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GE Oil & Gas
Ajax C-302 Separable
Reciprocating Compressor
Efficient Compression with Zero Emission
The environmentally friendly Ajax separable
2-throw C-302 compressor has the economical
advantages of an Ajax slow-speed compressor
without the air quality permit issues related to an
internal combustion engine.
Advantages of the C-302 Include:
• Slow speed – Efficient, lower operating cost
• Proven Ajax technology – Reliable, tough, low maintenance
• Electric motor driven – No emissions, less noise
• B
alanced opposed crankshaft – Smaller footprint and low
Interchangeable Parts
Most parts on the C-302 are interchangeable with the rest of the
Ajax integral engine compressor product line, including:
• 11" stroke compressor cylinders
Ajax C-302 Specifications
Approximate Package
• All unit consumables
• Rods
300"x 991/8" x 102" (LHW)
43,486 lbs
Rated Speed
455 RPM
Speed Range
STD 260-455 RPM (200-455 optional)
11 in. (279 mm)
Rod Load Rating
Piston Rod Diameter
CHP Rating
Mean Piston Speed
• Rod bearings
The only parts unique to the C-302 compressor are the frame,
flywheel, crank shaft and drive hub.
30,000 lbs. (13,608 kg)
2.5 in. (63.5 mm)
Up to 300 CHP (223 kW)
834 fpm (254 m/min)
Balanced opposed crankshaft with throws offset by 180 crank
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Ajax compressors are manufactured
and packaged in Oklahoma City.
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