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Installation Guide
Lumination Surface Mount Kit
(For BT Series Luminaires)
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
• Turn power off before inspection, installation or removal.
• Properly ground electrical enclosure.
• Follow all NEC and local codes.
• Use only UL approved wire for input/output connections.
• Minimum size 18 AWG (0.75mm2).
Save These Instructions
Use only in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer.
Tools and Components Required
• Drill
• Tape measure
• Phillips head screwdriver
• Socket head screwdriver
• Fasteners capable of holding 30 lbs. (4 pcs.)
• UL approved conduit fitting
• UL approved twist-on wire connectors
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• Coupez l’alimentation avant d’’inspecter, installer ou déplacer le luminaire.
• Assurez-vous de correctement mettre à la terre le boîtier d’alimentation électrique.
• Respectez tous les codes NEC et codes locaux.
• N’utilisez que des fils approuvés par UL pour les entrées/sorties de connexion.
Taille minimum 18 AWG (0.75mm2).
Prepare Electrical Wiring
Electrical Requirements
• LED luminaire must be connected to the mains supply according to its ratings on the product label.
Grounding Instructions
• The grounding and bonding of the overall system shall be done in accordance to the local electric code of the country where the luminaire is installed.
Attach “U” brackets
Save 4 screws
Remove the 4 earthquake brackets that come attached
on the top of each end of the luminaire (save the
Attach the two “U” brackets to both ends of the
luminaire using either the screws that were saved from
the earthquake brackets or screws included in the
surface mount hardware kit.
Insert one end of the luminaire “U” bracket in to the
crossbar that has already been securely mounted to
the ceiling. Lift opposite end of luminaire up to ceiling.
Attach two alignment screws on each end through the
pre-drilled holes of the crossbar and “U” bracket.
Mount to ceiling
Measure appropriately and mount one crossbar to the
ceiling using the two outer holes with two fasteners
capable of supporting >30 lbs. each. Make sure that
slots are facing down toward the floor. Use proper
mounting method provided by contractor according
to local building codes.
NOTE: Holes may be enlarged as required.
While pushing the luminaire firmly and evenly against
the crossbar that has already been mounted to the
ceiling, slide the second crossbar to the other “U”
bracket on the opposite end of the luminaire. While
holding the luminaire in place, attach the second
crossbar securely to the ceiling, making sure that it is
seated firmly against the “U” bracket of the luminaire.
BT22 Series
BT14 & BT24 Series
AC line
AC line
Ground wires
Attach UL approved conduit (rigid or flexible per installation method) to the knockout of the power supply box. Connect the AC line
to the black (line) and white (neutral) input wires of the LED Driver using 18-14AWG twist-on wire connectors. Replace electrical
enclsoure cover.
For BT22 Series: Connect the ground wire to the green grounding wire.
For BT14 & BT24 Series: Connect the ground wire to the green grounding wire and driver grounding wire.
Insert screw in 4 corners - do not tighten yet
Catch the slots of both corners of the shroud to the
crossbars, using caution not to bend the shroud. The
shroud can now hang freely.
Swing the hanging part of the shroud to the other
side of the two crossbars and latch the slots. Align the
4 slotted holes of the shroud and put the four white
screws in to the pre drilled holes in the crossbar – do
not tighten the screws yet.
10 Push the shroud from the bottom so that it is tight
against the ceiling. While holding the shroud, tighten
the four white screws, one at a time. The torque for the
four screws (SCR832X12PHPTFW) is between 6 and 10
in-lbs. Adjust as necessary for an even look.
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