OMNI 848 Hybrid Control Panel
OMNI 848 Hybrid Control Panel
The OMNI-848 delivers unsurpassed power and versatility.
Capable of handling a total of 48 zones using both wired and
wireless on the same control, the OMNI-848 is perfect for any
home, apartment or business – with standard features such
as a built-in telephone line monitor, 64 user codes, 128 event
SmartLog™, four partitions, four totally programmable trigger
outputs, up to 20 relays and much more! Also, take advantage
of our unique zone doubling option which allows you to expand
the OMNI-848 with ease and at no cost! Our unique zone
doubling feature is not a system wide option as with most
other security systems. You decide which zones to double or
when to add-on wireless, allowing you the flexibility and
comfort you deserve to meet the most demanding installation
OMNI-848 shown above includes OMNI-848
control panel with optional ZR401, 48 zone
wireless receiver, OMNI keypads and various
wireless peripherals sold separately.
The OMNI-848 offers
more features and
options than any other
in its class. Experience
the value with FBII’s
new OMNI Series.
◆ 8 zones expandable to 48 zones
◆ Eight Fully programmable wired zones
(16 zones with our unique zone
doubling option)
◆ 16 fully programmable wired zones
with our OMNI-EXP8 – 8 hardwired
zone expander (32 zones with our
unique zone doubling option)
◆ 48 total zones with wireless
◆ Operates with FBII International
wireless devices
◆ Supports eight 4-button wireless keys
without taking up any zones
◆ Four totally programmable trigger
outputs on board
◆ Up to 20 fully programmable relay
◆ Built-in multilingual support for:
English, Italian, Spanish, French,
Dutch and Portuguese
◆ System Log retains the past 128
Events – New selectable SmartLog™
◆ 64 User Codes with four authorization
◆ Up to 4 partitions (3 partitions plus a
common area)
◆ Auto-Arming by partition
◆ Tamper option by zone
◆ Built-in Telephone Line Monitor
◆ Zones may be configured as wired,
wireless, E.O.L., D.E.O.L., N.O., N.C.
or Zone Doubling
◆ Follow Me (Beeps audio format),
domestic dialing
◆ Paging
◆ Inactivity zones programmable by
control communicator
FBII’s Premium OMNI-848 offers Lightning Fast™
installation solutions and complete customer
Specifications for OMNI-848
“Back d
away, e
“Went to e
back at ”
6 o’cloc
Verbal Status Module
◆ Stand-alone or place next to
any keypad
◆ By simply pressing the status
button, the Chatbak-V speaks
to you in your own language,
indicating system status,
zone descriptions, alarms
and emergencies
◆ Verbal chime mode – alerts
you when someone enters or
exits your home or business
◆ Message Center allows you
to record and playback brief
messages. Also notifies you
of messages waiting upon
disarming your system
◆ Hot buttons allow one-button
arming in either the “away”
or “stay” modes
8 Fully Programmable zones expandable
to 48 zones
◆ Eight fully programmable EOL or DEOL
supervised wired zones on main board (up
to 16 N.C. wired zones with our unique
zone doubling option)
◆ Expansion through plug in modules
OPTIONS: model OMNI-EXP8 (eight zone
wired expander), OMNI-RF (48 zone
wireless receiver)
◆ 16 traditional EOL or DEOL supervised wired
zones with OMNI-EXP8 zone expander
module (up to 32 N.C. wired zones with
our unique zone doubling option)
◆ Zones seven and eight may be programmed
as fast zones (10 msec)
◆ Zone programming selectable as EOL,
DEOL, Zone Doubling, NO, NC
◆ Four Emergency keypad conditions (Fire,
Panic, Personal Emergency, Duress)
◆ Versatile Zone Types:
– Controlled Zone types include: Instant,
Exit/Entry, Interior, Day, and keyswitch,
with options for Fast Loop Response
(zones 7 and 8), Restore, Chime, Bypass
and Dialer delay by zone
– 24 Hour Zone Types include: Fire,
Burglary, Silent, Trouble, and Medical
◆ Programmable central station reporting
codes per zone
◆ Individual reporting codes for Ambush,
Panic, AC Loss, 24 Hour Test, Low Battery,
Open/Close, Trouble, Restore
◆ Cross zoning
◆ Stay Delay Mode provides an additional
40 seconds of dialer and/or siren delay for
special interior zones when armed in the
stay mode
◆ Arm while a zone is faulted option
◆ Restore options: after siren time-out or
follows loop
◆ Keyswitch option per zone
◆ Chime option by zone
◆ Inactivity option by zone transmits signal
to C.S. if zone has not been activated in a
preset time
◆ Multilingual support selectable in several
languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French,
Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Hebrew
Wireless Operation:
◆ 48 zone wireless receiver (OMNI-RF)
attaches directly to PCB
◆ Compatible with FBII International wireless
◆ Dual diversity antenna
◆ RF Jamming Option
◆ Fully supervised wireless displays complete
zone status, low battery and RF trouble by
zone on all keypads
◆ System supports eight wireless keys with
each button individually programmable.
