tailed deer; Jean Daguay; caribou; Montagnais' names double-crested cormorant;
Ungava mammals & amphibians
1958 deer; Montagnais' names; cormorant; Academy
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals report
1961 Ungava India report; birch-bark canoes; ethnologists' portraits; Montagnais' dogs
1961 canoe photographs: canoes, dances; Copley Amory
1961 Montagnais' dance; Gilbert Simard; Earl Godfrey; Montagnais' dogs
1961 Montagnais' dances; J.R. Dymond
1961 Matanek dance; Howard Cleaves
1962 acknowledgment Ungava fishes paper; Climate study; Capelin spawn; tidal streams in the Strait
of Belle Isle; editorial policy; Fred Salsman;
1962 Turner re: Strait of Belle Isle currents; garter snake; Alfred Grosa; Elton re: Montagnais dance;
Ungava Indian ms. at Kansas
1964 acknowledgment Ungava books; family news
Lewis, Mary F.W. (Mrs. Sheldon)
Chestnut Hill, PA
1941 Okefiniokee visit; Bird Lore
Lewis, Nell (Mrs. E. Gregory)
Greensboro, NC
1967 shrews, Mrs. Lionel Melvin
1967 Cryptotis, Blarina, Arnie Shaftsbury, rabies
Lewis, Paul
1933 to Henry Fowler, Academy of Natural Science,
Phila. re: snake eggs founds in Indiana, PA
Ley, Herbert L., Jr.
George Washington School of Medicine, Washington, DC
Harvard University School of Public Health
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; academic job
1961 (2 copies) Pearle Lamasure; Ungava mammals
1963 acknowledgment caribou & Eskimo paper
1963 caribou & Eskimo paper; Ungava mammals; Keewatin amphibians & reptiles; Okefinokee folklore;
Boston Society of Natural History
1964 acknowledgment publications
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Leister, Claudy
Stroudsburg, PA
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava fishes paper; family news
Leitch, Adelaide (Mrs. John Rennie)
Orangeville, Ontario
1962 permission to quote Beaver; Malvine Bolus; origin of "cracky" re: Montagnais' dogs
1962 (2 items) permission to quote: P.K. Devine re: "cracky"
1964 acknowledgment Friendly Montagnais;
Library of Congress
Divisions of Archives, Music, Manuscripts, Reference
see also Edwards, J.R.; Gordon, R.W.; Leavitt, Donald L.; Powell,- -; Botkin, B.A.
1932 Recordings
1943 ACLS grant to record Okefinokee folk songs
1943 magazines & reprints
1944 recording project; machines unavailable
1944 Dr. Spivack; recording machine
1944 Leave from Okefinokee; recording machine
1944 (6 items) Collecting songs, tales; yodeling
1944 discs sent and received
1945 list of contributors to records
1945 (2 items) Rolin Hemens, Univ. of Chicago Press; duplicate recordings’, hollerin’
1945 copies of records sent
1948 re: jobs; application blank
1949 Okefinokee material
1951 re: material on Bartram's and other early American naturalists
1952 photograph copyright, forms
1967 duplication services; Okefinokee Swamp songs and stories tape
1967 recordings
1967 recording disc speeds; 33 rpm for Molly Harper
1967 (2 items) missing Okefinokee tape 1944 record; Molly
Library Company of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
1958 application for Fellowship in American Studies for Bartram biography, contents, sources; proposal
and sources appended
1958 application letter
1958 John C. Wister (Swarthmore College) recommendation to application
1958 application denied
Lieth, Helmut
Botany, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1970 re: referral from Harper to van dan Does, NYC re: tundra trip
1938 (2 items) nature photographs
1954 caribou Kodachromes, receipt, use
1954 (2 letters) caribou photo, filmstrip, payment
1955 transmit The World We live In
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1955 acknowledgment book, Barren Ground caribou report
1955 acknowledgment book
Life Nature Library
1965 payment; plants
Light, Myra
1955 Dr. Smith, lost photos
Light, V. Earl
Annville, PA
1938 faulty specimen determination
1942 Academy dues
Lincoln, Frederick C.
US Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey
1929 bird banding, Texas, Biological Society of Washington (DC)
see also Fish and Wildlife Service, U. S. Department of Interior
1930 change of address
1930 banding request for recommendation for E. Rebecca Ellis granted
1951 Council of Biological Society meeting, proposal for talk "Wild LIfe on the Barren Grounds of
1951 date of talk accepted
1951 talk, visitors
1951 schedule of meeting
1951 visitors, place of meeting
1958 (draft) corrections to application letter
Lindsey, C.C.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
1964 acknowledgment Ungava reprints; distribution of lake trout
Liner, Ernest A.
Hammond, LA
1950 (postcard) reprint of "A New Cricke Frog"
1956 (postcard) change of address
1959 (postcard) change of address
1965 (postcard) change of address
Lingelbach, William E. Philadelphia PA, American
Philosophical Society
see also American Philosophical Society
1942 Bartram papers; Penrose grant
1942 printing John Bartram ms.; corrections
1943 Okefinokee, folk songs
1944 recording machine loan
1945 Bartram
1946 Lewis Evans
1953 order for Bartram paper in Library Bulletin
1954 thank you note
1955 John K. Wright paper on Bartram, Le Conte spelling
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1955 Rehn, Le Conte spelling, Dr. Wright on Bartram, Weldman & West on Bartram's letters
1955 acknowledgment Le Conte notes
1958 acknowledgment amphibian study; autograph
1958 acknowledgment Bartram's Travels
Linnaen Society
of New York
1926 [finance]
1931 re: dues
Linsdale, Dr. Jean
Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
1938 bird specimen, North Carolina Press publication Kansas mammals, Skins (Dr. Bunker)
1950 ms. of Keewatin birds for American Midland Naturalist approved changes, Huyck Preserve
1950 Keewatin paper received
1950 (To Mezele at AMN, publication, editorial changes
1950 editorial changes, Huyck Preserve
Linton, Edwin
Washington & Jefferson College, Washington
1917 identification of parasites: Dibothrium; Micracotyle, Schistocephalussp
Linton, M. Albert
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (PA)
1952 (3 copies) Barren Grounds (Keewatin) Expedition missing specimens, report to Arctic Institute
consequences of incompetent administration (list of cc recipients attached)
1952 (2 items) Roberts; answering memorandum; meeting (memorandum attached)
1952 (2 items) response to memorandum; charges
1952 congratulations; charges; staff complaints; solutions
Lippincott, George W.
Mt. Holly, NY
1948 re: mortar cement shipment error
1949 invoice
1958 invoices
1959 invoices
195-- no year members of Board of Health
Lippincott, Joseph Wharton
Nokomis, FL
1964 long-tailed cat reward; Wharton Huber; John Terris
1964 Wahoo Bobcat; Tiger-cat
1964 (2 items) long-tailed cat
1964 Lynx Floridianus; James Bond; skins
[1964] cats; Robert R. Grant, Jr.
Lisher, Mary Jones
[Philadelphia Academy of Science]
1935 gifts; Biological Abstracts; Borgen; Shraam;
Lites, Arthur
CA 1939 (envelope only)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Lites, Bruce
1963 visit; American Society of Mammalogists; Oliver P. Pearson
1963 (draft) visit
Lites, Charlotte (Mrs. Arthur P.)
Albuquerque, NM
1966 family business, mother's (Mary) illness
1966 mother's death, Billy Boy minnow, Okefinokee
1968 re: scrapbook of "papa's" (Francis, father)
see also Harper Family
no date Christmas card; family news
Little, Brown & Company
Boston MA
1951 Bartram ms. publication, Huyck Preserve
1951 Bartram ms. publication, details (length, photographs) other studies (Okefinokee, early Am.
1951 Arctic travels, Bell's Swamp Water
1951 Okefinokee, Natural History, vivid, Academy
Little Dorrit
see Underhill, Dores
Littlefield, E..W.
NY Conservation Department, Forest Management, Albany
1950 reprint of Bartram's travels, spotted hemlock borer William Bartram, Franklinia, date
1950 hemlock borer, date of Franklinia bloom (attached: bibliography of spotted hemlock borer)
1950 preview of Bartram atricle
1950 Franklinia, Pincknaya bracteata New Yorker article
1950 corrections to Franklinia article
Literary Digest
1929 subscription, Finance
Litwiler, John D.
London, Ontario
1925 Buffalo problem, Canada
Livingston, Anderson
Corpus Christi, TX
1929 re: bed roll/Capt. Roberts birds
Livingston Publishing Company
Narberth, PA
1966 order Poole's Pennsylvania Birds
Lloyd, Hoyes
Canadian Deptartment of Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada
1937 re: caribou killing near Churchill conservation
1931 complaint on cost of printing from Canadian Field Naturalist
see also Wilmot, Lloyd, Treas.
1937 Barren Ground caribou; musk ox slaughter
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1939 acknowledgment Okefinokee book
1943 (form letter) retirement
1955 acknowledgment caribou report
1958 Bartram travels; acknowledgment Ungava birds study
1961 acknowledgment Ungava papers; John McLean
1962 note to "Editor" re: McAtee's memorial to Preble
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo paper; Montagnais
Lloyd, Richard W.
Haverford, PA
1942 (3 items) publishing John Bartram diary (journey in 1754-66 to the Carolinas, Georgia, and
Florida); APA; Cheston halftone of Bartram portrait; permit
Lloyd, Wilmot
Canadian Field-Naturalist, Ottawa
1931 (2 items) bill for separates
Lodge, George E.
1908 Exhibition & Catalog, bird pictures
Lodge, George E.
1908 birds, London
Löding, H. P.
The Gem Floral Gardens, Mobile AL
1932 frogs
1935 trip with Roland Harper, frogs, beetles
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Arthur Leeds' death; Bartram
1940 [envelope only]
Loding, R.P.
Alabama Museum of Natural History, Mobile, AL; Gem Floral Garden, Mobile, AL
1938 enclosure from Leeds re: Franklinia
1940 acknowledgment paper re: Bartram, Daudin, Latrille, Sonnini, Bosc; Roland
Logier, E. B. S.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology, Toronto
1931 acknowledgement separates
1955 Logier and Toner Check List; comments
1966 response to comments Check List
1956 Hyla c. crucifier; Pseudacris n. septenterionalis
1958 (2 items) Roger Conant's Field Guide; Hyla; Bufo; Hylodes maculates; Chorophilus septentrionalis
1959 (2 items) Pseudacris; maculata; triseriata; Philip W. Smith; Hyla;
1962 (2 items) Keewatin papers; Norris-Elye records; Bufo; Rana palustrus; snakes
1963 acknowledgment Keewatin reprints; fallout
1963 Caribou Eskimos; W.O. Pruitt, Jr.; Rana sylvatica; Bufo; Thamophis
1964 acknowledgment plant and animal associations paper; wilderness
Logue, Everett G.
Williamsport, PA
1938 expression of appreciation; Wherry
1939 acknowledgment reprints; breeding canaries
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Lomax, John A.
Cambridge, MA
1932 (2 items) Georgia songs and ballads
1932 Folksongs Okefinokee
1932 (2 items) invitation; folk songs
1933 Ittridge; folksong collection; visit
1933 travels
1937 Christmas car (score of Whistle and Hoe enclosed
1937 Okefinokee songs; Elizabeth Bristol Greenleaf
1937 folk collection
1938 Ruby Terril Lomax, Bess Brown Lomax, Music Division Library of Congress song "Whistle &
Long, Bayard
Abington, PA
1947 illness inquiry, plant identification
1962 (draft) Preble bibliography; Academy; Henry Fowler; Bartram
Long, J. Alden
Athabaska tripper,
1920 Oswego, NY
1925 taming birds, dealer, binoculars
Long, William J.
1912 re: Burroughs Attack
Longman, H.A.
see Queensland Museum, Brisbane
Longwood Foundation
Wilmington, DE see also Beacom, Edward A.
1958 Bartram biography
1958 acknowledgment Bartram grant
1963 Charles W. David; Raymond D. Williams
see also Longwood Library; David, Charles W.
Longwood Library
Kennett Square PA
1958 Longwood Foundation; Bartram biography
see also Longwood Foundation; David, Charles W.
Look Magazine
New York
no date subscription offer
Loomis, Hazel Ellis (Mrs. Lester R.)
Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY
1954 Ungava reprints, Teddy Fletcher, Laborador travels, marriage
1954 (9 letters) marriage, Ungava, Keuka lectures, Life
1955 caribou report
1955 Christmas card, acknowledgment caribou report, family news
1956 acknowledgment caribou report, sources
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals report
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1957 Christmas card; Birds of the Ungava Peninsula
Loomis, Richard
Lincoln, NE
1912 herpetology, Nebraska
1947 amphibia
Loomis, Richard B.
Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas, Lawrence
1949 reprint of Acris gryllus blanchardi paper
1949 University of Kansas, Huyck Preserve, paper
1949 papers received, Dr. Hall
Lord Baltimore Press
Baltimore, MD
1946 printing of Bartram Travels; Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World; (note to Mrs.
Cheston appended)
Loring, J. Alden
Oswego, NY
1920 (from E.W. Nelson, draft and copy)) temporary appointment to Biological Survey in northern Alberta
1920 Biological Survey in Alberta; Preble; caribou
1920 Athabaska expenses; black terns
1943 (2 items) health; Athabaska Delta camp photo; Laing
Loth, Philip
St. Adele en Haut, Quebec; Foundation Company of Canada, Montreal
1956 Lac de Morhiban mammals, Keewatin caribou report; Labrador mammals, birds, fishes
1958 (3 items) notes for Birds of the Ungava Peninsula;
Lotshaw, Andy Co.
1951 sample of Pollent (for insect bites)
Loughrey, A. G
Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa (see Canadian Wildlife Service)
Louisiana State Department of Conservation
New Orleans see also Guillot, James P.
1929 request for animals, LA
1933 (2 items) request for birds, Bulletin no. 20
Louisiana State Game and Fish Commission
Baton Rough
1964 alligator protection
Loveland, Paul
Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS
1962 Pfeiffer College; family news
Lowe, George D.
Brunswick, GA
1936 (2 items) Ed Heeckt's disappearance; Ilex ameliancher
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Durham, NC
attention James D. Smith
1969 building material
Lowery, George H., Jr.
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
see also American Ornithologists Union; The Auk
1938 ASM meeting; mammal symposium
1951 publication errors in "Study of Nocturnal Migration of Birds"
1960 Preble memorial
1960 Preble momorial; McAtee
1962 (2 items) McAtee's death; memorial (copy)
[Luigi], Henry
Stony Brook, NY
1933 acknowledgment Okefinokee pamphlet, [Mozelli], Long Island birds, lumber industry, Gen. Hugh
Johnson, Sidney Sherwood (Francis' brother-in-law), name
Lukens, J. W.
see Sweeney & Lukens, Chester, PA
Luttrinzer, Leo A., Jr.
Board of Commissioners, Harrisburg, PA
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1932 re: subscription, bulletin on Pennsylvania mammals re: bears
Lutz, Bertha,
Cambridge, MA
1944 (2 items) Academy; photography accessories
Lutz, R. Frank E.
American Museum of Natural History
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1931 re: predatory mammal control
Luxon, Norval Neil
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1961 (2 items) membership, reservation
Lyman, Charles P.
Zoology, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
1947 request for specimens from Canada
1948 lemmings; [Verbail] traps; dismissal of Farley Mowett; mission on lemmings
Lynn, Patrick Karl
Defense Construction Ltd., Ft. Churchill, Manitoba
1959 Fred & Charles Schweder; Farley People of the Deer; Ihalmuit Eskimo
1959 [Mowat]; Schweder; A.E. Mowat's Porsild; National Museum
Lyon, Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr.
South Bend Clinic, South Blend, IN
1932 mammals of Indiana
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 13 continued
1932 (2 items) acknowledgment photos; red squirrel; FDR re: AOU
1936 Leeds' Pine Barrens expedition; schedule
Series I. Box 14.
McAllister, D.E.
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1967 Athabaskan fishes drawings for J.T. Nichols paper; (2 items) Notropia hudsonius selene; L.
1967 fish drawings; Nueltin Lake fish paper; Fowler (bibliography of Arctic fishes attached)
1957 Athabaska fishes drawings and references; North Carolina alligator protection laws
1968 fishes drawings; Coregonus identification; alligators
1968 Blue Jay (magazine); CFN (National Museum of Canada)
McAree, J.V.
no date reprint 1930
McAtee Robert
Arlington, VA
1962 (7 items) Preble biography; E.Raymond Hall
1963 Kalmbach, E.R.; McAtee's literary remains
1962 Christmas card; acknowledgment separates
1963 (2 items) Allen Press; payment for Preble article
no date Christmas card
McAtee, W.L. "Mac"
Biological Survey, U.S. Department of Agriculture
(no date) thank you note
1930 stomachs, birds, Texas
1931 re: lost plants, National Herbarium
see also Metcalf
1933 Mrs. Edge, Biological Abstracts, indexing
1934 resigning for principles, appropriations, Secretary Jardine, Biological Survey politics, poisoning
letters from and to H. E. Anthony, Charles C. Adams attached)
1934 re: differences of opinion (poisoning) on Survey and in election of A.O. Union; Okefinokee insects
food habits research; Bartram's Names of Birds
1937 (2 items) CCC planning in Okefinokee; duck food plants
1938 (to Margaret Edge) AOU associate membership; Union politics
1942 separates of W. Bartram's Names of Birds
1943 Okefinokee names: Gordonia, red bay, Azalea, honeysuckle, Magnolia virginiana, white bay, Crylla,
hardwood; Sarcoramphus papa
1943 "Senate document"; Hotckiss; names of plants; Glover Allen
1944 re: early science periodicals
1945 job offer University of Chicago Press
1947 John K. Torres biographical sketch; Mrs. Edge;
1950 fellowship; Roland Harper; Paul Miller; literary remains to Library of Congress;
1950 Bartrams; Donald G. Mitchell; University of North Carolina
1950 re: article in Nature magazine quoting from 1947 article "sycophants & back scratchers"
1951 wildlife refuges; Grinnell; Dixon Stoner; Academy; Conklin; Preble
1952 reptiles, Benjamin Smith Barton & Bartram & Collinson; US Biological Survey, Dept. of
Agriculture, Washington
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
1952 Collinson letter; administration of Academy of Natural Science; J. Percy Moore
1952 Academy battles; Roland
1953 Collinson re: [Vihumums]
1953 (postcard) arboretum projected
1953 Mrs. Edge's nomination (Biological Survey) classification
1954 (mimeograph) changes at American Ornithologists' Union
1954 AOU, The Auk, health, Preble 1954 outline of Arctic expedition, Preble, health, AOU, Bartram
1954 health, Barton, Bartram, Fowler, AOU
1954 health, Barton, Fowler, [Vibunum], North Carolina dialects
1954 Noah Webster, Eisenhart, Barton, Preble
1954 Webster, Barton,
1955 Acknowledgment caribou report, dialects
1955 Fort Franklin expedition, Chapman, removal to Chapel Hill, Preble
1956 Chapman, D. G. ELiot, Chapel Hill libraries, Preble
1956 (form letter) health, list of colleagues, acknowledgment mammals of Keewatin,
1957 Ungava, Tom Manning, Bartram, Preble
1958 health
1958 Chapel Hill; library facilities
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds study; Todd
1960 Francisco Garcia's California journeys
1960 (draft) log cabins
1960 local names of amphibians
1960 (4 items) Coues; Preble
1961 Lowrey; Preble biography
1961 Preble in Nature Magazine, [Vic Cahalave] re: Audubon & Bachman
1961 "O & O" reference, Preble bibliography (note attached)
1961 Arctic; Preble
1961 (2 items) Preble bibliography
no date re: publications
1961 Christmas card
1962 (draft) Preble anonymous publications
1962 (draft) McAtee literary testament
1962 Calmat photo of McAtee (1930)
1965 E.A .P[reble] bibliography by Miss [Charters]
1965 E. Raymond Hall & Kansas Museum of Natural History publication of Preble bibliography; "Arctic
Zoology of Thomas Pennant"
1956 Preble bibliography
McCabe Trap Co.
La [Gila], CA
1929 gopher traps
McCallie, S.W.
State Geological Survey, Atlanta, GA
1932 acknowledge "A Voice from the Pines", "Notes on Two Georgia Species of Pseudacris", "A Dweller
in the Piney Woods," 1930
McCallion, James
Staten Island, NY
1942 re: herpetology papers, McCann, Horace D.
1952 re: late Frank L. Burns material
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McCarthy, S.A.
see also Cornell University Library
1951 re: gift of [Ushila] book; birds
McClamroch, Major Sandy, Jr.
Chapel Hill, NC
1968 special natural areas; Open Spaces Fund
McClure, R. H. Elliott
Ord N, Medical General Laboratory, San Francisco
1934 Athabaska
1941 request Ecological Monographs
1956 Barren Ground caribou
McConkey, Edwin M.
Department of Biology, University of Florida
1954 glass lizards reprint, request papers on herpetology
McConnell, R. G.
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
1915 (2 draft letters) Great Slave Lake expedition, relations with [Cansell] controversy, Taverner
1915 Canada ["Rebuke] Lake" incident
McCormick, Jack
American Museum of Natural History, New York
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Waterloo Mills Field Research Station, Devon PA
no date acknowledgment of report
1955 chair of plant ecology Univ. of Pennsylvania
1955 Rutgers seminar on Preble; Paul Connor's lemming studies
1955 Preble's health
1955 Preble's specialty
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou study, visit, Paul Pearson, Joe Moore
1956 caribou report, colleagues
1956 acknowledgment reprint Pine Barrens
1957 (from Richard Godwin to McCormick) "N.C"; Okefinokee
1958 Christmas card
1961 Christmas Card
1963 change of address
1966 Roland's death; memorial sketches; Wherry; Herbert Stoddard
1966 Roland memorial; sale of library
1969 lecture; Bartram; Tinicum Marsh
1969 Trincum Marsh; Bartram; Mrs. Charles J. Maurer, Philadelphia Historical Commission
1971 Amelia Island; Bartram
McCormack, J. Frank
Botany; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1966 Harper letter to Robert C. Faylor, Arctic Institute of North America re: radioactive fallout
MacCoughey, Vaughan
California Teachers' Association; Editor, CTA Journal 1950 naturalist, Ithaca- nostalgia
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McCoy, Clarence J.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
1954 change of address
1963 (2 postcards) request reprints
MacCracken, Henry N.
Vassar College
1933 Lomax's qualifications
1933 Okefinokee, trip with John Lomax, ballads, folksongs
McCullough, Robert A. (from Roland)
Howard College, Birmingham AL
1952 National Conservancy, damage in national parks
McCurdy Films
1931 invoice
1930 invoices and inquiries mention of frog, alligator articles Okefinokee
1930 Finance
McDaniel, Sidney
Botany, Mississippi State University, State College
1968 (2 copies) Liliaceae named for Roland Harper
McDaniel, W.B.
College of Physicians, Philadelphia
1950 Gilbert collection; Bartram
1953 permissions, Gilbert collection
McDonald, D.O.(but see R.D. McDonald)
no date address
1956 Knob Lake, Ungava, caribou, visit
1957 visit (Philadelphia)
1957 (from Garry Acton) public service broadcasts re: Radio Bureau
1957 visit; reindeer; caribou; expedition
1957 visit, family news, caribou, travels
[1957] Christmas card, acknowledgment reptile study, Bartram and the American Revolution, travels
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; African travels;
1959 Christmas card; Near East travels
1961 Christmas card; acknowledgment Ungava mammals
1962 Christmas card; far-east travels
1963 Christmas card
1965 Christmas card
McDonald, John
Bank of Montreal, Montreal
1958 (2 items) Knob Lake; account; Macdonald name
1958 Casey A. Wood; Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology; MacMillan; Scotland; extinct
and vanishing mammals book
1959 acknowledgment books; Scotland birds
1961 acknowledgment caribou paper
1963 acknowledgment Polar Notes; Caribou Eskimo papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McDonald, Normn J.
Philadelphia, PA
1937 (2 items) DVOC bird census
1940 (2 items) Fellow of DVOC; Huber's health
1941 Arthur Emlen sketch; Auk
McDonald, R.D.
[Knob] Lake, Quebec
[Holennah] Mines, Ltd., Montreal Canada
1953 re: facilities at Marynoc Lake Camp and restrictions, Macdonald; Robert F. Yule
1958 (3 copies) fall-out; Eville Greham paper; lichens
1958 Kelsall at Yellow Knife; Russian caribou and fall-out; Jacques Rousseau
1958 (2 copies) Russian reindeer; fall-out; Fort Enterprise Rangifer arcticus; American reindeer
controversy; dietary fat
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds report; Leaf River geese; caribou fat analysis
1958 Ungava bird paper; A.E. Moss; Ungava mammals report; caribou fat & fall-out
1958 Leaf River caribou numbers; barren land grizzlies
1958 T. Donald Carter; Oishin Agathon; Rangifer specimen; Kenneth Doutt
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals; Glen Spears
1962 acknowledgment reprints
1963 caribou; native culture
1964 acknowledgment books
1964 Caribou Eskimo plight; errata Montagnais paper
1964 river pollution
MacDougall, Mary Stuart
1937 Okefinokee reprints; National Geographic
McDowell, Robert D.
Pennsylvania Game Commission, Harrisburg
1950 mailing list, mammals
1949 re: survey, predators, northeast U.S.
McDuffle, H.E.
Folkston, GA
1941 (2 items) CCC; Chesser's Island Fire break road; logging
McFarland, Frank T.
University of Kentucky, Botany, Lexington
1939 (to Arthur Leeds) Pachystima at Carter Caves; Taxus Cardensis
1939 (2 items) Arthur Leed's death; Pachystima; list of identifications and locations
1939 Carter Caves collecting ground; Arthur Leeds
McFarland, Hermina (Mrs. G.W.)
Charlotte, NC (sister)
see "Harper, Hermina"
McGill, Ralph
The Atlantic Constitution
1944 re: Bartram and corn "crackers"
see also Cheston
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McGill University
Blacker Library of Zoology, Montreal see also Penningtonm R; Hibbard,
Margaret E.; Dunbar M.J.; Schachter, J.; Madox, W.G.;
1932 acknowledgment of collection of articles on reptiles, amphibians, bird
1939 acknowledgment gift
1940 acknowledgment gift
1954 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints
1954 Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology, Bartram, copper plates in Travels,
1954 list of copper plates in Bartram's Travels
1954 copper plates by Bartram
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Barren Ground Caribou, Ungava mosses, Hyla triseriata weed.
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava amphibians & reptiles, Pseudacris
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment Birds of [Ungana]
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird study
1960 Ungava fish specimens; Fowler-Harper ms.
see also Dunbar, M.G.
1961 fish measurements (S. salar, C. namaycuh; S. fontinalis C. clupeaformis; Donald McPhail
1961 acknowledgement McPhail's measurements
1962 acknowledgment Lucian Turner letters; Ridgway; Miss Hibbard
1962 Turner letters; collections; Brown
1962 (4 items)Turner-Ridgway correspondence; order microfilm letters
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava fish
1963 Alan Cooke Centre d'Estudes Nordique, Laval University; (2 items)Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
bibliography; Turner letters (Cooke letter attached)
1964 acknowledgment Ungava publications
McGrath, William H.
Constable, Upper Darby, PA
1933 collection of dairy bill
McHerg, Ian L.
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Philadelphia
1970 acknowledgment letter on fire "aunt"
McIlhenny, R.A.
McIlhenny Co. tobacco, Avery Island, GA
1934(?) brochure, Bird City 100 birds, also reprint from Saturday Evening Post; egrets; [anhinga]
McIlvain, John F.
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Philadelphia
1965 (2 items) 75 anniversary dinner; honorary members
David McKay Company
New York
1967 order How to Defend Yourself; advertising leaflets
McKay, G.A.
Cleveland, GA
1935 small frog specimen request; spring peeper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McKelvey, Mrs. Susan Delano
1949 re: early Museum of American Ornithology annals section on William Gambel from Dr. Witner
Stone's files
1951 re: "William Gambel Scrapbook", Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1951 Gamble scrapbook, Dr. [Bowen's] book, travels
1953 inquiry [Thurber's] plants, (see letter from Dr. Joseph Ewan, January 19, 1953)
1956 acknowledgment Trans-Mississippi volume, Pennell, Bartram
1956 (note) Academy library
1956 book
McKenzie, Francis
Seven Islands, Quebec
1954 photos, Montagnais
McKenzie, Sebastian
1953(?) re: Knob Lake [hawk] (Indian name)mentions Sliter note on Roughleg
1961 Fred Farah; Kom and Wille Pinette; Moisie photos; Lake Marymac; Simard expedition
McKenzie, W. A. (FLight Officer)
RCAF Rockcliffe, Ontario
1958 (3 items) rough-legged hawk; Ungava bird study; Jean P. Labreque address
1959 (draft) Saskatchewan address
McKinley, Daniel
St. Louis, MO
Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH
State University of New York at Albany
1953 request copy Nueltin birds
1956 (postcard) caribou paper, request reprint
1956 caribou reprint cost
1959 (2 items) Paroquette letter; Xanthium strumarium seeds
1962 McKinley bibliography
1962 request Indian & Eskimo studies
1962 (2 items) William Robertson; Bartram; Barton's Natural History of Tennessee; Ungava Indian
study; Conuropsis
1962 (2 items) Yale Review paper; Ungava Indians
1963 Leon Kelso; Caribou and Eskimo study; pesticides
1963 Huyck Preserve; Dan Bears' autobiography
1963 travels; Eskimo studies; Pruitt nomination; UNC bequest
1964 Pruitt; General Studies program; Carolina parakeet (reviews and reprints attached)
1964 armaments symposium; race relations; Society for the Study of Evolution; Joseph Wood Krutch;
Putnam; George
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment papers; publications
1964 Pruitt; Ed Ramey re: biology at Cornell
1964 lectures; honey bee paper; career
1965 Kalamazoo College position
1965 (letter to Congressman Jamie L. Whitten re: environment; Silent Spring
1965 acknowledgment John Lyon grave; tourists
1965 Proceedings of American Philosophical Society; Barton; Guggenheim (Gertrude D. Hess letter re:
Barton attached)
1965 Guggenheim; Huyck Reserve recommendation
1965 Huyck summer institute, Rensselaerville; Pinax cuinguefolius; Guggenheim
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
1965 (2 copies)McKinley bibliography; William and Paul Paddock
1965 Bartrams' Southern Journals; parakeets
1966 acknowledgment Bartram diaries
1966 Philip Gosse Letters from Alabama
1966 Bartram's Travels sent
1966 (draft) readings
1966 (draft) acknowledgment (from Mrs. McKinley)
1966 Guggenheim amid Huyck rejections; Systematics and Biological questionnaire
1966 offer from SUNY Albany; change of address; check for Travels
1966 Albany; Ralph Palmer; Adirondack mammals
1966 (draft) "Radiation" letter
1966 change of address (to Albany
1967 Thomas Howitt; Pruitt's Animals of the North;
1967 William Howitt; watercolor birds; Cornelius Brown Lives of Nottinghamshire Worthies; Okefinokee
1967 Howitt in obvious biographical sources; H. Bradley Martin library; Okefinokee; Athabaska birds;
Cornell re: Harper papers
1967 transmits letter to Georgia Sport Fisheries re: Okefinokee
1972 parakeet book, dedication, Paul Hahn
1967 questionnaire re: Carolina parakeet
1968 Marlow's landing; Florida parakeets
1968 Howell's Florida Bird Life; M.E. Lanier; Marlow's Landing
1968 Joseph Ewan's Bartram illustrations; parakeet study
1968 Chesser Island; Ewan; lecture
[1969] (card) Roland’s memorial; ethno-zoology of parakeets
1969 job reassignment; Shephard-McKinley book
1970 fire ant program; Okefinokee parakeets
1970 poison sprayers
1970 Christmas card; fire ants; career
McKnight, [Maittea] H. B. (Mrs. T. H. B.)
Garden Club of America Bulletin, Nantucket, MA
[1939] galley proof; illustrations
1939 Mrs. Bayard Henry; Bartram report
[1939] acknowledgment report; photographs
1939 (4 items) Bartram ms.; photos (corrections enclosed)
1939 Bartram galley proof; printer
McLane, William M.
University of Florida
1946 fishes of St. John River and other Florida locations
McLeod, Duncan A.
1954 Knob Lake, photo
McMahon, James A.
Biology Department, University of Dayton, OH
1961 (2 items) inquiry herpetology papers; Plathodon; Pseudacris ornata
1962 change of address
1968 (postcard) request Ungava plant and animal associations
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McMaster, Fitz Hugh
Columbia, SC
1939 (2 items) Hyla Femoralis paper; tree frogs
1939 acknowledgment Bartram Bicentennial; tree frogs
McMekin, Thomas M.
Washington, GA
no date (draft) Harper’s health
MacMillan, Donald B. (Admiral)
Provincetown, MA
1960 UNC lecture; Alfred Weed; Samuel Palmer; Alfred Gross; Ungava birds; William B. Cabot
MacMillan, Gordon K.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
1940 (2 items) Edgar F. Smith; Jacob Green biography
MaCTamara, L. G.
see New Jersey Department of Conservation
MCTaught, Dr. Donald C.
Biology, State Universe of NY, Albany
1971 brochure, summer session, Cranberry Lake
MCTeil, George M.
1925 re: bobcat
McPhail, J. D.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1962 request Ungava fish study
Macpherson, Andrew H.
Canada-Department of Northern Affairs & Natural Resources Ottawa (see also Canada-Department of
Northern Affairs)
1958 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals reprints; Canadian Wildlife service position; Foxe Peninsula
birds; Sam McLaren
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds;
1960 acknowledgment Adelaide Peninsula birds
1960 Manning; Adelaide Peninsula; bird populations; Earl Godfrey
1962 acknowledgment Ungava life zones study
1963 acknowledgment caribou & Eskimo study
1963 J.F. Bendall; Dougie Lamb; Thomas Lamb; Churchill; Coats Island caribou DNA
1963 Thomas Lamb; Coats Island 'Grizzlies'
1963 Coats Island caribou
1964 acknowledgments: Caribou Eskimo study, Montagnais study, Ungava plants and animals study
1964 acknowledgment reprint Arctic biology; Rowan Fifty Years of Progress in American Ornithology;
Preble biography; Costs Island caribou
1964 bibliography; caribou
1965 B.G. Grizzly; Preble; Coats Island caribou; Manning
1965 grizzly bear article; Coats Island
1965 (postcard) acknowledgment Kansas reprints; Preble
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
McPherson, H. Allen
Warner Robins, GA
1944 re: Okefinokee
McQueen, A.S.
Folkston, GA
1931 amateur naturalist vs. "nature fake" articles
1935 re: house to rent in Charlton Co.
1935 panther killing; Charles H. Gibson; Herdy Crews house (clipping enclosed)
1938 horned toad clipping (enclosed)
1938 horned toad clipping; CCC destruction in Okefinokee; Biological Survey
1938 (2 items) Pegasus Publishing Company publicity McQueen's Okefinokee novel; Suwannee
River nature faking; permission to use Okefinokee material
1938 permission for Okefinokee material; plagiarists; CCC in Okefinokee; Chase S. Osborn
1938 Hamp Mizell; plagiarism; "Jackson's Folly"; "Suwannee River" author Gordonia Alatamaha
Franklinia in Okefenokee; Bartram; "enchanted island" myths; Dr. Turnbull's Greek colony
1940 female "vandal"; Satilla River "seal"; Sass' "Manitou's cChildren" (clippings attached)
1941 (from A. S. McQueen to Harold L. Ickes) Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge
1941 Ickes letter; Hopkins' logging; CCC
1941 re: CCC camp Okefinokee
1941 (2 items) acknowledgment fresh water fishes of Florida; Okefinokee CCC camp; Le Conte pears;
Indian mounds; old Frohock place
1943 re: Bartram Diary
1946 exploitation of Okefinokee as "tourist attractions"
1950 re: [Cottem]
1950 re: "one-eyed gopher"; and conditions on Chesser Island, also includes a letter to Lynette McQueen
as mentioned
1950 Pough (AMNH) Okefinokee management
1955 (10 items) Okefinokee fire, logging, Bill Bruschke, swamp residents, timber price; McQueen's health
1955 (note) acknowledgment, Bartram’s Travels, fire
McQueen, H.L. & J.G. Inc.
Washington, DC
1932 bills, for separates
1939 invoice, separates 1946 re: prints from Proceedings Biological Society 1946
McVaugh, Rogers
US. Department of Agriculture, [Bin. Plant]
Industry Division of Plant Exploration & Introduction
University Herbarium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1935 (2 items) Jean Harper's health; visit; Dr. Reede
1935 University of Georgia job; Columbia Co. (NY) museum; lobelias; Okefinokee; UG herbarium
1939 Bartram expedition to southeast; routes; Bartram mss.;
1941 Bartram's Flat Rock location
1941 (3 items) Bartram; Flat Rock; Penstamon dissectus; Gilia rubra; Pennell
1942 (2 items) "old Fort Cobb"; Edward Palmer; collections
1942 National Horticultural Magazine reprint, "A Flowering Desert in Miniature"
1949 (2 items) Keewatin collections; Univ. of Michigan Herbarium
1949 (3 items) vascular plant set, Keewatin; Barren Grounds expedition; lichens
1949 mosses and lichens specimens received; plant specimens
1953 Ungava, Knob Lake area
1954 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram papers
1955 NSF, Ungava, Fort Enterprise expedition, Rangifer arcticus arcticus Athabaska fauna, Office of
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Naval Research, Arctic Institute
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava report
1957 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava reprints: amphibians, reptiles, hepatics, lichens
1959 (2 items) appreciation AIBS Bulletin remarks; Ungava birds
1962 (2 items) ACLS application referee for Okefinokee folkways study
1962 Okefinokee folkways study; Ungava Indian report; Preble bibliography; McAtee
1953 ACLS application
1963 (2 items) American Academy of Arts and Sciences application Okefinokee folkways study
1964 acknowledgment Ungava reports
1966 Roland's death; family news
1968 Gray's Exsiccatae; 1860 Labrador expedition; John W. Dodge, Paul A. Chadbourne, Elliott Coues,
Alphous S. Packard, Jeannette Graustein; Nutall
1968 (postcard) acknowledgment Gray sets
1968 (postcard) Gray
1969 (postcard) acknowledgment Roland notes
Machado, Cyrillo
Lisbon, Portugal
see Bandeira, Luiz
Macfie, T. G.
Sharon, GA
1939 trip (Keewatin?); Colonsay (GA) photos; Dr. Harold; 1930 Washington News-Reporter article
1939 acknowledgment publications; [Bente bucks]; South African fauna books, Capt. Harris
Macmillan Books for Boys and Girls
1951 see also Patee
Macmillan Co.
1938 see also Lucian Harris, Jr. Okefinokee publications
no date advertisement for Garden Flowers in Color
1933 selection in Journey's End by Wilhelmina Harper
1950 Outdoor Books Dept.
1951 (2 items) Dorothy Lathrop; permission to quote
1951 (postcard) advertisement
see also Scott, Cecil, Association Editor
1953 Bartram book
1954 publishing William Bartram
Madden, Henry
History, Stanford University, CA
1941 John Lawrence Le Conte; János Xántus
1941 Xántus letter; Academy of Natural History Le Conte correspondence file
Maddox, H.
Foundry and machine works, Archer, FL
1940 (2 items) Watermelon Pond; General's Pond; Bartram's Fort Peculate route
1944 (2 items) Bartram's Florida route
1944 recent APA publication Bartram's travels
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Magafile Company
St. Louis, MO
1960 (3 items) order file cases
1966 (2 items) file case prices
1966 order file cases
1966 invoice
Macy, Mary C.
New York City
1960 Ernest G. Dodge; William B Cabot photograph; Labrador Indians report
Mahard, Marguerite (Mrs. Edwin P.)
Natick, MA
1951 Arthur Dobbs historical research; William Faris
Mahony, D.G.
Director, National Museum, Melbourne,[C1]
1937 mammals, vanishing report by Brazenor, C.W.
Mair, W. Winston
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources Ottawa (see also Canada-Department of Northern
Affairs) Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report
1955 caribou report
1956 acknowledgment Mammals of Keewatin
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds study
1959 (2 items) Mr. & Mrs. Watts; beaver and caribou populations; J. Dewey Soper
no date acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper; Vic Soloman
1963 (4 items) Coats Island "Grizzly" bears; Lamb Airways; caribou slaughter
Malaher, G. W.
Game & Fisheries Branch, Winnipeg, Canada
see also Province of Manitoba
1947 re: permit
1953 Neultin Lake
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report, M. P. Kelsall, declining caribou numbers
1956 caribou report, decline, Labrador, H. E. Welles
1956 Wells' address
Malcolm, Wyatt
Acting Director, Nat. Museum, Ottawa, Canada
1930 re: publication report Athabaska and Great Slave Lakes 1914 & 1920 trips
Malcomson, Richard O.
Biology, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant
1960 host records of Malophaga
1960 request Keewatin reprints
Mallard, L.E.
Folkston, GA
see Charlton County, GA
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Malleis, Harry
1920 re: collecting trip, Athabaska
Mallory, Ransley Burge
Clyo, GA
1939 acknowledgment Bartram Trail bulletin; visit
Malte, M.O.
Ottawa, Canada
1920 botany
Mangold, Dr. Charles
Philadelphia, PA
1945 statement
Manice, Mr. Phyllis H.
Medusa, NY
1950 notes on Evening Grosbeak birds
Province of Manitoba
Department of Mines and Natural Resources, Winnipeg
See also Malaher, G.W.; Robertson, J.D.
1963 acknowledgment caribou and Eskimos
1966 Nejanilini Lake caribou; kayak with paddle and spear; Caribou Eskimo book; Dick Sutton (map
1966 Eskimo, Montagnais, amphibians reports; wolf control; Prentice Down's Sleeping Island; seals;
Diamond Jenness re: Eskimo administration
1966 acknowledgment books; wolf control; seal protection; Dick Sutton
1969 archaeological survey; Nueltin Lake (also Nash, Ronald J.)
Mann, Virgil
Geology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1965 Ducktown incidence of respiratory disease; TGS threat to Chapel Hill and Orange County
Mann, W.M.
Director, National Zoological Park; Smithsonian, Washington DC
1932 see also American Society of Mammalogists
Manning, E.W. (Mrs. T. H.)
1959 (2 items) acknowledgment letter to T.H. Manning
Manning, Thomas H.
Ottawa, Canada
1949 fish of Nueltin area
1952 report on birds [games] and Hudson Bay area Keewatin references
no date envelope only
1954-56 (27 letters) Rousseau Basic Principles for the Protection of the Barren Ground Caribou and
Reindeer Breeding in Quebec, hunting, Innus Canadian Social Service Research Fund, C. gapperi, Clinton
Colden Lake Clethrionomys, Todd & Ungava birds, acknowledgment separates, Glover Allen, caboti
C.g.hudsonius, Athabaskae, C. rutilus, Arctic Institute, mice, hudsonius, Preble, Loring, Laing, Rowley,
Admiral Colbert, caribou report publishing, rutilus, Arctic Institute applications to Wildlife Management
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Institute, American Committee for International Wildlife Protection, 1957 Robbins; CSSRC grant;
woodland caribou; Gaston Moisan, Canadian Wildlife Service; Mealy Mountain material; Dr. Banfield
1957 C.H.D. Clarke
1957 Clarke's copy Richard file; woodland caribou study; R. a[reticus]; caboti
1957 (2 items)Arctic Institute grant; Townsend Barren Ground study; Bartram
1957 (2 items) Hudson's Bay Company caribou reports; Arctic Institute grant
1957 (2 items) caribou report to Marshall, Robbins, Benfield, Colbert; Clethrionomys report
1958 (4 items) Ottawa visit
1958 (2 items) K. Zimmermann correspondence; Clethrionomys; Reeve; Caspar Whitney; Stefanson;
Turner's caboti
1958 (2 items) financing caribou studies; woodland caribou; Cabot
1959 Canadian government grants
1959 caribou studies: mss., maps; Arctic Institute; Watts' beaver populations
1959 (2 items) D.A. Déry wolf skin photograph; Shelter Bay wolves; Corby; Alphonse Bourgeois; P.G.
