Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, Dealer Brochure

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, Dealer Brochure
Honeywell Total Connect
Remote Services
The Total Package
Connect to the Possibilities
Honeywell Total Connect 2.0
Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services lets your customers stay in the know wherever they go.
With the tap of a finger, our app lets them control their security systems, receive text messages
and email alerts—even view live video, locate vehicles or assets*, control thermostats, lighting and
locks—anytime, anywhere on iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ devices. It’s packed with features that help
you deliver a great user experience, earn more RMR and capture new accounts from the industry’s
only true, end-to-end security and remote services platform.
• Dynamic, Intuitive Interface
• Auto Syncing for LYNX Touch**
• Interactive Security
• Growing Ecosystem
• Smart Scenes with Wizard
• Secure Login with Touch ID™ for iOS
• Video Viewing and Awareness
• Works with Apple Watch®
• Video Alarm Verification (VAV)
• GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking*
• Test Drive Demo for iOS and Android
• 100+ Locations Per Account
*GPS tracking services available to United States customers only
**Auto Syncing available on LYNX Touch 7000, 5210 and 5100 models
Honeywell Total Connect Toolkit
Created just for you, our online toolkit can help you grow
your business with Honeywell Total Connect. It’s the best
way to keep up with the latest news, download collateral,
videos, software updates, high-resolution images,
social media graphics and more—and it’s absolutely
free. Visit it regularly and take advantage of these
dynamic tools to help boost your sales, marketing
and training efforts.
Test Drive Demo
An Interactive Free Demo right
from the App
• Provides simulated “live” experience right on a
user’s iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ smart device
anytime, anywhere—without the need for Wi-Fi®
or cellular connectivity
• Great way to showcase the benefits of Honeywell
Total Connect to prospective customers
• Contains Tool Tips—informative pop-ups that
accompany and explain each and every feature
• Apps available in Apple® iTunes® App Store and
Google Play™ Store
Awareness and Control
Real-Time Awareness
Honeywell Total Connect keeps your customers in the know
wherever they go—providing important email notifications, texts
and video alerts in real time. They can view history and search
for specific events, know when a child gets home from school,
know when employees come and go and more.
• Easy, app-based security system control
• Works with LYNX Touch and VISTA® platforms
ommon GUI across all platforms simplifies operation,
reduces training and delivers a great user experience
• Provides true system status and real-time control
• Keypad, status and zones available at a glance
vailable in Latin American Spanish, French Canadian,
Brazilian Portuguese and English
Mobile Apps
Honeywell Total Connect® works with iOS and Android™ devices
for easy, on-the-go control. Your customers can securely log into
their accounts with Touch ID™— a fingerprint recognition feature
available for iPhone® and iPad® users.*
Smart Auto-Syncing
• Automatic syncing on LYNX Touch 7000, 5210 and 5100
• Updates occur automatically within seconds
• Great for adding or removing users, scenes, schedules
and more
Apple Watch®
The app is accessible on the Apple
Watch, letting users control their
security systems on the go, keep
tabs on multiple locations—even
activate Z-Wave Smart Scenes
upon arm or disarm.
*Touch ID supported on iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air2 and above and iPad mini 3. Supports iOS 8. Subscribers can download the iPhone and iPad apps
from the iTunes® App Store. The Android app is available in the Google Play Store. iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Automation and Energy Management
• Great way to help your customers stay comfortable, save money on their
energy and utility bills, conserve resources and live more comfortable,
efficient lifestyles
• Users can remotely control locks and grant access to employees, service
workers, babysitters and relatives anytime
• Track activity and receive video or email alerts when doors are unlocked
Smart Scenes
Smart Scene set-up with wizard
guides your customers through
scene set-up for energy savings,
ambience and convenience
step-by-step—providing a great
user experience and helping them
make the most of their connected
homes and businesses.
Expanding our Ecosystem
Since today’s consumers want comfort, convenience and awareness 24/7, a remote services platform
that works with the latest connected home devices is a must. Part of a dynamic, expanding ecosystem,
Honeywell Total Connect® leverages our engagement with all of the leading smart home players and
emerging standards—growing with your customers’ lifestyles while growing your bottom line.
The more interaction your customers have with their systems,
the more opportunity you have to upsell hardware.
Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi® and RedLINK™ Connected Thermostats
We provide seamless support for Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi and RedLINK Connected thermostats*.
You can offer your customers a choice of some of our most advanced, lifestyle-enhancing solutions for energy savings,
comfort and control—a great way to heat up your business in the connected home space.
omeowners can manage home comfort and control security, video, tracking
and automation functions right on the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app on their
iOS devices
xcellent opportunity to grow your RMR with new thermostat sales and Honeywell
Total Connect automation subscriptions
Choose from thermostats that feature:
– H
igh-definition, full-color displays that can be
changed to match any décor
– V
oice control
– H
umidity and ventilation control
– M
odels with seven-day programming
– D
ual-fuel compatibility
– E
xpands your offering beyond Z-Wave® thermostats—providing
a variety of options to meet a wide range of tastes and budgets
*Automation services must be enabled for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services in order to
add a Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi or RedLINK connected thermostat.