Additionally, each button can activate
◆ Wireless remote keyfob transmits
Open/Close ID’s for each remote
◆ Separate RF Dings for arming and disarming
with remote keys
◆ Three partitions plus a common partition
◆ Zones, User Codes, Keypads, and Remote
Keyfobs may be assigned to each partition
◆ Extensive cross partition support
◆ Separate account and pager numbers for
each partition
◆ Auto arming by partition
◆ Inactivity zones programmable by partition
◆ View all partitions from a single keypad
◆ Partition descriptor uniquely identifies each
◆ Multi Partition mode allows secure
operation of the system through any keypad
by authorized users
◆ Arm/Disarm all partitions through a single
keypad by authorized user
◆ Partition Status keypad mode
◆ Four (inverted) voltage level output
triggers on board and up to 20 Relays
programmable as follows: Burg Siren, Fire
Siren, Partition Armed, Partition Ready,
Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Armed Instant,
Armed Stay, Sounder On, Chime, Line Seize,
Phone Fail, AC Loss, Low Battery, 24hr.
Zone Trouble, 24hr. Zone Alarm, Instant
Zone Fault, Delay Zone Fault, Interior Zone
Fault, Zone Tamper, RF Low Battery, RF
Supervision, Communication Failure,
Keypad Tamper*, Duress Code*, Panic
Key*, Memory of Alarm Strobe, Trigger
Zone*, Shock Sensor reset*, CS Test*,
Alarm/Restore, 2 way voice, Momentary
(seconds), Momentary (minutes), Toggle
*Outputs/relays programmable duration in
seconds and minutes for each partition
◆ Supports up to 20 relays per system (5 per
XL4705 external relay module)
◆ Relays and triggers can be linked to zones,
wireless remote keyfobs, keypad
emergency and system conditions
◆ Select time duration for momentary
User Codes:
◆ 64 User Codes, with four authorization
◆ 4 or 6 digit user codes
◆ Programmable Open/Close ID’s for each
◆ Programmable access to partitions for each
◆ Option to transmit O/C signals by user
◆ Ambush/Duress and Door Strike codes
◆ Arm/Disarm all partitions through any
keypad by authorized users
◆ Quick arming, Quick forced arming, Quick
bypass options
◆ Arm only code
◆ Paging option by user
Additional Features:
◆ Cancel Code feature, with siren verify
◆ Dual entry delay timers
◆ Installer Walk Test feature
◆ Telephone Line Monitor
◆ Real time clock with reminder when time
needs to be reset
◆ Siren Test option, Smoke Detector reset and
verification options
◆ Separate alarm cutoff times for BURG and
FIRE siren
◆ Programmable entry/delay times, and siren
lockout feature
◆ Intermittent sensor shutdown option
◆ Built In Siren Driver
◆ AC Based Real Time Clock (50/60hz
◆ Siren Supervision
◆ Busy Tone Detection
◆ End User Chime selection
◆ System stabilization mode prevents false
alarms during power-up
◆ Recent Close and Exit Error options
◆ Keypad Tamper function with optional C.S.
◆ Keypad Lockout Option
◆ Quick Exit
◆ Arm while a zone is faulted
◆ Option to display zone status upon entry
◆ Programmable Dialer Attempts
programmable between 1-16
◆ LED Extinguish option
◆ Group Bypass option
◆ AC/LB sounder disable option
◆ Display bypassed zones during armed state
◆ Chime on/off option through keypad
◆ Single Key Arming Options by pressing
either the “Stay” or “Instant” key on all FBII
keypads, or by using the Chatbak-V or
wireless remotes
◆ Auto stay option
◆ Auto-unbypass option
◆ Flexible system test timers (1, 7, 27, 60, 90
days) with options for test by time, event or
both. Additional one hour test time option
for high security applications
◆ FBII’s unique SmartLog™ option allows
you to choose the events to be stored in
◆ Panel retains past 128 events
◆ 90% or 100% full indication of system log
transmitted to C.S.
◆ System log viewable locally at LCD keypad
or uploaded to Alarm Company
◆ Date (DD/MM or MM/DD) and time (24hr.
or AM/PM) option
◆ End User view option
◆ Supports up to 12 keypads per system (LED,
Fixed word LCD, and custom language
programmable LCD)
◆ LED keypad displays status of each
individual zone, with indications of Alarm,
Trouble, Tamper, Stay, Bypass, Instant,
Power and Not Ready conditions
◆ Fixed word LCD keypad displays status
of each zone, with indications of Alarm,
Fire, Trouble, Tamper, Bypass, Page, RF
Supervision, Canceled, Chime, Phone, Test,
AC, Battery, and Not Ready conditions
◆ Custom language LCD keypads display
complete system status, in 2 line by
16 character Supertwist™ display for
easy viewing
◆ All keypads available in many languages.