Downs' Sleeping Island (Déry letter attached)
1959 Dery letter; Northeastern Wildlife Conference; wolves
1959 wolves; poisonings
1959 Rangifer caboti material: Glover Allen, Turner, E.D.T. Chambers; Peter McKenzie; capelin species;
Cambrian Lake black bear; Ungava record of Grampidelphis gariseus
1959 (2 items) Montreal Fish and Game Protection Club caribou; Banfield; Low's Second River; Capelin;
Cambrian Lake black bear; William Hendry; wolves
1960 (2 items)James Bay Indian Dogs; Hendry
1960 (2 items) Second River name approved; Ungava lemmings D. hudsonius and Knob Lake specimens,
1960 acknowledgment caribou paper; Ungava mammal study to Hall; Ungava fish study to Arctic
Institute; Montagnais report
1960 caribou: Banks Island, Delphin, Union, Victoria Island; Prince of Wales pesryi, arcticus; Andrew
1961 (5 items) K. Zimmermann; Arctic Institute; Allen Press; R.A. Reynolds; Hudson's Bay Co.; Indians;
woodland caribou; (draft shares sheet with Sturtevant and Zimmerman)
1962 Ungava caribou investigation; John E. Robbins; Social Science Research Council (Canada)
1962 removal; polar bear study
1963 change of address
1964 Mr. Racey; Ungava caribou; Sarto Bastian; air photos; Baker Lake Eskimos
1964 polar bear
1965 (draft) enclosures AINA material. Goethier leaflet
Manning, Warren H.
1929 re: Roland Harper, Okefinokee property
Mantz, Margaret Sherwook (Gretchen), (sister-in-law)
Washington, DC
1949 Washington apartment; David
1951 (2 items) Smithsonian lecture
1952 Rancocas flood; visit to Aunt Margaret
Manville, Richard H.
Zoology, Michigan State College, East Lansing
Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service [Smithsonian]
1950 re: Edmund Niles Huyck Reserve
1957 (note) acknowledgment Nueltin birds study
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds report; Bartram; Helen K[C]ruikshank
1959 George Ord quotation (to Charles Wharton)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
1957 (note) acknowledgment Nueltin birds study
1962 Newfoundland Department of Mines letter re: caribou decline; inquiry
1962 Equus hemionus; Capreolus; fall-out; Caribou Eskimos
1962 Keewatin amphibians ms.; fall-out; equus; Capreolus mix-up
1963 Preble bibliography; Carr's Stir of Nature
1963 Preble; W.B. Bell; Status of Waterfowl; Carr
1963 editorial policy of Proceedings of Smithsonian; "intergenual"
1963 commas in Keewatin frog paper; Nearns' “Birds of the Hudson Highlands”
1963 (2 items) Hudson Highlands; Mr. Cain at Fish and Wildlife Service; Preble biography
1964 (4 items)destruction of photograph negatives (Okefinokee & Florida)
1964 acknowledgment Ungava Indian report
1964 Joseph B. Dodge re: 1860 Labrador expedition
1964 (to Wendell E. Dodge) re: John W. Dodge Labrador expedition
1964 Wendell Dodge; Jeannette E. Graustein re: Thomas Nutall and B.S. Barton; Joseph Dodge
1965 Charles (H. M.) Barrett inquiry; AOU biographies
1965 Barrett; duck and goose skins by Laing, Loring, Harper from Lake Athabaska; field catalogues;
N.C. legislature alligator protection bill
1965 N.C. alligators; list of field catalogues, notebooks, type scripts (by Harper)
1965 (3 items) Harper and Laing Athabaska material; negatives of birds, mammals, habitats, and
1965 Preble bibliography; McAtee; Rachel Carson's "Guarding our Wildlife Resources"; photocopies of
field catalogues
1965 Preble bibliography; bird catalogues (field catalogues); Carleton R. Ball; W.A. Archer;
1965 Laing's field catalogue of birds; Preble bibliography; Sam Ervin and alligator protection
1965 (to A.J. Erskine) re: Harper manuscript of 1920 Athabaska expedition
1968 Plummer's Island vertebrates; Athabaska bird study
1968 (4 items) Fish and Wildlife Service hearings in Waycross re: Okefinokee; Athabaska bird specimens;
Loring re: mammals of 1920 expedition
1968 Waycross hearings, sea mink, McAtee re: Athabaska duck stomachs, Fran Uher
1968 (2 items) Hamilton N. Laing; Athabaska birds; McAtee's survey stomach contents
1968 Hue Chesser letter (Okefinokee?)
1968 acknowledgment 'note'; Chesser
1969 acknowledgment Ord correspondence; honorary membership American Society of Mammalogists
1969 (draft) Athabaska bird study; Terry Roberts
Marcheldon,------ (Dr.)
Base Camp Hospital, Seven Islands, P.Q. Canada
1952 re: Endoameba histolytica infection contracted at Mile 234 middle of Sept.
Marinkelle, C. [G]
The Hague, Netherlands
1950 birds, exchanges of information
Marfie, J. G.
Swarthmore, PA
1939 introduction
see also Wylie, Robert
Marine Studios
St. Augustine FL
1937 Miami Herald’s feature story
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Marquis Co.
see also Who's Who in America
1939 (2 items) Who's Who in Pennsylvania
1939 (2 items) proofs of Who's Who in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia
1939 biography
1959 biography for Who's Who
1966 (2 items) Mary Sue Harper (Mrs. Roland); Roland entry (draft attached)
1967 (2 items) Who's Who in the South and Southwest
1967 biographical sketch for Who's Who in the Southwest (draft) copy
1968 Who's Who in the South and Southwest offer
1969 (2 items) Roland Harper entry
1978 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World (1945)
Marshall, C. J.
Department of Northern Affairs & Natural Resources, Ottawa
1956 (7 items) Ungava caribou study grant, Manning, Robbins, Canadian Research Council, starting date,
stipend, reporting, payment
see also Marshall, John
Marshall, E. Wayne
Philadelphia, PA
1922 M.D. skin lesion and medication birds
1953 prescription
1959 (2 items) medications; Dr. Vestine
1960 x-ray report
1960 payment
Marshall, John
Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
see also Marshall, C. J.; Rockefeller Foundation
1915 (draft) Taverner, equipment vouchers, Cassell, final report, pay
Marshall, William H.
Washington, DC
see also USDA, Biological Survey
1936 (2 items) Diodea virginica; survey map
Martin, Co. Lawrence
Washington, DC; Bartram
1951 re: Lyell
Martin, B. G.
Department of History, University of Indiana, Bloomington
1972 death of father
Martin, N. V.
Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, Maple
1969 lake trout, Salvelinus namaytush; request reprints
1970 lake trout bibliography; Fowler (draft)
Martin, Phil L. (Ethel)
Rovers' Club, School or Practical Art, Boston
Hanover, NH, Osterville, MA
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
1936 Okefinokee; teaching art; Geographic articles
1937 visit; Okefinokee talk at Natural History Society
1937 (2 items) pintails; blue-winged teal; Delaware ducks
1937 Okefinokee trip
1938 naturalists, friends
1951 re: book for David, acknowledgments, Barren Grounds
1956 Christmas card
no date (postcard) Cape Breton thrush, chickadee, warblers
1957 Labrador expedition; Frank Speck; Montagnais; Southbridge; family news
1957 acknowledgment books; Seton's Arctic Prairies
1957 transmit reprints, Bartram's Travels, AOU meeting, travels
1958 (2 items) Sol LaBonte; David Harper; Bartram's Travels
1958 acknowledgment deer sketch; Earl Poole; Louis Fuentes; P. A. Fraleigh; family news
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds study; local (New Hampshire) birds; family news
1958 Christmas card
1959 visit
1960 Christmas card
1961 travels in Georgia; cougars; Ralph S. Palmer; family news
1961 Vermont fauna, birds; Montagnais dog pictures; Frank Steck
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals report; Vermont climate, fauna, (clipping attached)
1961 acknowledgment Vermont bulletins; Frank Speck
1962 (postcard) Florida travels
1962 (draft) Bradford [Touey]'s Florida Sketchbook
1963 (postcard) Arizona
1964 Arizona travels; family news
1964 Montagnais; travels; birds and mammals in West
1964 Christmas card; Vermont birds
1965 visit; family news; Franklinia (photo attached)
1965 visit; Chapel Hill
1965 travels; visit
1965 Tyron estate caretaker
1965 (2 items) travels; birds; visit; Okefinokee; long-tailed tiger-cat
1966 Tryon Bird Club Sanctuary secretary; John Holt
1966 Tryon Sanctuary; long-tailed tiger-cat
1966 travels; family news (Ghana arrest & revolution); Tyron Sanctuary
1967 (draft) Bartram
1970 conflict with Department of Agriculture (fire ants?); Elmer Harp; Bowan; visit
1970 pollution and wildlife; book illustrations
1970 (postcard) travels; background pointing for Dartmouth College bird exhibits
1970 Okefinokee illustrations; Chesser genealogy; Okefinokee photos (draft, filed with Lionel
Melvin 12/7/70 [1])
1970 drawings of Swamp; Eckert's Bayou Backwaters
1971 (postcard) Okefinokee
1971 (draft from Mrs. Harper) acknowledgment card
1972 (draft) illustration for Okefinokee book (shares sheet with draft to Phil's son [B. G. Martin] re: Phil's
artistic skill
Martijn, Charles A.
Société d'Archéologie de Sherbrooke, Québec
1964 request reprints: Ungava climate and life zones, Polar Notes #3
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Martoff, Bernard
Biology, University of Georgia, Athens
1953 herpetology of southwest; request for publication, copies
Marx, Edward G.F.
Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philadelphia
1952 re: search of NY property title
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou study
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird report; Academy
no date New York Times re: Canadian caribou
Maslin, T. Paul
University of Colorado Museum, Boulder
[1970] re: mailing list
1956 (2 postcards) acknowledgment reprints
1960 acknowledgment papers; Pseudacris specimens
1962 acknowledgment Ungava life zones paper
1962 (2 items) Pseudacris specimens; Garren Ground caribou; Caribou Eskimos; Montagnais; Keewatin
reptiles; Douglas Alexander
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment reprint
1964 Ungava reprints; list of Harper interests
1964 acknowledgment reprints
Maslowski, Karl H.
Cincinnati, OH
1937 Pseudacris specimens; acknowledgment separates; singing Hyla pouches
1939 acknowledgment separates; bird notes; Woodrow Goodpaster; Aneides aeneus
Mason, Carol
see Massachusetts Audubon Society
Mason, Diana
Darlington, MD
1935 re: frog drawing & identification
treated Hyla versicolor
Mason, Herbert L.
Botany, University of California, Berkeley
1949 Nueltin botanical specimens for sale
Mason, James Walter
Atlanta, GA
1939 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram reprints; Roland re: Travels; Beverly DuBose
Massachusetts, Commonwealth of
1958 (2 items) 1886 birth certificate (Francis), file card
see also Southbridge, Massachusetts town clerk; Boyer, Clare P.; Bourne, O.C.
1929 (2 items) photos of animals
1930 removal to Swarthmore; tax return
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Massachusetts Audubon Society
see also Mason, Carol
1929 re: membership; program
1929 (2 items) invitation to lecture; declined
1958 lecture: "Land of the Caribou
1959 caribou lecture; Packand (summary appended)
1958 acknowledgment lecture summary
Massachusetts Department of Agriculture
1920 order Norbush Game Birds
1927 (2 items) newsletter
Massachusetts Department of Conservation
1929 photos for newspapers
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, Boston MA
1938 federal poisoning campaigns articles; Our Dumb Animals
1938 poisoning; Biological Survey; CCC; poisoning bibliography
Massachusetts Department of Public Works
1927 licesse
Masterson, James R.
Washington, DC
1945 Bertram et al.
1946-48 Philadelphia research and Library of Congress access
1951 reference to [Norris]
1961 early naturalists: Powell; Ungava studies; Lucien McShan Turner; Arctic Institute; NSF;
Surgeon General; Bartram
[Mastynisch, Doris]
1959 (3 items) receipts for typing
Matheson, Robert
1923 parasites; Myotis lucifugas
1924 (draft) parasites
1948 (4 items) parasites, Keewatin mammal & avian
Mathews, G.M. (Fair Oak)
1920 [Pelecinaides] paper & prints
Mathews, Verna D.
Coker College, Hartsville, SC
1940 acknowledgment Bartram reprint
Mathias, James P.
John Simon Guggenheim Foundation
see Guggenheim Foundation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Mattingly, Thomas E., Jr.
Mount Holly, NJ
1957 health
Mattox, W. G.
McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory, McGill University, Toronto
1962 mailing lists; Buzz Neal; Harper monographs; McGill Sub-Arctic Research Papers
1962 (2 items) acknowledgment Papers; Richard S. Peterson; Annual Report; Ungava fish paper
1962 (form letter) Research Laboratory papers; mailing list
1963 acknowledgment Derbyshire's Howells River valley paper; Ungava studies; Tom Manning; P.
Gordon Racey
1963 (form letter) Laboratory address
Maurer, Mrs. Charles J.
City of Philadelphia Historical Association
no date address
May, John B.
State House, Boston
1930 re: speech for Appalachian Mt. Club
1932 birds of Massachusetts, [Fuentes and farbush]
1955 review of caribou report
1956 (draft) acknowledgment review
1957 (2 items) Yale Press; Bartram's Travels; reviewers; Massachusetts Audubon Society
1957 Bartram review; Chappies
1957 (2 items) Bartram; Williamsburg restoration; Bartram sketches; copper library plate
1958 (2 items) Honorary Life Member AUK; Bartram; Cruickshank; Oregon junco; Bullock's oriole
May, Louise S.
Miami Chamber of Commerce
1924 re: Florida water bird paper
Mayfield, Harold F.
Waterville, OH
1957 AOU membership for E. Wayne Marshall
1959 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou, Ungava bird report
Mayflower Publishing Co.
Patterson, Sec.
1929 re: Who's Who in the East
May, Ernst
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ. Cambridge
(see also American Ornithologists Union)
1957 Preble memorial; Arthur Howell
1957 (4 items) Preble; woodland caribou; AOU
1966 (form letter) Systematics in International Biology; questionnaire
1966 Harper questionnaire re: Ungava caribou (draft attached)
1968 Nuttall Club members; Systematics Program; Nicrotus braweri; endangered species
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Mead, Floyd
1946 family snapshot; mammals
Meanley, Brooke
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Patuxent Wild Life Nature Center, Laurel MD
1961 (card) Patuxent address
1961 acknowledgment fresh water mammals study; Okefinokee in National Geographic; Fred
Schmid; Arkansas kingbird specimen
1961 Georgia; Ivan Tomkins; Le Conte plantation; Bartram; Michaux; Cliftonia; bird photographs
1970 acknowledgment reprints; Okefinokee photograph
1970 (2 items) Okefinokee photograph; defense of Lees; Mizells; Waycross Okefinokee hearing; Frank
no date[1970] (draft) photographs, [uncle] Owen Thrift--] (shares sheet with Davis letter)
1970 Okefinokee Owen Thrift; Hamp Mizell
1971 David Lee photograph, Floyd's Island, Josiah Mizell meeting notices
1972 Eugene Cypert; Mizell House; blackbirds; request tree frog article
Medical Association of Georgia
1970 copies of letters re: fire-ant spraying; Davis' Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit
Meinhardt, Carl
Middleburgh Rotary Club, NY
1950 address on caribou of Barren Ground
Meinboth, R. Norman A.
Swarthmore College
1942 fleas
Mellinger, Marie B., (Mrs. E. O.)
Tiger, GA
1971 (2 letters) spraying of chlorinated hydrocarbons, Lee homestead photo, plagiarists, Elliottia,
Bartram, State Botanical Society, Brastown Bald
Mellon, Thomas
Palatka FL; Pittsburgh, PA
1941 (3 items) John Bartram journal; map
Melville Construction Company
Mebane, NC
1968 (3 items) estimates (draft)
Melvin, Lionel
Pleasant Garden, NJ
1966 Bladen County wills; Mary Bartram; Okefinokee; Fothergill report; Litsea
1966 Bladen County wills; Bartram; Wells photo; Bruce Bateman venus flytrap; Lloyd I. Showers; Totten;
Schweimit collection
1966 North Carolina grantees; John & Peter Colleton
1966 Bartram; [Winston] James; Brompton; race relations; abstract of Thomas Brown (1813) will
1967 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou study; race relations; Okefinokee; Wilderness Act; Bladen &
Cape Fear maps
1967 visit
1967 health; Okefinokee photo; Thomas Lock; William Solter
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
1967 visit; Okefinokee lecture; yodeling; cougar, wolves, wildcat, bear
1967 (second page only) William Bartram; Arthur Dobbs, Justina Davis, Okefinokee
1967 Okefinokee clipping; Totten; Wells' “Natural Gardens of North Carolina: [Bladen] Lake”; Bartram
property (clipping attached)
1967 Okefinokee hollerin', mammals; C.S. Brimley re: mammals; Seton re: game animals
1967 ahuck-will's widow in Guildford County (NJ); bird clubs
1968 Florida alligators and snakes; snake-rabbit story
1968 glass negative of Okefinokee photo; snake-rabbit story; "Bartram's" (White) Lake
1968 Okefinokee, James Long (tall snake stories), William Bartram and Netumbo iutca, Vaccuium
macrocelpon, Isaac Hill
1968 Bladen County land records; Bartram
1968 North Carolina land records; Susanna Gulley; Bartram at Cove Sound; Okefinokee
1968 Batson on Bartram
1968 (2 items) Bartram land records
1968 Bethabra photo; Bartram genealogy; William Powell
1968 (6 items) Frank W. Leach re: Bartram genealogy (draft included)
1970 USDA "diabolical scourge", Mary Bartram, Robeson, Bartram Assn., diabetes (draft, shares sheet
with Philip Martin 12/10/70 [1])
1970 Bateman book; Humphrey Marshall; John Bartram; (Mary Bartram Robinson Hunter papers
1970 Isaac Hill's bequest to William Bartram, Hill identity; Wanda Campbell (copy of will, letters from
Wanda Campbell to Lionel Melvin attached)
1970 visit; race relations
1970 Bartram genealogy
Melvin, Lucy (Mrs. Lionel)
Pleasant Garden, NC
1970 (to Mrs. Harper) Mary Bartram Robinson files re: Bartrams
Mendenhall, William F.
Long Beach, CA
1972 Lionel Melvin's "There were Four William Bartrams"; Mendenhall family history; Harper family
history; (clipping, geneaology attached)
[1972] (draft, incomplete) Harper family history
Mengel Natural History Society
Reading, PA see also Jones, Curtis W.
1953-54 (6 letters) Barren Ground expedition, Poole, lecture; date, title ("Exploring Biological Frontiers in
Ungava Peninsula")
Mengel, Robert M.
Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence
1962 (postcard, to Ralph Palmer) memorials vs. obituaries
Men's Sunday Breakfast Club
Mount Holly, NY
(see also Holbein, F.W., Heyer, Carl)
1955 appreciation for talk
1955 request for second talk
1955 acknowledgment invitation
1955 appreciation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 14 continued
Merkle, Prof. Willard S.
Biology, Earlham College, Richmond, IN
1951 re: speaking engagement, Barren grounds, William Bartram
Merriam Co (G & C)
Springfield, MA, by L.H. Holt
1944 re: employment
Merrick, Elliott T.
Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Ashville, NC
1959 acknowledgment True North, Northern Nurse; Ungava bird report
1964 Joe Kowal; Labrador
1964 acknowledgment Ungava reports; Indian studies: Indian House Lake, Upper George, Goose Bay;
Montagnais; Tony Paddon
Merrill, E.D.
Arnold Arboretum, Harvard Univ.
1943 re: Bartram index of plants
1946 Bartram paper
Merrill, Gilbert E.
Academy of Natural History, Philadelphia
no date request for Montagnais paper
Merten, Dietrich
Niederöstenreich, Austria
1961 acknowledgment Eskimo book; Laplanders bibliography: Niettiren, J.K.; Aarkrog, A.; Liden
1963 (2 items) acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo study
no date Christmas card
Mertens, D.
Natur-Museum und Forschungs-Institut, Senckenberg Physikalisches Instiut, Kiel
1954 acknowledgment Indonesian & Australian research report
1961 (postcard) Symposium on Radioactivity in Scandinavia
1968 acknowledgment letter to Faylor (? re: radioactivity)
[Mervis] Mrs. R.
Baltimore, MD
1935 (from Jean Harper) fainting spell
Metcalf, Franklin P. "Tommy"
Cambridge, MA
1921 Athabaska plants
1931 re: shipment of 1914 plants to Ottawa Athabaska & Great Salve Lake
Meyer, George W., M.D.
Durham, NC
1961 prescriptions for glasses
1968 spectacle repair
1971 eye exam
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15:
Meyerriecks, Andrew J.
Biological Labs, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA
1954 (postcard) request for Nueltin Lake bird study
Michigan Geological and Biological Survey
University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology, Ann Arbor
1923 re: publications
see also Helen T. Gough re: Copeia
1927-28 Committee of Bibliography
1929 change of address
1949 specimens order
1960 change of address; Hibbard papers
1961 Copeia papers
Middleburgh Rotary Club
See also Meinhardt, Carl
1950 caribou talk; Middleton, T.G.
1951 family tree Bartram
Middleton, William R.
Wenonah, NJ
1969 Less Thomas; Michael H. Levin; Univ. of Pennsylvania lecture; Delaware Valley Ornithological
Club membership
Miettinen, J. K.
Department of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland
1966 (envelope only)
Miller, Allen H.
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, CA
1950 change of address on MVZ mailings
Miller, A.P.
New York Conservation Dept. Albany
see New York Conservation Department
Miller, Garritt S. Jr.
Smithsonian Institute (US National Museum) Washington, DC
1919 publications
1925 re: [wood] buffalo
1930 review of Ognev, Mammals of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
Miller, Grover C.
Department of Zoology, North Carolina State, Raleigh
1964 abstract of Davidson meeting paper re: Ungava biology (abstract attached)
Miller, H.C.
Ottawa, Canada
1931 re: proofs for Canadian Field Naturalist and reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Miller, H. W.
High Point, NC
1966 re: paper for North Carolina Academy of Science
Miller, Richard B.
Zoology, University of Alberta, [Edmonton] Canada
1948 fish parasites
Miller, Richard F.
Philadelphia, PA
1943 (2 items) Heron census (questionnaire enclosed
1946 Florida [gallinule]
Miller, R. Robert C.
California Academy of Science, San Francisco
1944 re: employment
Miller, W. De W.
1920 re: Remington Kellog, reference to ["griscy"]
Miller, W. Herbert
1950 re: Catesby, Bartram
1954 acknowledgment of Bartram and American Revolution, Bartram folio plates (bookbreaking)
Mills, C. A.
Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
1955 human life article
Mills, Harlow
Montana State College, Bozeman, MT
1945 re: employment
Mills, Louise P. (Mrs. H. M., but see below)
Clemson, SC
1943 (2 items) Bartram "altars"' Mills' death; Bartram ms.; family news
1944 acknowledgment Bartram travels; Philosophical Society
Mills, William H. (H. M.?)
Clemson, SC
1939 acknowledgment pamphlet; Franklinia Alatamaha
1943 Bartram's Keowee "altars"; Travels
1944 Bartram travels; visit
Ministré de l’Éducation Nationale
1965 acknowledgment publications
Minding, George W.
Atlanta, GA
see also U.S. Weather Bureau
1936 (2 items) Georgia climate reports
1936 (3 items) Satilla Forest climatological reports
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Minnesota, University of, Department of Botany, Herbarium, Minneapolis
see also Morley, Dr. Thomas
1935 acknowledgment publications
1954 (9 items, letters, invoices) sale of Ungava vascular plant specimens
1956 delay, W.L. Dix at The Bryoligist, Ungava plants paper, R. W. Schuster, Alexander Evens, C. W.
1962 (2 items, postcards) acknowledgment publications
Mirakel Optical Co., Inc.
Mt. Vernon, NY
1953 repairs on binoculars
1967 Brochure, Christmas gifts
1972 brochure & prices, binoculars
Mississippi State Fish and Game Commission
1964 (2 items) Alligator protection
Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, MO
see also Mrs. Alice Tryon
1952 Le Conte drawings/letters
1954 Ungava expedition, vascular plants, Porsild, E.B. Bartram, offer of sale
Missouri Pacific Lines
W.M. Anderson Agent
1929 re: lost bedroll
Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society
1961 (postcard) meeting notice
Mittleman, M. B.
New Rochelle, NY
1945 (2 items) request reprints; Hyla avivoca paper
1943 North American turtles; J.D. Schopf
1943 Academy library; classical herpetology
1945 re: publications Testudo Hyla
Mizell, Hamp
Georgia, Manor, Waycross, Homeland (see also Lee family), d/ 1950, see also McQueen
1924 folksongs, Okefinokee
1924 Florida panther kill; Okefinokee mammals
1926 McQueen book review; panther
1927 “new book”; Okefinokee panther; Okefinokee bear skin for Harvard Museum; Roland
1929 Okefinokee Alligators, Mr. Lone Thrift, Mrs. Dill, long johns, Jackson, Bartram
1930 Okefinokee alligators; Bartram
1930 Okefinokee ballads and poetry: “Shoutin’ Birds upon the Wing”, “Come All Ye Wild Rovers”; W.T.
Chesser’s ballads: “Dan’l Spikes”
1930 Visit; Alligators
1930 Visit
1930 Chesser’s Island; ballads; Suwanee Lake movies
1930 Alligator paper; Owen, Thrift, photos
1930 Okefinokee toads and frogs; Allen Chesser’s tales; collection of ballads, songs, and stories fish
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1930 visit; Mizell family news
1930 bears killing cows; words for folksongs/ ballads; Chesser's Island; movies; toads and frogs; Chesser's
Cedar Landing
1931 (from Josie Mizell to Jean Harper) visit; Hamp
1931 Movies; ballads; hollering; oak toad paper
1931 Green article; Senate Okefinokee visit
1931 visit; huckleberries; movies; health
1931 (from Mizell family to Harper family) Charismas Box; photos
1931 Dr. Edward Overton
1931 Mizell to Johns Hopkins; Okefinokee photos
1931 Photos; gator frog article
1931 Owen’s death; Okefinokee movies; gator frog article
1932 Visit; hollerers roundup
1932 Depression; health; Okefinokee pictures
1932 [Hitohins]-Howard Chesser’s Island correspondence
1933 Depression; visit
1936 Arthur Leeds; Bartram travels; family news
1937 swamp visitor ("Mr. Silver"); Senator George; Civil Service job (poem: "My Birds" attached)
1937 (4 items) recommendation re: Biological Survey job; Okefinokee protection (recommendation
1944 Okefinokee folk songs on records
1945 Fowler on fishes Acantharchis pomotia mizelli
Mizell, J. R.
Hebardsville, GA
1924 Okefinokee mammals; Dr. Wright; vampire bats
Mizell, Jack
1950 re: fiddle
see also McQueen, 1950
Mizell, John D. (Jack)
American Midland Naturalist, Notre Dame University
1944 records, Okefinokee ["Holleringgs"]
1951 MS on birds, Nueltin Lake, Keewatin publication details
1952 proofs problem
1954 Barren Ground caribou report, publication in American Midland Naturalist
1954 rejects report for publication
Mizell, Sam
Hebardville, GA
1924 Big Cypress, Everglades, panther, star-nosed moles, vampire bats, woodpeckers
Mizell, William, Jr.
Citizens Bank, Folkston, GA
1937 acknowledgment amphibians pamphlet; Okefenokee reservation
1940 acknowledgment tree frog and oriole pamphlets Bartram
Mloszeioske, Marek J.
Iron Ore Co. of Canada
1953 offer of help in collecting at mile 224
see also dr. Marcheldon
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1957 John Wiga's death, conference at Ashuanipi Lake, northern animals, family news
1957 Jan Wilga's death, northern animals
Modell, Henry & Co.
NYC (field equipment)
1947 order [headnet] [beadnet]
Moe, Henry Allen ("Moe")
Guggenheim Museum Foundation. NYC
see also Guggenheim Foundation
1960 [Auk Emlen]
1953 re: northern trip; award to Dr. [Ewan]
see also Ray, Gordon R.
1964 acknowledgment Ungava publications; retirement; removal to Clark Foundation
1965 acknowledgment Cosmos Club address; projects
Moffitt, James
see California Academy of Sciences
Mohr, Charles E.
Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY
Audubon Center, Quaker Ridge, Greenwich, CT
1938 (2 items) spadefoot toad eggs' Pseudacris; photos
1955 Acris gryllus blanchardi specimen at Carnegie
1955 acknowledgment Nueltin Lake bird report, missing Acris, Lawrence's warbler
Mohr Family
194- (postcard) travels
Mohr, Erma
Hamburg Zoological Museum & Institut
(see also Zoologisches Museum)
1937 mammals, vanishing
see also Hamburg Zoological Museum
1949 request for mammals paper
Moir, Capt. Walter N.
Cornwall-on-Husdon NY
1946 re: rent on house Jan-March
Monroe, Burt L.
Louisville, KY
see also Wilson Ornithological Club
1939 (3 items) WOC membership drive
Montana University
1946 re: employment
Montgomery, C.B.
1941 re: Bartram & uses of [snakeroot]
1941 (postcard) Bartram quitrent references
1941 (postcard) Bartram farm references
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Montgomery County Historical Society
Morristown, PA
1951 print materials, Bartram (no primary source)
Montgomery Ward Company
Baltimore, MD
1961 (3 items) orders
Bank of Montreal
see McDonald, John
Monumental Printing Co.
Baltimore, MD
1939 statement reprints
1947 reprint statement
1952 statement & receipt of reprints proceedings of Biological Society of Washington
Moody, Julia
Wellesley Zoologist
1929 re: beavers & muskrat
Moore, Barrington
Editor-in-chief, Washington, DC
1930 Athabaska & Great Slave Lakes, MS for Ecology Magazine
Moore, Emmeline
Conservation Commission, Albany
1924 (2 items, on to Jean Harper parasitic worms; Dr. La Rue;
1924 Hazard book critique
1924 (3 items) Federal Biological Survey; cestodes
1931 parasitic worms specimens in fish; Dr. La Rue
Moore, Dean E.S
School of Mines State College, NY
1921 re: prints
Moore, George A.
Zoology, Oklahoma State, Stillwater, OK
1936 Oklahoma Pseudacris
1936 acknowledgment separates
Moore, J. Percy
Media, PA
1951 (4 copies) Academy administration; specimens
1952 Academy; Cadwalader; specimens
1952 Academy grievances; claim donations
1952 Academy board of trustees; response to withdrawal
1952 (2 items) Drinker letter; Academy query; specimens list
Moore, Jacob
Folkston, GA
1968 Joe Holt; long-tailed tiger cat; specimen preparation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Moore, Joseph Curtis
Hillsdale, NJ; Chicag,o IL
1955 Christmas card
1956 caribou report, request for Pseudacris specimens
1962 (postcard) change of address
1967 Christmas card
Moore, Jeseph C. (et al.)
Homestead, FL mailing
Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville
1945 re: Florida mammals papers
1948 flying squirrel ["incidents"]
1948 flying squirrel nests' dissertation; Jim Friauf
1950 greetings
Moore, K.P.
1932 leeches collected, F. H.
1945 notes on leeches
Moore, Louis
attorney, Thomasville, GA
1930 Okefinokee literature reminiscences of Thomasville and Americus
Moore, Robert T.
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
1931 re: reprints, zoology compliment on report
138 (3 items) acknowledgment separates; Franklinia alatamaha
1940 (postcard) request Old World mammals report
Morehead, Bruce
Oklahoma City, OK
1936 (2 items) naturalist as profession
Moorehead, Warren K.
Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
1934 Bartram, search for Buffalo Lick
More Game Birds in America
"A foundation organized to get results" found with 1930 file migratory waterfowl increase signed Arthur
F. Foran, v.p. & general manager (see also Foran, Arthur F.)
Morehead City (NC)
1964 inquiry re: tourist rooms
Morgan, Frank E. & Sons
1949 order for vitamin C
Morgan, G.F.
Ithaca, NY
1926 re: films, slides
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Morgan, Perry
Charlotte, NC
1962 (3 items) letters to Esquire re: segregation
Morin, Richard W.
Baker Memorial Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
1965 Stefanson Collection; Don Charles Foote unfounded charges
Morland, Amy E. Wallis
1958 (2 items) Emma Cadbury; drawings by William Bartram
[Morley], R.
no date (draft) order for specimens
Morris Arboretum
1947 Bartram
see also Schramm, Dr. J.R.
Morris, Alton C.
Department of English, University of Florida, Gainesville
1950 (2 items) Okefinokee folk materials; Southern Folklore Quarterly; one-eyed gopher turtles
1950 (2 items) Julius Rosenwald Fund Committee; Okefinokee folklore
Morris, Harvey
Rochester, NY, Naturalist
1950 Catskill area
Morris, Richard B.
Department of History, Columbia Univ., New York
1953 errors in Encyclopedia of American History, Darlington, Bartram, Humphrey, Mitchell, Henry
1953 acknowledgment corrections
Morris, Ruth (Mrs. Lawrence)
New York, NY
1955 change of address (from Swarthmore), missing Acris and Pseudacris specimens
1955 (postcard) Peaveys threw out specimens
1962 Bartram Travels
1968 John Bartram portrait article
Morristown, PA
1945 re: lecture Montgomery Co. Medical Society
see also Mrs. C. Russell Carson
Morrow, William C.
Swarthmore, PA
1947 movie camera
1953 re: loan of Kodak, Keewatin Barren Grounds, caribou
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report 1961 caribou
Morse, A. P.
Peabody Museum, Salem, MA
1929 re: talk at Essex County Club
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Moser, Mrs. Artus
Swannanoa, NC
1963 (4 items) visit; camping
Moser, Joan
Brevard College, Brevard, NC
no date address
1962 record player; Okefinokee records; hollerin' jamboree
1963 (3 items) AAAS grant re: Okefinokee folklore; music scores
1963 Okefinokee musical scores; AASC grant; family news; John Lyon's grave; William Justice's
mountain flower slides
1964 (3 items) Okefinokee musical scores; T.S. Shinn photos of John Lyon grave
1964 (2 items) Okefinokee musical scores; notes
Moser, R. Allyn, M.D.
treasurer, American Ornithological Union, Omaha, NE
1949 re: honorary life membership
Morse, Albert P.
Peabody Museum of Natural History, Salem, MA
1932 request for Essex County Ornithological Club Bulletin
1933 acknowledgment of Bulletin, abstracts
Moser, Artus M.
Swannanoa, NC
1965 acknowledgment wildflower newsletter; John Lyon
Moser, Jean
Swannanoa, NC
1968 Okefinokee ms.; recordings
Moss, A. E.
Iron Ore Company of Canada, Montreal
see also Iron Ore Company of Canada
1953 info Knob Lake area housing, transportation, etc.
1954-1956 (7 letters) Ungava expedition, reports, dysentery, photos, reprints
1954 job for David
1954 job
1955 (2 items) Ungava birds reports: Simard Verouneau; Fred Farah; A. H. Tait
1958 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava birds report; Jim Murdoch; Sebastian McKenzie; addresses: Tait,
Slipp, Boemer
1961-62 (3 items) Ungava mammals report; addresses: Iron Ore Co., Foster, Murdoch, Mansa, Slipp,
Thomson, Racey
1964 (3 items) Montagnais report; addresses: Simard, Murdoch; Slipp, Goren, Neal, Girardin, McKenzie
Mount Holly Herald
Mount Holly, NJ
no date receipt
Mount Holly Postmaster
New York
1963 change of address (Chapel Hill)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Mowatt, Angus
1948 Farley Mowatt’s debts
Movatt, Charles L.
History, University of California, Los Angeles
1940 acknowledgment Bartram trail; British East Florida study
1940 (2 items) Bartram travels; Fothergill; Florida material; "General's Pond"; M'Gee murder
1943 re: Bartram Diary [Gauld] MS note
1943 acknowledgment John and William Bartram studies
Mowatt, Farley
1947 Nueltin Lake, Keewatin trip altercation (“You will oblige by refraining from mentioning in print my
name or the Nueltin Lake Expedition, 1947; by making no use of my earlier records from Saskatchewan
or elsewhere; by replacing the expedition labels on your specimens.”)
see also Murphy R.C. reference Apr. 15,1947
Muchmore, W. B.
Biological Labs, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1956 (5 letters) acknowledgment caribou report, Pseudacris specimens, Amblystoma eggs, preservation
Mudd, Stuart
Haverford, PA
Bacteriology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
1941 re: gathering materials to be sent abroad after war; International Exchange transmission of respiratory
diseases; mess hall sugar shakers
1941 scientific journal distribution
1941 Lowett Dewees; sugar bowl diseases; venereal inspections
Muesebeck C.F.W.
Department of Agriculture, Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC
1947 re: [vials] [Bin] Ethanol plant quarantine
1949 re: [nematade] identifications re: Wharton and Euschongastia
1950 re: Leptinus ectoparasites (lice, fleas, etc)
1951 [Neotrichodoctes] minutus, identification
1952 ants
1953 ticks
1953 acknowledgment Ungava birds report, Muir, John re: on postcard to "Life & Letters of-" by William
F. Bade
1938 clipping re: 'gifted nature writer"
Muller Max,
Hans Tabor, Germany
1956 (envelope only) horse breeding
Mundt, Sen. Karl E.
1965 re: news release from Washington on fields for wildlife protection
1967 (news release) Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
1967 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World; Okefinokee hearing; Harper publications
1967 acknowledgment Okefinokee material
Munroe, Vernon
Bankers Trust Co, NYC "Committee of Three"
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1929 letter to Calvin Coolidge re: estate of Conrad Hurbert, Harper's application-Biological Research
Institute assistance
Murdoch, Janine
Cassiar, BC
1961 acknowledgment book
Murdy, H. W.
see United States Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service
Murie, O.J. (Olaus)
US Department of Agriculture, Biological Survey, Moose, WY
1928 re: reprints Okefinokee
1932 check for Seton's [Lives]
1951 re: vandalism wildlife service, The Wilderness Society
1963 Preble bibliography; Guide to Animal Tracks; writers of anonymous works
Murphey, Eugene Edmund
Augusta, GA
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Charleston Museum; Georgia birds; Henry C. Hammond
1939 Augusta hospitality; JudgeHammond; Fort Galphin sketch; St. John's River expedition
1939 (card) acknowledgment reprints
1940 Mrs. T.H.B. McKnight address; Bartram's "Flat Rock" in Warren Co.
1940 status of common sturgeon (Acipenser oxyraynchus; Georgia state wildlife reports; Bartram mss.
1943 acknowledgment Bartram diary; health
1943 health; Okefenokee ornithology; Earl Greene report
1943 Georgia ornithology; early history; Okefinokee experiences 1916-1940; St. Mary's River; Bartram;
Arthur Leeds; La Conte plantation; (ornithological bibliography enclosed)
1945 Dr. Caudle; deaths of Joe Moffatt and Mr. Saunders
1944 re: Bartram
Murphy, Carolyn C.
sister of Robert Cushman Murphy
1922 Robert Murphy, summer employment
Murphy, Grace E. Barstow (Mrs. Robert Cushman)
Bronxville, NY
1921 family news; Norman Taylor
no date acknowledgment bulletin
no date Miss Patterson; MacPherson
1925 Natick house
[1933] mother's death; A.O.U.
1926-1944 family news; travels, family Christmas news
1957 AOU; family news
no date travels
1964 William Floyd Estate in Mastic
1967 visit; family news
Murphy, Robert Cushman and Grace Setauket,
Long Island, Brooklyn Museum, American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1921 Pelecanoides paper mailing list (Harper colleagues)
1932 re: help for Bowen
1940 acknowledgment herpetological reprints; Old World mammals; family news; (clipping enclosed)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1943 (2 items) review corrections; Bartram
1943 Natural History; William Bartram paper
1944 re: rats in Poe's "Pit and the Pendulum"
1047 re: camera (Tucker's), see also Mowatt re: "altercation"
1948 purchase of specimens Bartram
1949 re: Guggenheim fellowship
1953 new place old field point
1955 (postcard) travels
1956 acknowledgment caribou report; family news
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals, family news
1956 Conservationists United for Long Island newsletter
no date spraying of Tory Island
1957 Bartram's Travels ready, 'Walt the Trooper' of Patchogue; race relations
1957 AOU program; family news
1957 family news, wildflowers
1957 clippings
1957 (3 items) referees, ACLS application (early American naturalists)
1957 (postcard) travels; address
1958 clipping
1958 (4 items) campaign against spraying; Mrs. Edwin Way Teals
1958 Walt the Trapper; Murphy's Dead Whale or a Stove Boat; prostate gland
1959 (2 items) Midway albatrosses; Roger Conant; spraying
1959 Migratory Bird Treaty re: albatrosses; spraying
1959 spraying; albatross; APS honors; Albert Linton; Academy
1959 (postcard) albatross, Dromedea; treaty
1959 AL re: ANSP
1961 (2 items) Ludlow Griscom's ms.
1961 (postcard) Millet's Glimpses on the Barren Lands
1961 (postcard) vitamin C tablets
1961 Millet's Plain Tales of the North; Titian Peele's diary of Florida; David H. Johnson; Clifford Drury;
plants of Plandome
1961 Mallet; Plandome
1962 acknowledgment Ungava reports; McAtee
1964 clippings
1964 (3 items) Long Island memoirs; Poospatucks; sod houses, University of Kansas bequest
1964 Mastic-Moriches Bay; Atomic Energy Commission; William O. Puritt
1964 Mastic: New York State Atomic Research Authority; Floyd estate
1964 acknowledgment reprints; Montagnais
1964 (form letter) Mariches Bay nuclear plant (clippings attached)
1964 tsurup or torup for snapping turtle by Walt, (3 items) the Trapper; Doc Overton; Poospatuck words;
Indian words for turtles
1964 "[Mastin] fight"; Fire Island; Athabaska caribou
1964 (2 items) Conservationists United for Long Island Bulletins, Nos. 62, 63
1967 visit; family news; Long Island Conservationists
1967 Christmas card
1968 (card) order for Dead Whale or Stove Boat
1969 dead whale book to UNC library; Bartram; Okefinokee; Lake Athabaska; Hamilton M. Laing;
naturalists; family news
Murphy, Ted
Department of Zoology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1961 specimens: Scaphiopus Elphe, obsoleta obsoleta, terrapene carolina carolina, Bufo terrastris copei
1961 acknowledgments specimens, reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1961 specimens
Murphy, B. D.
DD Presbtyrian Church, editor "The Raven" Lexington, VA, Virginia Society of Ornithology
1934 grackles, Virginia territory
Murrey, Baker and Imbrie
New York
also Baker, Murrey & Imbrie
1920 order
1920 prices
Museum of Natural History
see University of Kansas
Muséum National d'Historie Naturelle Library
see also Dollfus
1938 re: French naturalists & herpetology
1930 acknowledgment of documents signed "E.G"?
Museum of Zoology
see University of Michigan
Museum Quarterly
also Hutchinson and Fox
1920 (2 items) request copies; Okefinokee; acknowledgment
Museum zu Wien
1968 Tigris longiphilis; extinct animals book; Bartram
Mussebeck, C. F.
