Release Note for Vigor2960 Firmware Version

Release Note for Vigor2960 Firmware Version
NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor2960
Firmware Version: 1.0.8
Release Date: March 10, 2014
Applied Models:
Vigor2960, a firewall broadband router with dual-WAN interface, can connect to
xDSL/cable/VDSL2/Ethernet FTTx. The dual-WAN and 4-port gigabit LAN switch facilitates
unified communication applications in business CO/remote site to handle large data from
subscribed fatter pipe. The state-of-art routing feature, VPN security, and Dual-WAN provide
integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.
New Features
Same WAN VLAN ID can be used in different WAN interfaces. (WAN >> General
Setup Mode: Advance, Switch Mode: Double Tag)
Support QoS for multiple WANs.
Support SNMP v3.
Support country block for Firewall.
Support WCF white list.
Support LAN DNS server.
Support BGP routing protocol.
Support SSL VPN tunnel mode (up to 20 tunnels).
Support Web Portal and Hotspot (Guest profile) in User Management.
Support PPTP acceleration for PPTP WAN/Remote Dial-in/LAN to LAN (90Mbps with
MPPE, 900Mbps without MPPE).
Support QoS retag option.
Support VPN dial-out failover if WAN disconnected.
Support VPN LAN to LAN for overlap/duplicate subnets.
Support High Availability.
Display the last UP/DOWN log of VPN profile.
Add default policy for Firewall and default block policy can be applied.
Add IPv6 firewall settings.
Add DNS object.
Add a remote capture telnet command (rc), for traffic monitor and wireshark remote
Add front panel and VPN status on the dashboard.
Web User Interface Change
 Change the menu item “User Management>>General Setup” into “User
Management>>Web Portal”.
 Move IP Routing from LAN to Static Route and rename as LAN/WAN Proxy ARP.
 Move Inter-LAN Route from LAN>>Static Route to LAN>>General Setup.
 Move status page to the first tab of each function menu.
 Improved: Support RADIUS, LDAP, Local authentication in User Management.
 Improved: Support NAT option for IPsec LAN to LAN.
 Improved: Support LDAP profile in Firewall.
 Improved: Support ratio configuration for VPN Load Balancing.
 Improved: Port number setting for Access Control in WAN IP alias can be passed to LAN
by default.
 Improved: Notification object can be recorded on Syslog through the configuration on
Applications>>SMS/Mail Alert Service page.
 Improved: Support Local/RADIUS/LDAP authentication for PPTP/L2TP/PPPoE server at
the same time.
 Improved: Change the priority of Inter-LAN route, that IP filter can do further control.
 Improved: Support connection failover for TR-069.
 Improved: Display router name in web page title.
 Improved: IPsec VPN dial-in connection with all WANs is supported in default.
 Improved: Support RFC3021.
 Improved: Combine IM/P2P/Protocol object to App Object for blocking more Apps.
 Improved: The number of Management Access Control List is increased up to 16.
 Improved: Support peer identity for IPsec RSA authentication.
 Improved: Support password encode option for configuration backup.
 Improved: Support more special characters in username for user profile.
 Improved: The number of SSL web proxy/VNC/RDP profile is increased up to 30.
 Improved: Support customized DDNS.
 Improved: Support acceleration of fragmented UDP packets (maximum 1628 bytes).
 Improved: Support DHCP option 95 (LDAP server), 161(FTP server), and 162 (File path)
for DHCP server.
 Improved: Support more subnet DHCP servers in Bind IP to MAC.
 Improved: Support DHCP relay over LAN/Non-Direct-Connected LAN.
 Improved: Support DHCP relay settings for PPTP/L2TP/PPPoE.
Improved: Support open port to the host in remote VPN network.
Fixed: Default route cannot work well when two WAN IPs are in the same IP network.
Known Issue
VPN Trunk tunnel doesn't work well when the profile name is more than 15 characters.
You need to disable "Force IPsec with L2TP" options for pure L2TP tunnel in VPN and
Remote Access >> PPP General Setup.
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