Princess Thimbelina Tech Rider
Technical Rider
Updated October 1, 2005
Dear Technical Director:
We are looking forward to performing at your facility. As a touring children’s theater company
we depend on you - thanks for helping us! By sharing information we’ll present the best show
possible. I will call you approximately 2 weeks ahead of the performance date to set up loadin time, etc., but please feel free to call our office if you have any questions. If you are unable
to fill our requests, please let us know in advance. When on tour I pick up my messages every
few days; or, I can be reached by cell phone. I’ll get back with you.
1. Load-In/Out
We need three people for load-in, running the show, and three for load-out. The fly/deck
crew MUST wear black shirt, pants, socks and shoes during performance. One person runs
lights and sound, and two are on deck. (One of the deck crew must be able to work the fly rail
if you have one.) DO NOT HIRE MORE CREW THAN THIS. If unable to provide a three
person crew, please notify via phone before day of load in.
We can be set up in 4 hours the day before the performance, depending on how prepared
your theater is. We will need 4.5 hours and some general lighting set in advance if the load-in
immediately precedes the performance. It is unlikely we will be able to open the auditorium
until 30 minutes before curtain.
2. Performance Area
a. Stage: Our minimum requirement is 20' wide by 20' deep. Our optimum stage area is 36'
wide by 26' deep. The floor must be swept to remove debris.
b. Offstage: Because our puppets are big, we require wing space as deep as possible, with a
crossover from stage left to stage right.
3. Power
We require 6 separate AC circuits at stage level.
4. Lighting*
We will be traveling with our own ETC Show Control. We will need access to a DMX data
port to connect to your dimmers. We would prefer to have this backstage, but it could also
be reasonably close to your sound setup.
*We are prepared to minimize our instrument usage so you can use your house plot. You may
simplify our plan to match your instruments and their hanging positions, as well as compensate
for time restrictions. This is respected and expected. DO NOT RENT EQUIPMENT for our
If possible, we hope your venue will provide the following:
a.) 2 Color Front Of House Wash focused to cover performance area in the following colors:
R 05 (Rose Tint)
R 363 (Aquamarine)
b.) 2 Overhead stage washes*:
R 04 (Medium Bastard Amber)
R 65 (Daylight Blue)
*If using Par Cans, please use wide spread
c.) 3 FOH Specials (1 Right, 1 Center, 1 Left)
d.) 4 First Electric Specials (2 Right, 2 Left)
e.) 2 Second Electric Specials (1 Right, 1 Left)
f.) High Sides each Electric (full stage leaf break-up)
g.) 3 floor mounted ellipsoidals (Down Stage L, Up Stage L, Midstage R) Please, make sure
your floor pockets work, or run separate cables from working dimmers.
h.) Cyc lights: primary Red/Blue/Green
FOCUS NOTES - A) Please shutter off the first 3' to 4' of the entire apron, or lip, of the stage
to keep our footlights in the dark. B) The FOH focus should light a nine-foot-tall puppet at least
five feet up-stage of center, (i.e. focus deep).
COLOR NOTES - If you do not have the colors requested, please use comparable colors
(blue’s and pinks). If possible, call Holli for consultation.
Our light plot can be faxed to your lighting technician or downloaded from our website.
To smaller or alternative venues, we carry the basic equipment needed to illuminate our show.
Do not rent equipment for us.
5. Sound
We carry our own MiniDisc Player and Lav microphone. Our show is pre-recorded. We
request 2 XLR inputs backstage.
We also carry our own speakers for emergencies.
6. Masking
a.) Wing space: Much of the magic in our shows comes from the quick changes of puppets
hidden in the wings. Masked wing space left and right, 8' minimum, is preferred.
b.) Stage curtain arrangement: Upstage, a full stage cyc (if a cyc is unavailable, please
provide a full stage black drape). At least 2 sets of black torm legs. The grand drape will be
closed when the audience arrives.
c.) A black Midstage Traveler.
7. Hanging Scenery
Four battens to fly. (2 electric)
8. Special Effects
We are bringing a bubble machine, water-based foggers, a strobe light. Please advise in the
preliminary phone call if preshow arrangements must be made for the use of water-based
9. Parking/Traffic
We travel in a van and a 16' trailer (2' high cargo bed). Please advise us about parking and
loading. Specific directions from the major routes to your facility are appreciated.
10 Dressing Rooms
We request two dressing rooms if possible; at least one is required with running water and a
makeup mirror. If a shower is available, please advise and provide three towels.
11. Refreshments (Please forward to whomever handles refreshments)
WATER! Our major requirement priority is water to drink backstage. Please, and thank you!
Also, if possible, please provide in an ice chest with ice: 12 soft drinks — 6 diet and 6 regular;
6 juices. When there are two shows please provide a light meal, snacks, or sandwiches. In
addition, with early morning setups please provide caffeinated coffee, creamer, orange juice
and a dozen doughnuts. We truly appreciate what you can do.
In closing, we are good sports. Please, bring special situations to our attention when we
speak. There are endless variables to be addressed when touring a show of this size. Our
company’s goal is to meet the challenge and share a successful enterprise with you.
Thank you,
Holli Rubin
Company Manager
cell 813-659-0189
office 813-659-0659
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