Bureau of Ethnology and Plant Quarantine. US Department of Agriculture, Washington
(see also US Department of Agriculture)
1945 Joe Ewing's retirement from USDA; shortage of specialists; delayed identifications (identifications
1945 specimens for Weing; northwestern Pewnnsylvania mammals report
1946 (2 letters) identifications (Trombicula blarinae myotis, Ascoschöngastia peromysoi (identifications
1947 Haemoganasus liponysoides identification; transfer to Enhaemogamasus; current name
1947 Peromyscus parasites: Atricholaelaps glasgowi; identifications by Greene, Wharton, Baker; mites
(Melospiza georgiana), fleas (Opisodasys psudarctomys), ticks, and lice (Neotrichodeotes) Leptinus
testaceus stomachs
1947 tick (Ixodes cookeri); Leptinus
1947 Laptinus stomachs; catalogue of Mites
1954 Colonel Traub, Ungava parasites, identification
1947 Baker; Acarina names (list enclosed)
1947 Charles Hodge re: Leptinus stomachs, host; Keewatin ectoparasites
1947 Hodge; Keewatin trip
1954 ticks were heads of Crematogaster
1955 Ungava birds and mammal reports, parasites identification, Dr. Baker
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report
1956 Polyplax spinulosa and P. abacisa, Keewatin mammal paper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1956 (from Phyllis T. Johnson, Insect identification) Palplax
Musser, Guy G.
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1970 (2 items) Extinct and vanishing mammals; "Benedyct Fulinski" manuscript
Myers, DeWitt L., Jr.
United Church of Christ, Carlisle, PA
1967 Spencer F. Baird reprint; family news
Myers, George S.
Stanford University
1933 address US National Museum, Washington DC
1939 acknowledgment Bartram papers; Natural History Museum news
1947 re: acris
Myers, Mabel
Anaheim, CA
1926 re: taxidermy books
N & I Express Co.
Rensselaerville, NY
1951 Claim for lost material
Nally, Julian
Gotha, FL
1938 (2 items) Bartram Bicentennial Committee questionnaire
1939 John Bartram descendants addresses; acknowledgment Bartram paper; bicentennial celebration;
Nash, Ronald J.
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature
(also Province of Manitoba, Museum of Man and Nature)
1969 (2 items) Nueltin Lake reprt; Charles Schweder; caribou and moose
Natick Federal Savings and Loan (also Natick Five Cents Savings Bank, also Natick Cooperative Bank)
Natick, MA
1936 Mrs. Jean Harper's dues
1939 savings insurance and dividends
1936 deposit and passbook
1939 joint account; deposit
1940 deposit
1940 withdrawal
1940 deposit
1941 withdrawal
1941 withdrawal
1942 (2 items) withdrawals
1943 deposit for Mary S. (Molly)
1943 re: payments
1946 an withdrawals
1956 payment order
1963 account
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Natick Five Cents Savings Bank
Natick, MA
see Natick Federal Savings and Loan
Natick Trust Co.
Natick, MA
1930 closing account
National Academy of Sciences
New York
1942 National Science Fund; annals of herpetology
National Archives
Washington, DC
1940 Le Conte's St. John River (FL) report
1942 P.M. Homer request for list of publications that were [assisted] by archives
National Area Council
see Pouch, H. Richard
National Association of Audubon Societies 1907 order birds
see also Audubon Societies
1925 Canadian bison
1930 see also Pearson, T. Gilbert; Eaton, Warren F.
1931 Okefinokee trip, birds
1932 help requested for passage of House Bill #12381
1936 hawk and owl field data
1936 (2 items) Okefinokee kites report, hawks, owls, eagles; Hebard
1937 T. Gilbery Pearson autobiography
1937 grazing in Okefinokee
1938 (2 items) Roosevelt letter re: Okefinokee
1938 Chesser's Island pines
1940 information on CCC or Chesser's Island
see also Pough
1941 (2 items) Audubon Magazine re: mammals; Vanishing Mammals
1971 publication in American Birds, Robert Arbib, ed.
1972 Comm. newsletter information on Areta [Saunders] Memorial fund
see also Harwell, Bert., re: Okefinokee
National Audubon Society
Audubon House, NY see also Sanderson, W.E.
1943 Biological Abstracts
1943 Model As for swamps
1955 bird call order
1957 re: dieldrin threat
1959 [pseudacris] specimens
National Counselling Service
New York
1968 order: Kaufman, How to Avoid Burglary and other Crimes
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
National Geographic Magazine
Washington, DC
1933 see also LaGorce, G.O (ed.Okefinokee Wilderness)
19134 see also Hildebrand (editor of Okefinokee Wilderness)
1948 refusal to publish and why
National Gallery of Canada
1961 (2 letters) portrait of Henry Y. Hind, engraving Ungava ethnology
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Montagnais paper
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD
1963 research grants
National Museum of Canada
(see also Porsild, A.E.; Harkness, Hilda: Brodo, Irwin M.)
see also Canada - National Museum of Natural sciences
1947 Nueltin Lake, Botany 1949 birds of s. Alberta lichens
1954 label for Dipensia lapponica
1954 Diapensia label replaced
1966 reprints Ungava plant study; lichens
1967 lichenology in Canada (questionnaire attached)
1967 Ungava plants; W.L. Dix
1968 see also Godfrey, Earl on yellow rails
National Museum
Melbourne C1
1937 mammals
s ee also Mahony, D.G.
The National Observer
New York
1962 Jones' article
1966 (3 letters) subscription and delivery
1966 hay fever and vitamin C
National Parks Association
Washington, DC
1946 appeal to Mr. Devereaux Butcher for conservation of timber in Okefinokee "primeval timers in
national wildlife refuge"
National Parks & Conservation Association
Washington, DC
[no date] membership information
National Parks of Canada (see Canada - Department of Interior)
National Park Service
1934 see also US Department of Interior (National Park Service)
Colored pictures, Okefinokee referral
1935 see also Wright, George M.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
National Research Council
Washington, DC, Edith L. Elliot, Secretary to chairman
1924 application
1941 (4 items) services of men of science
1942 survey form Office of Scientific Personnel
1951 application for post-doc from National Science Foundation
1951 transmit announcement of fellowships
1951 acknowledgment application forms, eligibility, experience (copy)
1951 application to NSF 1953 acknowledgment application
1953 Bio Sciences Information Exchange, request for summary of research (uncompleted form attached)
1954 National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel
National Roster of Scientific & Specialized Personnel
War Manpower Commission, Washington, DC
[1941] (2 items) questionnaire; biographical data
[1942] (3 items) questionnaire; biographical data
[1944] (2 items) supplemental information form; biographical data
1945 registration number
1946 request to update of Harper's files
1954 curriculum vita
National Science Foundation
Washington DC (gen. ecology) see also Contlon, Dr. G.E.; McVaugh, Rogers; Havens, E. G.; Smith,
A.C.; Johnson, Frank H.; Goodrich, H. B.; Waterman, Alan T.; Wilson, John T.; Steere, William C.;
Keck, David
1951-1953 (20 letters) grant request Keewatin study, acknowledgment, application, curriculum vita,
conference with Kellogg, Kucera, Consolazio, award letter, Arctic Institute, request for leave, reports
1952 (3 letters) evaluation of Howell application
1952 (8 letters) resume Keewatin project, expenditures, reports, printing and reprint costs.
1953 acknowledgment Ungava reprints
1953 acknowledgment application "Reports on the Fauna of the Interior of the Laborador [?] Peninsula"
1955 (10 letters & copies) Laborador proposal funded, conditions, reports, payments, A. E. Porsild,
vascular plants, Bartram's paper on Ungava mosses
1954 evaluation of Altman's proposal
1955 (6 letters) proposal for Fort Enterprise expedition, biological investigation acknowledgment caribou
paper, reject Fort
1955 Fort Enterprise rejection, visit
1956 (3 letters) request for final fiscal report, submitted, acknowledgment
1956 (2 items) fiscal reports: NSF-G153, NSF-G955
1956 (3 letters) George Cooley, request for leave from grant
1956 leave granted and acknowledged
1956 (2 letters) transmittal Dix report, acknowledged
1956 report on Ungava grant, Edwin Bartram, W. L. Dix, A.E. Porsild, Charles Wurtz, W.J. Gertsch, H.
W. Fowler, Cooley expedition, request for grant extension
1956 (14 letters) grant extended and acknowledged, compensation, Wetmore, T. H. Manning, additional
compensation denied, Ungava report acknowledged, publication (Kansas)
1957 (2 items) E. Raymond Hall; publication costs
1957 (to E. Ray Hall) Ungava publication costs
1957 (3 items) publication costs; Guggenheim; Alexander Wetmore
1957 Keewatin caribou report; Ungava bird report; future reports: Ungava climate, Ungava fishes, plant
and animal associations, Montagnais
1958 Keewatin report
1958 list of publications from Ungava (with draft)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1958 organizations supporting research
1958 publication grant (Keewatin and Ungava reports)
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird study
1958 (2 items) (Arctic Institute of North America) research grant
1958 Keewatin and Ungava award letter
1959 (2 items) 1952 grant balance
1959 Keewatin and Ungava grant
1959 (from NSF to Arctic Institute) grant award
1959 (2 items) award letter: "Biological Investigations in Keewatin and the Ungava Peninsula"
1959 (3 items) final report grant NSF-G153
1960 Philedelphia Academy of Natural Science; removal to Chapel Hill
1960 fiscal report NSF G 153; NSF-G 7261
1960 (2 items) grant extension
1960 NSF-G 153 closed
1960-1961 (2 items) Ungava project progress
1961 extension request
1961 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava mammals reprint, unexpended funds
1961 (6 items) Ungava mammals report; grant request: Ungava Indians, Keewatin Eskimos; Bartram
1962 (6 items) request for funds for Okefinokee folkways study
1962 (draft) Okefinokee request
1962 acknowledgment reprints, Keck announcement
1962 excerpts from letters to Arctic Institute in praise of University of Kansas and E. Ray Hall
1962 (from Ralph E. O'Dette, Program Director to Robert C. Faylor, Arctic Institute) publication subsidy
for Harper's manuscripts
1962 Frederiksen's work with Eskimos, Keewatin amphibians published by Biological Society of
1963 (3 letters) publishing Ungava plants and animal associations, papers at University of Kansas
1963 (7 letters) Keewatin amphibians paper, Arctic Institute
1963 unexpended grant funds, slaughter of caribou, final report
1963 Ungava caribou and grizzly bears
1963 (draft) final report
1964 (2 letters) publishing Keewatin and Ungava papers, University of Kansas
1965 (16 items, 13 letters, 3 cards) request for grant ecological & life-history studies of birds of
Athabaska; acknowledgment, reports, requests for funds
1965 (2 letters) acknowledgment of grant, Hamilton Laing payment
see also John S. Rankin, Jr., John T. Wilson
1965 announcement
1966 announcement
1966 (4 items) Athabaska bird application
1966 (5 items) check for Hamilton Laing
1966 Hamilton Laing; bird report; Okefinokee project
1966 (5 items) extension
1966 Athabaska bird report
1966 Laing request
1967 (5 items) Athabaska bird report; Okefinokee project report
1967 (4 items) delayed report
1967 program director
1967 (5 items) final project report
1967 (4 items) fiscal matters
1968 program director
1968 (2 items) Athabaska bird report
1968 (3 items) report request
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1968 draft transmittal of progress report (page 2 of RCM on back)
1969 Okefinokee People; folk material; grant request
1969 (3 items) fiscal report; travel expenses
1970 (2 items) supplementary grant; Bartram project; Okefinokee; Athabaska birds
1970 Mrs. John M. Gordon: re: grant refused
National Science Fund of National Academy of Science
1943 grant applications
1942 (2 items) herpetology research grant
National Travel Club
1932 membership material
National Watershed Congress
1971 notice of Congress meeting
National Wildlife Council
Washington, DC
1953 wildlife stamps, appeal for contributions
National Wildlife Federatin
Washington, DC
1970 letter to Irving re: fire ant control
Natural History Books
1957 Herpetology books
Natural History Magazine
Anna K. Berger, Associate Editor, C
1932 re: Voice of the Pines, Dorothy L. Edwards, asst. editor
1939 (3 items) battle ground animals; wild boars
1949 Edward W. Weyer, Jr. Editor (5 items) caribou ms. submission; length
1949 (7 items) caribou ms. published
1949 (2 items) maps and photographs returned
1949 sketch map; A.E. Porsild (NMC); vascular plants; caribou article
1949 (postcard) additional copies
Natural History Museum
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
see also Clinton Abbott, Director
1944 Travels; Bartram; Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Natural Sales Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
[no date] nutritious produces and sales re: Dr. Shulte & vitamin E research
1969-1970 (5 items) pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed meal
Naturalist's Directory
see also Cassino
Nature Conservancy
1968 (11 items) land donated to Nature Conservancy (Chesser's Island, Okefinokee)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Nature Magazine
American Nature Association, Washington, DC, Richard Westwood, Ed.
1946 re: Clarence Cotton
1955 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou study
Nature Publishing Co.
Naturhistorisches Museum
Wien, Austria
(see also Weltstein, Otto)
1937 (postcard) request for separates
1938 Tigris longipilis specimen
Neal, Dorothy
[Georgia Ornithological Society]
no date Christmas letter
Neal, H. E.
Philadelphia, Schefferville, Quebec
see also Iron Ore Company of Canada
1956 visit, Ungava (questions attached)
1962 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper, Labrador Trough, development at Schefferville. St-Onge,
1965 Ungava papers, fish, climate, Bill Bazuk, Jim Thompson, Lance Widhall, Moss
1962 Ungava mammal paper, Moss, vegetation, Carol Lake, Montagnais, Guy Giroux
Necker, Walter L.
Chicago IL, Academy of Sciences
1935 acknowledgement herpetological papers
1938 (3 items) acknowledgment receipt of Copia records; Auk index
[1938] Christmas card
1940 (postcard) subscription to Herpetologica
1948 acknowledgment Herpetological Literature
Nederlandische Comissie vour Intgernationalle Naturbescherming
1927 mammals questionnaire
Needham, J. G.
Department of Entomology Experiment Station, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
1919 Okefinokee
1932 re: revitalizing Okefinokee society conditions in the swamp
1933 ship canal threat
1933 Okefinokee, Science magazine
Neff, Frances T.(Mrs. Emery, formerly Mrs. Wendell Taber)
Westmorland, N.H.
1963 photo of Townsend & Julian Huxley, Labrador Indians, People of the Deer
1963 Ungava Indian paper, printing costs, Caribou Eskimo report
1963/1964 Canadian Eskimos
1964 Eskimo papers publiched at Kansas, Julian Huxley, Julian Boyd, Eskimo statement too "hot" for
publication (2 copies attached), Atomic Energy Commission retaliation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1964 Townsend poetrait, Julian Huxley, travels
no date (draft of postcard) Eskimo report, transmits Townsend photo
1964 acknowledgment Eskimo book, Townsent-Huxley photo
Neill, Wilfred T. Jr.
Augusta, GA
1946 [pseudacris] herpetology
1948 acris see Bartram notes
1954 southwestern herpetology, Schmidt
1954 AIBS metings, Schmidt
1956 acknowledgment separates, Bartram
1956 Florida Wildlife
1956 acknowledgment reprints, caribou
1956 anthropological papers, Bartram, Chapel Hill
1960 acknowledgment British Honduras herptology separates; Georgia herpetology ms.
1960 (3 items) Georgia herpetology; Reptile Institute
1960 parcel insurance receipt
1960 (4 items) Georgia Herpetology; Schmidt changes in sequence of orders; nomenclature
1960 (3 items) address; Georgia herpetology
Nelson, ---Biological Survey
1920 (memo) personnel of Athabaska party
Nelson, A. L.
Patuxant Research Refuge, Laurel, MD
1957 (3 items) food-habits research; bird stomachs
1957 W. Earl Godfrey; National Museum of Canada; bird stomachs; J. A. Loring; H. M. Laing
1957 (2 items) bird stomachs to Canada
Nelson, Nancy (Mrs. Robert)
Brown's Mills, NJ
1955 (8 letters) re: typing, suggestions, payment, errors
Nelson, Ted
University of Michigan Biological Station
1926 old friend, birds; bird index form
Nero, Robert W.
Department of Natural Resources, Regina, Saskatchewan
1960-61 (2 items) Arctic terns report; MacFarlaine River bird survey
1961 (3 items) Birds of Uranium City; Arctic loon; Stuart Houston
1961 (2 items) Aldrich bird catalogue; list of Athabaska birds
1961 Laing, spelling of "McFarlane River"
1961 Lake Athabaska birds, MacFarlane River, dam on Charlot River
1963 Lake Athabaska mentifacts, bird report
1963 Athabaska bird report, list of corrections, acknowledgment 'mementos'
1963 Phillips' Natural History of the Ducks, binomials, Pipit address of W. H. Beck
1963 Beck's address, Brandshaw's report, comments on Athabaska report
1963 Bradshaw's report, bird report
1964 McLean's Baker Lake Eskimos, Kazan River colleagues
1966 (Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature, Winnipeg) bird studies, George Argus
1966 bird distribution, freshwater seal, projects
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
Nesbitt, William
Short Hills, NJ
1926 shutter attachment; trap lamps (manual enclosed)
1928 re: bear picture
no date brochure How to Hun with the Camera
1930 Okefinokee, frogs, photography
1931 photograph, book
1939 conservation concerns; publication on frogs/toads
Netting, M. Graham
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
Sec. American Society Ithhyologists & Herpetologists
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1931 folder re: government meetings
1935 (2 items) change of address; local herpetological and vertebrate material
1936 (2 items) meeting title re: Le Conte
1936 (2 items) change of address; Terrapin bauri specimens; Pseudacris ornata
1937 paper proposal: Le Conte
1938 (postcard) acknowledgment Canadian reprints
1940 back numbers of Copia
1945 report on review of old World Mammals
1945 acknowledgment review, conservation, Reese
1946 Acris
1955 Pseudacris study, publication
New, John G.
Conservation Dept., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1956 (2 items, postcard) request for reprints re: Pseudacris reprints and acknowledgment
1957 (2 items, postcard) request Keewatin mammals report and acknowledgment
New Haven Railroad
Boston, MA
1958 (4 items) fare refund
New Jersey Bell Telephone Co.
1960 bills
New Jersey Department of Conservation
Division of Fish and Game, Trenton, NJ
see also Department of Conservation and Economic Development State of New Jersey
1951 (8 items) Rancocas Cooperative Association; game sanctuary; Underhill; Smith Estate L.G.
New Jersey (state)
Executive Department
Edward Gilroy, Sec. to Governor Edge
1945 re: Island Beach as state or national park
1953 Attorney General's "function"
1955 mosquito spraying on private property
New Jersey State Police
Columbia, NJ
1948 request for surveillance Rancocas Co.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1950 request for patrol Rencross area at beginning of hunting season
New Process Co.
Warren, PA
1931-1945 (7 items) shirt orders, size
1939 overpayment
1951 orders for coats, exchanges, etc.
1952-1955 orders for shirts, towels
1964 order
1965 (3 letters) order, complaint
1971 order and reorder
1971 (2 items) merchandise complaint
1971 reorder
New Scientist
1968 introductory information for R.P. Guy
State University of New York
1915 invoice (original negatives of birds)
1916 invoice (original negatives of birds)
1925 examination; specimens
1925 funds
1925 compensation; bird manual
1928 galleys for Adirondacks mammals study
1949 Bishop; Huyck Preserve
1950 (2 items) school bulletin copy
New York Academy of Sciences
1942 publications
New York Botanical Garden
1930 Portulaca: P. pilosa
1949 Keewatin plants
see also Robbins, Dr. William G.
1949 (Mar.) invoice for plant sheets
1954 prices of Ungava plant specimens
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava habitats paper
New York Conservation Commission (Department)
1923-1926 (3 items) scientific license reports
1922-1926 (3 items) scientific license requests
1925 scientific licenses and reports
1926 scientific license report 1927 (draft) fox squirrel statistics
1949 re: collector's license, Huyck Preserve
see also Noonan, Mrs. Helen
1950 specimens (at Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve)
1951 report re: scientific collector's license
see also Miller, A.P.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
New York Evening Post
New York
1925 (telegram) Major Reed (heraldry) re: symbolism of eagle (from Harper's photograph) on quarter
(very funny)
[1925] reply to heraldry question of eagle on quarter
New York Historical Society
New York City see also Andrews, Wayne; Healin, James J.
1951 (postcard) acknowledgment Nathan Dunn house; Robert C. Smith
1953 Bartram, references, maps, Cadwaladar Colden
1959 (3 items) Wilmer Leach; Darlington Papers; G.S.T. Cavanaugh
New York Public Library
1951 manuscript reading card
New York State College of Agriculture
1924 request for leaflet, frogs etc.
New York State Museum
Albany, NY see also Stoner, Dayton; Schoemaker, W.J.
no date acknowledgment reprints
no date (draft) request handbook
(see also Smith, Stanley Jay, Museum curator)
1926 Adirondack parasite determination
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram separates
1950 plant identifications (list attached)
New York Telephone Co.
1950 request for information for Rensselaerville service, termination, etc.
New York Tines
1950 re: subscription
New York Times Book Review
1964 Okefinokee alligator photograph
Newbold, Arthur E, Jr.
Educational Development Fund, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
1936 children's initiative
Newfoundland Province
Department of Mines and Resources, St. John’s
1953 permission to collect mammals, birds, and fish
1953 list of specimens collected (list attached)
1962 caribou numbers, radioactive fallout, other causes
Newhall, Allan G. and Hazel
NY State College of Agriculture; Cornell
1924 plant pathology
1962 travels, Okefinokee, Philippines, Cornell-Los Barros Project, Art Allen
1968 Gamma Alpha, Ungava, Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 15 continued
1962 visit, race relations, bears, Whetzels
Newman, I.C. Co.
NY (Newco products)
1945 squibs for Newbitt Trap Lamp (plus flashlight powder)
Newman, Robert J.
Museum of Zoology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
1962 Allen Press publishing Auk
Newsom, William Monypeny
1935 opinions on variations in deer of Adirondack flyer on book, white-tailed Deer for hunters, etc.
John E. Pfieffer, Science Editor
1938 re: paper given at American Philosophical Society, autumn general meeting vanishing mammals
Newton, Arthur C.
Union Gas Company of Canada, Ltd., Chatham, Ontario
1953 acknowledgment Ungava mosses paper, Canada geese, sandhill cranes
1953 caribou antler (sketch attached, list of mammals & birds)
1953 plant specimens,, list of mammal sightings
1953 location of specimens
1954 plant specimens identified, Jerome St. Onge, Fred Farah, other colleagues
1954 acknowledgment plant identifications, location of samples
1955 migration route of Canada goose, Ungava mosses
1958 (2 items) notes re: Ungava bird report
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird report
Newton, Gerald
1953 bill
1943 end $5.00 payment
1940 visit; Robin Harper
1949 request for appointment
Newton, Maurice E.
Chapel Hill
1960 receipt for dental work
1963 receipt
Series I. Box 16.
Nice, Margaret N.
Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL
1934 Biological Abstracts, rules
1938 ornithologist
1955 wilderness preservation, Dick Pough, Echo Park, Okefinokee fires
1956 Wichita Nation Wildlife Refuge, artillery range
1956 wildlife protection, McAte, Okefinokee, Wichita
1957 (open letter) fire ants; DDT
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
1958 (14 items) spraying; DDT
1958 spraying; Roland re: fire ants
1958 spraying; Bartram review
1958 (6 items) spraying; Roland; fire ants
no date prospectus of Bartram biography
1958 (6 items) spraying
1962 (4 letters) biography of Lucian M. Turner, sources, poverty, McAtee's death (draft-shares sheet with
Scheips, see Paul J. Scheips)
1962 DDT, Rachel Carson
1962 (draft) Turner bio, Ungava Indians
1962 Turner, Auk obituaries, Carson
1964 acknowledgment Ungava papers, Turner, Carson
1964 Austin's quoting Todd, Caribou Eskimos, song sparrow volumes Dover Press
Nicheman, Milton
1952 [Clethrionomys] request and answer
Nichols, Cornelia (Mrs. John T.)
Garden City, NY
[1958] John's (Jack) death
1958 (draft) Jack; Mastic
1961 David (Nichols); Chapel Hill; William Bartram biography; Okefinokee
1961 David (N.); Julian Boyd letter re: Jefferson, Poospatucks; family ness
1961 Christmas Card
1961 (5 items, letters & postcard) Jefferson's list of Poospatuck words, family, photographs, Ungava
Indians "Mosticiana", Smith's Point Museum
1962 Forbisher "Conclave", Eskimos
1963 Christmas Card
1964 Poospatuck negatives to Smithsonian, identifications
1964 acknowledgment photographs, identifications, Poospatuck Creek gathering, "Old House"
1964 Floyd Point, Mastic, Nuclear plan, caribou, fall-out (clipping attached)
1964 photographs, Tom Hill, old island
1964 Christmas card, health
1964 Mastic nuclear plant, Poospatuck language, Okefinokee book
1965 Christmas card
no date acknowledgment caribou paper, John Nichols' death
1968 (2 items) family news; Athabaska birds; Okefinokee
Nichols, David G.
Garden City, NJ
1936 (2 items) Cape Charles mammals; Sciurus niger bryanti; Oryzomys
1937 Florida Revue; Simpsons; Lynx; Felis
1927 Florida Review' frog and salamander specimens; Chorophilis copii; Pseudacris ornata
1937 English ectoparsites
1938 Franklinia paper; Okefinokee plants; swamp protection; Swarthmore College; International Wild Life
1941 scholarly zoological translation service (mettre bas sample enclosed)
1945 mammals, mice
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird report; Harper bibliography
1959 Jack [Nichols]; Mastic; Walt Raynor; Bartram
[ no date] Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Nichols, George E.
Osborn Botanical Laboratory, Yale, New Haven, CT
1926 Iris Christmas card
1927 lantern slide
1935 Christmas card
1931 acknowledgment of papers
1938 acknowledgment Franklinia paper in Bartonia
1938 acknowledgment reprints; Franklinia; baby alligator; Marsh Garden; CCC in Okefinokee; Chesser's
Island visit
Nichols, John T. "Jack" and Cornelia
Naturalist (birds)-Linnean Society, NY
Conservation Commission, American Museum of Natural History
1916 Coregonis preblei; Catostonus ricardsoni
1916 Canadian paper; Griscom
1925 snipe slides; Bob Murphy
1925 Richardson re: Coregionus quadrilateralis; Franklin's narrative
1929 birds, male swans
1922 acknowledgment copy of "Sea-rises", McAtee's verse, Okefinokee, evening grosbeaks, Phillips,
1930 biological abstracts work
1931 intrigue, museum curatorships; editor, "The Auk," etc. Acris
1950 birds
1953 southern seal, red crossbill
1953 sticklebacks, birds of Long Island
1955 Christmas card, caribou report
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals, red squirrel
1958 acknowledgment Marine Life; Ungava birds ms.
1970? mammals
Nicholsen, Lowell S.
Appalachia Mountain Club, Boston, MA
1939 canoeing article in Appalachia; photos
Nicholson, Joseph L.
Haddonfield, NJ
1954 Academy, (statement of 'mountain of incompetence' attached)
1954 Academy, Boston Science Museum, strategy
[1958] (2 items) book order; controlled burning 1958 (postcard) books order; Ungava bird report
1961 (draft) foundation; visit
Nicholson, Sidney
Mount Holly, NJ
1960 Joshua [Hooper]; Jason Buchanan; W.J. Hooker; Royal Gardens (London)
Nickalls, John L.
Friends House, London
1941 John Bartram-Gronovius letters; Irene L. Edwards; (money draft enclosed)
1941 acknowledgment draft; Bartram research (receipt enclosed)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Nickels, Sylvia
Seven Kings, Essex, UK
1965 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou paper
1965 Keewatin mammals report
1965 acknowledgment "northern" reports, Nickels' books on Finland & Yugoslavia
1965 Finlnd Book, Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World, list of English colleagues, D.A.
Bannerman's Birds of the British Isles, Phillips' Natural History of Ducks
1965 Finland, Keewatin mammals, assassination of Archduke
Niering, William A.
Connecticut College; New London, CT
1957 (2 items) Lehigh Pond quaking bog; McCormick; Tannersville cranberry bog
Nijhof, Martinus
Netherlands, Museum of Antiquarian Booksellers
1932 ornithology books ordered
Nixon, C. William
Department of Zoology, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana
1948 herpetology
Noble, G. Kingsley
American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY
1922 Wright, cameras, frogs, Overton
1930 taxonomic references
[H. Copeii, Boulenger]
1932 Amphibia index, position of genra
1932 Polypedatidae, abstracting policy
1932 Aristelligella not valid
1932 Aristelligella defense
Noonan, Mrs. Helen E.
New York Conservation Department, Albany
1949 re: collector's license on Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve; Norris, Robert and Vivian Fitzgerald GA,
Univ. of California, Rutgers, Univ. of Georgia
1940 (2 items) bird art; Limpkin food Pomaces; Ivan R. Tomkins; Herbert L. Stoppard
1940 (2 items) acknowledgment ornithological reprints; Fowler; Coleraine Plantation; Fred Hebard;
specimens: prairie marsh hen, Palustris; Henslow sparrow; frogs; E.B. Chamberlain
1941 herpetology
1942 frogs; turtles; Acris grylus; birdski
1942 turtle and frog identifications; white-eyed vireo
1942 cricket frog studies; Southern toads; Melospiza melodia juddi;
1942 Hyla crucifera bartramiana; Pseudacris nigrita nigrita; Buffo Fowleri; Rana clamitans; labels; Le
Conte; gopher turtles; gopher frogs
1942 Piedmont toads; Hamp Mizell at Suwanee Lake; Hyla specimens; mediogriseus (turtle sketch
1942 removal to University of Georgia; Rana catesbeliana specimen; Georgia bird book
1942 Pseudacris specimen; Univ. of Georgia
1943 Bainbridge (Maryland); visit; prairie warbler; Okefinokee
1943 Navy; prairie warbler: [Dendnoica] discolor; collinsi
1943 (postcard) visit
1943 (postcard) prairie warbler breeding sites; hospital corps training
1943 visit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
1943 Charleston (SC); Microhyla; Navy
1943 Hyla clinerea; squirella; Chamberlain; Reithrolontomy humulis
1943 Hyla squirella in Georgia; Hyla variations
1943 William Bartram paper; Hyla squirella; femoralis; Hyla crucifera; Pseudacris brimleyi cinera;
evittata; Wright's Frogs of Okefinokee; Handbook of frogs and toads; Chamberlain's Bartram letters;
Menobrancous punctatus
1943 photos; Chamberlain; Wilbur H. Duncan; Hyla crucifera bartramiana; Pseudacris ramleyi
1945 Okefinokee & mammals
1950 account of marriage
1951 reprints, Okefinokee, research activities, Sita pygmaea, Pearson, Bartram, Guggenheim, Georgia bird
populations, colleagues, amphibian specimens
1952 Christmas card, Bartram, family news
no date acknowledgment birds study, Bartram, family news
1954 acknowledgment Nueltin Lake reprints, colleagues, Georgia, birds
1954 Keewatin, family news
1954 teaching, Guggenheim, natural history museum
1954 (postcard) visit
1954 visit
1955 (postcard) visit
1955 visit, Centurus, Sita, dendrocopos
1956 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou, University duties, studies
1956 George Cooley expedition, Sitta, Pseudacris
1958 Christmas card; family news
1958 New Orleans; Joe Evan; nuthatch monograph; Georgia physiographic regions
1958 family news
1959 Sita; nomenclature Hebard; Birds of Georgia
Norris, Robert
US Naval Hospital, Navy Yard, SC
1943 probable new species of Hyla cinerea
1943 Wright's Okefenokee handbook; Chamberlain; Pseudacris brimleyi; Hyla requirella; Bufo terrestris
1943 (postcard) Chamberlain: Bachman letters; Menobranchus punctatus; Brimley's chorus frog
1967-68 (2 items) donation of Chesser's Island (Valdosta College)
North Carolina Academy of Science
1963 dues receipt
1964 (postcard) banquet announcement
1969 dues; annual meeting
1971 call for papers, dues statement
North Carolina Department of Agriculture
1970 fire ant control, mirex & kerosene (report attached)
North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development
1963 request for parks guide
North Carolina Lives
Chapel Hill
1961 (6 items) Harper biographical sketch
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Chapel Hill
196_- patient card
1962-1963 (18 items) bills, payments, receipts (diabetes, x-ray, hospitalization)
1963 (6 items) appointments and receipts
1964 payment
North Carolina National Bank
Chapel Hill
1970 (2 items) annonymous donation (for contribution to science)
1972 wills
North Carolina State Museum
Raleigh, NC
1960 (2 items) request Brimley's Mammals of North Carolina
North Carolina, University of Chapel Hill
1958 (2 items) Harper's Travels of William Bartram vs. Fothergill's Diary of a journey through the
see also Zoruk, Betty
1960 acknowledgment Linnaeus' Classes Plantarum, Pt. II, 1738 Buffon (by John N. Couch, Botany)
1960 acknowledgment Keewatin caribou, Keewatin mammals, Ungava birds, Nueltin birds
no date acknowledgment Friends of the Library dues
1961 borrower's card
1961 borrower's card
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment of gifts
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment of gift
1961 remittance Wilson Bulletin [Wilson Ornithological Club]
1962 "Friends of Library" dues
1962 "Friends of the Library" program announcement
1962 reservation card
1962 library suggestions, Maurice Thompson
1962 (2items) library photographic service receipts
no date "Friends of the Library" dues
1963 suggestions for zoological library
1963 "Friends of Library" program announcement
1963 refund (utilities)
1964 membership Faculty Club
1964 acknowledgment of gifts
1965 resignation Faculty Club
1966 "Friends of Library" program announcement
1966 dining hall survey
1966 notice of National Observer
1970 World Who's Who in Science
1970 "Friends of Library" dinner announcement
1970 zoology seminar survey
1971 overdue books
1972 status of materials checked out of Geology Library
University of North Carolina Faculty Club
Chapel Hill
see Luxon, Norval Neil
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
North Carolina Wildflower Preservation Society
1961 membership card
1965 Newsletter
Northern University Fellowship
Church, Manitoba, Canada
1964 announcement of founding, Univ. of Northern Research questionnaire attached
1964 questionnaire
Northeastern Experiment Station
Upper Darby, PA
1969 order "A Forest Atlas"
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.
New York NY
1926 change of address (to Boston)
1930 receipts, etc
1932 dividend notice (by Clifford L. Macmillan)
1935 dividends
1935-1936 (4 items) policy additions
1938 change of address
1938 dividend
1948 statement of loan
1949 (2 items) loan information payments, receipts, etc
1851-1957 (12 items) loans, interest notices, transmittal letters
1958-60 (14 items) loan, payments, cancellation
1960 change of address
1961 history of company (reward for 50 years)
1966 annual report; new agent
1970 offer and finances
Norton, Arthur H.
Portland Society of Natural History, C. H. Clark [Lubec] re: mink
see also Avery
1928 list of Norton papers (1838-1839)
Bureau of Norton (PA)
1941 (4 items) traffic violation; fine
University of Notre Dame
1953 invoice, "Nuelton Lake Expedition"
Nourse, Charlotte
[Cassanova] VA
1937 (2 items) shopping Sandy (dog); Jean Harper's illness
Nueltin Lake, Keewatin
see also Churchill, postmistress
Nunzaito, Mrs. Audrey G.
Greenville, NY adult group, [So Westerle]
1950 re: talk and gift
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Nuttall Ornithological Club
Cambridge, MA see also James L. Peters sec.
1925 (2 items) election to membership
1926 radio talk
1927 Harold L. Babcock nomination
1964 (form letter) members' biographical questionnaire (completed form attached)
1968 request "Account of Nutall Club"
Nutting, Mrs. George C.
Abington, GA
1951 re: Franklinia altamala tree
[Oactler] Maude M. (Mrs. F.A.O, Dr. O)
1036 re: camping in Okefinokee
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH
1953 Presidential address
Oberholser, Henry C.
Cleveland Heights, OH
1959 request Ungava bird report
1959 (2 items) request Geothlypis reports
1959 Rochester Academy paper; "Bradley amendment" to the International Rules
1960 acknowledgment Ungava bird report; Bartram; Linaria- Lucar binary names; Louisiana bird book
1960 acknowledgment Bird Life of Louisiana; Bartramian names
1962 (2 items, letters, card draft) L. M. Turner's location and biography, Ridgway, acknowledgment
Ungava papers
1963 Preble bibliography, Nature Magazine
1963 Preble notes, Sunday School Times
Oberholtzer, Ernest C.
Rainier, MN
1959 Preble, Nueltin Lake, Downes' Sleeping Island
1959 Nueltin Lake, Downe's death, Keewatin caribou, Preble's death
1961-63 (12 letters) acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou report, Nueltin Lake expedition, Schweders,
Eskimos, Downs, caribou, Wing Commander M. G. Bryan, flights from Churchill; acknowledgment
letters and Keewatin mammals report, expedition cancelled & resumed, Schweder, transport from
Churchill, reminiscences of 1912 expedition
1962 (acid) Nueltin Lake commercial fishing, visit, I. H. Smith
1962 Christmas card
1963 Neultin & Ungava reports, Bartram biography, transportation, fresh water seals, Nueltin Lake
expedition, Frederick Daldorf
1963 Nueltin Lake expedition, age, transportation
1963 Daldorf, Morison, Henderson, papers to University of North Carolina
1963 Nueltin Lake commercial fishing, flights to Nueltin Lake
1963 Christmas card, Hudson Bay Eskimo photo
1964 Sutton & Manitoba Museum, Nueltin seal, Bartram, retaliation for William O. Pruitt's essay on
1964 acknowledgment northern papers, health, Nueltin Lake expedition, bird populations
1964 Nueltin Lake, Schweders, "Toronto Fraud", Caribou Eskimos
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Odum, Eugene P.
Zoology, University of Georgia, Athens
1944 birds
1945 re: G.O.S. & Birds of Georgia, re: proposed new series for Georgia
1949 Acris membership, [Piol]. division, Edmund Miles Huyck, Preserve; mammals, re: Huyck Preserve10 yr. span, birds
1952 complaint re: Green's article in The Oriole
1952 acknowledgment caribou book, visit
Russell N. Ogden Company
Philadelphia, PA
1961 (4 items) paper prices; order Oastler, Maud (Mrs. Frank R. O.) New York City
1936 (2 items) visiting Okefinokee; Chesser's Island; Folkston GA
Oehser, Paul H.
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
see also Smithsonian Institution
1954 (postcard) request for Bartram and American Revolution Josephine Herbst's book
1954 transmittal Bartram papers
1944 re: printing of MS, Old World Mammals in Ornithology
1948 [Vieillot]
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals report, "Notes on Mammals of the Adirondacks"
1961 Adirondack mammals, Lucien M. Turner biography, Baird
1963 Frances E. Clark re: animal stories, Preble bibliography, David (son)
1963 (3 letters) Preble re: fur-bearers, bibliography, The Living Wilderness
1963 Lattin; Louis Agassiz; Joseph Henry, Kansas publications
1965 (3 letters) Preble bibliography transmitted, Lattin
Office of Naval Research
Washington, DC
1950 change of address for Research Review
1955 Arctic research
Office of Price Administration
1943 fuel oil ration
Ognev, S. I.
University Zoological Museum, Moscow, USSR
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1932 paper on Palaeartic mammals; G.S. Miller
1932 acknowledgment Mammals of Eastern Europe, photographic paper (Royal, Old Master bromide),
postal permit Okefinokee (Struggle for a Homestead) in Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, July
13,1969 by Andrew Sparks sent to Francis Harper by Faircloth, Wayne
Okefinokee Association
Waycross, GA
1946 W.C. Hafford, pres. invitation to Honor Guest at dedication of Swamp Park
Okefinokee Sportsman's Club
1951 membership receipt Okefinokee Society
1920 constitution and by-laws
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
1961 program and information re: 1st annual meeting
American Society of Mammalogists
Oliver, D. R.
Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa
McGill University, Toronto
1959 Geoff Power; Ungava fresh-water fishes; Clearwater River
1962 praise for "Changes in Climate, Formal Distribution, and Life Zones in Ungava Peninsula" and
"Polar Notes"
Olney Times
Olney, IL
1962 Ridgway re: Lucian Turner (Alaska & Labrador-Ungava)
1962 Ridgway-Turner correspondence (2 copies)
Olsommer, J. A.
[Greenfarm] PA
no date address
Olsen, Eliza D.
Philadelphia, PA
see also John Bartram Society
1939 (2 items) Bartram grant
[1939] (draft) acknowledgment payment
1940 grant payment
1947 Bartram reviews
1962 Bartram, maps, Michael Frome
Olsen, Wallace C.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
1960 (2 items) A Biological Survey of the Genesee River System
1961 (3 letters) addresses of mammal journals, subscription to Zeitschift fur Saugetierkunde,
acknowledgment addresses (address cards attached)
1962 errata in Ungava fishes papers with Fowler, mailing list
Olsen, Humphrey A.
"Snowy Egret" Vincennes, IN
1965 (acid clipping) Olsen's article in Vincennes, Sun-commercial re: Audubon
1966 reviews of Yale Bartram, dates, Cantwell on Wilson Olsen manuscripts
1966 Bartram's dates, manuscripts, Stringham's death (Audubon essay attached)
1966 acknowledgment Audubon essay, Olsen article, Bartram on Cape Fear River, "Nature-writing
charlatans", Okefinokee, Thompson on bird notes and Cherokee Hills stories
1966 Wilson essay, Bartram, charlatans, Maurice Thompson, Bradford Torrey, McGehee
1966 acknowledgment Sparrow, poetry, Thoreau, Bartram's influence on Coleridge, Maurice Thompson
1966 (postcard) Drieser, Bartram influence on Wordsworth and Coleridge
Oman, P. J.
Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, MD
1956 acknowledgment identifications of Ungava Acrina
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
O'Neill, Dr. Hugh T.
see also Langlois Herbarium; Catholic University, Washington DC
1949 re: Keewatin plants
1954 offer of Ungava plant specimens
Ontario Department of Mines
1967 request "All that Glitters"
Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratory
(see Speirs, J. Murray)
Oosting, Henry J.
Dept. of Botany, Duke Univ., Durham, NC
1962 (2 letters) publishing Ungava animal associations
Ecological Monographs, NSF subsidy
Orange County
Chapel Hill, NC
1961 personal property tax listing (draft attached)
1962 tax receipt
1963 taxes re: Foushee property
1963 (2 items) tax receipt
1968 property tax
1970 tax receipt
Orange Savings & Loan Association
Chapel Hill
1961 (form letter) dividend notice)
Orton, Grace L.
see Carnegie Museum
Ordway, Thomas, MD
Edmund [Huyck] Reserve, Rensselaerville, NY
1950 progress report Wood's [Vly], etc., matter of "yellow-jacket stings and remedies and toxins
Oregon State University
[no date] announcement Animal Orientation and Migration ed. by Robert M. Storm probably 1941-1945
Labratory of Ornithology
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1971 Louis Agassi Fuertes; The Singular Beauty of Birds
no date (draft) check for Wilber E. Webster
Orr, Robert T.
1941 Colorado Academy of Science
1945 re: publications
Osgood, W. H.