Please contact your nearest distributor for
Programming/Remote Operations:
◆ On-site programming directly through
◆ Remote programming through Windows™
◆ Security features include special CSID and
Installer codes, callback number, default
lockout feature and option to inhibit keypad
◆ On-line and unattended downloading
◆ Up/Download remotely even in the
presence of fax/answering machines
◆ Remote operations can be performed
through single or a two call method
◆ Remote operations include: arm, disarm,
bypass zones, change user codes, read
system status, view event log and more
Central Station Communications:
◆ Dual central station telephone numbers for
each partition
◆ Two CS account numbers (3 or 4 digits) for
each partition
◆ Pulse or DTMF dialing options
◆ Pulse formats include 3x1, 4x1, 4x2,
Expanded: Speeds 10, 20, 40PPS with or
without parity
◆ FBII Superfast, Ademco Express 4x1, and
4x2 formats, Ademco CID format
◆ Split and Dual reporting option for each
◆ Sonalert ringback feature
◆ Follow me (domestic dialing), paging, beeps
audio formats
Power Specifications:
◆ Watchdog circuitry insures integrity of
◆ Total Aux. power: 500mA. regulated
◆ Transformer: 16.5V 40VA
◆ Alarm Power: 1 Amp
◆ CE, TBR21 and Austel
◆ Pending ANPI and UL
Alarm on/off, garage door open/close,
gate open/close, turn lights on/off, panic
emergency buttons and much more.
The easiest way to use your
security system...with the
touch of a button.
Experience ease and simplicity
when you use FBII’s wireless
remote keyfobs alone or with
the Chatbak-V. Your security
system has never been easier
or more convenient to use.
FBII ZR-500 Series of wireless
Wireless Door and Window Transmitters
Door and Window Transmitters
With a demonstrated outdoor range of over 1.5 kilometers, the FBII International Series transmitters are
powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations. Each
transmitter sends supervisory messages to the control, as well as tamper and low battery notification.
transmitters are the most
reliable, convenient and costeffective solutions for security
protection. These devices are
powerful and versatile enough
to help solve even the toughest,
most labor intensive installations.
With a demonstrated outdoor
range of over 1.5 kilometers,
FBII’s ZR-500 series provides
the best performance of any
Door/Window Transmitter
◆ Two-zone transmitter with both built-in
magnetic reed switches (90° apart) and wired
closed circuit contact loop
◆ Features a standard, white plastic case
transmitters available today. All
FBII ZR-500 series transmitters
send supervisory messages to
the control, as well as tamper
and low battery notification.
Wireless PIR Motion Detector
◆ 12m x 17m coverage
◆ Passive infrared with 18 zones
◆ Tampered cover – unit transmits if cover removed
◆ Wireless operation for fast installation
◆ Includes two 3V lithium batteries and masking
labels for standard lens
◆ Up to five year battery life
Wireless End-User
Wireless End-User Devices
These convenient wireless devices remove the anxiety and complexity of arming and disarming and also
eliminate entry/exit delays. In, around, or away from home, system control has never been easier than
it is today.
Single-Button Wireless Personal Panic
◆ Fully supervised wireless emergency
transmitter that sends an alarm signal to the
control receiver
◆ Receivers response can be set for 24 hour
audible or 24 hour silent
Four-Button Wireless Key
◆ Features recessed keys and user changeable
◆ Four completely programmable buttons
◆ No codes to remember
◆ Remotely operates lights and appliances
◆ Four sets of durable color plastic stickers for
OMNI-848: Eight zone hybrid control/
communicator. 16.5V 40VA transformer,
keypads and accessories sold
OMNI-KP: Fixed word LCD keypad.
Available in English, French, Italian,
Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Hebrew
and Portuguese
(Keypads shown open and closed.)
OMNI-LCD: Custom language LCD
XK-108L: 8 zone LED keypad
OMNI-EXP8: Eight zone wired
expander (16 zones with our unique
zone doubling option)
ZR401: 48 zone wireless receiver
available in either 433,92Mhz or
XL4705: Relay expansion module
XL4612TC: Trigger cable assembly
Chatbak-V: Verbal status module
ZR-510: Wireless door/window
ZR520: Wireless single-button panic
ZR-530: Wireless PIR motion detector
ZR-590: Four-Button wireless keyfob
F/OMNI848/D 5/00 REV
180 Michael Drive, Syosset, New York 11791
516-921-8666 • 516-921-4327 (Fax) •
Copyright © 2000 Division of Pittway
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