8 outlet power strip with timer
Four Timed Outlets
Feature C
Four Constant Power Outlets
Feature D
Feature E
Feature B
Feature A
1. Plug power cord into a grounded 120 Volt outlet
2. Lighted power switch (Feature A) will illuminate when in ‘ON position. If a power surge trips
the internal breaker, simply reset by toggling switch to ‘OFF’ then to ‘RESET’ position.
3. Red timer switch (Feature B) when moved to the ‘ON’ position, all timed outlets receive
constant power; when moved to the ‘timed’ position, all timed outlets are controlled by
the mechanical timer.
4. The four outlets in-line with the GREEN indicator light (Feature C), are controlled by the
timer. When the GREEN indicator light is illuminated, the four outlets controlled by the
timer are on.
5. The four outlets in-line with the RED indicator light (Feature D), receive constant power. If
a power surge occurs the RED indicator light will go off, requiring you to toggle the power
switch to ‘OFF” and then to ‘RESET’ to turn power back on to the Apollo 14.
6. To set the current time on the mechanical timer (Feature E), turn the dial in the direction of
the arrow until the triangular mark corresponds with the present time.
7. To program the mechanical timer, ensure the triangular mark is on the present time. Push
the non-detachable trippers around the dial ‘DOWN’ to set equipment activation times.
Each non-detachable tripper represents 15 minutes.
8. For example: If you would like to set the time for activation of your equipment from 11:00
AM to 1:30 PM, then push the non-detachable trippers situated between 11:00 AM and
1:30 PM, including the trippers corresponding with 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.
9. The selected time periods will remain the same until modified by the customer.
10. Avoid direct contact with moisture and pesticides.
120 Volts/15 Amps/60 Hz./1800 Watts
1 year warranty
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