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1925 transfer of buffalo; Mammologists
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Osborn, Dale
Dept of Biology, Boston University
1953 Ungava botanical studies, Col. P. D. Baird, focus
1953 Ungava lemmings, locations, Harrison, equipment
1953 Ungava (Knob Lake) expedition, transportation, mammals
1053 accommodations, transportation, mammals
1955 Ungava mammals
1955 Ungava Clethrionomys Microtus
1955 acknowledgment Ungava mammals
1955 (postcard) redback skins, Gilbert paper
1955 (4 letters) Clethrionomys colors, range of Marmota
1955 Anderson's catalogue, Cameron,
Ottawa Field Naturalists Club
Ontario, Canada
1937 publication
1950 postage receipt
1931 re: subscription
see also [Fouvel], B.A.
invoices, separates from May & March 1931 issues
1947 delay notice
1949 dues sent
1962 dues, back issues of CFN
1971 membership card
Ouellet, Henri
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1962-63 (9 letters) "cracky (fox-like) dogs" of St. Augustin, St. Augustin Indians, publication costs
Outdoor Film Adventures
1968 brochure-presented by Wayne Short lecture management
Outdoor News Bulletin
see also Wildlife Management Institute, Washington, DC
1955 vol. 19
Outing Magazine
New York
1915 submission "A Sojourn in the Primeval Okefinokee", preservation
Overton, D.E., MD "Edward" "Ed"
Hempstead, NY
1931 Victor records of American Speech
Prof. H. M. Ayres, [Cabell greet] Columbia
University listing by locale; Okefinokee-camping details
1958 color photography paper; Jack Nichols; Mastic Bald Eagle
1958 acknowledgment bird photography paper; Overton writings; Making of Long Island; family news
Overton, Frank "Doc"
Patchobue, NY
1912 bird and aminal photos
1914 Uncle Dan Petty; black ducks; pintails; pre-Civil War hunting; passenger pigeons
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
1914 (duck photos); Rob Murphy; Museum Quarterly; Hudson's Bay expedition; "Applied Hygene" for
high schools
1919 Med[ical} Journal, NY State
1922 Carmichael, Pirnie, Wright, criticism, Nichols, Murphy
1932 Okefinokee frogs
see also Snedecor, Mary Overton (Mrs. Spencer T.)
[1936] Christmas card; family news
Ownbey, Gerald B.
Curator, Herbarium, University of Minnesota, College of Science and Liberal Arts
1965 (9 items, letters and drafts) sale of Ungava specimens vascular plants, mosses, lichens, hepatics,
locations, budget and staff, Dr. Dix, Dr. Abbe, further offers, prices, receipt
Oxford University Press
1956 shortcomings of Oxford English Dictionary (1955), dated, inaccurate (comments attached)
1956 acknowledgment criticisms
P-----, Bill (Craig?)
see also Bill, Craig
1968 Chapel Hill
Packard, Christopher H.
Portland, ME
1959 registration Portland Society of Natural History
Packard, Winthrop
Massachusetts Audubon Society
1929 re: lecture "Hunting with the Camera"
1931 ad for birdfeeders (catalog attached)
Page, H. C.
Folkston, GA
1932 re: shipments of household goods
Palmer , E. Laurence
Education, Cornell University, Ithaca
no date Christmas card
1939 acknowledge Bartram Trails reprint, rural school leaflets, family news
1940 re: Bartram program
1940 (2 items) national emergency program; Revolutionary War; Bartram place; Bartram Garden
1943 schedule in Philadelphia
1950 re: autobiography and school science teaching
1954 (6 letters) Ungava lectures for Gamma Alpha at Ithaca, Bill Hamilton re: Everglades, Palmer's health,
Paul Kellogg
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird report; Bartram; travels; family news; Cornell University
1962 Christmas card
1963 Preble bibliography, McAtee
1969 family news, Cornell, remedies
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Palmer, Katherine V. W. (Mrs. E. Lawrence) "Winkie"
Redpath Museum, Montreal
Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY
1954 Timothy A Conrad letters to S.G. Morton, locations
1954 (postcard) acknowledge Conrad references
1971 "Eph's" death; Magnotia [acumineta]
Palmer, Ralph S.
Vassar College MEA
no date (draft) [Hunt’s] Labrador; Dale Osborn; air service to Katahdin Lake
1935 Christmas card; visit; family news
1942 Botany, water shrews, Glover Allen, Coolidge, mammal dept at M.C.Z.
1943 mammals
1948 Katahdin
1950 from State Education Department of NY, Albany Sr. Zoologist re: Acris
1952 ornithology, changes in ms of Professor [Schorger]
1953 (postcard)banding techniques
1968 visit, Chapel Hill Bird Club
1958 Christmas card (photo)
1961 acknowledgment enclosures; Okefinokee; Barbara Lawrence; Glover Allen; W.T.S. Cabot; bird
Palmer, T.S.
Secretary, American Ornithological Union
1908 (enclosure T.S. Morse)
1929 W.S. Woods burial site; A.O.L. presentation
1930 Obituary for Dr. Bigelow, membership Mrs. Edge (controversy), graveyard research Le Conte
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogists commission on Maine Mammals
1954 A.O.U. biographies, praise and blame, Bartram
Palmgrem, Dr. Rontus
Zoological Museum of Lohniotgaten 19, Helsingfors, Finland
1937 see also American Comm. International Wildlife Project; vanishing mammals
see also Korvenkontio, Dr. V. Zoological Museum
Papuan-Australian Expedition
Paradiso, John L.
United States Department of Interior, Washington
1961 postcard to Mrs. Elliott, visit
1961 acknowledgment Kellogg memento; piney-woods hollerin'
1968 Mammals of the World, 3rd edition
1968 Mammals of the World, Ungava, photographs, Rangifer, Condylura caristata parva
1968 changes at Bureau, Golley's Mammals of Georgia
1969 Mammals of Maryland, long tailed tiger cats
1969 announcement Mammals of the World
1969 (2 letters) long-tailed tiger cat, Golley
1969 (2 letters) Walker's Mammals of the World, death, long-tailed cat
1969 (2 letters) transmits papers, acknowledgment
1969-1970 (2 letters) Mammals of Maryland, long-tailed tiger cat
1960 Neotoma, Smith Island, Mammals of Maryland
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Park, Hall C.
1949 Caribou publications
Park, Dr. Orlando
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
1936 re: resignation from Ecological Society
close of 1936
Parke, John M.
State Museum, Albany
1924 mammals of NY
Parker, Arthur C.
Museum of Arts and Sciences, Rochester, NY
1924 re: new museum job
Parker, H. W.
British Museum
1937 list of specimens
Parker, John D. "Jack"
Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1950 re: slide mammals
Parker, John M. III
Geological Engineering, North Carolina State University
[1965] (draft) acknowledgment sand [ridge] paper; R.
J. H, [Lorch] (shares sheet with L. D. Kirwan, see L. D. Kirwan)
1966 Palisot de Beauvois, basalt dikes
1966 Salisbury Post, James Brawley
1966 (2 letters) Cornell acquaintances—Stuckey, Tarr, Tod Loring
1966 Williamson's history of North Carolina, basalt dikes
Parker, Malcolm V.
1950 Herpetology
Parker, R. E.
State Audubon Society, Raleigh, NC
1915 Arthur Jacot recommendation; bird collecting license
Parks, George B.
Department of English, Queens College, CUNY
1962 (2 letters) citing Bartram's journals, travel literature, literary studies, sources
1963 Bartram; “Romantic Transformation of Travel Literature” enclosed
Parks, Kenneth C.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment of reprints, Todd
Parnell, R. Francis W.
Curator plants, Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1930 see also Hitchock, A.S.
1950 re: plant labels, northeast PA, GA, inquiry re: Helderberg, NY plant collection
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Parrot; Hadassah M. L. (Mrs. Raymond T.)
1958 acknowledgment [Bartram volume]
Parsons, Cynthia
Cos Cob, CT
1960 Ernest Thompson Seton
1960 (2 items) Seton's feud with Preble; The Arctic Prairies; Great Slave Lake expedition; Lives of Game
Patee, Doris S.
Children's Book Ed.
see also Macmillan Books for Boys and Girls, NY
1951 permission to quote from Let Them Live
Patenaude, J.O., I.S.O.
Printer-Ottawa, Athabaska
1937 request for publication
1950 subscription inquiry, reference to Patterson & 1903 incident (publisher?)
Patno, Raymond
Malone, NY
1927 re: cottontail
Sister Patricia, T,O,S,F
St. Frances' Hermitage, Rocketon, Manitoba
1966 acknowledgment of bird report
1966 loss of library, threats to small birds,
Patrick, Ruth
Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1943 re: mammals brood size
Pattee Doris S.
see Macmillan Company
Patterson, Jones
Joyner Clinic, Chapel Hill, NC
1960-1963 (4 items) appointments and receipts
Patterson, ----1971 (draft) negatives for prints (list attached) (shares sheet with Bull, [John])
Patterson, A. D.
plumbing & heating
1956 invoice
1856 protest time and charges
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Patterson, Dan
English University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1965 Bird Club program
1966 Wade Chesser recordings
Patterson, Graham
1951 corruption and inefficiency in government, Crime commission
Patton, Gibbs
Wofford College, Spartenburg, SC
1966 Roland's death and contributions, Patton, James. W., Univ. of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill
1962 papers for Southern Historical Collection
1963 Acknowledgment Thomson letters, Okefinokee photographs
Pauli, Kenneth W.
Pembroke State University, NC
1969 (2 letters) isolated speech patterns
Pauling, Robert
Lewisburg, PA
1939 re: drawings of Hyla ocularis from MS
Paynter, Raymond A. Jr.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ., Cambridge
1968 C.J. Maynard, E.H. Forbush, Oscar Root re: Nutall Club, biographies of AOU members, Batchelder's
field notes
1968 field notes, Nutall Club, Seymour Harsey
Peabody Museum
Archeology and Ethnology, Harvard, Cambridge
1961 Harvard Travelers Club
1962 (postcard) mailing list
Peacock, J.A.
see Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa
Pearse, A. S.
Duke Univ., Durham, NC
1919 re: positions
inquiry re: job in research/editing
1925 no openings for instructors; openings at American Museum of Natural History
1944 card, re: Bartram's Travels
1950 re: exchange of bird papers
Pearson, Drew
Washington, DC
1954 preserving wilderness areas, Secretary McKay, Wildlife Service, CCC on Chesser's Island, Asiatic chestnuts,
oil in Okefinokee
1954 (draft of wilderness letter)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Pearson, Oliver P. "Paynie”
Swarthmore, PA
Museum of Vertrabrate Zoology, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1944 (postcard) visit, weasel traps
1945 mammals
1946 re: moving the Harpers
1949 re: caribou report, Keewatin birds, Eskimo
1951 threats to Academy, Cadwalader, Calvert, Darlington, Cary, Conklin Bartram, interest payment,
family news
1951 family news, "revolution at the Academy", Bertram; Dix
1952 card from Society acknowledging check
1952 family news, Rancocas, payment, Pennell's death, Bartram
1952 National Science Foundation grant, Rancocas, Bartram, interest payment, Bob Enders
1953 Knob Lake expedition, Arctic Institute, Keewatin caribou report publisher, family news, payment
1953 publishing caribou report, Ungava, Peru, Phyllotis
1954 Ungava, movies, mammal specimens Phyenacomys, Erethizon Uresus, Huatela vison, NSF grant,
payment, family news
1954 Robert Norris (Rutgers) visit, Bartram, caribou report, family news
1955 South American trip, AIBS meeting, Keewatin caribou, Chapel Hill, family news
1956 A.O.U. meeting Boston, Yale publishing Travels
1957 (3 cards) edition of "Magazine"
1957 Uuiv. California copy of Magazin von markwurdigen neuen Reisebeschreibungen, Bartram Travels,
Dutch edition of Bartram, Ungava caribou, Chapel Hill
1957 acknowledgment Magazin, visit, publishing Ungava birds, Wetmore
1958 (draft) death of [son], Canada expedition, loan
1958 acknowledgment Bartram; family news; Ctenomys
1960 acknowledgment papers; Ungava mammals report; Biarina; systematic zoology
1961 Hall and Secretariat, Bartram, Ungava papers, schedule
1961 acknowledgment Ungava report, Dr. George re: race relations, family news
1965 Christmas card, family news
no date (draft, doubtful attribution) Bartram's bird names; AOU rules
Pearson, T. Gilbert
National Audubon Society, New York
see also National Association of Audubon Societies; see also American Ornithological Union
1911 Gardener’s Island birds; Cobb’s Island; Cleaves; (draft enclosed)
1914 report of Beaufort ornithology, Brown's Island protection
1919 A.F. Gilmore memo
1925 Wainwright (buffalo) herd
1929 (from Pearson to John O. Larson) Green Island visit, NAAS rules
1939 Okefinokee alligators, preservation
1938 Ornithology [his] defense of Bartram/alligators
Peele, Stanley of Phipps & Peele
Attorneys, Chapel Hill, NC
1968 deed, St. Mary's River property to Botanical Garden Foundation (deed attached)
Pegasus Publishing Co.
Penard, Thomas E.
Arlington, MI
1931 abstracting Ardea, Biological Abstracts
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Quaker lodgings, NY
1953 request for room
Pennoyer, R.T.
Altomont, NY
1957 (2 items) Eastern New York Botanical Club field trip; Bartram
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Delaware County, Medina, PA
1941-1943 personal property tax returns
Pennsylvania Academy of Science
1924 election to membership
1934 application; Wherry
1936 Thurston, Treasurer, re: Proceedings cost.
1938 see also Guyton, T.L. 1934
1934 (postcard) annual meeting
1935 annual meeting notice/program
Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners
1930 bounty law; natural enemies
Pennsylvania Company
see also Canadian National Railways
see also Royal Bank of Canada
1947 customer's receipt, Canada $130.24, draft #9082
1954 inspection of draft to Charles Schweder
Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters Harrisburg
1945 re: cabin at Promised Land State Park [Alsemmer], G.A. Rangner Bratton, Milford, Director
see also Penn.
1965 (form letter) Forest Pest Act
Pennsylvania Department of Highways and Lands
1934 map request
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Harrisburg
1933 application for license
1934-1940 driver's licenses
1948 re: activating drivers' license
1949 driver's license
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1938 inquiry for Daudin, Roy, etc. papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Reading, PA
mammal survey, 1945-7 permits, etc
see also Stewart M.D
1948 see also Gordon, Seth, Executive Director, re: chapter in Mammals of Pennsylvania
1950 see also McDowell, Mailing list
1952 re: collecting permit
Pennsylvania Parks Association
see also Chapman, Cope
1943 comparative statistics for 1942
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.
1941 rate schedule
Pennsylvania Railroad
1943 re: complaint on motorman on express from Swarthmore
1945 timetable
1953 request for refund
1960 bill of lading (books)
1960 reminder of charges; delivery costs
Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Line
Camden, NJ
1954 request for refund
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co.
1935 material from Georgia buffalo licks; “Moose of Isle Royale” enclosed
Pennsylvania State College
State College, PA
1949 package of plants receivedby Frank Kernpens (jumbo nibs)
see also American Book Co.
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Museum
1960-1961 (3 items) Mrs. Frank G. Speck; photo of Speck re: Montagnais report
University of Pennsylvania
1939 Pennsylvania Lives
1947 J. R. Schramm; withholding exemption
1952 publications available
1955 payment for specimens
(see also Hand, Louis E."Percy) Scotland, Canadian Trips, Athabaska
1919 Lord Percy
Perkins, Prof. H.F.
1932 re: lecture University of Vermont
1932 lecture, acknowledge reprints
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Permanent Wildlife Protection Fund
Stamford, CT
1931 The Plain Truth,
1932 opposition to hunting
Perry, R. Louise
Spindrift, [Sonibel], FL
1940 re: Virginai Dare stories, re: The Stilt
Personal Equipment Laboratory
Engineering Division, Wright Field, Dayton OH
1947 explorer's equipment
see also Kendricks
Pet, Max M. MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan (Birds Nueltin Lake, Keewatin)
1947 re: Farley Mowatt
Peterborough Canoe Co., Ltd
1920 (2 items) order freight canoes
Peters, H. W.
Summit NJ, New York
1955 (form letter) class dues
1969 Class reunion, resolution re: student disturbances
1971 (draft) dues, Lane Cooper and other acquaintances, photos
Peters, Harold S.
National Audubon Society, Atlanta, GA
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds study; Tom Burleigh, Ungava records; Commander Donald B.
1958 Labrador and Newfoundland records; fall-out
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
Peters, James A.
Department of Biology, Brown University, Providence, RI; Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1931 (2 items) abstract of Daptrius paper; authority for Senex
1955-1957 (7 letters) request reprints proceedings of Biological Society of Washington re: Pseudacris,
Brown Univ. library holdings of Bartram, Wien edition of Travels
1959 (postcard) change of address
1964-1966 (5 letters) American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists resolution re: the American
Alligator (attached) legislation protecting alligators in North Carolina, alligator as endangered species
Peters, James L.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, MA
1925 see Nuttall Ornithological Society
1929 resignation from society (moved away)
1932 Peters' Check-list, criticisms
1932 acknowledgment of criticisms of Check-list
1948 Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge MA
1949 re: Keewatin birds and exchanges
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 16 continued
Peterson, ------1939 reference to MS to Cadwalader on frog
Peterson, Archie L.
Washington, DC
1921 invitation to ["onpost"]
Peterson, E.I.
Department of Agriculture, Washington (from Constance Nice) spraying dieldrin; O.K.; Morris
Peterson, Gertrude
1938 to Leeds, Franklinia
Peterson, Randolph L.
T oronto
1952 acknowledging receipt of separates
Peterson, Richard S.
Pathology, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore
Natural Sciences, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
1961 (2 items) Austin Cameron; Ungava mammals report; Peromyscus, Zapus, Sorex, Cletherionomys.
Microtus, Phenamoys, Dicrostony
1961 (4 items) Fraser, E. Morton, Vogelman, H. re: small mammals
1961 (2 items) Fraser; Hare; photo-reconnaissance survey
1961 Hudsonian Zone; Canadian Zone; Hare; Rousseau
1961 Zupos range; Hare
1961 Ungava mammals, seals, Parker, Preble, Osgood, Aleut natives
1961 request Ungava mammals, seals
1961 Kansas re: publishing Ungava mammals, James Macoun, Pribilofs
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals study
1967 (2 letters) winter colors of Ungava lemming D. hudsonius
1967 request for Ungava, Keewatin, Okefinokee, caribou, and Montagnais papers
Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr.
Cornell University Ornithology Lab. Ithaca, NY
1933 woodcock survey (questionnaire attached)
no date (mimeograph) Louise Agassiz Duertes prints of songbirds and game birds, Church & Dwight Co.,
postcards for National Wildlife Federation
Petzel, Mrs. W. D.
Tuscaloosa, AL
1962 Olney Times, Lucian M. Turner (unclaimed original, copy to Times attached)
Peyer, B
Zurich University, Zurich, Switzerland
1932 abstract of fossil siluroids of Egypt
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17.
Phi Beta Kappa
also Bresh, Lyla
Phi Beta Kappa news magazine
1942 (draft) questionnaire
1944 re: opportunity, Merriam Co[mpany]
1944 Key article
1946 re: Philadelphia Association membership
1950 change of address
1954 (May)
1954-1957 (4 items) contributions and membership
1957-59 membership registration
1964 request for contributions
1960 Commission on Humanities
1970 list of sponsored activities; the Key Reporter
Philadelphia Art Supply Co.
1960 invoice
Philadelphia Bibliographical Center
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1953 request
Philadelphia Botanical Club
1938 reprints
1959 announcement of Francis Harper's Bartram lecture
Philadelphia Conservationists, Inc.
1954 (form letter) projects
Philadelphia Electric Co.
Chester, PA
1930 billing error
1932 gas meter, change of address
1939 re: account in Swarthmore
1940 service and remittance
1944 payment
1946 Chester PA bill
Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, PA
1939 borrowed pictures
Philadelphia Pediatric Society
Paul B. Cassidy, Treas.
1931 re: lecture & payment
Philadelphia Post Office
1936 bond
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Philadelphia Pulmonary Neoplasm Research Project
1957-58 (5 items, postcards) negative test results
1958 (2 items) appointment
1959 forego x-ray services
1959 (2 items) x-ray frequency
1961 arrangements for x-ray; (answer appended)
1961-1965 (6 items) chest X-rays, questionnaires, reports
1965 10th anniversary questionnaire
1965 acknowledgment questionnaire; report of examination (certificate of appreciation attached)
Philadelphia Record
1946 re: change of address
Philadelphia Suburban Water Co
Bryn Mawr, PA
1934 move to Swarthmore
1940 (2 items) account in Swarthmore
1946 change of address
Phillips, Edna
1920 re: nightingales, France
Phillips, John C.
Wenham, MA; Johns Island, NC
see also American Committee, International Wild Life Protection 1919 ducks; Athabaska
1921-1922 (3 items) ducks; photographs
1930 possible work on extinct species
1936 holiday travel
1935 extinct and vanishing mammals of the Western hemisphere; Hobley; British Fauna Society
1936 piney woods (Chesser's Island) pleasures; bird specimens; Okefinokee wild life refuge; extinct
1936 future plans
1936 (2 items) swamp sojourn; Okefinokee in government hands; CCC; logging
1936 (3 items) Gabrielson; Biological Survey purchase of Okefinokee; CCC; other intrusions
1936 (draft) visit
1936 check list of vanishing mammals; travels; Committee employment
1936 (3 items) species list; committee records; typewriter
1936 Cadwalader; work space; Donald Peattie; T. S. Palmer
1936 (3 items) foreign correspondents; form letter (form letter enclosed)
1936 Alexander Wetmore; Hawaiian monk seal
1936 (4 items) species list
1936 Ovis nivicola; Australia; Malay archipelago
1936 re: work for International wildlife protection
see also [Graim]. Dorothy
1936 geographical files; Fauna Journal
1936 Fauna Journal; legal protection species list
1936 game protection measures
1936 correspondence re: endangered species
1936 game protection; accounts of rare and extinct species; international reports
1836 Dr. Allen; Ognev
1936 chinchilla files; annual meeting
1836 jobs; wildlife protection study; chinchilla; Ognev
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1936 Australian and Malaysian lists; chinchilla; Ognev
1936 September payment
1936 Australia, Malaysia; Ognev; Cadwalader; George L. Harrison library
1936 Malay list
1936 Sheldon Library list; illustrations; hunting libraries; original primitive distributions
1936 M. Jean Delacour; Saurat; [Memigalus hardwickii]; illustrations
1936 popular books; Sheldon list; illustrations
1936 check-list of large mammals
1936 annual meeting
1936 October payment; Koala report; large mammal check-lists: Ognev, Raven, Lydekker, Glover Allen,
Miller, Taylor; Poole's drawings
19336 Poole's drawings; annual meeting
1936 (2 items) investigator's application form; general check-list (draft of form enclosed)
1936 vanishing mammals work
see also American Committee for Protection of Wildlife
1937 acknowledgment check; Bubal Hartebeast
1937 Russian translation; Anthony; "T. B." (donor)
1937 caribou inquiry; Hoyes Lloyd; Gorge beavers; Russian translation
1937 report to Mammalogical Society, Poole
[1937] (draft) health
[1938] Blair; [Guy] Dolman; important species; [Woburn] Abbey fauna; vanishing mammals book
1938 African lion report; Spanish ibex (victorio; hispanica); zoological important species
[1938] (postcard) [maimed] wolf; Huxley
1938 acknowledgment British Museum Equidae and Catacae guides; Caldwell letter re: African lion; wild
ass specimens (Equus onager onager); Asinus hagar (Capt. Caldwell letter enclosed)
Phillips, Maurice C.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Philadelphia
1925 greeting; Georgia (mammals)
1929 Bartram [names]; Barren Grounds
see also Venia Phillips
1949? found in [40 file], re: lichen & moss, mentions Venia Phillips [file]
1955 receipt for book
1963 Finch, Fowler, Bartram
1969 Guide to the MS Collections of the Academy, early American naturalists, Bartram, Cornell
1970 Cope, Bayard, Bartram, Cornell, Okefinokee, Chesser's Island bequest; Photography; Instruction
Phillips, Venia (Mrs. Maurice C.)
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
1929 Christmas card (with Emmy)
1955 receipt for Comean’s Life Sport on the North Shore
1960 (2 items) William Bartram burial place
1961 visit
1961 lecture at Academy ("wild descent of the Stormy Petrel")
1963 Fowler, fish drawings
1963 Fowler, drawings, recipient of mss, papers, and journals (V)
1963 return plates, Fowler, Bayard Long (V)
1963 visit, drawings(V)
1964 tombstone of John Lyon (V)
1964 photographs from Mr. Shinn, J. P. Arthur, Silas McDowell-M.A. Curtis correspondence (V)
1964 (3 letters)Wildcat or Catamount specimen, John Gifford-Stone correspondence
1964 Bond letter
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1966 Palisot de Beauvois re: "natural walls," Academy photograph
1970 Jacom Cist"s career; Guide to ANSP Mss.; Cornell (interview with Mrs. John L. Bartram re: Bartram
letups matched)
1970 Cope biography, remains, Bayard bequest
Pickens, Andrew L.
Lander College, SD (Greenville)
1934 frogs, toads, Piedmont area
1935 Pseudacris, Rana, Hyla
1944 Montgomery campaign against Cherokees in Tennessee Valley, Pickens genealogy
1944 Paducah, KY
1946 Greenwood SC (geo. side Clinton SC; Bartram annotated copy
1947 Hunter's map of [Lochaber] S[Grimesville] GA
1961 acknowledgment duplicates; Piedmont vertebrates; termite studies
1964 photographs, [Tounes]
1965 (5 items) visit, NCAS meeting, Cherokees, Ogeechee"
1965 (4 letters) Christmas card, invitation, NCAS meeting, natural wall paper
1967 (2 letters) NCAS meeting, invitation, "Beatnics"
1932 paper on Palaeartic mammals, G.S. Miller
1968 (2 letters) Michaux, de Beauvois. Pickens genealogy, birds, "Skyagunsta"
Pickens, Andrew L. Jr.
Perry, Fl; Charlotte, NC
1961 Barrett; Wild Flower Preservation Society
1970 (3 letters) long-tailed "tiger cat" specimen, instructions (copy)
Pickens, Belle, (Mrs. A.L.)
1969 (5 letters) acknowledgment reprints, Andrew Picken's death, Cherokee place-names, Bartram
American Cyclopedia of National Biography, Roland Harper, National Encyclopaedia of American
Biography, Picken's biography, family news
1970 NEAB; Andrew's biography; A.O.U.; spurious organizations; Andrew's library; fire-ants
Pickren, V.G.
Folkston, GA
1936 re: postage mail
Pierce Book Company
Winthrop, IA
1972 request catalogue
Pierce, W. Dwight
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia; Berkeley, CA
1936 front office fiasco; parents’ health; job search
1936 Miss Gross’ incompetence; Le Conte meeting; jobs
1937 jobs, entomology, LA Museum station-Colombia
1937 Government Experiment Station at Columbia SA job
Pignatelli, Princes
the Pompano, Palm Beach, FL
1940 (4 items) Bartram; Little Wanndo visit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Pike, D. G.
Newfoundland Dept. of Mines, Agriculture, and Resources, St. Johns
1962 (3 letters) acknowledgment Ungava mammals, Ungava bids study
Pillmore, Dr. George U.
Haverford, PA
1932 re: diagnosis & charge
Pinkney, Elise
Flat Rock, NC
1966 (5 letters) Thomas and Elizabeth Lamboll, visit, Bartram, Magnolia Fraseri
Pirnie, Miles (& Lucy) Cynthia & J.
Department of Conservation, Lansing, MI
1924 pictures of Okefinokee Swamp in 1922, Chesser family
1925 family news; specimen labels
1925 framed bird pictures; bookbinder’s paste; ducking on Wenham Pond
1926 David G. Allen, ornithologist; “murderous” duck season; red foxes; family news
1926 January Bulletin; Lewis’ drawing of the Birds of Massachusetts; Okefinokee film; New England
1926 Wright re: Okefinokee study; pictures; Museum; assistant
1926 (2 items) permission for pictures for publication
1926 family news
1926 prints; family news
1926 Forbush, Vol. I
1926 AOU meeting; Forbush’s Volume I; family news
1926 family news
1926 Hamp Mizell’s book on Okefinokee; McAtee scoters
1926 Mary Sue’s pictures; Allen re: Birds and Bird Lore
1927 Arthur and Rowan duck specimens
1927 Athabaska ducks; family news; Sorex macrurus
1927 “Okefinokee Mammals”; black ducks
1927 bird meetings; family news
1928 specimens Triatis males
1928 Holstad paper; Mr. Katahdin expedition
1928 (2 items) cottontail and fox data; job inquiry
1928 gray fox and cottontail range; Pulski
1928 Michigan job; E.D. Halsted re: Characae
1929 Molly; black bear picture; Cheboygan wood ducks; Muscovy Bay banding
1929 (card) greetings
1930 acknowledgment separates; John Greeley of Michigan
1931 prints
1935 dissolution of Biological Abstracts; Harper place in GA
1936 Folkston; vamily news; duck book; geese at Big Lake Arkansas; Okefinokee "park plan"
1936 Pirnie's new book on wildlife management, Michigan waterfowl
1936 (postcard) gourds for birdhouses; “duck” book
1936 Academy; Chesser’s Island cabin; gourds
1950 re: trip to Michigan & Cranbrook Academy
1953 Christmas card
1954 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin papers, visit
no date Christmas card
1958 acknowledgment Ungava bird report; caribou; family news
1961 Christmas card, family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Pitelke, Frank A.
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1951 re: AOU affairs, corrections in papers
Plamandon, Viger
1957 transmission X-ray photograph of Canis lupus lycan (report attached)
1957 acknowledgment X-ray of wolf skull, transmit papers
1957 acknowledgment papers Ungava & Keewatin papers
Plemmons, Dean C.
Tobaccoville, NC
1964 (2 letters) raising "spring lizards" (salamanders) for bait
Pocono Manor
PA see also Herman Yeager, mgr.
1933 re: lecture arrangements
Pohl, Richard W.
Department of Botany, Iowa State College, Ames
1954 Ungava plants labels
Pollitzer, W. E.
Elisha Mitchell Society, Chapel Hill, NC
1961 (2 letters)Journal, mangled manuscript, resignation
Polloch, Elizabeth A.
Biology, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1969 (3 letters, draft) Bartram literature, Isabella Batchellor, Katherine Polgar, Franklinia Bartram portrait
1969 (2 items) E. O. Abbott re: Bartram’s garden; articles
1969 Herbst’s “New Green World”; “Botanists of Philadelphia
Polumin, R. Nicholas
botanist, McGill Univ., Montreal
1950 re: exchange of reports on contents of bird crops and vascular plants (Keewatin)
Pomerleau, Rene
Forestry, Laval University, Quebec
1962 acknowledgment Ungava papers
1955 (3 letters) avifauna advance in Ungava, dead Betula papyrifera, forest revolution, Rousseau, Dix
Poole, Earl L.
Reading (PA) Public Museum and art gallery
1938 articles; vanishing mammals
see also Phillips & American Commission for Wildlife Preservation
1938 Christmas card
1940 Christmas card 1944 Bartram
1945 Pennsylvania collecting permit
1945 Academy's Pocono mammal collection
1945 re: giraffe drawing- Philadelphia Academy
1946 wolf prints; Game Commission
1946 frontispiece for Old World Mammals
1947 (draft) Churchill; caribou; owls; Nueltin Lake region (shares sheet with Jean Sherwood Harper; Bob
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Enders; Doutt; Soper)
1948 Academy; Eskimo material; Charles Schweder; birds-in-flight sketches for Pough
1949 (found with) greeting; Pocono mammals
1949 bird report; Eskimo report
1949 Eskimo material
1952 Arctic Institute, financial support, Academy
1953 publishing Eskimo material, financial support, Ungava
1953 Ungava, Arctic Institute, Surgeon General, publishing, E. Ray Hall, repayment of tanning bill,
Sherman Bishop's library
1953 Ungava, publications, York County sink fossil, watercolors (birds)
1953 Army grant, Iron Ore Company, caribou paper, caribou skin
1953 (4 letters) Ungava trip, Keewatin mammal specimens returning specimens, visit
1953 (3 letters) Ungava trip, plant, bird, & fish specimens, Montagnais, Keewatin mammals paper, Frank
1954 (2 letters) Mangel Society lecture
1954 (6 items, letters, drafts, attachments) Clethrionomys skulls (listed by number), caribou report printing
1954 (6 letters) sketch of mature buck for caribou report
1954 Arctic Institute, Admiral Colbert, publication at Kansas University, Ungava birds
1955-1956 (3 letters) Ungava, Gilbert Sinard, IOC, mammal specimens
1955 Barren Ground caribou report, Pennsylvania Game Commission
1956 (2 letters) Hiram Dwight Torray and Mabel Hippenstill
1956 (6 letters) wolf daring for Keewatin mammals, Kansas University Museum of Natural History,
Pocono bird notes
1956 photographs, Eskimo notes, Ungava papers, Henry Fowler, Academy
1956 Mammals of Keewatin published
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals report, retirement, Pennsylvania birds
no date (3 Christmas cards)
1957 Ungava birds report; publication; Reading Museum
1957 (2 items) publishing bird report; Pike County martin
1958 spruce goose drawing; Burns letters
1958 (draft) goose drawing
1958 Canachites photos; Frank Burns; William Baily collection; Frank L. Burns' library
1958 (6 items) spruce goose cover drawing Ungava birds report; E. Raymond hall
1958 Christmas card
1959 Birds of Newfoundland; G.K. Noble; Pennsylvania birds
1959 Ungava mammal paper cover drawing
1959 mammal report cover; Pennsylvania bird list; Alfred Bailey, Colorado birds
1959 Ungava mammal report cover; Emil Liers re: otters; Bailey
1960 (7 items) otter drawing for Ungava mammals report
1960 Chapel Hill; Carriker; Ungava mammals; Montagnais
1960 Christmas card
1962 (5 letters, draft) Ungava papers, Kazan River Eskimos, Bartram, Grundy, staff, Pennsylvania birds,
paintings, family news, NSF publication subsidies
1965 Christmas card
Poole, James P.
Botany & Curator of Jessup Herbarium, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
1954 (7 letters) sale of specimens of vascular plants and mosses
1956 sale of lichen and hepatic specimens; Dix, Schueter, Evans, Dodge
Pope, Bessie
High Point, NC
1965 dues (North Carolina Wild Flower Preservation Society?)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1965 Preble bibliography
1966 dues (draft enclosed)
1966 acknowledgment N.C. Wild Flower Preservation Society dues
1967 prospective members NCWFPS
1969 (2 letters) dues, spring meeting
Pope, Clifford H.
Chatham, NY, Chicago Natural History Museum (formerly Field)
1936 (postcard) Santa Barbara Museum director
1946 Herpetology
1938 re: turtles
1943 acris
see Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1944 Bartram congratulations
Popp, Henry William
Dept. of Botany, Pennsylvania State College
1943 acknowledgment Acris letter; Georgia check list
1954 (2 letters) sale of vascular plant specimens
1955 Pennsylvania birds check list, "Coonie"
1955 Pennsylvania birds, Fowler, Hall, publishing caribou
Porcher, Anne A.
Hendersonville, NC
1955 (3 letters) Bartram's Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, meeting with Thomas Walter
1955 John Torrey collection
1955 address, Stuart house, Ravenal, Bartram
1955 (2 letters) John Bartram
1958 (postcard) Martha Logan-John Bartram letters; "John Bartram and Slavery"
1958 Bartram; Travels
Porsild, A.E.
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
see also Canada-National Museum of Natural History
1949 publication of list, Neultin Lake plants
1953 (4 letters) Ungava expedition, vascular plant specimens, blotters, 'Caribou in Greenland'
1953 Ungava expedition, Sanguisorba canadensis (Rosacease) specimen, seeds for chromosome counts
1953 acknowledgment lichens & mosses, Dix, Mr. Bartram, vascular plants
1953 (9 letters) Ungava plant collection labels, election as Fellow of the [Arctic] Institute
1954 (7 letters) Knob Lake flora photographs, identifications, labels, distribution
1954 acknowledgment Ungava mosses, Equisetum
1954 labels, vascular plants, locations
1956 acknowledgment Ungava report, photographs
1956 Dr. Hustich's habitat classifications, Ungava amphibians
1957 flora of the Arctic Archipelago; family news; Alexander Wetmore re: Ungava bird report
1959 (postcard) acknowledgment (Ungava bird report)
1960 (2 items) letter to Hustich; Ashuanipi Lake plants
1961-1962 (letter & postcard) acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper
1963 (2 letters) Carex paupercula
1964 acknowledgment reprints: Caribou Eskimo, Montagnais, Ungava plants and animals
1966 (draft) acknowledgment papers
1968 acknowledgment NWT plants checklist, map of "natural vegetation and flora"
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1967 (3 items: print and letters) Porsild portrait
Popular Mechanics Magazine
1950 re: no response to correspondence and his son's .10 in stamp
Porter, Dr. C.L.
University of Wyoming, Laramie
1949 [vascular] plants, Nueltin Lake, Keewatin shipment
Porter, Reid H.
Morristown, PA
1957 statement
1960 (2 items) statement
Portland Sunday Telegram
1964 (3 copies) Craig's "ringing challenge to America" U.S. News and World Report
Poston, Manning H.
Mount Holly, NJ
1960 Chapel Hill houses; Maple Hill Farms
Potter, Julian K.
Collingswood, NJ
1930 or 36 ivory bill inquiry, comment on southern NY birds
1954 Nueltin Lake birds, DYOC lecture
1954 Thomas J. Beans old naturalist's diary, Rancocas Creek,
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds report
Pough, Richard H. "Dick"
American Museum of Natural History, NY Conservation
see also Natural Area Council, NY
1935 films (for GA)
1936 re: films (Philadelphia) for GA
1938 vanishing mammals, n.a.
1940 CCC in [Cheneis] Island
see also National Association of Audubon Societies; mammals, Incl. Technical Conference resolutions on
endangered species; Time Magazine, Harper's evaluation
1946-40 publications, Bartram
1950 possibility of Guggenheim award
1953 (2 letters) E. Raymond Hall publishing caribou paper, Ungava
1963 Helen Cruickshank's Bartram excerpts
1953 (draft) Cruickshank, E. Ray Hall, caribou ms., Attihanagen Lake
1953 (copy, to Jean-Paul Harroy, Union for the Protection of Nature) publishing Barren Ground caribou
1953 acknowledgment Harroy letter, 'Thirteen-oak Forest' location, Waldron Miller, Bayard Long, Jack
1953 Harroy, Hall, northern research, Preble, Ossipee (NH) nature preserve
1953 (copy, to George B. Fell, Washington) Preble preserve and University of New Hampshire
1954 (10 letters) publishing caribou report, ACIWLP
1954 Harroy, caribou report stipend from IUPN & Harold Coolidge, New York Zoological Society and
Fairfield Osborn, Wildlife Management Institute and G.R. Gutermuth, Hall, Okefinokee preservation
1955 transmit copy "Preservation of Mammals—and Freedom of Speech" (attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1955 (copy, to John L. Farley, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) fire management in Okefinokee Wildlife
1955 Okefinokee fire, Wildlife Management Institute stipend; publication of caribou report
1956 Congresswoman Blitch's bill for Okefinokee dams
1958 (postcard) vote; Booth Ferris
1959 (to Roland) visit; Nature Conservancy; canebrakes
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo and Ungava plants and animal papers, conservation (attachments)
1964 Dionaea, Carolina Flora, OSAC, Bartram, Smith Island, Cape Fear, ASIH meeting
1965 (draft) Athabaska material; field catalog of plants (shares sheet with Hamilton Laing, see Laing)
1965 Nicholson conservation in GA, Nature Conservancy
1965 land conservation, Nature Conservancy, Nicholson bequest
1967 Acknowledgment Okefinokee hearing; Congaree Swamp Forest; family news
Pound, Louise
editor American Speech, Lincoln, NE
1925 publishing
Pound, Prof. Merritt P.
Political Science Dept, GA
1952 re: work on Benjamin Hawkins
Povey, Dorothy
Liverpool, UK
1957 Knowley Hall Bartram drawings; species represented; Travels; biography; extinct and vanishing
mammals study (list of drawings attached)
1957 (3 items) acknowledgment species identifications; Derby correspondence; Bartram drawings; R.
Wagstaffe; Catesby (Peter Collinson notes attached)
1957 (2 items) acknowledgment Bartram's Journal, off-prints; Wagstaffe; lapwing drawing; Maggs re:
Knowsley Hall letters
1958 Bartram's Travels; Yale
1959 Bartram; Francis West; Peter Collinson; W.J. Hooker-William Darlington correspondence; Earl of
1959 Francis West; Knowsley drawings; Earl of Derby; photos; ms. of natural productions of Florida;
Powell, Dr.
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
1951 re: material for files
Powell, Wilton
Cornell University Library, Ithaca
1946 transmittal of letter
Powell, William S.
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill
1960 Illinois edition, Mark Catesby: The Colonial Audubon by George Frederick Frick and Raymond
Phineas Stearns
1963 (note) acknowledgment Early American Travels
1964 (from Powell to Fred Coker, Raleigh NC) reference, Moses Ashley Curtis-Silas McDowell
1965 (form letter) announce Stephen B. Weeks centennial
1965 (note) Weeks invitation
1967 (note) McGuffey's Readers (advertisement attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Power. G
Dept. of Biology, University of Waterloo, Ontario
1962 acknowledgment of Ungava fishes paper
Preble, Edward A.
US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
1915 (draft) Great Slave Lake expedition, Harry Jones, Pete McCallum, Conroy and the upper Peace,
Athabaska River, Billy Loutit of the steamer Athabaska, Elgar Robillard, Weeso, 1914 Canadian
Geological Survey, Athabaska-Mackenzie report, Noxostoma lesueuri, Catoctonus bindsoius, Coregonus
1920 Okefinokee
1924 species from southeast, pond building, visit, Nature Magazind, Athabaska trip
1924 woodpecker specimen, promotions
1924 Okefinokee
1925 Wainwright bison herd; wood buffalo; Miss Jacobson and Harper's 1920 notes
1928 forceps, family news
1929 travel in Adirondacks, "painless" traps, Coleman
1929 New England Indians, Forbush's death
1929 change to Swarthmore, PA museum MS
1930 Cape May pictures Okefinokee, "bellowing" gators conservation of [neamp] swamp? suggested as
article Preble editor, Harper photos; publication of papers
1931 Athabaska, Interest in Senate; toads on Okefinokee
see also American Society of Mammalogists
1931 frog skit available; DVOC member Fr. Cornelius Waygandt 15 yrs, birds of NH; editorial
suggestions for Nature magazine interference with sexual "white spot" (caribou)
1932 meeting; frog article; Forcier
1933 conservation, Okefinokee politics
1935 retirement Geological Survey
1932 call for biological abstracts
see also Bell, W.B. 1945 Bartram
1936 from Folkston, GA, Bartram & [Chesser] J.
1947 re: Nueltin
1947 Churchill; caribou; birds; Nueltin Lake; Fred Schweder (shares sheet with Washburn, see Washburn)
1949 greetings
1950 re: Keewatin Bird Report, etc
1955 Maps from Fort Roe to Great Bear Lake
1955 (draft) dedication of caribou report
Preble, Norman E.
Dept. of Biology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA; Science Dept, Bently College
1932 Athabaska mammal paper; Biological Abstracts; Remington Kellogg (ASM)
1962 (5 letters) Preble biography, bibliography, E. Ray Hall and Kansas publication, Preble house in
Somerville, McAtee, family news
1963 photo of Preble house (attached)
1963 Preble house, bibliography, Kansas, Ungava Indians
1965 (5 letters) Preble sanctuary, library, bibliography Tin Peddlers and Small Boys
1966 acknowledgment Faylor letter, Cape Thompson report, Bonne Bay National Park,
1967 (2 letters) Ossipee Sanctuary, Preble Sanctuary
Press Herald-Evening Express
Portland, MA
1964 (2 letters) reprints of May Craig's article of Feb. 9 (?)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Presto model "K" recorder brochure
Princeton University Press
re: Cope 1931[Dttus] C. Smith, Jr., Director
1951 re: publication of Bartram biography
Proctor, G.R.