Expanding our Ecosystem
SkyBell® Video Doorbell
Looking to unlock more opportunity? SkyBell is a high-definition video
doorbell that puts security, convenience and control at your customers’
fingertips anytime, anywhere. They can remotely check doorbell activity
on the Honeywell Total Connect® app, and see, hear and speak to visitors
at their doors from their iPhone® or iPad® via the SkyBell HD app.
vents can be categorized by motion, button press or user watching
xcellent opportunity to grow your RMR with SkyBell hardware sales
and Honeywell Total Connect automation subscriptions
• Homeowners can view visitors at night in full-color HD
ilent mode lets users turn off their indoor chime and receive notification
on their iOS devices
kyBell app opens right from the Honeywell Total Connect app
uilt to withstand the harshest outdoor climates, with a temperature
range of -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
August Smart Lock®
Honeywell Total Connect® works with the popular August Smart Lock—letting homeowners lock and unlock their doors via the
Honeywell Total Connect app on their iPhone® or iPad® devices. It’s a fast, easy and efficient way to add smart lock capability
to existing home automation systems and expand your connected home offering.
• Installs easily on the inside of your customers’
doors and uses their existing deadbolts
he outside of the door stays the same.
Use a traditional key any time.
xcellent opportunity to grow your RMR
with August Smart Lock hardware sales
and Honeywell Total Connect automation
ompatible with most standard single
cylinder deadbolts
orks with Bluetooth® technology.
Requires August Connect Wi-Fi® bridge for
integration with Honeywell Total Connect.
Focus on RMR
Honeywell Total Connect® Video Solutions
• Keep your customers connected with event-driven video alerts, notifications and the ability to look in on their homes,
families and businesses anytime, anywhere, on an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device
ell more hardware by adding up to six cameras per account, including iPCAM-WL low-light cameras for added security
in dark indoor environments
orks with Honeywell’s 5800CAMIR, a sensor with a built-in camera that snaps a series of pictures when motion is
detected, on demand or during an alarm event*
ecure communications, firewall-friendly video streaming and web-based camera configuration
ttractive, easy-to-use interface with customizable multiple images, sizing capability, streaming views and pan/tilt control
an be sold as a standalone offering or with security for a solution that is absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless,
integrated platform
tores up to 100MB of video clips
Adobe® Flash Player-based application and QuickTime® video player are required for application.
*5800CAMIR available Spring 2016.
Tuxedo Touch™ Wi-Fi® Rev
& greater
Total Connect 2.0
Total Connect 1.0
LYNX Touch Systems
Rev 7.00.657 & greater
4 Compatible
X Not compatible
Video Alarm Verification
Video alarm verification (VAV) is a critical tool for
helping central station operators make informed,
rapid decisions in the event of an alarm—helping
to ensure that emergency response personnel are
prepared with the information they need to act
quickly. Combine it with Honeywell Total Connect®
to let your customers view video clips or images
when motion is detected or on demand—anytime,
anywhere, on any smart device.
Get the Complete Picture
with I-View Now™
Select Honeywell solutions* integrate with I-View
Now—a patented, cloud-based central station
video interface that lets monitoring personnel view
video-clips to see what caused an alarm when
seconds count. It can also provide informative
pre-alarm footage—letting the central station
operator virtually go back in time and see the
action recorded before the event. When you
capture the video, there’s a higher likelihood of
capturing the criminal. Get the picture?
Pictured left to right:
Video with and without pre-alarm footage. The difference is clear!
• Boost your RMR and grow your business
with solutions that meet every budget,
lifestyle and need
• Capture new business in the fast growing
segment of local municipalities that mandate
video alarm verification before dispatch
• Provide a great user experience by
enhancing security and peace of
mind—helping to create satisfied,
long-term customers, reduce attrition
and drive more opportunities
• Add more value to the Honeywell Total
Connect IP Camera portfolio
Contact your central station today to make sure you’re I-View Now ready.
To learn more, visit
*Compatible with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services and IP camera portfolio and HRGX DVRs
Put Your Business on the Map
GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking
Honeywell Total Connect® Tracking Services* can put your business on the map—helping you reach new markets,
retain your accounts and drive more RMR. It puts real-time location information, alerts and updates at your customers’
fingertips—a great way to keep tabs on family members and employees, know if speed limits or predetermined
geographic boundaries have been exceeded or recover lost or stolen valuables. It’s great as a standalone offering
or when combined with video, energy management and security for a full-featured remote services solution that is
absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless, integrated platform.
Earn More RMR and
Sell More Hardware
• Great solution for tracking the whereabouts
of teenage and elderly drivers
• Ideal for service vehicles, company vehicles,
transportation services, delivery services
and more
• Excellent for construction equipment, trailers,
shipping containers, generators, boats and
jet skis
*Available in U.S. only.
