2014-09-01 Pakedge Expands PoE Lineup to Simplify Installation

2014-09-01 Pakedge Expands PoE Lineup to Simplify Installation
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September 2014
Two First-Of-Their-Kind Innovative Switch Technologies Redefine How PoE Can Be Used In A/V Networks
Hayward, CA – AV networking specialist, Pakedge Device & Software, has continued its
commitment of bringing innovative products to the AV marketplace by announcing the addition of
PoE Pass-Through switches to its line of PoE switches. The first of these switches, the SE-5P2-EP, will
debut at the 2014 CEDIA Expo. These new switches, part of the Pakedge PoE Innovations initiative
that introduced the first ever “powered by PoE” switches in the AV industry earlier this year, is
designed specifically to help installers incorporate a switch into the network where it may not have
been possible because access to power is restricted.
The Pakedge PoE Pass-Through switches address a problem long plaguing AV technicians - the
inability to install switches and devices at the edge of the network, near the point of use, with no
power source nearby to operate the switch or the devices. Traditional approaches to this problem
ranged from running unsightly extension cords to hiring electricians to run wires to the desired spot.
Alternative solutions included the use of PoE injectors to power devices. With multiple edge devices
to power, this approach is not cost effective and requires multiple dedicated electrical outlets
The innovative switches, developed in conjunction with dealer feedback, are powered by a single
PoE+ port (IEEE 802.3at) from an upstream PoE+ switch or power injector. In addition to powering
the switch, the input PoE+ signal is split into two PoE output ports, which can then be utilized to
power two connected edge devices, such as VOIP phone, wireless access point, video cameras,
touchscreen consoles, or other PoE powerable devices. These switches effectively remove the need
for power outlets at the point of use, and instead utilize the PoE+ port from an upstream PoE switch.
By removing the need for electrical outlets, the switches and edge devices can be located anywhere.
Ideal applications include placement of the switch in access spaces, as attics, closets, above drop
ceilings, basements and access tunnels. In addition, the switches can be used at point of use
locations where the existing power outlets are already committed to other uses.
“Pakedge PoE and PoE+ switches have long provided reliable, scalable power to PoE-enabled devices,”
says Benson Chan, VP Business Development at Pakedge. “But good enough isn’t good enough for us.
At Pakedge, customer focused innovation is a big part of what we bring to the AV industry and we
recognized that the PoE switches of today are essentially the same as the PoE switches 5 years ago.
Now, we’re redefining the PoE product category based on what our customers tell us they need. We
began our innovation with PoE Powered switches earlier this year. We’ve now built on that with our new
line of PoE Pass-Through switching for ultimate installation flexibility. These switches can be utilized near
connected A/V devices at the point of use, providing maximum flexibility of switch and device placement
without the need for additional wall outlets or additional PoE switches.”
The new Pakedge SE-5P2-EP is an unmanaged PoE Pass-Through switch designed to provide an easy,
time and cost saving solution for installers seeking to power PoE-enabled devices in edge of network
areas. The unit features five Gigabit ports, including one input port powered by PoE+ Power (IEEE
802.3at) provided by a PoE+ switch on the network and two ports of PoE power (IEEE 802.3af) out.
This approach is ideal for operating up to two devices requiring up to 15W each, such as external IP
security cameras or wireless transmission systems, and eliminates the need for any extra wiring.
The Pakedge PoE Pass-Through switches are in addition to the line of 5 and 8 Gigabit port Pakedge
“PoE Powered” unmanaged and managed switches – S5Wpde, S8Wpde, and S8Mpd. The entire
Pakedge portfolio of PoE Innovations switches provide users with portability and versatility and
allow users to install a switch in areas without easy access to power outlets.
Plug-and-play features allow Pakedge PoE switches to run without any installation of additional
software. For full details on the range of PoE, PoE+ and PoE Pass-Through switches available, please
visit www.pakedge.com or visit Pakedge at CEDIA Expo 2014.
-endsAbout Pakedge
Founded in 2003 and based in Hayward, California, Pakedge Device & Software creates innovative
networking products for people who demand performance, features, and reliability. Pakedge
products use the most advanced wireless and networking technology. They are designed for
professionals to install and consumers to enjoy. Pakedge products, including the C36 controller, are
available to European custom installers through a global distribution network equipped to provide
extensive training and technical support. For more information and system specifications, visit
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