Stores, Temple University
1948 supplies, Havana/Cienfuego Cuba trip, Soledad
Provost, Ernest E.
Journal of Wildlife Management, Univ. of Georgia, Athens
1962 (3 letters) reviewing Cantwell's biography of Alexander Wilson, Mangum Weeks, Ungava papers
Prout, Sarah U.
Rensselaerville Library, Rensselaerville, NY
1955 acknowledgment copy Barren Ground caribou report, lectures
Prudential Insurance Company
High Point, NC
1963 Medicare
Pruitt, William O., Jr.
Department of Biology St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada College AK, Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman,
Memorial Univ.; St. Johns Newfoundland; University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
1957 (postcard) meeting announcement
1960 Journal of Mammalogy papers
1961 (2 items) JM papers, Keewatin mammals; Keewatin caribou, Ungava birds studies
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment publication
1962 (7 letters, 1 postcard) caribou paper in Beaver, fall-out contamination, bibliography (reprints list
1963 caribou reprints, income, Bartram, Baffin Island Eskimo
1963 caribou numbers and fallout, Eskimo Lawrence Irving
1964 (postcard, draft) Fellow of the AINA
1964 travels, Ernest Thompson Seton
1964 Ungava, Eskimo, and Preble papers, Seton, Beaulieu Indians
1964 (postcard) reprints
1964 Caribou Eskimo, Oberholtzer's death, Ungava caribou
1964 (postcard) change of address to Norman OK
1964 position at Oklahoma, Tanana Valley grant, radiation
1965 (2 letters) position at Memorial University of Newfoundland caribou
1965 (2 letters) Dan McKinley re: Kalamazoo College
1965 (postcard) Preble bibliography, Senator Bartlett's re: AIC
1966 position at Memorial Univ., Peter Lent, Seton collection, taiga book
1965 congratulations, Ungava friends and colleagues, Okefinokee
1966 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava reprints
1966 acknowledgment research suggestions
1966 caribou reprint, Helsinki trip, UNESCO
1966 caribou, Finland, Labrador
1966 Bergorud re: Arctic hares, caribou taxonomists
1969 book announcement
1969 (form letter) activities of the Arctic Institute
1969 letter to Brig. H. W. Love, Arctic Institute
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1968 re: Kelsall monograph comments on Arctic Horses, Caribou
no date [Breezed],hare, lynx, shrinkage of Arctic, caribou
1970 fire ants; Arctic; muskox studies; hare, Public Action Committee; re: neutrality bills
Public Affairs Press
Washington, DC
1961, 1963 (2 letters) orders for Charleston Putnam's Race and reason
Public Archives of Canada
see also Lamb, W. Kaye
1964 acknowledgment The Friendly Montagnais
1964 portrait of H. Y. Hind, Caribou Eskimos report, J.B. Tyrell, Kaj Birket-Smith, Preble
Public Inquiries Branch
Public Health Service, Washington
1966 order "Emphysema" Public Printing & Stationery Department, Ottawa
1955 (4 items) order 'Trees of Canada,' 'Climatological Atlas of Canada' Public Service Company of North
Carolina, Inc., Durham, NC
1960 payment
Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Burlington, NJ
1960 payment
Public Service Interstate Transport Co. Camden, NJ
1949 accident report, Seaside Park bus.
1951 re: ticket refund (.69)
1954 schedules, change of address
Publishers Central Bureau
New York City
no date order
Publications, Inc.
1926 Okefinokee mammals; mailing lists
Pyle, Francis C. and sister Mary W.
Gage School, PA
1939 (2 items) Bartram trail; photos; Frank M. Bartram; Mary Bartram; Academy habitat group
1940 Florida expedition; Bartram sites
1940 visit; Strands Bridge collapse; A. J. Hanna article (memorandum enclosed)
1941 Pyle's William Bartram paper; Bartram's plantation
1941 (2 items) reprints received and acknowledged
1943 Bartram: sister Mary; Florida Flora
1944 Mary
1944 Bartram
1944 Bartram
Pyle, Mary W.
George School, GA
1940 Ixia specimens; Walker; Cooper House
1940 Katherine Canova; A. H. and Susie Bull; Bartram Ixia specimens
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1940 Bartram reports
Quay, Louis B.
Mt. Holly, NJ
1949 re: heat water system of houses on [Rancocs]
1951 plumbing bill and settlement
1954 itemized statement
Quebec Chronicle Telegraph
1954 Napoleon A. Comeau's Live and Sport on the North Shore, 1923
Quebec City Zoo
1954 order Les Carnets de Zoologie
Quebec, Province of
Department of Fish & Game (la Chase et de la Peche), Quebec City
see also Bastien, Sarto
1953 (envelope only) collecting permit
1953 re: Extracts from reports on the district of Ungava, 1913
1953 Ungava (Knob Lake) biological observation, collecting permit, National Museu, references
1953 permit granted, migratory birds
1953 appreciation for permit; Department of Mines
1955 (2 items) J. E. Gilbert's "Northern Report", 1953
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds paper
Jardin Zoologique de Québec
Orsanville, Quebec
1964 acknowledgment books sent to Société Zoologique
Queen's Printer
Edmonton, Alberta
1959 (2 items) order and receipt Salt and Wilk's Birds of Alberta
1961 Hare's Photo-reconnaissance Survey of Labrador-Ungava
1967 order Godfrey’s Birds of Canada
Queensland Museum
Brisbane, Australia
1937 mammals; E. le. Troughton, Australian Museum, Sidney
see also Longman, L.A.
Quinn, Davis
1930 pamphlets (not found) Emergency Conservation Commission
R.----, Dr.
no date (draft) Xerox copy of Gas Hollow paper; Wayne Co., [Pennsylvania] (copy)
Racey, Mary (Mrs. R. Gordon)
Sept-Iles, Quebec
1964 (2 items) acknowledgment Indian and mammals studies; Indian dogs
19643 Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Racey, R. Gordon
Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway Co., Sept Iles, Quebec
1956 acknowledgement of Ungava amphibian & reptile report. Barren Ground Caribou
1961 Christmas card
1962 acknowledgment Polar notes, Ungava fish; [Oshuampi] Lake; fox
1962 (2 items) Schifferville (Knob Lake) caribou; Sarto Bastien
1962 Christmas card
1963 Knob Lake caribou and trains; Armand Ferbuson; Sarto Bastien
1963 Christmas card
1964 1961-63 caribou migration; identification; Ferguson
1964 Sarto Bastien; northern projects; photos
1964 acknowledgment Sarto Bastien’s photos; Rangifer caribou caribou identified; Montagnais:
McKenzie, Kom Pinette, Jerome St. Onge
1965 Mammals of Keewatin, Ungava reports, whitefish, John Richardson, Mrs. Nordenholt, Ashuanipi,
Jacques Rousseau Kom Pinette, McKenzies, Mistuhkoni, Oskoas, Kapikitiapiskao Lakes
Radcliffe, Lewis
Bureau of Fisheries, Washington, DC
1914 bird report, photographs, Okefinokee fishes
1914 forms, Hudson Bay expedition by American Museum of Natural History
1930 Gordon, Emerson, checkout of Fishes of North & Middle America
Radford, --- (Dr.)
1968 proofreading Manual of Carolina Flora
Radio-Victor Corporation of America
Victor Talking Machine Division, Camden, NJ
1930 Okefinokee; inquiry on making records of animals & humans' voices
Ragsdale, James E.
Lake City, SC
1965 (2 items) propagating alligators
Railway Express Agency
Albany, NY
see also Peacock, G.A., Royal Canadian National Police, Ottawa
1950 re: loss of shipment of Churchill
1951 (14 miscellaneous items) lost shipment (folding canoe)
1953 non-delivery of boat and folding canoe
Ramsey, D. Hiden
Asheville, NC
1964 John Lyon paper; Joseph Ewan;
1964 North Carolina history; Lyon’s “Catalogue of Plants”; Cryptobranchus alleganiensis; Lyon route
1964 (2 items) John Lyons article; William S. Justice; Davenport place
Rancocas Creek Association
Mount Holly, NJ
1951 (2 copies) wildlife sanctuary along Rancocas Creek
Rand, Austin L.
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1947 re: Nueltin study
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1960 Anderson re: Microtus chrotorhinus ravus, Port Manvers record, distributional map of Ungava,
Rand, Frederick, V.
Biological Abstracts, Philadelphia
1931 appointment to assistant editor, visit
1932 notice of re: appointment as Assistant Editor
1932 abstracting policies
Randorf, Gary A.
Environmental Education, Cornell University
1971 (mimeograph) questionnaires
Raney, Edward C.
Dept of Conservation, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY
1942 (2 items) Lake Waccamaw vegetation, fish; Fowler; Pseudacris
1956 Fowler, Ungava , ms check
1956 check ms of Ungava fishes
1956 Ungava fish ms check, specimens, drawings, photos
1956 ms "Fishes of the Interior of Ungava Peninsula" received
1956 specimens, Fowler, Coregorus
1956 Ungava fish specimens sent
1956 receipt of Ungava fish specimens, Coregonus
1956 acknowledgment of Ungava ms check, Fowler, Cristiivomer, Prosopuium, Leucichthys Cheilonemus
vs Semotilus Culaca vs Eucalia map,
1956 Ungava fishes ms.; Coregonus clueaformis; Swardsen; Dymond; Fowler re: Cristivomer; Salvelinus;
ouananiche; Salmo; Fowler's shortcomings
1956 acknowledgment Keewatin mammals; 1947 expedition
1959 (3 items) Ungava fish paper; Fowler; Catostomuss catostomus measurement; Backus
1959 Ungava fish paper; publication
Rankin, H.A.
Douglas Manufacturing Co. (lumber), Fayetteville, NC
1939 (3 items) Arthur Leeds' death; Bartram's trail; visit; southern trip
1939 (2 items) Southern trip; indigo plant; Cape Fear
River; Bartram; Nelumbo; Stuartia
1943 re: Bartram, re: Morris-White graves Ransley, Robert H., Mt. Holly NJ
1960 removal to Chapel Hill, vandalism, house sale
1963 envelope only "enclose 6c stamp"
1963 (2 items) forwarded mail from Mt. Holly
Rappé, Beau
Floyd Tree Service, Henderson, NC
1963 business card
Rarig, F.G.
1951 re: Tellwide-Deep Springs Fund Drive
Raulerson, Charles
St. George, GA
1954 Okefinokee swamp fire, Chesser Island, timber purchases
1954 Chesser's Island timber
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Raup, Dr. Hugh M.
Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
see also Arnold Arboretum
Jamaica Plains, MA
1930 vegetation-Athabaska region, ref. Blanchet
1936 (2 items) reprints; Lake Athabaska expedition; Hamilton Laing; plant specimens; Deschampsia;
D.caespitosa; D. mackenzieana
1936 location of 1914 collection; Athabascan dunes
1936 (5 items) acknowledgment reprints; 1920 plants list; 1914 expedition, collection; photos
1936 photos; Great Slave Lake gold strike
1937 McFarlane River photos; Acorus calamus
1937 (3 items) Gray Herbarium plant specimens; lost collection; Canadian Field-Naturalist
1938 Black Rock Forest specimens; Pices mariana; Memoranthus mucronata; Vaccinium macrocarpon;
Kalmia polifolla; K. angustifolia; mice
1938 Black Rock Forest specimens; Dr. Stillman; South Nahannni River expedition
1949 re: Nueltin collections vascular plants excess for sale
Rausch, Robert L.
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, DC
1956 acknowledgment re: Barren Ground caribou
1964 acknowledgment Keewatin Eskimo paper
Raven, H. C. "Henry"
Baldwin, NY
International Wild Life Protection
1928 (postcard) black bear & Bulletins for prospects
1937 (2 items) Australian zoologists re: mammals; Celebes
Raven, Yvonne (Mrs. Henry C.)
Baldwin, NY
1944 (2 items) death of H.C.
Ravenal, Dr. William D.C.
1925 change of address, mailing list National Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Ravenel, W. deC.
Smithsonian, Washington
1915 Miller's list of North American Land Mammals
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
Hawthorn, FL
1940 acknowledbment Bartram essay; Florida history; St. John's; Fort Christmas; Lake Poinsett;
Helenblazes; Welaka; Ocklawana; Eureka
Rawson, G. W.
Ciba Pharmaceuticals, Summit, NJ
1955 lemmings bibliography, Charles Lyman, disease & populations
Raymond, Cora
Secretary, Casey Wood, Chicago
1924 transmittal of letter from Dr. Casey Wood (letter attached)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Raymond, Marcel
1967 Frére Marie-Victorin, Evolution of Canada’s Flora
1967 acknowledgment Ungava book
Raynor, Amanda (Mrs. Walter B.)
195[7] (to Jean Harper) visit, weather, family news
1957 (postcard) Lake Ponkonkoma, visit, weather
1959 Walter's illness visit
1961 (postcard) Walter's health
1961 transmits letter to Walt
Raynor, Walter B., "Turk" (Turkey) gunsmith in Patchogue NY
1912 pictures re: chief Jake Ward and Aunt Martha Mayues
1928 photo: Poospatuck village; Martha Magues; sea turtle; Zeppelin
1937 (2 items) jobs; travels; Roland (Harper)
1955 Dr. Murphy, career, health
1955 Overtons' deaths, family news, Jack Nichols, old times, visit
1956 (postcard), fishing, health
1956 photo, Dismal Swamp
1956 photo, Raynor's "Florida diary"
1957 (newspaper clippings) Poospatuck Indian police chief Walter C. Treadwell, Jr., (Chief Wild Pigeon)
1957 (postcard) Florida, visit
1957 visit, book
1957 family photos, news
1957 Poospatuck clippings, Ed Ewards, Tom & Rob Hill, William Walker, Second Neck Creek, visit
1957 mounted bird, Murphys of Old Field Point, Smith's
Point, J. T. Nichols, Snedecor, binoculars dead at 83 years
1958 health, money, [Poospatuck], Martha [Wains]
1958 clipping of Long I. Indians (separate folder), travels, bird query
1958 Indians clipping, travels, removal, visit
11959 (postcard) Boca Raton, fishing
1960 Chapel Hill house, Raynor article, "Wilds of Florida", visit
[1960] health, visit, Florida article, travels
no date (draft) Raynor "history"; wilds of Florida article
1961 health, visit, possum nest, old days at Second Neck Creek; Mastic re: Poospatuck language, photos,
mammals paper
1961 visit; possum nest; Mastic; Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, General Floyd re: Poospatuck words;
Poospatuck photos to Smithsonian
[1961] acknowledgment book; health; Yellowston photos
[1962] Davis Overton's death; travels; gun smithing; robbery
1962 visit; Thomas Jefferson's Poospatuck vocabulary to Mrs. Nichols; family news
1962 travels; visit
1962 youthful adventures and friends
1962 vitamin c; Hudson Vitamin Products
1963 Murphy’s tame chickadees; Treadwell; “old language” [Poospatucks]
1963 Poospatucks; photographs; Merther Main
1964 Raynor honorary membership in the Poospatuck Indian Tribe; ceremony
1964 health; Dakota Bad Lands; Chief Ward; muskrat meat; (story, “Three Lives on a Match” attached)
1964 Tom Hill; Raynor stories
1964 Murphy story and photo
1964 acknowledgment Murphy photo; Mastic clipping; Poospatuck words
1964 acknowledgment books; Poospatuck photo (enclosed)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
1965 wotfd (‘torup’); Poospatuck; Margaret C. Blaker
1965 (2 items) torup (alligator turtle); Tom Hill; Abby [Mains]; bullfrog specimen
1965 Raynor history and tales
1965 glider photo; autobiography; Poospatuck photos
1965 Raynor memoirs; Okefinokee folk study; alligator protection
1965 stories and photos; wild West show
1965 health; story collection
1965 (2 items) Raynor wife’s death
1965 story collection; Poospatuck photos; birds; Okefinokee book
1966 eagle story; gun thefts; health
1966 (2 items) heart attack
1966 glider photos; Florida tiger cat
1966 coin (shekel) sale; health
1966 shekel; health; Roland’s death
1966 Roland; rest home bill
1966 coin dealer
1966 coin dealer; story collection; Okefinokee
1966 illness; telescope on rifles; short tales
1967 book; milk snake
1967 stories; health; Abby Carl (Poospatuck)
1967 stories; game laws; Okefinokee folk study
1958 autobiography (pages attached); health; parakeet
1968 state of health
1968 Poospatuck
[1968] (draft) books re: Okefinokee friends, Buffalo Cove, Canada 1930; government; Poospatucks; race
relations; Bob Murphy
1968 Okefinokee folk; Poospatucks; Indian policy
1968 Bartram study; Athabaska birds; Chesser’s Island bequest to [Nature Conservancy]; Raynor
1969 health; accident (story attached)
1969 health; drunken neighbors; eagle-snake story
1969 photo-Poospatuck Village, LD clippings about Princess Silver Moon
1969 (draft) University of Kansas bequest; family news
1969 eagle-snake story; house keeper
1969 health; toads; Roland; Poospatuck (story attached)
1969 Early American naturalists; Raynor’s stories; Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World
1969 trash dumping
1970 driver’s license; health; weather (story enclosed)
1970 Poospatuck; Abby Carl death
1970 partial account of bear hunt
1970 health; Long Island wildcats
RCA Victor Company
Camden, NJ
see also Robert E. Smith
Reade, J. M.
Botany, University of Georgia, Athens
no date Swarthmore; family news
Readers' Digeest
Pleasantville, NY see also Spencer, Steven M.
1945 story retold from 1925
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Reading Public Museum & Art Gallery
Reading, PA see also Gramm, Hanns, Sec.
The Lewis W. [Menzel] memorial fund
Redington, Paul G.
see U. S. Department of Agriculture, Biological Survey, Washington, D.C.
Reed, C. (and Margared Cary)
1949 notice of lecture - Keewatin invitation to supper prior to Francis' talk
Reed, Clyde F.
Baltimore, MD
1955 order form Index to copeia, 1933-1954
1956 order form Index to Herpetologica, 1936-1955 (copy)
Reed, Crezia Corrington
Virginia Beech, VA
1968 (2 items) Nelumbo paper; Bartram; locations
Reed, Rd.
1914 Canada
Reed, Robert S.
Quaker City Paper Co., Philadelphia, PA
no date invoice (book bags), business card
1955 payment (book bags)
Reeder, R. J.R. see also Department of Botany, Yale University
New Haven, CT
1949 re: samples vascular plants, Nueltin
Reese, A.M.
University of West Virginia, Department of Zoology
1926 Okefinokee
Reese, Morton L.
Augusta, GA
1939 acknowledgment pamphlets; Shell Bluff trip; Bartram
1939 Bartram's Diary; Boggy Cut Creek; Cordle; William Bartram's flat rock (Bartram excerpts enclosed)
Reeve, Alex J.
See Department of Northern Affairs, Ottawa
Rehn, James AG.
1919 Okefinokee reservation plans
Reichard, Gladys
American Folklore Society, Barnard College; Columbia University, NYC
1932 re: program from Okefinokee at Atlantic City
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Reid, George T. & Son.
Mr. Holly
1951 wood delivery
1952 re: apple order
Rehels, R. Crosby
Chapel Hill, NC
1964 “Thank goodness for a voice like yours.” (subject unspecified) (3 copies)
Reilly, E.M. Jr.
NY State Museum & Science Service, Univ. of the State of New York, Albany
1955 maps [|Ungava]
1955 Ungava maps, lakes, Ungava birds & mammals, Quibed-Labrador boundary
1956 ms "Mammals of Central and Southern Portions of Ungava Peninsula, range maps
1956 Ungava maps, screen overlays
1956 Ungava distributional maps, life-zone boundries
1956 (postcard) maps, "zip-a-tone" overlays
1956 maps reproduction and style
1956 maps, size, life-zones
1956 vacations, map
Reimann, Edward (Bud)
Everglades, FL
1938 (3 items) forg specimens; collecting techniques
Reitzel, William
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1942 (2 items) John Bartram's Diary; William Bartram's travels; drawings; maps
Renard, Maurice
Oak Island, MN
1954 (from W. Earl Godfrey, Biologist, Canaian National Museum Ottawa) Neultin birds, American
Midland Naturalist, Harper address
1954 canoe trip to Nueltin Lake, birds order for Midland Naturalist,
1954 American Midland Naturalit Keewatin birds, Downes' Sleeping Island, Schweders
Renshaw, Walter (& Roxie?)
Toledo, GA
1930 Ballads, potatoes (yams) delivered
Rensselearville Library
Rensselaerville, NY
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds report
Repp, C. David
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb
1966 (2 items) Ungava expedition; request Ungava mammals study
1966 (9 items) Coppermine photos; Ungava expedition
Research Triangle Foundation
Chapel Hill, NC
see also Stewart, Pearson
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 17 continued
Resinol Chemical Company
Baltimore, MD
1959 inquiry
1959 (2 items) inquiry, acquaintances, Edwin M. Betts' Jefferson's Garden Book, Univ. of Virginia
1963 order shaving sticks
1967 (3 items) order shaving sticks
Rex, Margaret B.
Pennsylvania Historical Junto, Washington, DC
1957 (3 items) Bartram talk, Joseph Ewan, honorarium; Travels
Reynolds, Mr.
Rancocos Vally Reg. H.S., Mt. Holly NY
1949 re: use of formaldehyde and corrections
Reynolds, R. A.
Hudson's Bay Co., London see also Hudson's Bay Co.
1958 (2 items) Joseph Ewan, Henry Connolly, Ungava birds paper
1961 Joseph Ewan; Henry Connolly; T.H. Manning re: Ungava caribou; permission to publish Ungava
Indian material
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper; Hudson's Bay Record Society
1961 Company archives; citing Elton material 1961 Hudson's Bay Company's archives; Nicol Finlayson
quotation; Ungava mammal paper
1961 copy
1962 acknowledgment Ungava climate and Ungava fishes papers; Hudson's Bay Record Society volume
on Ungava
1964 acknowledgment publications [Ungava]
Series I. Box 18.
Rhees, Pres. Rush
University of Rochester, NY
1925 re: position
Rhoades Manufacturing Co.
Sault St. Marie, MI
1920 re: Ha-Ha head protector, incl. brochure
Rhoads, Evan L.
Chicago & Pine Ridge, IL
1956 (to "Cousin William" [Bacon Evans]), father's letters, books
Rhoads, Rendell
see also Wildlife Research Project
Wilmington, OH
1949 Ohio frogs/turtles research
Rhodes, G.[J.?] Frank
Georgia State Fish and Game, Atlanta
1920 permit to take specimens
1922 collecting permit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Rice, James Henry, Jr.
Qiggins, SC
1930 re: conservation movement (philosophical), re: effort to [elect] Pearson for Audubon committee on 3;
Archibald Rutledge, W.H; Hudson books on Argentina; Benefits of classic education
1931 small rat lives in mole tunnels
Richards, Laura (Mrs. Henry)
Gardiner, NC
1933 re: stories, Okefinokee
1933 (clipping) Okefinokee, ivory billed woodpecker
1933 (2 items) original poem re: Harper & Okefinokee
Richards, Horace G.
Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia
1940 (memorandum) North Carolina fossils
1944 Okefinokee oil
1950 re: defunct The World in Books
1957 Cape May accommodations (list)
Richardson, Emma B
Charleston [Museum], SC
1940 request Bartram trail; John Bartram Association
1940 Bartram; "Starve-gut Hall"
1940 acknowledgment separates
1943 acknowledgment John Bartram Diary
1943 re: Bartrams Travels
Richmond, Charles W.
see also US National Museum, Washington, DC
1922 re: Bent's 3rd vo; also Bulletins 121,126
1925 Bent's Life Histories of North American Birds
1931 (2 items) request for lists of generic terms, Waterhouse's; Index Generum Avim
1931 Waterhouse's Index, Sherborn, Palmer
1931 Waterhouse, payment
1932 re: publication of paper on new alligator in Proceedings. Biological Society Washington
Richmond, Edward A. and Leona
Moorestown, NJ
1960 (postcard) Fowler, visit, family news
1960 (draft) botonists, folk music, tape recorders
1960 Coker Arboretum, hollerin', Fowler & Harper Ungava fish report, weather
1961 travels, plant identifications, Acer floridanum, Montagnais, hollerin', Henry E. Vick
1961 plant identification, squirrels, Henry Vick, Bartram marker in Nantahala Gorge
1961 family news
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals paper; W. George's paper on Gunter re: Horn Island Academy
news; travels; Long at Chapel Hill Arboretum, Liquidambar styraciflual; rotundiloba
1961 Carleton Putnam re: trees; color prints; Totten re: Liquidengar atyracflua; rotundifolla; Okefinokee
1961 Putnam; color prints; Fred Aldrich; family news
1962 (postcard) Academy; Rehm; Fowler; Ungava fishes paper
2976 Fowler award; family news
1962 (postcard) mosquito survey; Fowler
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Richmond, James S.
Savannah, GA
1947 Bartram, re: Gardonia? Franklinia
Richmond, Neil D.
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
1955 Pseudacris nigrita kaimi specimen, Roger Conant, lost specimens of Acris gryllus blanchardi,
Chicago Academy
1955 receipt of P. n. kaimi specimen, Carnegie catalogue number (33917)
1955 Pseudacris nigrita kaimi specimen, Chicago Academy, Charles Nohr, Acris gryllus blanchardi
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment of reprint
Ricker, P.L.
Hotel Cactus, San Angelo, TX
1967 Bartram?; re: WBKC, Folkston GA, mainland & island [Krombein's] parasitic wasps re: Palmer
re: Camp Cornelia
1957 (2 items) Roland’s death; Okefinokee trip; collection of separates; family news
1955 (postcard) acknowledgment of reprint
Ricker, W. E.
Fisheries Research Board of Canada, Ottawa
1960 (6 items) publish Ungava fishes papers with Fowler, Journal of the Fisheries Research Board,
Nueltin Lake fishes report
1967 (2 items) Roland’s courtship; family news; crinoids collection; Okefinokee; Dionaea; A. H. Norton
Ridgely, Mrs. Henry
Dover, DE
1959 re: various Ridgely letters at College of Physicians, Philadelphia
Ridgeway, Dona
The United States Bi-Centennial Cookbook Committee, Kansas City, MO
1972 commemorative cookbook; recipe from Bartram's Travels
1972 (draft) permission to quote; Bartram on St. John's River (additional matter on envelope)
Riener, Arthur A.
1937 see also U.S. Department of Agriculture, Biological Survey
Ries, Victor H.
Columbus, OH
1969 (2 copies) eliminating chipmunks and squirrels
(see also American Horticultural Society)
Riesenberg, S. H.
Smithsonian Institution, Washington
see also Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum
1962 photograph of Nakapi exhibit; Turner biography; "caribou" or "deer"
1963 (2 items) Naskapi exhibit; Turner; snowshoes and toboggan
Riggs, Annie H.
Rivermoor, MA; N. Elba, NY
1926 visit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Riggs, Austen Fox, M.D.
Stockbridge, MA
1929 by Grace Patterson, Sec. ncl. Mrs. Murphy
Ripley, S. Dillon
Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, New Haven, CT
1960 acknowledgment ornithological separates, Chapel Hill
Rivers, E. D.
Governor, State of Georgia, Atlanta
1939 application Wild Life Division; biographical details 1939 Wild Life Division, Rivers of America
see Skinner, Constance Lindsay
Robbins, Chandler S.
Patuxant Research Refuge, Laural, MD
1954 bird distributional files, Keewatin bird report
Robbins, John E.
Canadian Social Sciences Research Council, Ottawa
see also Canadian Social Sciences Research Council
1956 T. H. Manning, Ungava caribou, outline re: investigation
1956 (from T.H. Manning) transmittal of Harper grant request
1956 acknowledgment of request, (Manning letter re: other funding source attached)
1956 Council support for Ungava caribou report, (copy)
1956 transmittal re: Manning letter (grant approval)
1956 acceptance of Council grant
1957 (9 items) progress report, request for payment for Council re: Ungava caribou report
acknowledgment of payment
(see also Rowley, G. W. for grant proposal)
Robbins, V. A.
(personal finance)
1950 re: move, Renselarville, NY to Mt. Holly, NY
Robbins, William J.
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia
see also NY Botanical Gardens
1942 National Science Foundation grant application
1949 re: surplus vascular plants Nueltin
1954 Ungava collections, vascular plants, mosses, lichens, data, distribution of specimens
1954 letter acknowledged
1960 (2 items) congratulations (75th) to J. R. Schramm
Robert Morris Hotel
Philadelphia, PA
1965 reservation
Roberts, Austin
South African Ornithological Society, Pretoria
1936 The Ostrick, abstracting
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Roberts, Capt. B.P.
1939 re: bedroll shipping
Roberts, H. Radcliffe
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
1947 Nueltin, Barren Ground, Caribou
1950 re: work space for 1 yr. research on biography of William Bartram
1951 question of using [PDB] (POB)
1953 Mrs. Allan D. Cruickshank on Bartram
1955 Mrs. Cruickshank, hack scholars
Roberts, Kenneth L.
from italy
1929 re: reptile (snake with rudimentary legs)
Roberts Patricia R.
Dept. of Botany, Duke University, Durham NC
1956 (from Roberts to John Bartram Association), info. Bartram-Collinson correspondence, Dionaed
missipula, Ellis, Solander
1956 Trans. of American Philosophical Society re: Bartram
1956 thank you note
Roberts, Thomas S.
Director, University of Minnesota, Zoological museum
1929 re: articles
1930 inquira Copeia, Nelson's Sparrow-Athabaska Delta
1931 ref to Scudder, Sherborn
see also Richard, Gladys
Robertson, J. D.
see Province of Manitoba, Department of Mines and Natural Resources
Robeson, David G.
Council, NC
1942 John Bartram paper; APA; William E. Linglebach; William Bartram's account book
1945 Bartram
Robeson, Jennie Thomas (Mrs. John A.)
Council, NC
1940 (4 items) Harden's History of Savannah and South Georgia; Bartram manuscripts
1940 Easter card
1943 death of husband; exchange of letters; plans; etc.
1943 thank you; friendship
Robeson, John A.
Council, NC
1939 Bartram routes; photos (1697, 1698, 1699); Harden's History of Savanah and South Georgia
1939 Ashwood photos; Cornwallis' army route
1939 visit; Bartram descendants; Bartram trail
1939 acknowledgment photos
no date Christmas card (with Mary Bartram)
[1941] acknowledgment Bartram publication, Bruce Blevin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Robinson, Frank
Manfuacturing service, mole traps
1950 replacement
Robinson, H. G.
Hollinger Ungava Transport Ltd., Seven Islands, Quebec
1953 transport from Seven Islands to Knob Lake
1953 transport to Knob Lake
Roche, Harold G.
Customs & Excise, National Revenue of Canada, Montreal
1953 customs inventory, ammunition, refund, watch repair
1953 letters, addresses, watch
1953 (rough draft) kindness, watch, address, fieldwork
1955 Barren Ground caribou report
no date (envelopes only) self addressed to Harold Roche
Roche, Harold S.
Montreal, Canada
1953 (rough draft) delay of transportation to Knob Lake
1953 (address only)
1955 Christmas card, Barren Ground caribou report, friendship
1958 (3 items) Ungava birds study offered and acknowledged, visit
1959 (2 items) visit, acknowledgment Keewatin caribou book, Ungava birds
1959 (postcard) visit)
1959 travels, New York prices, visit, Cornell Univ., Dr. Craig, courses, fellow students, Myron Taylor
1960 (2 items) removal to Chapel Hill, visit, UNC (50th anniversary program attached)
1960 (postcard) visit
Rockefeller Foundation
see also Marshall, John
1957 (2 items) grant request for early American naturalists
1957 Bartram's Travels; Bartram biography; early American naturalists; Okefinokee
Rodale Books
Emmans, PA
1968 (2 items) order Rodale's The Prostate
Roddenberry, Gad
Folkston, GA
1963 payment, grey foxes from Philadelphia Academy
Rodgers, J. William
Boston photographer
1929 envelope (bad film, photos, kids statement
1930 orders
Roebling First National Bank & Trust Co., Roebling NJ
1952-58 demand loan principal and interest
1960 (3 items) sale of New Jersey house
1960 (draft of sale)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Rogers, Albon E.
Swarthmore, PA
1941 Japanese ornithologist/spy; AOU publication; Adrian J. VAn Rossen
1944 Australia greetings
1948 Bartram memorials
Rogers, C. H. "Charles"
1919 re: turns, West Indies
Rogers, Edward S.
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
see also Royal Ontarion Museum
1963 references to Ungava Indians
1963 acknowledgment Labrador papers
1963 Ungava papers; Wild Life on the Ungava Peninsula; Ungava Indians
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais monographs
Rogers, Rosalyn
see Georgia Natural Areas Council
Rohm & Haas
Briston, PA
1952 re: property on Ranocos Creek
Rowland, W. D., MD
1926 Statement
Rollins College
Winter Park, FL
1938 (form letter) Bartram Bicentennial Committee
1941 Union Catalog of Floridiana
1954 receipt of Bartram reprints
Rollins, Dr. Read C.
see also Grey Herbarium, Cambridge, MA
1949 re: surplus vascular plants, Nueltin
Roly, Lillian
1920 Athabaska
[Romnillat], Hortense (Mrs. Eugene)
1943 acknowledgment Bartram's Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida
Rooney, James
Yakima, Washington
1962 McAtee' Nomina Abitera (reply appended)
Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)
(enclosed in file of Mrs. Sidney Sherwood)
1933 from Glen Harper to Mrs. Roosevelt re: conservation
1935 Okefinokee
1938 (from Jean Harper) Biological Survey in Okefinokee; Asiatic chestnuts; Chesser's Island logging
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
1938 Okefinokee; Department of Agriculture neglect; Wallace letter
1944 (draft) from Jean Sherwood Harper: [Okefinokee Wilderness area]; Underhills; Anna
Roosevelt, Franklin D
Hyde Park, NY; White House
1925 re: Canadian trip east of Athabaska
1933 re: conservation; response to Glen Harper
1933 acknowledgement letter
1937 Okefinokee wild life refuge; Biological Survey; chestnut plantings; CCC
1937 Wallace letter transmitted; Okefinokee
1937 acknowledgment Okefinokee letter
1939 submarine rescue suggestions
1939 submarine rescue (by D J. Callaghan, ADC)
1944 re: Okefinokee, oil, signed Jean Sherwood Harper
Roosevelt, Theodore
Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY
1914 defense of pamphlet, re: caribou, Canada
1915 acknowledgment pamphlet
Root, Oscar
see Paynter, Raymond, 1968
[1968] (draft) Nuttall Ornithological Club membership; Paynter; biographical sketch AOU
1968 Nutall Club bibliography; Paynter
1968 Nutall bibliography; Charles F. Batchelder; the Palmer biographies
1968 Batchelder re: Okefinokee; Barnhart’s biographies of botanists
1968 naturalist’s biographies; destination of papers; Graustein;s biography of Nutall; personal notes
Rossach, George B.
West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV
1960-1961 (4 items) Canadian barrens expedition, Keewatin caribou and mammals papers, experience,
equipment, Arctic Institute funding, Canadian studies bibliography
1966 acknowledgment publications; wild areas; Thelon River expedition
1966 Thalon River expedition; Porsild; Coppermine River expedition
Roscoe, Ernest J.
Ecological Research, Univ. of Utah, Dugway
1954 Labrador flora and fauna, mollusca
1954 Ungava mollusks, Lymnaea, Charles B. Wurtz
1954 Wurtz, snails, terrestrial gastropods
Rose, H. Wickliffe
Swarthmore, PA
1944 Okefinokee; support for Cecile Hulse [Natschat] accused of plagiarism by Harper Bartram order
Rosene, W.M.
Odgen, ID
1931 dues The Wilson Circle
see also Wilson Ornithological Club
Rosenthal, Leon S.
Attorney, 408 Market St, Philadelphia, President Rencoces Protective Assn.
1959 request for talk at annual meeting
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Rosenzweig, Michael L.
Buckness, Lewisburg, PA
1968 (2 items) Microtus chrotorrhinus colony; Earl Poole
Ross, Mrs. Margorie Ruth
State College, PA, Department of [Native] Study Fairmont Normal School, Fairmont, WV
1924 re: bats, shrews
1924 shrew, mice, salamander, snake specimens
Rousseau, Jaques
Parks Dept., Montreal Botanical Gardens, City of Montreal
1955 receipt of Edwin Bartram's mosses of Ungava, bryologists
Rousseau, L. J.
Dept. of Botany, Laval University, Quebec City
1954 vascular plant & mosses specimens, Gilbert Simard, J.L. Veronneau, lichens, Vaccinium vitis-idaea,
1954 receipt of Ungava specimens, Pomerleau, Vaccinium
1955 Pmerleau, Edwin Bartram's "Mosses of Ungava"
1956 lichens and hepatics specimens, Simard, Veronneau, Dix in The Bryologist
Rossman, Douglas A.
Dept. of Zoology, Southern Illinois University, Carbindale
1957 (2 items) request Pseudacris nigrita, triseriata reprint
Rovers, H.C.
1917 photo [Soerabaja]
Rowan, William (and Rita, Sylvia)
University of Alberta, Department of Zoology
1923 re: buffalo situation
1923 golden plover; bird specimens; drawings for sale
1925 skins; position; wood buffalo
1925 relocating wood buffalo
1925 Scientific Committee of Northern Alberta Game League, re: buffalo transfer, tuberculosis; University
(Alberta) Scientific Association; Wainwright buffalo specimen to Cornell
1925 buffalo herd transfer; American Museum
1925 Wood bison
1925 Anthony; American Museum; buffalo specimens; transfer controversy; European bison; bird
1925 Christmas greeting, buffalo. Canadian attitudes
1930 MS exchanges
1932 personal news, weather, crow experiments
1934 Christmas card
1935 Christmas card
no date (2 items) acknolwedgment Old World Mammals study
1947 re: Nueltin trip & photos of Caribou
1948 Christmas greetings
Rowley, Graham W.[B.]
Committee on Northern Development, Ottawa, Canada
1956 Manning's inveltigation of Ungava caribou, Barren Ground caribou, completing investigation
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
1956 Manning, Ungava caribou, Canadian Wildlife Service, grant ($3,000)
1956 outline of study, Manning (proposal attached)
see also Robbins, John E.; Canadian Social Services Research Council
1957 acknowledgment progress report, Marshall
1958 (2 items) report, additional support, caribou, fallout, Sphagnum pampillosum, Cladonia, photos
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava fish and mammals studies
Roxby, Harold C.
Swarthmore, PA (personal finance)
1943 vitamin C for allergies
1943 thyroid tablets
1945 increased payment by Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Insurance company
1950 re: check up
Roy, Marie E.
see Explorers' Club
Royal Bank of Canada
1950 re: draft to Mr. Charles Schneider by Pennsylvania Co. Including response by Pennsylvania Co.
Royal Canadian Air Force
Rockcliffe, Ontario; Ottawa
1948 delivery of photographs signed B Stuart, Squadron Leader
1959 Sergeant Jean P. Labrecque address
1959 W. A. McKenzie, Saskatoon, Jean P. Labrecque, Montagnais, Knob Lake
1961 air photograph of string bogs at Carol Lake
1961 request forwarded to National Air Photographic Library
1962 voucher for air photograph
1962 acknowledgment photograph order copy
see also Canada- Department of Mines & Technical Surveys
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Churchill, Manitoba see also Peacock, J.A; Martin, D.J.
1947 Nueltin Lake expedition; Arctic Institute; Office of Naval Research; Farley Mowat; firearms;
collection permit
1947 (2 items) weapon permit
1948 re: petty crimes in Churchill connected with Nueltin expedition
1950 (2 items) bird specimens; National Museum; parcel search
Royal Geographic Society
1965 Journal review; Nickels; caribou study
Royal Museum of Natural History
1937 mammals
see Loenberg, Prof. E.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology and Paleontology Toronto
see Rogers, Edward S.; Logier, E. B. S
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Ruhl, H. D
Michigan Department of Conservation, Lansing
1949 reference for Walter Kohler
Russell, Charles R.
Swarthmore, PA
1939 (2 items) statements
Russell, L. S.
see Department of Northern Affairs, Ottawa
Ruth ('Honey")
1933 re: marriage announcement
Rutheven, Alexander G.
1916 re: snake specimen: Thamnophis
1924 paper exchange
1924 re: occasional papers
Rutledge, Anna
Charleston, SC
1961 (2 items) Moses Bartram, Anne Porcher
Rutter, Russell J.
Huntsville, Ontario
1966 request The Published Writings of Edward Alexander Preble
Ryder, Dan
Editor, The Cypress Knee, University of Georgia, Atlanta
1950 re: permission to print featue article on the Bartrams
Ryerson, Edward
Belmont, MA
1961 (3 items) Naturalist, Tanner, Beaumont Hill School, Prentise, Mrs. Downes, Cree notebooks
1961 Cree Notebooks to Gertrude Hess, Sleeping Island, Schneider, Prentice
Ryerson Press
1962 (3 items) J.W. Anderson's Fur Trader's Story; Ungava; vertebrates studies, University of Kansas;
permission to quote Anderson
St. Augustine Historical Society amd Institute of Science
St. Augustine, FL
see also Lawson, Katherine S.
1941 re: claim of Martin de Arguelles, First Spaniard born in St. Augustine etc.
St. Botolph Club
1961 portraits of Ungava ethnologists; William B. Cabot
St. John's Indian School
Arizona Komatke Village, Laven [PO] 85339
1968 brochure on biology studies
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
St. Labre Indian School
Ashland, MT
1967 request for donations (brochure attached), with note "Sent $2.00"
1969 envelope only, with note "I regret...."
no date Christmas card
St. Onge, W. Jerome
Reserve Mallotenam, Seven Islands, PQ
1953 Knob Lake photos, mammals, Canadian National Museum
1953 Christmas card
1953 envelope only, sketch of "unknown animal found at Leaf Bay
Saladin d' Anglure, Bernard
1958 (2 items) Drummond, Know Lake caribou, Malaurie, Rangifer classifications, bibliography, decline
Salomonsen, Finn
see American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
Salter, L. J.
North Ross, NY
1957 (2 items, one to Arctic Institute of North America) Rangifer arcticus range, Carter, J. C. Clark, Flint,
Barren Ground caribou study, land ties to Europe; bibliography
Sanders, W. B (Wiley & Dolly)
Chapel Hill, NC
1964 (postcard) bird watching in Florida
1968 Michaux's journal, dining hall workers' strike, UNC bird club
1970 birds identified by the [Teulings]
1970 wild cats; Thomas McMekin
Sanderson, Wilfred E.
see also American Human Association, National Audubon Society, New York & American Society of
Mammalogists, New York
1935 (2 items) American Society of Mammalogists; predatory animals; Jed Rossman (clipping re:
predatory animals enclosed)
1936 (2 items) Biological Survey film "Lion Hunt"; Committee of the Conservation of Land Mammals;
1936 Committee of the Conservation of Land Mammals;martin, fisher; Committee issues
1936 Arthur Leeds' address; photos
1936 Leeds; museums vs. universities
1936 (2 items) Leeds photo; Johnson death; job opportunity (Roosevelt Wild Life Station)
1936 (3 items) Sracuse and Cornell;Roosevelt Station appointment (Regents minutes enclosed)
1936 Regents; Bill Hamilton; Extinct and Vanishing mammals
1936 cougars; J. R. Dymond, Royal Ontario Museum; Kaibab bear; heath hen; caribou; Louis Lavaudien
1936 Anthony-Lumley correspondence (enclosed)
1937 predator control resolution (enclosed); Committee of Conservation of Land Mammals
1937 Audubon rsolution on posioning; Baker article
1937 (2 items) Miller-Pough correspondence, Mckenney letter re: Florida deer; Florida panther; (Lumley
letter enclosed)
1937 (2 items) Commerer letter (enclosed) CCC mammal control
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Arthur Leed's death
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
1939-1940 (2 items) deer control, hunting
1942 (2 items) Bill Hamilton; mammals conservation committee
1943 Okefinokee bibliography
1943 Okefinokee bibliography, US Biological Survey, tree frogs
1945 ivory billed woodpecker, Okefinokee, Audubon Magazine
1945 cottontail bulletin, ivorybill, old world mammals
Sandpiper Press
Columbia, SC
1970 (3 items) South Carolina history; Bartram
Sanger, Marjory Bartlett
Winter Park, FL
1969 Bartam biography, Cape Fear
1969 Bartram bio. for juveniles, Emily Reed Cheston, Ashwood, list of works on Bartrams
1969 Emily Cheston, Dr. Hanna,
Santmyer, Robert
Baltimore, MD
1935 Robin Harper's accident, recovery (see Shramm, J.R., Nov. 3, 1935)
Sapp, William M.