Multi-Site and Enhanced User Management
Easy Account Setup
• Multi-site feature lets users view up to 100 locations with a single
login—great for franchise owners, real estate investors, vacation
home owners and more
Users can set up and manage their accounts,
• The ability to pull information from the panel makes adding user
codes a snap
event, add users and more all on their own
• Hierarchical user structure lets primary account holder add
multiple users and customize settings and access for each one
(e.g. employees, contractors, babysitters, visitors, etc.)
simpler for them and for you.
configure the system to notify them if events
do or do not occur, trigger cameras by zone
with an easy-to-navigate menu—making life
• Graphics/photos to represent individual locations
• Edit panel users, user names, assignable rights and notification
Informative Content
• Dynamic promotional tool for dealers and central stations
• Customers can view communications on their mobile
devices and touchscreen keypads
• Great for bill payment reminders, messages, ads and
special promotions
• Local weather forecasts, traffic, news and more
So Many Ways for Customers to Connect
If your customers’ homes could talk, what would they say?
Whether a door has been opened, a valuable has been moved or
a flood has been detected, Honeywell Total Connect® can tell them.
If it’s happening in their home, it’s happening on their phone.
Homeowners can:
• Control their security system remotely and know when the system has been armed or disarmed
• Choose from a wide range of Wi-Fi® or Z-Wave® enabled thermostats to make their homes
more comfortable and energy efficient
• Control Wi-Fi or Z-Wave enabled locks
• Operate Z-Wave lights, shades, water valves, ceiling fans and more
ee when someone enters or exits their home via live, look-in video
ind out when motion is sensed in outdoor areas like pools, patios and driveways
eceive alerts when floods have been detected in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms
or basements
et up temporary access codes for babysitters, housekeepers, contractors and guests
eceive extreme temperature alerts, which can help indicate a power failure or problems
with furnaces or air conditioners
chedule lights to come on at night or randomize them for a lived-in look while
they’re away
ontrol multiple sites from the same account—great for vacation home owners and
real estate investors
Whether homeowners are looking to check up on the babysitter or elderly
relatives, check in on their pets or keep tabs on their teenage drivers,
Honeywell Total Connect provides them with the ultimate peace of mind.
Family members can easily:
• View live, streaming video of nurseries and play areas to keep
an eye on nannies or babysitters
• Know if their children have arrived home safely from school—
or if they haven’t
• View doorbell activity
• Keep tabs on teenage and elderly drivers with GPS tracking
• Know if a senior loved one has left the premises or pressed a
panic pendant to summon help in the event of an emergency
• Look in on their pets and get a text message, email or video alert
when the dog walker or pet sitter arrives or if they didn’t show up
• Keep track of their childrens’ busy schedules and know when
they come and go
Just because business owners are out of the office doesn’t mean they
have to be out of the loop. When they put Honeywell Total Connect®
Remote Services to work, they’ll have the critical information they need to
help manage their businesses, their employees and even the unexpected.
Wherever they are, business owners can:
• Keep an eye on employees via live, look-in video
• Choose from a wide range of Wi-Fi® or Z-Wave® enabled thermostats
to make their businesses more comfortable and energy efficient
• Control Wi-Fi or Z-Wave enabled locks
• Operate Z-Wave lights, shades, water valves, ceiling fans and more
eep tabs on fleets, machinery and equipment with GPS tracking
now exactly when their business opens and closes
eceive an alert when someone enters a hazardous or restricted area
rotect inventory, avoid business disruption and create a safer working
environment by being alerted to floods, leaks and extreme temperatures
bserve consumer shopping habits and activity
ontrol multiple sites from the same account—great for franchises and
businesses with more than one location
Selling Tips to Drive Customer Connections
» These solutions provide your customers with alerts and anytime, anywhere control—letting
» Live, look-in video is a great way to keep an eye on their homes, kids, nannies, elderly
them stay connected to their families, track their vehicles and assets and know what’s going
on at their homes or businesses on the same mobile devices they use every day.
relatives, pets, employees and businesses 24/7
» Help create a safer home or business with remote control of security, cameras, lights, locks
and thermostats
» Central station’s ability to look in and see what’s happening during an alarm event lets them
provide emergency responders with critical details prior to arrival onsite, which may help
increase life safety, prevent loss and apprehend criminals
» View video clips when motion is detected or on demand
» Keep tabs on teenage and elderly drivers, personal and company vehicles, fleets, machinery
and high-value assets with GPS tracking
» Excellent solutions for every budget, lifestyle and need
» Remote control of lighting, heating and energy management can help save money and energy
» Receive alerts when floods, leaks and extreme temperatures have been detected—letting
you take action to minimize or avert costly damages
» GPS tracking can help aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles and assets
Your Value
Brand Value
» Remind customers that hiring a professional with your credentials and expertise ensures
that the job is done right the first time.
» Point out that our products and Honeywell Total Connect
are backed by the most trusted,
respected brand in security and comfort. Plus, Honeywell is the only true, end-to-end
hardware and remote services platform provider.
» Let prospective customers know exactly how Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services
are making a difference in the lives of your customers right now. Testimonials are a powerful
sales tool!
Some images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change.
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March 2016
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