Data sheet Monitor AMI Silica
SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG
CH-8340 Hinwil/Switzerland
Tel. +41 44 943 63 00 .
Monitor AMI Silitrace Ultra
Data sheet no. DenA25431150
Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of trace
amounts of silica in ultra pure water.
Monitor AMI Silitrace Ultra
 Measuring range: 5 ppt (0,005 ppb) to 25 ppb
 Based on colorimetric measurement principle.
 Programmable automatic calibration.
 Programmable automatic verification.
 Programmable automatic blank determination
 Manual Zero measurement.
 Complete system including measurement and
control electronics, photometer with integrated
constant-temperature reaction chamber, flow indicator, reagent dosing system and reagent containers using reversed osmosis system to concentrate the sample (Carrcentrator).
 Continuous, automatic monitoring of main instrument functions (sample flow, reagent supply,
 Measurement values are available as analog
output signals.
 Alarm display and activation of alarm relay when
user defined, critical limits are reached.
 Large back-lit LCD display showing all measured
values and status information simultaneously.
 Easy user menus in English, German, French
and Spanish. Simple programming of all parameters by keypad.
 Data logger for 1’500 data records stored at a
selectable interval.
 Factory tested, ready for installation and operation.
Monitor AMI Silitrace Ultra
Instrument Options
 Communication interface (Profibus, Modbus, 3rd
Signal Output, USB, HART).
Order Nr.
Monitor AMI Silitrace; Ultra
Option 1:
[ ] 3 current signal output (0/4 – 20mA)
[ ] Profibus DP & Modbus RTU interface (RS-485)
[ ] USB interface
[ ] HART interface
10/2016 Subject to change without notice
SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG
CH-8340 Hinwil/Switzerland
Tel. +41 44 943 63 00 .
Analytical System
Monitor AMI Silitrace Ultra
Data sheet no. DenA25431150
Electrical Connection Scheme
Colorimetric, Molybdosilicat method.
Temperature controlled high precision
photometer with RO module.
Silica measurement
Measuring range: 0.005 ppb to 25 ppb
 0.005 ppb or  5%,
whichever is greater
Cycle time:
Flow cell
Made of acrylic glass with water inlet
and flow adjustment valve.
Transmitter Specifications
and Functionality
Electronics case:
Protection degree:
IP 66 / NEMA 4X
Display: backlit LCD, 75 mm x 45 mm
Electrical connectors:
screw clamps
Ambient temperature:
-10 to +50 °C
Limit range of operation: -25 to +65 °C
Storage and transport:
-30 to +85 °C
10 to 90 % relative,
non condensing
Power supply
100 - 240 VAC ( 10 %)
50/60 Hz ( 5 %)
Power consumption:
max. 50 VA
Easy operation based on separate
menus for “Messages”, “Diagnostics”,
“Maintenance”, “Operation” and “Installation”.
Separate menu specific password protection possible.
Display of process value, sample flow,
alarm status and time during operation.
Storage of event log, alarm log and calibration history.
Storage of the last 1’500 data records in
logger with selectable time interval.
Safety features
No data loss after power failure, all data
is saved in non-volatile memory. Over
voltage protection of in- and outputs.
Galvanic separation of measuring inputs
and signal outputs.
Transmitter temperature monitoring
With programmable high/low alarm limits.
Real-time clock with calendar
For action time stamp and pre-programmed actions.
1 Input
One input for potential-free contact. Programmable hold or remote off function
2 Relay outputs
Two potential-free contacts programable as limit switches for measuring values, controllers or timer with auto-matic
hold function.
Max. load:
1A / 250 VAC
2 Signal outputs (3rd as option)
Two programmable signal outputs for
measured values (freely scalable, linear
or bilinear) or as continuous control output (control parameters programmable)
as current source. 3rd signal output selectable as current source or current
Current loop:
0/4 - 20 mA
Maximum burden:
510 
Control function
Relays or current outputs programmable
for 1 or 2 pulse dosing pumps, solenoid
valves or for one motor valve.
Programmable P, PI, PID or PD control
1 Communication interface (option)
- RS485 interface (galvanically separated) with Fieldbus protocol Modbus
RTU or Profibus DP
- 3rd Signal output
- USB interface
- HART interface
Sample and Monitor Data
Ambient temperature:
5 to 50 °C
Sample conditions Membrane:
Flow rate:
min. 100 l/h
5 to 50 °C
Inlet pressure:
2 to 20 bar
Outlet pressure:
pressure free,
atmospheric drain
Feedwater pH:
3 to 10 pH
Sample connections Membrane
¾” NPT
Outlet 2:
Ø 16 mm, tubing 15x20 mm
Panel incl Membrane
640 x 1200 x 150 mm
stainless steel
30.0 kg
Monitoring of reagent consumption
Warning if low level is reached and
alarm for lack of reagents.
1 Alarm relay
One potential free contact for summary
alarm indication for programmable alarm
values and instrument faults. Maximum
1A / 250 VAC
10/2016 Subject to change without notice
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