Dalton, GA
1934 acknowledgment pamphlets; native woods of Whifield County
Sarcco, R.
Tanner, Chicago, IL
1948 prices on dressing skins
Sargaent, James
Duluth, MN
1970 Kewatin, Nueltin Lake, Barren Land caribou, fresh water seals
1970 seals as endangered species, collecting ([draft])
Saskatchewan Natural History Society
Regina, Saskatchewan
1960 (2 items) dues
1968 subscription to Blue Jay
1972 membership
1973 invoice Blue Jay
Sass, Herbert Ravenal
Charlestown, NC
1957 social vs. biological anthropologists, Roland, Atlantic article (?)
1957 Atlantic article, Keewatin reports
1957 race relations, Atlantic article, Bartram's Travels
1957 accident, acknowledgment Keewatin papers, Bartram, [Attahullahulla], Cherokees, Byran Collier,
Sass, J. E.
1924 summer camp, birds
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Saturday Evening Post
1946 subscription
1948 rejection of MS "Land of the Caribou"
Saunders, Aretas A. (Margaret)
Fairfield, CT; Canaan, CT
1930 Adirondack bird paper
1954 Nueltin Lake reprints, bird calls, leucophrys, nigrilora, gambell
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds study, Wilson's snipe
1958 Athabaska bird study, Wilson's snipe, Harper field journals to Cornell
1965 list of works of Edward A Preble, illness, death of wife; family news
1965 health, Mount Mercy, Bartram, Hamilton Laing, Lake; Athabaska
1965 Christmas card
Saunders, George B.
Cornell University, Ornithology, Ithaca, NY
1931 meadowlark (enclosure)
Saunders, J. W.
1921 Okefinokee
Saunders, Wiley B. (Dolly)
Sarasota, FL
1967 Florida weather and accommodations, family news, birds, plants
1968 travels, Chapel Hill bird watch, herons, coots, goldfinches, hawks, etc.
1968 (draft) Andre [Midaring]'s ms journal
1968 family news; Wilson snipe; FLorida teachers
Saunders, W. E.
London, Ontario, Canada
1929 re: Adirondocks mammal book
1931 re: poisoning of birds convention facilities-Detriot [AOU] MS received on "Dwellers in the Piney
1931 re: Detroit meeting AOU pro-state advocacy [on] edition
1932 mammals - Ontario
1936 acknowledgment Four Way group; Buffalo flora
1941 acknowledgment Bartram separates
1941 Four-Way Lodge; Arthur Emlen's death; Kirtland's warbler in Canadian Field Naturalist (clippings
re: Saunders' column enclosed)
Sarton, George
Harvard Library, Cambridge, MA
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment Bartram papers
Schachter, J.
Redpath Library, McGill Univ., Montreal
see also McGill University
1962 Lucien M. Turner letters to Robert Ridgway; Contributions to the Natural History of Alaska;
1964 Ungava and Keewatin publications
1964 (postcard) signature
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Schafer, Catherine A.
St. Petersburg, FL
1955 address, Bartram travels
1955 acknowledgement of Bartram travels, Academy, John Bartram High School (Philadelphia)
deSchauensee, R. R.
Newport, RI
1938 (2 items) lipkin papers
Schantz, Viola S.
Washington, DC
1965 "Published Writings of Edward Alexander Preble"
1965 Preble bibliography. Howell bibliography, May Cooke
1965 (copy sans ps)
1965 "Caribou and Eskimos," health, May Cooke's death
1965 Hartly Jackson, Howell bibliography
Scheips, Paul J.
Army Signal Historical Office, Washington
1962 (2 copies) Lucien M. Turner’s Army record; birth date (draft-shares sheet with Nice & Kalmbach)
1962 (2 copies) Turner-Ridgway letters at Blacker-Wook Library, McGill University, Bureau of Pensions
1962 subscription to The State
1962 (2 items) Pension Bureau records; Turner’s dismissal for bigamy; Civil War
1962 (4 items) Turner biography; William Bartram biography; Turner problems; issues
1964 acknowledgment Montagnais paper; A.T. Myer biography
Schenck, Dr. Harry P.
Otolaryngological Department, University Hospital, Philadelphia
1931 complaint about bill
Schevill, Mrs. W. E.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, MA
1945 acknolwedgment of Fur Bearing Mammals of California
Schlichtemier, Gary
Alliance, NB
1965 request for Preble bibliography
Schmid, Fred C.
Patuxant, MD; Romulus, MI
1942 (3 items) Misissippi squirrels; birds; frogs; Fowler
1943 acknowledgment publication; transfer; frogs
1943 birds; pdeudacris;
1955 amphibians at Whitehorse
1955 Keewatin birds, specimens, Frankliniana
[1955] Christmas card, acknowledgment Keewatin mammals, Inuk
1956 Pseudacris, Ungava
1956 Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Jack Cadbury, Fred Ulmer, John Gillespie
1959 visit
1957 Pseudacris, Ungava caribou, Bartram
1965 (rough draft) apology, age (78), visit
1965 acquaintances, Ulmer, Rehn, Jackson, visit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Schmidt, Clifton F.
Research Department, Crown [Corlcand] Seal Co., Baltimore, MD
1943 re: orgin of cork trees in [s] USA; re: to Bernard McMahon and Meeham Nurseries, [Dresher] PA
Schmidt, G.
Leonia, NY, Publisher
1934 Botanical & Zoological books
Schmidt, Karl P.
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1928 night-frogs
1930 alligator paper request
1931 acknowledgment papers; Biological Abstracts job
1931 Padre Island Holbrookia propinqua
1942 acknowledgment Acris; nomenclature; homonyms; Osgood paper (enclosed)
1942 (3 items) Scincus lateralis; nomenclature rule changes; Acris specimen
1947 Nueltin participation in expedition
Schmidt, Rex
Fish & Wildlife Service, College Park, MD
1957 A. L. Nelson, Okefinokee photos from 1917 & 1920
Schmitt, Dr. Waldo L.
US National Museum, (Smithsonian) Washington, DC
1933 re: shrimp identification
1948 request for name of specialist to determine copepod parasites and fairy shrimp
1953 Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science; care of collections; Harry (?); Setzer re:
paradichlorbenzine; Secretary Carmichael
1957 retirement, Society of Systemantic Zoology, Torch, (attached)
1958 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou study, Dept. of Agriculture
1958 Christmas card
1962 Academy (Philadelphia), misuse of paradichlorobenzine, copy
Schoonmaker, W. J.
zoologist, State of NY, Museum, Albany
1925 re: plants, Mr. Mercy
1926 [ficher-mertes primantic] mammals
1926 skins
1929 "Bish's" (Sherman Bishop?) health, snake drawings, family news
1930 re: soc. mammal meeting & protest of naturalists vs B.S.
1946 article on wild life destruction
1950 note of thanks
Schorger, A.W.
Agriculture, Univ. of Wisconsin
1954 passenger pigeon
1956 Barren Ground caribou
1959 acknowledge reprints, cellulose flock
1949 Bartram's travels
1949 Bartram's chronology, cotton flock
1957 Keewatin mammals paper, zoological nomenclature, Jim Peters, Stejneger
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
1957 Bartram's bird names
1958 payment for Bartram's book
1958 Ungava bird study, University of Kansas
1962 (3 items) Charlton County eastern turkey specimen
Schramm, J.R.
Biological Abstracts, Philadelphia
see also Morris Arboretum; Botanical Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania; Botany, University of
1927 Biological Abstracts; style sheet
1929 re: position Biological Abstracts
1930 Biological Abstracts excellence
1931 brief absence from work
1931-1934 (52 items: letters, notes, drafts, memoranda) policies of Biological Abstracts, personnel, style,
daily operations, contributors
1933 preservation, Highlands NC
1935 (postcard) review (Hellmyer)
1935 Robin Harper's accident; Georgia sojourn
1935 Fowler's South Carolina fishes paper; Biological Abstracts
1936 Hellmeyr review; Academy specimens
1943 acorn; Wetmore paper; Glacalus quiscula stonei
1943 white oak acorn scratches; James R. Gillin
1947 Bartram Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia
1950 visit
1952 Fulbright application, reference
1952 Fulbright, Rancocas
1952 Fulbright
1952 Linton, mammal skulls, Fulbright
1952 Barren Ground caribou report, Bill Hamilton, bibliography APS Transactions
1952 APS publication schedule
1953 Arctic Institute, Office of Naval Research, Surgeon General Ungava
1953 "pin-pointed seeds, oaks, conifers
1953 polyethylene bags,specimens, oakes, poplars
1953 Francis D. West re: Bartram, Wildman, Univ. of Kansas press
1953 F.B.West re: John Bartram, Wildman, APS, (Wildman request attached)
1953 West, Wildman, American Philosophical Society, Allen Press, Ungava
1954 Alsskan botanist, Olav Gjaerevoil. Fjellflora
1954 seeds, Botanical Society lecture
1954 Alaskan botanist, Richard Pohl, Keewatin
1956 Barren Ground caribou, scientific literary style
1957 (8 items) Keewatin & Ungava papers, early American naturalists, ACLS, Chester Kerr, Yale Press,
Bartram, reference & referees
1960 thirty years friendship, Biological Abstracts, Chapel Hill
1960 seventh-fifth birthday
1967 Christmas card, separates, Roland
1969 separates; health
Schulert, Arther R.
no date excerpts from Science 136, strontium 90 in Alaska
Schulz, Bert
Gainesville, FL
1939 herpetological papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Schulze, G. A.
National Park Service, Washington, DC
1935 (from Arthur Leeds to G. A. Schulze) Franklinia (Wherry report attached)
1935 (from Arthur Leeds to G. A. Schulze) Mammoth Cave National Park
Schultz, Vincent
Mr. Airy, MD
1965 Preble bibliography, Journal of Wildlife Management
1965 Preble bibliography
Schuyler, J.R. Co.
1924 order rat traps
Schwarten, Lazella M.
Gray Herbarium of Harvard Univ.; Arnold Arboretum
1957 title pages, Bartram
Schwarz, Herbert F.
1921 Editor Natural History
Schweder, Charles (Theresa)
Nueltin Lake, NWT (Churchill)
1947 banking matters, wolf skins, bear skull
1947 customer`s receipt (Pennsylvania Company) (itemized account attached)
1947 travels, Churchill, Nueltin, Leal Lake, J. Movat
1948 outfit, wolf skins, account, alcohol theft from fish specimens (itemized account attached)
1948 fox hunt, mink, lemmings, Canada jay, meadow mouse, ptarmigan, eder duck. wolves
1948 account, hides, bird specimens, ethnological material bear skull, Simons Lake map, "Ontario fellow"
(Mowatt?), Kazan River photographs, fish
1948 return receipt
1948 letters and photographs, Ano-tiel-lik, fish
1948 c.o.d. shipment, Speck on Eskimo material, bird specimens; bear skull, hides and skins
1948 photographs, Joe Highway, Betaiaza, account, skins at Reading Museum, fish, Windy Lake map,
birds and mammals; distribution, missing specimens, caribou Anotselik
1949 birds, finances, brother, Anotielik, radio station, fex, travels to Unadie Lake, weather
1949 missing letters, caribou reprint, skins, missing specimens, missing pages (Preble)
1950 customer's receipt (Pennsylvania Company)
1950 check, skins
1953 travels
1953 address, employment
1953 health, Keewating bird report, missing letters & checks, skins
1954 letters, pictures, missing letters, family news
1954 family news, Nueltin papers, beaver, checks, skulls caribou behavior
1957 employment, family news, travels
1957 address, caribou report, Nueltin paper, P. G. Downes, Dr. Yule
1957 Christmas card
1958 Charismas card
1959 Ungava birds report, Philippi Loth, fallout
1959 Christmas card
1960 address, Kazan River people
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Schweder, Frederick
Chirchill, Canada
Father of Mrs. Frieda (F.M.) Drake (Florida) daughter, Rita, references in Mary Baker correspondence to
Schweder family, daughter Elsie died June 4, 1966 (Florida)
1947 skins: caribou, bear, wolf, mink, muskrat
1956 (newspsper clipping) weather, lost daughter
1956 books for Charles Schweder, Nueltin Lake, life among the Eskimos, Mowat's lies, Atlantic Press,
1956 'certain person' [Mowat] book, caribou reports, skins, Charles (rough draft attached)
1956 Churchill, caribou report, US National Museum, Charles photo
1959 (Neswpaper clipping) "Canadian north"
1959 Freeda, travels, Rita, Mowat (mutual firend)
1961 Prentice Doanes, Charles, Kazan River killings, price of fur
1961 acknowledgment books; visits
1961 Charles, Nueltin Lake, Kazan
1961 Frieda's marriage (Drake), Churchill photos, Barren Grounds caribou
1961 Frieda, photos, visit
1961 far north
1961 Christmas card
1962 Frieda letter returned
1962 photos, Churchill, Charles
1962 (draft) Northern reports at University of Kansas; Bartrams; Keewatin Lake Indians
Schweder, Freeda
1958 Charles, Rita, Anoteelik
1957 Christmas card
1958 Christmas card
1959 Christmas card
1960 (postcard), El Paso, TX, Mexico, bull fight
1960 address, Prentice Dornes, SLeeping Island, Kazan River Eskimos, U.S. National Museum
1960 Christmas card Frederick, Charles, family news
1962 Kazan River Eskimo paper, photos, J.B. Tyrrell, Kaj Birket-Smith
Science Gazette
projected newspaper by now The Science Society of America dedicated to Cattell
Science Magazine
AAAS Washington, DC
1963 (2 items) Rangifer arcticus numbers; fallout
Science Press Printing Company
Lancaster, PA
see also Cattell, Ware
1938 corrected proof vanishing mammals
1939 (2 items) Bartram captions
1942 (2 items) Scientific Monthly cuts; Bartram
1950 American Men of Science directory
Science Service
1925 re: abstracts
Sclater, W.L.
see British Museum of Natural History
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Scoggan, H. J.
Biologist, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
see also Department of Northern Affiars
1954 Equisetum, Attikanagen Lake material, Equisetum arvense, boreale, E. sylvaticum, pauciramosum
1954 Ungava collection, Habeneria ottusata, Galium brandegei, Equisetum
1954 (envelope, rough draft) Habeneria, Equisetum, see also Canadian Department of Northern Affairs
1958 Flora of Manitoba
Scott, Forseman and Company
Chicago, IL
1936 "The Okefinokee Wilderness" photographs; Science Stories III
1936 (2 items) Okefinokee photographs
John Scott and Company
North Bend, OH
1938 Maurice Thompson's A Touch of Nature
1938 Hallie [Faine]
Scott Polar Research Institute
Cambridge, England
1954 reequest for Keewatin birds reprint
1955 acknowledgment of Keewatin birds reprint
1956 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book
1956 (postcard) adknowledgment of Ungava mammals
see also Margaret Butterworth, Librarian, G.C.L. Bartram, Director
1958 (powtcard) acknowledgment Ungava birds study
1961 (postcard) acknowledgment Ungava mammals study
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Kansas publications
Scott, ----1963 (draft) acknowledgment separates, icthlyology, C. [alpenal], American Museum of Natural History
(shares sheet with Allen)
Scott, A. Floyd (Lloyd?)
1922 Okefinokee
1967 (postcard) request for reprint (Bio. Soc. Washington)
1967 (postcard) request for reprint
1967 reprint request refused, substitutes offered
Scott, Cecil
Associate Editor Macmillan Co 1951 see also Macmillan Co.
Scott George G.
Winter Park, FL
1945 Bartram journal, route. alligators, Bartram Society
1945 Bartram journals, route, Bartram Association
Scott, Robert
NC State House
1970 fire ants, USDA, chlorinated hydrocarbons
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Scott, Robert G
Georgia Mica Co., Marietta, GA
1946 golden red rodent specimens
Scott, W. B.
Royal Ontario Museum, Univ. of Toronto
1963 akCTowledgment Ungava climate study
1963 exchange of papers: Baille, Snyder, Peterson, Logier, Rogers, Flaming; publiching ethnological
1963 (2 items) acknowledgment papers
1964 copy of Ungava paper
1964 (rough draft) missing papers
1964 papers received
1964 Artic char report
1965 (postcard) papers received (Keewatin, Preble)
Scoville, SAmuel, Jr.
1928 Okefinoke
Scribner's Magazine
New York
1914 submission "A Sorjourn in the Primeval Okefinokee"
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Company
Raleigh, NC
1969 fares
1969 fares
Seaman Printery
Durham, NC
1966 abstracts princes
(no date) [1966] order, 300 abstracts
1966 error in abstract title (Palisot not Palisor)
Sears Roebuck Co
Philadelphia, PA
1939 (5 items) battery
1945 battery order, coupon
1950 order correction
1950 order correction
1959 order
1950 statement correction
1950 order (stove
1950 freight bill (Penn. RR, stove)
1950 damaged order
1951 statement, apology
1952 order
1955 order, shoes (envelope attached)
1959 order
1950 address (Chapel Hill)
1960 Greensboro NC
1964 heater and radio malfunction
1966 order papers
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
1966 order
1967 returned merchandise
no date refund
1967 order
1967 order
1968 order
1968 order
1968 order
1968 order
1968 order
1969 order papers
1970 order
1970 order
1971 payment
1971 order inquiry (filing cabinets)
1971 bill
no date refund receipt
no date refund
Sedgwick, Myrna
University of Arizona, Tucson
1925 application position, Department of Biology
Seeley, Mrs. Walter B.
1945 Pocono Lake cabin
1945 Pocono Lake, fauna, reprints
1945 reprints, The Yearling
1945 reprints, Pocono Lake fauna, flora, John D. Carter
Selective Service
Washington, DC
1942 registration card
1942 (draft) occupational questionnaire
1950 (draft) reference for Robin Harper
Sellers, Charles Coleman
Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
1946 Palmer's note on Peale's The Cabinet of Natural History
1950 identity of Bartram's lapel flower
1950 double anemone, Rubens Pale
1950 Rubens Peale, Bartram's flower, Peale-Banks, Fulton & Jefferson correspondence
1950 Peale, botanical representations
1967 Hutton portrait, Old Pine Street Church, Philadelphia
Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft
Frandfurt, a.M
1955 Senckenberg-Schriften, 1817-1955
1956 request for exchanges publications
1956 transmit Barren Ground caribou, Univ. of Kansas, Museum of Natural History publications, Dr.
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 18 continued
Semans, Frank M.
Youngstown College, Youngstown, OH
1939 (2 items) Okefinokee, Hamp Mizell' Chesser's Island; Aunt Rhodie
1939 Okefinokee expedition; health
1939 Suawanee Lake; Hamp Mizell marriage
Sennen, ----no date (copy of postcard, in French) Spanish plants, new species, Bullaetin of the Spanish Society of
Natural Sciences
Seton, Ernest Thompson
Santa Fe, NM
1925 Wood buffalo transfer; Wainwright buffalo herd; Peace River buffalo; Great Slave Lake herd
1926 re: manuscript
1932 Athabaska
library collection, Northern Canada
Seymour, Edmund
1925 Canada
Seymour, Harry C.
Swarthmore, PA
1952 removal to Swarthmore, contracting
Seymour, Louis "French Louis"
1914 clippings, obituaries
see also [L]
Shackford, Martha Hale (Aunt Hale)
Wellesley, MA
1955 Aunt Belle's Persian diary, American Philosophical Society, AOU, visit, Aunt Margaret's death
1956 Aunt Margaret's papers, lists of "scarce papers"
1956 (note card) Aunt Margarets's papers, Harper's "accomplishments"
1956 publications, tour of South
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Wellsley College library, grossbeeks
Shadle, Albert R.
Biological head, University of Buffalo, NY
1947 American Society of Mammalogists (cards)
1949 re: lecture for Sigma Xi
1949 notice of Keewatin lecture (notice attached)
1949 American Society of Mammalogists membership drive application attached
1954 membership request, (Society of Mammalogists)
Shanahan & Co.
1960 bill (paper)
Shanks, Royal E.
Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville
1953 (postcard) request for Neultin birds reprint
1953 (postcard) acknowledgment of Neueltin birds reprint
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19.
Shapiro, Harry D.
University of Cincinnati, Dept of History
1968 Daniel Drake papers, Drake-Barton correspondence
1968 Drake-Barton correspondence, bibliography
1968 B.S. Barton, Drake
Shapiro, H. L.
see American Museum of Natural History, New York NY
Sharp, Jack
Iuka, MS
1956 photos
1956 photos, Okefinokee, "bugs"
Sharpe, Bill
Sharpe Publishing Co., Raleigh, NC
1965 protection for alligators, Bartram
1965 alligator protection
1965 American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists alligator protection, The State Magazine
1965 alligator protection
1965 Bartram, review
1965 permission to reproduce
1965 article on race (intelligence) (copy)
1965 (postcard) article
1965 subscription notice
Shaver, Jesse M.
Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, TN; Wilson Ornithological Club, Nashville, TN
1930 election to associate membership WOC
1938 acknowledgment limkin and Franklinia reprints
Sheldon, H.P.
[Mr.} State Forest Festival, Elkins, WV
1936 wildlife restoration
1932 revocation of permit to collect Florida birds
see also US Department of Agricultural Biological Survey
Sheldon, Wm. G.
1970? Brochure - book of The American Woodcock
Shelford, Dr. V.E.
University of Illinois, Department of Geology, Champaign IL
1947 Churchill, Canada
request for separate on animal communities
Shelpford, Martha Hale
1926 Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Shelton, Arthur R.
Class of 1914 Chairman, Cornell Univ., Ithaca
1934 Reunion
see also Cornell University
Sherman, H. B.
Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Florida, Gainsville
1952 request for gophers reprint
1952 Geomys paper, Bartram
1952 acknowledgment of reprints
1955 (postcard) address
1952 file card
see Harper Family
Sherwood, George H.
1925 re: editorship Bulletin of Natural History
Sherwood, Helen (Nell; sister-in-law)
Orangeberg, NY; Cornwall NY
1935 Charismas; visit to Georgia; family news
1962 Provence books; Linnaean Socisty; family news
1964 Barnhart [Brendel] bioagraphy; Penny; (p.s. from Penny)
1964 titles, indexing
1964 Brendel biography; Torrey collection of naturalists; Bartram
1965 Chapel Hill, family news, Penny, health (draft)
no date Francis' appendix, family news, "Dingo"
Sherwood, Margaret (Mrs. Harper's aunt), "Aunt Margaret"
Wellesley, MA
1932 acknowledgment articles, family health
1932 received articles
1933 "Jean's Okefinokee sketch,"weather
1933 Okefinokee, Arthur Leeds, fire, Hebards' property, Hamp Mizell,National Geographic
1936 (little tiny card) acknowledgment reprints; [David William T----]
1938 vanishing mammals study; Tom Barbour; Harvard Press; Bartram Association; French herpetology;
family news
1938 Harvard; Pigeon Cove; storm; Martha; family photo
1940 (postcard) acknowledgment reprints;
1943 (card) acknowledgment (John Bartram paper); Diary
1943 John Bartram paper; publicity; William Bartram; Travels; Jean Harper's projects
1943 (card) acknowledgment papers; Aunt Abbie's illness
1944 acknowledgment Bartram's Travels gift
1949 travels in the south; writings
Sherwood, Mary ("Mummy," "Goofy Granny"; Jean Harper`s mother)
Cornwall, NY
1923 Jean Sherwood's marriage to Francis
1926-1948 inclusive, Eleanor Roosevelt
1931 (from Jean Harper) photographs; family news
1940 photos "Cadwalder" Colden's house, description (photos extracted)
1944 Bartram; Sydney; Penelope; Gretchen
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1943 Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida, from July 1, 1865 to April 10,
1866; APS; Gretchen; family news
1943 (2 items) "Goofy Granny" salutation; APS; William Bartram; Jean
1951 Bartram's route with George Cooley, family news (Robin, Gretchen, Penny)
1951 maps, Robert Vail
1953 gifts, Penny(?), Harper's illness, visit
1953 acknowledgment of Barren ground caribou book, Ungava, family news (Gretchen, Helen)
1954 Narper's health, Bartram, Penny, Sidney
1954 file of scholarly works, Bartram
1962 (draft) personal news; travels
1963 Okefinokee; Chapel Hill weather
Sherwood, Penelope (Penny; sister-in-law)
Cornwall, NY
1949 arch supports
1953 aluminum ears
1953 "ear gadgets' Ungava, Surgeon General contract
1953 (draft) Ungava, flora, fauna, population, weather, landscape
1959 gift, arch supports
1962 acknowledgment magazines; medical practice; Jean; David; Helen
Sherwood, Sydney "Sid," Helen (brother-in-law)
Athens, GA
1939 (powtcard) travels, itinerary, Buffalo Lick
1944 for advice on job offer, FEA
1941 cargo submarines
1941 (draft) letter notes
Shields, Edwin M.
Haines Falls, NY
1951 Edgar Wherry, Bartram's journal, Catskill localities
1951 Cattskill trails
1951 Catskills, Smileys of Mohonk Lake
Shinn's Express
1957 freight bill
Shinn, T.S.
Ashville, SD
1964 John Lyon photographs, plants (Lyonia and Lyoni)
1964 (postcard) ceremony for John Lyon (150 years of death)
1964 Lyon memorabilia, Dr. John M. Fogg, Lyoni, Mrs. R.L. Joiner
Shorer, Jesse M.
George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, TN
1934 birds
1935 reprints
Shortridge, G. C.
Kaffarian Museum, King Williams Town, SA
1937 (2 items) vanishing South African mammals (report attached)
1938 acknowledgment Zoological Society reprint; Alcelaphus caama caama
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Short, Wayne
National Audubon Society, NY
1948 re: lecture tour dates
Shryock, Richard H.
see American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia
Shull, A. Franklin
Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1938 Dr. LaRue
Shull, George H.
Princeton, NJ
1945 Island Beach campaign letters to: Gov. Edge, "Colleague" Auchincloss
1945 wild life preservation, Island Beach, pine barrens
1945 Island Beach
1945 Island Beach, son, family news
1945 Island Beach
1945 (postcard) Island Beach campaign successful
Sickel, George B.
Chester, PA
1945 insurance
1945 bill, insurance
1945 payment
1945 payment returned
1946 bill
Siebert, Frank T., MD.
Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Bellows Falls, VT
1963 Catawba Indian language; Benjamin Smith Barton, John Drayton
1963 (3 itrems) Drayton; Barton mss. bioagraphy; Delafield Collection; Samuel Wyly re: Catawba Indian
1963 Bartram’s Travels; Barton; Lawson’s New Voyages; Thomas Cooke; Ambroise Paliot deBeauvois;
Catawba vocabulary; acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo study
1963 Odérai; Thomas Jefferson; Poospatuck vocabulary; John T. Nichols
1963 (2 items) Rafinesque; Cooke; Collinson; Jefferson; Poospatucks; Catawba vocublary
1963 (2 items) Indian plight; Montagnais; Penobscots; flora Chiogenes hispidula, Linné, Gaultheria
procumbens; Hedeoma puligioides; trees; fish
1964 family news, Oscar Lieber Vocabulary of Cataba, birds reprint, 'blueberry French' Montagnais
dialect, mammals
1964 family news, northern reports, Ungava, Andrew L. Pickens, Indian dialects, mammals
1964 Catawba language bibliography; trees and fauna of Canada
1965 mammals, Indian hunters, recommended reading, Indian relations, English common law
1965 reviews, Montagnais, Lake ST. John, Indian dialects, Randolph Peterson, buffalo, race relations
1965 Georgia Bison, caribou, Indian relations
1965 reviews, anthropology, W.F. Ashley-Montague, Indian dialects, race relations, Catholics, (caribou
Sieg, W. L.
Geneva, FL
1940 John Bartram's St. John's River account (excerpt enclosed)
1949 Bartram account; Americus Siegs
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1940 (4 items) John Bartram's diary annotations; Americus; Harper's father (Diary excerpts enclosed)
1942 (2 items) Bartram Diary; J. F. McLain Seig
Sigma Xi Society
Silver, Hazel (Mrs. James)
1924 re: rooms in Washington, DC
1925 Woodbridge
Silver, James
US Department of Agriculture, Biological Survey
1926 [rats]
1937 acknowledgment Okefenokee reprints
1937 Okefinokee; Green re: Asiatic chestnuts; Gabrielson (2 copies enclosed)
1938 CCC highway on Chesser's Island
1938 Okefenokee rumors; wilderness area policies (reply appended)
1939 Chesser's Island fence; Chessers; grazing (draft attached)
1939 acknowledgment separates; Bartram trail
1946 logging in Okefinokee, Chessers
1956 Okefinokee, [Farley}, dams, fires
1956 letters to congres[s]men & magazines (Okefinokee?) Simard, Gilbert, Quebec City
no date Christmas card
1953 dysentary, vascular plants, Dix & Bartram photos, Montagnais, tamaracks worms
1954 Ungava plants, L.Z. Rousseau, wood frogs
1954 Ungava fishes, Montagnais
1955 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book, invitation to Knob Lake
1956 invitation, Montagnais, collecting birds & mammals, Naskapi, Benoit Andre Photo
Simard, Gilbert
1961 (2 items) Montagnais caribou dance; Knob Lake
Simmons, L. M.
Cornell University; Ithaca, NY
1923 appointment to instructory of Zoology
Simmons, William, MD
1919 eyes
Simon, Noel
Margos, Switzerland
see aslo International Union for the Conservation of Nature
1963 reprints; Bulletin; errors; proof
Simpson and Hunter, Gunsmiths
Edmonton, Alberta
1920 inquiry: shotgun loads
Simpson, Andrew
President, Swarthmore College
1941 re: position (not named)
1941 petition re: shooting
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Simpson, Elizabeth
Mexico, NY
1950 Bartram, Pehr Kalm, Skottsberg,
1950 Kalm, Bartram biography,
1951 Skottsberg, Swedish Bartram
1951 Skottsbery, Swedish translation of Bartram, Amandus Johnson, Albizzia julibrissin Franklinia
1951 Skottsberg, Albizzia, Franklinia
1951 thank you note
1954 acknowledgment of Bartram pamphlet, [Consbantuo Fr[a]ncois Chasse Boeuf] Comte de Valney,
Reuben Gold [Thulactes]
1954 Comte de Volney, Joseph Ewan
Simpson, Eric
Ithaca, NY
1920 E. A. Goldman; Biological Survey; field investigators; Bureau of Fisheries opening`
Simpson, George Gaylord
American Museum of Natural History, NYC
1942 re: dates Catesby's publication
1942 paleontology paper; Gatesby's dates
Simpson, J. Clarence
State Geological Survey, Tallahassee, FL
1940 Manatee Spring; Bartram
Sioussat, St. George L.
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
1942 (2 items) E. G. Conklin; Crown Collection of photographs; De Braums's maps
Skead, C. J.
Kaffrarian Museum, King William Town, Cape Province, So. Af.
1956 acknowledgment of Old World Mammals
1956 Bontebok, Blesbok, Cornwallis Harris, F.C. Selous
1956 Bontebok, Blesbok, Harris, Damaliscus phillipsi
Skeels, Margaret Ann
Paleontology, University of Michigan
1969 acknowledgment mastidon and mammoth paper; corrections and comments
Skinner, Constance Lindsay
Rivers of America, New York
1938 letter to Wilhelmina Harper re: Matachat Okefinokee plagiarism
1938 National Geographic photos; Mrs. Matachet plagiarism
1938 evidence of plagiarism (draft attached)
Skinner, M. P. (Milton P.?)
see below
1929 acknowledgment Bulletin 49
Skinner, Milton P.
1931 re: exchange of articles
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Skottsbert, C.
Royal Society of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden
1951 Elizabeth Simpson, Peter Kalm, American plants and birds, Bartrams & Swedish naturalists
1951 Linnaeus-Colden correspondence
1951 Colden-Linnaeus letters, Bartram, Linnaeus correspondence
1951 Bergius, Bartram
1952 microfilm of Bergius-Bartram correspondence
1952 Peter Kalm
Sleeper Publications, Inc.
Mount Holly, NJ
1953 printing invoice
no date printing invoice
Slipp, Robert
Dept of Geology, McGill Univ. Montreal
1953 Lake Merymac photo, fauna
Slipp, Robert M. (Bob) (Lydia, Peter, Walter)
Texas Golf Sulpher Co., Raleigh, NC
1961 (2 items) acknowledgment book; Ungava expedition; bear’s den; starving beaver
1961 Christmas card; Missouri address
1962 (2 items) acknowledgment Ungava bird study; Al Bormor; travels
1962 Christmas card
1964 books (Montagnois, Ungava), Yukon grizzly, Queen Charlotte deer
1965 Christmas card
1966 (calling card) missed visit
1966 Christmas card
1967 Montagnais dialect, Pere J. E. Beaudet, Okefinokee mammals
Sliter, Norman Ottawa, Ontario
1957 photo, Harrison, Marymac Lake, MacDonald, family news
Small, Dr. J. K.
NY Botanical Gardens
1926 Okefinokee
1930 aacknowledgment alligator paper
Small, John A.
Dept of Botany, Rutgers, New Brunwwick, NJ; editor of Torreya
1969 Ewan's sketch of Roland, errors
1969 adenda of Roland biographical sketch
Smiley, Albdrt K. Jr.
Mohonk Lake, NY
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogists letter re: chipmunks Neatome line trapping observations
1951 Bartram's Catskills route
1951 Brochure-Lake Mohonk Mountain House
1951 George Chadwick re: Catskills geology, Viskill (map attached)
1951 Chadwick, Bartram route, Viskill
1851 Prof. Hills, Bartram Catskill route
1951 Alvin G. Whitney letter re: Bartram's Catskill route
1951 Mohonk Bulletin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1951 (rough draft) Cooley, Chadwick, Bartram trail
1951 Bartram Kaaterskill route,
1951 visit, Academy
Smiley, Daniel
Mohonk Lake, NY
1956 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book, visit
1956 acknowledgment of Mammals of Keewatin, Allen Benton
Smiley, Keith
The Westpines, Ulster County, NY
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds
1956 donation toward Bartram publication
Smith & Corona Typewriters
1936 purchase
1947 repair receit
Smith, Albert G.
Biology, Loyola University, (Chicago); New Orleans
1948 reports for copies of publications on Herpetology, nomenclature tree frog, Pseudacris
Smith Clyde F.
Entomology, North Carolina State College, Raleigh
1961 (2 items) myzocallis aphids, references to insect-eating; birds, Knowlton
Smith Donald A.
1953 Keewatin birds, Churchill (sent reprint)
1953 acknowledgment of Keewating birds
Smith, Dorothy A.
Scarborough, Ontario
acknowledgment message re: R. M. Anderson's death
Smith, Erle J.
Smithville, NY
1948 Rancocas Creek
1950 Rancocas posting, poachers, copy
1950 Rancocas posting, hunting permits
Smith Estate Corporation
Smithville, NJ
1953 sale of Rancocas
Smith H. Alexander
Senate, Washington DC
1954 plea for Dinosaur National Monument
Smith, Herbert M.
Department of Zoology University of Rochester, NY
1932 Herpetology, University of Kansas
1945 change of address
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Smith, Hobart M.
Texax A. & M. College Station; Zoology, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana
1932 acknowledge Athabaska reprints,Holbrokia
1941 separates; [Sherman] Bishop; Amphibians of Kansas
1941 (postcard) reprints and separates
1941 (postcard) separates; non-technical papers
1947 change of address
1950 Albany NY location of Acris crepitans
1950 location of Acris crepitans
1955 order for papers
1957 (2 items) request for copies of articles, Kansas Handbook, Snakes as Pets
1964 request papers (list attached)
Smith, Dr. Hugh M.
Commissioner of Fisheries, Washington, DC
no date (draft) application for scientific assistant
1921 fish
Smith, Inman
1924 Okefinokee
Smith J. Russell
Swarthmore, PA
1954 request for Arctic pictures
1954 Keewatin photos, list of photos
1955 charge for missing photos
1955 payment for pictures
Smith, James
Corpus Christi, TX
1932 photos "unclaimed" address
Smith, M. J. (see Woodman Institute)
Smith, Philip W.
Zoological Natural History Survey Division, Urbana, IL
1947 request for reprints, herpetology
1951 exchange reprints for specimens of Pseudacris & Hyla phaeocrypta
1951 herpetology reprints, Pseudarcris, Hyla phaeocrypta
1951 acknowledge reprints, P. nigrita, Acris, Hyla phaeocrypta
1951 acknowledgment of frog specimens
1951 (notes) shipment of frogs
1951 acknowledgment of Acris and Pseudacris specimens
1965 origin of Ogeechee
1965 Ogeechee, Yuchi
1965 reprints of herpetological papers
Smith, Ralph H.
Delmar, NY
[1950] trip to Chooes Falls, NY
1951 Bartram publications, Cadwallader Colden correspondence
1952 Bartram-Colden correspondence, Collinson
1954 acknowledgment Bartram and American Revolution, travels, red pine article, George Cooley,
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Darlington re: Kaaterskill Lakes, [Cadwallader] Colden
1957 Dave Cook, Bartram, Kaaterskill Lake, Richard Salisbury, Miss Herbst, Collinson, ligneous plants of
New York
1957 Bartram, Catskills, Merbst, Collinson's Reliquae,
1958 (2 items) Bartram's journey to Oswege, Brett-James' Life of Peter Collinson, Evelyn's Sylon
1960 Chapel Hill, Bartram correspondence, Catskill journal, Elizabeth Simpson, W. Glenn Norris re:
Indian trails in Tompkins Co.
Smith, Robert E.
RCA Victor Company, Camden, NJ
1930 recording machines, Georgia speech
Smith, Robert G.
Chapel Hill
1960 curtains, removal to Chapel Hill
Smith, Susan
Durham, NC
1965 drawing, visit, reprints of Okefinokee papers
1965 `payment' for drawings, `windfall'
1965 (draft) National Geographic
1966 authorship of My Day, children's books, NY publishers NY trip
1967 visit, lunch
1990 drawings delayed, return of materials
1971 (postcard) visit
1971 (from Jean) loan; book
1971 childrens' books; loan
Smith, Tom (Tommy)
India, PA
1925 NaturalistSmith, W.R.
1922 re: Okefinokee, request
Smith, Wendell P. (father of Louisa)
[Wells] River, VT, naturalist friend; North Wilkesboro, NC
1920 notes on Philadelphia meetinb mammals
1932 ornithology
1932 photo of hay cart, meeting (AOU?) Stone, Hoyes Lloyd
1935 acknowledgment reprints; family news; eurycea bislineata specimen
1939 acknowledgment reprints; birds; hurricane; logging; Synaptomys cooperi specimen
1949 Christmas card, family news
1960 Charlie Blake, North Carolina Wild Flower Preservation Society
1960 record of papers, visit
1960 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou, Ungava birds, Keewatin mammals, Bartram and American
Revolution, Raven Know Camp, Fowler, red-necked grebe, snakes, slaamanders
1961 Boone photos, bird count, Blake, N.C. mammal survey, Conant's Field Guide to Reptiles
1966 contribution to CBC Sanctuary, Paul & Ethel Martin, Preble bibliography, Okefinokee, family news
1966 thanks, sanctuary job, state job, Preble
1967 visit, job, bird watching, family news, money
Smith, Wilburn F.
South Norwalk, CT
1924 re: camping & Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Smith (Wing Commander)
Goose Bay, Labrador
no date (1950s) live mice
Smithsonian Institution
see also U.S. National Museum
see also Byer, Drina; Wetmore, Alexander; Chace, Fenner A.G.; Sturtevant, William C.; Handley, Charles
O.,Jr.; Aldrich, John W.; Clarke, J. F. Gates; Baker, Edward W.; Carpenter, Mathilde M.; Graf, J. E.;
Muesebeck, C.F.W. Oehser, Paul H.; Blacker, Martaret C.; Taylor, Frank; Miller, Garritt S., Jr.;
Blackwelder, R.E.; Chapin, E.A.
1915 re: gifts of specimens gifts of publications
1925 envelope only 1931 see also Killy, Ellsworth R. re: Herbarium
1931 publication of Alligator paper in Proceedings
1932 see also Graf, J.E
1932 acknowledgment Georgia tree toad specimen
1934 to Doris Cochan re: numbers of specimen list
1936 change of address
1939 envelope only from L. S. Steinsger
1943 old world volume
1943 acknowledgment Bartram diary
1946 (3 items) determinations, by Chapin, Blackwelder
1946 (2 items) P. catatina; determinations, lice, mites, and ticks
1946 (2 itmes) determinations: Laelaps muris, Microtus p. pennsylvanicus, Synaptoys coperi, by Baker,
1947 Friedmann, ms, Acris, also Aldrich bird bands
1949 Keewatin (Artic) specimens
1952 Bill for tanning skins $92.00, caribou, fawn, bear
1945 (2 items) insect bibliography in American Midland Naturalist
1946 address change
1947 Nueltin Lake expedition; bird banding; request for bands
1949 lichen report
1951 (draft) lists of names of vertebrate hosts
1953 (postcards) mailing lists policy
1953 acknowledgment Systematic Entomology reprint
1954 (2 items) notice of "Fishes of the Marshall Islands"
1954 list of Keewatin mammals donated
1954 Bio-Sciences Information Exchange, National Science Foundation, Research Projects
1954 (carbon) Fish and Wildlife Service prints
1955 (2 items) regurgitated Sanderling pellets; Eremita
1955 (to Reece Sailer) references to Thornthwaite; Dice and Kenleigh; Great Slave Lakes expedition
1955 (2 items) Henry Connolly correspondence
1955 Labrador & Quebec insect specimens: Lepidoptera
1956 Ungava mites
1956 Ungava Arcarina; acknowldegment determination
1956 determinations mites, lice, fleas from Ungava mammals: Hirstionyssus iambellinus, Ichoronyasus
britannicus, Phenacomys, Clethrionomys, Microtin; Tamiasciurus (list attached)
1957 Ungava mammal ms., Roland Clement, David Harper, Knob Lake, caribouWilliams' subspecies,
1958 (2 items) Rangifer caribou study, capoti, Turner's account
1958 microfilm of Turner's ms. re: Labrador caribou
1958 (3 items) Waldo Schmitt; Coues-Hallock expedition of 1860
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds report; Coues report localaties of Coues' birds; accession catalogue;
Richard Rathbun paper
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1959 (3 items) Cabot's In Northern Labrador re: 'grampus', Grampidelpis, Synaptomys at Godbout
1957-1959 (2 items) notice of mailing lists
1960 (2 items) Ungava mammal ms., E. Raymond Hall, Zapus, Napaeozaous, Chapel Hill
1960 Seven Islands Zapus, Krutzsch age classifications
1964 (postcard) publication announcement, Jordan and Evermann "Fishes of North and Middle America"
1964 "turtle" in Poospepatuck; Raynor; Mastic L.I. print
1965 Athabaskan ecology study report (Scientific Information Exchange) with Hamilton Laing, J. Allen
1967 announcement of night hours and Department of Tansportation
1967 duplicate mailings
1968 subscription
1968 donate Keewatin birds, Ungava birds, distribution zones, and Ungava plant and animal associations
1969 order for "Smithsonian Program in Advanced Studies"
1970 mailing notice
1970 calendars
1970 March-June, August-November
1971 May-July November
1972 September
Smyth, Tom
Indiana, PA
1929 thesis; Miles; Gross; family news; school and field trips
[Snaveley], Bessie R
Tampa, FL
1934 exploiting Okefinikee folksa
Snedecor, Mary A. (Mrs. Spencer)
Hackensack, NJ
1953 "Doc" Snedecor, Long Island,
1956 cards sent Mary's parents, Okefinokee, family news (letter dated May 25, 1919, from Harper in the
army in England attached, photos )Okefinokee, France, Rodentological Laboratory
1957 Bartram, Yale, France photos, Walt Raynor, Bob Murphy, Jack Nichols, Barren Ground caribou
1957 acknowledgment Barren Ground caribou book
1958 acknowledgment Bartram Travels, African travels
1962 Edward’s death; Raynor health; Chapel Hill; [1962] (postcard) Pakistan travel
1964 Nichols’ Poospatuck recordings
1964 humanitarian efforts; Mastic; Raynor; ‘taurup’; snapping turtle
Snedecor, Spencer Treadwell
Hackensack, NJ
1958 acknowledgment Bartram's Travails
1964 acknowledgment Caribou Eskimo study; Middle-East missions (Mary’s p.s. attached, family news)
Snyder, B. E.
