14.5kW 3-Phase Monitored PDU, 200/208/240V Outlets
14.5kW 3-Phase Monitored PDU, 200/208/240V
Outlets (42 C13 & 6 C19), IEC-309 60A Blue IP67,
10ft. Cord, 0U Vertical, TAA
Ideal for 3-phase configurations
in high-density data centers
3-phase input and single-phase
200/208/240V output
48 outlets (42 C13, 6 C19) in 3
load banks with 20A breakers
Ethernet network interface for full
remote access 24/7
Digital LED display for local load
Package Includes
PDU3VN10G60BW 14.5kW
200/208/240V 3-Phase
Monitored PDU, 10 ft. cord
(42) C13/C14 plug-lock inserts
(6) C19/C20 plug-lock inserts
(2) 2.9 mm mounting buttons
(2) 4.6 mm mounting buttons
(2) Conventional mounting
The PDU3VN10G60BW 14.5kW 3-Phase Monitored PDU features 48 outlets for distributing network-grade
200/208/240V AC power to rack-mounted network devices, including computers, servers, routers and switches.
Outlets are arranged in three separate load banks, each with 16 outlets(14 C13 and two C19) and a dedicated
20A circuit breaker.
Configuration cable for network
Built-in Ethernet network interface allows full remote access for power monitoring, configuration, control and
Owner’s manual
notifications 24 hours a day via secure web browser, telnet or SSH. Provides real-time load/current data with
billing-grade accuracy(+/- 1 percent). Tiered access privileges allow both an administrator and a guest to log in. Automated alerts help prevent accidental
overloads, power loss and downtime. Digital LED display indicates amps, kilowatts, volts and power unbalance percentage, as well as temperature and
humidity conditions when using the optional ENVIROSENSE module(sold separately).
Protocols supported include HTTP, HTTPS, PowerAlert®, SMTP, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, telnet, SSH, FTP, DHCP, BOOTP and NTP. Network settings
can be assigned automatically or manually.
Ideal for three-phase network configurations in high-density data centers and heavily configured equipment racks, the PDU3VN10G60BW mounts vertically in
0U of rack space using the preinstalled 2.9 mm buttons or included hardware. The watertight IEC-309 60A Blue(3P+E) input plug with 10-foot cord connects to
a compatible AC power source, generator or protected UPS.
Distributes Network-Grade Power
42 C13 and 6 C19 outlets distribute network-grade power to connected equipment
3 load banks with individual 20A circuit breakers
Outlets numbered and color-coded for easy identification of phase and load bank
Multi-Function Digital LED Display
Indicates amps, watts, volts, power unbalance percentage, as well as selected input phase, load bank, output power and sensor option
Rotates 180° for overhead or raised-floor power feeds
Advanced Network Monitoring
Built-in Ethernet network interface allows full remote access for power monitoring, configuration and control via secure web browser, telnet or SSH
Real-time load/current data with billing-grade accuracy(+/- 1%)
Tiered access allows administrator and guest to log in
Automated alerts help prevent accidental overloads, power loss and downtime
Optional ENVIROSENSE module(sold separately) monitors temperature and humidity conditions
Broad Communications Compatibility
Supports HTTP, HTTPS, PowerAlert, SMTP, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, telnet, SSH, FTP, DHCP, BOOTP and NTP
Network settings can be automatically or manually assigned via permanent IP addresses
Connects to AC Power Source
IP67-rated watertight IEC-309 60A Blue(3P+E) input plug with 10 ft. cord for easy connection to mains power source, generator or protected UPS
Plug-lock inserts keep equipment power cords connected to outlets
Ready for Immediate 0U Toolless Rack-Mounting
Preinstalled 2.9 mm buttons for toolless mounting in compatible EIA-standard 2-post and 4-post racks
Conventional 0U installation possible with included mounting hardware
Complies with the Federal Trade Agreements Act(TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases
PDU Type
Output Capacity Details
14.5kW (240V), 13.9kW (230V), 13.3kW (220V), 12.6kW (208V), 12.1kW (200V) total capacity; 20A max per
breakered outlet bank; 16A max per C19 outlet; 12A max per C13 outlet
Frequency Compatibility
50 / 60 Hz
Output Receptacles
(42) C13; (6) C19
Output Nominal Voltage
200V; 208V; 240V
Overload Protection
3 20A circuit breakers, 1 per outlet bank
PDU Input Voltage
200; 208; 240
Recommended Electrical Service
60A 200/208/240V with IEC309 60A Blue (3P+E) outlet
Maximum Input Amps
PDU Plug Type
IEC-309 60A BLUE (3P+E)
Input Cord Details
IP67 rated watertight input plug
Input Cord Length (ft.)
Input Cord Length (m)
Input Phase
Reported Load Segments
Reports input current per phase (L1, L2, L3) and output current for each breakered load bank (20A balanced max
per banks B1-B3); Outlets are color-coded and labelled for phase and load bank identification; L1-L2 feeds black
outlets (B1); L2-L3 feeds dark-gray outlets (B2); L3-L1 feeds light-gray outlets (B3)
Front Panel LCD Display
Large digital display reports Amperage, Kilowatts, Voltage, Unbalance percentage, Temperature* and Humidity*
information (*requires ENIVIROSENSE option); Small digital display provides detail on the measurement the large
display is reporting: Input-phase (L#), Load bank (B#), Sensor (S#), Load unbalance (UB), Output power (OP)
Front Panel LEDs
Set of 6 LEDs identify the value displayed on the large digital display: Amperage (A), Kilowatts (kW), Voltage (V),
Unbalance percentage (%UB), Temperature (T), Humidity (%RH); One additional LED for each output load bank
(B1-B3) offers information power availablity: GREEN (<80% load), YELLOW (>80% load), RED (Power OFF), RED
FLASHING (Power OFF/breaker trip)
Set of UP/DOWN arrow buttons scroll through available Input, Bank, Power, Load balance and Sensor options;
Additional MODE button advances the LEDs to view the next measurement
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)
6.9 x 9.65 x 75.9
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm)
17.5 x 24.5 x 192.8
Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Shipping Weight (kg)
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)
70 x 2.17 x 1.76
Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm)
177.8 x 5.5 x 4.47
Unit Weight (lbs.)
Unit Weight (kg)
Material of Construction
Form Factors Supported
Vertical rackmount installation supported with included mounting brackets; supports tooless mounting in
button-mount compatible racks
PDU Form Factor
Vertical (0U)
Operating Temperature Range
32 to 122F (0C to 50C)
Storage Temperature Range
5 to 140F (-15C to 60C)
Relative Humidity
5 to 95% non-condensing
Operating Elevation (ft.)
Operating Elevation (m)
Tested to UL60950-1 (USA) CAN60950-1 (Canada), NOM (Mexico), Class A (Emissions), ROHS, TAA Compliant
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)
2-year limited warranty
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