RDR 4002
• High-speed Internet communications
• Pay-per-view
Return Digital Receiver
The highly efficient Harmonic RDR 4002 return digital receiver uses state-of-the-art technology to increase
system reliability and enables operators to expand network services. The use of Harmonic’s digital return
path solution in a network offers advantages including:
• Video-on-demand
• Telephony
• High package density (ten RDR 4002 units in a three rack-unit platform provide 40 return data streams)
• Security
• Outstanding performance over long links, since the performance of a digital return transmission system
is independent of link loss over the operating range of the receiver
• Alternative access
• Increased system reliability and reduced operational costs as a result of greater network segmentation
• Local origination
• Direct customer feeds
The RDR 4002 works in conjunction with
Harmonic’s NDT series return digital transmitters.
It mounts in the HLP 4200 chassis and takes
two optical data streams at up to 3.1 Gbps. Each
input is demultiplexed into its two component
data streams, resulting in four independent data
streams received per module. These are converted
back to analog waveforms by four digital-to-analog
(D/A) converters.
The four analog output channels from the
RDR4002C/E have a 5-65 MHz passband and the
RDR4002A has a 5-42 MHz passband.. The RDR
4002 uses advanced digital signal processing to
optimize dynamic range.
Auto-switching capabilites allow the RDR 4002 to
function as a standalone unit or in a redundant pair
configuration. One RDR 4002 is used for a primary
fiber path and the second for the backup fiber path.
The RF outputs of the two units are combined.
RDR 4002
5-42 MHz or
5-65 MHz
Standard Configuration
For maximum reliability, the RDR 4002 units
comprising the redundant pair can be located
in different platforms, or even different racks.
Automatic switching is triggered by link loss, low
optical input or high BER. The RDR 4002 supports
hot swapping, which allows a card to be added or
removed without disrupting service. This results in
improved network management and availability.
The RDR 4002 also allows the operator to set the
optical level at which an alarm is generated.
HLN 314x
RDR 4002
Return Digital Receiver
O p ti c al I n pu t
Li n k Pe rfor m an ce 1
Number of Fiber Optic Inputs
Maximum Input
0 dBm
Minimum Input
RDR 4002A
RDR 4002C
RDR 4002E
-20 dBm
-18 dBm
-18 dBm
1250 to 1620 nm
Input Line Rate
RDR 4002A
RDR 4002C
RDR 4002E
2.1 Gbps
3.1 Gbps
3.1 Gbps
Link Gain
See NDT3147C, NDT3147E, NDT3249C,
NDT3249E, NDT3349A and NDT3049A
transmitter datasheets.
Dynamic Range
See NDT3147C, NDT3147E, NDT3249C,
NDT3249E, NDT3349A and NDT3049A
transmitter datasheets.
Pow e r R e q u i r e m e nt s
Input Voltage
+24 VDC; supplied by HLP 4200 bus
15 W maximum
E n v i ro n m e ntal
R F O u tpu t
Number of Analog Outputs
RDR 4002A
RDR 4002C
RDR 4002E
Operating Temperature Range
0° to 50° C
32° to 122° F
5-42 MHz
5-65 MHz
5-65 MHz
Storage Temperature
-40° to +85° C
-40° to +185° F
Operating Humidity
90% non-condensing
75 Ω
± 1 dB from 5 to 65 MHz
Channel-to-channel isolation
60 dB
RF output connector type
Female F
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1.25” x 4.4” x 11.5”
(3.2 cm x 11.2 cm x 29.2 cm)
RF output return loss
16 dB
3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
RF output level
with 0 dB attenuator setting
-35 dBmV/Hz min for a Gaussian noise signal
at -20 dBm of received optical power
HLP 4200 platform,
via HMC 4008 module carrier
RF attenuator range
0 to 17.5 dB
RF attenuator step size
0.5 dB
Spurious noise
-60 dBc max
Switching time primary to backup
50 ms max
Switching time backup to primary
2 to 4 Seconds
Ph ys i c al
Element Management
Monitorable and controllable via NETWatch Site Controller
O p ti c al I nte rface
Connector Type
RDR 4002x-AS
RDR 4002x-AE
1. When used in conjunction with a corresponding Harmonic digital transmitter.
For a list of compatible digital transmitters, refer to the user’s manual for RDR 4002.
Us e r I nte rface
Front Panel
Bi-Color Status LED Module Selection Indicator Normal = Green, Alarm = Red
Yellow LED
Monitor Point
Level Return Loss Impedance
Connector Type -20 dB +/- 1.0 dB relative to output
-16 dB
Female F
549 Baltic Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
1 800 788 1330 or
1 408 542 2500
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