Medusa, NY
1950 red fox skin
Snyder, J.O.
1929 re: position, Stanford
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Snyder, L. L.
Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology, Toronto
1954 request for Nueltin Lake birds
1958 (2 items) A.O.U. fellowship, request Ungava birds paper Snyder's Arctic Birds, map references
Snyder, Mary Elizabeth
Swarthmore, PA
1935 graduation announcement
Snyder, Paul
Chapel Hill, NC
1957 payment for painting ($253)
/sbtderm /vuika /s
Treas. American Society of Mammalogists
1931 see Am. Soc. of Mammalogists
Social Science Research Council
New York City
1962 request programs
1962 (form letter) application blanks
1962 Okefinokee folkways application; ACLS
1962 rejection
Social Security Administration
District Office, Chapel Hill, NC
1960 address change
Solis-Cohen, Bertha
5933 Wayne, Philadelphia, PA
1951 catalogue of father's sale, Charles Swaine, Bartram
1951 catalogue, Bartram journal,
1951 Henkel's sales catalogue, Ord
1951 Charles Swaine, Bartram-Jefferson correspondence, Barren Ground caribou
1951 Charles Swaine, Bartram-Jefferson letters
1951 Rev. Samuel Harper, Bartram's garden (excerpt of Library Company Catalogue re: Bartram attached)
1952 Samuel Harper, Colden, Canadian trips, Franklin-Swaine, caribou horn from Bartram to Jefferson
1952 letters of Cadwalader Cohen
J.E. Norse's American Explorations of the Ice Zones; Swaine
Sollis-Cohen. Myer
Philadelphia, PA
1941 Bartram mss.; George Ord
1941 (2 items) catalog of Sollis-Cohen library; Ord's library
Solman, V. E. F.
Department of Northern Affairs & Natural Resources; Canadian Wildlife Service, Ottawa
1948 Nueltin; request for paper re: fishes
1955 caribou, Keewatin, reports
1955 distribution of Quebec white-tailed dee, Keewatin caribou; Banfield report,
1955 white-tailed deer, Banfield
195 white-tailed deer, Banfield
1955 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1955 reprints of caribou report, Ungava
1956 caribou report, Bartram H. Harper
1956 acknowledgment of Mammals of Keewatin and Amphibians of Ungava
1958 (2 items) aerial spraying & Canadian birds
1958 (2 items) radioactive hydrocarbons fallout, R. N. Lawson
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds paper
1959 Bob Murphy, Navy's killing albatrosses
1960 acknowledgment bulletins & reprints (list attached)
1960 bulletins & reprints, Baker Lake-Thelon River, George B. Rossbach
1961 Tuck re: Murres; covers for Univ. of Kansas; Museum of Natural History
1961 acknowledgment Ungava mammals study
1965 acknowledgment "Published Writings of Edward Alexander Preble" and "Amphibians and Reptiles
of Keewatin and Northern Manitoba", waterfowl management
Soper, J. Demey
Department of Mines/Resources Winnipeg, Edmonton
1934 Athabaska
1944 acknowledgment; Bartram work edition
1947 Nueltin
[1948] Mowat; Churchill; Nueltin plane (draft, shares sheet with Earl Poole, see Poole)
1955 (postcard) Nueltin Lake birds report
1956 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou
1959 acknowledgment Ungava birds paper, Soper's Manitoba mammals study, Keewatin mammals,
mammals of Alberta, Frank Banfield's Banff mammals paper, The Blue Jay, Beck re: Saskatchewan
mammals; (draft shares sheet with L. P. Kirwan, see Kirwan)
1959 Ungava birds, Manitoba mammals, Houston, Athabaska birds, Fort Enterprise expedition, Rangifer
arcticus, Rowan
1961 Ungava mammals study; “Mammals of Manitoba” in Canadian Field-Naturalist; Waterton Lake
mammals and birds
1964 (postcard) acknowledgment Caribou Eskimos study; Mammals of Alberta study
1964 Smithsonian budget cutbacks; Ungava Indians paper; Alberta mammals study
1964 acknowledgment Ungava Indians study; Waterton birds and mammals study
1965 praise for Mammals of Alberta, range extensions for Erethon and Microctus xanthognathus
1967 (rouch draft) [Vermilion Beach], typographical errors, pupulation of NAF 27 (illegible)
Department of Arctic Studies, Paris, France
1967 (postcard) request for reprints
1959 (postcard) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou, Keewatin mammals, Nuelton Lake studies
1959 (2 postcards) request for articles
1961 (form letter to scholars) change of address
1970 (postcard) request for reprints
1970 (postcard) request for reprints
[Sowls], Lyle
Agriculture, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment publications
South Carolina Medical Association Journal
Florence, SC
1970 protest of aerial spraying of nirex, nutrition (copy)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
1941 (2 items) Wilson Gee bulletins re: South Carolina botanists
University of South Dakota
1958 request Ungava amphibians
see also Underhill, James C.
South Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
1964 1964 alligator protection act (copy attached)
1964 alligator protection act; endangered species bibliography
Southbridge, MA
1958 (5 items) birthplace, William Harper (father), Bertha Tauber (mother), schools, teachers, request for
birth certificate, fees, payment
Southern Living Magazine
1971 subscription
Sowerby, Arthur deC.
China Journal, Shanghai; Washington, DC
1937 vanishing Chinese mammals list (report enclosed)
1937 acknowledgment Chinese mammals report
1937 mammals; Japanese invasion; George Yankovsky Korean hunting expeditions (clippings enclosed)
1938 acknowledgment clippings
1938 Equidae; game birds of China
1938 (2 items) Raymond re: Equus przewalskii
1952 omission in Extinct mammals (pandas), Floyd Tangier Smith, Ruth Harkness
1952 American Committee for International Wild Life, pandas, Henry Fowler,
1952 genealogy, "Old Shansi" (China), pandas, health, M. Heude, S.J.
1952 reprints, Elaphurus, Shansi
1952 reprints, Vanishing Mammals, David's deer, Duke of Bedford, Wood Jones
1952 (rough draft) visit, Preble
1953 G. Kenneth Whitehead, old world deer
1953 Whitehead, deer,
1952 Christmas card, visit
1953 Barren Ground caribou, Whitehead "Deer of the World", Ungava excursion
1953 Christmas card
Sparrow & Sons
Chapel Hill, SC
1967 water heater valve
Spaulding, Rhoda Mizell (Aunt Rhoda)
Waycross, GA
1944 acknowledgment book; family news
1944 Suwanee Lake photos, family news
1950 (to Jean Harper) Hamp's (Mizell)'s death; death of sister; Hamp's daughter, Rhoda, & family;
Okefinokee clipping (attached)
1950 Hamp, Okefinokee
1955 (Jean Harper) family news, health
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Spawn, William
Philadelphia; Washington, DC
no date reception and open house
1939 (2 items) Francis Pennell; Icones Fungorum by John Eaton Le Conte
1950 (postcard) Box order
1961 Lemoinne’s Dictionaire Montagnais-Francais; re: Oteman, Oteman, viege, utenam, utnem; Ungava
mammals study
1961 Montagnais-English translations: ahashu-uteu
Speaker, S. M.
Sharon Hill, PA
1942 daily paper delivery charges
1942 (2 items) account
Spears, E.A. (Elgie)
Utica Observer Dispatch
see also Spears clipping file
1926 words
1935 re: Jean's folksongs
1938 acknowledgment papers; Holbrook's Holy Old Mackinaw
1938 "A whiff of science..."
1939 French Lewey story; mounted passenger pigeons
1939 passenger pigeons; Bartram trail; Okefinokee, vanishing mammals
1939 panther (clipping enclosed)
1940 acknowledgment reprints
1943 clipping, award, best editorial "What's a Summer Camp?"
1949 from Utica, NY re: French Louie; critic: award of Audubon medal
1949 Huyck Preserve naturalist, Sherman Bishop, visit 1949 visit, spruce harvesting, dams, wildlife,
George Pardee
1949 visit
1949 visit, geese
1949 visit
1949 Windy River expedition; sparrows, finches
no date Christmas card
1950 Johnny Lief, trapping, French Louie
1950 (newspaper clippings) catbirds birds, Audubon clubs, hermit thrush,
1950 (newspaper clipping) Raymond S. Spears obituary
1950 Raymond Spears, Bartram, Guggenheim, beavers, family news, Sigma Xi lecture (Union College)
1950 hermit thrush, predator (hawk?), birds, plants re: Utica
1950 West Canada Lake, birds, Lane Cooper, Bartram, publication, Liberty Hyde Bailey
1950 mosses, timber on Black Creek Lake, Seabury Stillwater, birds
1950 travel, visit
1950 West Canada Lake, Harvey Durham's camp, transportation
1950 directions to Durham's camp Stillwater (map attached)
1950 (newspaper clippings) wind & rain in Adirondacks, bob cats
1950 Durham's camp, roads, birds
1950 (newspaper clippings) fire, John G. Pringle obituary, storm salvage
1951 Harvey Durham's book on French Louie, birds, photos
1951 (newspaper clippings) Albany elms
1951 Adirondacks storm, logging in wildlife refuges, Bull's Island raccoons, Academy & Cadwalader,
Thoreau, R. L. Cook Passage to Walden, Bartram, Ralph & Bagg birds of Oneida County, French Louie
1951 (newspaper clipping) logging
1951 snow survey report for March 19-23, 1951
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1951 roads to Kuyrahoora (Hinckley) Lake, geese, birds, travels
1951 (newspaper clipping) Hinckley road
1951 Conservation Department, Cornell's president, lecture, Bartram
1951 French Louis book, address
1952 Durham's book (French Louis), West Canada Lake journal, s(1907)
1952 Durham's book
1952 Adirondack logging, West Canada Lake journal
1952 West Canada Lake journal
1952 West Crick Lakes (West Canada Lake) journal
1952 Preble, deer, Barren Ground caribou, Durham, photos
1952 French Louie Durham, deer, gulls
1953 Ungava, Barren Ground caribou
1953 Nueltin birds, weather
1953 "wild country" expedition Knob Lake, family news, writing re: outdoors, Durham's camp, dams in
Adirondack Forest Preserve, huge bobcat, caribou paper
1954 Adirondack flora and fauna, red-backed and meadow mice, Montagnais, Labrador bears, Lane
Cooper, dysentery, NSF grant
1954 bears, Fuentes, French Louis Durham, photo
1954 The Conservationist, reunion, Indians
1954 Conservationist, Fuentes, black flies, Walter Bollinger, (clipping) letter from Walter Bollinger
attached snow survey report attached
1954 Vaughan McAaughey suicide, Agassiz Club clippings attached (suicide, spraying)
1954 Adirondacks logging, weather, Durham,
1955 whooping cranes, Canada trip, birds, family news, pines
1955 Ungava, Merriam's life zones, family news, Great Slave Lake
1955 Panther dam, job, geese, family news, French Louis
1955 Panther Dam, Keewatin caribou, northern travel, Bartram
1955 Barren Grounds, wildcats, French Louie
1956 Fuentes, French Louis, family news, travels
1956 Louis Fuentes, Bartram, caribou
1956 bears, Harvey Durham death, Harper's book caribou, family news, Blankman on French Louis
1956 Louis Fuentes book, bear, Bartram's Travels, Ungava Great Slave Lake expedition
1958 red ant spraying, race, health, family news
1958 Bartram, loons
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds, Bubo virginianus
1958 Bartram, Athabaska birds, family news, loons, Bartram reviews
1959 Alexandria (VA), Bartram, West Crick fauna
1959 Lane Cooper, Forman, Maurice Burritt death, Ungava mammals publication, Henry Fowler
reminiscences, family news
1959 family, travels, weather, Harvey Durham camp, birds
1959 Bubo Viginianus; health; personal news
[1959] Christmas card
1960 Chapel Hill removal, race relations, Chapel Hill bird sanctuary, Marston Bates re: Old World
1960 (card) congratulations
Spears, Ethel C. (Mrs. E.A.)
1961 E. A.’s death; removal to New Jersey
1961 (2 items) Elgie’s death; recollections (obits enclosed)
Speck, Frank G.
Swarthmore, PA
1932 Nueltin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1948 Eskimos or Upper Kazan River, Canada
Speck, ------ (Mrs. Frank G.)
1960 Chapel Hill, Donald McMillan lecture, Montagnais, Know Lake, photo of Speck, Skinner, Cabot
1960 Speck photo, Anne Street re: Eskimo, Dick White, Jr.
1960 Speck photo, Museum bulletin
1961 Christmas card
1961 acknowledgment Christmas card; Montagnais Indian report with Speck’s portrait; APA Proceedings
1962 acknowledgment book [Ungava mammals] [Montagnais Indian study]; Noskapi remedies study;
chemicals for bird and animal cures; E. A. Speck’s letters to APA; Richard White; Ernest Dodge
1962 chemicals; Speck’s letters
1962 acknowledgment books; travels
1962 Christmas card
1964 (draft) Montagnais paper; Ed Carpenter’s Eskimo study
1864 (2 items) Montagnais study; William C. Morrow
1964 Speck’s papers; “Bird-Lore of the Northern Indians”
1965 Christmas card
1965 (postcard) address of Wm. C. Morrow, family news
no date Christmas card
Spencer, Steven M.
Swarthmore, PA
see also Reader's Digest, Pleasantville, NY
1948 caribou of interest to the Post?
[1968 pesticides, USDA (shares sheet, see John Bull, ll/21/70)]
1970 pesticides, nirex
197 biological control of insects; fire ants; family news
Speirs, J. Murray
University of Toronto, Ontario, Fisheries Laboratory
1949 request Fowler and Harper Nueltin Lake fishes study (list of Laboratory publications enclosed)
Spivey, Mark A.
1969 Christmas card, waxwings
Spongborg, Stephen
Crested Butte, CO
1967 `fishy' transaction Lundberg, travels
1967 (draft) Lundberg; vertebral discs
1967 reply from Lundberg
Sprague, James M.
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge MA
1941 acknowledgment reprints
Spratt, E. K.
Saluda, NC
1965 Catawba booklet, Bartram, travels
Spring, Samuel N.
New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse
1936 application directorship Roosevelt Wild Life Forest Experiment Station; biographical data (draft
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1936 (2 items) acknowledgment application
1937 position: Director of Roosevelt Wild Life Forest
Experiment Station and Department of Zoology of the college offered to Ralph T. King
Spruance, Russell
Merion. PA
1959 Mayne Reid's The Boy Hunters, Bartram, Fagin’s William Bartram, Interpreter of the American
Landscape, King's vulture
1960 family news, Chapel Hill, race
Sprunt, Alexander, Jr.
National Association of Audubon Societies, New York
1936 (2 items) Weston; King vulture (Vultur sacra); Wayne Reid's The Boy Hunters; Jamaica folk lore
1936 Robert P. Allen; Santee Swamp; Botteri's sparrow; limkin; Lake Okeechobee
1939 (2 items) Wayne's warbler; Okefinokee
1939 acknowledge Bartram reprints, Okefinokee, personal news (see Systematic Zoology, Society of)
1939 (postcard) Okefinokee birds; Oberholser; vinus; waynii
1940 (2 items) Salt Lake; St. John's tributaries; Lake Henry; Bartram; Wharton Huber health
1940 (postcard) Bartram; snowy H[eron]
Stack, J.W.
1924 Michigan non-game license
Stadtisches Naturlustarisches Museum
Meinz, Germany
1938 vanishing mammals
Stafford E.
1927 re: game preserve
Stanwell-Fletcher, Theodora
Dimock, PA
1954 acknowledgment of Nueltin Lakes birds reprint, Bartram, Hudson Bay Company
Stanton, Lynn E.
Starrucca, PA
1945 photos, bear, "woodchuck hook", specimens
Stapler, Hannah,
Philadelphia, PA
1953 folding boat to Canada
Starner, Bette A.
Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
1955 request for reprints
1955 reprints exhausted, sources
State Magazine
Columbia, SC
1939 Charles Cordle; Fort Galphin sketch; Bartram
1962 refund; Totten
1962 subscription
1962 references (Hall, Shureldt); Waring’s address; integrationists
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
[1962] request reprints
[1962] (postcard) Tom Wring;
1962 Stonewall Jackson’s house; Carnegie Magazine, Samuel Harden Church; evils of reconstruction and
integration (extra copies)
1962 (postcard) acknowledgment Church letter
1963 subscription
1963 Isaac Weld quotations; N. S. Shaler
1963 attacks “liberals”
1971 subscription notice (paid)
see also Sharpe, Bill, Sharpe Publishing Co.
Stearns, H.L. Desk Co
Boston, MA
1926 payment file cabinet
Stebbins, Robert C.
Zoology, Univ. of California, Berkeley
1965 distribution of Pseudacris nigrata in Idaho
1965 Pseudacris
G. E. Stechert Co.
New York, NY
1939 American Society of Mammalogists; William B. Davis
Steel, Barbara (Mrs. Edward)
Morgantown WV
1968 Michaux, the younger, Charleston garden, journal, William Spawn
1968 dissertation topic (Michaux), Bartram, Spawn
1968 Michaux's Shortia, Fernauld
1968 Michaux's journal, maps, APS copies, French Archives
(see also, Stephens, George M.)
[1968] (draft of 1968 letter re: Michaux, Fernauld)
(Letter to Roland's Mary Sue on sheet)
Steere, William C.
New York Botanical Garden, NYC
1955 acknowledgment of Bartram reprints
1956 (postcard) acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book
1966 Roland's death, Torrey Club, bibliography, early American naturalists, Barnhart
1966 Raland's biography, American naturalists, Barnhart
1966 Roland biographical material
1966 more Roland biographical material, bryophytes, photo, Barnhart, Le Conte
1966 (copy)
1966 biographical material, photo
1968 Stern on Franklinia, Bartram, Roland sketch
1968 Franklinia, Roland
1968 Barnhart’s Biographical Notes, Schneider, Bartram, Rosenthal, portraits
1968 Bartram portraits (of a Quaker?), Barnhart's notes
1968 Roland sketch in Torrey Bulletin, Alabama collection
1969 Torrey Bulletin,
1969 Joe Ewan's sketch of Roland
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Stefanson, Evelyn
see Dartmouth College
Stefanson Collection
see Dartmouth College
Steffen, W.A. (Walter?), M.D.
Flushing, NY
1931 courtesy note re: speech
Stein, [Sedz]
Zoological Museum, Berlin
1965 Announcement
1966 Christmas Card (with Renak Angerman)
Steitz, J. A.
Mount Holly, NJ
1955 board of health, spraying,
1955 spraying,
1955 hepatitis, DDT (2 copies)
1958 health report
Stejneger, Leonard
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
1922 classification [Intl.] code Linnaeus
1937 (3 items) Sonnini; Latrelle-Daudin relations; Bosc
1939 Le Conte drawings; Pseudemys concinna; Acris gryllus; Speudacris nigrita; Hyla varsicolor; Bufo
americans; Bufo fowleri
1939 Le Conte drawings; mss.; turtles
1939 (5 items) Le Conte drawings (notes attached)
Stephen, Walter W. (from Roland)
Anniston, AL
1950 Wakula Co. (Florida) volcano
Stephens, George M.
The Stephens Press, Asheville, NC
1966 receipt, address
1966 notes on early naturalists, Michaux
1966 notebook, sources, Mrs. D. Hiden Ramsey, Blue Ridge Parkway Guide
1966 thanks for Blue Ridge Guide, Lyon's Journal (Xerox request attached); Dupee on Asa Gray; Blake
on Gray-Curtis correspondence; Harbison
1966 Harper's journal, early botanists
1966 Curtis, Frazer, Gray, W.W. Ashe, Torrey's World of Green Hills, Bartram, (Asa Gray notes attached)
1967 notebook pages, Bartram
1967 Bartram's locations
1967 comments on Bartram
1968 Michaux, Bartram`s routes, Asa Gray, John Lyon, Sargent, Moses Ashley Curtis. meeting
1968 Michaux's routes, Shortia, Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
1968 Michaux's garden
1969 Michaux article in Asheville Citizen-Times
Harper's route, shortia beds (copy of article attached)
1969 critique of article, Shortia, maps, errors
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1969 note, letter from Gerald W. Johnson attached
1969 (postcard) Andre Michaux article, (facsimile title page of Journal attached)
1969 Andre Michaux article, Michaux's travels, Peattie, Warwoman Dell, vascular plants, Charles Moore
1971 visit, Botanical Garden Foundation, Fraser's Journal, Bartram, Burningtown Creek
1971 (draft) Botanical Foundation, health
1972 William Bartram biography; John M. Barry
1972 Totten; Okefenokee book; Bartram manuscript; Dr. Barry
Stephens, T.C.
Wilson Ornithological Club Bulletin, Morningside College, Sioux City IA
1928 submit “Spring Bird Notes form Randolph County, Georgia”
1929 reprints of Georgia Birds
1930 bird paper reprints;
1930 Biological Abstracts; Wilson Bulletin paper; order
1930 reprints order
Stephenson, J.H.
Department of Conservation, Lansing, MI
1949 re: application Walter Kohler
Stephenson, L. W.
U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, DC
1940 Bartram's travels; Cape Fear River; oyster fossils
1940 (3 items) Cape Fear marine fossils report
1940 (3 items) Bartram's Diary copies
Sterling Davis Dairy
Wrightown, NJ
1951 milk delivery to Rancocas Creek
Sterling, Keir B.
New York, NY
1965 Clinton Hart Merriam, mammalogy, HHT Jackson, Remington Kellogg, Stanly Young, Ira
Gabrielson, Richard Manville
1965 C. Hart Merriam, sources and anecdotes
Sterling Name Tape Co.
Winsted, CT
1947 orders for blanket, absorbent cotton, duffel bag
1950 order pens, bags
Stevens, Philip
1950 "On Borrowed Time," Franklinia, (reply: see Whiteboy Nurseries)
Stevenson, Alex
Dept of Northern Affairs, Ottawa, Canada
1965 Caribou Eskimos of the Upper Kazan River, Keewatin
1965 Sub-Arctic Canada, Fred Alcock, Harrison Lewis, Hoyes Lloyd, Earl Godfrey, Tom Manning,
Andrew Macpherson, Dewey Soper, Stuart Houston, Robert Nero, PA Taverner, RH Anderson, James
Macoun, J.H. Fleming
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Stewart, Kate
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
1948 Bartram diary
Stewart, M.D.
Reading, PA
see also Pennsylvania Game Commission
1952 collecting permit
Stewart, Norman H.
Zoology, Buchnell Univ. Lewisburg, PA
1938 paper proposal: mammal new to Pennsylvania; (abstract enclosed)
1938 mammal paper (withdrawn)
1950 Cephenomyia, Oedemagena, Keewatin caribou
1950 Cephenomya phobifer, Oedemagena tarandi, Arvid M. Bergman, bibliography of flies, nasal bot fly,
Doctor Hadwin or Saskatoon
1950 Cephenomyia, Academy
Stewart, Pearson
Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, NC
see also Research Triangle Park Foundation
1965 (to H. Bradley Martin, cc to Francis Harper), Research Triangle info., submission letter only
1959 (2 items) promotion booklet, Shenks; Stewart, T.M. Philadelphia, PA
see also Street, Propert, and Linder
1939 film pack, Kodachrome order
no date receipt
Stewart, Mrs. William H.
Eau Clare, WI
1958 Billy's Island, Lee family, Okefinokee, Steyermark, Julian A. Botanist, Missouri Botanical Garden,
St. Louis
1930 Okefinokee preservation Stickel, William H. & Lucille F. Patauxent Research Refuge, Laurel, MD
1951 (form letter) list of research papers, Stiles, Charles W. Public Health Service, Washington, DC
no date (draft) newly proposed genera; article 25, International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature
Stillman, Dr. E>G.
1925 mammals permission to collect, Highland NY
Stilwell, J. C. & Son
Morton, PA
1946 moving receipt, Stine, Perna M. Chapel Hill, NC
1951 Turner-Ridgway correspondence
1962 Olney Times; Lucian Turner (b. Maineville, Ohio)
Stinson, Harry L.
Secretary of War, Washington, DC
1942 services offered Stoddard, Herbert L., Sr. Tall Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, FL
Sherwood Plantation, Thomasville, GA
1932 Okefinokee
1939 acknowledgment separates; Bartram
1943 Cooperative Quail Study Association memo
1944 Bartram
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
1958 spraying, fire ants, Solenopsis geminita, Bartram
1958 Jean's letters re: spraying to senators, Ed Komarek
1958 fire ants, Ed Komarek, Bartram
1958 fire ants, list of sympathizers—Hall, Bailey, Nice; Westwood, Murphy, Solman
1958 fire ants, Bartram, St. Johns, DeLand
1958 (copy from E. Raymond Hall) fire ant
1958 Christmas letter, TV towers & bird mortality
1959 Christmas letter, Ed Komarek
1960 vitamin C, Minnie Moore Wilson re: sandhill crane
1950 vitamin C. visit
1960 Christmas letter
1961 (postcard) Lucian Harris, Jr. letter
1961 Christmas letter
1962 National Science Foundation letters; Okefinokee
1963 Christmas letter
1964 Christmas letter (duplicated) family news, travels, AOU, Tall Timbers Research Station
1965 Christmas card
1966 Roland's death, biographical sketch, autobiography,
1966 Roland, sketch
1966 Roland biographical sketch, Torrey Bulletin (copy)
Stokes, Dr. James
1949 re: LeComte Plantation So. GA
Stokes, Jeseph, M.D.
1931 Molly's mumps symptoms
1938 see Leeds, Franklinia
1935 "Dog tick" spotted fever
1939 acknowledgment reprints
Stoll, Frank
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY
1938 lantern slide collection; native larch series, Stone, Alan Entomology & Plant Quarantine, USDA,
1951 Keewatin Diptara collection, Oedemagena, Cephenomyia; Arctic Institute
1951 acknowledgment of specimens, list of "determinations"
1951 Diptora, Cephem-nemyia specimens
Stene, Clayton
World Company, Lawrence, KS
1956 index proofs for E. Raymond Hall
Stone, R. L.
Schenectady, NY
1939 chipmunk photos; trained chipmunks
1939 Lucy B. Raleigh re: chipmunks; food
Stone, RAW.
Pennsylvania Biological Survey, Harrisburg
1934 MS on Pilot Blake Snake
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 19 continued
Stone, Witmer
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
Editor, The Auk, Cape May, NJ
1925 wood buffalo plight; W. T. Hornaday
1929 (1 draft, 1 letter) permits for Texas bird trip, MS of 13pp. April Birds of the [Comergue]
1929 acknowledgment expedition collection; Woolston; Sudan collection; Cadwalader; Jim Bond & West
Indies specimens of [Brachycrpiza]; health; bird species; New Jersey herons (draft shares sheet with
Cadwalader, Charles H. B.)
1933 German translation from Journal of Ornithology, July '33
1935 Vultur sacra ms.; APA Bartram grant; Diary; Travels; Arthur Leeds
1936 Bartram proof; quotation marks; Chapman handbook; Oryzomys (see Stone, Norman H.)
1936 Auk; budget; Harper's paper; Palmer; D.V.O.C. membership; Warren Eaton death
1937 (3 items) Wilson account of common crow; Carolina wren
1937 Christmas (bird csnsus; vanishing mammals
1937 (2 items) egrets (list of questions enclosed)
1937 (2 items) Charles D Lippincott hawk; Auk
1937 (2 items) Trudeau tern; Chapman's grackle; varied thrush
1937 (postcard) bird references
1938 (2 items) APS Bartram grant references
Stone, Witmer (Mrs.)
Philadelphia, PA
1939 Witmer Stone's death; Academy; Bartram
1939 thank you
Stoner, Dayton
New York State Museum, Albany
1935 entomology; boat-tailed grackles; Pseudacris
Series I. Box 20.
Stophlet, John J.
Toledo, OH
1932 Okefinokee lean-to; National Parks Magazine
1932 Okefinokee; National Geographic Magazine; quotations; Ivorybill
Storer, Tracy I.
Agriculture, University of California, Davis
1927 acknowledgment Okefinokee mammals; Boston Society of Natural History; visit; acknowledgment
chipmunk book
1927 acknowledgment separates; “Amphibia of California”; frog photographs
1929 acknowledge mammals of Adirondacks paper, Cooper Ornithological Club
Strain, A.R.
Lawyer, Philadelphia
1933 re: letter to Frederick V. Hebard
Strandtmann, R.W.
Dept of Biology, Texas Tech, Univ., Lubbock
1956 list of rodent and bat mites slides with determinations
1956 acknowledgment of determinations of mites
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Stratton, Anne J. (Mrs. Lewis H.)
1925 NY mammals
Strawbridge & Clothier
1932 re: shipment of cots & mattress
Strecker, John K.
Baylor University, Waco, TX
1930 (3 items) Pseudacris ornata and P. occidentalis identification
Street, J. Fletcher
architect, Philadelphia
1932 acknowledgment Brief Bird Biographies
1935 king vulture
Street, Phillips B.
Secretary, Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Philadelphia
1948 Delaware Valley Ornithological Club talk on Keewatin
1949 (postcard) meeting notice
1949 Address, Ludwick's Okefinokee fraud
1950 honorary membership in DVOC
1950 honorary membership in DVOC, Keewatin birds
1954 Cape May meeting Wilson Club, grouse, (schedule attached)
1954 grouse at Wilson Club
Street, Linder & Propert, Opticians
Philadelphia, PA see also Stewart, T.M.
1940 statement
Stringham, Emerson
Knoxville, TX
1957 McAtee, Alexander Wilson, Bartram
1957 Benjamin Smith Barton, Bartram, Travels, (Harper note: acknowledgment separate, Bartram
publication date)
1959 Bartram, acknowledgment Wilson paper, comments re: Le Conte, bird names
1959 acknowledgment Ungava bird paper, Strix acclamator, Licar carolinensis, Anthus rubescens,
Bartram Travels errors in Wilson study, warblers,[Phyoposcopus] Locustella
Strong, R. M.
Chicago (Field) Natural History Museum, Chicago
1962 (to Margaret Nice) Ridgway sanctuary
Stuart, George H.
Villamore, PA
1933 birds (Maria'a ranch house)
Stupka, Arthur
National Park Service, Gatlinburg, TN
1936 Francis Evans; reprints; Great Smokies
1936 (2 items) reprints; Great Smokies; olive-sided flycatcher; Pseudacris specimens
1936 (2 items) Athabaska; Franklin expeditions; Seton's Arctic Prairies; Tyrell's Across the Sub-Arctic of
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1936 acknowledgment reprints; flycatcher; Pseudacris specimens
Sturtevant, William C.
Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1949 Richard H. Pough, "Land of the Caribou"
1961 re: Indian Photographs 1914, list Alberta, MacKenzie
1961 (2 items) Henry Collins re: Jefferson Poospatuck vocabulary, photos, Ungava Indian report
1961 list of Cree and Chipawa photos, Collins, photo of Dr. Väinö Tanner, Labrador colleagues (list of
photos attached)
(also to Harrison, J. M.)
1961 Ungava Indians; Turner; pioneer ethnologists; birch-bark canoes
1961 J. M. Harrison re: Indian photos, Collins, Royal Canadian Mounted Police dossier of natives
1961 photos, Geological Survey of Canada, Ungava Indian study (draft shares sheet with T.H. Manning,
Zimmerman) Sullivan, Arthur J. (Mrs.), Clinton, NJ
1961 Turner photos of Fort Chimo; Ungava Indian ms. to Kansas; H.Y. Hind portrait; Montagnais dance;
Swantonn’s Ms. Indian Notes in Bartram’s Travels
Sumner, Theodora C.
Three Rivers, Ontario
1956 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book, family news, travels
1956 Christmas card, acknowledgment of Keewatin mammals book, family news
see also Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher
1958 (postcard) acknowledgment northern studies, Clairmont CA
1960 Christmas card
Sunset House
Beverly Hills, CA
1968 order (alarm sirens)
Superintendent of Documents
Washington, DC
see U.S. Government Printing Office
Supervisor of Government Publications Ottawa
1955 order publications, Native Trees, Climatoloical Atlas
Surgeon General
see also Rapalski, Adam J.; U.S. Department of the Army
1941 unsanitary venereal inspections
1953 application for Medical Research and Development Board (draft and rough draft attached)
1953 application for Ungava project, Arctic Institute grant (draft attached)
1958 acknowledgment Ungava mammals study (copy)
1958 (2 items) Ungava birds study, NSF and Arctic Institute support for Ungava publishing (copy)
1958 Ungava birds
1960 mss—Fowler and Harper re: Ungava fishes, University of Kansas, NSF
1961 copies of Montagnais study for Medical Research Command and Arctic Institute, publishing Ungava
1961 Ungava papers to Preventive Medicine Research Branch, Montagnais ms., Journal of the Fisheries
Research Board of Canada
1962 enlistment record Lucien M. Turner (1874); photocopy
1964 Ungava studies reprints (copy)
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Sutton, Clement E.
Washington, GA
1939 acknowledgment Bartram bulletins; Hydrophlox lutipinnis; travels of De Soto; Prices' Island Indian
1943 reprint, rationing, McFie
1943 William Bartram paper;
1944 death of Mr. McFie
Sutton, George Miksch
Bethany, WV
Ornithology, Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY
1931 (3 letters) Ornithology, Cape May project, hawks; George Saunders
1932 acknowledgment separates; Corrigenda slip, Bill Hamilton; Auk
1934 spelling of nicea, niceiae, blackburnise, Auk, baby seal pictures
1934 baby seal photo transmitted
1934 re: Latin name usages
1936 acknowledgment separates; Vultur secra; Auk
1939 acknowledgment chuck-will's-widow separates; Okefinokee; taxidermy course
1954 acknowledgment of reprints, Nueltin Lake, job
1955 Christmas card, acknowledgment of caribou book, Museum of Zoology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann
1950 Nueltin Lake report, M. C. Sheleshyak, Arctic Institute
1950 Arctic birds, publications, bird specimens
1950 publications, specimens
1950 arctic birds Grus monacha, Erolia acuminata, Heteroscelus brevipes
1950 caribou, Southampton birds
1950 Keewatin birds, Cranbrook Institute lecture
Sutton, R. W.
Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg
1963 Ernest Oberholser; Nueltin Lake seals
1963 (3 items) Keewatin mammals study; J. Kenneth Doutt
1965 receipt of papers on amphibians & reptiles, seals
[Suzanny], James
1921 [chamanix] postcard
Swain, Roland and Dorothy (Dot)
General Outdoor Advertising Co., Camden, NJ
1950 visit, non-profit press, letters sent to prominent men ("magnificent effrontery")
1950 non-profit press, effrontery bibliography, Eastern Advertising Co., Camden, NJ
1951 visit
1952 visit, cabin purchase
1952 Medford Lakes, cabin purchase
1952 blizzard, Medford Lakes, Super-Vision Advertising Co., Camden, NJ
1952 blizzard
1953 human condition, law of the wild, natural world articles
1955 visit(?), Clarence Day clipping
1957 (5 items) errors in Bartram, visit, health of wife (Dot), shock treatments
1960 Chapel removal—house, movers--, Totten, birds
1961 acknowledgment Ungava Mammals book; travels; health; family news
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Swain, Dorothy (Mrs. Roland)
[Naulton], N.J.
1961 (draft) Roland’s deaths
Swallen, Jason R.
Botany, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
1954 Ungava vascular plants and mosses specimens
1962 Ungava lichen specimens; Mason Hale
Swanson, Gustav A.
Dept. of Conservation, Cornell Univ., Ithaca
1949 Wildlife lecture
1949 Cornell lecture, subject,
1949 Cornell lecture, caribou
1949 Cornell lecture, caribou, Bartram, photos
Swanson, H.K.
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NY
1930 Okefinokee
1935 cyperaceae from Okefinokee
Swanton, John R.
Bureau of Ethnology, Smithsonian, Washington DC
1934 (2 items) Bartram; Buffalo Lick
1934 Bartram mounds; Little Lick; Purcell map; Great Lick
1938 acknowledgment Bartram's Vultur sacra separate
1939 Bartram routes; Indian mounds; Cuscowvilla
1939 (2 items) Bartram; buffalo licks; Cuscowvilla; Tallahassee
1939 Bartram's report to Fothergill; Cuscowvilla; Chattoga River route (diary excerpts enclosed)
1939 Bartram map; William Bartram re: Revolutionary War
1939 (2 items) Bartram's Indian calmet Ceremonies account (Treaty of Picolatta); Quakerism
1939 travels of De Soto; Smithsonian
1939 (postcard) De Soto
1940 (2 items) Bartram's travels; Bartram's historical (Indian) sources; Rabun Gap route (draft enclosed)
1940 Squier and Davis drawings
1940 (3 items) John and William Bartram travels; drawings; Cuscowvilla; Purcell map; Flat Rock
1941 Fothergill; APA; Travels; Taitt's map: B.S. Barton
1941 ethnological notes for Travels; Atasi (copies)
1941 (2 items) acknowledgment ethnological notes; Bartram mss.
1943 (2 items) John Bartram's diary; route; William N. Fenton
1944 Bartram on Fothergill, Travels
1954 acknowledgment of Bartram "leaflets" Yuchi, Indian land claims
1957 Bartram's Travels, Yuchi, Indian land claims
1957 (2 items) Travels, Yuchi, Yale Press (Harper's note: "carbon"—Bartram page proof, copy?)
1958 Bartram [Travels], acknowledgment assistance, royalties, Bartram biography
1958 acknowledgment Flora of Manitoba, Porsild, National Museum of Canada support,
Swanton, John R. Jr.
1958 (2 items) death of John R. Swanton, Sr., acknowledgment Bartram Travels, Swanton rôle
Swarth, Harry S.
California Academy of Science, San Francisco
1927 Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1930 request, History of Cooper Club Arizona, Batteris Sparrow
Borough of Swarthmore
Swarthmore, PA
1937 registration card
1941 tax statement
Swarthmore Building Association
Swarthmore, PA
1940 (2 items) dues on account
1942 (5 items) liquidation
1942 (2 items) cash distribution; mortgagees (copies)
Swarthmore Cooperature Association, Inc.
[1943] (form letter) OPA regulations, ballot
Swarthmore National Bank & Trust Co personal finances
1931 cancelled checks
1932 credit memo
1945 deposit
1935 close account
1939 (2 items) deposit
1940 deposit
1943(?) Swarthmore War Service Commission Receipt
1944-1947 deposit slips
1945 also Swarthmore Cooperative Association shareholders' statement
1946-7 service charges
Swarthmore Borough Council
Swarthmore, PA
1931 traffic obstructions (hedges and trees)
1941 (2 items) air guns (copy, draft)
1945 (2 items) tax bills
Swarthmore Postmaster
Swarthmore, PA
1955 address change to Mount Holly
Sweeney and Lukens
Chester, PA see also Taylor, Katherine G.
1936 lease, Swarthmore house
1936-1938 (8 items) rent payments; repair requests
1937 (2 items) lease
1938 plumber's misbehavior
1939-1941 (3 items) rent payments; repair requests
1941 (4 items) repair bill
1942 plumber misbehavior; furnace repair bill dispute
1942 (2 items) furnace repair bill dispute repair request
1943 water pipes
1946 new owner for residence (222 So. Chester Rd); 90 day notice; household
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Swem, E. G.
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
1942 John and William Bartram volumes
1942 Bartram volumes; Prof. Bennett
1949 Bartram. financing, Huyck Preserve, Guggenheim
1949 Guggenheim, Bartrams, John's journals, Huyck
1949 Bartram, Guggenheim, journals
1949 Bartrams, English libraries, George Galphin
1949 Margaret Galphin, Catesby
1950 Guggenheim, Bartram, England
1950 Guggenheim, illness, transportation
1951 Fulbright & English materials, Galphin
1951 early American naturalists
1951 Fulbright, Galphin,
1951 reference
1951 George Cooley, Bartram, Barren Ground lecture
1951 Bartram, Brett-James, Williamsburg, Clements Library
1951 Brett-James, Collinson letters, Bartram
1951 Brett-James, engraved plate, Williamsburg
1952 Collinson letters, Brett-James, Bartram
1952 Collinson papers
1952 Collinson papers
1952 Fulbright, Bartram publisher,
1952 Fulbright grant; William Bartram study; Drs. Boyd & Butterfield; Francis O. West re: John Bartram;
1954 acknowledgment of William Bartram and the American Revolution, Virginia history
1957 Yale Press & Bartram Travels, reviews, biography
1957 Bartram, Jamestown Anniversary, J. M. Jennings, Baldwin of William & Mary
1957 reviews, Virginia Magazine, Journal of Virginia Academy of Science
1957 Bartram biography, ACLS reference
1957 (2 items) ACLS reference, Brothers of the Spade
1957 Julian P. Boyd, J. R. Schram, Benjamin Smith Barton, Patrick Kerr Rogers, B. S. Barton & MIT,
Louis Agassiz
1957 ACLS, Bartram, Rogers, Parker, Colonial Williamsburg
1957 ACLS, Porcher Resources of Southern Fields and Forests
1957 (Swem remarks to Queen Elizabeth)
1957 ACLS, American naturalists
no date Christmas card
1958 ACLS, Chapel Hill, Williamsburg, Brothers of the Spade
1958 (2 items) Bartram Travels, Chapel Hill
1958 (rough draft of 1958 Bartram letter, see acid folder)
Swenk, Myron
College of Agriculture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
1930 Zonatrichia, Gambel's sparrow
Swingle, Walter T.
Bureau of Plant Industry, US Dept. of Agriculture
1946 Bartram's orange trees, Citrus aurantium
Symposium on Arctic Geology
3rd International, San Francisco
1970 sponsored by American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society of Economic Paleological
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
& Mineral and Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Syracuse Univ. College of Forestry, Roosevelt (Wildlife)
Experiment Station, Syracuse, NY
1930 Annals, change of address
1960 acknowledgment reprints
Systematic Zoology, Society of
see also Blackwelder, R.E.
1948 proposal to organize
1951 membership request
1951 officers and constitution
1951 call for papers, abstracts, nomenclature committee
1951 (postcard) election to membership
1952 dues, call for papers, record
1953 orders for zoological records
1954 list of nominations, constitution
1954 nomination, amendments
1955 nominations
1956 (postcard) address change
1957 dues
1957 Waldo L Schmitt retirement, donations, Fenner A. Chase Jr. U. S. Natural Museum, Smithsonian
no date list of available volumes
1957 dues, order form
1958 (postcard) change of address
1957-1958 (5 items) dues, officers, zoological records
1959-60 receipts
1960 Zoological Record
1965 (postcard) meeting announcement, ballot
1966 (postcard) notice of nominations
1968 (postcard) report of nominating committee
1969 dues notice (resigned)
1969 resignation, journal
Taber, Wendell
1957 Nueltin Lake and Keewatin expeditions; Charles Foster Batchelder memorial; Van Tyn
1957 acknowledgment limpkin paper; A. L. Austin, Jr.; Nutall
1958 election to American Ornithologists Union; acknowledgment Ungava birds; Fringillidea volumes to
1958 (form letter) Fringillidae volumes; list of contributors
Talbot, Francis P.
Glenside, PA
1939 (2 items) Wallingberg cabin; refund
Talbot, L.R.
Melrose Hills, MA
1968 Bird lecture, Athabaska/Great Slave Lake
Tanger, Louise
Lancaster, PA
1938 Franklinia
see also Leeds
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Tanner, P.A.
(3 folders) Canada, Geological Survey, Cansell Expedition
1914-1931 American Ornithological Union Politics (Dr. Stone) Editorship of The Auk
Taronga Zoological Park Trust
Sydney, Australia
1937 see also LeSouef, AS vanishing mammals
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Hobart, Australia
1937 distinct and vanishing Tasmanian mammals (report attached)
Tate, George H. H.
American Museum of Natural History, New York
1932 date of Art. 30, Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress
1932 Styles paper of 1912, nomenclature
1938 (4 items) locality of Ovis alleni
1941 acknowledgment mammals separates; Sorex dispar; Morris M. Green; Glover M. Allen
1941 acknowledgment reprint
1945 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Old World
1945 Mystacops or Chalinolobus, mammals
1945 bat nomenclature, Old World Mammals
1945 Foster's tuberculatus
1945 Microtus, Glaucomys, Old World Mammals, New Zealand bats,
1945 New Zealand bats, Old World Mammals, Hill,
1945 New Zealand bats
1945 Vanishing Mammals, Oecomys phelpi, 'Uncle Frank'
1945 A. ©. awrosus, Chapman
1945 'Uncle Frank', Chapman & British Museum (& copy)
Tatnall, Robert R.
Wynnewook, PA
1952 Academy; Margaret Cary; most bequests
Taverner, P. A.
National Museum of Canada, Ottawa
1924 zoological collecting booklet; Laing expedition; Soper to Lake Nettling and Amadjuak
1925 (3 items) zoological collecting booklet; publishing reports; Nelson
1925 publishing; Phillips
1925 willow specimens; Rowlee; Carleton Ball
1942 retirement
Taylor, ------no date (draft) plight of Caribou Eskimos
Taylor, Edward H.
Department of Zoology, University of Kansas, Lawrence
1932 herpetological papers, Holbrookia propinoua stonei
1936 acknowledgment Eumeces paper; egragius specimen; Charleston County [map]
1936 Eumeces errors; Dummet's plantation; arthracinus on North Mountain
1940 (2 items) John Bartram's 1765 route; depth of Singletary Lake
1947 re: letter to Hall
1948 (draft) errors in "Mexican bibliography"
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1952 re: separates
Taylor, Frank
Dalton High School, Dalton, GA
1936 (2 items) National Geographic re: Okefinokee; fishing; map
Taylor, Frasier
Calgary, Alberta
1960 (2 items) order Keewatin caribou, Keewatin mammals wolf-buffalo bibliography
Taylor, Katherine G.
Ridley Park, PA
see also Sweeney and Lukens, real estate
1942 furnace; trees; family
1942 real estate agent complaint
Taylor, Margaret
Geology, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1961 Ungava Peninsula, Ungava fish, Fowler, Laucichthys, artedi, Salvelinium fontinalis, Coregonus,
Cristivomer, Coregonius clupeaformis, Acipenser oxyrhynchus, Lota
Taylor, Raymond L.
College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
1944 Bartram, assistant: libraries, collections, Bartram center, MSS.
1945 Dr. Swem, Philadelphia libraries, Bartram Association, Mark Catesby, Pelisot de Beauvois
1945 William & Mary Quarterly, Rafinesque's Life of Travels
Taylor, W. S.
Ottawa, Ontario
1965 (postcard) appreciation for books
Taylor, Walter P.
Biology, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson
1927 Okefinokee; Committee of 100
1930 Scientist vs. Administrators in Museums
1935 ecology; preservation of fauna of North America; America & scientific freedom
1935 (postcard) change of address
1946 appendectomy, American zoology
Taylor, William Randolph (Dr.)
Botany, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1970 research sources for botany and ornithology, Dr. Costello
1970 acknowledgment of sources, Hershberger, Palmer, Sterne
1970 Dr. George Lawrence, history of algae, Samuel Ashmead, Academy, Ewan
1970 Acknowledgment, Philadelphia botanists, Samuel Ashmead
no date (draft) caribou, Eskimos, Science, Arctic expedition,
1970 Academy botanists; Parnell; Barnhart; Whitmer Storne; Graustein; Samuel Ashmead; Francis Drouet
Teisen, Aase,
Business Manager, Biological Abstracts, Philadelphia
1931 free subscription
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Teit, Trudy
Vancouver, BC
1964 Thanks for book, Franz Boas
Telluride News Letter
Ithaca, NY
1959 Vol. XLV, No. 2.
Tener, John S. Dept. of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Ottawa
1962 decline of caribou in Newfoundland, radioactive fallout
Terres, John K.
New York; Lippincott Nature Books, Chapel Hill NC
1946 Bill Hamilton, W. L. McAtee
1946 McAtee, Mrs. Edge, AOU, no date McAtee, James O. Chapin
1961 Obie Davis safari (trophies)
1961 (fr. John Torres to Robert B. McAtee, Arlington VA); McAtee’s father's illness, travels, Harper's
1964 (for JKT) errors in Burton's Dictionary of Mammals, 1962
1964 copy Burton's errors
1965 vacation, Pough, Martin's ornithological library
Tessa (see Jessa)
Tetrault, Lienne
Southbridge, MA
1936 (2 items) National Geographic; Okefinokee; Southbridge High School; Wilhelmina Harper; Edgar
Teulings, Robert P.[G.]
Chapel Hill, NC
1964 draft of talk on Caribou Eskimo
1965 offer of talk—Great Slave Lake
1965 accept offer of talk—Great Slave Lake, John Trott
1965 talk scheduled Bird Club meeting, thanks for last year
1965 (envelope only) publicity for talk
1965 notices of meeting, publicity
1965 A.E. Radford, Tyron tract, Carolina Botanical Gardens (copy)
1966 (fr. Teulings to E.W. Walker, CBC Sanctuary Committee); habitat, ponds and marshes, visit
1966 (draft) "Congratulations", CBC
1967 talk to Bird Club on Okefinokee
1967 talk, equipment
1967 thanks for talk
1967 Georgia Ornithological Society, The Oriole, meeting; father at Dalton
1971 Forbush & Jay's Natural History of Birds, Pierce
Book Company (order for book from Pierce attached)
1971 Natural History of Birds order
Texas Fish and Game Commission
1964 Alligator protection
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Thomas, Arthur
Haverford, PA
1939 acknowledgment reprints' Morris; Penrose Fund
Thomas, Lester S.
Newtown, PA
1969 Jersey pine barrens paper, Forest and Park notes, Dr. Michael H. Levin, DVOC
Thomas, R. Gale
Northeast LA State College, Biology, Monroe, LA
1967 (postcard) request for reprint of Roland paper
1967 appreciation for Roland paper
Thomas, W. Stephen
Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, Rochester, NY
1938 Birds
1939 acknowledgment reprints; Bartram trail; Delaware Valley Naturalists' Union
1930 Hugh Pandexter, Jr. article on Bartram's Garden; H. D. Eberlein, C.V.D. Hubbard on Bartram House
1948 Barren Ground caribou: film, slides, lecture
1948 lecture, fees, title
1948 lecture, "Land of the Caribou", fee
1948 lecture, fees, family news
1948 lecture, fee, Nueltin fishes, Fowler
Thomas, William B.
Audiologist, Univ. of NC, Medicine, Chapel Hill
1964 hearing test results, hearing aids
1964 hearing aid
1964 hearing aid prices, hospital bill
Thompson, Daniel Q.
Biology, Ripon College, WI
1958 (postcard) order Ungava amphibians
Thompson, Frank Jr.
1957 Commendatory letter, re: work of F. Harper, addressed to Mrs. Harper
Thompson, Gertie Lou
Alexandria, MD
(see also Chesser, Geriie Lou)
1960 family news
Thompson, Maurice
1965 (photograph & text) original of photo, Edward W. Frentz; Will Henry Thompson
Thompson, Matt
no date birthday card, barn swallow
Thompson, Will H.
1914 Okefinokee
1962 transcripts of letters between Harper & Thompson, 1913-1915; Okefinokee, notes, Okefinokee
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
no date rough draft of letters
1966 (photographs, 1879, & text) E.W. Frentz
Thorndike Hotel
Rockland, ME
1959 reservation for WOS meeting
Thornham, J. S.
Sanita, TX
1930 Botteri's sparrow, Point Isabel
Thornton, Carey
La Grange, GA
1941 Georgia amphibian specimens; Bufo Fowleri'; Pseudacris feriarum; Gastrophyne carolinensis; Acris
gryllus crepitans
1941 (postcard) frog records
Thornton, Enid
no date (draft) Ryson Papers; Anderson’s address (shares sheet with Bureau of Indian Ethnology)
Thorpe, W.S.
1950 re: lecture, Union College
Thrift, B. (Mrs. Sarah—Lonnie)
Waycross, GA
1933 Okefinokee stories
Thrift, Lone (Uncle Lone)
Waycross GA
1944 sound recordings on Suwannee Lake, photos
Tierney, Agnes
Germantown, PA
1931 Loure E. Richards; Okefinokee verses quoted from Sketches and Scraps 1881, Estes & Lauriat,
publisher, Henry [Richardson], illustrator
Time-Life Books
Chicago, IL
1967 order for amphibians vol.
1967 bill Library of America
1967 payment, apology, Extinct and vanishing mammals
1967 acknowledgment
1967 return books
1967 Pacfic States volume advertising
Time Magazine
New York
1938 (2 items) Academy of Natural Sciences photographs; singing frog picture
Tinkham, Ernest R.
Indio, CA
1957 Christmas letter, sand dune life study
1957 (2 items) acknowledgment Keewatin caribou; desert institute
1958 Armageddon imminent; desert studies
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1958 Christmas letter desert studies; menagerie
1959 Christmas letter; animals
1960 Christmas letter great Kelso dunes
1951 Chapel Hill; Philadelphia & Academy
1961 Christmas letter desert studies
1964 acknowledgment Studies in Neartic Desert Sand Dune Orthoptera
1964 Christmas letter, 1963
1964 Christmas letter, 1964
[Tishen], Joe A.
Biology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1944 exchange of papers Todd, Leon E.
1952 re: property in Medford Lakes, "in the pines" Burlington Co NJ work cabin
Todd, W.E. Clyde
Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
1928 Peleocenoides specimens
1957 Bray's final trip and companions
1957 Godfrey rumors; Twomey with "goods"; Churchill
1957 Bray's final trip
1964 Birds of the Labrador Peninsula
(see also Harper's copy of book for Todd letter)
1964 se also Austin, Dr. Oliver re: estimate of Todd by F. Harper
Tollis, Frederick B.
Philadelphia, PA
1941 (2 items) Benjamin Franklin's Bartram subscription list; Tolman, Harry A.
1930 inquiry re: wildlife publisher
Tomahawk Live Trap Co.
1968 brochure
Tomkins, Ivan R.
USS Dredge "Morgan"; Savannah GA
1931 spotted house mice, Oysterbed Island [musk] rabbit, Hutchinson Island
1931 mice, Alexander Sprunt, Jr. re: South Carolina birds, E. Burnham Chamberlain re: South Carolina
1933 request for mussel, [Alatamaha] R visit to dredge, frogs, turtles, snails
1934 request for boat-tailed grackle compliment on paper (Skinner) Burleigh- yellow-throated jackdaw
1934 grackle, macgillivrai, Gastrophryne carolinensis Pillsbury, scripta, Steineger
1934 Bartram Riceborough—Le Conte
1935 Okefinokee saved
1936 Amphiuma; Francia abacurascale keels; Okefinokee; Arthur Leeds
1936 Agkistrodon; Savannah birds
1938 (2 items) Gordonié specimens; Max Burroughs; Charleston
1938 Franklinia separates
1958 acknowledgment Ungava birds; Naturalists' edition of Bartram
1960 Craig Bell; Roland Harper; "Wormsloe"; Elliottia
1961 (from Tomkins to Roland Harper) Roland's & Francis' visit to Savannah
1961 Craig'a room, Roland & Francis' visit
1961 Roland" & Francis' visit, Miss Lee, Harrell sanctuary
1961 Francis' visit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1961 visit, return trip, Extinct & Vanishing Mammals, Cystophora cristata, Woodminston
1961 Extinct & Vanishing Mammals, photos, seal
1961 photos, Le Conte magnolia, Craig's room
1961 Hebard-Greene manuscript, Oriole, Craig Bell
1961 photos, Gaddy Wild Goose Refuge
1962 Damon Manning's seal & maybe puma
1963 boat-tailed grackle, Robert K. Selander, Little Cumberland Island
1963 (photograph, spider)
1964 John Torres, Ungava, Algonquin Indians, deaths
1964 Woodmaston brick, Clermont, Okefinokee, long-tailed tiger cat
1964 Eskimos, Stefanson, Major Andree, jaguarandi in FL
1964 jaguarundi, Preble photograph
1966 cottonmouth photo, Farancia, Brickell-Mitchill correspondence, Okefinokee,
1967 Christmas letter
Thomas, L. T.
Birmingham, AL
1935 National Geographia Okefinokee article' guides
1935 Chessers; hunting
University of Toronto Press
1924 copies of Kendall's Canadian biology
Totten, H. Roland
Botany, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1951 Bartram, re: plant specimens, re: 300 Bartram letters
1959 (2 items) Lambert Davis; removal to Chapel Hill; house; Okefinokee plant specimens
1959 (2 items) Chapel Hill housing; plant specimens
1960 UnC library privileges; Bartram
1960 photos
1960 Christmas letter
1962 family photos
no date (draft) notes from Brunswick meeting
1964] John Totten's death, family news
1965 Braxton appreciation Newsletter
1966 (fr H.R. Totten to Mrs. Laurence C. Davis) Chapel Hill birds, publications
1967 (2 items) Brunswick (NC) (list of early Brunswick NC naturalists attached)
Towle, Margaret (Mrs. Gerald)
Philadelphia, PA; Cambridge, MA
1938 Natural History Museum; Okefinokee
1940 Eugene S. Heath; botanical garden; English children
1941 Bartram
1963 (Christmas card) Mrs. Mary Cobb, Bartram's Travels
1964 (rough draft) Caribou Eskimos, Okefinokee book (draft of Oct. 5 letter on back)
1964 (Oct. 5) Towle's death, Okefinokee book, Frank T. Seibert, Poospatucks, Caribou Eskimo
1964 Anoteelik photo, Towle's death, PhD
Townes, Henry K.
Dept. of Entomology, North Carolina St. College, Raleigh, NC
1944 Bartram, nomenclature & the International Commission
1944 Bartram papers, Academy
1944 (postcard) acknowledge Bartram papers. Family
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1960 Hymenoptera specimens; Chapel Hill; Philadelphia Academy
1960 acknowledgment Psocus trifasciatus specimens; Academy and fossilized institutions
1960 psocids ; ectoparasites; institutions
Townes, Harry
1954 northern Canada, ichneumonids, Frohne
1954 ichneumonids
1954 Jimmi Rehn, ichneumonids
1954 acknowledgment of arctic ichneumonids specimens
Townsend, Dr. Charles W.
Ipswich, MA, Nutall Ornithological Society
1922 Okefinokee
1930 re: fruit acknowledged
Tracey, William S,
Baltimore, MD
1935 car; accident; pecans
Traub, Robert
Army Medical Center, Department of Entomology, Washington
1952 re: army rations for Ungava trip plus other support also report of disease found in Keewatin mice
1947 suggestions for support through Environmental
1953 Surgeon General, rodent specimens, microtines,
1953 arctic research support, Admiral Colbert, Surgeon General; Arctic Institute
1953 Colbert, Ungava
1953 Labrador project, Arctic Institute Grant, Army support
1953 Ungava, shipping rodent specimens, visit, Arctic Institute
1953 visit, rodents, lemmings, jumping mice, shipping, Microtus chrotorrhinus, M. pennsylvanicus,
Peromyscus, Clethrionomys, parasites
1953 printed Army shipping regulations, bill of lading attached
1953 acknowledgment of mice specimens
1953 (draft) traps, Knob Lake, address
1953 (draft) mice specimens, shipping, parasites
1853 mice specimens, regulations, Microtus, Clethrionomys food, epizootic among mice,(Permin to import
vectors attached)
1953 Walter Reed campus map
1953 draft of report of Surgeon General
1953 report to Colonel Wood, (report attached)
1953 photographs
1953 copy of Bynum "communication", traps, cages, cotton, ether, forceps, sun-glasses, insect powder,
Katahdin fleas, proctoscope
1953 Quebec photographs, Col. Wood report revisions, Clethriomomys
1953 Byrum inventory, health, New Jersey Clethriomomys
1953 acknowledgment of reprints, Tuza,
1954 identifications of Labrador and Quebec fleas and lice (list attached)
1954 Ungava Siphonoptara, Mallophaga, Anoplura, mice, Dandroica striata, Acarina, parasites, NSF grant
1954 mites, internal parasites, caterpillars, health, (draft list of material sent to Col. Traub)
1954 (by Allan McIntosh) determination of specimens
1954 numbers of hosts and dates; ectoparasites, lepidopterous larvae, Acarina
1954 McIntosh letter transmitted, internal parasites
1954 parasite data, caterpillars
1954 acknowledgment of parasite identifications, Charles Elton, Ungava
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
1956 (draft) fleas
1956 acknowledgment of Keewatin caribou book Protection Branch, Quartermaster General
1959 Ungava birds paper
1961 reprints of Ungava vertebrates (copy attached)
1961 Ungava papers
1961 Ungava reprints, Ungava Indian portraits
1961 Ungava mammal papers (copy attached)
1964 northern reports, Ungava
1964 (fr. University of Maryland, School of Medicine) northern reports, consulting
1964 acknowledgment of Ungava papers
see also Col. John R. Wood, Research & Development Division Office of the Surgeon General of the
Army, Washington
Trautman, Milton B.
Ohio Historical Society, Columbus
1964 acknowledgment of "Plant and Animal Associations, Ungava"
Travel Brochure
Adirondack Mountains
Travelers' Aid Society
Cownwall, NY
1938 Milly and Lucy; Penelope Sherwood
Treasury Department
see also Internal Revenue Service, Philadelphia
1936-1938 (9 items) Adjusted Service Boards of 1945
1945-47 Income Tax
Triangle Press
1962 memo to printer
Trowbridge, Albert H.
University of Oklahoma, Norman
1936 Oklahoma birds report
1936 (3 items) request Adirondack reprint
Trudeau, Jean (Rev.)
Canadian Research Center for Anthropology, Ottawa
1954 acknowledgment of "Caribou Eskimos" and "Montagnais in Ungava"
True, Rodney H. Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsylvania
1935 (3 items) British Museum Bartram mss.; Fothergill; Philosophical Society grant
Tryon, Henry H.
1928 woodcock nest pictures
1931 woodcock pictures
copperhead snake report
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 20 continued
Tuck, Leslie M.
Department of Northern Affairs, St. John's, Newfoundland
1962 reprint "Changes in Climate, Faunal Distribution...Ungava"
1964 appreciation for Ungava publications, Cappella gallinago
Tucker, Carl
New York
1947 movie camera (copy to Bob Murphy)
1947 movie camera shipped
1947 movie camera received
1947 movie camera returned
1947 camera received
Tufts, R.W. (Robie)
Nova Scotia
1928 projected trip, Trout Lake, Annapolis Co.
Turner, David B.
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1946 'Education & Employment in the Fish and Wildlife Field' questionnaire (two copies)
Trove, Prof. S.
1931 see also American Society of Mammalogists re: sale of skins, skulls from Caucasus list of specimens
1932 acknowledgment of Watermen's fountain pen, pen & ink order; (advertisement and envelope
Tryon, Henry H.
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
1930-31 (2 items) Black Rock Forest mammal survey
Twitty, Peter S.
Georgia State Department of Game & Fish
1930 acknowledgment "Alligators of the Okefinokee"
1931 request for bird & mammal collecting permit, Okefinokee
Tyler, Morris
New Haven, CT
1970 E. Milby Burton re: John Bachman biography
1970 John Bachman bibliography
1970 acknowledgment of Bachman bibliography, request to copy unpublished manuscripts
Series I. Box 21.
Ubil, H.S.
Pottsville, PA
1934 re: picture of [Chesser] family, Folkston GA
Udell, Gene
Corpus Christi, TX
1943 Christmas card
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
Ulhler, Francis
Biological Survey, US Department of Agriculture, Washington
1930 re: Okefinokee, St. Mary's River
Ullman, Mrs. Roland G.E.
Swarthmore, PA
1950 re: sympathy in death of R. Ullman memorials of turtles
Ulmer, Frederick A.
1941 Acris; Hyla; Petersburg National Military Park; Pseudacris; Peromyscus leucopus; Blarina; birds;
1941 (2 items) Army; venereal exams; Virginia birds
1941 (2 items) frog specimens; birds; rhino article
1941 (2 items) Smithsonian (National Museum) Curator position
no date Christmas card
1942 blue grosbeaks, narrow mouthed toad, Rawling's Cross Crook
1943 hayfever, Army hospital train, Great Park Zoo, Atlanta
1943 hayfever, Bartram papers, Pseudacris feriarum, Bufo fowieri, terrestris, americus
1943 Christmas card, Army address attached
1946 tree frogs, Bartram papers, Bill Hamilton, travels, Ft. McPherson mammals
1946 Pocono mammals, skinning tools, Philadelphia Zoological Garden. Philadelphia
1946 mammal collecting, skinning tools
1947 Christmas card, health, bald eagles photo
1956 Black Bear, height, Academy reorganization plans
1956 black bear, Academy animal collection, Remington Kellogg, David Johnson
1961 Ungava mammals, cataceans, Conants, Matrix valida
1961 amphibian & reptile specimens to Duke
1965 baby polar bear, Christmas bird census
1966 Philadelphia specimens, Cape May, wildcats, Lynx r. rufus, Okefinokee
no date (2 items) Christmas cards
Underdown, Eliot
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1931 birds
Underdown, Henry T.
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Philadelphia
1949 election to honorary membership
Underhill, R. Heaton
Division of Fish and Game, New York
1951 re: game sanctuary on Rancocas Creek
Underhill, Doris, "Little Dorrit," "L.D."
Boston, Society of Natural History
1928 Bulletins and Proceedings (vol. 39); domestic and foreign addresses
1929 (2 items) Nesbit lamp negotiations
1929 Bulletin; family news (Molly, Robin)
1929 cruise; Okefinokee; McCoy; Atlantic birds; Mt. Washington; Hermit Lake; Bigelow Lawn; Red
1929 removal to Swarthmore; Academy of Natural History address; Biological Abstracts
1930 acknowledgment separates; Bulletin; personal news; Museum [Boston Society] campaign; McCoy;
Library personnel
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1930 Okefinokee trip; Harper & Underhill family news
1930 acknowledgment publications, plants; family news
1935 Christmas card
1936 MacCoy; Dr. Wig re: plants; Mrs. Marsh; Mary B.; family news
no date visit Swarthmore; David Harper (list of baby boy names enclosed)
1936 visit to Folkston
1936 Society [Boston] remainders; Okefinokee mammals paper; Le Conte lettes
1937 Academy Education Curator W. Stephen Thomas; Le Conte letters
1937 (3 items) Old Gold Cigarette contest; W. Stephen Thomas; family news;
1937 Latreille, Histore Naturellefes Reptiles
1937 (2 items) Latreille; Le Conte; family news
[1937] family news; Boston Society rumors; Howard;
1938 mss.; family pictures; Museum;
1938 typescript; family news; W. Stephen Thomas recommendation
1938 (2 items) letter of recommendation; American Philosophical Society grant; family news
1938 papers [Okefinokee mammals]; Chesser's Island
1938 personal news
1939 Boston Society; Dr. Wigglesworth; family news
1940 Underhill recommendation
1940 Fowler; fishes
1940 (to Lucy Harper) Christmas; family news; Chessers; (p.s. by Clinton: "give you more news."
1941 logging on Chesser's Island
1940 logging; swap tea room (plans enclosed)
Underhill, James C.
Dept of Zoology, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
1962 (postcard) reprint request, Ungava fish
(draft) Francis Harper's health
Ann (3 sheets) corrections to paper
Auk Specimen list
A.U.R. Freidman's accountre Bartram
Bert (2 items) 1924 Davis's nomination; Audubon and Bachman sets; Synaptomys
Ann Arbor vacancy; coyotes
Earl clippings re: woodpeckers
K 1963 Yale University Press; Travels; Fort Stewart; wildlife surveys; Ralph 1961-1963 Alexander
Wetmore; John Rule; Ed Rusch; Brewster Award; Tom Lamb; la Pas
Raymond family news; Harper will; [Joe] Ewan; Virginia [Eifat]; Josephine Herbst
Green World (list of "names referred to only by initials in diary of R.M.H" [Roland] attached)
Steve (postcard) Huber, Ulmer, Huston photos (Copy)
[USD] (second page) R.C.M.; H.A. Moe; Guggenheim grant; Bartram biography; Longwood Foundation;
Labrador expeditions
WA envelope only
second page mosquito spraying
second page Harry C. Raven; 1908 Francis Harper photo
Union Catalogue of Floridiana
Winter Park
1943 see also A.G..Hanna
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
Union College
1950 voucher of check for lecture
Union Library Catalogue
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
1938 (5 items) inquiry re: naturalists
Union National Bank and Trust
Mount Holly, NY
1940 re: deposits of $118.60
1949-50 envelopes (receipts?)
1950 deposit receipts
1957 deposit
1960 account
United Photographic Stores
1915 order for slides
University of…
see name of university
U.S. Army
Misc. #2
see also Veterans Bureau receipts
1919 bed-roll
1919-1920 (2 items) Fourth Liberty Loan bond payments
1920 gunsling receipt
1921 shoes
1940? [warden instructions incendiary bomb
US Civil Service Commission
1916 Notice of open position and application notes
1929 request for form to apply for ornithology position, Washington
1942 applications for employment blanks
US Coast and Geodetic Survey
Washington, DC
1939 harbor charts
US Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission
Washington, DC
1939 (2 items) maps (NC,SC,GA)
US Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Plant Industry; Bureau of Biological Survey; Entomology Research Branch; Agriculture
Research Service
See also Musesabeak; Ward, Herbert; Oman, P.W.; Redington, Paul G.; Hitchcock, A.B.; Henderson, W.
C.; Coville, Frederick V.
no date (draft) 1920 Athabaska photos (list attached)
1917 (includes drafting into Army
1920 (from Loring to Preble) H.H. Blagden address
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1922 willow specimens; Laing; Metcalf; Ball (report attached)
1923 H. E. Ewing, [Tronbiculas]
see also [Musesabeak]
1920 see also Herbert Ward
1926 prints of Sorex, (H.H. Jackson)
1928 (4 items) prints; slides
1929 prints and photographs
1929 re: permit hours
see also Kent, Morrison, [Preble]
1930 (to Parnell) grasses collection report: Sporobolu virginicus; Sportina alterniflora; Monanthochloe
littoralis Engelm
1930 Frances Uhley
1932 revocation of permit
1933 see also Henderson, WC (poison)
1934 (circular) Jay N. Darling's appointment Biological Survey
1934 grackle
1935 Franklinia alatamaha; wild Georgia specimens
1935 (2 items) Okefinokee wild-life refuge
1936 change of address
1936 acknowledgment separates; exchange
1937 land acquisition Okefinokee
1938 (to Wallace) Okefinokee maladministration: logging on Chesser's Island; CCC; roads (copies and
draft enclosed)
1938 (to Wallace) maladministration of Okefinokee; Asiatic chestnuts; pine logging on Chesser’s Island;
CCC roads
1938 (2 items) ants; M. R. Smith; Formica fusica, subericea
1938 (2 items) bird stomachs: F. W. Wood (collecting report enclosed)
1938 collecting permit (Huyck Preserve)
1939 Okefinokee predator control, swamp wildlife management
1940 soil surveys; soil maps
1940 (Bureau of Animal Industry) skunk parasites, Physaloptera, P. maxillaris
1942 indigo flies
1946 Ewing determinations; chiggers to Wharton
1946 acknowledgment determinations; mites; Peromyscus maniculatus gracillis specimen; Reading (PA)
Public Library (determinations enclosed)
1946 mite determination (Atricholaelaps glasgowi, Ewing)
1947 Okefinokee; Bureau of Entomology
1950 re: leptines
1954 (2 letters) Labrador insect determinations, Dr. Gurney, Trichoptera, Plecoptera
1954 Acarina
1954 identifications of Collembola C.F.W. Muesebeck
no date (form letter) change of address
1956 survey of northern material (see also Baker, Edward W)
1956 E.N. Baker; Hirstionysus (report attached)
Forest Service
Atlanta, GA (see also Huber, W.W.; see also Dayton, W.A., [Dendcology] )
1968 order for "Birds of Appalachians" & "Birds of Marion National Forest"
1970 order National Forests of North Carolina
U. S. Department of the Army
Office of Quartermaster General, Washington
1950 request for Dutlly's "Bibliography of Reindeer" Barren Ground, Keewatin
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1950 report unavailable, see Arctic Institute
(no date) application form, research project (2 copies) Office of the Surgeon General of the Army
no date blank vouchers
1953 pay voucher
1953 medical research contract Ungava ectoparasites, terms
[1953] requirements for progress reports, form attached
1953 pay voucher for May, 1953 and copy
1953 pay voucher for September/October and copy
1953 report on Ungava contract, rodent parasites, plants, birds copy
1953 acknowledgment of report, contract terms
1953 forms
1953 report submitted 1953 supplies received
1953 report acknowledged, pay voucher acknowledged
1955 ms. of climate report, ms. of mosses paper by Bartram
1955 acknowledgment of report, memorandum attached
1955 memoranda, changes
1955 contract terms, memorandum
1955 Barren Ground caribou reprints (Univ. of Kansas), Great Slave Lake expedition
1955 Rana sylvatica in Yukon
1955 acknowledgment of Barren Ground caribou book copy
1956 acknowledgment Ungava amphibians and reptiles, Barren Ground caribou report
1956 copy
1956 acknowledgment Dix report, Ungava lichens and hepatics, Lamasure, Barren Ground caribou
1956 copy
1956 transmit Ungava amphibians and reptiles report, E.B. Bartram, Ungava mosses
1956 Amphibians and Reptiles of Ungava copy
1955 acknowledgment of reprints copy
1956 Mammals of Keewatin, support of Ungava research
1956 acknowledgment of mammals book, research support copy
1956 caribou research request denied copy, Ungava research, ectoparasites
1956 caribou investigation
see also Herbert L. Ley, Jr., Fred C. Schmid, R.P. Mason, Adam J. Rapalski, John R. Wood, R.M. Bynum,
Jr., Mrs. Lamasure, David E. Marcus
1962 enlistment record of Lucien M. Turner (1874, 1878)
1969 (postcard) request Keewatin reptiles report
US Department of Commerce
Bureau of Fisheries
1921 Kendall’s Alabama fishes notes Coast and Geodetic Survey
1947 aeronautical charts of Hudson Bay,
1947 acknowledge charts
1971 (postcard) Fishery Bulletin mailing list
US Department of Defense
1952 offer of sale of property on Rancocas Creek, Ft. Dix
U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
1956 Social Security instructions & benefits
1957 tax returns (draft)
1958 certificate of award
1958 application for Social Security benefits (card, questionnaire, instructions attached)
1959 benefits increase
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1960 earnings limit
1960 earnings report 1968 Medicare
1969 (2 items) Okefinokee blindness, moonshine, refuge
US Department of Interior
Bureau of Sport Fisheries & Wildlife Committee on Rare and Endangered Wildlife
see also Lawrence, Charles H., Fish and Wildlife
1944 migratory game birds
1946 complaint, timber, lumbering [Texas] Coop. wildlife research, Chicago
1947 memo, A.F. Lincoln
Fish & Wildlife Service
see also Aldrich, John W.; Griffith, Richard; Burleigh, Thomas D.; Cattany, Clarence;
Nelson, A.L.; Williams, Frederick A.; Sheldon, H. P.
no date (envelope only)Robert Lewis; Ritchie Bell
no date Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge map
1942-1943 (3 items) excess publications
1945 federal collecting permit for PA & GA
1946 logging and oil drilling in Okefinokee
1949 request for Williams, Cecil S. Waterfowl Breeding Conditions 1947
1949 Migratory Bird Permit (Callaghan), thanks
1949 Williams book out of stock
1949 Migratory Bird Treat collecting permits
1949 re: revision of mailing lists
1949 change of address (to Rensselearville NY)
1949 Migratory Bird collecting permit, cover letter
1950 re: trespassers, Rancocas Creek (2 copies)
1950 change of address, complaint request drop from Commercial Fisheries Review
1950 subscription form for Commercial Fisheries Review
1950 (envelope only) re: report on 1949 collecting of birds
1951 (envelope only) return of permit 1951
1952 subscription form for Commercial Fisheries Review
1952 re: return of negatives of flying squirrel & chipmunk; Arthur Howell
1952 (envelope only) questionnaire
1952 (envelope only), collecting permit
1953 (3 items) (draft) photo woodland caribou
1954 (postcard) acknowledge of bird-banding reports
1954 (postcard) Wildlife Review mailing list
1954 (envelope only) collecting
1954 (mimeograph) E. R. Kalmbach retirement
1955 (envelope only) wildlife abstracts
1955 (form letter) administrative changes in Bird Banding Office
1955 Okefinokee fires; regeneration studies (draft; list of cc attached)
1955 request reprint Cassidix major torreyi report
1955 Okefinokee, post fire strategy
1955 query re: Chesser Island property; fire; request to donate land
1955 acknowledgment of title Chesser Island
1955 (2 items) transfer of Chesser Island
1955 (envelope only) collecting
1955 (form letter) blackbird banding
1957 (postcard) mailing list
1957 (2 items) wildlife food habits; unexamined stomachs available
1957 (2 postcards) address migratory bird permit
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1957 collecting permits report addresses
1957 Athabaska stomachs to Canadian National Museum
1957 (postcard) Wildlife Review subscriptions
[1958] fire ant pesticide and wildlife protection report
1958 fire ant eradication effects on wildlife report
1958 interdepartmental committee on pest control;
(see accompanying folder of related newspaper clippings)
no date (postcard) stomach distribution
1958 (postcard) mailing list review
1958 (postcard) Wildlife Review mailing list
1950 (Patauxent Wildlife Research Center) banding
1961 (2 items) collecting permit
1958 stomach distribution (interim report attached)
1958 (envelope only) collecting permit
1959 Wildlife Fund Habits. Collection
1960 address change, subscription cards
1961 Collecting Permit
1961 bird banding manual
1961 John Aldrich
1961 Lucien Harris, Jr.; pirated Okefinokee bird notes; Burleigh Georgia Birds (2 copies)
1961 permission to use ornithological data; Earl Greene; Frederick Hebard
1962 (postcard) notice of publications, review of mailing lists
1962 (envelope only) permit
1963 (postcard) review of mailing lists (copy)
1964 (postcard) request Ungava climate report
1964 Udall & preservation of endangered species
1965 "Rare and Endangered Fish & Wildlife," endangered species legislation quoted (H.R. 9424 and S.
1966 collecting permit limitations
1966 specimen collection
1966 permits
1967 list of interested persons in Okefinokee wilderness study
1969 life zones of Pedioecetes phasianellus caurus, Pediocetes phasianellus janesi
1968-69 Okefinokee sale & preservation of [Chesser's] Island
also Lines, Robert E.
1970 permit to take migratory birds; report form (blank)
1971 (2 items, draft) migratory bird report
1971 permit revoked, compliance requested, rules attached
1971 permit, specimens sent to Teulings, Okefinokee inhabitants
1971 purchase of land from Harper (appraisal attached)
Park Service
Tennessee, Florida, Georgia
see also Wirth; Cahalane, Victor H.
1934 referral from Blackeston
1934 research on Okefinokee; Highlands NC
1936 frogs; Okefinokee
1938 request text of rare and exterminated species lecture
1936 (2 items) preliminary report North American vanishing mammals
1941 see also Cadbury re: Okefinokee Refuge
1946 inquiry on National Parks, Office of Secretary
1941 Okefinokee
see also E.K. Burlew
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1957 acknowledgment Peale's portrait of William Bartram, Travels, Gertrude D. Hess, American
Philosophical Society
US Engineers' Office
Jacksonville, FL
1939 (3 items) northeastern Florida map
U.S. Geographic Board
Washington, DC
see also Sloane, C. S.
1919 (draft) spelling of "Okefinokee"; bibliography of spelling authority
U. S. Geological Survey
1924-1925 (3 items) request topographic maps
1939 topographic maps; state maps (list enclosed)
1941 order Georgia and Florida maps
1951 order for topographic maps (voucher attached)
1956 order Georgia, Florida, Alabama maps
1957 order South Carolina map
1957 order South Carolina map
1957 cancel order
U.S Government Printing Office
1919 order
1939 order The Distribution of important forest trees
1936 order Climatic Summary of the United States: central and eastern Georgia
1940 Soil Survey Reports
1947 order Arctic Manual
1956 order for research guide
1968 order A Directory of Research Natural Areas
1969 re-order A Directory of Research Natural Areas (copy)
1969 order for directory of Research, Natural Areas
1969 apology, order form
U. S. Internal Revenue Service
(no date) estimated tax
1957 query (draft)
1958 tax payment
U. S. National Museum
Washington, DC
see Smithsonian Institution
see Wetmore, A.W.
U. S. News and World Report
1960 renewal
1964 reprints of "Mrs. Craig's" article (?) mulattoism, civil rights
1964 response to "Craig" comment
1964 re: letter of April 1 (not filed)
1965 endangered alligators, Ichthyologists' resolution
1965 re: letter of Jan. 29
1966 subscription
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
1966 subscription
1969 re: clipping
1971 solicitation, (rejection note attached)
U. S. Treasury Dept
1921 re: insurance Director of Internal Revenue
1954-1956 (5 letters) taxes re: grants from philanthropical organizations
1953 (7 items, from Jean Harper) customs affidavit re: folding canoe
U. S. Veterans' Bureau
Washington, DC
1921 insurance premiums
1925 (form letter) beneficiary
1925 insurance beneficiary (Jean)
1929 re: Insurance
1930 disbursements
1932 loan
1935 loan
U. S. War Department
see also Secretary of War
1940 Major John Le Conte; exploration of St. John’s River
1940 Major John Le Conte biography; St. John's River survey
1941 acknowledgment of information Adjutant General's Office
1942 re: employment & questionnaires
1943 Arctic Section; acknowledgment reprints
U.S. Weather Bureau
also George W. Mindling
1920 Biological Survey Lake Athabaska expedition
1936 (3 items) Georgia climatological data
Ussher; R. D.
A.R. Clarke & Co. Toronto
1941 (3 items) F. H. Kortright; anatidae; bufflehead; mallards
Utah State Department of Wildlife Management
1956 (postcard) request for Barren Ground Caribou
Utica Mutual Insurance Co.
1928 motor vehicle policy
V--- Mary Ester
mss (monogram), Redfield NY
1925 (2 items) teaching; mammals; Ithaca
Vail Robert G.W.
NY Historical Society, New York City
1953 acknowledgment of research assistance: Andrews, Leach; Bartram, Cadwalader Colden map
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
Valancy Research Ltd.
1968 brochure
Valdosta Times
1925 query Okefinokee panther (Felis corti) report; Okefinokee mammals report
Van Allen Bros
Swarthmore, PA
1940 (2 items) oil contract
1941-1942 (4 items) bills
1944 fuel oil bill
VanAuken, Edward
1950 moving goods from Rennselearville, NY to Mt. Holly, NY
VanDelou, Jacob
Secretary, State Museum of NY
1925 re: accounts
Van Gelder, Richard G.
Am. Museum of Natural History, New York
1965 Preble bibliography by McAtee
Van Hyning, T.
Florida State Museum, Gainesville, FL
1939 (2 items) Bartram's vulture paper; Alexander Wetmore
1939 (2 items) Bartram's vulture; Bartram’s route
1940 king vulture nomenclature; Wetmore
1940 Sarcoramphus papa
1940 (2 items) Arden Edwards; king vulture; Carolina paroquet
1940 (2 items) king vulture; nesting habits
van Name, Dr. Willard.G.
American Museum of Natural History, NY, NY
1931 acknowledge reprints re: Amphibia
1933 Okefinokee, no canal
see also Edge, Pearson, Needham, Sec. Ickes
Van Tienhoven, P. G.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1937 extinct and vanishing animals questionnaire
Van Tyne, J.
Ann Arbor Museum of Zoology, Univ. of Michigan
1938 (postcard) acknowledgment separates
1939 (postcard) acknowledgment Wilson Club reprints
1941 black-necked stilts' courtship behavior; Louise B. Perry
1941 (postcard) acknowledgment Perry paper
1949 bird stomachs, ptarmigan diet
1949 ptarmigan stomachs, funding loss
1950 re: Keewatin birds. sale?
1953 acknowledgment of Nueltin Lake report
University of Kansas Libraries, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Department of Special Collections
Francis Harper Collection, MS 245
Series I. Correspondence
Series I. Box 21 continued
195[4] acknowledgment by Wilson Society of Keewatin report
1954 acknowledgment by Wilson Society, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
1946 voucher for expenses
1948 expense voucher
Velie, Rose (Mrs. Lewis)
Melbourne, FL
no date newspaper clipping picture of Velie family reunion
1953 Billy's Island, family news,
1953 Laborador expedition, Billy's Island article, photographs, family news
1954 photos, Okefinokee photos
1954 photos, family news
1954 envelope and photo
1955 photo exchange, Okefinokee, family news,
1955 photo (duplicate of newspaper clipping), family news
1955 photo, family news
1956 travel to NY, acknowledgment of "book"
Venia & Emmy[?]
1924 see also Phillips, Morris E.
Verdoorn, Frans
Chronica Botanica; Valtham MA
International Union of Biological Sciences
no date Catalogue, Lectures, business card, envelope
1940 (2 items) Bartram biography; Virginia flora
1940 University of Pennsylvania [Earnest] Bartram book review
1940 Earnest Bartram book; Harry B. Weiss
1942 plant science books; biological history; Bartram biography
1942 (2 items) Bartram biography; travels
1944 Bartram papers, Michaux, travels
1944 Bartram papers, Chronica Botanica editorial policy
1944 Mark Boyd, annotated Romans, Bartram
1944 reprint of Bartram's Travels, Michaux, Romans
1044 Brown's Source Book of Agricultural Chemistry, royalties
1944 Brown's Source Book of Agricultural Chemistry, Bartram
1944 Browne's Source Book, Bartram
1944 publishing Bartram's travels
1944 (from Jean) Francis' location
1944 publishing Bartram's